Tania Gabrielle: 22:22:22:4:4 Mars Saturn Conjunction [Today]

Today is a very special day as the 4:4 code merges with 22:22:22 to create tremendous opportunities for clarity and manifestation through the gateway of Peace.

Obviously this sets up a very potent frequency shift… which you can use to great benefit.

In 2022, April 4 takes on special significance beyond the yearly 4.4 date:
Mars and Saturn are conjunct today, with both at 22° Aquarius – in 2022.
22 reduces to 4, so the triple 22:22:22 is also expressed as a triple 4:4:4. In short, a quintuple 4:4:4:4:4 code heightens order, integrity, honor, foundations, boundaries and real results. You are tilling the land, laying a very strong foundation for PEACE.

Saturn teaches and delegates responsibility.

Mars ignites passion, energy and drive so you feel engaged to act. Saturn reigns in the Mars’ passion to manifest tangible progress through TOTAL commitment. Any restrictions you feel in your life are helping you focus your energy on what truly matters.You are gifted that extra determination and drive to get things accomplished – being both practical and passionate at the same time.It is important to express yourself – just be patient and take things one step at a time.

And yes, if you feel frustrated, breathe deeply with your eyes closed before proceeding – you are discovering how to set boundaries from distractions, especially information overload which is the greatest interference to inner peace.Simply stated, your inner resolve is strengthened greatly.

And this is only the beginning!

In April we are experiencing invigorating awakenings with the coming Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and the Taurus Solar Eclipse on the final day of April.

Mars conjunct Saturn is laying the energetic groundwork, so you can benefit from ALL the important shifts.

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Love and Joyful Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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