Spring has Sprung~!

🌱Spring has Sprung~!🌿

Around here, the trees are still bare, Persephone is just starting to wake..we might even get a dusting of snow in a few days.

HOWEVER, 🌱Spring🌿 is here! This is a time of hope and renewal, so we focus now on co-creation, holding the collective vision of our dreams for a perfect, thriving world, an abundance of resources, purpose, vitality and love.

Envision all of us celebrating this precious life together, with beloved friends and family, free to dance, embrace and laugh, on the other side of our current perseverance. The winter of our discontent does not yield easily, but our strength, our faith and our care for each other will carry us through.

In that respect, this time we have to reflect on what matters most is a gift.

Welcome Persephone, Welcome Spring! 🌷☘️🌼🌿🐇

Spring Equinox 2020: The Earliest First Day of Spring in 124 Years| Farmer’s Almanac

Spring Equinox 2020: The Earliest First Day of Spring in 124 Years| Farmer’s Almanac

Star rising over curve of the earth

When Is The First Day of Spring in 2020?

The first day of spring will occur on Thursday, March 19, 2020, at 11:50 p.m. EDT for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, which is marked by the arrival of the Vernal (Spring) Equinox.

If this seems early to you, you’re right! In fact, this is the earliest the Vernal (Spring) Equinox has occurred in 124 years.

Traditionally, we celebrate the first day of spring on March 21, but astronomers and calendar manufacturers alike now say that the spring season starts on March 20th, in all time zones in North America. And in 2020, it’s even a day earlier than that—something that hasn’t happened since 1896.

Regardless of what the weather is doing outside, the equinox marks the official start of the spring season.

How could the first day of spring change from year to year?

There are a few reasons why seasonal dates can vary from year to year. The first is that a year is not an even number of days and neither are the seasons.

Another reason is that the earth’s elliptical orbit is changing its orientation (skew), which causes the earth’s axis to constantly point in a different direction, called precession.

Since the seasons are defined as beginning at strict 90-degree intervals, these positional changes affect the time the earth reaches each 90-degree location in its orbit around the sun.

The pull of gravity from the other planets also affects the location of the earth in its orbit. The current seasonal lengths for the Northern Hemisphere are:

Summer — 93.641 days
Autumn — 89.834 days
Winter — 88.994 days
Spring — 92.771 days

As you can see, the warm seasons, spring and summer, combined are 7.584 days longer than the colder seasons, fall and winter (good news for warm weather admirers).

However, spring is currently being reduced by approximately one minute per year and winter by about one-half a minute per year. Summer is gaining the minute lost from spring, and autumn is gaining the half a minute lost from winter.

Winter is the shortest astronomical season, and with its seasonal duration continuing to decrease, it is expected to attain its minimum value — 88.71 days — by about the year 3500.

Length of Day Vs. Night

Another complication revolving around the vernal equinox concerns the length of day versus night. We have been taught that on the first days of spring and autumn, the day and night are equal to exactly 12 hours all over the world.

Yet, if you check the calendar pages in our Almanac, you will find that this is not so. In fact, our tables tell you that on the days of the spring and fall equinox, the length of daylight is actually longer than darkness by several minutes.

The reason this happens can be attributed to our atmosphere. If the earth was a planet that did not have an atmosphere, then yes, on the equinox days the length of the day and night would be exactly even.

However, our atmosphere acts like a lens and refracts (bends) its light above the edge of the horizon. Put in another way, when you watch the Sun either coming up above the horizon at sunrise, or going down below the horizon at sunset, you are looking at an illusion — the Sun is not really there, but already below the horizon.

As a result, we actually end up seeing the Sun for a few minutes before its disc actually rises and for a few minutes after it has actually set. Thus, thanks to atmospheric refraction, the length of daylight on any given day is increased by approximately six or seven minutes.

What Does Vernal Equinox Mean?

Vernal translates to “new” and “fresh,” and equinox derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night).

So what does that mean? Essentially, our hours of daylight — the period of time each day between sunrise and sunset — have been growing slightly longer each day since the Winter Solstice in December, which is the shortest day of the year (at least in terms of light).

Even after three months of lengthening days, though, we still see less light than darkness over the course of a day. The vernal equinox marks the turning point when daylight begins to win out over darkness.

At this moment, the direct rays of the Sun are shining down on the equator producing the effect of equal day and night (give or take a few minutes).  After the vernal equinox, the direct rays of the Sun migrate north of the Equator (with hours of daylight steadily growing longer) until they finally arrive at the Tropic of the Cancer (latitude 23.5 degrees north).

The migration of the Sun’s direct rays comes to a halt on that day; this is as far north as they will go.  We call this the summer solstice (solstice is a suspension of the migration of the Sun’s direct rays). It is the longest day of the year in terms of hours of daylight.

After the summer solstice, the direct rays proceed to head south and the days begin to grow shorter. It will take another three months, until the autumnal equinox for the periods of daylight and darkness to reach equilibrium once again.

The rays ultimately reach the Tropic of Capricorn (latitude 23.5 degrees south) on the day of the winter solstice and the whole cycle begins again!


What’s in store for spring? Be sure to check our spring forecast here.


Tania Gabrielle: Special EQUINOX Star Code Message

Today the Autumn equinox – Spring equinox in southern hemisphere – arrives!

It’s the exact moment when the Sun crosses the equator and our day and night are of EQUAL length, no matter where you are on Earth.

The cycle of the Earth around the Sun symbolizes light and darkness (equinox), birth and death (solstice).

Today marks the exact midpoint of the astrological year, making this the perfect time to set strong intentions for the rest of 2019!


Here are the important messages revealed in the stars at the exact moment of the Equinox:

  • Sun is exactly at the midpoint between Jupiter and the Moon – FEEL enriched, WELCOME opportunities – your light aligns to abundance!
  • Venus conjunct Mercury – EXPRESS passionate joy, SPEAK lovingly, ENGAGE in enchanting communication
  • Moon opposite Saturn – TAKE your feelings seriously, welcome healing within gives you the confidence to EMBRACE to responsibilities.
  • Moon trine Neptune – Your psychic abilities are really strong – TRUST your intuition! OPEN your heart to mystical experiences.

Take the time to focus on what you want to create with your life!

Take advantage of this natural life force that arises with the Equinox and the midpoint of the Astrological Year.

During this next period of time it will be important for you to set the tone in a positive way by consciously leveraging fortunate frequencies to help you attract abundance, opportunities and loving partnerships.

  • ALIGN yourself vibrationally with what is positive!

For example, your current name (the name you choose to use right now) emits a specific vibrational message into world day after day.

Definitely make sure your current name adds up to a fortunate number.

Your current name frequency shows how easy or difficult it is for you to fulfill your Birth Promise.

The GOOD news is…

Since you can choose your current name, you also have the power to CHANGE it.

The name you’re using right is one of the most powerful assets you have – when it is fortunate.

That’s why it’s the first thing I check with every new client.

Also, if you are like many people and using more than one current name (for example, adding a middle initial on credit cards), you’re diluting your frequency across all areas of your life: Two spellings create two different frequencies dissipating your energy.

It’s like handing out two calling cards to the universe… SO confusing!]

So, be sure that you have ONE name that is highly fortunate.

To get Your Wealthy Name Code, click HERE.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Find out whether your current name is fortunate or not (and get two highly fortunate alternate spellings if it isn’t!). If you do just one thing, check your name!


The Mayan New Year begins July 26, 2019

Excerpt from:

July / August 2019 Quantum Awakening Newsletter

 THE QUANTUM AWAKENING by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

(and the Mayan Oracle and www.13moon.com )

The Mayan New Year begins July 26, 2019

All the stars and stellar vibrations are here to assist us in embracing a new light pattern. This year the summer energies line up to show us the way home to the stars as we look for a portal of escape leaving the coarseness of the world behind. The fearlessness needed on the next step of our journey is nontransferable and non refundable. It addresses all that sits at the foot of our heart begging for our attention. You are a living vortex of light, and an emissary of what is good about the stars and humanity. Everything has lent itself to the Now, every incarnation, every word, every love, every hate and every choice.  You sit at the Apex of your light holding the geometries of what is divine and human. Allow the upcoming Light to escort you into higher octaves of your own DNA patterning, allowing you to move  effortlessly in a fluid manner through upcoming personal & planetary shifts.  Anoint with this knowledge as a new level of light bursts forth from your atoms. Surging with galactic memory your soul has grown wings and takes flight into previously unknown patterns circling and awaiting for the arrival of a holy knowledge that surpasses all religion


The info below was taken from the Mayan Oracle and www.13moon.com

Red Skywalker is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming. Red Skywalker is the skywalker, the time/space traveller who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing heaven on Earth. Red Skywalker is unlimited in form but often chooses the form of the angelic messenger.A person who embodies cosmic wisdom may be known as a sky-walker, sage or bodhisattva. When others see such light in human form, they feel the vibration of heaven. This vibration may be embodied by you or experienced with a guru, master, an energy such as Red Skywalker, or in a ‘chance’ encounter with an extraordinary person. An encounter with the energy of Red Skywalker can spark a deep yearning within you for reunion with the Source.

The Galactic Frequency of this Mayan New Year summons the Powers of the Wizard

Galactic New Year: Magnetic Moon 1: Kin 14, White Magnetic Wizard (26 July 2019)

White Magnetic Wizard: Kin 14
“I Unify in order to Enchant
Attracting Receptivity
I Seal the Output of Timelessness

With the Magnetic Tone of Purpose
I am Guided by My Own Power Doubled.”

The White Magnetic Wizard Year calls us to re-enchant our lives; to know the power of our philosophies, and to see every word as a spell that creates new realities. It is time to wield our power with love, embrace our divine dimensions, and be the wizards of Light that we seek to be.  Become one with your soul’s purpose awaken the divine desires and gifts that we are encoded with.  The Magnetic frequency encoded within this year reminds us that we are magnet by nature to all things. We divinely align with our hearts and our soul’s purpose; we will attract resources, guidance, allies, knowledge, magic, and grace. White Wizard is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming. Wizards know that the past, present and future are one; life is a sacred continuum. White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by knowledge that emanates from the heart. An open, trusting heart is a refined tool of perception. Allowing yourself to ‘not know’ opens the door of the mind to a deeper understanding of the universe. White Wizard asks you to fully participate in this magic.

Wizard is your own power doubled

White Wizard invites you to step into self-empowerment. Empowerment comes from self-acceptance, integrity, and commitment to your evolution. When you feel effectively engaged, doing what gives you joy, your energy naturally expands to include more of your light and the magic flows. Claim your placement with the highest Light. Align your own will with divine will  Be transparent, innocently allowing magic to come through you rather than needing to create it. Open to the power of heart-knowing. White Wizard is a tool of the light, a conduit for the work of Spirit. A wise magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing magic to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A magician dances the dance of love through offering gifts of freedom to others. This is real magic. Freed from the need to use power to manipulate or control, a magician uses wisdom to manifest liberation and love.


Support Where You Receive Your Spiritual Truths

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO Box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee 


Pam Georgel: New Moon in Taurus May 4th, 2019 Psychic Crystal Reading

New Moon in Taurus May 4th, 2019 Psychic Crystal Reading By Pam Georgel

Published on May 2, 2019


Earth 1:53, Water 5:37, Fire 9:32, Air 13:47

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Hi and Welcome to my channel. My name is Pam and I’m a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 16 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world. Please also follow me on FB: The Lucky Mermaid LLC and twitter:@theluckymermaid and my website: http://www.theluckymermaid.com


Shanta Gabriel: The Moon ~ Your Creative Companion in Life

The Moon ~ Your Creative Companion in Life


Want to be more creative, productive and feeling in the Flow of Life?

The Moon offers us natural gifts of consciousness that can be very helpful if we pay attention and use the Moon energy to plan our activities every month. All over the world, the Moon changes the tides of the oceans. Since the average adult body is made up of more than 60% water, it’s important to remember that we are also affected by the amazing energetic activity of the Moon. It is helpful to understand that the Moon is changing the tides on our inner level at the same time as it changes the outer world.

We just experienced the New Moon on April 5. The gift of the New Moon every month is an opportunity to open the doors to New Beginnings in your life. It’s a powerful creative week!

New Moon can help you chart your course. It is like a RESET button every month. No matter what has been happening, you get to set new intentions and create your life anew for the month ahead. Whatever you set into motion in the first week of the waxing phase of the New Moon, will continue for the rest of the month.

Within the first week leading up to the Full Moon, the Waxing Moon energy supports us to begin new projects, make major decisions from a more clear place, and create empowered intentions to guide us throughout the month. The energy is not always helpful for completion of projects but we are definitely in alignment with receiving new guidance, ideas and creative solutions for problems that did not seem to have answers before.

If we can plan our projects around the first week of the New Moon waxing energy, your productivity can be more like stepping into the River of All Creation. Life becomes much more graceful. The second week leading up to the Full Moon still has tremendous creative energy, but the first week is the time for New Beginnings. After the Full Moon, in the Waning Phase, it is more difficult to begin anything new but perfect for completing whatever you have started in the Waxing Moon.

The Full Moon has a very powerful energy as everyone knows who has stood under a brilliant Full Moon. Most people have experienced romance blossoming. But did you know that many surgeons will not operate during a Full Moon because people bleed more? There are definitely more ER visits, often more accidents and violence during the Full Moon. The powerful energy of the Full Moon deserves our respect. We need to plan our activities in harmony with what most serves us during this Full Moon phase.

I am a Cancerian, an astrological sign which is ruled by the Moon. Some people of this sign have been called looney, which is another derivative of lunar moon energy. I have definitely noticed feeling more looney around the Full Moon, but also empowered, courageous and often overly spacious without a grounded presence to stay connected to the Earth. When we can be more educated about the lunar energies for the month on a planetary level, it supports us in making choices which can serve our highest good.

After the Full Moon, in the Waning phase, it is more difficult to begin anything new, but a perfect energetic flow for completing whatever you have started in the Waxing Moon. You will likely find it more difficult, like pushing the river, when you try to begin new things in the last two weeks of the moon phase. However powerful energy is present to use in completing all those dangling projects and things on your To Do list. It’s a great time to clean out your closets, file drawers and take old clothes to the second hand store. You will be making space for all the new and wondrous projects and ideas that will come to you in the New Moon.

As we come into the last week of the Waning Moon, it often feels like suddenly everything in life got flatter. Some people feel sadder during the Waning Moon then they do in the Waxing Moon. Often people notice that it is difficult to work productively in this phase. This last week before the New Moon is clearly guiding and supporting you to rest more, take more time in Nature, have more fun, and allow yourself to integrate all the great things you did during the month.

In order to thrive in life, we can not keep adding in more information, more projects, more people and more action, without giving ourselves the time to integrate where we are and what we have done up to this completion point each month of the Moon phases. The Integration Phase is essential for creating more space to allow the new which comes in perfect Divine Timing each month with the New Moon.

As Moon Children we thrive when we are conscious creators of a life that flows in perfect harmony with the Moon phases guiding us throughout the month. May you be in flow of Divine Light at all times.


From the Base Chakra of the Earth, sacred Mt Shasta, this is Shanta Gabriel.

Shanta Gabriel

April 6, 2019


This post can be used in its entirety as long as a link to my website is included.

Celia Fenn/AA Michael: Crystalline DNA Alignments and Codes: The Original Template of Divine Creation emerges at Equinox March 2019

Crystalline DNA Alignments and Codes: The Original Template of Divine Creation emerges at Equinox March 2019

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image by Meg Archambault


Beloved Family, as you move into and beyond the March Full Moon and Equinox, those of you who have chosen New Earth as your destination are experiencing the reactivation of your Divine Human Template within your DNA.  This is a powerful process that involves receiving powerful incoming Diamond Light Codes that are not only activating the original template, but also throwing off all and any distortions and alterations in the DNA Genetic Key patterns.


The Elohim Angels were the original creators of the Divine Human Template, according to the Divine Plan.  In this original Template, Humans were created as guardians and caretakers for the Sacred Planet Earth.  They were created as Peace Loving and Gentle, designed to live in harmony with their fellow beings and the environment.


But, you should know, Beloved Ones, that there was a race of beings that we will simply call the “Draco-Sumerians” who coveted the planet and decided to make it their own and to divert it from its original purpose.  To do this, they altered the Genetic patterns and keys of the human “keepers” on the planet, so that they ceased to be peace loving and harmonious and became greedy and aggressive.
They did this by altering the patterns of the Masculine energy flows, so that where the masculine and feminine had been in perfect balance before, now the masculine was designed to seek domination and control through money, sex and power.  All other beings were seen as subject and subservient to the human masculine energy.


Now, after thousands of years of this imbalance and distortion that is perpetuated through the DNA and its records, the incoming Diamond Light Codes are becoming so powerful that they are simply washing away the distortions and manipulations to the original DNA and allowing the Divine Human Template to emerge again.  The Elohim knew that in time this would happen, and they designed the process of Ascension to bring the “Earth Keepers” back to an awareness of who they were and the inherent power and empowerment within them.


So, Beloved ones, you have reached that point where your DNA is being purged and cleansed, and you are reconnecting with your Divine Power.  As this process continues, you throw off the old masculine pattern that was imposed on you and embrace what we call the new Divine Masculine, which was modeled for you on Earth by Jeshua as he walked the path of the Christ consciousness as an Avatar.  Together with Mary Magdalene, they showed how the Masculine and Feminine could be brought into balance to create the Golden Star/Light within the Human Body and DNA.  As these energies come into balance again, you will feel the Golden Light within your cells illuminating your life and your path.


This Equinox/Full Moon, with its emphasis on 1degree of Aries and Libra, focuses on the New Masculine (Aries) and the Sacred Marriage (Libra) within your cells and your DNA.  Masculine and Feminine seek equality and balance and a new way of being that will allow the Divine Human Template of the Elohim Creators to emerge and to activate the true purpose of each human and the New Earth itself.


This will be both a powerful and a magical time.  There will be an acceleration of the awakening process and an acceleration of the cleansing process within your bodies. It is important that you take good care of your physical body and that you rest when you need to.  Now is not the time to be starting grand projects, for your body needs you to allow it the time and energy it needs to return to its original settings and align with its Divine purpose.


A New Earth: A New Life and a New Mission

Beloved Ones, as the Elohim remind us, the Earth was originally created to be a Sacred Temple Planet or place of Spiritual Retreat where beings from all over the Galaxy could come to enjoy the Planetary Garden that was the creation of the Elohim as well.  The various Star Nations were invited to create Sacred Sites and Temples that would link back to their home worlds and be a mirror of their relationship with the Divine.  The Earth would hold the “Temple” or Sacred energies of many Star Nations, and Humans were designed to be the Keepers of the Garden Planet and to maintain its beauty and harmony.


After the alteration of the DNA, that original purpose was lost, and the Star Nations withdrew from the Earth as the Elohim figured out what to do to reclaim the Earth without resorting to violence and manipulation.  Their plan was to send out a call to Light Warriors and Workers around the Galaxy and beyond to come to the Earth to assist in the process of raising consciousness so that Humans would remember who they were and throw off the distortions and manipulations of their own accord.  And so, that is why many of you are here, you answered the call and you came to bring your light and power in the project of reclaiming the Earth and birthing the New Earth, which would reset the Galactic Mission of Earth to be a Sacred Planet and a Place of Spiritual Light and Sanctuary for the Galaxy.


So, at this time, Earth is ascending to her new purpose as a Sacred and Pristine Planet of Spiritual energies that are anchored in the fifth dimension but ascend all the way to the 9th dimension.  And those of you who have chosen to ascend with her are also opening to the higher dimensions and allowing yourselves to anchor those higher dimensions on the New Earth grids.


Not all are ready to ascend to the New Earth and cross the Bridge to Higher Consciousness.  This who can not yet move beyond the fifth dimension will continue on the present Earth which we call “alternate” Earth, a place where lower frequency humans can live out their lives through their choices, with the possibility of awakening being always present.


Alternate Earth and New Earth exist in the same space, but in different dimensions.  That is why it is possible for you to move between them once you have got your bearings in the new quantum continuum of energies.


New Earth is a clear and pristine energy that elevates the Sacred and exists as a harmonious, loving and creative frequency.  This is what we call the “Sanctuary” or “Temple” frequency.


Alternate Earth is a chaotic place where  energies whirl as many people who have not mastered their energies attempt to create and co-exist together.  They release much fear and anger as they have not sense of the damage that can be done by out of balance emotions and mental patterns.  They have not ascended to love,  but are still following out of date patterns of greed and domination to attempt to create what they need.


Let us explain it more clearly : in 2012 the old third dimensional Earth ceased to exist.  It was replaced by Alternate Earth which was a fifth-dimensional Earth that could accommodate the populations of the old Earth.  It also contained the seeds of New Earth that are coming to fruition right now, as the First Wave of Ascenders prepare to activate their inner bridges and cross over to New Earth frequency.


Service and Purpose in a Sacred Context

Beloveds, it is clear that with this huge shift in the Earth and her purpose, there will be a similar shift in your soul mission and purpose.


Those who shift into New Earth frequency will feel an intensified desire to align with the Sacred Mission of Earth, and to activate their Soul Missions as Keepers of the Sacred Earth energies.  They will be the Keepers of the new Temples and Sanctuaries, which may be as simple as a room in a suburban home or as grand as a new building devoted to Divine Service in the New Earth.


There will also be those who are called to reactivate the Paradise Garden through the Paradise Codes.  They will reconnect with the Earth herself and the Devas and Nature Spirits to manifest the energy of Paradise in those places on the Earth where the New Earth frequency is grounding.


For, Beloved Ones, you are the New Earth, and where you are that is where this new Diamond Crystalline frequency is grounded in you and through you.


However, many of you will choose to spend more time in the alternate Earth engaged in the processes of assisting those still there to awaken.  You will be Teachers and Guides and Healers, and you will find that your work is rapidly expanding and growing  as more people are guided to you.


Many are being called right now to step up and make themselves more available for those who are seeking the light and moving into the awakening process and who need support and love and guidance.


So you can see, that there are many options available to the Light Warriors and Workers as you move forward into this exciting new phase.


But, we wold also say that the emphasis here is on service to the light and the divine plan, and not on making money and having a great and successful business.  That is the old paradigm.  In the New Earth energy you simply follow your intuition and your guidance and allow the flow of divine creative intelligence to sustain you.  If you are are aligned with this flow, the you will be supported in everything that you do.  The purpose of the Earth is also to sustain all life, so that you should never have to be anxious and fearful if you follow your impulse to service and expressing your purpose on Earth.


Equinox March 2019 and Full Moon

So, Beloved Ones, we ask that you hold your awareness at the Equinox and be prepared to listen to your guidance and your soul.


Make choices as to where you would like to be and what you feel you want to be doing to express your Soul Purpose on the Earth/New Earth.


Above all, hold the energy of the Sacred and of Sanctuary in your Heart.


Perhaps you will even begin to build your own Sanctuary to the Divine Light!


Or perhaps you will begin  to create the Garden in your Heart and in your Life!


We rejoice and celebrate with you at the returning of the Light and the Earth to its original purpose as “New Earth”……The Sacred Planet of Divine Light.


Charlie Riverman Bergeron: Mabon Invocation

Mabon Invocation


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Tree Spirit

Mabon Invocation


Leaves shudder and blow from the branches

as they turn into the colors of fire

Reminding us of the cooler and darker season
in which we will reflect on our recently past days of Summer

Green and Bright they brought forth abundance
as we toiled and gathered in the warm breezes
holding sacred ceremonies for health and renewal

Now we join our hearts on the day of equal Light
to reflect on balancing both Day and Night,
as well as our Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.

Let us give our gratitude to all who assist us
from realms and dimensions both within and around us
in our planetary work of realigning all that is not in harmony
knowing that our family is much greater than what appears

Yes it is a time of both reflection and gratitude for all
As we pass the Light to our family in the South with Love

May each of us honor within our hearts the sacredness
of all the cycles of Life and make an offering of water, cider or wine
to those special trees and stones we respect as Guardians

As they too, surrender to the seasons and cycles of balance


Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Mabon 9.22.18

Emmanuel Dagher: Equinox Message

Emmanuel Dagher:
Equinox Message

My beautiful friend,

We have entered the Equinox doorway (which will peak officially at 9:54pm Eastern Time on September 22nd.)

This is the time where those living in the Northern Hemisphere prepare for Autumn, and those in Southern Hemisphere embark on the return of Spring.

The Equinox creates a powerful opening for humanity to help us evolve into higher states of consciousness.
The Equinox represents the energy of unity, where the sacred feminine & masculine merge as one, creating opportunities for us to transcend duality within our selves, and expand ourselves enough to anchor the Light into our planet so that we can continue to evolve up the ladder of evolution quickly.

During an Equinox we are often internally guided to connect with the stillness within us,and to center ourselves.

Taking a peaceful walk out in nature, having a few good belly laughs, singing, dancing, painting, and meditating at least once per day are some of the things that will be highly nourishing and beneficial at this time.

The past few weeks have felt very intense and challenging for many. This was due to the high amounts of light being anchored on this planet in preparation for the Equinox doorway and

all of the celestial happenings that will occur from now through the upcoming Solstice in December.

When so much light pours in, it brings deeply rooted patterns that have limited us and kept us more in a rigid/survival state of being in the past to the surface so that they can be addressed, lessons can be learned and healed so that we can then move on and open ourselves up to all of the abundant blessings of the Universe.

This is an excellent time to get clear about our intentions, and to go within ourselves to embrace, heal and move beyond anything that is no longer serving our greatest good anymore.

As always, make sure you are taking good care of yourself during these times of great change, and always know we are ALL in this together.
Happy Equinox!

Love always,

Precious Beach Daze

This is why I was silent for a few days…visiting family on Cape Cod…  ❤

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and water  Image may contain: 1 person, ocean, beach, sky, outdoor, nature and water                                                                                              Meditation on glistening waves
Sailboats return home

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water
Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, beach, sky, outdoor, nature and water
Nantucket Ferry

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature
Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, beach, outdoor, nature and water
Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature
Ocean side at Kalmus Beach
Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and water
Bay side at Kalmus Beach

Image may contain: plant, tree, sky, outdoor and natureImage may contain: sky, ocean, plant, tree, outdoor, nature and water
Memorial Bench…this one at Covell’s Beach, but they are all over…

Image may contain: ocean, sky, beach, cloud, outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: outdoor, nature and water
Kalmus Beach late afternoon

Image may contain: ocean, sky, beach, outdoor, nature and water
Image may contain: sky, ocean, tree, mountain, outdoor, nature and water
Looking towards Hyannisport
Image may contain: plant, sky, ocean, flower, tree, outdoor, nature and water
You can see why this is my favorite beach… Looking towards Yarmouth

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree and outdoor

Ospreys like to nest at the beaches..each beach seems to have a large nest…

Image may contain: tree, grass, sky, outdoor, nature and water

A glimpse of my home town from the Cape bus on the highway… the North River, looking towards Rexhame… — in Marshfield, Massachusetts.