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A Message to Lightworkers – January 17, 2020 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – January 17, 2020 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Greetings, Star Being Who Lights Up the Earth!

This week’s Message strikes me as particularly powerful, for several reasons.
It speaks to another big current issue, which is the fires that have been happening in Australia and elsewhere in the world, and how Light Bringers can help.

The first part of this Message was channeled directly from the spirits of Native American and Aboriginal shamans who know how to create rain.
A friend of mine who is very learned in Native ceremony and Earth Healing asked me to channel a message from his guides and his deceased wife’s spirit, so he would know how to best assist in bringing in the rains, to help end the fires in Australia.
Apparently some areas of Australia received Rain yesterday, extinguishing 32 of the 120 out-of-control bush fires.
Let’s spread that Rain energy to the whole continent, and wherever else it’s needed!

Please don’t doubt your shamanic abilities. We are all healers-in-the-making.
You can do it. Yes, you can. We’ll do it together.
And if you desire to bring in the rains of healing, renewal, Abundance, a new relationship (or the mending of an old one) into your life —
Call that forward now as well, as you drum and/or envision the rains, and call in the Angels and Galactics of higher dimensions to assist with their Light-filled intentions and energy healing mastery.

We send much Love and blessings of Calm, Peace, RAIN, and Renewal to all everywhere on Earth in need of such now.
Thank you for being here at this time,
Sending much Love,
P S  In addition to the free energy work offered on the Abundance Calls, the Collective offer channeling sessions as well as “Just One (or Two or Three) Question” recorded channelings to individual questions.
We’re here for you — reach out as needed!



A Message to Lightworkers – January 17, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:
Today we cede part of our Message to a Council of powerful higher beings.
This is a group of Spirit guides who assist a friend of our writer’s.
He is adept at Native American shamanic ceremony and healing ritual.
He requested a channeling on how best to assist those in Australia, who are suffering from rampant bush and forest fires.
Here was the reply, from that Council of Higher Guides:

“The fires in California, the Amazon, African countries, and now Australia are being intentionally set with advanced technology as well as by local arsonists.
There are several reasons for this, including to punish, subdue, and distract Mother Earth from Her Ascension journey, as Her vibration raises daily.
They will not be able to stop that, but they remain in denial, as the old ruling groups have had dominion for so long. Yet now they have lost that.
It is vital to send higher Light to those issuing the orders that those technologies be used for this purpose, and also to send Light to the technologies themselves. 
Call in your galactic family members to assist both etherically and physically.
This assists you in coming out of a defensive posture, which is often the weaker, more passive posture in any situation.
It also spoils the “Us vs. Them” paradigm, which is highly defeating.
Visualization is paramount to success in the rainmaking, as you know.
Children born in the last 10 years especially are brilliant at this.

Photo by Jennifer Scalia

So in addition to holding your own visions each day, envision them visualizing rain, healing, stability, Peace, and normalcy occurring around the world.
Children’s visualizations are the most powerful on the Earth now.
Seek out videos from YouTube that have the sound of rain falling, and play that all throughout the day, in the background.
That is also helpful, as you envision Australia being rained on right now.

[One example:]
Key into the vibration of the rain. You are able to do this instinctively.

Hold that in your energies on behalf of Australia, so that the essence of rain will reach the fires and endangered areas.
So that even if it isn’t yet raining in some areas, the effects of rain falling will begin to set in.
If you can drum softly to imitate thunder, that is also powerful.
It’s most helpful to imagine Earth as something you are cradling now and healing, rather than say, being in opposition to those starting the fires, or in opposition to the fire itself—that only feeds the destruction.

We are working with ancestral shamans to assist in an end to the fires, the rebirth of the burnt areas, and the spirits of the animals whose lives were lost.
They will return to a much higher vibrational Earth, in part because of the healing work being done now to assist Earth.
Remind yourselves and one another to bring in higher vibrational assistance.
It is here for you, but you must call upon it!
Many are also working in their sleep and dream state at night to assist, which is often why your emotions are erratic and changeable some days.
There will be times when you are relieved that so much good is being born because of this, and other times distressed at loss of plant, human, and animal life.
The grief and loss felt by the people in various places in the world are also affecting you.


[The higher guide known as Red Thunder speaks]: Let it pass through you.
Note it, but don’t be pulled this way or that by it. As you become more aware that that is what is happening, you will release the need to carry another’s pain.
You cannot carry it for them!
They came in to experience this, and much more.
Would you take their Joy from them? No, you would not.
Send them courage by higher Light, but do not attempt to lessen their pain, for you cannot.

That is all for now.”
The Collective: We are honored by the insights and astounding energetic assistance of these brilliant higher beings.

We urge you to consider not only their words, but the memories of your lives on this and other planets, in which you assisted in shifting dense weather patterns, mitigated extreme planetary changes, and assisted whole populations in moving out of fear, shock, or trauma.
Yes, you are that powerful, dear ones!
Yes, this is part of why you came, and you are doing it quite often, with just your presence upon the Earth now.
Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you..



About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your weekly guide to planetary influences May 27 to June 2, 2019 by Pam Younghans


NorthPoint Astrology, 15000 Block 75th, Kenmore, WA 98028, USA

Kelly M. Beard:Weekly Forecast: May 26 – June 1, 2019

Weekly Forecast: May 26 – June 1, 2019

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

5/29 ~ Mercury (communication) ~square~ Neptune (dissolution):
This is a mixed blessing energy. On one hand, it’s good for spiritual study and giving your dreams a little energy (if your schedule permits). On the other hand, it makes for major miscommunications between people. Try to think before speaking, because if it’s possible to misunderstand or not ‘get it’ altogether, it could happen this week. Be careful not to let “longing” for your dreams to come true, distort your judgment and mislead you into believing the illusion. With this energy, some people will deliberately deceive and others have to be careful not to be misled. Stick to the facts or stay quiet, for now. You may even be inclined to withhold information to avoid a confrontation – don’t do it. Communicate with your Self and God today, otherwise plan to be very clear in explaining yourself to others (humans) so there are no misunderstandings.

5/30 ~ Mercury (thinking) ~oppose~ Jupiter (learning):
Any opposition requires us to work with two distinct energies and get them to work together for the good of all involved. It is also a MidPoint which allows you that 180* view from the other side of your starting point (roughly 6-months ago). Mercury & Jupiter are working out the push-pull within you between your Mind & Consciousness, between your Thinking & Beliefs, between your Thoughts & Imagination, between the Tedious Details and the Grand Vision. Because of all this, it would be tremendously beneficial to play amongst a group of like-hearted souls with varying points of view, mavericks who following their own intuition as well as humble healers who also buck status quo by following their intuitive knowing within, something we all have the capacity for. This is great for what I call *Jam Sessions*, when my colleagues & I get together to discuss our ideas & insights about our professional goals, something like that is a great use of this energy: plan, strategize, discuss with others, get input and feedback, bounce ideas around and be open and receptive to others’ points of view (they may think of something you didn’t). Make sure it is a Circle, where all opinions are valued even if not shared. This is a good one for learning something new and looking at things from another angle, completely.

5/31 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~trine~ Saturn (stability & endurance):
This is a smooth, easy energy that you can work with consciously and yield incredible, even tangible, results. It’s a good time to define your terms where relationships are concerned because you are really clear about your values & priorities, at this time. Based on your past choices & efforts, positive benefits & earned rewards are forthcoming. If you’ve avoided responsibility in your own relationships (public or private), then this energy can help get you back on track, with less pain & suffering than usual (when Saturn’s involved). If you can be practical about your own limits and realistic about what others bring to the table, then this energy also supports discussing forward movement, development or spiraling to a new, higher level in some way, as a team. Strategizing about the future, clarifying the vision of what will support & protect all involved and honoring the essence of life that runs throughout is deeply supported by these two getting together in an easy angle. Venus is also the energy of love & money, so it’s a good time to be objective and somewhat conservative where both your relationships & finances are concerned. With this interaction with Saturn, I would suggest outlining a reasonable relationship or financial goal for the next 3 – 6 – 9 – or 12 months.

Shanta Gabriel: Surfing the Big Waves of Change

Surfing the Big Waves of Change

Dear Ones,

When the waves of change are upon you, as they inevitably are in this momentous time, come back to your breath. In that place, Divine Order prevails. There is Divinity living within the breath. It is said that God lives within the space of the inbreath and the outbreath. Breathing long calming breaths, Ease and Grace transpires as you breathe in and out, and so it goes throughout life.

There is a Divine Light shining through the center of all that is transpiring that includes the presence of Infinite Intelligence. This power of Divine Light knows what is needed for balance and to lift the vibrational frequencies to shift the appearance of discord. Light becomes a tool of consciousness when you use it with your focused intent, knowing that within it all there is Divine Order.

We are learning to surf the big waves, and you are more ready than you know. The intensified waves of change are affecting all people at this sacred time. You came on Earth with special gifts so you could hold the space of Peace that so many people are trying to find. You are the wayshower, an example of one living in harmony with your Soul. We each have the heart, the tools and all the requirements we need for us to remember that place of Love within your heart.

There is a Divine Order within all things. When you can remember this metaphysical truth within whatever you are experiencing, life will grow more Grace-filled. With these words you experience the Oneness that lives at the base of each experience. Your breath will assist you in providing enough detachment that you may be able to be more of a witness to all that is transpiring, without attachment or emotionality. It takes practice to come to the place where deep breath and prayer become your first line of awareness, but your intention to access that state of Equilibrium will go a long way to grounding your inspired action.

You are here to hold the frequencies of Divine Light. Life claims greater Order when you can come back to your breath in every moment, allowing the changes to occur, staying focused in the breath. Here you are resourceful.  Within the breath, you have access to the Temple of your Heart.In every moment there is contraction and expansion with your breath. Not attaching to the next breath, you are allowing the breath to flow through you, doing as it does, receiving and releasing.

The Beauty, Stability and Freedom you love is available in your heart, accessible by your breath. There is Oneness in this sacred place within your heart.  As you embrace and receive the state of Unity consciousness, Balance and Equanimity arise within you, along with a sense of Wholeness.

From Wholeness you can share with others, you can expand and acknowledge the multi-dimensionality of life, all occurring at once. Depending on your focus of attention, all is provided like a Banquet of Life. The choices are yours. When Life is in the momentous waves of change, turn your focus to the Light within it all and trust the Divine Order there. Recognize that your experience is incumbent upon your choices.

Your heart can provide a sanctuary, a place for a time out in the midst of change, a temple of Loving Kindness where you can receive, regroup and renew. Here you can find Order in the chaos if you allow yourself to breathe through it with Balance as your focus of intention.

Breathe within the sensations of speeding energy carried on the waves of change. This fast momentum can be exhilarating if you are in your body breathing through it, grounded while you ride the wave.

Through it all, as you are creating the new structures for your life, stay grounded as you use your focus of intentions to be more at peace with the momentum of change, you can find Balance in your heart with every breath.

You are asking to come together with people of like-mind and heart now. When you expand into this prayer for Soul Community, you are magnetic. Those will come who can help you to anchor the activated frequencies of multi-dimensional life. It is more fun to be a catalyst for change when you can share with people of like-hearted focus.

As you gather with others who are also remembering this Truth, it anchors Balance and Equanimity within all beings and on the Earth. As water seeks its level, you are the centers of Peace that all Life gravitates towards. It is there on the breath, in this holy instant, moment to moment.

All is well. You are Free. You are Blessed. Breathe it in. Be refreshed by its essence.

As you exhale Love, feel your world expand to embrace the new life within change. Thank you for being the keepers of Loving Presence within your hearts. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
May 14, 2019

Shanta Gabriel: Inspiration for the Week: Finding Stability in Changing Times

Inspiration for the Week
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Finding Stability in Changing Times

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week, the message from Archangel Gabriel speaks to us about creating a new stable foundation of well-being within ourselves.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life
is the only place to find stability in these changing times.

It is a time of growth and renewal, a time for breakthroughs into new levels of being for each of us individually. We are in the process of creating the world that responds to the prayers of millions of heart-centered people. It is a time that has never been experienced on the Earth and is jam-packed with awesome potential.

In past centuries, only a few people would have the consciousness to experience their divinity within the human form. Now all of humanity has that potential. We are moving and creating our lives within the power of Divine Light. This allows us each to access pure alignment to the Source of All That Is.

For me, the answer to almost all of my biggest questions has become Alignment with the Divine Spirit working within me. In fact, the exercise to bring Heaven to Earth through my body was the first process Archangel Gabriel gave me when we began our interaction in 1990. (See practice and video here.)

Creating Alignment within my body with my most Divine Essence is my main focus not only in my life, but in all that I share in my classes. There are teachings from India that have been working for thousands of years to purify our hearts and transform our lives. When we feel that our personal life is not working as we would like, we can use these deceptively simple techniques to make a vast difference in our happiness and well-being. This is what I teach in all my classes and private sessions.

We are on the Earth during this massive process of change because we chose to be here now to fulfill the prompting of our Soul, and to join with millions of others in bringing greater Harmony into all life on the planet. This was a courageous and precious choice. No matter what it may look like, the Heavens are rejoicing in the progress that we have already made. We truly are the ones we have been waiting for.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for the promptings of my heart that have brought me to this time. Please help me to listen more deeply to your guidance and inspiration. May I allow your divine energy to work in and through all my actions, words and thoughts to bring more Love into my life, and into the lives of all humanity.

I ask to be a Beacon of Pure Light in the world, a Harbinger of Peace, and a Vessel of Pure Harmony.  With every breath I take, may I and each person in the world have a deeper experience of Alignment with the Source of all Light. May there be Compassion within me and within all hearts, now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
May 27, 2018

The Gabriel Messages #13

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life
is the only place to find stability in these changing times.

Dear One,

You have found that your world is speeding up. You may even have a sense of frantic activity without a sense of accomplishment. You have found yourself searching for meaning in all that you are doing when it does not feel like enough.

The truth is that there is an increase in the frequencies of the Earth. Because of this, people are experiencing a shift in consciousness that encourages their search for meaning in all that they do.  And Universal Consciousness is now more easily available to all who seek than ever before. This increase in energy is also creating great and rapid change in the world around you. Information is more available, tremendous earth changes, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, fires and hurricanes, seem to be occurring with more frequency, and the very fabric of social, political and family life seems to have shifted into unknown areas.

All these occurrences are in the world of appearance, the world outside yourself. They point out the fact that you can no longer look to your outside world to bring you a sense of stability. You must come back to yourself and find that still point of peace, harmony and wisdom within. This is the only place of stability in these changing times.

Within you there is a place of such Peace that you can totally relax there and allow it to permeate your being. Within you is found the Truth and Joy and meaning which you have sought in vain from the world outside yourself. Come now and allow yourself to experience this place within, where you can be free just to be. It is as close as your breath. And it is with your breath, and the power of your thoughts and imagination, that you can begin to experience your Higher Self and your connection to the Divine.


Take a few deep and centering breaths. Bring your attention to the place just below your navel, and imagine that you have found yourself in a very peaceful garden. You can make this garden the most beautiful place you have ever seen. Create flowing brooks and peaceful ponds, flowers and shady trees. Make it a place that you will long to come back to again and again. Allow yourself to relax and absorb the peace and beauty of this garden. Give yourself time to meet with your guardian Angel and with your Higher Self to receive all the wisdom, guidance and love that you need.

It may take a little practice to find this peaceful place within yourself, but after only a few balanced breaths, it won’t be long before you will be able to go there without effort. When you give yourself this time of quiet, you will notice that your outer world will not have the power to pull you away from this still place of Peace. This is true stability. It is from this still point within that you will be able to live in this time of change and not feel alone or abandoned. You will be able to connect deeply with the support you need.

Like a wheel whose spokes appear to revolve very quickly, but whose center has quiet movement connecting all the links around it, this revolution of stillness within you will transform your outer world into one of Harmony, Love and Peace.

Remember to ask for this stillness. If you feel attracted to it, ask for the experience of a peaceful garden. Most of all, ask for your personal connection to the Source of all life. It all begins with you, with your thoughts, and with the balanced breath that is your connecting link. It is all there for you if you but give yourself the time.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life
is the only place to find stability in these changing times.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
May 27, 2018

Astro-Numerology Insights by Tania Gabrielle



In a few hours, on May 9, Jupiter – planet of joy and plenty – will move opposite the Sun.

It happens once a year – and this time around the Sun will be in Taurus.

Taurus symbolizes stability, abundance, beauty and patience.. it’s the sign that rules the second house of money and values in astrology.

With Uranus about to move into Taurus (happening next week and lasting for the next seven years), there’s a major emphasis on the topics of financial flow, abundance activation and honoring your core inner values.


Now Jupiter is getting the party started!

You have many opportunities to seek out new ventures and attract success, expand your inner happiness, experience deep gratitude and open up to receive gifts from the universe.

Be patient… your dreams are coming to fruition.

There is no need to rush, just to be wide awake and fully engaged especially on a deeply sensual level.

You are progressing, even if it may seem to be slowly…

Your natural rhythm is in sync with the stars and numbers, so TRUST in the divine rhythm of your life.

Soon enough Uranus will bring excitement!

But right now, this week, get into the groove… by feeling and sharing deep gratitude, giving warm loving hugs, and opening your heart.

There is a remarkable shift in place…

Jupiter’s move opposite the Sun – our life-giving STAR – is bringing energy into balance.

  • Your inner compass is being recalibrated, upgraded and prepared…
  • You are ready to celebrate EVERY person, EVERY situation in your life.
  • You are being vibrationally re-aligned to accept and to thrive.

Being in sync with your natural rhythm will give you all the resources you need at any given moment time.

Resources start INSIDE.

As you use your inner resources, you’re telling the Universe – I AM abundant!

As you honor your true gifts, you send a message – I AM happy and grateful!

Jupiter embodies these qualities, And right now Jupiter is in sync with your inner light, as it moves opposite the Sun.

Reach out and engage with opportunities – delight in potential positive outcomes.

CREATE new opportunities by actively exploring doors that are opening… watch for them!

Remember, 2018 is an 11 Universal Year – an open portal of double new beginnings.

Trust the process…

Soon you will see the splendid results in play!

It’s a fantastic time to discover how you naturally manifest abundance.

You may not realize this, but you have CERTAIN way to create financial flow and abundance that is totally unique to you.

At the time you were born, Jupiter was in a specific sign and house in YOUR birth chart.

In fact, you have three unique Jupiter Wealth zones in your chart, and this personal Jupiter Wealth Code describes the ways you are specifically DESIGNED to manifest wealth.

Take this opportunity now to uncover Your Jupiter birth blessings!

Click here for your Jupiter Wealth Code.

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

Ailia Mira: Your Mind Can Be Open, Radiant, and Stabilize Your Life -AA Michael


Your Mind Can Be Open, Radiant, and Stabilize Your Life  _Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light ~ Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello, Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. Today, we are so happy and excited to talk with you about your mindset, and today, we want to invite you to consider that the real way you create your life and you engage light skillfully is by creating the state, the conditions, the environment of your mind.

You create your experience of your mind. Your mind has the capacity to be and to express in many different ways. Think of your mind as the combination of your brain and your eternal consciousness. It’s the way you know your experience, and the experience that you have depends on how you create your mind or your mindset.

The reason it matters to do this intentionally is that your mind can be something which gives you pleasure or pain. You’ve all experienced this. You’ve all had those nights when you wake up, and you’re stressed about something, and your mind makes you crazy. You tend to attribute your experience to your mind less when you’re feeling positive, but when you’re feeling incredible, that’s because in your mind too, it’s because of your capacity to receive an experience based on your mindset, and all of this is within your control.

Today, we want to talk about this because your mind can be open and radiant or congested and depressing. Your mindset is developing all the time and it’s completely of your own making so you can shape it any way you like. Creating a mind that is shiny and open and available to high frequencies and discovering what it’s like to live with that is way to know who you really are.

What if the way you think shaped your mind? What if, what you paid attention to shaped your mind? What if what you invested your energy in became established in your mind? What if what you stopped paying attention to just fell out of your mind, was no longer active or present? Well, that is how it works.

You create your mind, and your mind entirely shapes your experience. There’s two aspects to your mind that we want to speak about. There’s the autopilot part that happens without effort, and there’s the conscious, intentional part, and we want to give you an example of how that might be beneficial for you and what you can do to shape both parts of your mind in ways that elevate your life.

This morning Ailia saw this ad on Facebook. It was for a retreat with the Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön, who she likes, so she watched the video, and the video for the retreat had Pema telling a very simple story. This is the story she told.

She was talking about how your viewpoint can change, and we’re going to build on this, so let us tell you this short story.

You wake up, and you’re in bed, and you’re inside a house, and it’s raining, and because you’re inside the house, you hear the sound of the rain on the roof. It’s a very beautiful sound, and you’ve just woken up, and you hear the rain, and it fills you with peace and joy.

Then she says, “Now, if you have an outdoor wedding plan for today, wouldn’t your response be different?”

Yes, and this is where what you’ve invested in matters. If you have an outdoor wedding plan for today, and you wake up to the sound of rain, you might be inclined to be upset or unhappy or angry, and as Pema pointed out in the video, you discover how the way you think shapes the way you feel.

We want to take this further. Of course, in this example, your viewpoint relative to what you had planned for the day and what you woke up to is part of what’s going to be in play. This is where it gets really interesting and has to do with your mindset because if, if you’re a person who has been practicing a mindset of ease and cultivating thoughts that things go your way. If you’ve been building positive ascending momentum, you might find that you enjoy the rain and expect it to stop before the wedding, leaving the air clear and fresh and everything sparkling and clean and beautiful.

See the difference? If you’ve been feeling and thinking that life isn’t going your way, if you’ve got descending momentum going on, and you haven’t been cultivating the environment of your mind, you might very easily get very angry, and also use this manifest experience as fuel to further that unhappy pattern of thought by thinking, “Oh my gosh, here’s yet another thing that isn’t working out for me.”

Do you feel the difference in the momentum that gets furthered by your response to this, and do you see how your existing momentum might come into play automatically or intentionally in every moment of your experience? Of course, you do because you’re smart.

You realize now that only you can create this momentum in your life, and that you’re doing it. You’re creating your mindset in the state of your mind day in, day out. The state of your mind has to do with your frequency and how you’re focused in your state of alignment, and you can change this. You can change it. You can change it at any time in any moment.

e’ve often made the suggestion to interrupt things and to let go of what’s going on, to interrupt what’s not feeling good, to reach for anything that gives you a little relief.  We go further with this right now by saying any investment you make in a positive mindset benefits you.

Any time in your day, you can tell yourself something nice, something positive, something cheerful, something uplifting, something unconditional, even. Every time you do this, you are fostering beneficial ways of using your attention, and you’re investing your focus in ways that create your mind in open, spacious, elevated expression.

Your mind can be a temple. Your mind can be a temple, a beautiful light-filled space in which divine, high-frequency light flows in, and when your mind functions like this, you feel nourished and held, loved, supported, connected, resourced, abundant, free.

Your mind can be this sanctuary of incredible steady empowerment. Your mind is capable of that. Your mind can give you a feeling of safety and stability. Your mind is capable of being created in a way that elevates and inspires you consistently. It can be the source of you feeling fabulous moment after moment after moment, and you can achieve that kind of state and that experience by investing in our mindset in ways that feel good.

Your mind can be your ally, but like all relationships, your mind thrives when it’s treated with respect. When you respect and understand the power of your mind, you use it to create an environment that is receptive and in accord, in harmony, in resonance with elevated frequencies, and you do this by thinking elevated thoughts.

You honor yourself and your mind by no longer giving into lower frequency patterns of thought. Even though they might come up and even though they might seem so easy and familiar, when they do come up, you refuse to invest further in them, and when you notice they come up, you pivot. You withdraw your attention from them. You turn, instead, toward something that serves you a little more, something that really honors and respects you, in your thinking.

This is wisdom, dear friends, and this is loving yourself. This is honoring yourself and using what you’ve remembered and your know-how to be the best version of you here that you can be. This is taking excellent care of your mind because your mind creates your experience, and the environment of your mind matters. You can shape it for yourself in a way that’s extremely beneficial, and it’s a tremendous gift to everyone else when you respect and honor yourself in this way.

Of course, you’re free to live in whatever way you choose, but we feel certain that given your tendency to co-create with us that you, too, are interested in being here as a conduit of clarity, as a beacon of light and joy, as a presence of fulfillment and love and coherence and clarity. We know that you want to have a wonderful life and that you aspire to even better experiences.

Well, all of that can happen. It’s all possible. It’s not even hard. It’s not even hard because no matter where you are and no matter how it’s going, and no matter how it’s been going, or no matter what has already happened, what’s happening next is all about what’s happening right now.

What is happening right now in your mind, and how are you going to feed your mind today? How are you going to relate to your mind today thinking about and understanding what we’re sharing here?

What kind of momentum are you going to build? What are you going to create? Every moment is a fresh start. Use it that way. Use it that way. Use your mind to encourage and support you with positive thought. Understand that you’re free to choose whatever you want to think about and what you invest your energy in.

When you say even the simplest elevating things to yourself such as, “Hey, we’re doing really great. Let’s keep going. Let’s stay with it.” That alone is so simple, and it makes your life better, and it fosters a more positive mindset. It’s really so simple to live, enjoy, and create unconditionally. Light flows at your command, but you have to do it. You have to embrace your freedom of focus.

Now, you’ve learned this, you felt it, and today, we invite you to realize your mind is of our own making, and when you not only invest in thinking positive thoughts in the present, but realize what you invest in creates patterns and habits that serves you, you make life so much easier because this is how things change and improve in big ways.

Imagine how far you can go when the thoughts you think intentionally are positive and encouraging and hopeful and aligned with what you want. AND the thoughts that happen on autopilot start to be the new ones you’re establishing and also building through positive patterns of thought.

That is liberation, and that is living skillfully and wisely and letting the way your beautiful mind works work for you, allowing yourself to create a mindset that stabilizes your life and serves your joy. If you’ve never considered this a priority before, we invite you today to do so.

We are complete.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Sunday, July 23, 2017


03 Cancer: “an arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons” (lead yourself)


08 Aries: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind” (attune, align with new ways, hold on to your hat, stabilize)

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom)

Dhumavati, Goddess Who Sorts and Winnows

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will)

Kathe, God of the South



THE ORACLE REPORT: Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Moon Phase: 
begin anew, set intentions for the month

Moon in Leo

SUN:  02 Leo – ” an epidemic of mumps”

Higher Expression:  initiating something substantial and important, recovery, applying wisdom, things going viral in a good way, sharing helpful information

Lower Expression:  isolating or “quarantining,” divide and conquer scenarios, spreading misinformation or disinformation

EARTH: 02 Aquarius – “an unexpected thunderstorm”

Higher Expression:  stable, clearing things up/clearing the air, cathartic release

Lower Expression: taken off guard or by surprise, liberation, emotional outbursts, creating chaos

The New Moon entered at 4:46 am ET/8:46 am UT at the degree of “under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man’s head.”  The Sun will move to “an epidemic of mumps” at 12:23 pm ET/4:23 pm UT.  At the time of the New Moon, Mars was within a one degree conjunction of the Sun and Moon, discharging “an epidemic of mumps” energetic.  This month, things are going to spread!

Let’s ease into this double-fiery Leo New Moon, today, stepping back to see what’s being foreshadowed for the month.

Emmanuel Dagher: New Adventures – August 2015 Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast 2015 Banner

New Adventures – August 2015 Energy Forecast
by Emmanuel Dagher

My Friend,

I’m so excited to connect with you again in this way. We have lots to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

A Sacred Gateway

From the last few days of July until about August 23rd, many changes will occur that will keep things very interesting, and moving at a fast pace.

There is currently an energetic opening that is helping us to manifest the deep desires we’ve been wanting to fulfill. If we are someone who has been choosing to align with an authentic heart-centered path, clearly knowing what we are choosing to create more of, then this is the time when many more pleasant blessings will begin to show up in our lives.

If we take a quick moment to reflect back, starting in January until now, it’s clear that the changes that have entered our lives this past year have made it like no other year we can remember. The amount of changes that have taken place within and around us have been life-altering, to put it mildly.

And, the month of August is going to DRENCH us with super-high energy waves that will impact us on many levels. Depending on what we choose to do with this energy, we will either be propelled in the direction of our highest vision, or take a detour to learn more from contrast.

Regardless of what happens, it’s all going to create change!

To make sure we are aligned with an authentic heart-centered path, so that we are propelled in the direction of our highest vision, here is a simple checklist that may help:

Are we:

Being as kind to ourselves and others as we can be?

Meditating often?

Being of service to others in a selfless and compassionate way, without expecting anything in return?

Performing random acts of kindness?

Cleansing our mind with loving and empowering thoughts?

Nurturing our body with foods that enrich it?

Moving our body through exercise?

Practicing the art of forgiveness?

Honoring and spending time in Nature?

Thinking less, and feeling more?

Communicating openly in an honest and loving way?

Appreciating and paying attention to all of the blessings already in our lives?

New Adventures!

This is the time to allow that deep fire within us to contribute to the amazing changes life is bringing our way! This is our time to awaken and live our life to the fullest. This is the time to let our guard down, take our energetic shoes off, and begin our new adventures!

One of the things that holds most people back from truly living their life to the fullest, is fear of the unknown. The truth is, there is no such thing as the unknown, because that part of us known as the Spirit already knows everything.

Yes, our Spirit is a “know-it-all,” in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with the ego. Let’s take comfort in the fact that our Spirit knows exactly what It needs to do to take the best care of us, and that our only job is to honor the guidance It shares with us.

Imagine the extraordinary possibilities we instantly open ourselves up to, when we let go of fear of the unknown!

Right now is the time to release our fear of the unknown, because while the energies of the Sun are in Leo, they will energize us to go beyond any of the previous limitations we have set for ourselves.

This is the time to notice the amazing opportunities that begin to present themselves to help us enrich our lives. And when something feels good, let’s just go for it!

Whether it’s in the areas of relationships, environment, career, our health and well-being, creativity, etc.—this is the time to open ourselves up to the expected and unexpected blessings coming our way!

As we begin our new adventures, it’s important to be flexible and adaptable. Let’s allow our Spirit/Life to guide us on the journey It desires to take us on.

This can sometimes be a little challenging for the mind, however if there was a perfect time to just let ourselves run free, this is it!

This is not a time to hibernate. This is a time to go out in the world, and engage and share in the love, joyous laughter, and higher energies available to us!


 By mid-August, a new sense of stability will begin to rise up in our consciousness, and in the collective.

This new stability that is emerging is about anchoring ourselves in a reality where we no longer sweat the small stuff. Life is just too beautiful to focus on the things that cause us unnecessary stress.

It’s rare for a more down-to-earth energy like stability to emerge when the Sun is in fiery Leo, however this year is an exception. We will have opportunity to find stability in the simple things in life, and to remember how truly grounded we can be in them.

Things like appreciating our blessings and being kind to ourselves, others, and Nature, rather than focusing on what we “think” we don’t have, will help us stabilize ourselves amidst the fast-paced changes occurring all around us.

This is our time to fly, play, and enjoy life to the fullest! So let’s do so together, and I look forward to catching up with you again soon!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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