Tania Gabrielle: Why 2019 is going to be EPIC! [8 Tips]


We are on the cusp of 2019 – an EPIC year!

This coming year you will be able to breathe life into your most precious dreams.

It’s the year for you to accept nothing but greatness!

2019 is governed by Capricorn:

  • 3 Eclipses in Capricorn
  • The buildup of an EPIC multi-century stellar event in Capricorn that culminates exactly one year from now.

Capricorn governs the CAREER sector in astrology.


Here are 8 tips to help you make the BEST out of this powerful year of opportunities – the Capricorn way… with a huge focus on your Divine Mission:

1. Focus on Leadership and Excellence

Leadership is an attitude, not a title or accumulation of wealth or your appearance.

Leadership is a state of mind.

Leadership is excellence in all parts of your life.

Wow yourself and wow the people you serve.

2. Choose Empowering Positive Language

The words you use determine your actions.

If you choose words such as “I can’t” or see an obstacle as a “problem” your emotional state goes into negativity.

Instead say – “I know there’s a way!” or “I can”!

Call an obstacle “an opportunity in disguise” or “a challenge that will help me grow”.

3. Serve others (not siphon energy from others)

Give something of value – whether it is a smile, an encouraging compliment, a sense of calm, a service that enhances, deep eye contact, a kind word.

Be the person who inspires, uplifts, listens and deepens contact with Spirit.

4. Deliver Real Results with Enthusiasm

Delivering results is not based on luck – results are not created by chance.

Results come from a relentless pursuit of focusing on the right things.

Be enthusiastic about your goals. You cannot accomplish anything without being passionately fired up!

Have fun!

Enthusiasm will move you through the day with a smile, strength and grace.

5. Focus on Success

Contributing something valuable and uplifting changes everything.

Find your purpose and have the courage to devote your life to it.

Success has everything to do with focusing your energy exclusively on your best opportunities.

Stay obsessively devoted to your mission this year.

Make the world a better place for being in it by contributing a legacy of love and light.

6. Declutter and Simplify

De-clutter your environment, but more importantly – de-clutter your habits.

People tend to add complexity – longer “to do” lists, more projects, more offerings, more material goods, even more goals…

Do the opposite of what most people do.

Think simply and focus on only a few things – what’s most important.

Simplify your life and you will amplify success.

7. Hug your Loved Ones

Love someone every day. Tell a person how much you care.

See the BEST in everyone.

Do not engage in conflict or confrontation – it will drain your vitality. Apologize quickly if you’ve hurt someone, make the situation right, and then breathe, relax and move on.

Share your successes with your family – your parents, your partner, your children, your most intimate friends.

In the morning and before bed, hug your kids. Always.

Hug, hug and hug some more – Long hugs… open your heart!

8. Unplug from Noise and Distractions

Observe when you get pulled into the noises and distractions of modern life.

Be vigilant about saying NO to diversions and trivial addictions.

Listen to music that uplifts, podcasts and videos that inspire.

Read books that help you grow and teach you something new – a different perspective that lights you up at Soul level.

Discard drama and crassness from your life.

Silence the chattering in your mind.

If your day starts to fill up with noise and distractions, close your eyes. Reflect on your divine mission. Make your goals come alive. Fire up your imagination and focus on your most important goals for the day.

Stay on course.

We are blessed to be alive during an epic changing of the guard!

Everything on Earth is being restructured. Humanity is discovering a higher vibration, greater energy resources, expanded dimensions and the tremendous potential of the human spirit.

May your 2019 be Epic, Exhilarating and Extraordinary!!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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A Brief Message to Lightworkers – November 28, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Brief Message to Lightworkers –  November 28, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are happy to have this time to speak with you today.

We see that many of you are feeling particularly stressed this time of year, as holiday times can require you to be around family members you don’t always have an easy time with.

For some it also means performing extra work to cover holiday spending, or doing extra cooking, cleaning, and other chores for family, friend, and community get-togethers.

This can be tiring and frustrating, as your child self wants to regain their wonder over the beauty of the season, and not be so tied up in “getting things done.”

We wish for you many beautiful, quiet moments this winter season, in which you take in the beauty of Nature at this time of year, and not only think in terms of scraping the ice off the windshield or having to wear snow boots.

We bless you with a sense of stillness that supersedes the rush and pressures of the holiday time.

You did not invent these stresses—they were handed onto you by those who did not know that they are not a requirement for an enjoyable holiday season.

They were invented so that you would rush headlong into spending money on things that others do not necessarily need or want, so that you would not feel guilty about not getting them a present.

Children do not need endless gifts or sweets over the holidays—that sort of excess often leaves them uncomfortable, tired, and confused.

It has little to do with the joy reaped from enjoying beautiful music, fulfilling time with family or friends, and simply the realization that somehow, you already have all you need.

The more you state this to yourself, the truer it becomes.

You can be a beautiful example of the Light Being who does not succumb to holiday pressures, as you also stay strong in the face of news about how those at the southern border of the US are being treated, and how thousands have been devastated by the fires in California.

Send Light to all situations that stress or trouble you now. Use the transmuting Violet Flame of St Germain to cleanse and lift any situation to a higher frequency.

Keep your holidays well, but keep them as simple and elegantly joyful as you can, without undue rushing about and feeling too pressed for time to enjoy the day or evening.

You are creative enough to discover the simpler ways of doing things, to not overdo with food and sweets, to offer simple gifts that encourage someone to follow their dreams to be their best selves.

Even just offering someone a list of everything that is wonderful about them—everything that you and others value in them—is a beautiful gift that they will never forget.

Photo by Lynne Newman

This sort of transformation is one of the things you came in for, and you are doing a beautiful job.

Release the need to “go on automatic” and forget your inner calm, just because of the time of year.

Give yourself quiet time each day in which you are speaking to your Spirit team or to Source, and speak of anything that is troubling you, asking for guidance and wisdom. The answers, if not immediate, will come to you in perfect time and way.

We surround you with our Love.

And as always, we are honored to assist on your path.



Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.


About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and radio host of “The Empowered Lightworker” on http://www.LNMRadioNetwork.com, Studio B. She channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

John Smallman: Reality is a very simple concept that is absolutely perfect in every way


Saul Audio Blog for Sunday April 23rd

When humanity awakens, as it most surely will, joyful amazement will flood across the planet as the GOOD NEWS fills ALL the media – the mainstream and the alternate channels!  Truly that moment is closer than you dare to think!  Incredible healing has been occurring planet-wide during the first months of 2017 and the results of that healing are about to become very visible.  Humanity’s interest in The News” has for eons been mostly focused on The Bad News,” and that is changing very rapidly now because people are tired of the endless reports of calamities, conflicts, and catastrophes and want good news.  You need good news because it inspires and uplifts you causing your energy signature to rise, filling you with motivational enthusiasm for life, and showing you that you, each individual one of You, has a powerful and extremely important part to play in the collective awakening process that all are presently undergoing.

Humanity’s collective intention to awaken has been building and strengthening over the last seven or eight decades and is now ready to burst into the awareness of all who do not make a very conscious choice to remain unaware and in denial of their true nature, their spiritual nature, their only nature, as beings of Love.  Love cannot be resisted or denied endlessly – although it has been resisted by humanity for far to long – and that period in your evolution in which so many of you have been denying and resisting Love is about to end.

Love is your nature and you are about to reclaim It.  The illusion, by your collective choice, has hidden it from you for eons.  However, when something is hidden it is not lost or forgotten, it is just displaced or misplaced and it will be found.  Your awakening process is the project that you have most willingly undertaken in order to uncover and become once more fully aware of your true nature.  As a result you are starting to see Love in all kinds of unexpected places, and all those seemingly disparate places are, at a very deep level, fully integrated and connected with each other.

As you are continually being reminded, there is only Love, all else is unreal, and the truth of that can no longer be meaningfully denied by anyone who is willing to go within, relax, and allow the Love that resides there to make Its Presence felt.  When that Love within is experienced for the first time it dumbfounds because it dispels all doubt about the existence of God as well as demonstrating to the ones experiencing It that they are of infinite value, of infinite worth, and are the eternally beloved and totally acceptable children of God.  It is mind-blowing, unforgettable, and it dispels all fear, once and for all.

Fear is the block, the obstruction, the wall that you built to make the experience of separation from your divine Father possible, and now it is being demolished.  As the demolition progresses cracks are appearing in the illusory barricade that you inserted between your selves and the field of divine Love in which all that is conscious, all that has ever been created, is eternally present and at one with God.  And through those cracks Love is flowing constantly to infiltrate every heart that is at all open to allow It in.  That is why It is appearing in so many unexpected places, places that, as humans, most of you would judge as evil, lost, corrupt, or unworthy.

Just remember that THERE IS ONLY LOVE!  Whatever you perceive as sinful, evil, dirty, unworthy, and unacceptable is unreal!  The children of God have taken many forms in order to play the games that the illusion suggests and encourages, but that does not and cannot change their true and eternal nature.  God’s children are eternally perfect aspects of the One from which there is no separation.

God, Love, One are the numberless and uncountable connections that join all together within the field of consciousness in which all existence occurs.  That field is all-encompassing, it has no limits or boundaries and there is nothing beyond it.  You cannot fall out of it, or under it, or from it into somewhere else – hell, purgatory, limbo, for example – because it is ALL, it is EVERYWHERE, it is REALITY!

You are all divinely taken care of from the moment of your creation because you are born into that divine field which constantly provides you with everything that you could ever need or desire.  You are infinitely L O V E D !  And because you are loved and created by God there exists nothing that can harm you; there is no opposition to God because God is All.

Truly, Reality is a very simple concept that is absolutely perfect in every way.

Whereas the illusion is a very complex quagmire of confusion, disagreement, conflict, suffering, and intense pain.  You know that because you are experiencing it, and that is why you have finally made the collective decision to awaken.  Within the illusion the only way to effect change is to make a collective choice, a collective decision, and that is what you have done – and that collective choice and decision is to awaken from the dream that is causing you so much pain.

In Reality there is only one choice, only one intent, and that is the Will of God.  It is not authoritarian, it is not demanding, it is not controlling, it is an ongoing loving, cooperative and exciting venture in which all exercise their full creative potential to produce a Whole that is one with themselves and God.  This brings out a deep smile on the Face of God as He delights in His children’s impassioned and unbridled joy in their wondrous achievement.

Reality is a continuously flowing state of creation expanding forever in joy.  Reality is filled with all the brilliant creative concepts of God’s beloved children as It flows forever outwards, expanding Itself perfectly and beautifully to harmoniously accommodate all those gleefully and jointly created concepts.

With so very much love, Saul.

Dr. Judith Orloff: The Secrets to Managing Overwhelm

The Secrets to Managing Overwhelm

Over the years, throngs of stressed out patients have come to my office to consult me about burnout. Mothers, actors, teachers, dog groomers, each with their own reasons why life is overwhelming.

When they are feeling overwhelmed one of the first aspects I address is how to pace themselves in a rhythm that makes intuitive sense for them. Just as heart beat and respirations determine our physiological tempo, pacing sets our subtle energy clock’s timing. Often we get caught in extremes.

What causes overwhelm? In my experience as a psychiatrist, rushing tops the list. Webster’s dictionary defines it as “a violent forward motion; to act with haste…in a short time at a high speed.” Energetically speaking, it’s running on more cylinders than you’ve got. Rushing is toxic because stress is cumulative. On perpetual overload, your physiology responds: cortisol, the “stress hormone,” surges; seretonin, a chemical protector against depression and anxiety, plummets. That, in combination with an inevitable diminution of subtle energy completes the downward spiral.

We rush for many reasons. To dull emotional pain. To flee from anxiety, depression, or feeling we’re not enough. In response to unrealistic expectations of what we can accomplish in a finite period. Fear of stillness and silence. Whatever the reasons, rushing is different from operating quickly and efficiently when your rhythm’s in sync with a busy balanced life.

These intuitions give rushing away

  • Your energy feels scattered
  • You have little or no awareness of your body
  • You experience a subliminal or overt sense of panic
  • Your ability to listen is impaired, as is memory for details.

For me, rushing is a consciousness shrinking altered state. It blurs into a bad hallucination, as if my energy body fragments and races ahead of itself while the material me is trying to catch up–a tinge of vertigo, a nauseating disconnect. Be certain: rushing steals well-being, ages you, and decreases immunity. It must never be considered harmless.

Even so, I understand how addictive rushing can be. As a USC medical student, my sixteen hour days were packed with life-and-death emergencies. I was on call every third night. This grueling pace continued when I opened my private practice. The most maddening part was wearing a pager. Strapped to my belt, it’d go off so frequently I’d catch myself fantasizing it would self destruct.

After years of pushing and rushing it finally sank in: my energy was being stretched way too thin. Wound tight, I’d get terse, snippy, hurrying myself and others along. It’s hard to be nice when you’re frantic. Worse, I’d drive and rush: more than once I got a speeding ticket zipping from the gym to the market so I could get home to unwind in a tub. I was rushing to relax! Ultimately, I rushed my way right into an energy crises. Refusing to slow down, my body intervened. A profound weariness came over me which lasted nearly year. I was forced to cut back on speaking engagements and other commitments. Doing so made me realize how much I craved the nourishing sense of presence that being in the moment brings.

Here are some changes from my book Positive Energy that you can make to address your sense of overwhelm.

Secrets To Finding The Right Pace of Life For You

Realign with a more comfortable rhythm: Make gradual changes. Focus on one area at a time. Ask yourself: What kind of change would feel good? Focus on small, do-able chunks, not an instant overhaul. Say, your job. Try out ten minutes of a nurturing pace. Savor how that feels. Then build on it. See if your well-being improves. Energy never lies.

If you’re a rusher:Let at least a few minutes each day be a meditation on energy focus. Rushing is best reduced in increments. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Attempt to be totally present. Open your senses. Take pleasure in tulips, cascading fountains, the aroma of baking bread. Respond with your full attention. If this exercise feels good, try it daily. Then increase the duration from there.

If you’re on deadline: To survive these potentially oppressive clinches be sure to plan mini-breaks to utilize a quickie subtle energy technique that has saved me. For just a minute, take a few deep breaths while touching your intuitive center–this heightens focus and brings you back to center.

If your pace is too slow: Intuitively tune into an activity that brings you joy. It can be anything: ice skating, gardening, volunteering at a soup kitchen. Once that memory is rekindled plan to do it. If the activity makes you happy, begin to incorporate it into your routine. The aim is to jump start positive energy if you’re underperforming or shutting down in another arena.

The key to success at managing overwhelm is to ease into a new pace. As some of my overzealous patients have discovered, making giant leaps too quickly can sabotage your efforts. They end up feeling like failures, demoralized, until they emotionally regroup and begin again. Please, no grand gestures. Just start moving in the right direction. This sends a positive message to your life force. Don’t worry if you slip into old habits. We all do. Every minute you’ve succeeded renews vitality and awe.


THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, July 2, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, July 2, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase:
release, prepare to begin anew

Moon in Gemini

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bagalamukhi, Goddess Who Dissolves Illusions

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

Skill:  keep it simple; recognize what is being taught

True Alignments:  loyalty, celebrations, the comforts of home, acknowledgment of what is important, addressing or redressing, observation, records and information, promises, childlike wonderment, blessings, application of knowledge and experience

Catalysts for Change:  demanding, bound to something and wanting release, overly needy of attention, intellectual arrogance, overwhelmed by complexity, unable to simplify, invasion of privacy, lost in translation, losing faith, radically anti human

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Get ready for the light.

Today the Sun reaches the degree of the Sabian symbol of “a Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher.”  This energetic directs us to the simplest answers, elements, or components of something.  This is a pure energy that speaks to something trying to take “birth” in our lives or come back into our lives, as in “reincarnating.”   Personal revelations light up the mind when the Sun discharges this code.

In astrology, the Earth is always 180 degrees from the Sun.  When the Sun discharges the energetic of the “reincarnation of a great teacher” (12 Cancer), the Earth is always discharging the energetic of “a student of nature lecturing, revealing the little known aspects of life” (12 Capricorn).  You can see how the interplay is one of wisdom.  We interpret and translate information when the “student of nature lecturing” is activated.

The themes of unity (togetherness) and unification (the action of getting together) are strong today.  Venus discharges the energetic of “a priest performing a marriage ceremony.”  The sanctity, loyalty, and commitment of all kinds of things, not just marriages or relationships, come into focus.  This Sabian symbol echoes the theme of preparing for a new beginning that comes with the Sun at the “reincarnation of a great teacher.”  Also, we are in the Balsamic Moon phase, which directs us to release whatever we do not want to carry with us (physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, spiritually) into the next lunar month.  We have until the New Moon on Monday to work with this.

Mercury concurs, as today it discharges the energetics of preparing for the new and releasing what has had its sunset (moonset) with “game birds feathering their nests” and later “two fairies dancing on a moonlit night.”

I will be back for a separate report tomorrow.  If you capture a snapshot of Nature as she reveals wisdom today, please send it in.  We should get some good ones today!

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

w/audio: http://www.oraclereport.com/

First Quarter Moon Phase: step outside of comfort zone, take action

Moon in Gemini

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

Skill: practice practicality; move your mind

True Alignments:  innovation, usefulness, determination, healing, learning something, calming the mind and body, recognizing expertise, advice, shared responsibility, gathering, multiple possibilities, slowing down communications for clarity

Catalysts for Change: exploiting for personal advantage, careless, irresponsible, dishonest, tricks, devaluing traditional methods, control issues, rigid structures that do not allow room to breathe or grow, noisy, self-destructive, the need for approval from others

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a large white dove bearing a message” (peace; messages and signs)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of consciousness)

Today we are practicing the art of breaking things down into smaller parts in order to wisely navigate the day’s energetics:

The Sun is discharging the energy of “a tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.”  This tells us that something will be pointed out to us that is ready to transform to a different state.  Beliefs, feelings, attitudes are trying to change form, as there is a better use for the energy.  The experience we have with something turns into something else – a better application, creation, or way of operating.  Creativity and innovation are naturally stimulated by this energy.  Breaking things or tasks that seem monumental down to smaller components or “baby steps” is advised.  Overwhelm and immobilization can set in quickly with this energetic, so we can counter that by breaking things down into bundles that are more manageable.

In geocentric (Earth-centered) astrology, the Sun and Earth are always in opposite places in the sky.  So when the Sun is at the degree of “a tree felled and sawed,” the Earth is always at the degree of “many little birds on the limb of a large tree.”   The birds need to know when to get out of the tree.  This means that following our intuition is very important on this day every year.

It also means that there can be a lot of confusion, mind chatter, and difficulty focusing because there is a multitude of information, messages or tasks.  Simple, concise communications are best today.  Throwing too much information at anything will likely cause shutdown or cognitive dissonance.  We can line our thoughts up like many little birds on the limb of a large tree and move along the branch in a calm, focused way.  With this, we are practicing the skill of moving our mindset within the field of multiplicity instead of being overwhelmed by all it has to offer (or deliver).

These energetics want us to move, change, and transform, so moving the body will help a lot.

Mercury at “a Hindu healer” makes a square today with the Chiron Point – the archetypal encapsulation of the “wounded healer and teacher.”  Mercury adds the element of healing and gaining wisdom from today’s energetics of moving, changing, and transforming.  Mercury rules our thought processes, communication, and information.  When the Chiron Point is involved, there is a purpose of healing, so what happens today, especially if pain or wounding go along with it, is ultimately designed to heal an issue or evoke some sort of innovation.  Be aware that there is a strong potential for self-sabotage (via destructive self-talk and actions based on negative self-talk) and “move your mind” if this comes upon you.  Break the self-talk down into parts and then challenge each of them with the truth.

Mars continues to discharge the energy of “a rabbit metamorphosed into a fairy,” continuing to emphasize the transformation and transmutation theme.

Venus comes to “directors of a large firm meet in secret conference” so we have our wise owl eyes on the cabal.

The Moon will oppose Saturn at 12:10 pm ET/5:10 pm UT, heightening the signature of self-sabotage or feeling like we are worthless and things are meaningless.  We can really “beat up” on ourselves when the Moon opposes Saturn.  We tend to distort feelings of incompetence, failure, naivety, weakness, and disorganization.  It’s a trap of the mind, and today we are moving our minds.  So we will avoid this trap.

Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius at 11:18 pm ET/4:18 am UT.  This takes a little bit of pressure off of relationships.  Things flow better with Venus in Aquarius than they do with Venus in Capricorn (especially when Pluto is also in Capricorn).

As things appear to be “felled” or coming down today, their use and function are actually being transformed into something that serves free humanity, not controlled humanity.  The times are meaningful – full of meaning.  Let’s move our minds away from any chaos and into the assurance of Second Renaissance.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, February 15, 2016

First Quarter Moon Phase: step forward, take action

Moon in Gemini

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Gentle Breeze

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

Skill: hold simplicity within the complexity

True Alignments: cooperation, sailing through troubles, team building, new chances, flowers as a remedy, refreshed, recognizing consequences, beauty, creativity, symbolism, revelations, seeing a path forward, fairy tales and other stories/myths that teach, letting go of darkness, imagination

Catalysts for Change: evading the truth, struggles, over-reliance on others to decide, insensitive to others, self-sacrifice, fear of change, valuing based only on functionality or efficiency, reacting from base instinct/base emotion, feeling of emptiness (the inner child may be seeking expression or bringing up forgotten talents or interests)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a large white dove bearing a message” (signs and information, peace)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

Today, the Sun advises us to keep things simple, but complex energetics make that a little bit of a challenge.

The Sun is discharging the energy of 27 Aquarius and the Sabian symbol of “an ancient pottery bowl filled with violets.”  This images simplicity and purity in an innocent form.  The bowl is formed by human hands using the elements of the Earth.  It tells us to keep things simple, and it also inclines us toward beauty.

Additionally, as we are experiencing the Return of Wisdom, ancient sources of wisdom call to us.  Books or information on esoteric subjects may come back across your mind or path, so we want to follow our intuition and follow any signs that recall this kind of material.

Within the overall theme of keeping things simple, two sophisticated dynamics are also occurring today:

1- TRANSITION: The Earth is located at “daybreak – the luminescence of dawn in the Eastern sky” and Mars is located at “a rabbit transformed into a fairy[elemental].”  Both symbols imply changes — changes from one state to another.  Mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ideas, or just about anything may be in heavy transition or evolution.  This is a stage in the process of enlightenment, which is a process of becoming more aware of the nature of reality.

Furthering the mission of enlightenment (that is strong through the end of the solar-lunar year on April 6), today we also have slow-moving Neptune moving to the 10th degree of Pisces and the symbol of “an aviator in the clouds.”  Neptune is the planet that connects us with Spirit, and the dissemination of this symbol’s energetic greatly helps with becoming enlightened to things that we need to see and know as we approach the end of the solar-lunar year.  This energetic can take us (and things with which we are involved) to the highest level so that we can see way above and beyond our normal ability to view and conceive plans for the future.

Flying through cloud cover requires the use of instruments, and Neptune is providing the “instruments” we need to transition and transcend.  We are paying close attention to signs and messages this month with the theme of “a large white dove bearing a message,” and Neptune will amplify the fequency and strength of them.

2- REMOVAL: Mercury disseminates the energy of “a deserter from the navy,” bringing up thoughts about leaving, opting out, or outright rebellion.  The Wisdom Goddess Matangi is doing her clean sweep of the situations and circumstances that have become fallow or shallow.  Most likely, these are things that do not hold up under the new energetics that this solar-lunar year (“the music of the spheres” or electro-magno-harmonico – like that? – that is raising and re-tuning human consciousness back into alignment with wisdom, sanity, and the value of life).  This means that the things that are degrading or dissolving because they are not in alignment with the highest and best of ourselves and of humanity take a hit today.  The energy is designed to remove what is difficult.

Venus is activating the energy of “a woman reading tea leaves,” which enhances our ability to “read” the future, which often brings a catalyst for a change in the present.  What does today tell you about the future.

As we hold a mindset of simplicity today, we also look within the complexity of the questions What is trying to transform? and What is does today reveal about the future.  Reviewing this report at the end of the day may bring those answers together very simply.


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The Oracle Report: Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Oracle Report:  Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Scorpio

Wisdom Goddess:  Kali (Goddess of Endings and Beginnings)

Skill:  keep things as simple as possible

Positive Imprints: cooperation, personal responsibility, setting a good standard, opening up, reading a room or a situation (taking stock before acting), balancing giving and taking, seeing the best of what’s around

Catalysts for Change: self-denial, immaturity and arrested development, uncooperative, divisions (especially racial divisions), attempting to take from others

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a crowded public marketplace” (human interchange and exchange; expressions of self).

Strong solar activity continues with three M-class flares in the past 24-hours.  It is unknown at this time if coronal mass ejections accompanied any of the flares.  The flares occurred yesterday at 10:33 am ET, 7:53 pm ET, and 11:23 pm ET / 2:33 pm UT, 11:53 pm UT, and 3:23 am UT.

Today’s overall energy is no less potent.  Mars meets up with Uranus at the same place in the sky.  In astrology this is called a conjunction.  Jolts (more accurately, joules) of energy ripple through the field of consciousness (or grid of consciousness).

When the electromagnetics of these two planets meet up, shocking, surprising, and amazing things happen.  Accidents are more common under this dynamic.  Mars’ energy wants to move ahead and make things happen.  Uranus’ energy wants to free us of whatever holds us back and get us back on our proper course.

Oftentimes, it’s a clash of the titans.  Mars says, “Out of my way.”  Uranus says, “Only if I say so.”  Uranus always wins in this contest.  He is older and wiser and has the mission of alignment with what is in our highest and best desires/interests.  Uranus works at the soul’s level.

Venus starts the day at the degree of “the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires” today, so that is a bonus for the energy of putting us where we need to be.

Later in the day, Venus will move to the degree of “a woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable, but veiled, load.”  This energetic has been strongly in effect since March 2014.  Today it brings the power to release or share a burden or secret and also the power to “load in” our hopes, wishes, and dreams for the future.

It’s a complicated day, and the Sun is amplifying it all.  Under these conditions, we aim for keeping things as simple as possible.  And we follow the course.

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New Message from the Arcturians: “Time & Simplicity” by Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful 16 December 2014

(follow the handle of the Big Dipper to the brightest star to the left…)

New Message from the Arcturians

As we begin to prepare for this wonderful alignment, it’s a good time to think about our ascension journey. We’ve come far and as we really get that we are divine and whole, the focus then shifts to living this. Being a blended being — aware of the absolute truth of our lives and drawing our fullness into our relative human experience, more and more fully.

A recent message from the Arcturians gives us some new ideas about time and the role of simplicity in creating our lives as the New Humans. You can find it by clicking here:

Time & Simplicity  (or read it below)

This message is part of the New Human Soar Fest. If you’d like to join us, in this pay-what-you-want, listen-when-you-feel-like-it, global series of transmissions, please do so.

Happy Solstice to you, and much much love during this Holiday Season!

With appreciation and joy,



New Message from the Arcturians: Time & Simplicity
by Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful

16 December 2014

“Hello beautiful beings of light.

We greet you in love. Today is an opportunity for you to live as you desire. It’s an invitation. Each moment is an invitation to be free and fulfilled.

Each moment is actually a gift you give to yourself by the choice of your presence here and the calling forth of the energy that is source which is expressing as you and you are here in this world in an abundant place in which to explore your existence. What a beautiful thing. In this immense abundance and this expansive diversity one of the principles that assists you in realizing all that you came here to experience and enjoy is the principle of simplicity.

We want to talk today a little bit about time and a little bit about simplicity and how they work together and how you might utilize the principles of each to achieve a greater realization of your being.

Time does not unfold for the reasons people think or the reasons people may think. Time unfolds for you to specifically and fully relate to yourself.

You experience the unfolding of time so that you might know You more deeply, more fully and by know you we mean the fullness of all you are and we also mean the oneness that is everything. So time unfolds providing you glimpses of the truth of your being in an expanded way allowing you to know this through discreet, refracted experiences of source energy elaborated. This all takes place so you can more fully feel and know and understand and comprehend and enjoy who You really are. Each and every nuance and the uniqueness of each moment gives you a chance to know life and thus You more fully.

Time unfolds so there can be a depth of knowing and in this depth of knowing more love and appreciation can be experienced and generated. As you allow each moment to be known you have the opportunity to experience the perfect and totally unique presence given to you, created by you. In this experience you can discover absolute qualities of experience.

It is in exploring the very specific, relative moments in your embodied earthly life that you touch and discover and feel also the absolute qualities and this is the point of living in the present.

This is the point of relating to time clearly and one of the most liberating experiences of relating to the present moment is with an awareness that the discreet, very specific, precise unique moment presenting is a doorway to absolute freedom.

You find yourself by being present to the complete, specific moment. You find yourself free of all the things that seemed to bother you before or concern you. Instead you are filled with joy because there is so much beauty in life. No matter what your station or where you are focused there is a multidimensional energy presenting to you in each moment. The frequency created by your focus allows you to know that moment partially or fully and all degrees of variation in between. On earth the great gift is the immense diversity and thus the incredible opportunities for joyful self-awareness. Getting to know the divine more fully, getting to know you more fully is why you’re here.

Each moment, each insight of recognition of this Oneness in a more expanded way is exhilarating and joyful. This is why creativity is also exhilarating and joyful. This is why sharing is exhilarating and joyful. This is why helping one another is exhilarating and joyful. This is why eating is exhilarating and joyful. This is why everything can be exhilarating and joyful. Tuning yourself for and to joy will help you find your way always. Always.

In these very specific and discreet moments of time you sometimes feel challenged or discouraged. In the challenge or discouragement it is good to encourage yourself. It is good to remind yourself of the absolute, the eternal nature of your being. To orient to that until it pulls you back into balance.

In this awareness you can also remember that you are a blended being having this human experience, having a relative AND an absolute experience. That is the full realization of the awakened New Human.

Dear friends you are creating a mix of these conscious perspectives that is increasingly clear and accurate and balanced.

It is also expanding and concentrating and radiating. What this feels like when you get into that sweet and perfect alignment is brilliant clarity, absolute joy and knowing.

You all have had this alignment; you’ve had moments like this so you know what it’s like. You’re perfectly capable of it and you’re coming into it more and more.

The higher self of you; your aspects expressing in higher frequencies, are informing your life here and you are informing that expression. It’s all happening. It’s all happening. You don’t have to do anything to make it happen. There is flow occurring and instantaneous informing. This is always a positive thing as it provides opportunities for expansion and experiencing more wholeness.

The realization of this experience of wholeness arises more fully as alignment is more full. You learn how to find your alignment by caring about how you feel. That path alone, even if you never woke up, would be a wonderful one. It would and does bring you great joy and it would even allow you to emanate immense light if you simply cared about how you feel.

Caring about how you feel and therefore creating alignment allows you to be with others in a way that is compassionate not critical, grateful not judgmental. In this fulfilled state of being you are encouraging and open, delighted, welcoming and kind. And you’re present in all of these very beautiful ways naturally. Not because you think it’s better, not because you strive to be that way and not because you think it’s right. You present and feel these ways because you see clearly and you are also energetically fulfilled.

Therefore when you find yourself condemning things, anything, or objecting, arguing, criticizing, complaining, these are indicators that you’re off the mark. That you’ve lost your alignment somewhat or even quite a lot. These are indicators of losing the perspective that come with alignment.

It is good when the thoughts or feelings like this arise to just let them be. Don’t take action or speak about them, just let the “dust settle.” In doing this you will gradually re-pattern your response to life so you’re more able to have a softer reaction and eventually a diffused reaction and therefore you will be more able to sustain your experience of wholeness and the awareness of the fullness of you more often.

Listening to your heart is another thing that helps you come into more wholeness. It’s easy to let yourself listen to your heart if you create space to know yourself. Knowing yourself requires listening and listening requires silence.

Hearing your own heart’s desires and living authentically is the way to express yourself fully here.

By being here as you and doing what you want and feeling inspired towards you bring forth more light. To know your soul’s desires requires reflection and contemplation and most of all – creating an openness to your life such that the pace doesn’t drive you to become outwardly focused.

When you are more busy and your life is more full than feels good to you – and for each of you this pacing and fullness will feel different and it will be different at different times – but when you are more busy than feels good to you then you lose touch with the inner current of you and you lose this balance of being a blended being.

Life is much simpler than human beings have tended to make it. As you know it is just about happiness and well-being, awareness and awakening, love and sharing, connecting and creating.

Living simpler is part of creating and realizing this expression of the New Human. It gives you opportunities to be more free and fluid when there is more space in your life. It allows you to have a spaciousness in the material things around you and in your life structure that fosters deep listening to your heart. Simplicity is very helpful.

Each and every moment dear friends is complete. It is rich and it is so able to satisfy you and deeply fulfill you. Each and every moment contains everything you could ever need or ever want. Consider this for a moment!

This is the presence of the absolute, eternal Godhead that is you with you always. The connection to that is always there. It is the flow of your life. It is the reason you are animated here having an experience of being alive. The absolute provides total fulfillment and this is available in every moment. The degree to which you can harvest this has to do with the degree to which you are present. Simplifying your life allows you to reap the benefit from time unfolding more fully.

We invite you today to consider simplicity and this insight about time which you may already have but we are drawing focus to today, as a way of considering a graceful, easy way to feel better and open up to more wholeness.

Let yourself begin this pathway of living as the New Human with a consideration of simplicity in your life.

Allow yourself to feel and know your Godhead by clearing the way of complications and ideas that demonstrate or speak of ways that require effort, elaborate rituals or routines, dropping any ideas that you are somehow not worthy and instead encourage yourself.

Encourage yourself. Practice. Speak warmly with love to yourself. Create space in your life so that you can harvest the immense opportunity of this moment.

We are the Arcturians.

ORACLE REPORT: Monday, December 15, 2014

ORACLE REPORT Monday, December 15, 2014

Third Quarter Moon Phase: reorientation
Moon in Libra
Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (Goddess of Arts)

Skill: respond with high hope
Negative Imprint: hierarchy, denying happiness, consciously manipulating others, immaturity, projection of negativity, militaristic aggression

Positive Imprint: devotion, good fortune, common good, power for good, calm, rewards, reverence, independence, integration

For the first time since November 15, yesterday the Sun released a solar flare with coronal mass ejection.  The M1.6 flare and resulting CME occurred at 2:33 pm ET/7:33 pm UT.

Solar flares shoot packets of light (information) to us with specific intentions in mind.  The specific intention or mission of a CME can be discovered by looking at the Sabian symbol, or energetic description, of the degree of the Moon at the time of the CME.  The Moon was located at 26 Virgo, in exact square to the Galactic Center, at the symbol of ” a boy with a censer (covered incense burner that swings from chains) serves near the priest at the altar.”

When the Sabian symbols “returned” to consciousness in the 1920’s, the symbol of a boy at an altar with a priest had a different connotation than it does today.  A deeply negative imprint has twisted into this symbol.  But at the highest level, this symbol is about renewed hope.

This CME happened as powerhouses Uranus and Pluto were moving into exact square once again this year.  They came into exact astrological aspect at 7:46 pm ET/00:46 am UT, but the effects were being felt for days in advance (and will continue to be felt for a few days as the planets move off from their dance).

Perhaps another intention of the renewed hope that comes from this energy is for the priest at the altar to return to the original idea of serving the highest interests of the boy – of all children?  Perhaps the boy has now grown into a man and stands in front of the priest, holding him accountable to the Laws of Life?  Perhaps the waves of sea change that are coming ashore with the Sacred Masculine are beginning to rectify wickedness and return sanity?

This symbol also images the idea of the simplest elements being vital.  Burning incense shifts the time-space/space-time of the altar and anyone focused on what’s going on at the altar.  In this way, the incense, and the boy who is swinging the incense burner, are the simple but necessary parts.  In kind, we may feel like we are one small part of the big picture, playing our role in the divine dream, but wisdom tells us that all are parts are necessary.  Without each of them there would not be a collective.  Sabaoth the Sun reminds us that we are all important and that the smallest elements are critical to the overall purpose.

Additionally today, our friend the bluebird of happiness returns to stand at the door of our inner house with the Sun reaching the degree of this Sabian symbol.  If you have been following the Oracle Report this month, you know that the bluebird of happiness has been flying in from time to time.  Today the bluebird is serious about bringing good fortune and magnetically drawing us toward people of like mind, heart, and spirit.  The energy helps us make progress and move forward with less resistance, enabling us to continue “nexusing” with others and implementing plans for the future that were made eons ago.  This month is a homecoming of soul families to reorient the world and bring the Second Renaissance.

This month has been a spiritually-busy one, with the Full Moon pouring down cosmic rain to uplift consciousness.  Tangible, external representations of hopes, wishes, dreams, and plans become visible as consciousness is expanding.  The things that we’ve projected from our minds begin to manifest in the grand dream we are all dreaming.  The dream is getting bigger and becoming even more alive.

All of this brings a new sense of being, an enlarged perspective about our lives, and an enhanced journey through deeper spiritual levels.  Today is about reorienting – shifting from one state of mind or being to a higher one.  Respond to the energy with high hopes for the promise of happiness.

(Audio report on the Black Moon in Virgo is on its way…)

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Life Is an Expression of Joy a message from Tony Samara

I love this article. Came across it in my email where I had accidentally pasted it into a forward of something else..but very relevant right now. Was meant to be. -PB

Life Is an Expression of Joy
a message from Tony Samara

Thursday, 29 May, 2014

“Life is an expression of joy.  If we see this vibration in the stars, in the galaxies that surround humanity, then we understand that this joy goes beyond the personal that the mind tries to grab onto, so that it has something to understand, and rather expands to a space that is unknown.  This simplicity of focus means that whenever the complication of the mind comes into your experience, all you have to do is remind yourself to go back to that space of simplicity, remind yourself to go back to that space of joy, remind yourself by remembering an aspect of this joy.

For example, the beauty of the light that shines when you look at the stars at night.  The beauty of this light that goes beyond an understanding that can be put into words – it’s an experience that is uplifting.

When you remember the joy that is the potential of all life, that is present to everything and everyone, then the mind comes back to remembering how to focus on more than the ego talk that happens when we are caught up in the mundane, material, everyday world.  This is not bad for a little while, but it doesn’t bring the deep joy that we all seek.  If we come back to that simplicity, if we come back to that beauty, then we transform our mind, so our mind expands to a space where we can begin to see the light not just outside, but also on the inside.  The stars are beautiful, the light of the stars that shine and remind us of beauty is a wonderful aspect of nature, but then we begin to see the vibration of light within our own mind.This is an alchemical process that is very, very easy to experience once we allow for that space to be much more real, once we honor that space in a much more real way.So when you’re able to do this, and I’ll show you how shortly, what happens is that this light, the inner light that is a vibration, that is the same vibration as sound, that is the same vibration as your truth; once you are able to allow this process to happen inside of your mind, inside of consciousness, then you will begin to understand that this light shines not only from the outside, but from within the core of consciousness, from what creates consciousness, the essence of who you are.  When you have this light shining from within, and touching the light that is outside, then there is a magnetic movement that happens by itself, where you don’t need to search for anything to help you with this process, because the movement is happening without effort.  The light has the space to shine back to your consciousness and really reflect to you who you are, remind you of who you are in this world in the same way as the star remembers its beauty when it shines its light to all humanity, you in your depth will come back to a sense of remembrance.

When this happens our physiology of body, of brain, of the nervous system, begins to adapt to the new situation, and we begin to adapt not only by allowing this process to speed up within ourselves, but we also begin to adapt by allowing our mind and body to create the space where such light becomes tangible, where we begin to be able to relate to the inner light that is deep, deep inside of ourselves.  This requires, as I have mentioned right in the beginning, a letting go.  We cannot look at the light and the darkness at the same time.  The light can shine through the darkness and remind you that in essence everything is a vibration of life, but if you are not able to see the light because your mind is caught up in the darkness of fear, or in the darkness of self-sabotage, then of course that is the space that you create for the mind.  This allows for certain thoughts to navigate and to flow and to play the wonderful games that the monkey loves to play, and keeps you so fully occupied with that process that there is not even one moment to notice that in that whole space there is a beautiful star shining towards you, asking you to remember, to remember the essence.

So when our physiology begins to change, when we begin to let go of, for example, fear, when we begin to let go of the idea that we are not good enough, or not able to allow such a process to happen, we build up a trust in the potential that is behind this light, and behind this vibration.  This trust brings joy in itself.  When you feel this trust, when you feel the need to simply let go and no longer struggle with yourself or with the outer world, or the ideas that you have of the outer world, then there is a sense of joy, because there is a sense of relaxation, which is what meditation is all about.

Meditation is not just a physical relaxation, but also a relaxation that allows you to come back to yourself and be yourself, be the real person that is you.”

Excerpt from ‘The Simplicity of Love Meditation’ a new Book by Tony Samara
Copyright © 2012 Tony Samara. This article, video or audio may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author is credited, and the URL www.tonysamara.org is included.

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