Anna Merkaba: Harvest Moon – Sept 13th- Initiation Code of Self Realization

Harvest Moon – Sept 13th- Initiation Code of Self Realization

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Harvest Moon – Sept 13th- Initiation Code of Self Realization

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! Today I would like to share some more exciting news of yet another awesome portal and time that is coming our way. I have received a light code, a seal, and information on how to use it.

Here is a short message that I have received with this Initiation Seal:

“On September 13th a Portal of self-realization will open up. This portal will allow for significant improvements in all domestic affairs for many of you. Allowing those actions that were put into force prior, during the times of the new moon to be further realized and come into being. And as such propel you further along your divine life purpose. By using the Initiation Code one shall attune to the encoded DNA of Abundance within your very cells and structure of being.“

And here are the instructions. The Initiation Seal is what you see in the picture here:

Initiation Code (Seal) of Self Realization

To attune to this Initiation Code you would need to write down what you intend for your life in the days, weeks and months to come. Think clearly of your plans, and use a visualization techniques to see each step clearly. Think of the grand plans but then thoroughly think of all the details that you can possibly think of.

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