Sarah Biermann: The Hot Season of Change: Part 2 – Are Your Fears Being Triggered?

The Hot Season of Change:
Part 2 – Are Your Fears Being Triggered?

This “Hot Season of Change” is lighting a fire under two things: your deepest fear and your greatest desire. If your fears are being triggered, this is why.

While the two things are opposite each other, they are very connected because you can’t manifest and live your dream unless you become aware of and face the fear, even embrace the fear, and ultimately release it.

A hint: the thing you most fear isn’t an injury or damage to your body or to a loved one, it is the “horrible thing” that proves that you are a pitiful looser and that all your (failed) dreams are “illusions”. The fear is that there will be proof of what a deluded, foolish and stupid idiot you are. Not to mention a “fake spiritual person”.

Ugg… It hurts! It can crush you and make you want to end it all, to give up and even consider exiting this life.

It can also make you avoid living your dreams so that you end up doing work that just pays the bills, doing a job that you don’t like, and even hate.

(I am also getting triggered as are just about everyone I know. For me, when I let myself really go into it, with all the tears and shaking, then I felt better afterwards. Well, not right afterward, but I did feel better the next day. The fears are just fears. Try not to attach to them by believing they are true and real. Part of this is being fueled by the planetary shift and part by the Old Energy pushing our buttons.)

Did you know it was going to be this hard, that it would suck this much? Why does it have to be this way?

The other reason is that the Old Energy and those who are trying to prevent the transformation to the New Energy are doing everything they can to prevent the Transformation. The Transformation from the Old Energy to the New Energy is a really, really big thing! It is also a really, really important thing.

This can sound rather obscure so we have systems to interpret and understand what is happening and how we can participate in the Transformation.

I see astrology as a mirror, reflecting back to us what is the focus and the cosmic energy at certain times. Your natal chart can show you what gifts you brought in, as well as what challenges you chose. Other systems, like numerology, do a similar thing, helping us to understand what “it’s all about”.

The recent eclipses speak to the intensity of what I call the “Hot Season of Change”.  The focus point of the eclipses is Leo and especially, 29º of Leo. The Lunar Eclipse on August 7th had the Sun at 15º Leo and the Solar Eclipse was at 29º Leo. Mars is conjunct the Sun and Moon, pushing action and possibly aggression. Leo is all about self-love and self-worth. Other celestial bodies have continued to cross over and activate this place. So, what does this mean?

The challenge we are being faced with is to come face to face with the things that make you feel less-than, powerless, unlovable and ashamed. It’s the weakness that you don’t want anyone to see. The outcome of this process is to move past the limiting beliefs and to truly know your own self-worth and lovability.

If you are not clear about what this is for you, one way to understand is to look at what house is ruled by Leo is in your natal chart. If you don’t have your natal chart you can get it at If you need more information and understanding about the houses please contact me or do a web search. The astrology system that I use is Contact me if you would like to know more about why this astrological system, more than any others, is what I believe has the best understanding and point of view of any others.

Many people thought and expected that at the end of the “Mayan Calendar” the wonderful New Earth would begin. The expectations were that all the negative and ugly stuff would go away and we could go forward with the positive and beautiful.

What happened instead is that the negative and ugly was exposed, big time. What I wrote earlier applies to this situation and the polarity.

“While the two things are opposite each other, they are very connected. You can’t manifest and live your dream unless you become aware of and face the fear, even embrace the fear, and ultimately release it.”

While the end result, and the reason you and I are here now, is to manifest the New Earth with all its splendor and beauty, we have had to go through the “cleaning of the basement”. We had to get down and dirty and go into the ugliness in order to clean it out.

It’s not fun… You chose to be here to do this… You are one of us who wanted to be part of this and YOU were chosen because you have the ability to know the worst and still know the best. You are able to anchor the “New Earth Waves” here and hold this truth for our planet.

BTW What you are doing isn’t just for this planet. What you are doing is affecting the whole Solar System, the Galaxy and beyond.

It is not easy to do this, not at all. Yet, you are here now because you are uniquely able to do this.

One of the hardest parts of this job is that the ones who are who haven’t yet chosen their desired movement into the New Earth, mostly have no awareness of it nor any understanding of its importance. Unfortunately, this includes many of your family and friends, not to mention the mainstream media/news that influence these people.

If you feel the heart tug upon reading this. If there is a moment when you think, “Yes, this is me!” before your doubts kick in, then you are definitely one of us.  You are one of the special souls that is incarnating now, despite the challenges and the losses.

Please do not think that you are the only person who has doubted yourself. The opposite is true. The major challenges of an Old Soul are doubt and lack of self-worth. You could say the doubt and low self-worth (AKA shame) are the “self-karma” of Old Souls.

I know this well. One of my teachers, mentors and friends (who also introduced me to Shamanic Astrology) labeled me, “The Queen of Shame”. This was partly because I am such a huge “fan” of Sting, the lead singer and song writer of the 80’s ban The Police. He wrote a song about himself called, King of Pain. (Looking at it now, this could be the mantra of most Old Souls). The other reason was that I went through the deepest, dungeon of my personal shame with her support and that once I delved so deeply into it, I was relatively comfortable with it. I was no longer driven by wanting to hide the “secret shame” that I had lived with for decades.

(Important note: When I finally was able to (with my friends support) go to the center of the “horrible truth” about myself that I had kept hidden my whole life, I found that there was nothing there. There was not a wretched truth or secret thing about me. The shame didn’t hide anything. There was nothing there at all).

This was also the moment when I experienced shifting my perspective from the  “miserable human” to my Greater Self. My human aspect was beyond misery, curled up in a ball on the floor and sobbing. My GS was experiencing this as, “Wow, this is so intense!” without feeling that the intensity was bad or miserable. It was really weird, amazing and life changing. This experience has stuck with me. It enables me to facilitate others while they experiencing this while being empathic but not hooked in to the emotions. This also enabled me to be able to delve into the lowest frequencies (shame and fear) while still having an awareness that is outside of polarity.

What is important to realize is that you have a human aspect that is living within the constructs of the Old Earth reality and can be triggered by cosmic and Old Earth energies AND you have a Greater Self / Soul aspect that is able to step outside of that limited perception and to know and understand the bigger picture.

This ability is something that your brought in to this incarnation. This is something that you already are. I know that it usually doesn’t feel this way, but you would not be reading this if it wasn’t true for you.

So, breathe… imagine if the current challenges were not “really real” and are instead a trigger of your old fears.

And this too will pass…

Sarah Biermann: Disclosure, Discernment and Cognitive Dissonance

Disclosure, Discernment and Cognitive Dissonance

I haven’t been my “normal self” recently. Historically, I have not put my time, energy or focus on the ugly conspiracies and abuses that happen on our planet. That stuff really “brings me down” and I believe it has been important for me to stay away from the Old Earth Game duality/polarity as much as possible. I am aware that a lot of crap like that is happening but have not been interested in “living in that reality” because my spiritual job is to bring in more light and to help people move into the New Energy.

For almost a year I’ve been drawn to learning more about the negative/abusive things that some people enjoy doing to other people. It made me feel sick and anxious. There is a lot of information as well as disinformation available online, so I was using discernment to decide what felt correct to me.

This investigation was traumatizing to me, yet I kept going back. I had to work very hard to get it out of me in order to sleep at night. One night while meditating I finally got an answer to my often repeated questions for my Greater Self, “What is the value of doing this?” “What’s right about this that I don’t know?” (For more really useful questions please read the Seven Questions that can Change Your Life.)

A subtle but very powerful wave of delicious, warm energy flowed from my center and expanded out to fill my body and beyond. It felt like contentment, safety and a huge amount of love. It washed away the tight, cold, traumatized knot from my belly and I was finally able to take a deep breath.

“What a relief! Thank you, thank you! “


Like the proverbial frog swimming in a pot of comfortably chilly water and doesn’t notice as the water gradually heats up until it’s too late, I didn’t realize it had gotten so bad!

And then a veil was lifted. I remembered and earlier “discussion” and planning session  about going down this path. I chose this in order to help others get through/beyond the negative emotions triggered by the upcoming events. Now I know that I didn’t abandon my spiritual job, I just changed my “strategy” and focus.

It is finally time to disclose truth!

There is a lot going on right now on the other side of the veil. The events we have long been waiting for are beginning to gain speed. The true history of our planet is a well-orchestrated secret, a secret who’s time is up.

Things that will be revealed include:


  • The presence of extra-terrestrial life, not just possibly somewhere “out there”, but here and now. For people like me and you this will be good news, but for many people on this planet discovering that there really are extraterrestrials and they are walking among us will threaten their world-view in a big way.
  • The existence of“free energy”. It has already been invented (though is black shelved by the elite) and it’s time we get off fossil fuels.
  • The technology to control gravity. This already exists too.

This leads to the question, “Why has this all been kept a secret?”

The increasing light will expose some very dark, negative things, like the actual existence of the a nefarious elite who have abused and used us for millennia. Many things will be shocking, gross and/or and frightening. Example: Suppose you learn that somebody who you thought you knew and liked (either a person in your community or from seeing them on television) is actually a person who performs satanic rituals or has abused people deliberately to create mind-controlled “secret weapons”. That is. going to be shocking!  You must stay conscious to avoid getting pulled down into the muck.

Learning that so many things most people believe in and trust, like governments, religions, oil companies and banks etc., are not what we thought, will upset most of us. People will feel betrayed, frightened and angry! When a persons world-view is threatened, it causes cognitive dissonance defined by Wikipedia as:

Per Wikipedia: In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time; performs an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas, or values; or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.

The magnitude of dissonance depends on two factors:

1. How important or personally valuable the original beliefs are

2. How disparate the original beliefs are to the new information/beliefs 44

When a person’s world-view is threatened they feel unsafe and powerless and will react in two ways:

* They will try to find some way to deny the new information, one way is to attack the “messenger”, perceiving them as stupid etc. This creates a prejudice against those who have a different belief.


* They will be attracted to what makes them feel more powerful and in control.

The combination of these two things is a slippery slope. There is the potential for people to join or create a special group which they view as being smarter and better than others. This is the draw of being special, elite and even a “star”.

Younger souls, especially narcissist ones, usually find this too enticing to be resisted.

Older souls will very likely be put into the prejudiced group, the woo-woo, conspiracy theory believing nut jobs.

There are definitely challenges ahead! But, together we can get through this period of chaos and rapid change much more smoothly.

The smoothest way to get through this.

First, use discernment about what is true and what is false. If it feels light or neutral it is more likely to be true. If it makes you feel sick and anxious, it is less likely to be true or completely true.

There is a lot of disinformation out there, some is deliberately trying to instill fear in order to control us. There are also a lot of people offering information from their point of view, based on their experience or frequency, but what they offer is not the reality that you and I prefer. If you read something or see something on the Internet that makes you feel extra anxious, disgusted or heavy, choose to pass that by.


Focus on the reality/future that you prefer. Always remember that we are on the track leading to the transformation and NOT to destruction (like a WWIII). Only one reality can exist in each parallel so the old reality must be uncreated before the new reality can be created.  So you know that we are on the right track and because the old is crumbling.

Watch for ego involvement. Are they saying that they are the only one with this information and/or these special contacts? If they want to be special they are more likely to attract people with less than positive intent who give them information. Again, it is some truth and some not truth.

Don’t trust the news. Watch for False Flags, dramatic events that increase fear.

Lastly, join with like-minded others for discussion and energy work.