Joni Patry: October 2021 Predictions: Something BIG Is Going on and About to Come Down!+ Astrologic Magazine: October 2021with Joni Patry + Victoria Belue Schaefer

“Everything is coming to a head, more than ever!”

“All of the injustices will be clear.”

“You know, I’ve been talking about the Saturn/Uranus Square that happens every 11-12 years. Every time, there’s been major crisis, but one of the most important things I talk about in my video, Saturn +Uranus Square, is the fact, that during those times, and there are more earthquakes and there are more airline crashes. That will be in effect for the last few months, really November 2021 through January 2022. So for those 3 months.

But here’s another thing. When i Look at the Full Moon…now the Full Moon is going to be happening the 20th of October, yes, and that Full Moon deals with everything coming to the forefront. It’s like the New Moon is where the seed is planted, and the Full Moon is where the effects are felt.

And I notice at that Full Moon, Venus and Neptune will be in a Quincunx…6/8 relationship…and that means DECEPTION! Neptune deals with getting the deception out. But there’s so much deception, here’s the thing that we are going to note:

When we look back, we will not believe the deception that’s been going on. It will be SHOCKING, at what has been going on, and the betrayals at what the world will feel, when they realize the Truth. So that’s a lot to say…” -Joni Patry

October 2021 Predictions: Something BIG Is Going on
and About to Come Down!

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Joni Patry
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Astrologic Magazine: October 2021

Oct 4, 2021
Joni Patry with Victoria Belue Schaefer
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Dorothy Morgan: Astrology Forecast Week of October 29 – November 4th

Astrology Forecast Week of October 29 – November 4th

Published on Oct 24, 2018

NorthPoint Journal Your guide to planetary energies for July 23 to 29, 2018 By Pam Younghans

Photo: Moon and Venus align over Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA,
on July 15, 2018 (photo by James W. Young, posted on

NorthPoint Journal

Your guide to planetary energies for
July 23 to 29, 2018
By Pam Younghans

Aspects of Note this Week
MON: Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune
TUE: Venus opposite Neptune, Sun trine Chiron
WED: Sun square Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury goes retrograde 10:02pm PDT 
THU: Sun quincunx Saturn, Sun opposite Mars
FRI: Venus sesquiquadrate Mars, Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon 1:20pm PDT (8:20pm GMT), Venus trine Pluto
SAT: Sun conjunct North Node

THE GENERAL CONSENSUS among astrologers is that this week’s Lunar Eclipse will be a powerful one. Two of its spectacular qualities are that it is a total eclipse (some are partial), and that it lasts a very long time.

Bruce McClure writes on the EarthSky website that:

“The full moon on the night of July 27-28, 2018, presents the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (2001 to 2100). The total phase of the eclipse – called the totality – spans 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 57 seconds. That’s in contrast to the shortest total lunar eclipse of this century, which occurred on April 4, 2015, and lasted 4 minutes and 48 seconds.”

So, how does the length of an eclipse affect us?

IT’S SAID THAT the reason eclipses have such strong effect is that while they are occurring, the light that is always shining on the Earth — either directly from the Sun or reflected off the face of the Moon — is blocked from reaching our planet. Things that are usually hidden in the shadows created by the light source become visible, and we are compelled to deal with them.

It therefore makes astrological sense that the longer an eclipse lasts, the more we become aware of what has been concealed — or perhaps we have so much time to observe specific areas that were in shadow that we see into them more deeply. Either way, our eyes become accustomed to the lack of light, and we are able to perceive metaphysically what we could not see before. 

And, if an eclipse is total, there is even less light reaching the Earth, so we see even more deeply into the shadows.

ALL FULL MOONS are times of heightened awareness and emotional sensitivity. Energetically, a Lunar Eclipse is something of a mega Full Moon. This means that the possibility for awareness and awakening is greater, but so is the amplitude of our feelings. 

This Friday’s Lunar Eclipse is compelling for other reasons as well. The Moon is very close to the South Node, which brings karmic reckoning into effect. A South Node eclipse such as this is one brings up issues, situations, and behaviors that must be released if we are to evolve.

The sign of the eclipse gives us some clues as to what we are discarding. All signs have a shadow side, and with this eclipse in Aquarius, we are releasing counterproductive attitudes such as alienation, too much detachment, feeling like an outsider, and resistance to involvement.

ADDING to the volatility of this Lunar Eclipse is the planet Mars, which is retrograde, out of bounds, and less than a degree away from the Moon at the time of the event. This close proximity of the Red Planet, named for the Roman god of war, tells us more about what qualities we are meant to be leaving behind: aggression, violence, dominance, egotism, and destructiveness — and, of course, the flip side of these behaviors, fear and insecurity.

The impact of the Lunar Eclipse is also heightened because it occurs just five days before the second Mars-Uranus square. The Moon’s alignment with Mars activates the influence of that square, increasing the possibility of unexpected events, eccentric behaviors, and the necessity of remaining flexible and open-minded.

As said, the Mars-Uranus square on August 1 is the second (of three) this year. Here are two illustrative events that were happening around the time of the first Mars-Uranus square, which was in effect in mid May: The Mt. Kilauea volcano in Hawaii started its current eruptive cycle, and the U.S. embassy opened in Jerusalem, sparking an eruption of another kind.

ACTING AS A RELEASE POINT for the tension of this week’s Lunar Eclipse, blessed Chiron is in harmonious aspect with both the Sun (trine) and the Moon (sextile). This means that we have a major opportunity for healing through the changes and events that occur this week.

Since Chiron is currently in Aries, which is the sign that Mars rules, this healing influence directly relates to all of those troublesome qualities we referenced when talking about Mars — in particular, the tendency to resort to anger, aggression, and denigration rather than dealing with problems with directness, confidence, and courage.

In essence, this Lunar Eclipse is likely to bring forward those qualities we typically think of as being the “negative masculine,” and we will be very aware of the consequences of being in that default mode. But with Chiron’s involvement, the eclipse also provides an avenue for evolving the masculine, shifting how we utilize our strength, how we take action, and how we reason.

REMEMBER, TOO, that since the Moon aligns with the South Node for the eclipse, the Sun is aligned with the North Node, that point in space representing our collective developmental progress. With the Sun shining brightly on the path of our highest evolution, our solution in all things is to align with the Light.

And, do your best not to over-react this week. Instead, call forth your own Divine Masculine aspect, which is strong without being overbearing, assertive without being aggressive, and confident without being egotistical.

ECLIPSE FACTS: At the time of the Full Moon and the height of the eclipse, the Moon is at 4°44′ Aquarius and the Sun is at the same auspicious degree of Leo. Their exact opposition is on Friday, July 27, at 1:20 p.m. PDT (8:20 p.m. GMT). The eclipse is visible in most of Europe, most of Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Antarctica, and the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

THE REPLAY of  my recent webinar is available! “Entering the Chasm” aired on July 12, but was recorded for replay. The class offers insights into what we can expect now through the end of 2018, and gives suggestions on how to work with the planetary influences that will be in effect.

If you are interested in learning more, please send an email with “Webinar Replay” in the subject line to I’ll reply with details on how to purchase the video and slideshow.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: A very powerful year begins with this anniversary of your birth, a year that will shift your self-concept and at least one significant area of your life experience. While you are riding the waves of change, your world will seem unstable or unpredictable — but remember that this is how deep change occurs. In actuality, you are being liberated from circumstances or people that are not in alignment with your authentic self, that you may have been holding onto but are no longer feeling fulfilled by. Be flexible, be yourself, and be free.

In light,

Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2018. All rights reserved.

VOLATILE FULL MOON IN ARIES ~ Meg Benedicte | 2012 The Awakening

VOLATILE FULL MOON IN ARIES ~ Meg Benedicte | 2012 The Awakening

It’s been a year of rapid deconstruction and completion, as the world moves into the final months of 2016. This year will go down in the history books as the tipping point of civilization collapse – in dysfunctional governments, in corrupt banking/financial systems, in toxic food/water/air supplies, in extreme weather, and injustices against humanity. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, we see the exposure of rampant racism, sexism, classism, bigotry and religious fanaticism. The shadow side can no longer hide! 

Approaching on the flip-side of 3 Eclipses and Libra Equinox is the upcoming Full Moon on October 16 2016 in 23º Aries. Get ready for more high drama and hair-trigger emotional reactions. This Full Moon arrives on the Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries, which emphasizes outrageous behavior and extreme narcissistic personality disorder (sound familiar?). Uranus is considered the planetary ‘change agent’ that challenges status quo. It loves to shake things up!

“This Full Moon aspect is exciting, electric and quite chaotic. Both the Moon and Uranus are fluctuating and changeable, and emotions often change in a flash.” –

The highly charged Full Moon may cause disruptive ripples thru your relationships. Also, be prepared for rapid changes in the global infrastructure. Whatever is not sound, solid and stable…may collapse. As the planet spirals higher in frequency, all that is fragmented, false or deceptive will unravel.

In a recent post, I recommended being prepared for sudden changes occurring. Take care of your personal well-being. Make sure you have essentials ready. Don’t allow yourself to go into fear and denial. It is unfortunate how many people replied with anger at suggesting such a thing. Let’s have a clear, honest moment…if you cling to the material world the upcoming changes will feel painful and upsetting.

When you pull out of the 3D Matrix simulation, then you can start to take care of yourself without fear or insecurity. Your Soul did not travel to this distant planet without an ‘exit strategy’. You are equipped with everything you need and require to transition into the 5th dimensional field. Don’t get sucked into the chaos, but stand on the sidelines and observe the global transformation occurring.

We will be joining together on Saturday, October 22nd to work with the volatile Full Moon – Uranus/Eris Global Activations. When we join in ‘united mind’ we can smooth out the deconstruction of a corrupt and unjust system and minimize any extreme reactions. Join other Lightworkers and Starseeds in ushering in the new earth paradigm!

Register at

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte


PS: We are currently upgrading the website to new cloud hosting, and may be down periodically in the coming weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Source: VOLATILE FULL MOON IN ARIES ~ Meg Benedicte | 2012 The Awakening