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18 hours ago:
After the Chief of Police in Ottawa resigned in support of the convoy truckers, he was replaced by a hardliner who sent a goon squad in to BEAT and ARREST the peaceful, non-violent freedom truckers and Canadian families supporting the cause of freedom. It is a sad day for Canada and a sad day for freedom-loving Patriots and Sovereigns, as well as for all of humanity. Tyranny seeks to crush all opposition to the party line, in the name of health and safety?
No , look closer, there are conflict$ of interest at the very top. Always follow the money, and you will find motivation for inhumane actions. They shut down their financing time and time again now they will go after donators. These are not terrorists, they are peaceful protesters. No violence no cities burned or vandalized, they held their integrity to demand their Sovereign rights. Sadly, Canada has gone full-blown Marxist Communist Totalitarian. Pray!

(I will not post the videos as it is severely disturbing to see the unjust brutality. you can find plenty of them on YT and elsewhere. True news can be found on platforms that do not censor truth, such as telegram. Search for chat groups by topic.)
1 hour ago:
I am absolutely disgusted by the tyrannical CRUSH of peaceful protestors by Trudeau’s goon squads. Mounted Police horses push in and stomp on people, including a grandma in a mobility chair, threats to euthanize trucker pets after 8 days, arresting journalists who were simply reporting on what was occurring. Taking funds raised for truckers and families, again and again, now taking their crypto wallets and going after donators. EVIL.
It seems the real “terrorists”are in Parliament.
All he had to do as one who supposedly represent ALL Canadians was meet with the organizers and at least hear their grievances, which were not unreasonable, in light of a repeal of mandates all over the world! But he claimed to have COVID and hid, never once speaking with them. He dug his heels in deeper and defiantly demonized these kind, loving community of peaceful protesters who regularly pick up any trash, share food and even dance together. Such scary people that Canadians show up to support them with kids in tow, kids who make “THANK YOU TRUCKERS” signs with crayons and gave roses to the police on Valentine’s Day.
TRUDEAU. (What a POS!)
Meanwhile in years past, he bowed to rioting BLM Marxists who burned cities and small businesses. He is showing his true colors. Yellow for chicken shit and red for Communist… the colors of the CCP flag. SHAME on Trudeau. He is a disgrace!
New Earth Rising✨🌈✨, [2/19/2022 2:33 AM]
Live feeds from Ottawa all in one place 🙏💖🇨🇦



(Well, stealing the money -was- the worst thing, until Friday’s events…)

“The Most DANGEROUS Thing in History of CANADA is Happening”
“I NEVER Imagined He Would F*CK UP This BAD” Jordan Peterson


Feb 14, 2022

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Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian professor of psychology, clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, and author. He began to receive widespread attention in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues, often described as conservative.
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Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/18/22 FULL HD | Fox Breaking News Trump February 18, 2022

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 8PM 2/18/22 – Tucker Carlson Tonight full | Fox Breaking News Trump February 18, 2022

Tony Sayers: 40 Questions To Ask Before Taking The Covid Jab

40 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking The “Jab”
1. Name 5 jab ingredients
2. What is MRC-5?
3. What is wi-38?
4. What is glutaraldehyde?
5. What is the UK jab damage payment?
6. What is the 1979 jab damage Payment Act?
7. How has the jab schedule changed since 1979?
8. How much money has been paid out for jab damage?
9. How many doses of how many jabs are in the schedule between birth to age 18?
10. Do jabs contain aborted fetal tissues?
11. Do any jabs contain dog, monkey, pig, or human DNA?
12. What is an adjuvant?
13. What is an antigen?
14. Which arm of the immune system do jabs stimulate?
15. Which arms of the immune system do natural diseases stimulate?
16. What is transverse myelitis?
17. What is encephalopathy?
18. What is the rate of autism in 2019-20, what was it in 2000, and what was it in 1990?
19. What is glyphosate and is it in jabs?
20. If your child is injured by a jab, who will take physical emotional and financial responsibility for that jab?
21. Can you provide an official study that proves jabs are not carcinogenic?
22. Can you provide an official study showing jab versus unjabbed health outcomes? (i.e. any study that shows how healthy jabbed population is compared to unjabbed population)
23. Can you show a safety study proving it is safe to inject multiple jabs?
24. What is shedding?
25. Do jabs shed? Which jabs can shed for up to 6 weeks?
26. Which jabs are live virus jabs?
27. What is the VICP in America?
28. What is SV40?
29. What is MTHFR?
30. What is an acceptable amount of aluminium to ingest per day, and how much is injected by Hepatitis B jab on day 1 of life?
31. Can someone who has been jabbed for pertussis still spread pertussis after being exposed to it, and for how long?
32. What is the death rate for measles in UK from 2001-17?
33. What was the death rate from MMR in UK 2001-17?
34. What does attenuated mean?
35. Have you ever been shown a jab insert before a jab, and have you ever been told of all the side effects listed on that insert?
36. Can the vial stopper cause an allergic reaction?
37. Can there be a serious reaction to jabs?
38. What is vaccineinjuryuk.com?
39. What does the nurse administrating the jabs know about the jab, and can they answer all of your questions?
40. Why do cancer hospitals not allow recently jabbed visitors? Why do they not include unjabbed in the list?

40 Questions To Ask Before Taking The Covid Jab

40 Questions To Ask Before Taking The Covid Jab

Nov 28, 2020
Tony Sayers
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Please share far and wide.

With the massive rush through and huge marketing campaign around the most controversial jab in history I thought it was right to get people thinking and asking questions that we all have the right to ask. There should be no reason as to why we are not allowed to simply ask questions when it comes to our own personal health and what we are being forced to put into our body.

Question everything!

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Recent MonkeyWerxUS Military Flight Analysis

Monkey observes and explains who/what/where in terms of military flights tracked, TFRs, VIPs, etc., Immigration issues.  Infiltration, not invasion. More Americans should be paying attention, and be careful what you wish for. We all come from immigrants, we welcome assimilation but do not wish to have our way of life obliterated or restricted. We need safe and sane immigration policies.

A friend who has been a citizen for a few years has been trying to get his wife and children here legally from Serbia for years, working 3 jobs. Yet people come in unvetted on flights and across an unrestricted border. I told him to send them to Mexico, to cross the border, they’ll get housing, food card and education for his kids.

We should be observing and supporting our Australian Patriots, who are under their 6th Lockdown and rebeling with protests. They already have these types of quarantine camps, supposedly due to COVID but possibly for dissidents and anti-establishment types. Which may turn out to be everyone in the country if the government continues the harsh and unnecessary restrictions.

Are these future Camps for Patriots?

Sep 9, 2021
Monkey Werx US
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Is the Government Deporting Hispanics?

Sep 7, 2021
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Welcome to AfghaniMex

Sep 4, 2021
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How (and Why) to Become Immune to Fear ~ “An Urgent Pleiadian Message” by Awakening Our Truth (updated)

How (and Why) to Become Immune to Fear ~ “An Urgent Pleiadian Message “
•May 2, 2021 -Awakening Our Truth – 78.3K subscribers

In a similar vein to my last post, this video below explains the importance of becoming immune to FEAR -especially due to Media and Social Media exposure. Knowing Divine Truth by letting the heart lead, not the mind. I followed Awakening Our Truth on twitter for years, came across this by chance.He goes into detail about an expected FALSE ALIEN INVASION + how to avoid embodying FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Please watch to end of his explanation, there is healing dance music in the last third of the video.


(Partial transcript excerpt starrts at 2:39):

“When our heart is strong in our mind, then we become immune to fear. What we know in our heart to be true, which is Divine Truth…what we know in our heart to be true, overrides what the media is trying to make us think is true, what the media wants us to believe is true. So our heart essentially, is stronger and is in the driver’s seat, because that’s how it’s meant to be.

Your mind is not meant to control your heart, its meant to be the other way around, your heart is meant to control your mind. So your Heart should be in the driving seat, your heart should be connected to that higher source of power, loving power which many call God….which could be called Source..any number of names.

The truth is that’s our reality..that Higher Power…which is capable of guiding us, protecting us through anything, keeping us in the Light, keeping our mind in the Light, keeping our heart healthy, peaceful, joyful even, amidst very challenging situations..then that power belongs in our heart. So our heart is meant to connect to that power. That’s why we’ve got a heart, so we can connect to that power, which many call God. You can call it anything you want. I call it God. So that’s what a heart is for, to connect to that power.

And then when we are connected, then our heart views our mind, to give us inspiration and ideas, how we can share what we got in our heart, how we can share love, how we can share joy, how we can share strength, and hope, and how we can share compassion, and how we can help people, and how we can discern the wonderful things, that is the purpose of our mind. It’s basically to put into action, put into words, what we feel in our heart.

So it tells us how to interpret the love of God into action, so we can make the world a better place, so we can help people, so we can be a force for good, a force for change, and that is what you’re meant for, not meant to be curled up a little ball in the corner of your room worrying about the next thing that’s in the news worrying about the next bad thing that’s going to happen, about the next bad agenda, the next bad theory, conspiracy theory, that’s going to present itself, and I know a lot of these things aren’t just theories, I know a lot of them are fact. I’ve we’ve been studying lot of these things for 20 years. I know what’s going on. I knew the pandemic was going to occur in 2011. I knew this was going to occur.

So there’s going to be more things, more challenging things, much more challenging than what’s going on now, that are going to occur, and we have to know how to respond to them, because we’ve been programmed by the media, and Hollywood, by their TV programs, by Internet, by social media, by books, pop industry, video games…video games are powerful. We’ve been programmed by all these arms of the media, to respond in a certain way when certain things happen, especially by Hollywood movies. So when some kind of disaster occurs in a Hollywood movie and you see that people always respond in the same way, there’s always panic.

I’m talking about people as a whole, the general public, there’s always panic, always fear, they always do rash things, and become violent and irrational, because we’ve been programmed to respond to certain situations in a certain way.

Why is that? that’s a complicated question. I could give you the answer, but it would be a very, very long video.

All I can tell you is that we have been conditioned to respond to say apocalyptic scenarios in a certain way… alien invasion firms, zombie Apocalypse films, nuclear war films, all sorts of doom and disaster films, apocalyptic films have programmed us to respond in a certain way, if these things should occur.

Now, this is their… kind of a tricky thing to tell you is that that is going to be…how I can I put this….Some scenarios which are being fabricated there can be seen scenarios which occur, like an alien invasion for example, which are going to be fabricated.

So we are going to be led to believe that certain things are going on in our society which are completely fabricated for the purposes of generating a huge wave of FEAR.. a huge tidal wave of FEAR, and as I said, you think there is fear in our society now? This is just the tip of the iceberg, because when certain things all happen at the same time, on the same day perhaps, or in in a succession of days, and suddenly this whole way the fear takes over the population. And this is the idea, this is the agenda, to create a huge tidal wave of FEAR that washes over everybody… because when the fear is strong, when the whole… when everyone around you is losing their head, it is very challenging, very challenging to stay cool and calm and rational and to stay in peace, and not to get sucked into the FEAR, when you see chaos all around you, but that’s what we have to do.

A lot of people get sucked into the chaos, a lot of people will believe what’s happening. The media, as I said, will be a theater, so do not be surprised if you get more… how can I put this… it is more information the media suggesting that the aliens, that there’s more aliens flying UFO’s around the planet that we thought, and they seem to have an agenda, and they seem to be doing certain things we shall not very nice.

Don’t be surprised if we suddenly see what the words ALIEN INVASION on our screens at some point. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I studied the media for nearly 20 years and I can see the propaganda. I have seen the propaganda very very clearly, over and over and over again, this idea that an alien invasion could happen.

So many sites on YouTube… I’m sorry so many sites on the on the Internet on Google, and so many videos on YouTube, suggesting and putting an idea to people’s heads that an alien invasion is actually a realistic possibility. Now I know that AN ALIEN INVASION IS NOT A REALISTIC POSSIBILITY.

I know a lot about kind of the extraterrestrial forces of goodness and love that actually DO exist, and I know that an alien invasion CANNOT happen, but the media is going to try and convince millions of people that it is happening.

First of all, ‘it’s likely all that aliens are there and they have a malevolent desires and malevolent intentions’, and then suddenly it’s going to become bigger than we thought. They’re going to be spotted in all parts of the world, in different countries, and the ships are going to be… people are going to say the ships are enormous!

You will not believe how much FEAR this will generate in the general public, because of all the alien invasion films that have been flooding through our screens in the past 30 years. So many alien invasion films. And and they are propaganda, because usually in his films the aliens are monsters, terrifying sometimes invisible, and the always have bad intentions, and they’re always…the movie is always scary, always a scary scenario when aliens are revealed.

It’s very, very rare when aliens are found, or aliens are revealed and it’s good, a good story, good news, as something positive. A few exceptions, like ET or maybe “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”, but I’d say 99% of these alien invasion films are all very apocalyptic.

As I said, that’s the agenda, to create this False Apocalypse. PLEASE LISTEN TO MY WORDS VERY CAREFULLY. I know what I’m talking about! I’m not making this up! The ideas to create a FALSE APOCALYPSE that sends the world into a panic, sends everybody deeply diving into fear, and essentially willing to do anything to feel safe. When people go into that much fear, that much panic, they just want to feel safe… and so essentially, in the name of safety, they’ll accept things..they’ll accept things that they wouldn’t normally accept.

There is going to be big change in our society, big political change. So this False Apocalypse is going to instigate a huge political shift, especially in America, it’s going to start in America, and involves an Actor who I’m not going to name. There are many videos about him, an Actor who is the spearhead of this deception, who will come in to the White House, come into office and say, “Hey! Don’t worry! I’m here! I’m strong! I’m fearless! I’m gonna save you from these threats! I’m going to save you from the aliens!” This is a very famous Actor. hes now Hollywood Actor. He’s is probably the number one most popular man in the world, and he’s actually giving hints in the media that he’s going to run for President.

You might know who I’m talking about…he’s bald, he’s 6’4′, he’s built like a weightlifter, he’s got tattoos, and this man, I assure you, is the spearhead of this deceptive agenda to essentially change society all around, to change everything really rapidly in the midst of this panic.

So you create a panic, where people just don’t know where they stand, what’s going on with them, what’s true for them, what’s false, they don’t know whether they should be afraid, or whether they should be trusting the media, they just feel confused…and that’s when everything can be changed very rapidly, because Everything is in a flurry, everything is up in the air, everything can settle in a different order. AND THAT’S THE PLAN, TO CREATE CONFUSION, AND CREATE A NEW STRUCTURE. a NEW SOCIETY. And the FAKE ALIEN INVASION, the Zombie Apocalypse, the FAKE Zombie Apocalypse…I know I’m getting further out into the realms of realism here, but the media has already done this!

Look at the media, look at what’s going on in the media, it’s SURREAL. What we’re living in now is a SURREAL SITUATION. If I had told you 5 years ago that we’d be living in this kind of a world, you’d have called me CRAZY, you would have called me PARANOID, you would have called me a CONSPIRACY THEORIST, but HERE WE ARE, LIVING IN THIS WORLD NOW, where we are locked down, at the will of the Government. We all have to war masks, we have a lot less freedom than we did..

Now I’m not one to be negative on this, I’m not going to be afraid, or pessimistic, because I KNOW THE POWER OF GOD, and I know that…that MIRACLES ARE POSSIBLE, WHEN WE TURN TO THE LIGHT. The media wants your mind in the darkness, and it wants you as deeply in the darkness as possible…and that’s a whole other video as well..but essentially, it’s a POWER STRUGGLE. When the people have NO power, then the people who control them have ALL the power. And POWER IS THE MOST ADDICTIVE DRUG ON THIS PLANET. BY FAR, POWER IS THE MOST ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE, THE MOST ADDICTIVE DRUG ON THE PLANET, that people, very powerful people, who are MEGALOMANIACS…..just want more and more and more power….which means normal people have to LOSE their power, LOSE THEIR FREEDOMS…because power is a real thing. A Divine Force. And if you haven’t got it flowing through you, then that power is going somewhere else.

THIS IS A MEGALOMANIACAL AGENDA to get your power, and keep you feeling fearful, so you can be controlled. Now look, this isn’t a bad news video. I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. I KNOW HOW YOU CAN BE ABOVE THIS. i KNOW HOW YOU CAN BE IMMUNE TO THIS AGENDA TO STEAL YOUR POWER, TO STEAL YOUR JOY, TO STEAL YOUR HAPPINESS, TO STEAL YOUR FREEDOM. IT WON’T WORK! THE GOOD NEWS…THIS WILL -NOT- WORK!!! Just listen to what I’ve got to say to you.!…..” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

An Urgent Pleiadian Message

•May 2, 2021

Awakening Our Truth
78.3K subscribers


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Forever Unlimited Consciousness


Stealth Bomber…

Wow! I do believe we should be ready for the SHTF at long last!

#DeepStateDemise #MOAB pending…

Yeah, wait till the Galactic Confederation 🛸🌠🌈 starts doing blatant flyovers.. ~PB

John Henry @JohnHenryWUSA

Well, never seen this before. A stealth bomber from Whiteman AFB flying over the National Mall. (@wusa9)/>


7:23 PM · Jul 4, 2019

from Washington, DC · Twitter for iPhone

What the Jeffrey Epstein, Imran Awan, & Jackson Cosko Scandals Might Have in Common—Luke Rosiak | American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times

Incredible (and TRUE!) story of vast bipartisan corruption and coverup in the Senate and House, and those who stepped up to reveal it! “Probably the biggest scandal in Congressional History” (yet no one has heard about it!)  The Epoch Times continues to impress me!  ~PB

What the Jeffrey Epstein, Imran Awan, & Jackson Cosko Scandals Might Have in Common—Luke Rosiak


Just who is Jackson Cosko, the mastermind behind what prosecutors have called ‘the largest data breach in Senate history?

What are the implications of the Imran Awan scandal and the extraordinary cover-up that followed?

And how do these scandals relate to the recent arrest of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein?

This is American Thought Leaders, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

Today we sit down with Luke Rosiak, an investigative reporter with a penchant for uncovering congressional scandals, and author of the book Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats.

We explore the scandals Luke has been exposing: that of Jackson Cosko, who gained notoriety by doxxing Republican Senators during the Kavanaugh hearings, the near-unbelievable Imran Awan scandal where 44 house democrats’ servers were deeply compromised (and how this was then covered up), and the parallels between these and the currently evolving case of Jeffrey Epstein.

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The Powers-That-Be Are Secretly Terrified of the People’s Power … And Only PRETEND They’re Firmly In Control | Zero Hedge

A worthwhile read that still holds true, especially if you are feeling discouraged about the state of the world. Remember, nothing is as it appears to be.  Much of a positive nature is occurring behind the scenes. Patience, Grasshopper! Also, scroll to bottom for links to George Washington’s former and current blog sites, and enjoy more of his insightful political discourse. ~PB

Apr 10

We are far more powerful than it sometimes appears:


Our Actions Are More Powerful Than We Realize

David Swanson writes:

Almost every [history of past activism] includes belated discoveries of the extent to which government officials were influenced by activist groups even while pretending to ignore popular pressure.


These revelations can be found in the memoirs of the government officials as well, such as in George W. Bush’s recollection of how seriously the Republican Senate Majority Leader was taking public pressure against the war on Iraq in 2006.


Of course, activism that appears ineffectual at the time can succeed in a great many ways, including by influencing others, even young children, who go on to become effective activists — or by influencing firm opponents who begin to change their minds and eventually switch sides.


The beautiful thing about nonviolent activism is that, while risking no harm, it has the potential to do good in ways small and large that ripple out from it in directions we cannot track or measure.


Wittner participated in his first political demonstration in 1961. The USSR was withdrawing from a moratorium on nuclear testing. A protest at the White House urged President Kennedy not to follow suit:

“Picking up what I considered a very clever sign (‘Kennedy, Don’t Mimic the Russians!’), I joined the others (supplemented by a second busload of students from a Quaker college in the Midwest) circling around a couple of trees outside the White House. Mike and I — as new and zealous recruits — circled all day without taking a lunch or a dinner break.


“For decades I looked back on this venture as a trifle ridiculous. After all, we and other small bands of protesters couldn’t have had any impact on U.S. policy, could we? Then in the mid-1990s, while doing research at the Kennedy Library on the history of the world nuclear disarmament movement, I stumbled onto an oral history interview with Adrian Fisher, deputy director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. He was explaining why Kennedy delayed resuming atmospheric nuclear tests until April 1962. Kennedy personally wanted to resume such tests, Fisher recalled, ‘but he also recognized that there were a lot of people that were going to be deeply offended by the United States resuming atmospheric testing. We had people picketing the White House, and there was a lot of excitement about it — just because the Russians do it, why do we have to do it?'”

Yes, Kennedy delayed a horrible action. He didn’t, at that time, block it permanently. But if the picketers in 1961 had had the slightest notion that Kennedy was being influenced by them, their numbers would have multiplied 10-fold, as would the delay have correspondingly lengthened.


Yes, our government was more responsive to public opinion in the 1960s than now, but part of the reason is that more people were active then. And another reason is that government officials are doing a better job now of hiding any responsiveness to public sentiment, which helps convince the public it has no impact, which reduces activism further. We also focus far too much on the most difficult individuals to move, such as presidents.


In 1973-1974, Wittner visited GI coffee houses in Japan including in Yokusaka, where the Midway aircraft carrier was in port. The Japanese were protesting the ship’s carrying of nuclear weapons, which was illegal in Japan, and which the U.S. military, of course, lied about. But U.S. soldiers with whom Wittner and other activists had talked, brought them onto the ship and showed them the nukes. The following summer, when Wittner read in a newspaper that,

“a substantial number of American GIs had refused to board the Midway for a mission to South Korea, then swept by popular protest against the U.S.-backed dictatorship, it occurred to me that I might have played some small role in inspiring their mutiny.”

Soldiers can still be reached much more easily than presidents, more easily in many cases in fact than the average citizen. War lies are harder to sell to the people who have been fighting the wars.


In the late 1990s, Wittner was researching the anti-nuclear movement of decades past. He interviewed Robert “Bud” McFarlane, President Ronald Reagan’s former national security advisor:

“Other administration officials had claimed that they had barely noticed the nuclear freeze movement. But when I asked McFarlane about it, he lit up and began outlining a massive administration campaign to counter and discredit the freeze — one that he had directed. . . . A month later, I interviewed Edwin Meese, a top White House staffer and U.S. attorney general during the Reagan administration. When I asked him about the administration’s response to the freeze campaign, he followed the usual line by saying that there was little official notice taken of it. In response, I recounted what McFarlane had revealed. A sheepish grin now spread across this former government official’s face, and I knew that I had caught him. ‘If Bud says that,’ he remarked tactfully, ‘it must be true.'”

When someone tells you to stop imagining that you’re having an impact, ask them to please redirect their energy into getting 10 friends to join you in doing what needs to be done. If it has no impact, you’ll have gone down trying. If it has an impact, nobody will tell you for many years.

Mr. Swanson is right. I noted in 2009:

As MSNBC news correspondent Jonathan Capehart tells Dylan Ratigan, the main problem is that people aren’t making enough noise. Capehart says that the people not only have to “burn up the phone lines to Congress”, but also to hit the streets and protest in D.C.


Even though most politicians are totally corrupt, if many millions of Americans poured into the streets of D.C., a critical mass would be reached, and the politicians would start changing things in a hurry.


As [liberal] PhD economist Dean Baker points out:

The elites hate to acknowledge it, but when large numbers of ordinary people are moved to action, it changes the narrow political world where the elites call the shots. Inside accounts reveal the extent to which Johnson and Nixon’s conduct of the Vietnam War was constrained by the huge anti-war movement. It was the civil rights movement, not compelling arguments, that convinced members of Congress to end legal racial discrimination. More recently, the townhall meetings, dominated by people opposed to health care reform, have been a serious roadblock for those pushing reform….


A big turnout … can make a real difference.

Baker is right about Vietnam.


Specifically – according to Daniel Ellsberg and many others – Richard Nixon actually planned on dropping a nuclear bomb on Vietnam. Nixon also said he didn’t care what the American people thought. He said that — no matter what the public did or said — he was going to escalate the war in Vietnam.


However, a well-known biographer says that Nixon backed off when hundreds of thousands of people turned out in Washington, D.C. to protest an escalation of the war.

And Pulitzer prize winning reporter Chris Hedges pointed out recently:

I was in Leipzig on November 9, 1989 with leaders of East German opposition and they told me that – perhaps within a year – there would be free passes back and forth across the Berlin wall.


Within a few hours, the Berlin Wall, at least as far as an impediment to human traffic, did not exist.


Week after week, month after month, these clergy in Leipzig held these candlelit vigils. And it was slow at first … people forget. Just like the Egyptian revolution has been percolating for many many months, and even years.


And suddenly, it began to grow.


And Honecker – who had been in ruling East Germany since the time of the dinosaurs – sent down a paratroop division to Leipzig .. . and they won’t attack the demonstrators.

Part of the reason that our actions are more powerful than we think is that courage is contagious. So is the ability to think.

As we’ve previously noted:

[Studies show ] that even one dissenting voice can give people permission to think for themselves. Specifically:

Solomon Asch, with experiments originally carried out in the 1950s and well-replicated since, highlighted a phenomenon now known as “conformity”. In the classic experiment, a subject sees a puzzle like the one in the nearby diagram: Which of the lines A, B, and C is the same size as the line X? Take a moment to determine your own answer…The gotcha is that the subject is seated alongside a number of other people looking at the diagram – seemingly other subjects, actually confederates of the experimenter. The other “subjects” in the experiment, one after the other, say that line C seems to be the same size as X. The real subject is seated next-to-last. How many people, placed in this situation, would say “C” – giving an obviously incorrect answer that agrees with the unanimous answer of the other subjects? What do you think the percentage would be?


Three-quarters of the subjects in Asch’s experiment gave a “conforming” answer at least once. A third of the subjects conformed more than half the time.

Get it so far? People tend to defer to what the herd thinks.


But here’s the good news:

Adding a single dissenter – just one other person who gives the correct answer, or even an incorrect answer that’s different from the group’s incorrect answer – reduces conformity very sharply, down to 5-10%.

Why is this important? Well, it means that one person who publicly speaks the truth can sway a group of people away from group-think.


If a group of people is leaning towards believing the government’s version of events, a single person who speaks the truth can help snap the group out of its trance.


There is an important point here regarding the web, as well. The above-cited article states that:

When subjects can respond in a way that will not be seen by the group, conformity also drops.What does that mean? Well, on the web, many people post anonymously. The anonymity gives people permission to “respond in a way that will not be seen by the group”. But most Americans still don’t get their news from the web, or only go to mainstream corporate news sites.


Away from the keyboard, we are not very anonymous. So that is where the conformity dynamic — and the need for courageous dissent — is vital. It is doubly important that we apply the same hard-hitting truthtelling we do on the Internet in our face-to-face interactions; because it is there that dissent is urgently needed.


Bottom line: Each person‘s voice has the power to snap entire groups out of their coma of irrational group-think. So go forth and be a light of rationality and truth among the sleeping masses.

And a recent study shows that when only 10% of a population have strongly-held beliefs, their belief will often be adopted by the majority of the society.

True, governments worldwide are cracking down on liberty with the iron fist of repression.

But some argue that this is actually a sign that we are winning.

As Truthout’s Matt Renner writes:

Recently I sat down with two of the young adults who organized and led the Egyptian resistance movement that overthrew Hosni Mubarak. The media narrative said it took 18 days, when in fact, they had been organizing for over five years.


According to these young men, the moment they knew they had won was the day Mubarak’s government shut off the Internet and blocked cellphone communications. When people could no longer get updates about what was happening in Tahrir Square, they had to come out of their homes and see for themselves, tripling the size of the protests in one fell swoop.


The global plutocracy is terrified of dissent. In some places, the war on dissent is being fought with bullets. In others, the war on dissent targets social media and mobile communications, while repressing and deceiving communities of struggle. It’s already happening.

Indeed, the use of heavy-handed tactics – taking the velvet glove off of the iron fist – could backfire, as it will show the “emperor’s ruthlessness” for all to see.

The powers-that-be are terrified of political awakening and dissent. For example, Zbigniew Brzezinski – National Security Adviser to President Carter, creator of America’s strategy to lure Russia into Afghanistan, creator of America’s plans for Eurasia in general, and Obama’s former foreign affairs adviser – said:

For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive. There are only a few pockets of humanity left in the remotest corners of the world that are not politically alert and engaged with the political turmoil and stirrings that are so widespread today around the world.



America needs to face squarely a centrally important new global reality: that the world’s population is experiencing a political awakening unprecedented in scope and intensity, with the result that the politics of populism are transforming the politics of power.



[T]he central challenge of our time is posed not by global terrorism, but rather by the intensifying turbulence caused by the phenomenon of global political awakening. That awakening is socially massive and politically radicalizing.

It is no overstatement to assert that now in the 21st century the population of much of the developing world is politically stirring and in many places seething with unrest. It is a population acutely conscious of social injustice to an unprecedented degree, and often resentful of its perceived lack of political dignity.




These energies transcend sovereign borders and pose a challenge both to existing states as well as to the existing global hierarchy, on top of which America still perches.



The misdiagnosis [of foreign policy] pertains to a relatively vague, excessively abstract, highly emotional, semi-theological definition of the chief menace that we face today in the world, and the consequent slighting of what I view as the unprecedented global challenge arising out of the unique phenomenon of a truly massive global political awakening of mankind. We live in an age in which mankind writ large is becoming politically conscious and politically activated to an unprecedented degree, and it is this condition which is producing a great deal of international turmoil.


That turmoil is the product of the political awakening, the fact that today vast masses of the world are not politically neutered, as they have been throughout history. They have political consciousness.



The other major change in international affairs is that for the first time, in all of human history, mankind has been politically awakened. That is a total new reality – total new reality. It has not been so for most of human history until the last one hundred years. And in the course of the last one hundred years, the whole world has become politically awakened. And no matter where you go, politics is a matter of social engagement, and most people know what is generally going on –generally going on – in the world, and are consciously aware of global inequities, inequalities, lack of respect, exploitation. Mankind is now politically awakened and stirring.

And a reader notes:

We do not understand our own power. Look around you. Almost everything you see was not only made, but created by people like yourselves. Most of the horrors existing on earth were engendered by the elites, WITH OUR CO-OPERATION. Without our consent, most of the terrifying situations existing in our world will cease to exist. Resist. It certainly may be difficult initially, but it grows easier moment by moment.

Some historical quotes may be helpful in illustrating the importance of struggling to make things better …

It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.
– Robert F . Kennedy

We must never despair; our situation has been compromising before; and it changed for the better; so I trust it will again. If difficulties arise; we must put forth new exertion and proportion our efforts to the exigencies of the times.
– George Washington

We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.
-Sonia Johnson

Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead

Hope has never trickled down. It has always sprung up.
– Studs Terkel

At certain points in history, the energy level of people, the indignation level of people rises. And at that point it becomes possible for people to organize and to agitate and to educate one another, and to create an atmosphere in which the government must do something.
– Howard Zinn, historian

There is no act too small, no act too bold. The history of social change is the history of millions of actions, small and large, coming together at points in history and creating a power that governments cannot suppress.
– Howard Zinn

Cynicism Is Not Realistic

Millions of Americans think that hope is for the foolish, and that the smart people are cynics.

But if all of the people who think of themselves as cynics or skeptics made noise, things would instantly change for the better. In other words, the millions of cynics/skeptics/self-described “realists” aren’t raising a ruckus against the fraud being committed by the giant banks, the corruption of our political system, or the lawlessness and imperial arrogance of our intelligence-military-industrial complex because they think things can’t change.

But by staying silent, they are actually creating the conditions in which nothing can change. As Edmund Burke points out:

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

If the millions of cynics woke up to the fact that they are a huge group – especially when combined with the people who are already actively working for the restoration of a liberty, justice and the rule of law – they would suddenly realize that collectively we can change things in a heart beat.

Don’t Want to Go First?

Most people don’t want to go first …

Most people want to see others succeeding before they give it a shot.

But the truth – as pointed out by Zbigniew Brzezinski above – is that people are waking up worldwide … and things are changing quickly.

A few short years ago, Americans wouldn’t have believed that the White House would lie us into a major war, that our government would choose Wall Street over the little guy, or that the NSA spied on every American citizen.  Now, this is all common knowledge.

A few years ago, most Americans trusted government and corporate leaders.  Now, polls show that trust has collapsed, as people realize that our core institutions are rotten with corruption.

You will not be taking the first step.  More people than you realize are already working to challenge the corrupt people in positions of power.

When you act to make things better, you’re actually joining a large group of people doing the same thing.

And as Hellen Keller pointed out:

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

Postscript: In any event, hiding our head in the sand doesn’t work.


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Praying Medic: Q Anon July 31 – FISA is the Foundation (Is this YOUR Wake Up Call?)

Q Anon July 31 – FISA is the Foundation

Published on Jul 31, 2018


Q anon focuses on the declassified FISA application used to spy on President Trump.

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This video covers posts #1741-1764 on https://qanon.pub/


“…But if the crooks are put on trial in a system where FBI investigators and DOJ prosecutors are corrupt, what do you think the outcome will be? You may want arrests. But do want convictions? If you want convictions, the arrests have to wait until the corrupt cops and prosecutors can be removed from the system.
We’re in an intelligence war. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is the battlefield upon which the deep state chose to wage the war. We had no say in that. But it’s a fact we can’t ignore and it’s why FISA is the foundation upon which everything is built.
#Qanon posted this yesterday to reiterate that FISA is the foundation. Mainstream media is the connecting link. The media and their accomplices inside government are being exposed by fake information that is being leaked to them..
Uranium 1, human trafficking, corruption, etc, are being investigated and prepped for prosecution. Those things will be rolled out once the foundation has been established and the threat to Trump being removed from office has been dealt with.
The disclosure of McCain’s connection to the creation of the dossier [in the UK] and the other people who are connected to it is a big deal. (D5 = highest value on the avalanche scale)
Declassification of the FISA application implicates Obama staff, House & Senate members (both parties) foreign heads of state, British intelligence, the media and publicly proves that the Russian narrative was a false pretense manufactured against candidate Trump….”

from the unrolled thread:

[No commentary needed.] #Qanon

posted a link to a letter from a patriot.

Jul 30

127) Please read this patriot’s letter.

Posted by  u/therevolutionbegins   3 days ago

Do you believe in coincidences? – Q

I am one of the many who are watching these historic events unfold from the “outside”. I am neither American born, nor domiciled. I have visited your fair country on several occasions during my fifty years on this planet, and have always felt an affinity with you, the average Joe American.

That is because the average Joe American is warm, welcoming, decent, and brave. You respect those that have put on your military uniform and risked all for your country, and I respect that. You honor your founders and foundational (and VERY unique) Constitution, and I can respect that. You look out for your communities and families and I respect that too. You have, in essence, a decency and strength that is truly worthy of the moniker “American Exceptionalism”. America is not just a word or idea; it is a people who share common values of freedom, independence, equality, family, loyalty. I appreciate this message is going to sound a little corny, but I see you being attacked by half the country, I see the frustration in some of you that arrests are not coming fast enough, and I saw tonight Q’s frustration that we weren’t seeing the progress that was occurring right before our eyes, nor the complexity and danger of the war that was raging around us.

We have all been chosen by God to live in this period of history, a time when in all likelihood the United States is all that stands between our civilization’s total capitulation to this Evil, and a future that we would want to pass on to those who inherit this Earth from us. However it is you, the citizens of the United States of America that are bearing the greatest burden in this fight.

Your media likes to tell you that you are despised throughout the world, that anti-Americanism is widespread and that you should tread more lightly. I would like to say to you that that is bullshit. What is happening at this moment in time, led by your President, and this phenomenon of Q is attracting the attention and support of the WORLD. We are you and you are us. We share your contempt for the corruption, for those that would sell out the interests of our countries for their own benefit, and most egregiously harm our children in ways we had not even believed were possible.

As you are attacked by both your own and the international media, and those in your community who have not yet (or may never) wake up to what has and is happening, please know that you are not alone in this fight. What you are doing is inspiring. It is glorious and just.

To President Trump and Q, and those at the sharp end of this war, whilst not American citizens, please know that we outsiders are in awe of you and those who stand beside you. We know that this has not been attempted before. We see the gravity of what is unfolding, and the courage and spirit it took to engage such an enemy. It is clear that this international cabal still has the ability to inflict pain and death, and no hesitation to do so. It is hidden, clever, evil, and well dug in. Lest we forget, this is a real war and good people are dying. Please know that there are many out here who understand your sacrifices and the risks being taken on our behalf. Thank you and God bless you all. WWG1WGA!


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Net Neutrality Vote Pending! Please Add Your Comment to FCC Website!

Net Neutrality Vote Pending! Please Add Your Comment to FCC Website! ~PB

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Net Neutrality

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai abruptly announced, two days before Thanksgiving that the FCC would vote to repeal net neutrality regulations in December. This is troubling and infuriating.

Under net neutrality regulations internet service providers (ISPs) are treated like public utilities, or common carriers. Because of this classification, ISPs must treat all internet content the same. ISPs are prohibited from creating so-called fast lanes, charging more money for faster content delivery.

This would create a significant disadvantage for small companies and make it harder for everyone to access certain internet content. ISPs could reserve the best quality internet service for big businesses and those in a position to pay more money for easier access.

If you believe in net neutrality as I do, I strongly encourage you to make your voice heard with the FCC.

The vote hasn’t happened yet and the FCC is still accepting commentary through its website.


Rumor: Public Mass Arrests of Cabal Operatives Starting Soon Says 4Chan Insider | SITSSHOW


Nov 3

Rumor: Public Mass Arrests of Cabal Operatives Starting Soon Says 4Chan Insider

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Rumor: Public Mass Arrests of Cabal Operatives Starting Soon Says 4Chan Insider

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I cannot confirm if the following information is true. As always, do your own research and exercise discernment.

– Justin

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SourceAscension With Earth

by Ruby, November 3rd, 2017

Confirmation of mass arrests possibly beginning in 36 hours. ~ Dinar Chronicles