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The time has now arrived where you, the starseeds and the dimensional and interdimensional travellers, who came to earth to bring the light of awakening to humanity, are becoming conscious and remember on a much more profound level than ever before, your mission and real intention, why you came to earth.

We are happy to tell you that the main patterns of manipulation by the adverse forces have been removed, enabling you to make yourself fully free  from them and all bondage, misunderstandings and misinterpretations that kept you in a state of error.

And if you forgot: most of you came here many milleniums ago to bring unconditional love and higher light and information to earth, only to be blinded by the dark forces and made powerless.Thats why your true mission became unconscious and you have been kept away from your very purpose you came here for.

And “they” have been quite successful in this, more than you know, because most of you were convinced you „know“, but you did not, only aware of a fragment of what your original purpose was.

Many of you have been sinking deep into the dark dreams of amnesia, but now significant veils have been lifted and grids removed, so that you can – by your intention, prayer and heart-desire – break through all of this and remember fully, if you haven’t done it already.

Dear ones, it is very important to do this, to realize who and what you truly are as a messenger of liberation: the vibrational depth and width of a specific light and information within pure divine consciousness, and which divinely cosmic seed you have been intending to plant on earth. For this reason we ask you to open up the pathway between the realm of your heart and the Divine Source Light from infinitely above.

In this pathway of light and pure Divine Consciousnees, the true cosmic source field, the assignment you wanted to fulfill to support the ascension of planet earth becomes obvious to you.

This means that a most profound understanding from and communion and integration with the essence of the original planet, dimension or interdimensional realm you came from, has become possible. So that you can now truly bring the radiance and space, consciousness and light of this special loka to earth to make it a brighter place, to make it a happier experience and ultimately that advanced humanity can start to live a real joyful life.

Tolerance is most important between all you light-bearers, as you are bringing different information with your specific ray from your specific loka in the cosmos to this planet.

Earth is a multi-dimensional and – if you like – multi-cultural cosmic realm and it has been created to be such a one.

While you are creating a higher vibrational new earth which is a realm above old earth, all lower forces of consciousness and information will continue as is, including the souls who are not yet awakened, as an opportunity to grow in the fields of duality to learn to understand the opposite forces of light and dark and to grow the knowledge about it and most of all about themselves. To ultimately transcend duality and enter the space of unity, the space of light, inspiration, Divine Consciousness. Happiness.

We are here to help those of you who are ready, to break through all veils to reach that space of Divine Conciousness that helps you to connect to the full spectrum of your original task and mission.

We bless you.

We are very happy that this is possible now. We ask you not to fall into desperation about the situation on earth which appears to be quite dark. This is not the realm and loka with which you from now on are asked or forced to identify and to operate from. You have once chosen to connect to the higher dimensions you came from and thereby create and fortify the powers of the higher earth in which the multicultural divine life and consiousness is flowering to cooperate and to unite in the Light of the Ultimate to bring peace to the universe.

We thank you!

We are the Arcturians

Message conveyed by Ute 


Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com

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I pray to the birds.

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Image may contain: sky, bird, plant, tree, nature and outdoorImage may contain: bird, outdoor and nature
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“I pray to the birds. I pray to the birds because I believe they will carry the messages of my heart upward. I pray to them because I believe in their existence, the way their songs begin and end each day—the invocations and benedictions of Earth. I pray to the birds because they remind me of what I love rather than what I fear. And at the end of my prayers, they teach me how to listen.”

― Terry Tempest Williams, Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place

Tania Gabrielle: Powerful SCORPIO FULL MOON April 29/30 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Extraordinary Energy!

Powerful SCORPIO FULL MOON April 29/30 Astrology Numerology Forecast: Extraordinary Energy!

Published on Apr 22, 2018

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Wealth Astro-Numerologist and Psychic Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World. Renowned as a gifted channel, Tania unlocks the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being. By decoding a person’s birth-code, name and forecast, Tania guides her clients to claim their true destiny and life purpose. Her primary focus is on teaching spiritual principles to manifest practical, real-life results.



Hopelessness – Presence Of Light Talk | Reflections of Riverman

Hopelessness – Presence Of Light Talk
|  Reflections of Riverman

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Well I just finished my Presence of Light talk on Humanity Healing / Facebook Live and I’m actually going to post it on the day of doing it. Yes, this is a 1st for me!

The whole process of this show and what comes through me is always an amazing journey each week and today was no exception.

YouTube Video link – Hopelessness
Yourlisten MP3 link – Hopelessness


I will just post the Show notes and Prayer which came through an hour before I went on the air and let you reflect quietly.


At times it may feel hopeless.
That life is unforgiving. Breathe.
In the hopelessness of life, we find hope and promise.
We find strength.”
― Tania Elizabeth


What is hopelessness but a very deep inner sadness which feels insurmountable.

A deep inner struggle with choices which seem unreasonable and unresolvable.

A belief in separation or alienation from the true inner self.

Separation is in fact the energy of sadness both as cause and result.

We are now living in a physical world where separation is being broadcast daily though our news and how we react to differences which are in essence just a form of our lack of awareness.

We are continually being told who, what, when, where, and how to think and have been throughout our entire lives. However the problem now is that it is leading us to a deeper sense of not being able to trust our innate Conscious Awareness.

The Collective Consciousnesses of Humanity is being undermined which is all about the freedom to know and receive information which co-creates rather than selectively separates.

So how can we reverse this.

Let us try quiet listening to our thoughts as we banter back and forth of why we are not worthy or have made so many wrong choices that we are afraid to make another.

Allowing ourselves to have the freedom to ask for help from our  Source of Inspiration and Creator  knowing that it is we who judge ourselves more harshly and any other.

We sometimes refer to this darkness and depression as the Dark Night of the Soul and yes it is all of that.

It also repeats as we fail to address the real problem of our separation from Source… however you choose to honor that.

The Truth is that we can always choose LOVE over death.

We can liberate ourselves from this false prison of energy.

We can change everything in one moment of clarity.

The key for me was Surrender.

To whom or what is always the same as we are to surrender ourselves to the remembrance that we all have value or we would not be here.

Even the smallest speck of dirt or microbe has value and although it may not seem relevant or important it is a part of something so great that it shines brightly in our Solar System as Planet Earth.

We are seen as an amazing Life Form by billions of others who continually are encouraging us to see ourselves as the Divine Creators We are and live it to the fullest of our capabilities in Unity not separation.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Prayer for Hopelessness

Beloved Mother/Father Creator find my Heart

whisper gently into its cavernous presence
in soft and kind syllables of Love

Allow me to feel the warmth of your Breath
as the Spirit which calms the storms
and quells the ravaging seas of despair

Send to me in those moments of deepest despair
my precious family of Light to carry me
Across the dark abyss of emptiness

Allowing me to feel fulfilled in this Presence
which sustains us all in every moment
even when we have lost the will to carry on

I know I AM not worthless
I Know I AM not alone
I Know I AM only suffering for but a moment
and now choose surrendering to you
over continuing to struggle within my small self

May Your whispers now become the winds
which lift me gently above it all

To see with new eyes

Hear with new ears

And speak with a new tongue
renewing and instilling a greater faith in myself
based on non-judgement, forgiveness and compassion

Thank You for the freedom
to make choices now
which align fully
with my Divine Blueprint

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Jamye Price: Divine Communication

Divine Communication

Blessed Beings, we spoke recently of prayer because prayer is a quiet space of communication with the subtle realm. Whether you pray to God, to the universe, to love, or to your higher self; you are in communication with the subtle realm. You are in communication with your higher self and the divinity that is within you and All Life.

Often prayer has been formed as a request. You are experiencing something in the physical realm, desiring change, and prayer is the aspect of requesting to the Divine for change. You are seeking change and improvement in the physical realm.

What you are learning on a deep level is that this power is within you. You are God in human form, you are the universe in human form, you are Love in human form. That is this physical experience. This is a core truth that is easily understood with your heart—divinity is within you and All Life.

Inner Divine Communication

The shift that is occurring is that prayer is now be transformed from just a request to something outside of you into a communication with that which is within you and outside of you. That which is within you and outside of you.

You are connecting what “duality” has perceived as separate. You are moving beyond linearity, the marker points of separation, into connection with All.

You are integrating a fuller understanding of your divine communication with Life.

With conscious divine communication you pray or communicate with that which is within you, and that which is outside of you. In this physical realm, there is both. There is within you and outside of you.

You are bridging communication that is no longer merely a request, but a communication that moves easily both ways. You are learning deeply and experientially that you have the power of Divinity within—the power to communicate with All Life and co-create this human experience with your desires.

Victimhood or Growth

The energy of victimhood—that is merely a being who does not understand that within them is imbued the true power of a creator. There are contradictions, either in understanding, action or words, which keep humans from understanding that they are purely divine. No mistakes have been made—purely divine.

From that energy of victim, prayer will often have a tone of, “Please. I cannot, but you can.” This form of prayer will have a tone of controlling circumstances outside of the self or controlling others, because the victim does not understand that the power to co-create is within.

There is nothing wrong with feeling this. It is not judged as wrong or less-than from Spirit. It is merely a stage of growth. In a time of need, it is natural to ask for help.

The energy of it must be understood from within, because words may not be congruent with intent. As you observe your own energy and intent, you must ultimately be the only determining factor of whether your energy in the moment resonates with victimhood or with growth. There is no right or wrong, only information that you utilize for your choices.

It is important not to judge yourself because, in a moment of need, connection for assistance is a valuable service to you and to the other. When two people assist each other, there is growth that naturally occurs. Within all experience is a potential for growth, so observe yourself from that potential of growth.

As we often say, if you find yourself in a moment of victimhood, celebrate it because you have recognized that you are wanting a change. If you recognize it, you have begun that change. If you recognize it, do not punish yourself. Celebrate yourself because recognition begins the change.

Prayer began with this strong energy of victimhood when humanity no longer believed that they were connected to all life. You understand that you are connected with all life, and you are learning the application of that in the physical realm. You understand that the Earth is alive and responding to you. You understand that the energy fields around the Earth are responding to you and connected to you.

We give you this information for you to recognize your resonance, but this is a generalization throughout time for humanity. And yet, still, there are people who resonate deeply with the energy of victim, and there are places within you that still may resonate with it. Again, celebrate when you recognize it because you have begun the energy of growth. Your awareness is a powerful catalyst.

Communicating Faith

Prayer shifts from the energy of victim when it has the resonance of faith upon it. This starts a bridge, but it does not complete it.

Again, you must be the only determinant of your energy, because faith is a wonderful energy and can have an openness and a connection with the unknown, or faith can have a releasing of responsibility. Observe where you are in that resonance.

Faith is a powerful opening into the unknown. It is a degree of trust, it is a degree of surrender that is a positive experience for your openness and growth. Faith opens you to the unknown magic that can occur because you are allowing things to align and magnetize to you in a way that is not possible if you are controlling all of your actions.

Faith opens you in a very positive way to the unknown. We have given an acronym for faith before: Full Acceptance In The Heart.

Now, realistically, there have been occasions where you have resonated something to you even though you had some doubt. Full Acceptance In The Heart does not have to mean 100% knowing; it just means you are open. It means there is a greater percentage of openness than doubt; small percentage of doubt, large percentage of openness. That is Full Acceptance In The Heart.

Faith helps move you into a connection with the divine where you surrender the limitations of physicality into a connection with the invisible, the unknown, the unseen. This is when things occur that you have not forced into creation, or actioned into creation, and yet things align for you. This step occurs more often than is easy to recognize in linear form. This magnetizing and shaping of experience happens constantly.

What you are doing is leading the understanding of that process, and it is a big understanding.

To understand the workings of how experiences align in your life seems like a big understanding, and yet it is natural to you, you are constantly shaping your experience, you are in a co-creative experience with your human self, your higher self or your subtle self, and life around you.

Inner Trust

You are learning to trust the unknown both within you and outside of you. Let us detail that trusting of the unknown within, because this is where most of your leverage is.

As you trust the unknown within, you are opening yourself to connect more clearly with your subtle bridge.

As you trust the unknown within, you are opening yourself to expansion.

As you trust the unknown within, you are opening yourself to more of an understanding and connection with the subtle realm, the subtle you.

Trusting the unknown within means trusting your impulses, trusting your actions, trusting your perception, and trusting that what is not yet known is coming into resonance with you. What is not yet known is divine, magical, loving and dear to your heart. What is unknown is how life is going to unfold and open you to more awareness of your divinity within. When an unknown is dangerous or not beneficial to you, your physical, emotional and mental bodies alert you.

Trusting the unknown within you helps you learn to communicate with the subtle language, the language of the subtle realm. It is not as direct and linear as your physical languages. It is not as immediate. It is more about opening into potential.

As you begin to trust the unknown within, you are allowing the vast potential within you to blossom forth. Trusting the unknown within is the difference between expecting that you should already know and knowing that there is a grander divinity within. This keeps you open to expansion.

It is quite common to mostly observe what is wrong, and judge and compare where you are now as wrong in comparison to what you want to be experiencing. Yet as you focus on the unknown with an inner trust you naturally expand yourself into more divinity in human form.

Awareness Creates Growth

It takes some awareness. This is why we start always speaking about your awareness because it is very easy to look at an objective, compare and judge yourself as to your capability with that objective, and not leave that openness for life to magnetize to you a greater potential, that which is already within you.

Trust in the unknown of yourself.

Practically, to do this, observe whenever you feel any sort of discomfort within, not knowing if you can accomplish something, not knowing if you can heal something, not knowing if you can change something.

If you notice any sort of discomfort within, breathe in that moment the awareness of, “I trust the unknown potential within me. I trust the unknown potential within me.”

It sometimes gets frustrating from your linear standpoint because the resonance of the information that is within you is not always clear to you. Sometimes you find that you want something, but you do not know how to shape that future. You do not have guarantees of timing or of outcome.

You are learning, at this point, the power that is within you. It takes some effort to understand that difference of the present moment and the potentials that are available in the future. It requires learning new rules of interaction with life as you learn to communicate with the subtle nature of life rather than just the physical nature of life.

This communication has always been there, but you are becoming more conscious in your subtle communication. This communication is where you begin to communicate more directly with the fuller nature of Time, rather than the linear nature of Time.

This begins to open you to more of what you already are. This is moving that energy of creation or prayer from victim into an openness with faith, bridging then to the knowing. It begins with your Knowing of your magnificence and extends into the wonderment of co-creating with Life.

As always, it is a gift to meet in your awareness. All Life is gifted by your awareness. We receive you, We Love You, We are forever changed from the interaction with you. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

Shanta Gabriel: Inspiration for the Week – Money Returns to Me Multiplied -AA Gabriel

“All the money I give is blessed and returned to me multiplied.” -This is what I have been experiencing this past few weeks. Yes, I have had to work for most of that money, and much of it has come in generous tips, but it has come to me unexpectedly and effortlessly. ~PB

Inspiration for the Week – Money Returns to Me Multiplied

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:

All the Money I Give is Blessed and Returned to Me Multiplied

This is one of the most unusual messages I received from Archangel Gabriel. It obviously came at a time when I was stressed about money and was trying to find a more spiritual way of handling my finances.

This message speaks to the heart of our attitudes about money, and opens more awareness to the aspects of our thoughts that need to be uplifted in order to live the abundant life we want to experience.

The blessing opens the way for manifestation of what we truly desire to receive in our lives. When we bless something it “confers energy” upon the object of our focus. This blessing uplifts the energy and releases the contraction of fear that holds any sense of lack, feelings that there is not enough energy (in the form of time, money, health, age), all that holds back the gifts of abundant life that we so desire. All life is simply energy manifesting from our focus of attention.

This message is directly related to the energy of money. It is not suggesting that we spend indiscriminately. It does not mean that a blessing will cure thoughtless acts. It is an opening of energy that is inherent in the way we use money to fulfill our needs.

Every time we use a plastic card, write a check or hand cash to another person, we have the opportunity to bless our own lives and the economic system of the world with a higher frequency.

Our blessing will assist in creating the change we want to see manifest by increasing the frequencies of energy and opening new levels of gratitude and love in our lives.

This process creates a tidal wave of good in our own lives and in the world as we consciously choose to live in higher frequencies of energy through our blessing. When we bless the money we give to another, we are increasing energy in their lives as well as ours. We are literally blessing all beings with abundance through this conscious act.

When I bless all the money I spend, it also increases my ability to trust that all my needs are being met. This has become especially powerful when I ask that Grace and Ease be added to the flow. We can intend that we receive the energy in more grace-filled ways and allow life to have more ease. It is simply our focus of attention that makes the difference.

Prayer is a powerful way for me to shift my focus of attention and open my heart to a flow of Grace in my life.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for a new level of opening within my heart that allows me to receive in greater ways the Divine flow of Abundance. I am so grateful that the power of Grace is the energy in which I live, move and have my being.

I ask for Grace and Ease in the flow of money through my life and know that all the money I give is blessed and returned to me multiplied. I bless this flow in my life and in the lives of all humanity. May we all grow in Faith and see demonstrations in each of our lives that all our needs are being met.

May I continue to receive this flow with greater Ease and step into new levels of Freedom in every area of my life. I bless the awareness of this Abundant Flow awakening in the hearts of all beings on the Earth. May each person be aligned with their Soul’s Highest Reality and live in respect and harmony with the Divine flow of All That Is. So be it.

The Gabriel Messages #23

All the money I give is blessed and returned to me multiplied.

Dear One,

You have been given limitless resources to use in your earth life. These limitless resources include wondrous beauty, relationships that affirm the divinity within you, freedom to be the best you can be, and an abundant flow of money. This flow of money is sometimes the most difficult of God’s gifts for you to see in your life. You stand in the midst of this energy, which can be used to make your life more comfortable, and yet many times, your ability to receive these resources is limited by your thoughts and by your resistance to receiving.

This energy from the Divine Source, which is called money, has the same properties inherent in it that any of God’s gifts have, such as Love and Joy. It is the strong energy of Life Force, which you can tap into, in order to receive the blessings of abundant cash flow.

One easy way to make yourself more available to money is by creating thoughts of unlimited resources in your mind. Your thoughts create your reality. When you entertain thoughts of lack, of “not enough” in your life, this translates in your world as not enough money to meet your needs. A shift in your thinking is necessary before you can attract an abundant level of income to yourself.

One way to change your consciousness is by affirmations. We have given you a very powerful affirmation to say every day, and especially every time you write checks or spend money, even if it is only pennies. This affirmation is:

All the money I give is blessed and returned to me multiplied.

When you bless anything — your friends, children, life partners, jobs, etc. — the inherent good within is increased. Blessing leads to an increase in energy. So when you bless all the money you spend, you increase the energy it carries into the world.

You have heard the expression, what goes around, comes around. This is a basic principle: what you give is what you receive. When you give blessings, you receive blessings. When you give out of fear of lack, you receive back what you fear — lack of abundant income. Fear is a very powerful force that can attract to you what you fear most. Love and blessings however, contain even more power and can bring to you that which is blessed with love. Remember that God is the source of your supply and there are no shortages. This inexhaustible resource of Spirit is equal to every need you may have.

Many people come to the Ocean of Abundance with only a teaspoon, when they could bring a bucket or a tanker truck. You can consciously choose to expand your ability to receive and to enlarge your own container. One way to do this is through prayers of gratitude and blessings for what you already have and for what you will receive. These prayers will help to lift your consciousness and bring you to a place where you can affirm the truth that you are one with abundant life and with the abundant flow of money and prosperity in the world. Blessing all the money you give is another way to do this.

God’s abundance exists everywhere, and you can move into the stream of consciousness that allows you to have all your needs met, when you develop the attitude of gratitude, blessing, and affirming the divine truth of abundance within all things. So begin now to bless that which you have and bless those you love. Lift yourself up so you can begin to see that which is good in your life. And remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

All the money I give is blessed and returned to me multiplied.

Deep Gratitude

[Originally posted on FB]

Deep Gratitude to All Involved, especially to my Beloved Cobra Community for the Honor and Blessing of being gifted with a new Cintamani personal stone to replace the one I lost last year, after burying 2 Cintamani per request. May I be Cleared and Healed so I can best be In Service, Understand and Complete my Mission. I AM here to aid in the Ascension process and assist my fellow travelers on this never-ending Journey of Evolution. Namaste

#Lightworkers #Lightwarriors #Cintamani



The Wish Fulfilling Avalokitesvara Mantra


Cintamani Chakra Avalokiteshvara is a wish-fulfilling form of Avalokitesvara. He holds the Cintamani (Wish-Fulfilling Jewel) near his heart.

namo ratnatrayāya
nama āryāvalokiteśvarāya bodhisattvāya mahāsattvāya mahākāruṇikāya
oṁ cakravartti cintāmaṇi mahāpadme ruru tiṣṭha jvala ākarṣāya hūṁ phaṭ svāhā
oṁ padma cintāmaṇi jvala hūṁ
oṁ varada padme hūṁ

Give Praise to the Buddha!
Give Praise to the Dharma!
Give Praise to the Sangha!
Give Praise to the Sovereign of Introspection Bodhisattva Scriptures of the Mahayana, and the Completely Perfect Great Mercifully Hearted One Who Is Distressed for the nieces and nephews of others!
AUM! The Great Wheel King! The Great Mystical Jewel Cintamani!
The Great Red Lotus! Great! Great! Great! Great!
Dwelling in Tusita Heaven in Great Splendor!
Hail and Give Forth Praises!
AUM! The Holy Red Lotus! HUM!
AUM! The Red Lotus and the Mysterious Jewel Cintamani! HUM!


I guess it works pretty good…be careful what you wish for!

breakdown to breakthrough

Well, the situation hasn’t changed, I just felt a need to do some meditation and prayer, and in the process I had a cathartic release. So now I am not feeling the same stress and pressure…I am confident things will work out, and more importantly, I continue to take action to effect necessary change.

This is what happens when you forget to have fun and “blow off steam”. things build up and can feel overwhelming, but from a larger perspective, even our challenges can and do serve us, although it may not feel that way. When we proactively engage with our challenges, they lose their false power over us.

Thank you, Cintamani stone,  for keeping it real!


Shanta Gabriel: Inspiration for the Week – Your Ticket to Higher Consciousness

Inspiration for the Week – Your Ticket to Higher Consciousness

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:

The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

Sometimes it is so difficult to know what to do when faced with situations that seem beyond our comprehension. That is a time when we can use the power of prayer. Offering a prayer gives us something positive to do for every situation.

There have been many studies on the efficacy of prayer. All of them have found that healing follows the energy in our prayers. We may never see the results of the blessings we are offering to others, but we can trust that it had a beneficial effect, because that is the promise from science as well as from a spiritual viewpoint.

When we pray for others, it settles our minds and hearts in a way that nothing else can. There is an All-knowing Intelligence within the Light of the Divine working in the field of energy that we create with our prayers. This energy fills and surrounds us with a healing Love that will never abandon us and can be sent where it needs to go for the Highest Good of all concerned. We are always connected with this Divine Presence, through our focus, our thoughts and most especially through our prayers.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for helping me to remember that there is a Creative Solution in this situation and I can invite that to be present at any time. I ask that Divine Light totally fill and surround each person involved so that this situation may be lifted up into the power of Divine Love for healing.

With every breath I take, I AM receiving precious Love into my being so I can radiate more Love into the world. May all beings receive Divine Love into their hearts and be blessed. I know there is a benevolent outcome in every situation when Divine Love is present.

I gratefully receive my tenfold return from all the prayers that I offer to the world. It is in Divine Order for us to receive what we give. Thank you for helping me to be a clear channel for God’s loving energy and the blessings flowing through me to the Earth and all humanity.

Thank you God. And so it is.

The Gabriel Messages #11 

The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness, because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

Dear One,

Sometimes it feels as though prayer is the only thing you can do for another person, even though you wish you could do more. Prayer is, however, the greatest gift you can give.

When you pray for another, you are sending a blessing of Divine Love and increased light-filled energy. This can bring them an expanded perspective on their life, an awareness of a Greater Power working within them as Love. They may not know why they feel better, they just know they do. God’s love is the power that can heal all things. All you have to do in prayer is ask that another be filled with Divine Love and a perfect outflow of energy from a Higher Source will occur.

Prayer is often the last thing one thinks about when situations become disturbing. In truth, prayer is most helpful as the first and not the last resort. You may not know what is best for another, but their Higher Power does. Each person has a guardian Angel ready to respond to the prayers offered for another. It is very simple just to pray that the Angels bless someone and lead them to their highest good. Praying for such divine outworking has tremendous potential and power. It opens the door to the place where miracles occur.

When you pray for a miracle in any situation, you are letting the Universe know that you are willing to receive it. A conscious opening occurs. Ways are revealed which have not been previously thought of. It is the natural order to have miraculous occurrences in life. Your awareness of this truth increases your faith and belief in Divine Solutions. This belief is what opens the door. Your faith is the healing elixir in all situations and prayer sets it all in motion.

All that is released to Divine Spirit, with the intention of perfect outworking for the highest good of all concerned, is blessed. This blessing increases the return of energy to the person offering the prayer. There is no real way to measure the energy of God’s return blessings, but ten times seems to be something the mind can accept. However, prayers offered only with the thought of tenfold return do not carry the powerful intention of a miraculous outworking. A pure surrender to the Divine Will is necessary, with the intent to allow a greater power to work through each person and each situation. This is the way to create miracles.

Prayer is a simple thought, a blessing given freely. It needs no special place, time or words. Your heart carries this spiritual energy, and has the intention for good. This is all you need to bring blessings to the life of another and into your world. As a bonus you are blessed also. This is a universal gift to you for desiring good in your world and in the lives of others. It is the Grace of God. Receive it freely, with gratitude.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness, because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return.

A Message to Lightworkers – April 25, 2017 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

She nailed it! ~PB

Greetings, Beautiful Light Being!

Wanted to let you know that I am starting a new online group:

Manifesting Abundance Group


Wednesday, May 3
6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern


Meetings are free and open to everyone. Donations are greatly appreciated, but not required. We’ll meet via conference call every other Wednesday, starting May 3.

When we gather as a group with the intention to support one another in creating more outer Abundance, our individual energies multiply in power.

This packs a wallop for supporting individual manifestations.

If you’re looking to create a particular sum of money, a new job, a new home, higher income, a new business or project, or your life purpose, the combined energies of this group could make a big difference for you.

The Collective will be flowing energies to us, while taking us through affirmations/declarations, manifesting techniques such as the Working With Energy process, and advising us as needed.

The meeting will last 45 minutes or so, so we will also have time to take a few individual questions from group members.

This group is about coming out of struggle — remembering that, as the Collective say in their Message today, we are already Masters of Manifesting.

If you would like to join us, please email me at AscensionTimes@gmail.com and say “YES to Abundance!

If you’re not able to join us on Wednesdays, the replays will be available to those in the group.

In the meantime, you can hear the Collective talking about Abundance and Manifesting tomorrowApril 26 at 12 noon Pacific / 3 PM Eastern. on the “Awaken to Happiness Now” telesummit.

Just go here to sign up. Call in with a question if you’d like! (Replay available afterwards.)

Sending much Love and Light, as always,


A Message to Lightworkers – April 25, 2017



The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, Masters of Manifestation!


You are indeed such, though it may appear at times that you are stymied by one demand or another.

Perhaps a larger than usual bill has arrived, or your job offers few hours, or is gone completely now.


Or perhaps some other situation has built in intensity—mounting debts, or a car that must be repaired—so that you can no longer put off a large expenditure.


The energy of money on the planet is in a place of chaos, disruption and complete renewal at the moment, because all of its systems and structures are being routed out and replaced.


Your subconscious may be reading these shifts with some alarm, and passing on to you feelings of insecurity and doubt.

Yet we wish to tell you that you need not be at odds with what you see around you.


You are not lost in these or any outer circumstances. You have in fact placed yourselves in them, and most deliberately.


Many are amazed at present, at the demands being made upon them, and that is understandable.


The view from Rennes-le-Chateau, Languedoc region, France

You are desiring greatly to be free of debt, to pay all obligations easily and joyfully, and to do the work that makes you most joyful, and which you came to do, amongst other beautiful visions.


None of this need make you feel that there is too great a weight upon you, that you have a too-steep hill to climb, and that you are not sure you have the skills and resources to do so.


You would not be facing such if you were not strong enough to tackle that, and much more.


And so we encourage you to look at this situation, whatever it may be, and see it on an energy level.

If you can right now, view this apparent large boulder in the middle of your path in energetic terms.

See that in meeting the demands of what you face, you are becoming an entirely new individual.


One whose manifesting skills are not so much being born as being remembered and recalled, from deep within your psyche/spirit, and from deep within your soul strengths.


This is why you will hear so much now about soul alignment.


For you are not meant to struggle or feel lost or outdone by any challenge you may face.

You are meant to develop—to reclaim—the skills you learnt long ago for tackling this and similar challenges, which your soul holds within it at all times.


For creating seemingly out of the air—which is not air, but energy-filled substance that awaits your command and expectation—is not a trick or an unheard-of moment.


You have done it many times, by proclaiming joyfully that something was happening for you, in that moment.


Or by working with the Light and energy of what you wanted to create, choosing the uses and characteristics of what you wanted to experience, and resonating perfectly with that.*


Or by getting the feeling of having what you desired so fully in your heart, imagination, and body that it almost didn’t matter that it hadn’t shown up yet physically, as you were already experiencing the reality of it so fully and joyfully.


There are numerous forms of manifestation skills and processes. On a deep level, you know many.


It is time now to sit down and say to your beautiful Spirit team of guides, Angels, and higher self, “I am ready to remember exactly how to manifest in conscious ways, and to work on manifesting that which is for my higher good.


“I know I don’t have to carry debt. I know I don’t have to work a job I dislike, or be underpaid, or unemployed.


“I Am ready to remember how to manifest! Show me how to create what is for my higher good.


“If there is something or someone I need to release, show me that. If there is something I need to give to another, show me that. If there is some visualization I should be using, or some old belief I need to transmute—show me! I Am ready to learn.


“My life has placed me where the old solutions and ideas no longer work for me. Bring to my conscious heart-mind the skills and abilities—the Divine Solution—I am seeking.


“I Am ready to accept this now! I Am ready to remember the manifestation skills of other lifetimes, and of my soul abilities.”

You are capable of informing your Spirit team that you do not need to struggle.


Tell them that whatever your current situation is trying to teach you, you happily accept that now.

Sit quietly with them and ask what it is you are meant to learn from this.


Then open your heart to that wisdom, whatever it is, and command forth the learning you came here for—the remembering of your own innate power and understanding.


Release the belief that the challenge is difficult, and accept the way forward.


You can learn in peace and ease. There is no need for the struggle and angst so many associate with inner growth.


Namaste, dear ones! You are on your way—we see this, even on the days when you do not, and we rejoice, knowing that your souls rejoice with us.


Know that we are with you, always.




Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

*[See the Collective’s “
Working With Energymeditation]

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

One Way to Bring More Balance to Life by Shanta Gabriel

Inspiration for the Week
We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel is encouraging us to learn how to receive more gracefully on all levels.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

One Way to Balance Within is to Allow Yourself to Love and be Loved.

In the midst of strong and powerful currents of energy we are all experiencing, Balance has become one of the more sought-after experiences.

This card is reminding me that allowing myself to receive Love is just as important as giving it. How often do I shy away from a sincere compliment? What about those times when, for varying reasons, my receiving channels are closed to those who want to support me?

Often I find it so much easier to give love to others than allow myself to receive it. But this card makes me question that practice. If I am more focused on giving, doesn’t that block the flow of receiving? And when I start to think of all the other places that I might be shut down to receiving, like to the flow of finances or creativity, it becomes a much bigger deal than turning aside a compliment that was well-meant. None of us can afford to put a block in the flow of supportive energy toward us.

Receiving graciously the support that is being offered is an important way to demonstrate gratitude to the bounty in the Universal flow of Good toward me. When I am willing to receive, my heart is opened to new opportunities to receive more Love and Support on every level.

The biggest discovery for me is finding that just loving myself turns out to be the most empowering and fastest way to bring me back into Balance. Leaving myself swinging in the breeze without my own support and love has been an old habit and one that is no longer workable. My inner guidance surges forward to let me know in myriad ways that I have disconnected from Source energy and there are Beings of Light waiting to help me.

It does not feel good when I am closed down to receiving. I don’t have the energy I need to do what I love and would most uplift me. One of my favorite long-time affirmations is:

I Now Allow Myself to be Loved and Supported on all Levels.


In times of resistance to the flow, it is often difficult to remember, but the power of opening my heart to myself is the key to coming home to Balance within me.This Alignment to Source is the magical momentum that opens the channels. As I keep my intention for vertical access to the Divine through prayer and meditation with conscious connection to my Higher Self, it brings me back into the depth of Alignment that I long for.

It is also important to allow this Light to be active within my physical body. I am here to be a Blended Being bringing Heaven to Earth through the Light of God working in and through me. It is essential for my happiness and necessary for my Soul’s purpose to be aligned to Divine Light through the core of my being. I need to be conscious enough to allow this flow of Source energy to work in my life. When I do, it brings Vitality, Well-Being, Beauty, Creativity, Abundance and of course Balance to every area of my life.

Everything I do has this intention for Alignment at its base. I am recognizing that Love is my guiding force and living from my heart is the key for Balance. When I come from this place, the energy I feel within helps me to know that I am connected to my Soul and doing the work I came on Earth to do at this time.

“Divine Presence,


Thank you for opening my heart and mind to receiving all the Love and Support available to me on every level. Let me be a clear receiver of that which I need and be very grateful for these gifts offered so generously to me. I am being cared for eternally and all my needs are being met with Grace and Ease. My heart is overflowing in Gratitude for these and all my gifts.

As I generously receive I am also able to give from my overflowing cup of Divine Energy. It feels like such a blessing to have all the Love I need so I can give back to people and situations that need my open and loving heart. May I be as generous with others as God is with me. May all of Humanity be blessed and receive the Loving Support available to them.

Most importantly as I become a more powerful receiver of Divine Grace, I am anchoring the Divine Feminine Energy through me on to the Earth. Thank you God for these and all the blessings in my life.

And so it is.”

The Gabriel Messages #53


One way to Balance Within is to Allow Yourself to Love and be Loved.


Dear One,

When you allow yourself to love another person. it opens channels within your being to receive Divine Love from God, the Infinite Source. There is an inexhaustible supply of this love. When you begin to freely give this Love, you are blessed with more, so you can continue to give. In this way you will never be starving forLlove because you feel you have given too much. You cannot give too much love, because the inexhaustible resource of God’s Love is equal to every demand.


There are many ways to give Love. At times the most loving thing you can do is to leave people alone to follow their own path in life. Even then, you are not shutting them out of your heart, although you may never see them again. Giving Love freely means loving yourself enough to only be in those situations which serve your highest good at all times, and which allow you to be treated in a respectful manner.

Receiving Love is sometimes more difficult than giving it, but your willingness to receive is also necessary for perfect balance to exist in your life. When you receive Love from others, you are allowing them to give. This completes the circuit of God’s love. Allowing yourself to be loved opens the door to receiving Infinite Abundance from the Universe, and creates channels for you to receive in wondrous ways from other people. This means receiving support for your life, which is important because you were never meant to struggle alone. You are a child of the Divine Source, and so are given infinite ways to receive love. Allow yourself to receive and be grateful for all the demonstrations of Love, large and small, which are given to you every day.

When you open your heart to another person, it creates an energy of Love within you which in turn brings Balance to all the systems of the physical body. When your body is in balance, it creates healing currents within itself. This is one reason that Love is such a powerful healing force. To have health in your body, you cannot allow yourself to shut down your heart to love.

When the quality of balance is active in your life, all things will seem to fall into perfect order. There will be Balance in your finances, in your health, in your household, and in your spiritual life. When you give and receive in a balanced way, you are open to the flow of Divine energy which gives Depth, Beauty and Meaning to your life. You will feel abundantly blessed in every way.


It is important to have the energy of Allowing actively influencing your life. When you allow things to happen for you, there is no feeling of pushing the river of life. You take one step and the way is open for the next, and so it goes without effort. When you push to make things happen, stress is created in your body and mind. This leads to an imbalance which may cause disease. So practice acting in Balance and Harmony with all life. Allow others to love and support you. It will then become easier to have a more joy-filled, meaningful existence as this sense of Allowing will help create the openness necessary for miracles to occur.

Step into the flow of a miraculous lifestyle. Give yourself the opportunity to be loved and supported by God and by those who love you. Let yourself give love freely, and know that it will be returned in miraculous ways. Allow yourself to receive and give love so you will create Balance in body, mind and emotions. Know that circumstances work for your highest good when you are in Balance with all of life.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

One way to Balance within is to allow yourself to Love and be Loved.


Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel [1/23/17] TheGabrielMessages.com

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