A Message to Lightworkers – June 28, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – June 28, 2019
Caroline Oceana Ryan 

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we see that many of you are coming into a time of Integration, which our writer was speaking about with someone today—a time of integrating your higher self, your soul’s presence, and your most authentic life intentions, into your spirit, mind, and body.

Several things may occur to you as you think of doing this: “It’s too difficult—I might fail at it,” or “I don’t know howto be my higher self!” or even, “Am I allowed to be that insightful, Joyful, and empowered?”

And we would say, you are more than allowed.

With these energies pouring in now to your planet and solar system, integration with your higher self is actually now a requirement of your daily life.

We would encourage you to open up and to welcome the process—to welcome the process of releasing feelings of stress and worry, of sadness and disempowerment, of smallness and powerlessness.

Are these pleasant experiences, to feel any of those? Of course not. You don’t need them!

A great part of your life path now is engaged in moving out of those feelings and experiences, and breathing fully into your power, realizing Who you truly are.

Consider for a moment what this means for you, on a daily basis.

As you integrate with your higher self and merge more often with your soul and its incredibly wealth of resilience, Joy, wisdom, and self-assurance, you begin to relax into Knowing that All Is Well, even when outer situations challenge you.

Santa Fe Sky – Photo by Jennifer Scalia

You begin to see that you are not on the Earth only to wrangle with challenges and pain (past or present), but to reign over the circumstances of your life as being only an outer projection of what you have chosen to experience—a choice made either in this life or before coming into it.

You begin to grasp that in this great holographic projection that you call everyday life, you are the Creator and the Originator, the Experiencer and the Reformer, all in one.

You are not at the mercy of what feel or look to be “outer realities.”

You are in fact their author, and can revise anything you wish, beginning first with how you feel about those situations—how you view them, what you believe them to be, and whether or not you see them as having power over you (and they have none, unless you allow that).

Is this a simple transition to make? Does it happen quickly?

Some of it, yes—as soon as you determine to stay in your body and your heart-space as you view everyday life, releasing the impulse to allow your mind to determine and interpret what is happening, letting it tell you how endangering, annoying, or Wrong that situation or person is.

As soon as you decide that your focus now comes from a higher place—from your calm and Peaceful higher aspect, not your confused lower, smaller self—you begin processing experiences and ideas from that higher perspective.

And that perspective is a miracle, compared to how you have been taught to view life.

That perspective lives in a place of ongoing unconditional Love for yourself and all others.

Does that mean that everything that happens to you or others is OK and wonderful?

Well, no, as you still live in many paradigms of duality in which the denser “realities” of life will strike you as unfair and unjust many days.

But remaining in your body, not trying to heal or fix or change the situation or person immediately, and staying responsible for your own well-being before you take up responsibility for another—this will free you from entering absorbing the density, sadness, and destruction of a painful situation.

In that moment, you end the practice of giving up your power.

You begin to transform the situation by holding space for its healing, from a place of detachment.

Photo by Lynne Newman

The detachment and release of dense, third dimensional Earth systems and circumstances does not come to you from without.

The only way to free yourself, and to empower others to free themselves from all the illusion, is to know that no matter how seemingly difficult a situation may be—yes, even when children are kept in cages and cement block cells, away from loved ones and denied proper food and medical care—no matter how dreadful that may feel to be, there is still the chance to know inwardly that their souls are more powerful than any outer situation they encounter.

You may be wondering now about those souls that have been fractured and impaired by life experiences that were too traumatic for them to bear, and we are aware of this.

We would say that your Universe has made a decision, in moving into a new Sat Yuga of Peace and Healing, to bring in the higher Light that can heal the souls that have suffered more than they could bear.

And that reintegration and healing on a soul level is being offered more Earth souls now than ever before.

If you have a hard time believing this, it will be harder for you to co-Create your own soul healing, reintegration, and empowerment, and therefore, your own Earth life empowerment.

Is that where you desire to be?

Will you allow the ego-mind and the personality, and the brainwashing of religion over your many Earth lives to run you to the degree that you surrender all choice, all power, all renewal over to them, as if those influences were your lord and master?

Is that why you came?

We would say, you came for the opposite of that.

You came for the liberation not only of a planet’s population, as dramatic and powerful as that is, but for your own freedom, re-formation, and enlightenment.

That is your path, and no one can take it from you.

Photo by Lynne Newman

You may begin today—right now—to look at a situation in your life that has been causing you pain or consternation, and put your hand over some symbol of it, or your own heart, and tell it, “I bless and release you to your higher good.”

Then hand it over to your guides and higher self, and as your higher self stands before you, step into his or her energies.

Stand up and do this now if you like, living out the visualization fully by walking right into your higher self’s presence as they stand before you.

Know that as you daily hold the intention to BE your higher self, not only to be guided by them, that you are indeed achieving this, in beautiful ways.

And that in this, as in all moments as you Ascend on your path, dear ones, you are never alone.

Namaste, friends!

We welcome you to your new Earth life, and celebrate with you all that that holds, as you create ever higher forms of Earth life.

For this you came.

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Your future self is emerging with this massive shift in consciousness…

Your future self is emerging with this massive shift in consciousness…

Your future self is now emerging as all of us are going through immense energy upgrades to prepare us for the New Life on planet earth as she has now ascended into the 5D.  What we believe to be the physical reality of life on planet earth, exists no more.

Some will try to cling onto the 3D with all they’ve got and in the process, will find that the more they cling, the more they will find that they are grasping thin air.
The truth is that a lot of us have been through the process of total disintegration in the last few years, and now are leading humanity home into the new World.  We had to lose everything, and find we could hold onto no-thing, and now have emerged in a much higher consciousness state than ever before.  We do not take life in the physical world so seriously anymore, for we have found that whatever we tended to lose in the process of our higher awakening, is not needed in our new life anymore.

We have done it, been through it all, and felt ourselves carried on the wings of angels.  We have learnt not to attach to anything or anyone anymore, only to have preferences.

The truth is that in the next 144 years, all will disintegrate which no longer serves the collective of the planetary whole and therefore humanity.  We are here on this planet but by the grace of Mother Earth – let us remember this!  We are but passengers and crew.  She can at any moment decide to shake us off her, like a dog will shake off flees.  She can choose to allow us to evolve into the 5D and higher WITH her, or she can choose to cause mass destruction and evacuations, like happened in the past.

In truth Mother Earth, never has shaken off anyone.  It was human beings who destroyed Atlantis and what was before her and then literally reshaped the earth, by using weapons and things in war, which caused havoc and the sinking of land masses.  So, in truth she has tolerated that, but now with her rising to her original state in the 7th dimensional state, with the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy, those who cannot evolve into those higher dimensional states with her, will just loose form.

Each dimensional state has vibrational energy frequencies.  The higher the vibrational frequency band, the higher the evolutionary state of all which exist in that frequency band (dimensions are just that, energetic impulses of life existing on that frequency band and holding form.)   The lower life in the lower frequency bands, cannot move into the higher frequency bands, without starting to disintegrate and deteriorate.  This is simple science, so we need heed this.

When you are living in a much higher frequency band, you need a much higher vibratory physical form.  That is why our physical bodies have been steadily upgraded since 1994, with the massive cosmic convergence and Intergalactic Federation decree that life on planet earth must evolve now, as the shackles and bonds of the 3D world has been steadily coming off.

On the 24 May 2017, she has now officially ascended into the 5D, and therefore then the ancient Crystal Pyramids and the crystalline pyramid grids, and Lightning Rod of the Earth have now fully become operational again, and will steadily now be reactivated to their highest potential, as and how life on planet earth can adjust to this.  In my new book “Why I was born in Africa: the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom” I go into details regarding this, and I have recorded my whole journey of discovery and reactivation of this grid plus pyramids plus, in my book.

In this in the last few weeks, massive energy centres have been reactivated.  It is reactivating the 7th dimensional energy grids of the Crystal Pyramids and the Crystal pyramid grids – as said before, in stages.

Once this energy is released, it has a ripple effect on all of life on planet earth.  For these grids are directly linked to the 7th Central sun and the Sun Discs, and therefore the energy frequency IMPULSES of energy from the 7th Central Sun is busy reactivating all which has been dormant for billions of years on planetary scale.

This is highly advanced technology and it is not for the uninitiated to know about.  However, what I am trying to get across here, is that this process now is on full throttle and on track.

We cannot go back into the 3D world anymore.  It has left us, it has gone.

We are now being intensely and utterly upgraded in our physical bodies, including every single cell and DNA strand, the pineal and pituitary glands with the third centre of the small tongue, and then other hidden centres in the bodies (all 12 of them) will start being reactivated so that we will start losing the spoken languages, and the written and will start communicating telepathically again, and energetically.  So, we will start remembering how to use the Super consciousness energy fields and high technology again, with teleportation, bilocation etc.

This is a massive upgrade now going on and therefore we cannot afford anymore to lag.


The Keys to this all lies WITHIN you, more than without!

For the keys and codes of your soul will get activated as you are ready to step up in evolutionary consciousness.  This goes with the upgrading up your physical body and thus then all the other 12 energy bodies.

Each one of us is differently created energetically at SOUL level. Therefore, the upgrading will not be the same for all of us. Remember this.  It will be that 70 people are together in one single room, and three will rise into the 5D and higher and the rest will not be able to.  This is how this works.


This is a type of energy upgrading which goes beyond human mind’s limitations of understanding, into the conscious state, where there is all understanding.  The key to this state lies via the SOUL and the soul groups and the cosmic interconnectedness.

Let those who have inner eyes – see.

Let those who have inner ears – hear.

Let those who inner intuitive knowing – know.

I have spoken.

(Judith Kusel)


Judith Kusel

Your future self is now emerging as all of us are going through immense energy upgrades to prepare us for the New Life on planet earth as she has now ascended into the 5D.  What we believe to be the physical reality of life on planet earth, exists no more.

Some will try to cling onto the 3D with all they’ve got and in the process, will find that the more they cling, the more they will find that they are grasping thin air.

The truth is that a lot of us have been through the process of total disintegration in the last few years, and now are leading humanity home into the new World.  We had to lose everything, and find we could hold onto no-thing, and now have emerged in a much higher consciousness state than ever before.  We do not take life in the physical world so…

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THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION: Ascension Question Answers parts 1 and 2

What a lovely and insightful message part 2 is!!!! Part 1 is more of an introduction
to who the High Council of Orion is and the channeling process. -PB

~ Ascension Question Answers part 2 of 2  ~ 16th September 2014.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Video and Audio by Paul Marwood

High Council of Orion – Ascension Question Answers part 2 of 2.

This is the second of two videos, addressing 6 common questions that are asked to the High Council of Orion about Ascension.

The Questions addressed in this video are:

-What is the Council’s Interpretation of Ascension?
-How do you describe the Ascension Process?
-What is the End Goal in this Ascension process of Mother Earth
and All that are on her?

With Love and Blessings
Paul & Holly

© 2014 Copyright Soul Genesis
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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood     www.AkashaHealingStudio.com

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~ Ascension Question Answers part 1 of 2 ~ 19th AUGUST 2014.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins MarwoodVideo and Audio by Paul Marwood

High Council of Orion – Ascension Question Answers part 1 of 2

This is the first of two videos, addressing 7 common questions that are asked about the High Council of Orion and Ascension.
The Questions addressed in this video are:

Who are the High Council of Orion?
What Dimension(s) do you exist in?
What is your purpose in communication through this channel?

With Love and Blessings
Paul & Holly

© 2014 Copyright Soul Genesis
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to www.AkashaHealingStudio.com clearly displayed as shown below.
Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood           www.AkashaHealingStudio.com

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ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group message ~ by Marilyn Raffele AUGUST 31, 2014

ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group message ~  by Marilyn Raffele
AUGUST 31, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group once again come to greet you during these times of seeming confusion and change.  You are powerful beings of Light but when in the physical, do not remember this.  The human experience causes many to think of themselves simply as flesh that will die and that is nothing after death.  Because of this, these dear ones often  relentlessly seek lives that encompass everything  they believe to be good and important regardless of consequences.  You often hear the phrase; “You only have one life so live it to the fullest.”  Well yes,  do live to the fullest, which means living in a consciousness of truth and not human concepts.  You do have only one life on earth–one at a time.

You have all lived hundreds of lifetimes.  You who read and resonate with these messages are old souls.  Know that you are able to resonate with the energy of higher truths  because they are  your attained state of consciousness–otherwise messages of truth would make no sense.  Energy  flows and resonates with like energy which  is why you are now discovering that certain people, foods, entertainments etc. no longer seem important–your resonance has changed while these things have not–you no longer resonate with them.

We come once again to speak of love, but this time with regard to love of self.  Most human beings carry some sense of self-loathing or low self esteem which often manifests outwardly through acts of  violence, suicide, abuse, and actions of a negative nature or in a lesser degree in the refusal to accept  help, gifts, compliments, or love.

In order to love in the highest sense, one’s own self must be included which  often proves to be more difficult than the act of loving others.  As an individual begins to awaken,  he becomes aware of past experiences where he failed to meet the mark–memories of saying or doing things  that now shock and shame him.  He becomes very aware of human failings and begins to  compare himself to what he believes he “should be”.  Each time he reads or hears how a person must love self, he hears a little voice that says; “Oh, but remember you did or said this or that…you are not  worthy of love.  You are a bad person”.

Forgiveness is the first step in loving self.  The basis for forgiveness is the  understanding that a person can only live and act from their attained state of consciousness.   Issues creating shame  result from actions that were taken in a different state of consciousness –you are no longer that same place which is why you may react with shame regarding  some past action–you are seeing  from a whole new level.

Human beings learn from trial and error in the earlier phases of evolution which is what karma is all about. Karma is simply the balancing of energies, a way to learn and experience all facets of whatever particular energy an individual has set in motion.  At some point in the evolutionary process, karma is no longer needed because one begins to live out from a higher level and be taught  from within.

As serious students of truth you have been meditating, sending Light to Gaia and  her kingdoms, and doing what you  are guided to do and study.  However, many of you have never forgiven yourselves for real or perceived faults and actions, or seriously and consciously considered what it means to love yourselves.  Instead, the idea of loving self is pushed aside and ignored while your personal sense of self (ego) continues to carry around the belief of  being “unworthy” or “less than” like a heavy ball and chain, lifetime after lifetime.

Even for long time spiritual students, the idea of loving self may feel inappropriate and like ego action– which it is not.  These feelings simply represent a third dimensional concept of what it means to love self.  In order to move more deeply into living, moving, and having your being in the higher frequencies of truth and love, you must include yourself for ALL are  in and of the One–you as much as anyone else no matter how “holy” another may seem. 

In your times of quiet and meditation, make a practice of going through all of your chakras, bringing the golden/white light down through each from above the crown with the intention that each chakra be opened, cleared, balanced, and aligned as the Light enters it.  When you reach the solar plexus which is the seat of personal identity,  pay special attention to the honoring of Self, stating your intention to clear and release any and all old energies still being held and acting as blockages within this chakra.  The memory of some person or experience may pop into your awareness indicating something needing to be cleared.  You may remember some experience or person who activates  feelings of inadequacy or self loathing.  Whether or not anything comes to mind at that time, state your  intention to release with love, any and all negative energetic cords that may still be attached to  you from  people or situations in this life or past lives.  Visualize Light flooding your whole being and especially the solar plexus chakra and then let it all go. 

Loving self does not refer loving the ego self although you must also learn to accept and not resist that part.  The ego self is not the real you, but is a perceived, false sense of self that has built up over lifetimes lived within  the beliefs of being separate from Source and all others.  Loving self means acknowledging your Divine nature and forgiving any missteps taken while in ignorance of this.  Loving self means having the courage to admit when you are wrong while not  berating yourself regarding some issue of the past.  Loving self means to live out from who and what you really are in spite of appearances.  It is a taking back of the innate power you unconsciously allowed to be taken from you.

During the process of learning to love self, try to avoid going into resistance with regard to the thoughts that may come into to your awareness . When a spiritual student  begins to  recognize and acknowledge his Divine nature, he often finds that there also comes that determined  ego voice whispering of how short he falls of the truths he is learning and reminding him of the many ways in which he has shown that his nature is not Divine.  There will  come the temptation to resist these thoughts, telling oneself; ” I must not allow this voice to govern me.  Go away, I will not accept these thoughts.”, etc. etc.

Resistance simply gives a power to these impersonal ego suggestions.  A better inner response would be; “Yes, I have believed myself unworthy, and yes, I still carry  guilt and feelings about  certain things I have done in the past, but I now choose to release these old energies and move ever more deeply into an awareness of who and what I really am…to accept that I AM THAT I AM.”

Learning to recognize and ignore the ego blather will  begin to shift your belief system.  It won’t be long before you have reprogrammed  habitual thinking and begun to trust in the truth because you now realize that you not only have, but are the power and presence  to be what you are and do what you came to do.

For most, change does not happen overnight, the programs of separation and duality have been long in place–programs that led you  to accept that you were less than others and  that only those with money, looks, and power, education, or “holiness” were important or worthy of love.  ALL are in and of the ONE.  The appearances and circumstances of daily living for each and every person  has to do with their pre-incarnation choices.

You are ready dear ones, ready to embrace and begin to actually love your selves through acknowledging that you are Beings of Light learning and evolving through third dimensional experiences.

Once you unlock the door of loving self as SELF, you will discover that this is the long hidden  key, the Holy Grail, hidden  where none find it until ready and thus you open the way for Divine Love and all its qualities to flow infinitely within and without. 

We are the Arcturian Group                                                              8/31/14


Soulstice Rising Ascension Notes The Power of Bringing Heaven to Earth – 6/1/2014 by Kara Schallock

Soulstice Rising Ascension Notes
The Power of Bringing Heaven to Earth – 6/1/2014
by Kara Schallock

“May has been gentler, yet deeper in excavating the old and activating higher vibrational Soul Codes, all the while being grounded. Being grounded is so very important, for it is our task to bring forth the high dimensional Light and anchor it onto Earth, through us; in other words, bringing Heaven to Earth. Because of this, we have had to clear our own density in order to receive and anchor the Light. And don’t we know it! It hasn’t been easy to awaken fully and see what is blocking the Light. As we awaken more and more, we see exactly what is not Love as we disengage from the old constructs that “puppetized” us. Can you believe how numb we have been and how we never questioned anything before our awakening?

Know that our chakras play an important role in all this. The lower three chakras regulate our mental, emotional and physical bodies and help us stay grounded. They have carried a lot of old patterns and karma and so our release is mostly about these lower three chakras. They have served us well…in the old. Our upper chakras, with the Heart being the gateway between the lower and higher chakras, are the ones that receive high dimensional Light. Our job is to allow that Light to infuse our lower chakras, which helps bring Awareness to what needs to be released, thus the vibration rises in the lower chakras so that there is a flow between all chakras. Grounding is receiving Light through our higher chakras and bringing it through all chakras and then into the Earth. This grounds us to Heaven and Earth…bringing Heaven to Earth. This, simply put, is what we’ve been doing and as we clear and rise in consciousness, life shifts to the New.

Many are transitioning out of their physical bodies to complete their work elsewhere. Many are still asleep and operating in the old matrix, which holds it in place, while those who are awake and in body continue to focus on Love and Transformation, which has been slowly but surely building the New Grid of Life. Sometimes it may seem that we will never make it and we see how much there still is to do and yet, we’re doing it…one step at a time. And we are being heralded as heroes; have no doubt that every bit of dross that we release and every act of Love does much to bring forth the New.

In the month of May many new portals opened throughout Earth, bringing forth high dimensional Light. People who live in those areas then absorb the Light and distribute it along the New Earth Grid via the leylines, whether they are conscious of that or not. Do you see how important it is to clear all your chakras? For unless we are clear of the old duality, the Light becomes stuck. This is why there has been so much change and release occurring. It is all very purposeful. The infusion of Light continues without stopping in order for us to continue to release and transform the dense energies of the old…for ourselves, others and Gaia. It begins and ends with us. Resistance to any change in one’s life makes this transition difficult. So be the Flow and allow.

So what will June bring? Many will be challenged in any area in which they have not become aware of yet and/or have not allowed transformation. One important area is childhood and all that got projected onto us at that time. These are patterns which did not begin in this lifetime, but brought forth from other lifetimes to finally heal and whole in order to choose a different path. When one becomes aware of the beliefs and patterns placed on them by family and culture, one can then choose to let them go and be free to choose how they want to live their lives. As one then has a vision of free life, it is created step by step. It is not a quick process, so be patient.

It helps to be detached and in dispassionate/compassionate observation, free of judgment whether something is right or wrong, and in doing so, one is free to choose in Clarity. Realize that when you choose for yourself, you choose for all others as well, for what one does or feels affects the whole. Letting go of blame and shame, brought forth from the old beliefs of thinking that things are the fault of something “out there,” we take Responsibility for all in our lives. As we do that, the blame and shame are dissolved and absorbed by the Light (which is Divine Love). Placing Responsibility elsewhere is based on an old ego (separation) belief of being a victim and then we give our Power away to institutions, parents, karma or what have you. Being fully Responsibility is taking your Power back and when you do that, you truly know that you are the creator of your world and the world at large; that life doesn’t happen to you, but by you.

Trusting yourself and your own answers is essential. As you do so, you empower yourself and transform the “what if I’m wrong?” debilitating belief. Trust your knowing and guidance. Seek within first and then if you need confirmation, you can ask another whom you deem wise and you will see that you had the Power of Truth all along. And in this way you continue to empower your own knowing. You begin to trust yourself more and more. And this Trust reaches into all areas of life…the fact that you can heal yourself; that you need no-one else to tell you what to do or how to be and your Discernment becomes so strong that instantly you see others clearly and can discern Truth from fiction.

As you rise in your own Power, you release any fear, control or manipulation from the old matrix, and thus you release it from your own self as well. When you choose to value yourself, no-one can interfere with who you are and your chosen Path. You are becoming incredibly strong as you stand in your own Power. This is because you are a spiritual sovereign being…a Warrior of Love. And as you stand in your Power, you automatically release and transform old family karma and wounding. You need not have a particular disease because “it runs in the family.” You need not continue a pattern of dysfunction, abuse or fear; you are a Warrior. You create your own life…if you choose.

Because we are in the New and our consciousness has shifted to higher dimensions, we are free to choose; free to create. We’ve broken the chains of karmic life. Realize too that because you’re in a higher vibration, you cannot recreate old 3D forms. You can’t go backward even if you want to recreate what was once comfortable. It is all new now. Old forms are done with. We create new fluid forms that will continue to shift as our consciousness continues to expand higher. If you try and hold onto the familiar, you will realize it just doesn’t fit and it will be very uncomfortable. I suppose we’re like the hermit crab who outgrows its shell and continues to grow, creating new and larger spaces to hold its expanding form till it’s time to move again. We are continuing to evolve; there is no end goal.

Take a moment and look at your life. Notice how different you and life are. Perhaps nothing looks like it has shifted in outer life, yet as you look inward you see you simply are not the same person you once were. If you’ve always been a planner, you may see that plans are not set in stone and as you perhaps make a loose plan, you see that it shifts into something else. And as you stay in the Moment, Divine Providence brings to you the perfect next step and thereby, any plan you make shifts according to your consciousness and it always is perfect. If you’ve always been a worrier, you come to realize that worry is wasted energy and based on something in the future. As you pull your energy back to the Now, worry dissipates and all unfolds according to Divine Providence. If you can see all of life as “it is what it is,” you truly set yourself free. As you focus instead on the essence you want to experience, and you see that that takes precedence over any plan or worry based in the future, you see how New Life is created. So let go and allow your Soul to lead. Ego will follow if given the chance.

We have transformed ego-emotions to Soul-feelings. We have let go of controlling our lives to allowing our lives to unfold according to our consciousness and our Soul’s Guidance. And because Soul is so much stronger, due to our diligence in allowing and not pushing, life becomes a perfect expression of who we are now. We are powerful, free and creators of New Life.”

~ ~ ~
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“REMEMBER…IT IS ALL WITHIN” ~ CHANNELED ASCENSION MESSAGE FROM THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION 31st May 2014 ~ Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Transcribed by Paul Marwood

31st May 2014
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones.  We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we go deeper into an exploration of where the answers are that you’re seeking. Where’s the solution? Where are those missing pieces that you feel that you’re striving for, to embody in your life, so that you can live in a peaceful, joyful, loving place that does not seems so temporary or so fragile. Once again the foundation of our message is about how the answers are all within you. For animating your human experience, animating the beautiful physical body that you’ve chosen to have experiences within is your Soul, as you know. When you understand that the Soul is separate, yet connected to the Field of All That Is, it means that it’s in constant communication with Source Energy; constant communication with that greater level of understanding that transcends the human experience in this realm. While that might seem like very much beginning information let’s look at it a little bit more deeply from the point of view of always needing to look outside to other people, other thoughts, other solutions that are outside of yourself. Ultimately, all those answers are within. For if your human experience is being animated by your Soul and your Soul is connected to that Field of All That Is why bother looking outside of yourself when looking with within can provide you those answers, those solutions, those understandings, the reasonings, and so much more?

As you begin to find ways to quiet the mind, connect with the Soul, connect with moments of peace, of understanding, of balance you begin to open up that greater pathway of communication between your human experience, which is driven by your mind, and the Soul level truth that you are not separate from, but just have not remembered how to listen to at this point in time. So beginning to create that relationship with your Soul, begin to listen to the Soul, not necessarily for human answers but for, again, the peace, the joy, the love, the contentment and understanding and the acceptance is this way of increasing your communication. As you increase your communication with your Soul, that pathway between your information systems from your human experience and your Soul begin to open up, become easier.

Your human mind wants concrete answers, directions, as if all the solutions were outside of you. Yet we’re encouraging you to think and feel and remember…. Remember…. that it’s all within. Of course this takes some practice and some work, but opening up your field, opening up your consciousness and your awareness to this idea that it’s all within you and seek the greater outcomes of peace, truth, love, joy and allow the material aspect of your human life to follow suit accordingly.

As you connect more and more with your Soul, as you listen to that voice within you and respond you will begin to feel calmer, more empowered, more trusting in the process of life on the planet, which is important as life on the planet begins to shift and change. If you have a strong foundation of that inner resource, in terms of connection with your Soul, knowing that resource is always around you and not dependent on your external circumstances, you do live in an empowered, trusting, loving place that allows you to feel confident in your ability to respond to any human experience that comes your way.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
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