A Message to Lightworkers – May 21, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – May 21, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, Bringers of the New Earth!

We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we see a number of moments have arisen for you, some having to do with your external world, some having to do with your inner selves, and all of it intertwined with your growing consciousness.

We would say, regarding material need in your world, that the old system of deception in your financial systems is indeed falling apart, as you have noted.

And with that movement, your eons-old reflex, which is based on the experiences of the many Earth lives you have lived, is to feel that “hard times have come upon us, and who knows how long they will last.”

This era in which you live, this moment in your Earth’s timeline, requires you to release very consciously this immediate, easily triggered reaction of survival-based fears and instincts.


We would encourage you, as always, to go within, in those moments when life feels to be built on a shaky foundation, when the money for the rent or mortgage or other necessities has not yet come in, and you wonder how much longer you can overwork and stress and pinch pennies in order to carry on.

We encourage you not to look at outer circumstances, which can be slow to respond to your preferences, yet can shift dramatically in a single day as your energy shifts.


We encourage you to calm your reactions, questions, and emotional upset long enough to call out to and require assistance from the higher realms, including from your Spirit Team of guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self.


Now, their guidance will not always be in the form of a sum of money reaching you immediately, though certainly, it can be.

Yet note that the first order of business is always to calm your mental/emotional state, to assure you that you are not alone, to remind you that you have journeyed through other challenging moments in life, and to move your entire vibration into a state of peacefulness.

From that state, your mind and creative inner resources open once again to new ideas, new options, new actions to take, and a new higher way of looking at things, because they are no longer frozen in a state of panic or the constricted thought process of one who is feeling there is no clear path ahead.

We are aware that you have been carefully trained to panic, to feel bereft of resources just because you cannot see them directly in front of you at a particular moment.

And we would say, that in those moments when you are not sure how this bill or that will be paid, you must step up and over and beyond where your world and its narrow mental focus has been for eons.

This is the time not merely for courage, because you may not feel courageous in that moment, but for the willingness to say:

“There is something far bigger than this apparent lack, and I call upon it now to sustain me, to sustain my Spirit and my heart-mind, my body and my Earth life.


“I call upon that which is always there—the great stream of infinite Life, Light, and Love that is Source Energy.


“I call upon the Great Spirit to comfort and calm my own and all of humanity’s Spirit, realizing we are connected to it in all ways, at all times.


“And I call upon the I AM, my higher self, my soul, my Spirit guides, and Angelic guardians, to infuse me with the vibrations that keep my Spirit strong, my mind relaxed and open to new solutions, and my vibration high and open to all forms of Abundance, especially financial wealth at this time.


“I Give Thanks for this and all the great gifts that come to me each day!”


We will say, that you will not always feel like looking for the higher solution.

You will have been trained to believe that only certain people in this world are able to “do well financially,” and that it is the fate of the vast majority of humanity to slog away day in and day out, and still never get ahead.

Yet you must now, in these outwardly uncertain times, do all you can to switch off from those messages and their many forms.

Your radio, television, videos, and film are full of images of people who seem to just naturally have money without having to work hard for it, or who are enjoying the sort of success from their work that doesn’t seem to have tired them.

The other side of these images are messages of war and poverty—the mind is then led to logically connect the necessity of the majority dying of hunger or violence in order to enrich the few.


The choice you are then left with, as someone trained to passively accept deceptive propaganda as Truth, is to despair and give way to poverty and lack training, or to believe that you can only do well financially by taking from someone else.

This is the old, old paradigm that in this era of Earth’s Ascension you are leaving well behind.


You did not come here to worry about money or any other outer condition—you did not incarnate at this time for any such existence.

You came to appreciate, to Love, to live entirely in the present moment, to give thanks, to be your true self in the ways that make you most joyful.

And all of that leads directly to outer Abundance in its many forms, not away from it, as you have been strenuously taught over many centuries.


If you will begin your day not with the To Do list, not with reminders of what bill is due when, and not with feelings of drowning in responsibility before you even begin, but with the realization of that great wealth which you already possess—you then chase from your door the old beliefs that have sought to tell you over and over how small, lonely, and inconsequential your life is


To stand now in the face of many centuries of lies, deception, and madness, you must claim your Sovereignty, your god/goddess co-Creator power, and your Joy, all in one.


And so sit with your Spirit team, dear ones, each morning.

Certainly ask them, “What do I need to know?” while also listing out on the computer, in a journal, or in your heart-mind, all you have to be thankful for, and all you wish to create, and claim these as all one—your dreams and visions, and that which you already have.

For it is difficult for the Universe to bring you something you have not yet claimed as already part of who you are now, and how you are living now.


It awaits that command which is entirely vibrational in nature, emotionally driven, and Spirit-led.

If left to its own devices, your left brain will most assuredly repeat to you all of the foolish teachings absorbed in your past lives, your family’s beliefs, your ancestors’ low vibrations, and your culture’s misinformation.

So quiet the mind, when it begins to squawk loudly about how alone you are in the Universe as you try to “get ahead.”

Tell it, “I call now upon all that is much bigger than this—nothing less than the power and beauty of Divine Love itself—to pour ongoing Abundance into my life in perfect, visible, permanent ways. I Give Thanks!”


And you are that Divine Love, dear ones, or you would not be here now.

Namaste! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and radio host of “The Empowered Lightworker” on the BBM Global Network. She channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Get Ready for your Mission. No more Excuses. It is Time… Vera Ingaborg | The Wake Up Experience

After a small break, light influx is picking up again.


It has been quite a challenging time ever since the outcome of the US elections. So much is happening at once and we have to deal with so many things simultaneously on an energetic level. The Human Collective has been deeply triggered and pushed into the awakening process.  Fear is surfacing everywhere. The chaos is necessary to destroy old energetic structures of low frequency and to transform them onto a much higher level. Everything that happened had to happen exactly the way it did.

And – you have been prepared for this. All of the pain you went through prepared you to be a leader for those that are waking up now. It is time. In the article “Get Ready for your Mission. No more Excuses. It is Time”, we will take a closer look into what is happening right now, why it happened and what the prevailing symptoms are, we are currently experiencing.

Be the love you wish to see and experience on this planet. We are doing this together, and I am so grateful to  be here with you at this time.

I hope you enjoy the read.

With so much love and gratitude,

Vera Ingeborg

Get Ready for your Mission. No more Excuses. It is Time…
Vera Ingaborg | The Wake Up Experience

Wooow, what a crazy period has it been ever since the outcome of US elections. So many people got upset, angry and scared. And they still are. The comfort zone is gone and nobody knows what the future will bring and what this guy is up to. Nothing the ego mind copes well with at all. Along with that, we had an increase in major Earthquakes over the past weeks. This planet is really shaken to the core. In parallel, lightworkers are still busy with lots of physical ailments, last bits of emotional clearing and… the thought spirals are back. But they feel different. They are spiralling around a lot more topics than ever before. And although spiralling deeply in one moment, in the next – you have completely forgotten what you had been trying to figure out. What is going on?

So the neverending story continues. And we have to get used to that! The expansion of consciousness indeed IS a neverending story. Because the Universe keeps expanding and keeps experiencing and expressing itself into matter and form, to gather information before going back into non-matter. This might be confusing to understand, but this is what this whole game is all about. We never stop growing and expanding. But the higher we raise, the easier it gets – because we are getting rid of the fear patterns along the process, so the highs get higher and more frequent, while the lows get less and lose their power over us. Having said that, where are we at right now, and what are we experiencing?

Chaos and the Ripple Effect

Earth in waterAs I said in many blogs before, a system needs to go into chaos in order to rebuild itself at a higher level. It is a universal law and basis of each evolutionary process. You can observe that anywhere in nature. A rigid structure cannot change. And just as it happened on a micro level with your own body, it now happens on a macro level for the collective. Remember how tough it was for yourself to go through the awakening process with your own body, which is an organism. And all of your cells are part of that organism. All of your cellular memory had to be reprogrammed and restructured to enable you to access higher dimensions and to be able to handle the higher fifth dimensional frequencies of light and love. So now,  the same happens at a larger scale. And you are affected as a cell of that bigger organism we are all part of. So are you really surprised that this chaos all around the planet is happening now? It had to be this way. Just remember how you were pushed into your awakening process. You were triggered so deeply, that all of your old belief systems and everything that was not real about you, not authentic about you, and all of the fake fear patterns came to surface so that you could go through the emotions in order to release them and transmute the energy to a higher level. And exactly the same is happening for the organism of humanity now.

“You know that your own awakening was a long and painful process. You did not wake up and everything was easy peasy and a rose tinted world immediately. So why would it be any different for the awakening of humanity?”

You know that your own awakening was a long and painful process. You did not wake up and everything was easy peasy and a rose tinted world immediately. Far from it! No, you patiently went through all the ups and downs of your own evolutionary process. So why would the evolutionary step humanity is headed into now be any different? Did you really think, we would just walk through the portal and would all end up in paradise right away? Of course not. Humanity needs to go through the same thing, with every cell of its body: All human beings that are awakening now. And your task, as a healed cell of this larger organism on the planet, is to “infect” all other cells with the new “virus” of light and unconditional love. Leading them back to Christ Consciousness, out of the valley of darkness and the illusion of separation. So, honestly: Isn’t that a great message, that all you have to do is further focus on yourself, your healing and to stay in the light, to be love and to share it with as many people as possible? That is all there is to do. The system will heal itself through love. So please stop worrying about the outcome of the election and wrapping your mind around things that you cannot change. You don’t want to be a cancer cell making the organism even more ill, right?. Again: This chaos is necessary to destroy the old energetic patterns. Only then a shift to a higher evolved state of being can take place. Remember: Change only happens from within. Just as you cannot change another person, you cannot change a political, economic or cultural system. The only way to change it is through your individual change in your attitude and through your personal shift from fear to love. Like a ripple effect this will spread all over the planet. And you are not alone. Many lightworkers are placed all over the planet strategically to initiate and foster these ripples everywhere. THAT is the way to raise the frequency and change the reality not only for yourself, but for humanity and the planet in total.


Thought Spirals and the Polar Shift

Astrology Profile As already indicated in one of my last blogs, we are entering the final cleansing phase on an individual level for the pioneers of the new dawn. Yes, for you, reading this text! This means that your physical, emotional and mental bodies are getting rid of the last bits of 3D programming to be fully healed and restructured at a much higher level.

One thing that really sticks out right now are the thought spirals. We had worked so hard to get our ego under control and have managed so well to be in the now. And all of a sudden, we seem to be back in the old game of jumping from past to future, worrying about what we could have done differently or what could happen and how we can prepare for it. But as deep as we spiral, all of a sudden, we forget about it and spiral about something else. And with that, we also experience difficulties in expressing ourselves in a spoken or written language. We have a hard time to put into words what we are experiencing, and sometimes our ability to speak seems to be completely disturbed. Why are we all of a sudden struggling and are so busy with wrapping our mind around stuff we cannot change anyways?

There are two main reasons:

Reason number one: We are shifting in and out of Unity Consciousness at a very high rate. Within seconds! We are going back and forth: 3D-5D-3D-5D-3D-5D. This is part of our recalibration process, and our mind tries to understand that weird dance – but it is not capable to process that vast amount of information coming in with the energy stream.. So please know that these thought spirals are perfectly normal and are caused by the polarities switching within our cellular structure. This is heralding the polar shift that is, according to scientists, overdue and imminent, catalyzing the big shift in consciousness. Zero Point. The evolutionary jump into New Earth reality.

“This is heralding the polar shift that is, according to scientists, overdue and imminent, catalyzing the big shift in consciousness. Zero Point. The evolutionary jump into New Earth reality.”

Reason number two: We are tuned into the collective field and are picking up all the fears that are rising to surface for billions of the awakening newbies. So be aware that the thought spirals and emotional breakouts you are experiencing are not all yours. This is collective stuff running through you, and all you have to do is give it compassion and gratitude. Our collective is finally healing! This is something to be happy about and celebrate! That is exciting news!


Revelations and Collective Triggers

So can you see now that all that has happened with Donald Trump as THE trigger for humanity had to happen, so that we as human collective can awaken and ascend? We will experience interesting months ahead. We will get a lot of revelations about the old system, and the global elite that has ruled and controlled humanity for a long time. And these revelations will be very dark and ugly. Nevertheless, this will be another necessary step to help the masses awaken. They will see so clearly how long they have been enslaved and living a lie, not being aware of their true nature and birth rights of abundance and freedom. And in order to go through this process and this expansion of their awareness, they need YOU!

“All of what you went through, all of what has happened for you, all the pain prepared you for this. To be a leader through this process, being a beacon of light in the middle of chaos that people can turn to in their confusion.

All of what you went through, all of what has happened for you, all the pain prepared you for this. To be a leader through this process, being the beacon of light in the middle of chaos that people can turn to in their confusion. You will no longer be considered the crazy one, but the one that knows all about it and is able to help. You will be so appreciated for who you are and what you do. So stay in your light! Love and light energy is so much more powerful than fear energy. Darkness has no chance against the light. It is simply absorbed.by the light. This is the way how we will heal the collective. Each and everyone of us through our gifts and talents. For those still doubting, what this process is all about, I highly recommend to read this article. It has the focus of twin flames, but especially the first part is valid for all lightworkers just the same.

So get ready for your mission! These are the boot camp finals! You are almost done with your healing, and this planet and humanity needs you! That is what you came here for! No more excuses. You are to move beyond being human. You are to find your own inner light. Everything outside of you was just a catalyst to get you there. Now is the time to fully step into your power. Now is the time to fully trust your intuition. You are about to become a true ascended master while being in a physical body. No more doubts. No more judgement. No more waiting for your guides to tell you what to do. You KNOW. Yes, you do, start trusting that. The reward? You become the master of your own destiny. You will experience unconditional love, freedom and joy in the physical for as long as you want. Really? You might think now…. Yes, really: Because aging does not happen in the absence of fear.

Time to rock the show. And I am so happy and grateful to rock it together with you! I love you and appreciate you for all the hard work well done. Thank you so much for being here to make this happen.


The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

If you enjoy what you are reading and would like to support me in continuing to live my mission and share what comes through me, I am very grateful for your donation. Thank you ❤

As spiritual awakening can become quite challenging, I am offering different services and tools to learn how to navigate energies. For more information, please go here.


Starseed Ascension Symptoms: Why Am I Here? What is My purpose Now? ~ a message from The Blue Ray channeled by Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Starseed Ascension Symptoms: Why Am I Here?
What is My purpose Now?

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission.

Beloved Blue Ray, Angelic Human, Light Bearer, Way Shower and Gatekeeper YOU,

This year the culmination of recent shifts of cosmic and stellar events has created energetic upgrades from the higher dimensions which have put you in a new dimensional frequency. This spiritual light coming from the higher planes contains codes of your soul infusion presence, higher will, liberation, and that one part of the mission is accomplished. 333

These new energetics can hit you suddenly from a greater sense of the disconnecting of the 3D life that has created more endings and beginnings. Those interpretations of the old matrix of how things should be and how they need to show up in your life are being interceded by your true soul’s destiny without attachments and dogma from the past. The higher dimensional light portals are creating a breakthrough soul purpose initiation which enables release of old belief systems and healing of deep, ancient wounds in the power of Supreme Divine Love. 33

As a Blue Ray, New Forerunner, Starseed, Light Bearer, your sense of belonging can come from the frequency resonances of home that you continue to align with in your soul’s purpose. As the landscape keeps shifting and old contracts ending, you may find your purpose is changing, shifting and evolving. You may find yourself saying, “What is my purpose and where is my place on the Earth now?” 444

Why do the Starseeds, Light Bearers not feel at home on the planet?

There was a time on Gaia when there was a greater harmonic resonance field within the source of Light that extended to the other planets, through the central sun and human template. In this harmonic resonance field was a collective unity consciousness that you could experience with the earth, trees, rocks, animals, devas, nature kingdoms, other realms, planets, stars, sun and Cosmos. As you can see from ancient architecture, the sacred sites were designed with this alignment to the stars, planets and within the harmonic resonances energy field of Gaia. Your bodily energy fields were more attuned with the harmonic resonances of Creation in alignment to Source, and many of you have ancient memories of such, as in the times of Lemuria, golden periods of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, and with indigenous cultures. 11:11

Because you are from these planes of light, and that is your true resonance field, residence on Earth can feel like separation and a longing for home. The actual longing is for those missing harmonic frequencies and is your soul driving force intuitively guiding you to find and make those reconnections in your life and with Gaia. For many, this has been the purpose playing out in your life, relationships and locations on the planet.

Starseed light worker has a job to do here on the planet.

The starseed light workers, more than others on the planet, have an inherent soul purpose to be of service in love, light and truth for the ascension and evolution of the New Earth. Although everyone on the planet has a soul purpose in serving the greater whole, you, starseed, blue ray, have always had a sense you are not from here, have a longing for home, but you have a job to do and it’s not in normal 3D life as it involves awakening and service to the Light. And you may have a career, marriage and children though your focus will be on raising your personal consciousness and frequency to awaken your higher self to your spiritual gifts and cosmic lineage, what you came here to do.

The Star Being Galactic Light Ambassador awakening encoding 12:12

As a star being, you came in with a specific encoding that is activated from the particular origins of the planets, Creation rays and interdimensional planes, and soul groups you are from and came through. This has created your unique resonances that align you with your purpose and path of connections, awakenings and places you live and visit on the planet.

You are also very much activated by an agreement in the unity field of souls that  determines your path and purpose collectively as a star being ambassador, liaison of higher fields of dimensions and Galactic councils. You are collectively assisting one another to reach a higher resonance field on the planet. Know that you have created a vibrational frequency shift on Gaia. Through your unified collective consciousness, there is a grander Light Source resonance on the planet! 333

Starseed, Blue Ray Ascension Symptoms

Ascension symptoms variables depend on where you are after the celestial events and shifts; some may have passed and others are still to come and will continue throughout the year.

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.

-Experiencing something is gone, missing and is also finished

-Feeling loss

-Sensing a new beginning, new opportunities as gateways are opening to you

-Seeing the vibration sequence number Gateways of 11:11, 12:12 and 10:10

10:10 New Earth stargate means a full cycle is complete and you are ready to step into a new life frequency. Once you reach this level you may experience a higher vibration and choose your next course of activation. It is living many lifetimes in one life, as if stepping into a new life though not going through the veil of unconsciousness (of forgetting) and taking with you all that will serve your highest path and service. When this gateway comes, you cannot take what is not in alignment with your new resonances. As you are in a cycle of accelerated karmic clearing and multidimensional time, you do not need to cross over and come back to heal, evolve and clear lifetimes and karma and to access multidimensional consciousnesses and wisdom.

-Activation through the sacred ascension number sequence of 13, 33, 333 and 444:


-Intensification and expansion of your soul’s purpose

-Letting go of certain activities and the way you once did things

-Expanded interest in knowing where you are from and why you are here

-Feeling you have been in a spiritually accelerated evolution precipitated by cosmic celestial events that increased your soul growth, wisdom and divine power

-Feeling a settling after receiving huge spiritual downloads and insights

-Release of deep, ancient anger which you may not have known existed. This is assisting the body in release for the crystalline structure and repair. As the higher energies are moving through you, this can stem from the times when separation occurred from Source/God, your tribe, soul groups and lineages so that these lines and energetics can be restored.

-The ascended masters and higher light beings coming to you

-Feeling empowered to be in greater service

-Expanded heart consciousness and higher heart awareness

-Wanting to connect with your soul, star and galactic family

-Letting go of people and activities that are not serving your true essence and vibration

-New people entering your life

Physical ascension symptoms

Most are due to the rewiring of new energetic systems and multidimensional sensory awareness of your Divine Original Blueprint coming online

-Times of brain fog

-Not being able to remember events and forgetfulness

-3rd eye pineal awakening and activation

-Digestion issues, bloating and weight gain

-Changing your diet for your frequency, and even though your diet may be good, more shifts in what you eat

-Periods of needing to sleep and rest

-Wanting to cleanse and feeling spiritual and cellular release and purification
Your higher configurations of light are integrating and adjusting; please allow for this. Be gentle, loving, kinder and more forgiving towards yourself and others. Many of you have been through ancient wound healing and release of soul contracts on many levels. Know there will be and have already begun new sacred soul partnerships and support for New Earth technologies, Peace, ancient knowledge, alliances of light and reunion of souls. This is cause for celebration, joy and renewal of your new status of your purpose to serve in a higher capacity of your true essence and expression, to serve and experience the multidimensional support through the Light alliances of the Galactic Councils, Earth, Angelic Realms, and other ascended groups as Ambassadors of Light, the New Earth Architects.

Update from Galactic Federation – Peace Protocol, Landing and Your mission by Anna Merkaba

I’m not a fan of seeing dates attached to predictions…especially one years away! However, there is a lot of good news in here, too…though I have to wonder if many Lightworkers are really still asleep, or simply flat out exhausted! ❤

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

peaceprotocolannamerkaba~Update from Galactics ~ A few days ago while I was doing a healing session I was pulled into a meeting with the Galactics (as that’s the best time to connect with me since I leave my body when I heal). There were many beings there. They were all so different, from different constellations and dimensions and planets, there were many light workers, the ground crew as they call us there as well, some I recognized from knowing you here on earth. We all gathered around a table and started to discuss earth and what to do next. How to go about activating the new energy and pureness. How to collectively cleanse everything and begin the restoration phase.

One topic was where to start from, and currently there are two points on earth which will begin to be activated, one is Israel and the other is Germany in the…

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