Shanta Gabriel: The Moon ~ Your Creative Companion in Life

The Moon ~ Your Creative Companion in Life


Want to be more creative, productive and feeling in the Flow of Life?

The Moon offers us natural gifts of consciousness that can be very helpful if we pay attention and use the Moon energy to plan our activities every month. All over the world, the Moon changes the tides of the oceans. Since the average adult body is made up of more than 60% water, it’s important to remember that we are also affected by the amazing energetic activity of the Moon. It is helpful to understand that the Moon is changing the tides on our inner level at the same time as it changes the outer world.

We just experienced the New Moon on April 5. The gift of the New Moon every month is an opportunity to open the doors to New Beginnings in your life. It’s a powerful creative week!

New Moon can help you chart your course. It is like a RESET button every month. No matter what has been happening, you get to set new intentions and create your life anew for the month ahead. Whatever you set into motion in the first week of the waxing phase of the New Moon, will continue for the rest of the month.

Within the first week leading up to the Full Moon, the Waxing Moon energy supports us to begin new projects, make major decisions from a more clear place, and create empowered intentions to guide us throughout the month. The energy is not always helpful for completion of projects but we are definitely in alignment with receiving new guidance, ideas and creative solutions for problems that did not seem to have answers before.

If we can plan our projects around the first week of the New Moon waxing energy, your productivity can be more like stepping into the River of All Creation. Life becomes much more graceful. The second week leading up to the Full Moon still has tremendous creative energy, but the first week is the time for New Beginnings. After the Full Moon, in the Waning Phase, it is more difficult to begin anything new but perfect for completing whatever you have started in the Waxing Moon.

The Full Moon has a very powerful energy as everyone knows who has stood under a brilliant Full Moon. Most people have experienced romance blossoming. But did you know that many surgeons will not operate during a Full Moon because people bleed more? There are definitely more ER visits, often more accidents and violence during the Full Moon. The powerful energy of the Full Moon deserves our respect. We need to plan our activities in harmony with what most serves us during this Full Moon phase.

I am a Cancerian, an astrological sign which is ruled by the Moon. Some people of this sign have been called looney, which is another derivative of lunar moon energy. I have definitely noticed feeling more looney around the Full Moon, but also empowered, courageous and often overly spacious without a grounded presence to stay connected to the Earth. When we can be more educated about the lunar energies for the month on a planetary level, it supports us in making choices which can serve our highest good.

After the Full Moon, in the Waning phase, it is more difficult to begin anything new, but a perfect energetic flow for completing whatever you have started in the Waxing Moon. You will likely find it more difficult, like pushing the river, when you try to begin new things in the last two weeks of the moon phase. However powerful energy is present to use in completing all those dangling projects and things on your To Do list. It’s a great time to clean out your closets, file drawers and take old clothes to the second hand store. You will be making space for all the new and wondrous projects and ideas that will come to you in the New Moon.

As we come into the last week of the Waning Moon, it often feels like suddenly everything in life got flatter. Some people feel sadder during the Waning Moon then they do in the Waxing Moon. Often people notice that it is difficult to work productively in this phase. This last week before the New Moon is clearly guiding and supporting you to rest more, take more time in Nature, have more fun, and allow yourself to integrate all the great things you did during the month.

In order to thrive in life, we can not keep adding in more information, more projects, more people and more action, without giving ourselves the time to integrate where we are and what we have done up to this completion point each month of the Moon phases. The Integration Phase is essential for creating more space to allow the new which comes in perfect Divine Timing each month with the New Moon.

As Moon Children we thrive when we are conscious creators of a life that flows in perfect harmony with the Moon phases guiding us throughout the month. May you be in flow of Divine Light at all times.


From the Base Chakra of the Earth, sacred Mt Shasta, this is Shanta Gabriel.

Shanta Gabriel

April 6, 2019

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