HOLY MOTHER OF DATA DUMPS!!! David Wilcock 4/22: Wikileaks Dumps ALL Files!

David Wilcock 4/22: Wikileaks Dumps ALL Files!

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David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)

This is ridiculously exciting. Wikileaks has just dumped an absolutely gigantic amount of data.

Get David’s initial thoughts as to where all this si going and how exciting it is! We will also be discussing the deeper spiritual implications of all the stunning events now taking place.

We also have re-opened access to David’s new course, The Great Awakening, just until tomorrow: https://www.ascensionmysteryschool.com/

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This is ridiculously exciting. Wikileaks has just dumped an absolutely gigantic amount of data. Get David’s initial thoughts as to where all this si going and how exciting it is! We will also be discussing the deeper spiritual implications of all the stunning events now taking place. We also have re-opened access to David’s new course, The Great Awakening, just until tomorrow: https://www.ascensionmysteryschool.com/



NYTimes Blatantly Lying About Bernie/Warren Debate

When people you don’t especially like make valid points….sigh…

As a Truther, I am disappointed in the NY Times, whom most revere, and I have ignored CNN BS for years now, they lie again and again. Listen to this! Please!

I honestly think that Bernie Sanders means well. He was my 1st choice in 2016, but he wasn’t on the ballot because the voting at the DNC was rigged. Seth Rich and 2 other IT staffers at the DNC paid for that knowledge with their lives. They knew too much. Seth Rich saw the electronic vote numbers flip from Bernie’s to HRC (friends with Google/Alphabet). He put the information in the flash drive that was uploaded and sent to Wikileaks.

–>>>Julian Assange said Russia had nothing to do with the information he received, and that it was impossible for the DNC to have been hacked because the transfer was so fast it could only have been done directly into a flashdrive. <–

This means it was an insider LEAK, not an outsider HACK at the DNC. Wikileaks does not reveal sources, for their protection, but since then we’ve heard this past year from a journalist who interviewed Seth Rich that it was indeed Seth Rich that did that. He was a supporter of #Bernie so he was a whistle blower and he paid with his life.

So Bernie got burned and now they’re trying to do it to Bernie again, invalidate him.

#ThinkForYourself #FakeNews #FakeNYT #FakeCNN #WakeUpAmerica #WalkAway

NYTimes Blatantly Lying About Bernie/Warren Debate

Jan 16, 2020

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EMERGENCY #ProtectJulian Online Vigil featuring dozens of top whistleblowers & journalists

EMERGENCY #ProtectJulian Online Vigil featuring dozens of top whistleblowers & journalists

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Julian is at immediate threat of expulsion from the Embassy. Supporters have launched a new hashtag #ProtectJulian which is trending in the USA, Ecuador and Australia. Join us for an emergency marathon online vigil featuring those closest to Julian and his highest-profile supporters.

Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained in the UK for eight years, six of which he has spent as a political refugee in Ecuador’s embassy in London. The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has ruled Mr Assange should be immediately freed and compensated. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has ruled that the UK must facilitate safe passage for him.

#Unity4J is a global mass movement in solidarity with Julian Assange, created in response to Ecuador’s gagging of the publisher. Unity4J has been endorsed by more than fifty high profile activists, journalists, celebrities, academics and former US intelligence officials including Chris Hedges, Jimmy Dore, Ray McGovern, Bill Binney and Daniel Ellsberg.

Spread the word: Movement hashtag: #Unity4J Official website: http://unity4j.com/
Official Twitter: @Unity4J
WikiLeaks Legal Defence Fund: https://justice4assange.com/donate.html
WikiLeaks support website: https://iamwikileaks.org
Courage Foundation: https://couragefound.org/
Other credible accounts for Julian Assange updates: https://twitter.com/suzi3d/lists/assa…

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Media inquiries and interview requests should be made to Suzie Dawson, via DM on Twitter: @Suzi3D, or by emailing info@unity4j.com

Background reading: Courage Foundation: Assange’s protection from US extradition “in jeopardy” https://defend.wikileaks.org/2018/05/…

Conspiracy emerges to push Julian Assange into British and US hands

The UK’s Hidden Role in Assange’s Detention

Treatment of Assange is unjust, says former Ecuador minister

Ecuador’s Ex-President Rafael Correa Denounces Treatment of Julian Assange as “Torture” https://theintercept.com/2018/05/16/e…

Opinion: Ecuador’s Solitary Confinement Of Assange Is Torture

Being Julian Assange: https://contraspin.co.nz/beingjuliana…
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Caitlin Johnstone: How Julian Assange Exposed the Fraudulence of Mainstream Media | The Ghion Journal

How Julian Assange Exposed the Fraudulence
of Mainstream Media

As attempts to evict Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London get more and more aggressive, we are seeing a proportionate increase in the establishment smear campaign against him and against WikiLeaks. This is not a coincidence.

The planned campaign to remove Assange from political asylum and the greatly escalated smear campaign to destroy public support for Assange are both occurring at the same time that Assange has been cut off from the world without internet, phone calls or visitors, completely unable to defend himself from the smear campaign. This, also, is not a coincidence.

The ability to control the narrative about what is going on in the world is of unparalleled importance to the plutocrats who use governments as tools to advance their agendas. The agenda to make an example of a leak publisher with a massive platform who has repeatedly exposed the corruption of the establishment upon which western plutocrats have built their empires will require continuous narrative spin, since the precedent set by prosecuting a journalist for publishing authentic documents would arguably constitute a greater leap in the direction of Orwellian dystopia than the Patriot Act.

Among the latest components of this campaign has been a viral dump of Twitter DMs being promoted as a hot news item by outlets like Motherboard, The Hill, Forbes and Think Progress and across #Resistance Twitter. The fact that the juicy bits from those DMs had already been published months ago by The Intercept, and the fact that the smears and spin we’re seeing reruns of today were long ago ripped to shreds in journalist Suzie Dawson’s epic essay “Being Julian Assange” after the Intercept publication, has not dampened the orgiastic frenzy with which this non-story is being bandied about by establishment loyalists and defenders of power as evidence of Assange’s nefariousness.

This is entirely illegitimate. It is not legitimate to make claims about someone who has been deliberately deprived of the ability to defend himself. It is not legitimate to spin a narrative about someone whose ability to participate in that narrative has been deliberately cut off. You don’t get to silence a man and then legitimately take over the public narrative about him. That is not a valid thing to do.

But that of course is the idea. By cutting Assange off from internet access, phone calls and visitors, he has been deprived of the ability to give his side of the story in another interview with Fox News, for example, or in tweets to his millions of followers, thus making his side of the story mainstream knowledge. Every voice has been shoved off the stage but that of the political and media establishment which just so happens to be owned and operated by the same powerful oligarchs who want Assange silenced and prosecuted for challenging their rule. This is not a coincidence.

I have said it before and I will say it again: whoever controls the narrative controls the world. If you can control the stories that the public are telling themselves about what’s going on in the world, you control the public itself. So many of the plutocratic establishment’s most aggressive spin campaigns recently have been about securing narrative control in a new media environment with unprecedented public internet access, from constant warnings about “fake news” and “conspiracy theories”, to fearmongering about “Russian bots” and “Russian propaganda”, to promoting and legitimizing the persecution of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. The empire hates Assange because he punches holes in their ability to control the narrative, and thus control the public, and they have silenced him to deprive him of the ability to control his own narrative about himself. Click To Tweet

Every claim made about Assange since his silencing in late March of this year can therefore be safely dismissed by the public on general principles. As long as they are rigging the debate in their favor, the debate is invalid. Literally any attack on or criticism of Assange being promoted in public discourse can legitimately be dismissed with “Assange has been deprived of his ability to defend himself from that accusation. As long as he is cut off from the world, that’s an invalid accusation to make.”

Feel free to say this to every blue-checkmarked establishment crony on social media who is bravely kicking Assange while his hands and feet are tied behind his back. Their smear campaign is intrinsically invalid, and they should be told so at every opportunity.

Liked what you read? Do you support independent journalism? Take a second to support Caitlin Johnstone on Patreon. You can find more of Caitlin’s work by visiting her website https://caitlinjohnstone.com/. You can also follow her on Twitter @Caitoz and read her latest work on her Medium website.

Caitlin Johnstone
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Caitlin Johnstone

Contributing Writer at Caitlin Johnstone
Caitlin Johnstone is an uncouth heretic and unapologetic rabble rouser writing out of Melbourne, Australia. A prolific writer. Rogue journalist. Bogan socialist. Anarcho-psychonaut. Guerilla poet. Utopia prepper. You will disagree with her sometimes. That’s okay.

Do We Care About the Truth? #Unity4J

Do We Care About the Truth? #Unity4J

Published on Jul 28, 2018

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_____________________#Unity4j.com/discord ______________________


Narrated by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, this video by #Unity4J ‘Non-Violent Digital Army’ in support of Julian Assange and Wikileaks is a call to action to join in the fight to protect Julian Assange.

By creating an intermediary system for whistleblowers, Wikileaks has been able to expose war crimes, governments abuse of power, mass surveillance, and the vast erosion and undermining of our freedoms.

United in truth, they cannot silence us nor stop us. Please join the #Unity4J movement has launched a non-violent digital army of thousands of Julian Assange supporters, actively collaborating to achieve his freedom.

Join us here: https://Unity4J.com/discord
For more details visit: https://Unity4J.com/
Twitter: @unity4j
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unity4J
Watch the short promo video about the online vigil series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNhSf…
Watch the full playback of the original 10-hour vigil here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2GEY…
For credible information about Julian and WikiLeak’s legal situation please visit: https://www.iamwikileaks.org https://justice4assange.com

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How WikiLeaks became a political Rorschach test | Crikey

How WikiLeaks became a political Rorschach test | Crikey

The WikiLeaks of 2010 seems very different to the WikiLeaks of today. But is it the organisation that’s changed, or just our way of looking at it?

WikiLeaks Assange

Way back in the 1920s, Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach formalised a scheme for diagnosing schizophrenia that involved showing abstract patterns of ink-blots to patients, and drawing conclusions about their mental state from how they interpreted the images. Where one subject sees a butterfly in the enigmatic splatters, maybe you see a pair of wolves pole-dancing, or whatever, it’s on you.

The WikiLeaks organisation has operated as a kind of political Rorschach test since at least 2010, when it exploded into mass consciousness with a video, “Collateral Murder”, of journalists and bystanders being executed by a US helicopter gunship over Baghdad. Prior to that, the organisation’s publication history reads like a quasi-random global tour of scandals and hidden violence: operating manuals from Guantanamo Bay (2007), Chinese repression in Tibet (2008), Australia’s notorious and short-lived internet filter blacklist (2009), and dozens of others.

No one but those most closely involved understood that the appalling Collateral Murder disclosure was just the first of a series of four major transparency dumps — including the 2010 release of the Afghan and Iraq war logs and then the quarter-million haul of State Department cables — on the true nature of US military and diplomatic conduct.

This malignant scatter of ink-blots was easy enough for most people to read: the disclosures were clearly in the public interest, given the distance between the officially curated version of the United States’ saintly presence in the world and the ugly raw material that WikiLeaks had laid out online. Editor Julian Assange made the cover of Time magazine, and front page after front page unfurled with sensational headlines as the inner workings of empire were briefly laid bare. Partnering with reputable outlets like The New York Times, Le Monde and The Guardian provided a measure of legitimacy — and safety — to the tiny guerrilla publisher.

President Obama’s composed demeanor masked a deep fury within the US national security establishment, however. More than 5 million people across public and private sectors in the US hold security clearances, forming a kind of government within the government, and this institution holds grudges. A Justice Department investigation “unprecedented both in its scale and nature” was launched, and remains live to this day.

Despite the extraordinary pressure brought to bear on the organisation, its staff and volunteers, the publications didn’t let up: the “Spy Files” exposing the global surveillance industry, leaked chapters from the secret Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations, NSA spying operations against the United Nations Secretary General, and the latest publication revealing the CIA’s offensive cyberweapon stockpile, with thousands of careful redactions to ensure that no dangerous code was released. By any measure, it’s an extraordinary publication record, all of it timed for maximum public impact.

Before we hold up the next card so you can consider the ink blots, there is a further dimension to the campaign against WikiLeaks that needs bearing in mind. In the wake of the huge 2010 disclosures, a seedy coalition of infosec hustlers and former military intelligence people drew up a pitch document outlining proposals for how to destroy the publisher. We know what was in the slides because they were leaked — by WikiLeaks — and their attack strategy is highly instructive:

Feed the fuel between the feuding groups. Disinformation … Submit fake documents then call out the error … Media campaign to push the radical and reckless nature of WikiLeaks activities. Sustained pressure. Does nothing for the fanatics, but creates concern and doubt amongst moderates …

This coalition of companies — Palantir Technologies, HBGary Federal and Berico Technologies — disintegrated as soon as the sunlight of disclosure hit their excruciatingly “cyber” Powerpoint slides, but the episode remains valuable for its central proposition: to burn off WikiLeaks’ protective armour of moderate journalists, funders and supporters, while destroying the reputations and trust networks of those closest to the heart of the organisation.

Some vastly more professionalised version of this strategy must have been in play since then, with the results, to their credit, very much in line with the predictions of the HBGary cabal. So much so, that when we hold up the next card, it’s quite likely that instead of seeing ink-blots that look like a publisher, many will see a front for Russian intelligence agencies led by a sex offender who single-handedly delivered the White House to the repulsive Donald Trump.

WikiLeaks Julian Assange

It is hard to recall the conduct of a legal case more damaging to the interests both of the accusers and the accused than the Swedish government’s botched investigation into sexual assault allegations against Assange dating back to 2010. Italian journalist Di Stefania Maurizi has conducted a careful analysis of the British government’s alleged manipulation of due process, exposing an unseen side of the case.

“Please do not think that the case is being dealt with as just another extradition request,” wrote a lawyer for the UK Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in 2011, without explaining why, or why the CPS would spent the next few years arguing against their Swedish colleagues questioning Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in order to resolve the matter. In 2013, when Swedish prosecutors proposed to drop extradition proceedings against Assange, it was the CPS who persuaded them to continue.

In 2017, having finally questioned Assange after refusing to do so for more than six years, the Swedish authorities dropped the investigation altogether. Both the accusers and the accused were denied any chance of justice through the incomprehensible delaying tactics of the prosecutors in both countries.

One of the more recent document drops listed on the WikiLeaks publication archive is the one titled “19,252 emails, 8,034 US Democratic National Committee (DNC) database”. It’s dated July 22, 2016. In it, you will discover how the Democratic Party machine cooked their own primary process in order to ensure that the powerful Bernie Sanders insurgency was derailed, clearing the way for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination. In the aftermath of having run the only candidate that Trump could conceivably have beaten, and with apparent determination to avoid taking any responsibility for their stunning loss, the Democratic establishment found an easy target for their rage. Not the people who ran the corrupted nomination process, obviously, but the people who disclosed it.

In April 2018, the DNC filed a lawsuit against the Trump campaign, the Russian government, the hacker alleged to have infiltrated the Party’s mail server, and WikiLeaks. The true scope of attempted Russian manipulation of the 2016 US presidential election may become clearer with the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s sprawling investigation, or it may never be known. But it is clear at the outset that suing WikiLeaks — for simply publishing the emails — is a high-risk strategy with potentially disastrous consequences. If WikiLeaks is liable, then so is every other publisher that recognised the public interest in reporting on the contents of the emails at the time.

And so here we are. With a handful of important exceptions, the penumbra of moderate WikiLeaks supporters, journalists, publishers and advocates are long gone. In their place, a small cohort of disaffected former colleagues and peripheral associates have eked out a dismal career writing online hit-pieces on a guy now ending his sixth year trapped in what the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention described in 2016 as being in violation of multiple Articles of both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

I’ve spent enough hours in that embassy over the years to be really unsure I’d have lasted this long. You may genuinely believe that WikiLeaks is now just a cipher for the Russian FSB, or find the allegations of collusion with high-level creepy-crawlies within Team Trump impossible to forgive, or wish that Assange would pause and reconsider sometimes before opening up his Twitter client. But when I look at these stupid inkblots all I can see is an Australian citizen, a long way from home, deserted by his government and targeted by some of the most powerful people in the world for having taken up the Duke of Wellington’s 1824 exhortation to “publish and be damned”.

If you see something completely different I can hardly blame you, but it’s dangerous to start assessing whether or not we think human rights should apply based on our assessment of someone’s character.

In testimony to the US Senate’s Judiciary Committee in May 2017, then-FBI Director James Comey confirmed in unambiguous language that Assange had made an entirely rational decision to seek the protection of political asylum back in 2012: “He hasn’t been apprehended [by US authorities] because he is inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London”. Senior Trump administration officials, from the former CIA director Mike Pompeo on down, have made it abundantly clear that WikiLeaks is still in the crosshairs.

The consequences of the isolation and attempted destruction of WikiLeaks are broad. In a chilling and prescient article in 2013, the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s executive director laid out the methods by which “virtually every move made by the Justice Department against WikiLeaks has now also been deployed on mainstream US journalists”.

WikiLeaks’ famous byline — that “courage is contagious” — now invokes the unpleasant possibility that cowardice is too. The courageous alternative is to agree to set aside our differing interpretations of the inkblots for the moment and demand, in unity, that attacks on publishers are ultimately attacks on us all, and that the persecution of WikiLeaks must end.


Julian Assange celebrates his 47th birthday in complete isolation from all humanity today.

Imagine for a minute. Julian Assange in political captivity for 6 YEARS.

NO medical treatment.
NO sunlight ever.
NO walk in the yard.

Now last 100 days:

Worse than any prisoner.

11 hours ago

Julian Assange celebrates his 47th birthday alone today. For publishing about great power he has been gagged & isolated, detained without charge for 2,765 days, in violation of two UN rulings. Human Rights Watch is denied access to him.


10h10 hours ago

German supporters take out front page newspaper advertisement

23h23 hours ago

Tomorrow, July 3, is ‘s birthday. Here is a photo of him as a boy with his dog.


Recent articles about Julian Assange / Wikileaks


This Sat: new series of online Vigils for Julian Assange is going LIVE: Press release: Media resources: Join the movement:

@WikiLeaks Retweeted

Courage Foundation ‏ @couragefound
May 28
Hacking Justice – Clara Lopez and Juan Pancorbo’s film about the legal battle to defend Julian Assange from the wrath of the United States – is now available to view online:


Glenn Greenwald on Julian Assange, Ecuador & Threats to Press Freedom

May 30

WikiLeaks Retweeted Glenn Greenwald

WikiLeaks added,
Glenn Greenwald on what has become a rule of perception management. Project the opposite. Similarly, avaricious billionaires project themselves as philanthropists; Harvey Weinstein projected himself as a feminist; and GCHQ, which helps target drones, paints itself in rainbows.

9 hours ago

Matt Taibbi Verified account @mtaibbi
May 30
The Committee to Protect Journalists issues a blistering report about the DNC lawsuit as it pertains to @Wikileaks:

Mar 8

Being Julian Assange (long read) An in-depth investigative story about the struggle of , the Deep State infiltration of the activist community, the strength & vulnerability of the world’s leading truth-teller & a call to action:

Links to 2 Pertinent Articles about Julian Assange

[Note: Suzie’s been sick, hospitalized but recovering, please read and donate ~PB]

Suzie Dawson ‏ @Suzi3D
Mar 8

Being Julian Assange
(long read)

An in-depth investigative story about the struggle of @WikiLeaks, the Deep State infiltration of the activist community, the strength & vulnerability of the world’s leading truth-teller @JulianAssange & a call to action:




h22 hours ago

One of the best factually accurate articles written on the background of my son’s current plight. A must read for both his supporters & critics alike:


The Getting of Julian Assange: The Untold Story
By veteran investigative journalist @JohnPilger



Apr 8

Christine Assange and John Pilger on the silencing of dissent…


Julian Assange Special w/ John Pilger & Christine Assange


Today on Flashpoints: An in-depth report on the future of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, in virtual exile and incommunicado at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Great Brittan. We’ll speak to legendary filmmaker and longtime Assange friend, John Pilger. And in the second half of this collaboration with Randy Credico’s Live on the Fly, we’ll be joined by political activist, Christine Assange, one of Assange’s most effective defenders, and his mom.


Apr 2

In this letter, 27 writers, journalists, film-makers, artists, academics, former intelligence officers & democrats call on the government of Ecuador to allow Julian Assange his right of freedom of speech…





Julian Assange


Due to US pressure on Ecuador, Julian Assange has been isolated from visitors, press & communications. US, UK seek his arrest. Account run by legal campaign.

Ecuadorian embassy, London

Joined October 2011
Born on July 3, 1971

48 minutes ago

Great to see people coming together globally from all backgrounds to stand up & demand an end to the political persecution & human rights abuse of my courageous journalist son Julian Assange. His fight is the fight of all of us who believe in free speech,.free press & freedom


Suzie Dawson: Announcement: “Being Julian Assange” Incoming

My epic new 25,000 word article, “Being Julian Assange” is about to be released. Here is what you need to know!


Hi everyone!

It feels like a lifetime since I wrote to explain why I had gone silent on Steemit but it was only 17 days ago. Nearly 11,000 people read that post and it caused quite a stir, with multiple You Tubers making videos about it (including this HA Goodman video and The Outer Light) and TraceyBeanz tweeting about it.

Some people interpreted my post to mean that I’d gone silent completely, but in fact I was simply trying to explain why I had gone from posting on Steemit near-daily, to not posting at all, and to let you all know that I was OK, and what I was up to.

At various times in my journalism when I’ve been working on something with massive topical implications, I’ve felt the heat so to speak for doing so. That was one of them. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s better for people to know what I’m up to, than to keep it secret.

Since writing that post, I’ve continued working full time to complete my epic new article, “Being Julian Assange” and it is nearly ready for release.

Here are the key details.


My epic new 25,000 word article, “Being Julian Assange” will be published imminently. The article examines issues relating to the following figures, and many more:


There are a number of new findings and unique conclusions in the article. Because it is so lengthy, I am preparing some release materials to help my readers to digest and reference it. This includes a full chapter list with breakdowns of topics, people and organisations discussed in each.


I wrote the article myself and it reflects four months of my own research. My wonderful friend @elizbethleavos, Editor in Chief of Disobedient Media (also my co-host from Decipher You) spent dozens of hours editing and proofing the copy with me. I owe her a massive thank you for her tireless work. You can thank her too by going to her Steemit blog and upvoting and resteeming her work!

I also owe a big thank you to @SomersetBean for the incredible custom graphic header image for “Being Julian Assange”, pictured above. You can learn a little bit more about the image and article here.


The release will occur within 24-48 hours of this writing.

From that point, I have decided to give everyone a week to absorb the article, then Elizabeth and I will appear in a live video event to review my core findings and answer questions from readers. The live event will happen at the following dates/times:


Due to the intensity of the hours I was spending writing “Being Julian Assange”, Elizabeth and I temporarily suspended Decipher You. After the above event, Decipher You will resume as before, analysing Snowden documents live online, twice a week.


My preference was to release the article on Steemit but the character limit on posts has prevented me from doing so.

It is important to me to make the full text of the article available in one go. Many people suggested to me that I serialise it, but it wasn’t written that way and the findings in the article have a linear cumulative effect. I also prefer that there is a single link of the full text in circulation (and an archive.org link as backup).

However it is also important to me that the text be preserved on the blockchain and I want to support Steemit. So to accomodate everyone, the full article will be posted on my blog Contraspin and then I will shortly thereafter begin copying it to Steemit in posts of 5k-word chunks.


Those who follow me know that I write really infrequently, and that when I do, it is exhaustively researched. In the last nine months I have published only two pieces, both made major waves. My last article was in February and went viral in Europe: 10 Reasons The Dutch-Russia Hacking Story Is Fake News. Prior to that was last May’s Someone Is Lying To Seth Rich’s Family About Kim Dotcom.

“Being Julian Assange” directly tackles and dismantles the narratives of some of the biggest names in activism and journalism. It exposes lie after lie after lie about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in a way that has not been done before. It examines the ties between major organisations and intelligence agencies. It delves into details about Julian Assange’s situation that are seldom given much thought. It theorises revolutionary new fixes for this broken system; ways we can make things better in the short term. And it asks you, the reader, to step up and act to make them happen.

I can’t wait for you all to see it, and to hear what you think.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this time.


By Suzie Dawson

Twitter: @Suzi3D

Official Website: Suzi3d.com


Journalists who write truth pay a high price to do so. If you respect and value this work, please consider supporting Suzie’s efforts via credit card or Bitcoin donation at this link. Thank you!

Who is Suzie?

Read Suzie’s Introduction On Steemit