Quantum Truths JC Kay: #126​ “CUE is G-O-D” and The Two Ay Eyes (JC Kay) 25th April, 2021

GOD: “Authentic Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence“..as I keep saying. Too many people think god is vengeful. Too many others do not believe in God –but what is God? I think God is consciousness of all that is. We were taught to believe in limitation. I need inspiring people in my life. God is Love, All Love, Only Love, like I said… Look outside the Matrix to who we are. There is always HOPE. From Dark to Light! Consciousness!

Two A.I.s Authentic (God) and Artificial (Archons/Matrix -WOW!) Truthers (me) as bad as MSM! She says its OK to get triggered, it helps get rid of the A.I. programs..and that occurred to me, that we were inadvertently helped to clear old old programming/fear.

( I had an AHA moment listening to her explain, and  I feel much more optimistic and inspired than I have been feeling in a long time!) ~PB

#126​ “CUE is G-O-D” and The Two Ay Eyes (JC Kay) 25th April, 2021

•Premiered Apr 25, 2021
Quantum Truths JC Kay
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25th April, 2021 This video is in reference to my LIVE Q&A #123​ video found here: https://youtu.be/x0F4sRDQgU4

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“If this message resonates with you, it resonates, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t”.

Various links to intel/updates on various topics too many for separate posts…(a plethora of rabbit holes, use your own discernment),

Sharing a number of eyebrow-raising links to articles and discussion threads I would like to share.  There is just WAY too much information coming to light as of late, and much of it controversial/geopolitical/health related. I have too many tabs and bookmarks that I meant to post, but there never seems to be enough time or energy to share as so much more is arising.  I have been far too immersed in the social media spheres of noise/influence for my own good, exploring various social media posts and threads, going down many rabbit holes, where I have gleaned new understanding these links.

I want to start focusing more on love, harmony, beauty, abundance and co-creation of the positive timelines that nurture, support and sustain us, yet I think it is also important for people to access and fathom the darker things that are challenging us and holding us back, so we will know what we are up against when we invoke support from our highest allies.  some of the material is graphic in nature, not so much visually as by description. Use your own discernment if it feels like something you want to explore. We are in the Shift of the Ages, it’s not without growing pains, but it can -and WILL- get better when we remember to focus on our dreams, not our fears. (and out the bastards!) ~PB

What Was Fauci’s Role In Funding Tuskgegee-Like AIDS Experiments On Foster Children In Seven U.S. States?

UNBELIEVABLE: In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent

By Joe Hoft
Published August 3, 2020 at 9:54pm


Anthony Fauci should explain ‘$3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory’

– The Washington Times – Monday, April 27, 2020


Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein And Joe Biden: Private Islands, Secret Ports And Submarines



GRAPHIC WARNING: FBI Interviews Alleged Boy Rape Victim of Bill Clinton; Chilling Details of Sex Assaults & Satanic Rituals on Yacht (Video)


Journalist Jen Moore, who was involved in the fist interview with this victim, then tried to get help for the victim by contacting the FBI and DHS on behalf of the victim. Neither agency contacted her.  She was found dead in a hotel room in Washington D.C. a month after this interview. True Pundit then went into the FBI with the victim in order for this 2nd interview to take place, and get help and protection for the victim. (The article outlines the sequence of events, the interview is more graphic.)


Various topics: Q, rescuing children, DOWN IN WONDERLAND, the Pope, Neo-Colonialism, Vaccines, Health, Psychiatry/Big Pharma, (Rose was a nurse for 35 years)


Free download of QAnon essays — “Martin Geddes On Q”

Free download of QAnon essays — “Martin Geddes On Q”

I have taken ten of my best articles on the QAnon phenomenon and packaged them up quickly and imperfectly into “not a book, honest”. You can download this as a Word document.

The ten essays are (apologies for caps, copied from contents, I’m too lazy to fix):

Download “Martin Geddes On Q” as a Word document

Here is what I wrote in the preface:

This is not a book. By that I mean I want to turn my essays into a book, but right now I only have time to collate them in unedited format into a single document to share. Consider this “digital samizdat” with the sole purpose of “awakening” as many people as possible to what is really going on.

Then on the format I note:

I am deliberately sharing this as a Word document to make it easy for educators and fellow “digital soldiers” to reuse my content. If you annotate, improve, or repackage this work — including correcting the many typos — good on you! (Even turn my British English into American English if it suits you…)

And on the zero pricing:

This document is offered to you at no cost. Please do share it! It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. This license lets others remix, adapt, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as you credit me and license your new creations under the identical terms. For more information see https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/.

I hope you find it if value. The United States is facing a Bolshevik style insurgency fanned by the corrupt mass media, and the Q military intelligence program is a critical part of the fight against this seditious propaganda arm of the Deep State.

Martin Geddes

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Praying Medic: Qanon April 29, 2020 – Watch What Happens Next

Apr 29, 2020
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Q hints at future events as the storm approaches.


Q Chronicles Book 1 – Calm Before the Storm:

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Qanon April 27, 2020 – Will General Flynn Be Exonerated?

Praying Medic: Qanon April 27 2020 – Will General Flynn Be Exonerated?

Reports are circulating that General Flynn will soon be exonerated.

Qanon April 27 2020 – Will General Flynn Be Exonerated?

Apr 27, 2020
319K subscribers

Reports are circulating that General Flynn will soon be exonerated.

Q Chronicles Book 1 – Calm Before the Storm: http://bit.ly/Q_CBTS

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Qanon April 18, 2020 – We Are Ready



Praying Medic: Calm Before the Storm – My Interview with SGT Report

My interview with the SGT Report on Q and current events.

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AWK News 4.24.20: LIGHT INJECTION! What could it be? Has Q told us? | And We Know

AWK News 4.24.20: LIGHT INJECTION! What could it be?
Has Q told us?

Apr 24, 2020
298K subscribers

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Source: https://qmap.pub/ https://qanon.pub/

Music Piece Feathers Song byEvolv https://artlist.io/song/943/feathers

The Weight Song byKNEELIO https://artlist.io/song/7626/the-weight

Creature Song byEvolv https://artlist.io/song/945/creature

Trump, Coronavirus Task Force holds press briefing at White House | 4/23/20

Contact Vernon Jones with support on Twitter https://twitter.com/RepVernonJones

EPOCH NEWS Spygate: No Chance Obama Did Not Know—Tom Fitton

Jussie Smollett Lawsuit Against City Of Chicago Tossed By Federal Judge

It’s coming out that this lockdown is …… Millions lost their jobs because the CDC, DNC, MSM, CHINA & WHO all lied to America & POTUS. Sweden resisted a lockdown, and its capital Stockholm is expected to reach ‘herd immunity’ in weeks https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/22/no-lo…

John Durham Expands His Investigative Team as He Ramps Up Spygate Probe

Chloroquine-containing compounds: a patent review (2010 – 2014)

Ultraviolet blood irradiation: Is it time to remember “the cure that time forgot”?

UV light bacteria-killing robot deployed in Wuhan


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Praying Medic: Qanon Posts through April 18, 2020

I have wanted to catch up with Praying Medic for a long time..so I will be adding to this post, rather than do a ton of separate posts.  I find that when I listen to his Geopolitical News & Q Analysis, and his calm, rational, sane perspective, I gain more clarity and can make more sense of the things I see in the news, and better understand the clues in the Q drops. This also lets me know I am not alone in my viewpoints, even if I live in an area where we are in the minority.  The additional videos have been added in comments.  ~PB   #WWG1WGA


Qanon April 18, 2020 – We Are Ready

Apr 18, 2020
314K subscribers



After John Solomon confirmed to Lou Dobbs that Spygate indictments are ready to be unsealed, Qanon said his team is ready.

Q Chronicles Book 1 – Calm Before the Storm: http://bit.ly/Q_CBTS

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with Thread:
(link may not work until video is added to website)

Praying Medic: Qanon Feb. 16, 2020 – Treason Sedition and Subversive Activities + Feb. 18, 2020 It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer

Qanon February 16, 2020 – Treason Sedition and Subversive Activities
Feb 16, 2020

286K subscribers


Those who attempted to remove President Trump from office will face serious charges, such as treason, sedition, and subversive activities.



Calm Before the Storm: http://bit.ly/Q_CBTS



Qanon February 14, 2020 – When Will They Ask the Q?



I really haven’t been able to keep up with my email, and my daily tasks, nevermind the volume of  Q posts, and Q-Analysis by some of my favorites, like Praying MedicMartin Geddes and X-22REPORT ~PB



What happens when 90% of the media is controlled/owned by (6) corporations?
What happens when those same corporations are operated and controlled by a political ideology?
What happens when the news is no longer free from bias?
What happens when the news is no longer reliable and independent?
What happens when the news is no longer trustworthy?
What happens when the news simply becomes an extension/arm of a political party?
Fact becomes fiction?
Fiction becomes fact?
When does news become propaganda?
Identity creation?
How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction?
Majority of people more prone to believe someone in power sitting behind a big brand ‘news’ name?
Do people [human psyche] tend to follow the ‘majority/mainstream viewpoint’ in fear of being isolated and/or shunned?
‘Mainstream’ is used for a reason [dominate trend in opinion].
[If majority of people believe ‘x’ then ‘x’ must be validated / true]
Why do ‘mainstream’ media heads, within different orgs, always use the same keywords and/or catch phrases?
Coordinated? By who? Outside entity providing instructions?
Do they count on the fact that people [human psyche] are more prone to believe something if heard over-and-over again by different ‘trusted’ sources?
Do ‘echo chamber’ tactics provide validation / credibility to the topic/point being discussed?
Threat to intellectual freedom?
Would control over[of] these institutions/organizations allow for the mass control of a populations viewpoint re: a desired topic?
Read again – digest.
Would control over[of] these institutions/organizations allow for the mass control of a populations viewpoint re: a desired topic?
Logical thinking.
Why, after the election of 2016, did [D]’s and media corps jumpstart a [coordinated & planned] divisive blitz intended to create falsehoods re: illegitimacy of election, character assassination of POTUS through sexism, racism, every other ‘ism’?
Pre/post 2016 election?
Why were violent [masked] terror orgs such as Antifa immediately created/funded?
Why were these orgs tasked w/ immediate intimidation/shut down of any pro-POTUS rally[s] and/or events?
Why were marches immediately organized to counter and silence pro-POTUS rally[s] and/or events?
Why were marches immediately organized which divided people into sex/gender, race, [ism]?
When you control the levers of news dissemination, you control the narrative.
Control of the narrative = power
When you are blind, what do you see?
They want you divided.
Divided by religion.
Divided by sex.
Divided by political affiliation.
Divided by class.
When you are divided, and angry, and controlled, you target those ‘different’ from you, not those responsible [controllers].
Divided you are weak.
Divided you pose no threat to their control.
When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or stable [livestock kept – sheep].
When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.
“Free thought” is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.


Highly sophisticated ‘State-level’ attacks [v 8kun] followed by FAKE NEWS attacks [v Q] the next day?
Ask yourself a simple question —– why?
It’s time to wake up.



The lines are drawn.
Define Renegade [Hussein USSS code name].
Standard definition.
Define Evergreen [HRC USSS code name]
Non-standard defintion.
Think depopulation.
The Silent War continues…



Services should be back to normal now.
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More attacks have been coming in. Mitigation efforts already underway. Sorry again for the downtime.
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The [DS] Setup
1. Allow The Spying On Trump
2. Allow The Mueller Investigation
3. Release The Comey Report (Comey is a leaker)
4. Release the IG FISA Report (FISA’s obtained illegally)
5. Allow The Fake Impeachment
6. Obama Holdovers tracked and exposed, then removed
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7. Expose [DS]/D’s fake impeachment
8. D’s can’t walk down the street
9. Introduce Ukraine, corruption, Burisma, Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Romney
10. Expose Ukraine interference, AG Barr receives evidence
11. Flynn’s Illegal FISA on deck
12. Assange on deck
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13. Durham, Barr rap up investigation
14. Hunters become the Hunted
15. Patriots are in control, tick tock