Molly McCord: Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of August 18 to 25 ~ Podcast + Aquarius ♒ Full Moon – Graduating to Higher Timelines and Time for Key Communications

Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of August 18 to 25 ~ Podcast

Aug 18, 2021
Molly McCord
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A dynamic week of acceleration, changes, and revelations is underway as multiple energies amplify what we’re ready to move into next. The Aquarius Full Moon at 29 degrees is a graduation point for you, and the new higher understandings may be quite fascinating to feel and experience. Uranus stations retrograde at nearly 15 degrees Taurus, and makes supportive trines to both Mercury and Mars in Virgo, creating new opportunities that the Universe is (finally) opening up. It’s a time to say YES to whatever may be showing up for you, especially if you’ve been ready and waiting for higher energies to support your next steps. Beautiful opportunities abound! More to share in this week’s podcast.

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Thank you for watching! I appreciate all of your high vibes and what you have contributed to my new YT channel! Many blessings~~ Molly

Aquarius ♒ Full Moon – Graduating to Higher Timelines and Time for Key Communications

Aug 10, 2021
Molly McCord
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The Aquarius Full Moon at 29 degrees on August 22 is a graduation point based on what you have been learning and understanding this year. A turning point is underway as higher knowledge has been rising up within you. You may have clarity and a surprise awakening into more of your truth and what is the correct path for you now.

Uranus RX in Taurus is trining go-getter Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Virgo, adding inspired energy to the tasks at hand and making productive progress on what it is in front of you. Saturn RX in Aquarius is trining Venus in Libra and the North Node in Gemini, opening up communications, ideas, and conversations that you’re ready to discuss more fully in an open manner, especially if a lot has been on your mind. There is now flow and ease for important conversations, as well as a willingness to hear and understand the other person’s perspective and needs.

This is also the second Aquarius Full Moon that puts the lunar cycle back on its normal progressive flow, as the energy has been building since the Leo New Moon on August 8th. Much more to share in this chart video.

Understanding Lunar Cycles and the Reverse Lunar Cycle Energies ~

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Jamye Price: Weekly Lightblast: Knowing When

Weekly Lightblast: Knowing When

What interesting and intense waves of energy we are experiencing. I’ve been noticing how there is a flow of chaos and harmony intermingling, which has been back and forth for months now. This is another layer of the braid energy that Areon spoke about for March.

We are always weaving a new fabric of reality, that is part of the experience of the flow of time. As we are focusing our intent to build a loving foundation, we are changing the trajectory potential of the human experience, even while it still has it’s diversity. This week’s LightBlast is a sweet weaving of time’s essence and yours.

This helps to keep us open to the future potentials that our fear is blocking as we intertwine the universal mind and the human mind into a divine blend of fourth density access.

Exciting times! ;o)

Much Love,

Time is not just your friend, it is your essence expressed in this physical dimension of Earth. The linearity of time is a construct of physicality and it threads the dimensions into a fabric that connects the bridge of evolution.

Your essence is that of All. You are an instantaneous integration of All into a unit of measure, that measure being a bit that completes the Whole. The interweaving is a magical, calculable essence of expression; thought into form, form into life. The infusing of Life into all expression, from your perspective, is the function of Time.

Quietly now, connect within the essence of Time. You have a clock within you. You are within a dimensional clock. And yet the ticking, the timing, is an interactive choice within the limits of your dimensional framework.

It is at this limitation that the fulcrum of the spiral bridges opposite directions into new flow. This flow is invisible at first, and it creates your sphere of creation.

The bridge then, is now your opportunity to release the dominance of Time and access the co-creative nature of Time, a Resource that is available within you. As a human ascending, you are freeing the binds of Time and bending boundaries that held your creativity within the gauze of the past.

What has been before, is now and your future is formed of the thought of the moment. The moment is then eternity and fleeting. Your Timeless nature is within, encompassing the clock, engaging choice and freeing you time and time again.

Knowing When is being in the moment, being present and listening with your tools of
discernment. What draws you or repels you? Is it an easy, exciting draw/repel or does it spin you out of control? How can you shift your perspective, your fears, your habits of thought and action?

Your work is to first find peace before choice.

The linearity of time allows your progression to creative joy. Being honest with yourself about your energy of desperation or despair helps you release the illusion of lack within you. Look past the future and see your now as the perfect choice point it is.

Find that peace within and choose. Movement is continual. As you choose, you direct your movement with the wisdom of one who allows Life to flow with greater ease. Within your moment of choice, the spiral’s fulcrum meets and you create a new path of probability that signals movement changed. The When is created within you moment by moment.

As we sit to Blast Knowing When, we are wisely choosing to balance life’s polarity within before choosing without. We are listening with Love to the flow of our hearts. We are astute to the voice of Love crying behind every angry or harmful word. We are remembering that Life is a benevolent gift and Love is the powerful bonding that creates visible manifestation.

We are a friend to Time, Knowing that clarity comes with the peace that passes all understanding. We are patient because it’s worth the wait. We are active because it’s joyous to Be. We are Love flowing continuously, the movement of Life manifest in graceful form. Blast on!

May 2018 Quantum Awakening Newsletter by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

New! May 2018 Current Quantum Newsletter
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


A Website, a Global Electronic Newsletter,

A Thought, A Way of Life and  a ‘Sanctuary of Truth

Issue #233

MAY 2018

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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted with Love and dedication to the Light

This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.  One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward, feel free to share this information.

Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina for many years.

Thank you dear Lady of Light


***from your Hostess of Light


*** Time is an Agitator

*** Summer of 2018

*** Healing ‘The Goddess Pele’ Within Volcanic Basalt Bracelets

*** GODDESS OF GLITTER’ Sunset Aura quartz

*** Transmission Sessions with Gillian

***Cosmic Classified


From Your Hostess of Light:

Lately as my daily ‘to do list’ gets longer and longer never molting into a ‘ta da’ list, I find myself calling upon the Goddess of Completion. Now I have never met this gal nor even thought of her until now, but like a genii out of a bottle she just miracle-whipped into action. It was like meeting an old cosmic friend aka drill Sargent/ mother superior/ homeroom teacher and ‘fixologist’ compressed into pure action, with enough magic and sparkle mixed in to make it fun.  Like a Jumanji journey, this energy feeds on itself.

This powerful unknown goddess of completion came out of the ethers and like a really good friend offered her help and organizational magical skills via the ‘ta da’ list, erasing the ‘to do list’!  Her motto is, ‘see it done star sister’, first in the ethers then on the ground. She pushed and prodded me like an old cow poke making me clean, clear, and concise, detailing my life. Like mouse teachings she forced me to look closer at all that was seen and all that was hidden. Like Alice looking in-between the cracks in her life, searching for the perfect opening of completion and resolution.

Her teaching of completion required action of some sort, even though that action was pushy and demanding like a crying baby that just wants attention. Her magic brings forth the universal truths to sweep or mow in front of your own porch before you try to fix another’s fence. Tend to your own weeds before you point out weeds in another area of life. In other words channel your life force into areas that are stagnant and have been demanding your personal psychic attention for a long time, Robbing you of precious peace.

The Goddess of Completion comes when requested, her sweet whisperings in your ear urging you forward into a place of less worry and demand on self and soul. When the energy of completion is issued as a decree, doorways of grand proportion will open via space and time as it is filled with the void. The void is the melting pot of all creation as it changes form and mission. Imagine swimming in the pool of ALLNESS a place where all wants, needs, and wishes are filled.  A place out of time that is filled with a deep Nothingness laced with the possibility of Creation.

Completion opens doorways into the Cliffside dwellings of our lives. A place that is camouflaged in clear sight, A place that only shows itself when we enter the holy emptiness, leaving all expectations on dry land. The sacred writing is inscribed on the walls of the void. Call on the Goddess of Completion to help you see with clarity that which is available for completion and release, allowing you entrance into the powerful place of the unformed.



As these energies push and pull us in every direction we are recalibrated into a higher alertness. this cosmic re-sculpting can have a great wear and tear on the human body, electrical system, mind and spirit. Like a million piece puzzle we seek to see a picture of the new us, but alas the puzzle box has no portrait to help us find our lost pieces. We are all looking a little strewn about as The command is ‘change now! Or get caught up in the whirlwind of this cosmic shift.’ Humanity is no longer driving the holy car thru the heavenly configurations. We stand on the edge of the future, scraping ourselves from the past like barnacles on a boat in the shipyard. Not seeing in totality that which is birthing itself right in front of our eyes.

This powerful bull-fed month gives us the stamina ti move out of the confusion into a place a momentary PEACE, and in that moment we can remember and embrace all layers of our light as it is issued thru time, seeing the fullness of ourselves.  As the bull finds itself being ridden by the Gemini twins adventure with an undertow of glee comes to the service of all. Like an imp on summer vacation with not enough to do, the energies will tease and taunt and make you scream uncle. As electrically a new pulse is being attained.

The first full moon in the month of May is traditionally celebrated as Wesak. Each aspect will find a different energy day to embrace. Wesak is the celebration of Buddha’s birth/ enlightenment /death. According to ancient beliefs, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus. The Buddha returns at this time each year to bring a new light to the world. Spiritual leaders both human and hierarchy gather in Wesak Valley, high in the Himalayas.

Wesak is the time in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the healing forces of SHAMBALLA. The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose. The Christ represents God unending Love for humanity.  wesak is like a pitcher pouring out An endless  supply of love and healing. The celestial dispensation usually last only 3 days.

Humanity is in a place of learning to truly see, to create, to make real by looking through the quantum portal, deep into the proverbial rabbit hole. It is time to change the description of what once defined thought.  A call to duty is announced to all that are willing to expand. Without playing favoritism with any particular side of creation, exchange the cross for the crown. Encircling what you want with clear intention, dotting your “I AM’s” and uncrossing your “t’s”. Any and all limitations are the source of your power.  Any darkness you battle can be a source of power if transformed from lead into gold.  What stretches you comes from all sources. You have changed forever never to return to who you once were.  You sit perched on a new branch of heart and light awaiting a signal of when it is safe to fly, neither sign, nor signal comes, You must rely only upon your own intuition to move forward.  As this singularity you sit in a place of great power and sacredness; all that you do or do not do is created by you and you alone. By seeing the existing blessings in your transformative lives you will create a connection for this wave of blessedness to adhere to. The more thoughts you have of blessing what is in your life right now the more energy is generated, and the easier the new connection will be made.  Thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude beckon this wave of blessedness; thoughts of negativity repel it.  The fruits of all past labors of life and love can be now tasted and supped upon.  What was once thought to be lost is found within ones very own life.  Energy spent in helping others was placed into a universal account that has accrued to mighty proportions. Nothing was every lost or wasted or tossed away in thoughts and actions of goodness and kindness. All actions of inherent good have been counted and accounted for by the universal abacus. All time spent in prayer and kind thoughts for others has been exponentially expanded and multiplied beyond earth’s ability to count. A great amount of heavenly rewards finds itself on the road to the masses. Fractals restructure themselves into different patterns of thought as the light within the unexpected and unexplained is turned up so high that even the 3 blind mice can see.  You are leaving the energy of what has so distracted you and moving into a place of sharp focus. Chose to see all or nothing, do not turn a blind 3rd eye to any possibility.



Time is an Agitator

Time is like an old agitator washing machine from the fifties, keeping things stirred up compressed and moving forward in molecular confusion. The sense of being here and there is as real as anything else on planet earth. Stretched forward and backward can make one very dizzy and unbalanced. Missing objects are strewn about between dimensions, seeking a place to land. The plates of time will continue to rub against one another issuing Unexpected seasonal and personal changes. The playing rules of one dimension does not hold true in another.

Losing the past and disconnecting from the Now offers opportunities that could not exist otherwise. The new age, the old age, all age becomes unnecessary as humanity makes a U-turn into a place of reconnection.  The communication lines between humans are fragile and strained like a butterflies wings in a high emotional wind. Seeing oneself mirrored in others has become very apparent and most avert their eyes not wanting to see what is right in front of them.  The oneness seems miniscule as humanity huffs and puffs and blows the illusion down.

Time, stars and climate rewrite themselves in harmony with new laws. Like a change in speed limit from country town to town. Each door you open will take you down another highway of self into a multidimensional portal.  Fractured parts of human evolution now seek to be united trying to fit into oneness. This will keep everyone busy scooping up missing parts of self.  Each person is escorted into all faces of their atom. All Original blueprints are laced with future possibilities, outcomes and back doors of escape. To become your true presence you must walk in to the deep abyss of you.

Realities are challenged doing hand to hand combat. Time rushes by without a thought, as the whirlwind of dimensional change has us riding our bikes against the wind like the witch of the east.

Time cannot be forced into pigeon holes.  Time has grown wings and takes flight into unfamiliar patterns.  The sextants of humanity demand that time fly in a direction that makes sense.  All sensors of Earth – smell, taste, touch, feel – are changing values.  Do not take them for granted, and do not trust them fully.  As what once was written in stone as truth, has now shifted in agenda.  What you know to be truth is challenged non-stop.

The body has received so many mixed signals, so many conflicting truths it is in overload and seems to be taking on a life of its own.  All of humanity is in overload.  All circuitries are encumbered. Earth is at an intersection of time and has become a clearing house of energy and information.


Summer of 2018

As we enter the summer of 2018 and all of the teachings she has to offer we are asked to strive to become more than ever before. To honor our human selves not seeing them as a pack mule or Sherpa for your human needs.  You will be stretched into all the roles you have played in your earthly incarnations. You are asked to become the healer, you are asked to become the scholar. The shaman, the priest, the priestess. You are asked to become all that you have shirked. You are being pulled away from your comfortable personal line in the sand and taken to a new beach with  seamless sand.

This 2018 summer asks you to increase the belief factor in yourself and your abilities. To redesign your self in a collage of life imitating art in all of its beauty and smooth flowing lines.  You are asked to step up to the plate and sup upon what is needed to be done, let it fuel your life force.

As we enter the time of light that has been prophesied by many we are asked to reposition our original thinking about the polarity and multi-dimensional aspects of this earthen plane. We as humans have been stretched to opposite ends of the poles and opposite ends of ourselves and souls, as we travel around and around again in our thinking .trying to find the right path forward and out of confusion.

Declaring what it is we want, who we intend to become, and what we believe in, out loud for all to hear embodies a great light. The great emergence demands a mergence with itself first calling all parts back into the whole, Allowing fractions of truth to unite with the common denominator.

All text has phrases and verses that hold encoded messages that seem to confuse the senses.  Like a timeless paper based A.I. encoding, they relay messages and insights of times to come. Just like Tesla’s electrical wisdom this broadcast is free of restraint and cost. The emergence creates a clarion call that demands all parts of the whole to reunite and reinvent them-selves into a new light that has a greater spiritual value.for all of Earth.


Healing ‘The Goddess Pele’ Within

Volcanic Basalt Bracelets

In Hawaiian myth Pele is a powerful Fire Goddess. She is also the Goddess of lightning, wind, volcanos and the Creator of the Hawaiian Islands. Her sacred name is “She who shapes the sacred land.” Pele being a Hawaiian goddess also governs the volcano Kilauea and is in control of its lava flow. As we have all seen and felt lately pele is a force to be reckoned with, as her ferocious energy comes to the surface looking for an outlet.

The Goddess Pele’ is a molten earthy mirror that reflects our own internal fires that swell out of control. One can only stuff so many angers and injustices without the very blood of the earth beginning to boil. We all inherently have the ability to become fire goddesses and explode at will, not caring about the outcome or who we hurt. These lava bracelets come to give us a ‘healing time out’ by embracing our molten nature and the very nature of the earthen female. We tend to stuff what upsets us deep inside, not to be seen, not to be felt. As we can see that does not work very well for the ‘Goddess Pele’.

Lava is all about inner earth, inner truth, inner healing. Lava rock is the oldest stone in the world. It literally comes from the Core of The Earth. Lava is formed when magma erupts from a volcano. It is fiery brimstone that bubbles to the surface, and then cools becoming porous, black and powerful.

Lava is a grounding stone and can help you connect with nature and help with her healing, as well as yours. Since the stone comes from raw energy, Lava rock is a stone of rebirth helping to shed unneeded layers of emotional baggage and weight.  all of the emotions you have swallowed in the past now choose to be released, why weight/wait any longer? You have eaten your words and fasten your lips shut for eons of time, let it go!

Lava is known for its grounding qualities and for calming fiery emotions.  Since it comes from raw earthen energy Lava stones are fantastic for healing the root chakra which deals with fears, survival issues, past life issues and death. A strong connection from earth to inner earth is created with these stones allowing you entrance into what has been hidden in plain sight.

Lava stones are recommended to be worn close to the skin, if not directly on the skin. It is important the barrier for absorption is not blocked. This allows the energy to flow freely and clearly keeping energies balanced. Lava stones were used by American Indians when entering battle for the qualities of strength and clarity. In folk remedies, it was given to soldiers to help them remain calm during battle.

These lava rock bracelets are from the Guadalupe Island volcano. The island is located 160 miles west of Baja California. The volcano is very deep seated. Lava is a stone of protection and cleansing and will help you stay clear of people who have a bad influence on you. Uniquely designed and crafted, these bracelets are made of Natural Volcanic Lava Rock beads known as Basalt. Basalt is formed from molten lava and molten lava is heated liquid rock you can imagine the strength, fire, and power contained within these Inner Earth bracelets. When we heal thru inner earth we heal ourselves and Earth.

***This bracelet is perfect to be used as an infuser. The volcanic basalt rock absorbs any scent or healing oil you place on it, holding that spirit for several days.

Lava rock affirmation: I let my angers of the past burn away the emotional dross and create new opportunities for Healing, Love and Prosperity.



Sunset Aura quartz

When I first saw these crystals in the Arizona sun, I was bedazzled. They shone in colors I had never seen before, allowing me to see hues of future rainbows. I love glitter and sparkle, I am like a magpie always seeking that which is shiny.

The last year/years have not been very shiny or held much sparkle for many people. Who has time for glitter as we all try to stay afloat the fluctuating riptide world and energies. Holding tight to what we know is truth but also feeling it slip away, a little more each day. The paradigm is rewiring itself again and…

Read the rest, purchase a healing session, or make a donation, here:

Jamye Price: Will 2018 Really Be Any Different?

Will 2018 Really Be Any Different?

As 2018 is beginning, it is natural to wonder what it’s going to be like. Will it really be different? There is so much information out there that it can be confusing.

In general, I feel such a powerful and wonderful flow for 2018. That doesn’t mean that the 3D world will be experiencing that, but most Lightworkers (conscious or not) are already residing enough in 4D to focus themselves more and more into a higher vibration.

Yet what does that really mean for our experience? Areon is calling 2018 The Year of Amplification. This year will amplify our intent. Our manifestations will start to move faster. People will still seem to polarize, because the intensification of the spiraling flow is speeding up.

Clarity becomes paramount, and it becomes no matter what. The spiral clarifies. It strengthens what is strong, it releases/separates what is weak.

What do you want to strengthen? NOW is a powerful time to focus on that. In this week’s post, Areon gives some suggestions for clarity. In the Lyran Perspective channeling, they spoke of the power of desire. This month’s energy of Heart Amplification is all about setting the tone for 2018 so that your heart, your desire is leading the way.

What does your heart desire? Focus there. Use that energy of the spiral to help you strengthen your

It will be a powerful year. Not always easy perhaps, but in this 11 year, it will distill us into more mastery! Will it really be different? That depends on you. Ascension is an inner job. The only thing that really matters is your vibration. Don’t worry. Clarify. This is more natural to you than it sometimes feels.

What do you want to let go of? More on that later. The energy always builds in a perfect progression.

Much Love,



Blessed Beings, Life is ever moving and ever-changing. In your moment of stillness or deep connection, that is where your clarity is heard. It does not yell, it is often a profound silence.

Underneath words or without words, it matters not; for the subtle realm hears your stillness.

The future is a response to the present moment and it awaits your desire and clarity of knowing to realign itself for you.

The subtle realm hears your clarity with the totality of understanding your full resonance. As you honor your authentic thoughts and emotions you are aligning with the subtle laws of time and space.

Clarity of Time

Quite often as humans are interacting with time they experience it as a burden that cannot be shifted and begin to experience some unconscious resistance.

They observe the past and what had been lost.

They observe the future and fear the unknown.

They resist the present because to fully be in it brings thoughts and emotions that may not feel comfortable.

But as you honor the conditions of this reality, you begin to find your footing. You find interactions that create a strength of Knowing within the self. This is your clarity. Not all the answers of the future, but the power of the present moment embodied within.

Honor the Past

As you shift your inner experience, you can then authentically observe the past and experience a new perspective. Allow yourself to feel and experience a new perspective of that which has passed in the physical realm.

It was a catalyst that fostered strength, understanding and compassion. It created a strong desire for change.

Honor the Future

The strength within the core of the self understands what it is to be in the eye of the storm and to allow the self to observe the future and the unknown. While the details of the future are unknown, the Knowing that all is well maintains your stability, even through change.

You become the eye of the storm, that stable calm as life spins around you. This is an important understanding for you now, as life spins ever faster.

Empower the Present

To recognize and affirm that all is well in the present creates a future aligned with your peace that passes all understanding. You are ever changing as you create a strength of knowing within your self that all is well.

Soothe the mind into understanding that all is well. Details will follow. As you learn to find your peace within the unknown (the subtle realm), you learn the skills of following the clues of life and directing from there.

This is a refining of information. It is subtle realm communication.

Clarity of Space

Your knowing that you exist within the physical realm and the subtle realm creates a shift. There is a transformation and a release as you allow yourself the authentic flow of emotion and thought.

You move through the thoughts and emotions, you are not bound by them. You become a master of your interaction with the flow of Life. The difference is your conscious interaction with it.

When your core is strong with the knowing of your sacredness, empowerment and that all is well—life flows more easily. It responds to you, and you find yourself aligning with Life in sacred and special ways.

You begin to see the magic that you are, that which Love is. You begin to see that the “magic” in life is not an illusion, it is real and natural. But it is a choice.

Honor Choice

Life is wanting you to thrive, to allow Life through you. As you direct your choice and allow Life to respond, you are flowing with Life and Life is flowing with you more easily. The full give and receive of life is manifesting through you.

New solution and new experience is being born through you.

You do not need to figure it all out. Become resonant with the peace that passes all understanding and all understanding will pass through you.

Choosing Freedom

Your freedom is an internal experience. Your inner realm is your sovereign domain. How you maintain your inner realm, affects your creativity and your interaction with life.

When you are free within, you are able to create and interact more easily.

How do you find your inner freedom? Allow forgiveness. Allow new perception.  Allow transformation to occur so that all experiences become new strengths, new wisdom, new understanding of the self. This heals the past into an empowered present.

Allow excitement, play and creativity to flow. Transform worry or the fear of the unknown into a strength of understanding that Life is wanting to respond to you. This creates a future that is resonant with your empowered present.

Embody the fullness of the present moment.

The present moment contains the past and the future connecting through the core that you are. Embody your present moment fully. That is how you access that peace, stillness and the ability to observe with the detachment that All is Well.

Clarity Within

Begin to perceive the beauty in Life, even the challenges. By beginning to perceive the beauty that you are, you see that your core strength maintains a powerful alignment. Life responds powerfully to this flow.

Be unconditionally loving with yourself. Be unconditionally loving with your past. Be unconditionally loving with your future. Be unconditionally loving with your present moment, even as authentic thoughts and feelings flow.

The positive emotions are supporting you. The negative emotions are strengthening you.

As you perceive all is well, observe the beauty in life, and love yourself unconditionally; you are transforming the negative into a connection with Love that no longer separates the two.

The negative then becomes merely an opposite, not an opposition. Duality no longer holds sway over you. You have become the eye of the storm—the strength that maintains its balance, even as life spins around it.

As you create your clarity within, you allow the harmony of the spiral of Life to flow strongly to you, through you, and to create with you.

We love you. We receive the beauty that you are. You are magnetic and magnificent. This interaction with you changes all of Life. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.


Get Ready for your Mission. No more Excuses. It is Time… Vera Ingaborg | The Wake Up Experience

After a small break, light influx is picking up again.


It has been quite a challenging time ever since the outcome of the US elections. So much is happening at once and we have to deal with so many things simultaneously on an energetic level. The Human Collective has been deeply triggered and pushed into the awakening process.  Fear is surfacing everywhere. The chaos is necessary to destroy old energetic structures of low frequency and to transform them onto a much higher level. Everything that happened had to happen exactly the way it did.

And – you have been prepared for this. All of the pain you went through prepared you to be a leader for those that are waking up now. It is time. In the article “Get Ready for your Mission. No more Excuses. It is Time”, we will take a closer look into what is happening right now, why it happened and what the prevailing symptoms are, we are currently experiencing.

Be the love you wish to see and experience on this planet. We are doing this together, and I am so grateful to  be here with you at this time.

I hope you enjoy the read.

With so much love and gratitude,

Vera Ingeborg

Get Ready for your Mission. No more Excuses. It is Time…
Vera Ingaborg | The Wake Up Experience

Wooow, what a crazy period has it been ever since the outcome of US elections. So many people got upset, angry and scared. And they still are. The comfort zone is gone and nobody knows what the future will bring and what this guy is up to. Nothing the ego mind copes well with at all. Along with that, we had an increase in major Earthquakes over the past weeks. This planet is really shaken to the core. In parallel, lightworkers are still busy with lots of physical ailments, last bits of emotional clearing and… the thought spirals are back. But they feel different. They are spiralling around a lot more topics than ever before. And although spiralling deeply in one moment, in the next – you have completely forgotten what you had been trying to figure out. What is going on?

So the neverending story continues. And we have to get used to that! The expansion of consciousness indeed IS a neverending story. Because the Universe keeps expanding and keeps experiencing and expressing itself into matter and form, to gather information before going back into non-matter. This might be confusing to understand, but this is what this whole game is all about. We never stop growing and expanding. But the higher we raise, the easier it gets – because we are getting rid of the fear patterns along the process, so the highs get higher and more frequent, while the lows get less and lose their power over us. Having said that, where are we at right now, and what are we experiencing?

Chaos and the Ripple Effect

Earth in waterAs I said in many blogs before, a system needs to go into chaos in order to rebuild itself at a higher level. It is a universal law and basis of each evolutionary process. You can observe that anywhere in nature. A rigid structure cannot change. And just as it happened on a micro level with your own body, it now happens on a macro level for the collective. Remember how tough it was for yourself to go through the awakening process with your own body, which is an organism. And all of your cells are part of that organism. All of your cellular memory had to be reprogrammed and restructured to enable you to access higher dimensions and to be able to handle the higher fifth dimensional frequencies of light and love. So now,  the same happens at a larger scale. And you are affected as a cell of that bigger organism we are all part of. So are you really surprised that this chaos all around the planet is happening now? It had to be this way. Just remember how you were pushed into your awakening process. You were triggered so deeply, that all of your old belief systems and everything that was not real about you, not authentic about you, and all of the fake fear patterns came to surface so that you could go through the emotions in order to release them and transmute the energy to a higher level. And exactly the same is happening for the organism of humanity now.

“You know that your own awakening was a long and painful process. You did not wake up and everything was easy peasy and a rose tinted world immediately. So why would it be any different for the awakening of humanity?”

You know that your own awakening was a long and painful process. You did not wake up and everything was easy peasy and a rose tinted world immediately. Far from it! No, you patiently went through all the ups and downs of your own evolutionary process. So why would the evolutionary step humanity is headed into now be any different? Did you really think, we would just walk through the portal and would all end up in paradise right away? Of course not. Humanity needs to go through the same thing, with every cell of its body: All human beings that are awakening now. And your task, as a healed cell of this larger organism on the planet, is to “infect” all other cells with the new “virus” of light and unconditional love. Leading them back to Christ Consciousness, out of the valley of darkness and the illusion of separation. So, honestly: Isn’t that a great message, that all you have to do is further focus on yourself, your healing and to stay in the light, to be love and to share it with as many people as possible? That is all there is to do. The system will heal itself through love. So please stop worrying about the outcome of the election and wrapping your mind around things that you cannot change. You don’t want to be a cancer cell making the organism even more ill, right?. Again: This chaos is necessary to destroy the old energetic patterns. Only then a shift to a higher evolved state of being can take place. Remember: Change only happens from within. Just as you cannot change another person, you cannot change a political, economic or cultural system. The only way to change it is through your individual change in your attitude and through your personal shift from fear to love. Like a ripple effect this will spread all over the planet. And you are not alone. Many lightworkers are placed all over the planet strategically to initiate and foster these ripples everywhere. THAT is the way to raise the frequency and change the reality not only for yourself, but for humanity and the planet in total.


Thought Spirals and the Polar Shift

Astrology Profile As already indicated in one of my last blogs, we are entering the final cleansing phase on an individual level for the pioneers of the new dawn. Yes, for you, reading this text! This means that your physical, emotional and mental bodies are getting rid of the last bits of 3D programming to be fully healed and restructured at a much higher level.

One thing that really sticks out right now are the thought spirals. We had worked so hard to get our ego under control and have managed so well to be in the now. And all of a sudden, we seem to be back in the old game of jumping from past to future, worrying about what we could have done differently or what could happen and how we can prepare for it. But as deep as we spiral, all of a sudden, we forget about it and spiral about something else. And with that, we also experience difficulties in expressing ourselves in a spoken or written language. We have a hard time to put into words what we are experiencing, and sometimes our ability to speak seems to be completely disturbed. Why are we all of a sudden struggling and are so busy with wrapping our mind around stuff we cannot change anyways?

There are two main reasons:

Reason number one: We are shifting in and out of Unity Consciousness at a very high rate. Within seconds! We are going back and forth: 3D-5D-3D-5D-3D-5D. This is part of our recalibration process, and our mind tries to understand that weird dance – but it is not capable to process that vast amount of information coming in with the energy stream.. So please know that these thought spirals are perfectly normal and are caused by the polarities switching within our cellular structure. This is heralding the polar shift that is, according to scientists, overdue and imminent, catalyzing the big shift in consciousness. Zero Point. The evolutionary jump into New Earth reality.

“This is heralding the polar shift that is, according to scientists, overdue and imminent, catalyzing the big shift in consciousness. Zero Point. The evolutionary jump into New Earth reality.”

Reason number two: We are tuned into the collective field and are picking up all the fears that are rising to surface for billions of the awakening newbies. So be aware that the thought spirals and emotional breakouts you are experiencing are not all yours. This is collective stuff running through you, and all you have to do is give it compassion and gratitude. Our collective is finally healing! This is something to be happy about and celebrate! That is exciting news!


Revelations and Collective Triggers

So can you see now that all that has happened with Donald Trump as THE trigger for humanity had to happen, so that we as human collective can awaken and ascend? We will experience interesting months ahead. We will get a lot of revelations about the old system, and the global elite that has ruled and controlled humanity for a long time. And these revelations will be very dark and ugly. Nevertheless, this will be another necessary step to help the masses awaken. They will see so clearly how long they have been enslaved and living a lie, not being aware of their true nature and birth rights of abundance and freedom. And in order to go through this process and this expansion of their awareness, they need YOU!

“All of what you went through, all of what has happened for you, all the pain prepared you for this. To be a leader through this process, being a beacon of light in the middle of chaos that people can turn to in their confusion.

All of what you went through, all of what has happened for you, all the pain prepared you for this. To be a leader through this process, being the beacon of light in the middle of chaos that people can turn to in their confusion. You will no longer be considered the crazy one, but the one that knows all about it and is able to help. You will be so appreciated for who you are and what you do. So stay in your light! Love and light energy is so much more powerful than fear energy. Darkness has no chance against the light. It is simply the light. This is the way how we will heal the collective. Each and everyone of us through our gifts and talents. For those still doubting, what this process is all about, I highly recommend to read this article. It has the focus of twin flames, but especially the first part is valid for all lightworkers just the same.

So get ready for your mission! These are the boot camp finals! You are almost done with your healing, and this planet and humanity needs you! That is what you came here for! No more excuses. You are to move beyond being human. You are to find your own inner light. Everything outside of you was just a catalyst to get you there. Now is the time to fully step into your power. Now is the time to fully trust your intuition. You are about to become a true ascended master while being in a physical body. No more doubts. No more judgement. No more waiting for your guides to tell you what to do. You KNOW. Yes, you do, start trusting that. The reward? You become the master of your own destiny. You will experience unconditional love, freedom and joy in the physical for as long as you want. Really? You might think now…. Yes, really: Because aging does not happen in the absence of fear.

Time to rock the show. And I am so happy and grateful to rock it together with you! I love you and appreciate you for all the hard work well done. Thank you so much for being here to make this happen.


The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

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The Lion’s Gate 2016 and the “Master” Cycle that Commences: The Opening of the Seventh Dimension on Earth ~ Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

The Lion’s Gate 2016 and the “Master” Cycle that Commences:
The Opening of the Seventh Dimension on Earth

Beloved Family of Light, when you began this year of 2016, we did say to you, with much love, that 2016 would be a challenging year, and that you would need to embody your Mastery in a powerful way.  As the Lion’s Gate of 2016 approaches, you now prepare yourself for a New Beginning and to initiate your first major cycle of creation as an embodied Master and Alchemist.

What does this mean?  It means that you will take what is of low frequency and you will transform it and turn it into Golden Light!  Even though you may be surrounded by people who are filled with fear and anger and other low frequency emotions and who are making choices based on these emotions, you will make your choices from Love and Compassion and you will be the Diamond Light that shines clearly and magnificently.

Beloved Ones, now is not the time to give up or to step back.  Now is the time to fully embrace who you are, who you have become, and to step forward into the Emerald Light as a fully embodied Master, a Creator and Alchemist of Light.  In this time of chaos and challenge as the old falls away and the new is still to manifest, it is you who are here to hold the energy of the New, to be the New Earth, and to embody the Power and Empowerment of the New Earth Soul.


The Lion’s Gate and the Planetary New Year : A New Cycle of Time and Creation


On the 26th of July, you will enter into the Planetary New Year.  This is the Time celebrated by the Ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, as the moment when the Planet begins a New Spiral of Galactic evolution in alignment with the Great Central Sun and the Divine Cosmic Heart.  It marks the opening of the Lion’s Gate Star Portal, which allows for a powerful influx of Light Codes that will shape the form of experience in the coming year.  These Light Codes will lift you into another level of evolution and experience if you allow this process, but if you are not aligned or you are in a low frequency of anxiety and fear, you will simply continue to create at this same level again.

Beloved Ones, be open to this grand influx of powerful Light and Blessings that is coming to you as this Star Portal begins to open on the 26th  July, and culminates on the 8th of August on the 8/8, and then closes on the 12th of August.  Here is a “window” of Light and Opportunity for each one of you to step up and into a new level and phase of your personal evolution on Earth..

There will be many distractions in the outer world.  Many disasters and conflicts will occur that will ask for your attention and will ask you to align your energy with theirs.  Beloved Ones, it is enough to be aware of what is happening, but to focus your energy and attention rather on your inner processes and on the need to initiate a New Cycle of personal Creation that will express a higher level of your Soul and your Soul Essence on the Earth.

Decide for yourself who you are and what you will create in your life and on the Earth, and then focus on that.  Do not be drawn by the energies of anything that is not in alignment with what you wish to create.

Time Cycles and the New Cycle

Beloved Ones, in your Earth space of the Fifth Dimension in transition, you have experienced two creative cycles of 8 to 9 years, and you are beginning another now.

From 1999 to 2008 you created together as the first wave of awakened souls on Earth, together with the Indigo and Crystal children.  This period included the 9/11 event and the economic collapse of 2008.  Both events were aimed at distracting attention from the creation of the New, and keeping people on Earth focused on the same old creations of fear and lack that allows them to be manipulated and controlled.  Then, from 2008 to the end of 2016, you have been in the second cycle, where there has been a continuation of low frequency fear based “events” that are aimed at keeping humanity at a low frequency and preventing them from progressing to freedom and empowerment.

Beloved Ones, if you are awake and aware, you will see how these events always occur at times when a great shift is possible, so that fear and anxiety will prevent many from shifting as they are trapped in their own fears.  Do not let this happen to you!  Now, as you begin the process for the creation of the 2016/7 to 2026 cycle, focus on Higher Consciousness, Higher Wisdom, and what you desire to create for yourself and for the Earth as you assist in the manifestation process for the New Earth.

The Master that You Are and the Power that Flows through as the Seventh Dimension opens

You have everything that you need within you.  Over the past two cycles of evolution and growth, you have activated the Personal Power and Creativity that you need.  You have activated your Light Body and the 13 Chakra Energy system that you need to allow you to receive and integrate the incoming Light Codes.  You have opened your Hearts to receive the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness with its Love and Compassion at the center of your existence.

Then, you have received the Diamond Codes that allowed you to reconnect with your Galactic heritage, and the Emerald Codes that allowed you to reconnect with Nature and the Green Heart of the Earth.

More recently, you have begun the rewiring of your energy meridians that allows you to reconnect with the powerful flows of creative and intuitive energy of the Right Brain and to balance these and integrate them with the Left Brain’s ability to organize and create narratives.

Beloved Ones, this powerful energy that is flowing into the Planet right now is a torrent of blessings and creative abundance, but unless it is received in balance and integrated into your Light Body system, it has the potential to destabilize your energy field.  This Energy flow must then be received by the Pineal Gland Gateway, and then transmitted by the Right Brain and the Left Brain and then into to the Heart.  From there it must be grounded into the Earth through Manifestation and connection with the Earth Star and the Earth Heart centers.

Those who are not grounding this energy will feel this energy running “wild” in their system, and they will become aggressive, fearful, explosive and angry.  Those who have no connection with their Soul and Higher Self will feel lost, confused, anxious and unable to find their place in the world.

The whole purpose of your evolution in thee last two cycles has been to reconnect Spirit and Body, Heaven and Earth, so that your Body and Soul are One.

It is your Soul that will provide the center of your Being and your Life right now.  You are the Master, your Soul connects to your Heart Center in Love and Peace.  You manifest from Soul and Spirit into Matter, following the laws of Divine Creative Power and Balance.  You create a Garden of Peace and Creativity within your Heart and Soul that manifests around you.

Beloved Ones, do not seek for Peace and Harmony in the outside world, or in others, right now.  You are the ones who are here to demonstrate Mastery and to open the Gateway of the Seventh Dimension.  Those around you in the world are still struggling to understand the Fifth Dimensions, and the Magic of the Sixth Dimension, so they cannot at this moment be in that place of expansion where you stand now ready to move forward.

The Seventh Dimension is the frequency of the Master and is the focus and end point of the Ascension process.  For you, Beloved Ones, it means to be here on the Earth, in the midst of the turmoil and chaos, and to be in that place of Inner Stillness and Peace.  It means to be connected to the powerful Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence and to be able to direct this Flow into Magical Manifestation through Intention and Focus.  It means to live without fear, without expectations and attachments, but simply in the Flow of Love, Creativity and Divine Manifestation.

To live as a “Master” does not mean to be “perfect”.  It means to be who you are as a Soul in a Body, and to express your Soul in alignment with Spirit, in everything that you experience and manifest on Earth.

Beloved Ones, as these Gateways are opening, you are all most welcome to step across the threshold and claim your place in the Higher Dimensions of Light as they open to Earth.  These intense Frequencies of brilliant light and Luminosity will illuminate all that you do at this time.

And, as you do this, you will know and trust that you will always be safe and cared for.  Your Soul will protect you and Spirit will guide you, as you weave and create with the Divine Creative Intelligence as an Embodied Master of Light.

The Magical Gateway Opens

So, Beloved Family of Light, at this powerful New Year and Lion’s Gate, there will also be a powerful opening to the Seventh Dimension of Ascended Mastership available to you if you so desire to move forward in this way.

You will know that you are ready.  You will feel that you have mastered the Fifth Dimension of Oneness and released the hold of Duality and the Shadow on your Life.  You will be ready to embrace the Love, Creativity and Magic of the Sixth Dimension and to flow with the powerful Light Codes and currents without Fear.  You will be ready to balance yourself between Heaven and Earth, and to step forward as a Master of these Energies on Earth.

You will be ready, when the Gateways open, to express your Soul fully on the Material Plane as a New Human of the New Earth.


If you would like to learn more about the Planetary New Year, the Lion’s Gate and the Opening of the Gateway of the Seventh Dimension, you are invited to join Celia Fenn in an online Webinar Course Gateway to a Magical New Beginning : Planetary New Year and the Lion’s Gate 2016 Webinar Series

Time Intersection ~ a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Time Intersection ~ a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Monday, 28 December, 2015

As of we come to the end of 2015, we are paused by an intersection, a inter-dimensional 4-way stop. You each stand at the entrance to yourself, holding your breath, waiting for life to show you what to think, how to walk, who to love, what to pray for.
All that you have ever been is shown between the lines of self and soul. Within the walls of your heart you tread like a caged animal, trying to reroute the roads of the past, amuse and confuse the passage of now, and pay no heed to the future. Within the walls of your heart resides ‘God’s Hope’. Your little human heart holds the embryo of universal possibility.
You all stand at this intersection with a cosmic pause, yet still not yielding to anything. You have seen many horizons and roads of the future. You are asked to surpass all that you have known yourself to be to land within the field of knowledge that awaits you and to go beyond your previous abilities to create, to love, to become more.
There are many levels of your light that you are about to know, as there are many new levels of your humanness that you have been afraid of embracing. Announce to yourself the receiving of Love in all its forms, proclaim love to yourself, for the next level of Light can only be accessed through the human heart. In order for you to rise to this next level of illumination – you must do it through the loves THAT STILL LIVE IN YOUR HEART! It is through this doorway of past loves that you will then walk into the SHINIEST of love that you will wear as an outer golden garment.

The Great Invocation
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men-
The purpose which the Light Masters know and serve.
From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
and seal the door where evil dwells forever.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. (3x’s)

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –

Weekly LightBlast: The Passage of Time Jamye Price a message from Jamye Price

Weekly LightBlast: The Passage of Time

You can watch video version here.

There is an innate wisdom to humanity, it is within you and ever-expanding.  The system of Life within which you reside is an aspect of you, and you are It.  The separation of the physical form provides an environment of longing and mental awareness that begins to form a path of connection.  Time is one such connector, as it is connecting All things.

This separation you experience is a brilliant mechanism, for it strengthens the heart/mind/body complex.  It directs and allows choice.  It begets discovery and defines movement. You separate Time into past, present and future.  You understand that it moves and never stops, yet you may also know the stillness within that defies the rules of Time.  Time, like all rules and laws, seems as if it is outside of you.  Yet in Truth, it is within you.  The rule of Time bends to your will as appropriate.  Appropriate is a matter of vibration, and vibration is a culmination of your past, present and future perceived within.

Does your past instill resentment, powerlessness or understanding of the potentials presented?  Does your future instill fear, uncertainty, or an openness to the co-creation of your joy in form?  Does your present calm you, excite you, stagnate you or ignite you?  There is no judgment about your true feelings from the universal wisdom that appreciates you to a depth unfathomable.  There is pure understanding of the benefit of all that you perceive, for it is potential awaiting ignition.  Time patiently moves it along.

The expression grandfather time is apt in that there is a wisdom and a patience that is seasoned and Loving.  Begin to feel the flow of Time within you, rather than just outside of you for it is within All Life.  Just as the DNA of your grandfather resides within you and also outside of you, so it is with Time.  Time is within you, awaiting your attention to form it, direct it, and allow it to flow with you and through you.  With your perceptions, both known and unconscious, you form the magnetic pull that shapes your experience in the present.  Your present moment has the information of your past within it.  It has the potentials of your future within it.  Yet you are the focal point that directs its flow to form.  What will you choose?

As we sit to Blast The Passage of Time, we are ever still and ever moving as the duality of form offers us connection.  We are beginning to embrace the connection of All Life, discovering the power within.  We are strengthening our Love and our understanding as we perceive humanity as progressing through fear.  We are choosing a new emanation in the present as we begin the growth of Love’s foundation on Earth.  We are Time manifest, knowing the past has benefited the present courage to create our future.  Blast on!

Time Doors Swing Both Ways ~ a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Time Doors Swing Both Ways

Wednesday, 1 April, 2015

As the memory of what was, seems to drift like a piece of lost wood in an ocean of confusion, we continue to move quickly down the corridor of time. We are being ushered into time doors that swing both ways. Down hallways that never end into a place that has not been created yet.

All of us have seen and felt the difference and the trail of chaos it leaves behind. Time is like a wild horse that bucks the 24 hr system and continues to look for a way out of the dimensional corral.  We all run like hamsters in a clear ball bumping into walls paddling our little feet as fast as we can. Not getting anywhere and exhausted by all the energy it took just to get this far. Time brushes past us like a gust of wind, not asking our permission to do what it was born to do.

Life pushes us harder into a corner of limited choices or so it seems, but it is us that has painted ourselves into that corner by our limited thinking. We can just as easily paint a way out if we choose.  Time has shifted. It has quickened its pace, and all past promises have shifted as well. Longitudes and latitudes dance to a new beat. Leylines and time markers are off line, sacred geometries are reset. An actual cog in time has been felt as the worlds walk into a new wavelength of Light.

We still biologically walk to the beat of the old drum when the band plays on in a different octave of time and light. Our perceptions are enhanced and we see in and out of time but are still not sure where to place each thought. Seeing between the worlds is not a place for those weak of purpose. One must hold tightly to the tight wire as time doors are opened and possibilities present themselves in a new array of colors. The unexpected is to be expected on a daily basis. People do there best to hide what ails them but actions are louder than any words.

This year of time asks one to get down to the business of picking up the shattered glass of this past year.

Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of heart or knee. As one walks thru the time doors many trap doors make themselves know. Dimensional black holes to other places of parallel time loops can create a dizzying effect in most unexpected places.. Time doors open and close faster than the bat of an eye. Truth and time are adjustable in nature.

That which has appeared emptied now becomes full, freeing itself from  previous definition.  A shift of light realm awakens from a long sleep to escort you into the cornerstone where time and space meet. All limitations are transformed in this expanded view.  Do you have the courage to take an open-eyed leap of faith into this fluid point of possibility? Your vessel of perpetual self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts.

You are an instrument of light that is being fine-tuned to play a new song. Relax into the Shifts; look at them eye to I, seeing with the wisdom of a thousand years!  See beyond what you deem humanly possible. Each situation has a million outcomes. It is up to the individual to pick the reaction  which then opens the door to a matching experience.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –


THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 (+ Tuesday, January 6, 2015)

Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, realization, illumination

Moon in Leo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Kali

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe” (self-empowerment, personal sovereignty)

Skill: focus on what truly sustains and what truly lasts

Negative Imprint: neurotic, performances to trick, insensitivity, slowing progress, fussy, control dynamics, greed, ineffective supervision

Positive Imprint: protection, nurturance, beauty, flowers and flower essences for healing, inner knowledge, direct connections with the past, pure motives

“The Union Jack flies from a new British warship.”

This is the Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun today – 18 Capricorn.  Have the UK-variety new world order Illuminati minions left their calling card in Paris with the attack at the magazine office?

State-run media here in the US seems to have a ready-made narrative to explain it all to us.

The parliament of wise owls looks deeper.  We know that the Sabian symbols are a code to explain the mechanics of the evolution of consciousness.  We also know that forces that stand opposed to free humanity enact certain events (rituals) at specific times when energetics are most favorable – like a false flag attack when the Sun reaches the degree of the symbol for empire.  The energy to dominate comes when the Sun reaches 18 Capricorn.

There is more.  Venus is located at the degree of the symbol for ritual: “a masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play.”  Our eyes are wide open, not wide shut.

And, truly, our eyes are on other things – like forming the infrastructure of the future as the worlds of spirit and matter are enchanted to merge.  Our focus is on the precedents of the past that are returning to consciousness.  This is the return of wisdom and comes from the formation of all kinds of things based on wisdom – things like mystery schools (which are spreading like a wildfire that has been meditated upon by fire worshippers to create an ultimate reality of existence).

But back to the energetics of the day.  Mercury, which is still in range of conjunction with Venus, is located at the symbol for precedent: “a council of ancestors.”  This energy connects with the past, so it gives the Illuminati minions a well of past imprints to tap back into.  The power of anything depends on how often and how strongly attention is given to it.  Therefore, today’s attack in Paris has not only built upon past events when the Sun was at this degree, but also imprints it for the future.  It happens through ritual.

Click here for a link to Wikipedia’s entries of events for January 7 – the day when the Sun is at 18 degrees of Capricorn, the energy of the empire, and be amazed.  Look at the themes of banking and empire.  Look at how the UK and French go at it on this day throughout history.  The British and French branches of the Illuminati think they are the only ones wise to this, but no more.

You could even take this further and, in a contemporary sense, make a case for France being the place where independence first bloomed and where the union of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine has remained spirited, and England being the place where domination first hissed and where the schism between feminine and masculine has remained demonic.

England is also where the Magna Carta was birthed, so there is always an energetic that runs counter (positive) and available to build upon.

Anyone who understands this has a natural response to want to counter it.  Today, we counter this first by the mere recognition of it.  It takes a strong person – a wise owl – to be able to see this senseless violence perpetrated and know that it is reinforcing a long line of dark rituals.  But some of us humans have to be able to see it and hold the line so that other humans can do it, too.  Perception is a species-wide thing, so when we see the reality of what is happening, others follow.  It’s how cognitive dissonance is overcome.

Second, we will shift our focus to one of sustenance – what sustains, what lasts.  We will continue painting the Second Renaissance into being.  We infuse the energetics of the day with a different imprint.  We “over write” the “program” with an energetic that overcomes domination.  This imprint throws off the power and control of empire.  Empires have fallen before.  We are watching it happen now.  Today’s attack in Paris won’t have the intended effect because the force behind it is weakened.  Imprints of love, beauty, and freedom are much, much stronger nowadays.  More on that another day…

As we go about life today, wise owls will continue to firmly anchor and imprint the positive elements of the energies.  We are an assembled tribe and this is our daily ritual.  We claim our power.

(Note:  It is interesting to me how photographs with pairs of animals are being snapped lately.  The wise owls who sent today’s photo report that they have at times four pairs of swans at once.

Yesterday, I was gifted with the rare sighing of four pairs of cardinals in one tree.  Cardinals are my favorite, so imagine my delight!  Yesterday’s photo was of a pair of owls who let Kim get very, very close to them on her deck.  Pay special attention to sightings of pairs.)

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report.  Blessings to all!


THE ORACLE REPORT:  Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Full Moon Phase: illumination, realization, fulfillment

Moon in Leo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Kali

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe” (self-empowerment, personal sovereignty)

Skill: release yourself from trying to control time

Negative Imprint: over-analysis, ignoring rules or laws, things that are unbearable, restraints, rushing, missing key things, forcing, suppression of rebellion, false claims of power and change, clandestine

Positive Imprint: objectivity, inventiveness, identifying issues, focus, practice, disinhibited, slow and steady, observation, potent healing, confidence

Full light continues to be thrown off and also throw things off this Full Moon phase.  We are coming to new understandings about ourselves and this is rippling out into the field, changing it.  This is how the world changes.

What is trying to be revealed to you?  It may be having a harder time getting through because, even though it is a Full Moon phase right now, the Black Moon and Neptune are in opposition.  The Black Moon and Neptune together tend to shroud and mystify.  So if you are trying to understand, fix, improve, and integrate something and it isn’t coming quite happening, don’t try to rush or force it.  Relax the tension. Take a breath.  Wait for the fog to clear.

With this, it is important to understand that we may attempt to blame the hold-up or lack of clarity on ourselves.  We are clearly seeing our “major malfunctions.”  The solutions are what aren’t easily visible right now.  We personalize this, but the nature of this energy is one of “veiling.”

The reason solutions aren’t clear is because there is re-arrangement of “the field” happening this lunar cycle – Kali the Destroyer’s cycle.  Using the energetics of Uranus/Pluto and Mercury/Venus, she is putting everything in spin.  Consciousness is taking a mass turn.  She is refreshing the dream, re-commanding it by calling forth our inner chief to claim our power and our place.

Our inner sacred masculine continues to rise.  The inner rise and outer manifestation of the sacred masculine within all of us is what is healing us and restoring us to sanity.  This energy is very, very strong now because we are in the Full Moon phase (the fullest expression) of the energy that was imprinted back at the New Moon.  The energy that was infused then to be time-released throughout the month is the energy that would cause an Indian chief to assume his role, his mantle of power, within his tribe.  It causes him to come forward to lead.

This is why things are welling up in relationships.  Power and control dynamics are responding to this shift, this mass turn, and changing things dramatically.  All things are in relationship, so this weaves through everything.  Kali is the master at this and her reach is great.  The changes are creating strong, permanent foundations for the future.

Kali doesn’t just destroy.  She re-creates.

Today, be aware of the tendency to be extra hard on ourselves and become mired in our perceived failures.  This energy can create harsh confrontations with ourselves which can all too easily become projected onto others.  This commonly occurs with Full Moon phases, but is intensified today.

Kali is in control of the hands of time right now, not us.  There is no reason to rush or force anything.  It is much more fun to release the controls and watch what happens.

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