Super Full Moon Tips -Bridging Worlds- by Selacia Sel​ | Earth’ Pivotal Years

Super Full Moon Tips-Bridging Worlds-
by Selacia Sel | Earth’ Pivotal Years

Heading into our first of three Super Full Moons on August 29, it’s helpful now to take stock of where things are in your life. Most likely our recent up-and-down energies have stimulated more than one relationship challenge and had you questioning your status quo. Perhaps you have initiated some bold new steps, too, taking advantage of positive potentials of this month’s energy cycle.

Sometimes you may wonder how you can bridge the spiritual and physical realities – they can seem so different and at odds. The wise part of you knows, however, that your spiritual and physical lives can and do complement one another. They really go together!

Bridging Worlds – Dimensions

As a divine changemaker, you understand that you are wired to bridge the spiritual and physical, bringing the spiritual element into everyday life. It’s part of your life anyway. What I’m talking about here is having it be a conscious and integrated aspect of how you live, how you think, and how you engage with the world.

It’s common to feel that you must be one way with certain people or in specific situations and another way when separate from them. This is a linear concept that ignores your quantum and multidimensional nature. It also ignores that same nature in the other people you meet.

It’s like saying to oneself, focused only on the body or physical outcomes: “I must make this happen or get this person to agree with me” – without factoring in the spiritual element that indeed is there. As a person is doing this, he or she may forget to tap inner wisdom or to envision involvement of another person’s higher self. Those elements are in the mix and available, even if overlooked.

Throughout time, countless spiritual traditions have referenced the interaction of these dimensional elements. In today’s society, there’s much more common understanding of these dynamics. Human conditioning over hundreds of years, however, accentuates separation and disconnection from one’s spiritual self.

Knowledge you have this spiritual self is one thing – living consciously as a multidimensional being is another. As part of your path now, you are waking up to what this means in practice. The idea is that you become an active participant of the bridging process, tangibly experiencing yourself in both realms. As you do so, you see yourself and other people in brand-new ways. You open your mind to possibilities not seen before! They were there, you simply didn’t notice them.

Relationships Front and Center

With relationship issues front and center in recent days, you may be questioning some decisions you made and some things that were said. If so, consider the more quantum elements involved. Each person you interact with has a past, present and future – just like you do. Those timelines and the content within experiences quite often can seem like a mystery because of tunnel vision discounting the whole picture. A bridging of realities is needed – with wider understanding of what’s really going on. What does this mean?

Understanding Bridging the Spiritual with Physical

First, it means a person involved in your inner circle or daily regimen may have past experiences that led to relationship dynamics unfolding now. The past and how this person responded to it will impact future outcomes – including what’s going on with you now.

The person you recently had a disagreement with could be playing out an unresolved past pattern. That pattern may not have anything to do with you personally. However, know that if it is showing up in your life vis-à-vis this other person, it’s no accident. It means that on some level your paths are crossing for you to see something, perhaps having nothing to do with this other person.

Higher selves of participants are involved with dynamics even if the people actively engaged are clueless of this other dimension. The more consciously aware you become of this multidimensional engagement and back story of things, the more adept you can be when relationships get rocky or simply do not make sense.

Second, it means your timeline and the other person’s timeline may only intersect for a short while. This is an important thing to keep in mind. Often when a relationship gets weird or simply out of sync, there’s a tendency to view the happenstance as a permanent fixture in your life. In these situations, you can become uncomfortable – not only with the change but about how you are to respond to the change.

Example: a person you have known for years may all of a sudden begin working at your place of employment. You may like it that they are there, ruminating about all kinds of potentials that may or may not be productive. You may dislike it, too, feeling uncomfortable about this person’s presence. Keep things in perspective.

The person showing up at your workplace is not a conspiracy or a definitive positive development you must act on. Don’t make this black and white. Don’t make it about you either. There are two people involved here.

This dynamic of the person you know in other environments showing up at work represents a new part of this person’s timeline intersecting with yours. Unless you factor spirit in the mix and the big quantum picture, this person being at your work place could unnecessarily distract you and get you off course. This is a block to your progress and can be an impediment to timelines of both people.

Example: a person unexpectedly intersecting with your timeline has their own path and higher purposes for being there. If you can recognize the connection as such and realize that there must be a reason you are engaged, you can connect with divine timing and orchestration. This helps you and it helps the other person.

Both of you, doing the dance together, grow in some way and then move into where you are to be headed next. Fighting the dance, resisting the connection, or pretending there is no overall purpose, is futile and an obstacle.

This dance is quite subtle, but it’s happening all the time! At this Super Full Moon weekend, invite an awareness of how this might apply in your own life. Ask to see the subtle workings of spirit in your physical reality. Ask to know how your timelines and happenstance miraculously intertwine with those of others. Ask for a growing appreciation of the mystical elements at play in your life.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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