Free download of QAnon essays — “Martin Geddes On Q”

Free download of QAnon essays — “Martin Geddes On Q”

I have taken ten of my best articles on the QAnon phenomenon and packaged them up quickly and imperfectly into “not a book, honest”. You can download this as a Word document.

The ten essays are (apologies for caps, copied from contents, I’m too lazy to fix):

Download “Martin Geddes On Q” as a Word document

Here is what I wrote in the preface:

This is not a book. By that I mean I want to turn my essays into a book, but right now I only have time to collate them in unedited format into a single document to share. Consider this “digital samizdat” with the sole purpose of “awakening” as many people as possible to what is really going on.

Then on the format I note:

I am deliberately sharing this as a Word document to make it easy for educators and fellow “digital soldiers” to reuse my content. If you annotate, improve, or repackage this work — including correcting the many typos — good on you! (Even turn my British English into American English if it suits you…)

And on the zero pricing:

This document is offered to you at no cost. Please do share it! It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. This license lets others remix, adapt, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as you credit me and license your new creations under the identical terms. For more information see

I hope you find it if value. The United States is facing a Bolshevik style insurgency fanned by the corrupt mass media, and the Q military intelligence program is a critical part of the fight against this seditious propaganda arm of the Deep State.

Martin Geddes

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Praying Medic: Qanon April 29, 2020 – Watch What Happens Next

Apr 29, 2020
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Q hints at future events as the storm approaches.


Q Chronicles Book 1 – Calm Before the Storm:


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Qanon April 27, 2020 – Will General Flynn Be Exonerated?

Praying Medic: Qanon April 27 2020 – Will General Flynn Be Exonerated?

Reports are circulating that General Flynn will soon be exonerated.

Qanon April 27 2020 – Will General Flynn Be Exonerated?

Apr 27, 2020
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Reports are circulating that General Flynn will soon be exonerated.

Q Chronicles Book 1 – Calm Before the Storm:


My website:


Qanon April 18, 2020 – We Are Ready



Praying Medic: Calm Before the Storm – My Interview with SGT Report

My interview with the SGT Report on Q and current events.

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Redefining Truth, Conspiracy and Spirituality

Redefining Truth, Conspiracy and Spirituality

Phoenix Boulay

11 hrs

I do not agree with much of what is in this article (below), although I found the term amusing. I would re-define it and say, I am a Conspirituality Therapist, I will take you to a Deep State where you will join #TheGreatAwakening -but it won’t be a sit-back-and-relax journey, it will be a seat-of-your-pants rollercoaster ride. If only I could show you, through virtual reality goggles, take you on a trip, into my world.

The person who wrote the article seems to have gotten their definition of Conspiracy Theorist from Mainstream Mockingbird Media. No critical thinking involved there! He should talk to military personnel involved in human trafficking rescues before casting aspersions on things the MSM dismissed as looney. People are SO afraid to have a conversation about things they clearly know nothing about, perhaps because they might learn something dark that will make them uncomfortable. Easier to dismiss and feel superior. Some of the things the author mentioned are complex and can’t be explained in a 30 second soundbite, which is where normal people get their information about such things. If you take everything at face value, you will have a shallow interpretation of what is actually transpiring. I would say there are a LOT of Conspiracy Theorists who utilize critical thinking, including those in the Truther and QAnon movements, which are not at all as they have been portrayed by Mockingbird Media. Trust me, I wish I could unknow some of what I’ve learned, I wish I could unsee, unhear, some of what I’ve seen, and heard. But knowing what I know compels me to act.

While it’s true that some of the spiritual communities attract misguided souls who can’t face harsh realities and want to be “saved” (by E.Ts, Sananda or whoever). Old School New Agers know we are playing the long game and we must take action and be actively involved in planetary liberation, and that it is not about “staying positive” or overnight Nirvana, it is about working in teams, personal and group intention, consciousness, awakening and participation. For example, there are also literally MILLIONS of people that participated in one of several Mass Meditations 2 weekends ago, on April 4th/5th, with the collective intent to shift the paradigm to a positive timeline and wrestle power from the dark (Controller-Dominators /Cabal/Bad Actors) to the visionaries (The Alliance/White Hats/Good Guys).

Just because the average person doesn’t see what is obvious to millions, doesn’t mean it’s not real, doesn’t make us crazy, delusional, etc. all the words slung at us. Are we always right? No, but nobody is always right, because humans have free will, thus timelines (potential futures) can shift and play out in a different trajectory. Many of the “conspiracies” turn out to be true or have truth in them. The easiest way to find out is to follow the money. But when you do research, use a different browser than Google, they censor search results. Try it, you’ll see.There is a connection to one political party’s politicians and relatives who work in media, which partly explains part of why the media is biased. I don’t mean a few people, I mean dozens and dozens. Research it. There are also puppet-masters, wealthy individuals who thrive on controlling the masses through fear, and funding chaos and disruption, often operate slush funds under the guise of charities.

It’s not my job to educate anyone, I just share things I believe are of value, and those who understand appreciate that. Yet there is nothing more irritating then when someone with limited scope and a closed mind tries to school me on their version of “reality”. I am sick of being ridiculed and made an outcast by normal people simply because I am more observant, informed and aware. I have nothing to prove, time will tell, as it often does. The shit is about to hit the fan in this country. You will be shocked when you learn some hard truths. I was, and I’m used to this stuff! You’ve been seduced by those with their own agenda, who do NOT care about you as much as they care about their own power and wealth. There is a war for your consciousness, so wake up, Neo! It’s getting late! We need to take back our sovereignty, liberate the planet (and humanity) and co-create peace on earth!

My rant above was a response to this article  on Medium, which ignores many inconvenient truths:

Praying Medic: Qanon Posts through April 18, 2020

I have wanted to catch up with Praying Medic for a long I will be adding to this post, rather than do a ton of separate posts.  I find that when I listen to his Geopolitical News & Q Analysis, and his calm, rational, sane perspective, I gain more clarity and can make more sense of the things I see in the news, and better understand the clues in the Q drops. This also lets me know I am not alone in my viewpoints, even if I live in an area where we are in the minority.  The additional videos have been added in comments.  ~PB   #WWG1WGA


Qanon April 18, 2020 – We Are Ready

Apr 18, 2020
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After John Solomon confirmed to Lou Dobbs that Spygate indictments are ready to be unsealed, Qanon said his team is ready.

Q Chronicles Book 1 – Calm Before the Storm:


with Thread:
(link may not work until video is added to website)

David Wilcock 4/18: New Intel and Celebration of Imminent Freedom!

David Wilcock 4/18: New Intel and Celebration of Imminent Freedom!

27,499 watching now

Started streaming 119 minutes ago

NEW intel reveals that the first wave of indictments and arrests are very imminent, perhaps even this coming week. Is it too early to begin celebrating our imminent freedom? Tune in and ask David what he thinks! We are all very excited over here and will be discussing the deeper spiritual implications of these civilization-defining events now underway. Don’t miss it! We also have re-opened access to David’s new course, The Great Awakening, just until tomorrow:



David Wilcock: The Great Pandemic: What’s Really Going On?| Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)

I’ve been following David Wilcock since the 90’s, he is quite brilliant! Technical difficulties interrupt the show off and on but the information is so worth the wait! (He plans a redo) He will blow your mind with his intel and analysis! WOW! Amazing disclosures! Inspiring! (Especially 2nd half) ~PB

The Great Pandemic: What’s Really Going On?

Streamed live 7 hours ago

David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)

Urgent Update & NEW LIVE Docu-Series
LIVE Broadcast Thursday 19 March @ 3pm PT/6pm ET

The Great Awakening in Times of Turmoil:
What Your Higher Self Wants You to Know

with David Wilcock


Kauilapele: David Wilcock LIVE broadcast 3-19-20… “A few Kp notes from the show” “The Great Pandemic: What’s Really Going On?”

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[Kp update: here is a direct link to the show: (note: it may kick in at the end of the video, but just click along the left part of the red timeline bar, and you can go back to the beginning.] I’ve been listening to this (now it’s almost 3 hours), so I’ll post what I have. Any more items come out, I’ll add later.
Here’s the original link to the show. I would presume this will be made available later on DW’s YouTube channel.

Kp notes from the show

This is NOT the end of the world.

Oprah, when she found out what the cabal / deep state was planning (she was in one of the deep state meetings), she threw up. She is not for the deep state’s objectives.

Europe20 operation is an op leading to mass arrests (involves 17 countries).

DW thinks this is mass arrests going on.

We’re at the end of the Hero’s Journey, where all the allies of the Hero come together to defeat “the enemy”.

The Morning Star (an England deep state journal) (“Morning Star” = Lucifer) said Europe20 operation should be stopped, and England should pull out.

QAnon is a fulfillment of what DW was told about, that US military and US intelligence has turned around to support the Great Awakening.

There are contingency plans in place to take care of food, resources, power, water, etc.

DW went through many Q posts.

“It’s going to be Biblical”… wildfires, locusts, viruses… this is an attempt at an “Armageddon” that is failing.

Emergency Message System will be used for direct messaging from the Alliance.

Project Looking Glass has played a big part in this.

After 3 hours, David’s dog wants a walk.

What’s going on now had to wait until after all the deep state attempts to take out Trump had failed.

There will be a world televised disclosure:

Q3862: re: delayed testimony
1. allow for public dissemination of critical facts [possible unseal(s)-declas] prior to world televised sit down.
Sometimes the necessary forum to update the American public is provided by those same people being investigated for….
Release to change strategy?
Watch what happens next!

DW dream with Trump in pickup truck. Trump to DW: “Hang on and buckle up”. Trump drives over a cliff. DW freaks out a bit, but then… All of a sudden, they land on a soft area that Trump’s people had prepared for them.

DW is proud of all of us.

We honor the President and all of the Alliance who are fighting for all of us.


QNN #QAnon Eric Prince on NYPD, Weinergate, HRC, Pedo Epstein Island (from 2016)

Incredible interview recorded pre-election in 2016. You need to know the information/these emails have been forensically verified and great effort has been made to discredit it all and/or keep it hidden from the public, though some of us have known the Truth for years. 🤬🤮 What was supposed to happen in 2016 -but didn’t, thanks to Comey and McCabe- explains what is about to transpire with Barr + his team cleaning house at the DOJ, FBI and Congress. (It’s in process, but about to culminate SOON. #TheStorm cometh!) ~PB #DeepStateTakedown

Published on Jul 19, 2018

Eric Prince (Blackwater), Retired Navy Seal discusses the topics above. Please persevere, the video starts properly 46 seconds in.

Praying Medic: Recent Qanon Posts (videos + article)

This is a compilation of recent Praying Medic QAnon analysis videos, with one written article (see comments).  I like the way he calmly explains what is transpiring both behind the scenes and right in front of us, and why appearances don’t always tell the whole story, which is often an important story that the MSM ignores. He connects the geopolitical dots and reassures us that due to the unprecedented scale of corruption by a few in high positions, and the wide scope of the investigations, it takes time to bring criminals to justice. But Barr, Horowitz, Durham and their teams are diligently doing just that. Meanwhile, Q drops clues and the Anons research and come up with answers that Q later verifies or redirects. This is why Patriots know in advance of the public what to expect. If you are paying attention, nothing will catch you by surprise or anger you, except when you realize you’ve been duped. Not by Q, but by the very leaders, institutions and complicit media outlets you’ve trusted for a long time. (Have you even noticed the volumes of arrests and resignations of CEOs and top officials? Many related to financial crimes or pedophilia?) We knew it was coming. It is an astounding amount of information to assimilate and track. That’s why I prefer to rely on a few people who can break it down for us in a clear manner that documents the events without sensationalizing them, since transparency is woefully lacking in our government and soundbite, biased media. This allows you to choose how much detail you are interested in. “The choice to know will be yours.” -Q #TheGreatAwakening  #EnjoyTheShow🍿

Qanon February 26, 2020 – America Is No Longer for Sale

Feb 26, 2020

What would happen if the previous President sold America’s future to foreign interests?

Calm Before the Storm:


Link to Quite Frankly interview with Nate Cain:…