Tarot For Wisdom And Wellness | Spirit of Change

Tarot For Wisdom And Wellness | Spirit of Change

The images and ideas depicted on the tarot deck reflect timeless patterns of human thought and behavior that transcend cultures, religions, value systems and beliefs.

 September 5, 2017 JOSEPHINE HARDMAN, MA, PHD


The subconscious mind communicates primarily through images. When we dream, we receive visual messages from deep within ourselves, from the places we can’t access when we are awake. But what if we could speak to our subconscious minds in return? What if we could transform this kind of communication into a two-way street?

With its primordial and universal imagery, the tarot deck can allow us to do just that: to intentionally and deliberately communicate with the subconscious parts of ourselves. This includes the parts that have been programmed by past events, memories, and experiences, which we often must rewire and reprogram with new ideas, beliefs, and affirmations in order to release old patterns and behaviors. Because the tarot expresses itself through mysterious and evocative images, our subconscious aspects resonate with the tarot’s imagery more powerfully and directly than our conscious minds.

Tarot master Alejandro Jodorowsky explains in The Way of Tarot that the true tarotist must eliminate the illusion of reading the future, thereby transforming the tarot into a psychological tool for self-knowledge. Using the cards for fortune-telling is a sort of parlor trick, and one that doesn’t do justice to tarot’s complexity and healing potential. The cards in any deck — the classic Rider Waite Smith, the Thoth, the Marseille, or a modern iteration such as the Wild Unknown Tarot or the Linestrider Tarot — can help us embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, personal and professional expansion, and healing in specific areas of our lives. The images and ideas depicted on the tarot deck reflect timeless patterns of human thought and behavior, passing down to us the great universal lessons that transcend individual cultures, religions, value systems, and beliefs.

The tarot’s Major Arcana — a set of 22 cards from The Fool (0) to The World (21) — presents us with an organized journey through archetypal figures imbued with unique energies. When we work with a deck and select a card intuitively, that card mirrors back to us where we currently stand and which strategy, choice, or idea would best serve us at any given moment. By absorbing, gazing at, meditating on, and working with a particular card, we can effectively send a message to our subconscious minds to activate, heal, increase, or decrease the primordial energy represented by that card.

Working with The Empress, for instance, opens us up to a nurturing female energy pregnant with creativity and receptivity. On the other hand, The Emperor can help us invoke the courage we need to stick with our convictions, to set healthy boundaries, and to better organize our lives. Through approaches including contemplation, intentional questioning, journaling, and visualization, each Major Arcana card can help us heal a different aspect of ourselves. Exploring all 22 cards as they relate to our own lives is therefore a productive and profound way to heal ourselves and return to wholeness.

Healing With The Major Arcana: A Brief Guide

All tarot cards are neutral. Some may ask us to work with our own shadow parts more directly than others, but the purpose is always to bring more light into our lives, to release what doesn’t serve us, and to become deliberate creators of our own realities.

As always when doing spiritual work, the first step is to set a clear intention for healing. We must use the tarot ethically and responsibly by only asking questions about ourselves, never attempting to control or pry into other people’s lives. Intentional questioning means asking focused questions, such as, “What do I need to know right now to return to my center?” or, “What kind of energy would be most helpful for me to release?” If we come from a place of honest self-exploration and alignment, the tarot deck will always respond accurately and provide us with the card that perfectly matches our vibration and answers our inquiry.

Below is a guide for working with the Major Arcana, outlining each card’s uses and healing purposes. You will add your own ideas and interpretations to each card as you work with them one-on-one. Tarot interpretation is fluid, flexible, and subjective, so this is simply a good place to start. I recommend working with the Rider Waite Smith deck if this is your first time, since its symbols are fairly accessible and it has been used as the basis for so many modern decks. As a caveat: there are no “positive” or “negative” cards. All tarot cards are neutral. Some may ask us to work with our own shadow parts more directly than others, but the purpose is always to bring more light into our lives, to release what doesn’t serve us, and to become deliberate creators of our own realities.

The following guide will walk you through the 22 Major Arcana cards in their upright positions. Individual readers must determine if they will incorporate reversed cards into their readings. In my personal and professional tarot work, I include upside-down cards because they add an extra layer of depth and insight to any spread. Generally, I read reversed cards as indicating an imbalance with the card’s upright energy.

For instance, if the High Priestess represents a strong sense of intuition and inner knowing in its upright position, a reversed High Priestess can suggest a resistance to developing one’s intuition or an excessive reliance on external knowing (i.e. other people’s opinions or ideas) in making decisions. Reversed cards usually indicate (1) resistance to the card’s upright energy, (2) a stagnation of that energy, or (3) an unhealthy excess of that energy. There are, of course, additional ways of reading upside-down cards. The reader’s intuition and skill must determine which of these categories apply to a particular card. Case Study #3 below demonstrates how to perform a reading of a reversed card.

The personal work I suggest with the following one-card readings is focused on the Major Arcana and its universal and archetypal themes. The cards in the Minor Arcana are more suitable for exploring day-to-day situations, and for assisting us as we navigate our daily experiences in the third dimension. When we work exclusively with the Major Arcana, we are able to access and heal the primordial core of the governing patterns and conflicts in our lives.

The purpose behind working with individual cards rather than multi-card layouts is to invoke the primary and unique energy of each Major Arcanum to heal a particular aspect of ourselves. Because the tarot is universal, we all contain the essential energies depicted in the 22 Major cards. Conflict, resistance, confusion, and suffering arise when those essential energies within us are in a state of imbalance (deficient, suppressed, excessive, and so on).

It’s important to work with the cards individually to heal as many parts of ourselves as we possibly can. When we add a second or third card to a spread, the cards’ individual energies begin to meld as they both amplify and dilute each other. In a multi-card spread, the High Priestess is no longer simply the High Priestess in her individual essence; she becomes the High Priestess + The Lovers, or the High Priestess + The Lovers + The Moon reversed. In other words, additional cards read in conjunction with the High Priestess transform its individual meaning into a collective one. The purpose of the exercise outlined throughout this article is to access and correct (wherever necessary) the undiluted, unique, primary energy of each Major Arcanum as it manifests in our own lives.

Individual Card Descriptions

0 THE FOOL helps us take a leap of faith, begin a new project or endeavor, and release any shame, guilt, or feeling of not being good enough.

1 THE MAGICIAN heals us of inadequacy and helps us release any fears that we can’t manifest what we most desire. Assists us in focusing our intentions so we can materialize our dreams.

2 THE HIGH PRIESTESS helps men and women connect to divine feminine energy. Stimulates and develops intuition, wisdom, and internal knowing.

3 THE EMPRESS helps us release resistance and become receptive to abundance. It blesses creative and artistic endeavors and helps us flow with the natural cycles of life.

4 THE EMPEROR helps men and women connect to masculine, active energy. It brings order out of chaos, awakens our inner strength and determination, and bolsters us so we may become the CEOs of our own lives.

5 THE HIEROPHANT helps us develop our capacity to hear divine guidance more clearly. It heals any remnants of negative patterns inherited through organized religion, culture, family, or formal education.

6 THE LOVERS teaches us how to fall in love with ourselves, and heals us of subconscious patterns of poor decision-making. It can repair and strengthen romantic relationships, inspiring greater transparency and clear communication between partners.

7 THE CHARIOT invokes courage and helps us put our higher self in charge of our physical bodies and experiences. It heals addictions and karmic issues.

8 STRENGTH helps us confront our inner shadows and purifies the subconscious mind. Strength assists us when we are afraid of making the right choice or taking the next step in any endeavor.

9 THE HERMIT shows us how to use our own light and wisdom to help others, and guides us on the path towards enlightenment.

10 THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE helps us with life transitions (i.e. switching careers, the physical death of a loved one, moving into a new phase of life). It provides focus and strength to finish what we start.

11 JUSTICE heals any sense of personal or global injustice. It helps us to accept and release past trauma and to let go of any tendency to play the victim.

12 THE HANGED MAN teaches us to let go and surrender, particularly when we’ve already done everything we can possibly do. It helps us achieve inner peace in the midst of difficulty.

13 DEATH helps us release fears of major changes and transformations, and assists us in moving along with the flow of life without resistance.

14 TEMPERANCE helps us to balance opposite or contradictory aspects of ourselves. It brings sanity, grounding, and new possibilities.

15 THE DEVIL helps us confront and dispel fear, and become aware of the areas in our lives where we are giving away our power. It heals us of the temptation to identify with ego illusions or blame others.

16 THE TOWER helps us to overthrow existing conditions in any unfulfilling or stuck area of our lives. It brings revolution and helps us build something new.

17 THE STAR is the best card to release stress and purify our physical and energetic systems. The Star helps us get back into alignment.

18 THE MOON helps us explore our subconscious aspects and achieve a deeper level of self-discovery and self-understanding. It brings self-limiting patterns to light so we may address them.

19 THE SUN brings total regeneration and returns us to a state of childlike simplicity and contentment. It dispels any sense of restlessness or dissatisfaction with life.

20 JUDGMENT teaches us that only we can judge or condemn ourselves; no one else holds that power. Judgment functions as a spiritual wake-up call, compelling us to practice forgiveness of self and others.

21 THE WORLD brings dynamic balance and helps us complete unfinished projects, recognizing our own achievements and celebrating who we are and where we are on our journey, without comparing ourselves to others. Brings closure to unresolved situations.

Case Study #1 — Career


In this scenario, the querent or seeker (whoever is asking the tarot for guidance) is a 40-year-old woman considering a career change after many years with the same company. She feels hopeful and excited to leave a job that no longer challenges her, but she’s also nervous about the transition and wondering if she will be successful. To become receptive to the tarot’s messages for her, the querent finds a quiet place where she will not be interrupted, sits comfortably, and takes 10-20 deep breaths, focusing on exhaling any potential resistance within her. She visualizes her heart chakra opening at the center of her chest, preparing to receive the wisdom and guidance the cards will offer. These preliminary steps are crucially important, since our ego mind will often try to interfere with the process of receiving intuitive messages. This is especially true if the messages we receive are necessary for us but not exactly what we wish to hear (for instance, that it’s time to leave a long-term relationship or job). After centering herself and becoming as open as possible, the querent asks the Major Arcana: “How can I heal my feelings of anxiety about the unknown and move confidently through this transition?” She shuffles her deck of Major Arcana and pulls The Chariot.

This card sends a clear message to the querent about self-esteem, confidence, and willpower. The Chariot is a card of movement and action, of taking the reins of our own destinies with determination. The querent is being advised to work through her self-esteem issues and to become an active participant in her own life. Perhaps she entered her previous career due to family pressures or financial obligations, but this time she is being called to make a choice from her heart: what does she truly want for herself? How can she integrate her true passion with profitable work that will pay the bills? This card — with its imposing charioteer standing beneath a canopy of stars — reminds the querent of the importance of putting her higher self in charge of her experiences on the earthly plane. The querent must work towards a dynamic balance between actively driving forth movement and progress in her life and surrendering to her higher, spiritual self to ensure that her action steps are aligned with her soul’s mission. Since The Chariot also helps us resolve issues of addiction and past karma, the querent is being called to heal any compulsive tendencies to control and/or worry about past, present, and future situations. She must learn to trust that the universe will provide her with whatever she needs whenever she needs it.

Case Study #2 — Family


The querent is a 60-year-old man trying to support his adult daughter through a number of health issues. His daughter is contemplating her options, including switching medical providers and undergoing a fairly invasive surgery. The querent is naturally worried and trying to counsel his daughter as best he can. To become receptive and release resistance before working with the cards he meditates for a few minutes, sitting quietly with eyes closed to consciously pull his energy away from the world and back into himself. 10-15 minutes is ideal, but 5 minutes will do in a pinch. Like the querent, we all have energy cords (I often imagine them as tentacles) attached to people, things, and situations in the external world. By releasing those attachments at least for a few moments, we can become more fully present and focused. After a 10-minute meditation, the querent asks the tarot cards: “What can I do to help my daughter make the right decisions?” He shuffles the Major Arcana and draws The Hanged Man.

The querent’s desperation and desire to help are natural and understandable, but the card strongly suggests that he must let go and surrender to higher power in this situation. The Hanged Man is a clear indication that he’s already done everything that is in his power to do; it is now advisable for him to allow his daughter to make her own choices. He must retreat, in a sense, and become a stable and grounding force not only for his daughter but also for himself. If he is tempted to lecture or convince his daughter to have the surgery (or not), he must practice the art of sitting on his hands and supporting her through her own decision-making process.
The Hanged Man suggests to the querent that he must become a sounding board for his daughter and keep his strong opinions to himself, at least until after he has listened to her own reasoning. The querent could tell her he trusts her judgment and will support her choices. The lesson here is about letting go of resistance, control, and any tendency to play savior in other people’s lives. The querent must acknowledge his limitations: even though he feels he must save and heal his daughter, he must begin to accept the limits of his power. In addition, the querent is being called to cultivate inner peace and stillness even in the midst of difficulty and pain. He owes that to himself, and he will set a great example for everyone else in his life.

Case Study #3 — Relationship


The querent is a 19-year-old woman who is currently dating a fellow college student (a 20-year-old man). She is attracted to this young man and feels they could have a solid relationship, but the man doesn’t want to commit. The woman decides to journal about the issue, writing about how she feels, what she’s currently getting out of this relationship, and what she wants to get out of a fulfilling relationship. The writing process helps her explore her confusing thoughts and feelings, and also leads to her formulating an insightful question for the tarot deck: “Is this the best relationship for me at this time?” (Note that asking “What can I do to get so-and-so to commit?” or “How does so-and-so feel about me?” would veer into unethical territory, since we can’t use the tarot to read other people’s minds or control their behavior.) The querent shuffles the Major Arcana and pulls The Star, reversed.

Immediately, the card’s upside down position indicates to the querent that her current relationship is not in clear alignment with who she really is and what she needs in this moment. The Star in its upright position is a card of total self-realization and connection to Source. The woman’s unabashed nakedness on the card represents her freedom and self-confidence; she doesn’t feel the need to hide any aspect of herself. Since The Star is reversed, the card suggests to the querent that she is not being her true self in this relationship. She feels she must hide in order to be liked or accepted. Moreover, this is a significant source of stress and will likely take an emotional and/or physical toll on her. In order to get the card’s energy back to its upright position, the querent must meditate honestly on her needs and desires and make the healthiest choice. The clear water on the card indicates to the querent that she must be transparent with herself and her boyfriend, and that her life will begin flowing more effortlessly if she takes the necessary steps to release anything that doesn’t serve her.

Reading the cards for ourselves is an insightful and fairly accessible way to begin healing patterns, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve us. However, if we’re dealing with major issues or a high degree of resistance, scheduling a multi-card reading with a seasoned reader is highly recommended. An experienced tarotist is not only an interpreter of cards; he or she can take on the role of spiritual advisor, therapist, wise counselor, and sounding board. Receiving input and guidance from a professional frequently makes the difference when we fail to make headway on our own illumination.

Further Recommendations
For the self-taught tarotist who wishes to continue exploring the tarot, I recommend the following books:
Kim Huggens, Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards, Llewellyn Publications, 2010
Rachel Pollack, 78 Degrees of Wisdom, Thorsons, 1997
Paul Fenton-Smith, Tarot Masterclass, Allen Unwin, 2008
Barbara Moore, Your Tarot Your Way: Learn to Read with Any Deck, Llewellyn Publications, 2016
Benebell Wen, Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth, North Atlantic Books, 2015 (for intermediate to advanced tarotists)

Josephine Hardman holds a PhD in English Literature and certifications in Reiki, Angel therapy, and Akashic Records. She is an intuitive tarot reader and the proprietess of Purefield Massachusetts, a heart-centered spiritual business in Shelburne Falls, MA, dedicated to helping people wake up to their true power, develop clarity and wisdom, and unleash greater abundance in all areas of their lives. Visit www.purefieldwebmass.com.

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10 Tools to Absolutely Transform What You Experience in Life Every Day | Spirit of Change

10 Tools to Absolutely Transform What You Experience in Life Every Day

 February 16, 2021 JUDY LUCA ~ Spirit of Change

Seedling reaching for sunlight

Could a doctor perform surgery with a hammer or a carpenter build a home with a scalpel? Of course not; they would be very unsuccessful in their jobs if they had the wrong tools. They each use very different tools, and they each have many tools to choose from in their tool chest. The right tools will make all the difference in life.

To experience the life of your dreams, fill your tool chest with powerful tools. There are many tools that can assist you on your road to transformation. It’s a good idea for you to have a large variety of tools to work with too. Different tools will work better at different times and in different situations. You may find you prefer some tools over others. It’s important to find out what works best for you.

Here are 10 tools that can transform what experience on this journey we call life.

1. MEDITATION is a wonderful tool. It can relieve stress, quiet the mind, relax the body, focus attention, and center you, so you can make better decisions. It puts you in touch with the spiritual reality of life. Many people find a deeper connection to source, a deeper connection to themselves, to their inner knowing and the world around them.

Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, was one of the first scientists to take the anecdotal claims about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, and test them in brain scans. What she found surprised her: meditating can literally change your brain. She found thickening in four regions of the brain.

“1. The primary difference, we found in the posterior cingulate, which is involved in mind wandering, and self-relevance.

2. The left hippocampus, which assists in learning, cognition, memory and emotional regulation.

3.  The temporo parietal junction, or TPJ, which is associated with perspective taking, empathy and compassion.

4. An area of the brain stem called the Pons, where a lot of regulatory neurotransmitters are produced.

The amygdala, the fight or flight part of the brain that is associated with anxiety, fear and stress in general, got smaller in the group that went through the mindfulness-based stress reduction program. The change in the amygdala was also correlated to a reduction in stress levels.”

Meditation literally changes your brain and it can change your life. If you don’t meditate regularly you may want to begin. There are many ways to meditate. I began by staring at the flame on a candle. I also listened to guided meditations. Some find mediating to music or sounds of nature helpful. When you begin, choose a time and place that you can practice daily. You can meditate any time or place you want, but committing to the same time and place daily will help you establish your practice. I meditate before I even get out of bed every morning. This allows me to capture those precious moments before thoughts of the day come into mind. Try different approaches and see what works for you.

In the beginning of your meditation practice you may only be able to meditate 5-10 minutes, and that is fine. Like exercise, it takes practice, consistency and dedication to improve your ability and see the desired results. Stay with it and you will find it get easier so you will be able to stay with it longer. 20-30 minutes daily can make a big difference in what you experience in life. Be gentle with yourself but be persistent. Write your thoughts after you meditate as often as you can. Meditation often opens people up to receive new insights. Words and inspiration often flow easily when you are centered from meditation.

2. AFFIRMATIONS can be another valuable tool. Make a list of positive statements about you and your life. List the qualities you value and want to embrace. Write statements about the life you wish to experience. Make them personal, short, and always state them in the present tense. Write them 10-20 times. The written word has power, and writing them helps you feel them in your energy system. The universe tunes into what you feel, so fully embrace them as who you are. Say them out loud as many times a day as you can. This also helps you embody them. Record them so you can play them back to you as you drive or are occupied in other activities. If you can’t feel them, rewrite them so you can feel them. Often the ones you can’t feel will uncover a hidden limiting belief you have about yourself. This can give you the opportunity to examine it and develop new empowering beliefs.

Remember the truth of who you are. You are a glorious manifestation of the most high. Your nature is the nature of source. You are made in the image and likeness of God which means you are love, you are light, you are joy, peace, intelligence, creativity and wholeness. Once you have the affirmations that you desire, place them everywhere so you can see them often. They serve to remind you of the essence of your being.

3. TRANSFORMATIONAL VOCABULARY is a technology developed by Tony Robbins to employ habitual vocabulary (the words you consistently use) to amplify or lower the intensity of your emotional states. By changing the words you use you can lessen or magnify the impact they have on you. For instance, instead of saying “I’m fine,” say “I’m amazing.” Instead of saying “I failed,” say “I learned.” Change “I’m angry” to “I’m disappointed.” Defuse the negative things you say consistently with words that don’t hold as much of an emotional charge. When you take the emotional charge out of the words that generate negative states, you lessen that state. In the same way, when you change the words that generate positive states, you can amplify the positive state.

Pay attention to the words you use consistently. Consciously change the words you use to break the habit you may have of downplaying your worth or exaggerating the negativity you may experience. Transformational vocabulary can help you interrupt negative habits so you can break them and develop new empowering habits.

4. INCANTATIONS are positive statements that also include a physical quality to them by using your breath, gestures, facial expressions and movement. Incantations have the capacity to quickly raise your vibration. Incantations are similar to affirmations but they add a physical quality and action to enhance the impact. Write statements of virtues or beliefs that you want to experience in the present tense. Embrace the message with total conviction and see them as already accomplished. Declare them out loud to the universe with certainty and passion. As you say them speak loudly, use your body, use gestures, and declare them with emotional intensity. Use all your senses and really feel the statements completely throughout your body. Take them into your being and own them!

Repeat these incantations consistently allowing your new beliefs and emotions to become embedded deep into your subconscious. Set aside a time to devote to creating your incantations and then make them part of your daily ritual.

5. VISUALIZATION is another great tool to bring into your life the things you wish to experience. Think of something you wish to experience — a better self-image, a healthier body, a new home or car, a vacation, a deeper relationship. It doesn’t matter what it is; visualization can work for everything.

My daughter was doing some door-to-door campaigning years ago for a cause close to her heart. Since the group always did their work in the evenings, she found herself getting mercilessly attacked by mosquitoes. She used visualization to surround herself in a pink bubble to protect her from the mosquitoes and it did. To this day she does not get bothered by mosquitoes.

I have used it in obtaining parking, which in Boston can be tricky, but everyone knows my great luck with getting spaces. One time my daughter was searching for a spot while we were on the phone and she magically found one in a place where she never has any luck. She said, “You don’t even have to be here mom; I just have to be talking to you to get a good parking spot.”

Years ago I led a visualization group with people in the group from all over the country. We would write about something we wished to experience as if it we were writing in our journal, and as if it had already happened. Several years later I went one of the group members’ wedding. I was delighted to see him so happy, and I noticed that his wife was exactly as described in our visualization group.

I often say my husband is my greatest manifestation. I used visualization to see the kind of man and marriage I wanted. I wrote down the details of the man he would be, the woman I would be, the relationship we would have, the wedding and honeymoon we would have, the feelings we would have for our marriage. I wrote it all down, envisioned it all and saw it as complete. I knew it would come to be at exactly the right time, and it did. I found the man I dreamed of, had the wedding and honeymoon of my dreams and live in the marriage I have always wanted.

You can use visualization for anything. Use all your senses, picture your desired outcome in your mind’s eye with as much detail as you can. See it as happening right now. Imagine what it will look like, sound like, and imagine how you will feel when you attain whatever it is you want. See it as if it is already accomplished. Know with certainty it is the truth of your experience. Have complete faith that the universe is providing you with all that you need to see it complete. Know doors will open, new opportunities will appear and the right people will come into your life. First you see it in the invisible, then it will appear in the visible. “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.”

6. GRATITUDE is another tool to bring your life to higher place. No matter what is going on in your life, there is always something to be grateful for. You can be grateful for just being alive, be grateful for your sight, your hearing, your ability to breathe, and even the ability to read this is something to be grateful for. The more you are grateful for all that you have, the more will come into your life. You can’t trick the universe though; you can’t bring more into your life saying you are grateful, but not really meaning it. You must really feel it deep within your heart. You must embrace a complete sense of gratitude and thanksgiving for all the gifts in your life. Nothing is too small to be appreciated and grateful for. What you appreciate, appreciates!

Start a gratitude journal. Begin each day or end each day by writing something in the journal that you truly are grateful for. Practice the three blessings; every evening I give thanks for three things that went well that day. Remember, the written word has power, and nothing is too small. It can be as simple as a beautiful flower you saw, a kind word that you received or shared, a good parking spot, or it can be something huge like a new life changing opportunity. The universe does not see size; it only senses what you are feeling, so embody gratitude with all that you are. You can even use gratitude for things that may not be in your experience yet. If you want something new in your life, give thanks for its manifestation. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and your imagination. See it as done, give thanks for its completion, and it will magically appear in your life.

7. RELEASE. Whatever you want to experience in your life, you must have faith and let it go. You can affirm, do incantations, visualize, give thanks, but unless you release it and let it go, it will not manifest and become part of your reality. This is the tool that so many people forget. Your job is to declare what it is you want to experience and then let the universe do its job. You don’t have to know how it will appear; you just have to embrace it as already done, be open to the guidance you will receive to bring it into your life, and watch the magic happen. Just as we don’t know how the seed actually sprouts and becomes the mighty oak, we don’t know how our dream will come to be. Our job is to surrender and let the universe make it happen. We have to plant the seed, water it by using the tools we have, then just pay attention to the signs and directions the universe gives us. This requires being still so we can hear the voice from within directing us, but once we declare what it is we want to experience, synchronicity appears, doors magically open, and it will be done.

It’s important to remember some things may take time, but if you worry about how long it takes you are not releasing it to the universe. Imagine a seed beginning to come through the soil, its tiny head reaching for the sun. If you step on it at this fragile time you will kill it. It’s the same way with your desire. If you doubt or if you worry about it not manifesting, you have stepped on the seedling. Anytime you feel doubt, worry or anxiety about what you want to experience creeping in, quickly remember the seedling and use any tools you can to see your desire as complete. Then release it to the universe and let it go! It is done to you as you believe, so don’t believe a little; believe with all that you are.

8. BE PRESENT. Today is all that we know we have. Living in the past can make one live with regret, guilt, anger, shame, sadness or fear. If we live in the past we lose the opportunity to make the most of today. It’s important to learn from the past, retain the lessons and let any negative emotion go. You are where you are today because of your past. Today leads you to what you will experience tomorrow.

Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present. What you do today will lead you to where you are meant to be tomorrow. Living in the precious moment of now assures you of a brighter tomorrow. Living in the NOW shows the universe that you appreciate where you are and what you have. It shows that you have faith and trust in the process of life.

9. BE CREATIVE. One of my favorite quotes is by Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” There is something unique, something special, and something creative that only you can express. There is a gift inside you that you have to share with the world. It is one of the reasons you came here.

Get in touch with the things that make you come alive. Do more of the things that speak to your soul. You don’t have to know exactly how things will manifest from doing more of what you love but just do them anyway. You may be surprised at what comes into your life as you surrender to your heart’s deepest desire. Let your creativity flow and manifest in any way that moves your soul, makes your heart smile, and makes you come alive. Your life is the universe/God’s (whatever name you use) gift to you ,and what you do with your life is your gift back to the universe.

10. EXERCISE is another great tool. Changing your physiology will shift your energy and vibration, which will shift what you experience in life. There are many forms of healthy, fun exercise: yoga, walking, jogging, Pilates, biking, barre, Zumba, and dance, just to name a few. Choose the exercise that works for you. It is important for the body, the mind and the soul to move the body. Yoga is one of my favorites. I first learned to meditate through yoga and I learned how to breathe correctly through yoga. Moving your body and breathing correctly contribute to your overall health.

When I was young, I discovered that I had allergies to medications, so my doctor told me I had better stay healthy because I would run out of options. I attribute my health to meditation and yoga. I have tried and enjoyed other forms of exercise as well. Develop an exercise program that works for you and makes you feel alive, energizes you, is something you enjoy and can stay with. Your body will thank you.

One last suggestion…See the good in all things. Everything that has ever happened to you is happening for you, not to you. Everything is for the highest good, everything is happening to help you become more of who you are meant to be. It may not seem clear to you at times, but trust that there is good in all things. I know it can be difficult to see the good in things sometimes, but have faith and trust that something good will come from everything even if you can’t see it at the time. Everything that has ever happened to you and everything that is to come in the future is always leading you to uncover more of the glorious manifestation of the divine that is you! 

The carpenter needs a hammer to build a home and a doctor needs a scalpel to perform an operation. We all need the right tools in life — tools to help us learn and grow and tools to help us be more of who we are meant to be. Use these tools to reach your full potential and express the unique and perfect expression of life that is you!

Judy Luca is an author with over 20 books published and a life coach based in the Boston area. To see her books visit her author page on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/author/judyluca.


12 Ways to Bring Peace into Your Days by Dr. Paulette Sherman | OMTimes Magazine


Tools to Bring Peace Every Day

We often feel that peace is something outside of ourselves that we can only feel while on vacation or when surrounded by monks at a monastery. The only sustainable peace in our modern world is the kind that we create within ourselves, daily. What follows are 12 tools that can help to bring peace every day:


Tool # 1: Meditate.

Meditation is a great tool for shutting out worry and distractions. By focusing on a mantra or the breath, you can return to a state of inner peace and hear the still voice of your Spirit.


Tool # 2: Bathe in Unconditional Love & Peace.

Although the term bathe is a metaphor, a tool called sacred baths allows you to bathe in peace and unconditional love from your home bath. In The Book of Sacred Baths, people learn how to use visualization, meditation and affirmations to attract their dreams and to shift into a state of peace while bathing in this energy. But you can also learn to bathe in unconditional peace anywhere by doing a meditation where you imagine all the ways that you give and receive peace and love.


Tool # 3: Be Present.

Most worries are about the past or potential futures. We feel peaceful when we entertain thoughts about the present moment, which is the only thing that we can do something about anyway.


Tool # 4: Practice Soothing Self-Talk.

You are with yourself 24/7 so you can create your own peace or disturb it with how you speak to yourself. Practice being your own cheerleader, learning to soothe yourself and speak lovingly to yourself, no matter what is happening.


Tool # 5: Stop Caring What Others Think About You.

It is enough to manage your own thoughts and feelings but it is not your job to imagine what others think of you. The only thing you can control is you. So, the next time that you begin to wonder what others think of your hair or job, catch yourself and say, ‘That’s none of my business. Let me choose a positive thought about that instead.’

Tool # 6: Set Boundaries.

Learn to say no, so that we can say yes to the things that really matter. We all only have a certain amount of time and energy so we can make choices that serve our highest good. Many people feel restless because they aren’t living the lives they want. Say no to things that drain your energy and that don’t align with your Spirit. This enables you to say Yes to the things that do bring peace to you.


Tool #7: Check that your Values & Lifestyles Match.

You may feel troubled in your life when your inner and outer visions don’t match and you feel your life has little meaning or passion. So, if you value creativity or helping people, make sure you are at least doing hobbies in those areas or volunteering.


Tool #8: Practice Forgiveness.

Carrying around anger from your past is draining and can cause you to feel sad, or wounded. When you’re able to forgive, it brings a state of peace and wholeness. This can mean forgiving another person or yourself so that you can walk through your life with lightness.


Tool #9: Let-Go & Laugh Often.

It is hard to feel peaceful when you are attached to a particular outcome. It is important that you take time to surrender your desires to spirit. Ask for what you want or something better, for the highest good of all. You cannot allow your peace to be dependent on anything outside yourself so be willing to surrender those desires. Laughter is also a terrific stress relief as it fills your body with joy and peace.


Tool #10: Embrace Imperfection.

Being perfect is impossible and it keeps you focused on what is not working. It is hard to feel peaceful when you are looking at what you need to fix. When you accept that it’s okay to be imperfect, you can be peaceful even when mistakes occur or when you have a learning opportunity.

Tool #11: Count Your Blessings.

What you focus on expands. You will feel peaceful when you are in a state of gratitude. So, take an inventory of all that you love about your life and life in general. Journal about things you are grateful for and bring peace daily.


Tool #12: Choose Love over Fear.

You can choose love or fear in every moment. Fear leads to a state of constriction and dis-ease. Love allows us to feel open, trusting and at peace. The next time you are faced with a challenge, ask yourself how to view it through a state of love and peace and act on that guidance.


About the Author

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist, life coach, Relationship expert & author of The Book of Sacred Baths, published by Llewellyn, and Dating from the Inside Out, published by Atria Books. She has written 21 books, translated into five languages. She has a private practice in NYC and does international phone coaching. Her websites are www.sacredbathing.com and www.DrPauletteSherman.com.

OMTimes Magazine

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Are You Using All of Your Tools? By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

Are You Using All of Your Tools?
By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life


Every life experiences comes with tools and information that we can use to create the next step on our path. Often those tools don’t look very helpful, we don’t know we have them, or we don’t know how to use them. And sometimes they come from a source that we don’t think is helpful, so we don’t recognize them as providing us with the tools we need because they’re often the least helpful people in our life.

Moving forward faster (and that’s a relative term) is easier when we look at all of our experiences expecting to find useful tools to help us on our next steps. Then we have to use all of them with the intention of becoming more efficient and effective in how we clear our path. I got this message this weekend when I was using yard tools my mother gave me to clean my yard and realized that I wasn’t using all of the tools to create my outcome (getting all of the leaves picked up). Once I realized I had all of the tools I needed and formulated a plan to use them more effectively, I finished the work in record time.

My mother gave me her yard tools when she sold her house. One of the tools, a big leaf blower and vacuum, would be helpful with my annual leaf cleanup. I have a big yard and lots of big trees, that shed lots of leaves every year.  But she didn’t show me how to use them, she just handed me a plastic bag with the attachments and instructions. I put everything in the garage, put the bag on my yard tool holder, and forgot about it.

Every year I would get the leaf vacuum out and clean my yard. But the vacuum was slow and I had to empty the bag every few minutes. So I would just clean up my garden beds and leave the rest. According to the instructions, there was a blower attachment but I couldn’t figure out where it was or how to use it, as I thought it was part of the vacuum attachment. After searching online for directions, I gave up and did the best I could with my rake and leaf vacuum.


This year I was determined to clean up all of the leaves and as I got started, I heard the message ‘Are you using all of your tools?’ I found the blower attachment, hanging exactly where I had left it several years before, figured out how to use, and with the new leaf scoops I bought last weekend, started  on the yard. With the right tools and process, I made lots of progress today and will achieve my goal of cleaning my yard this year.



I had all of the tools, even though I didn’t know it, and I wasn’t using them together in the best way. And when I had asked my mother about the blower, she said she didn’t use it so she didn’t know. She had all of the tools too, but she wasn’t using them either, mainly because she doesn’t like yard work and did the minimum possible.  I like yard work and I wanted to get it all done.

Discouragement, fatigue, fear, and overwhelm make us forget that we have all of the tools we need. Instead of looking at a big job from the perspective of how long it’s going to take, it’s better to look at our own resources and come up with new ways to use the tools we have. It all depends on how we view a situation, our skills, our gifts, and whether we have confidence in our abilities.

Here are some questions to ask so you’re using all of your tools as productively, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Whether you are doing yard work or contemplating the next step on your path, using all of your tools will get the job done much faster.

  1. How are you judging the situation? Judgment blocks energy flow, so if you’re telling yourself how much you don’t like something, or how hard it is, how you wish you didn’t have to do it, or questioning your abilities, you’re blocking the energy flow that you need to get it done. And your judgments prevent you from uncovering the hidden value in your tools.
  1. What tools do you have and how can you put them together in new ways? Every lesson has a blessing and every experience teaches us something. You may call something a failure but now you know what you don’t want to do. What are your take-aways and how can you use them to make new choices and decisions now? Knowing what you don’t want is a very powerful time and energy saver.
  1. How can you create a better flow for the energy? All manifestation happens faster when the energy flows, meaning there are no blocks or limitations. Whether it’s your thoughts or what you’re doing in each moment, if you create a flow, things will move. I used all of the tools to clean my yard quickly, by using the blower to create piles of leaves, the leaf scoopers to quickly fill the bag, and the vacuum to pick up the smaller pieces. How can you create a better flow by organizing your thoughts, releasing the ones that don’t serve you, and replacing them with more powerful ones?
  1. Are you asking the right person for advice? I thought my mother would be helpful, since it was her yard tools but she didn’t know because she only used what she thought she needed to do the little bit of yard work she had to do. Someone who liked yard work would be more enthusiastic and interested in helping me figure it out. If you need advice, seek out a reliable resource who is as interested in the situation or outcome as you are.
  1. This is the most important — be confident and stop trying to be perfect. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, there is only the best way for you, and everyone has a different standard of perfection. When we seek perfection, what we really want is to be ‘beyond reproach’, to be so good that no one can judge or criticize us. We only have to do what is good enough or perfect for us. And you are confident when you believe in yourself and in your abilities, when you are aligned with your outcome, and know that you have all the tools you need to do anything you want to do. If something isn’t working, try something else and when you stop judging yourself, you open up the pathways for the energy to flow.

Are you ready to use your tools to create new paths in your life? It helps to remember that you are unique and you will always do things your way. You can’t copy someone else’s results that you think are fabulous, and maybe judge yourself because you don’t think you are capable of that, but you can create your own, unique fabulous results. And once you know how to use your tools to create the outcomes you want, you can use them again and again, achieving better results each time because practice creates perfection.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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DAILY OM ~ December 10, 2014 Affirmations: Words of Wisdom

Our minds accept as truth the critical statements we tell ourselves, but it can also accept our positive affirmations.


DAILY OM ~ December 10, 2014
Affirmations: Words of Wisdom

by Madisyn Taylor

The words we speak and think hold great sway over the kind of life that we create for ourselves. Many people live their lives plagued by negative thoughts and never even realize this. They tell themselves and others that they are doomed to fail, not good enough, or not worthy of love, yet they are amazed when their reality starts reflecting these words. Just as the subconscious mind accepts as truth the critical statements we tell ourselves, however, it is also equipped to instantly accept the veracity of our affirmations.


Affirmations are statements chosen and spoken consciously. Once they enter our realm of consciousness, they also enter our subconscious mind where they have the power to change our lives. The affirmations you create should be specific, not too long, worded positively, formed in complete sentences, and spoken in the present tense as if what you are affirming is already true. It is a good idea to repeat your affirmations daily. You may want to tell yourself that you deserve to be happy or that you are in control of your destiny. Or, you may want to focus on a particular goal, such as attracting new friends. Rather than telling yourself you want to be well-liked, say, “I am well-liked.” Your subconscious mind will pick up on these positive messages, and you will begin to live your life as if what you are affirming already has happened. Soon, your reality will begin to reflect your affirmations. If you find that you are thwarting yourself with negative thinking, try repeating ! your affirmations several times a day. Write your affirmations down and say them aloud or in your mind. Allow your conviction to grow stronger each time you say your affirmations, and your negativity will be overridden by your motivation and positive thoughts.


Affirmations are a powerful tool for creating our desired reality. We consciously and subconsciously invite opportunity into our lives when we say affirmations. Trust in the power of your affirmations, and you will very quickly create what you have already stated to be true.

August 2014 Astro-Energy Report: Super Moon, Super Month! by Sarah Varcas

August 2014 Astro-Energy Report: Super Moon, Super Month!
by Sarah Varcas

“The month begins with a Grand Trine in Water formed by Venus, Chiron and Saturn, coupled with a square between Jupiter and Mars. There’s a risk of over-doing things emotionally here. We may enter the month with sensitivities running high and an internal dialogue which goes something like this: ‘If I don’t achieve all my goals by the end of this month there’s no hope so it’s time to pull out the stops and let nothing stand in my way, no matter how tough it gets’. At one level it’s an admirable inner dialogue. Commitment and sheer bloody-minded resolve can take us far in this world. But right now it’s wise to take such inner dictates with a pinch of salt and remember that ultimately it’s the universe, not us, who’s in charge of proceedings and to hold rigid expectations of ourselves, other people or life itself, can be a recipe for disappointment and frustration. So be sure to ease off a bit if this particular monologue is playing in your mind as August begins and remember, there’s a whole new month ahead and, quite frankly, anything could happen!

The first week is characterised by this combination of sensitivity and inner drive which could turn us into something of a martyr if we let it, but come 4th August Neptune begins to lend a helping hand reminding us that sometimes the best progress is made when we take our foot off the accelerator and allow momentum to take us forward for a bit. We don’t always have to be driving hard and fast, no matter what our inner critic says about our progress to date. This is a test! Do we trust life enough to get us where we need to be (even if it’s not where we think we should end up!) or do we still believe we know better and should be drawing the map and planning the journey moment by moment? If we use the first week of August to answer this question honestly, we will be prepared for the Super Moon on 10th which may reveal to us where we need to accept rather than change, and release rather than cling on.

Prior to this, beginning on 7th August and continuing through to the other side of the Full Moon, we have the opportunity to embrace the wisdom of knowing the difference between pushing the river and going with the flow. The former may be tempting right now but the latter is most definitely what’s called for! It doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to an undesirable and unattractive fate, nor does it mean that we can’t take action to further our goals, but it does mean that when we are meeting obstacles over and over, banging our head against an invisible brick wall which seems to imprison us, the quicker we can take heed and ease off the better. And never has this been more important to grasp than now, for these brick walls are there for a reason and it’s not to smash them down without a second thought! They serve to remind us there are foundations still to be built in the form of skills to acquire, wisdom to develop, or good old fashioned information we still need to discover, before we can move forward in the right direction.

Which brings us to the Aquarius Full Moon on 10th August. This is THE Super Moon of 2014 and one to be respected! Yes, I know other Moons have been designated ‘Super’ this year, but not by me! THIS is the Super Moon to take note of. With the Sun within one degree of Black Moon Lilith, this Moon reminds us that without aligning ourselves with the forces of this universe which are far greater and more powerful than our tiny human minds could ever conceive, we cannot achieve what needs to be achieved in order for the Aquarian Age to be delivered safely and intact. Astrological Ages are ginormous things. Each lasts for a couple of thousand years or so and there is much debate over what actually constitutes the beginning of a new one. However, whatever your view on that, one thing we can all agree is that the next one is the Age of Aquarius and nothing is more important now than raising our own awareness in order to meet it from a place of deep wisdom and insight. And it’s never too early to start that kind of project!

I’ll be writing more about this Moon when the time comes, but suffice to say that it offers a wonderful opportunity to commit to change and release the energy of old habits, fears and conditions which have stopped us from doing so up to now. We don’t have to do it all in one go over night though! The energies of this Moon strengthen our commitment and staying power to keep us on track. They’re not destined to make it all happen in the blink of an eye. Indeed, as we form the commitment to a new and more authentic life this Moon may well reveal to us aspects of our current circumstances which cannot be released but instead must be embraced, accepted and loved for what they are in order for our search for truth to be fulfilled. It comes not as a magic wand but as a whole new tool box which we can open up to discover that extra strength we needed, that deeper insight which ensures our understanding, that extra information needed to complete the puzzle. Insights, information, people and experiences which come to us with this moon are influential and we would be wise not to overlook them!

And as long as we don’t, a sextile between the Sun and the Moon’s North Node the week following the Super Moon allows us to make the most of its potential. It will take a willingness to embrace a new point of view, one born of the fresh perspective illuminated by the Full Moon in Aquarius. The proximity of this aspect to the Full Moon will require rapid adjustment from us, but the quicker we can make it, discarding how we previously viewed things in favour of our new perceptions, the more we will reap the benefits of this much needed adjustment. Some may inevitably struggle with this shift, and it may be those we expected to go with the flow that struggle the most (including ourselves!).  But ultimately this time supports us in releasing stubborn ways and, frankly, immature demands that life does what we want, in favour of a more sound recognition that life may have designs upon us not yet understood and what we perceive as limitation and bad luck may actually be the very portal through which we must travel in order to realise them.

The final two weeks of the month provide numerous opportunities to explore what making these shifts means for us in our everyday life. They speak of two apparently contradictory forces at work which, by their very nature, will require that we step up, with all our courage and resolve, to do things differently and fulfil the potential of both. One, born of an alliance between Uranus, Chiron and Saturn which has been around since June, continues to orient us towards the healing necessary to embrace ever deeper and more authentic truths, and the other, born of an alliance between Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune, demands that we face the challenge this poses to our ego which is inclined only to embrace the truths which suit us and make us feel better about ourselves and in control of life. At this time control is not something we have. At least, not in the way our egos would like to have it! This is a time of purging and release, and what we are releasing may be painful in its passing. We may prefer to cling on because we are identified with the very thing which must be let go.  In such a moment we are faced with the impact of ego against the infinite backdrop of the Divine which requires total trust.

This month we are called to penetrate the truth of our beliefs and personal dogmas, no matter how ‘right’ they have felt or how many other people share them. We cannot enter the Aquarian Age encumbered by beliefs which weigh us down and limit our potential. And even the most apparently ‘spiritual’ and contemporary ones can do this if we have adopted them for the placation of our ego. Ultimately beliefs, dogma, models of evolution, labels that we apply to ourselves and others…. none of these are necessary in the burgeoning age, which requires only that we are present in the moment, connected with all of life as it swirls around and through us, and acting in honour of the greater good. At one level this is infinitely simple, and yet at another so deeply complex our minds will never grasp it no matter how hard they try.

On 25th August the Moon is new in the 3rd degree of Virgo, a degree connected to the angelic realms. No matter how you perceive of angels: as a physical reality, a metaphor or a fairytale, this Moon speaks of protection and support available to each and every one of us. This month is intense and many may encounter moments of challenge and even crisis within it. But this Moon comes as a balm to soothe heavy hearts or weary souls. It reminds us that we are not alone, no matter how isolated we may feel. That life itself courses through us, connecting us with everything throughout the cosmos and beyond. This New Moon invites us to experience this fact, no matter how successfully our minds may be telling us all is lost and we are forever forsaken. Coinciding with a conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Scorpio it may well be a time of pressure, power games and what may feel like defeat and hopelessness, but in fact it is a time in which we can choose to gather up our courage and do things in a different way. Neither give in to the negativity nor turn from and deny it. But instead look it in the eye, whatever it is, and know that if we exist in the same world as this, we have a responsibility for it and are called upon by the cosmos to carry that responsibility with integrity and honour. We cannot separate ourselves from the pain of this world and nor should we. We are moving into the Aquarian Age of community and sister/brotherhood, in which injustice for one is injustice for all. This is a very different discourse to that of the Piscean Age in which saviours and victims need to find each other to live out their roles.

By the end of this month we can come to the recognition we can all be saviours and victims, to ourselves and each other. Or we can choose to be neither and create a whole new way of living. The playing field is levelling and we can choose our part to play. But we must choose well and with deep consideration of the global consciousness from which we draw and to which we contribute every day. We must come to recognise that if we consider ourselves special we render others less so. If we see ourselves as powerless we give power over to others. If we believe only the positive deserves our attention we are denying the experience of all those who suffer day in day out. And if we call only on others to do their bit and own up, we are denying or own part in both the potential for positive change and the maintenance of a dysfunctional and destructive status quo.

August 2014 is an intense month for sure. Many will need support, compassion and understanding to come through it facing the right direction. But we can do it, all of us, if we set the commitment at the start of the month to do so. A commitment to truth without dogma, compassion without pity, and eyes so wide open we can no longer entertain anything but the deepest truth which will reveal itself on a moment by moment basis if we prepare ourselves to receive. If we do all that, we can get through and come out the other end thriving, not just surviving, and more awake than ever before.”

Sarah Varcas

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