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Monkey observes and explains who/what/where in terms of military flights tracked, TFRs, VIPs, etc., Immigration issues.  Infiltration, not invasion. More Americans should be paying attention, and be careful what you wish for. We all come from immigrants, we welcome assimilation but do not wish to have our way of life obliterated or restricted. We need safe and sane immigration policies.

A friend who has been a citizen for a few years has been trying to get his wife and children here legally from Serbia for years, working 3 jobs. Yet people come in unvetted on flights and across an unrestricted border. I told him to send them to Mexico, to cross the border, they’ll get housing, food card and education for his kids.

We should be observing and supporting our Australian Patriots, who are under their 6th Lockdown and rebeling with protests. They already have these types of quarantine camps, supposedly due to COVID but possibly for dissidents and anti-establishment types. Which may turn out to be everyone in the country if the government continues the harsh and unnecessary restrictions.

Are these future Camps for Patriots?

Sep 9, 2021
Monkey Werx US
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Sep 7, 2021
Monkey Werx US
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Sep 4, 2021
Monkey Werx US
541K subscribers

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