Pamela Georgel: Full Moon in Pisces September 14th, 2019 Psychic Crystal Reading

Full Moon in Pisces September 14th, 2019 Psychic Crystal Reading By Pam Georgel

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Earth 1:53 Water 5:13 Fire 9:15 Air 13:15

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Hi and Welcome to my channel. My name is Pam and I’m a clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic channel and Psychic Medium. I have over 16 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world. Please also follow me on FB: The Lucky Mermaid LLC and twitter:@theluckymermaid and my website:




Published on Sep 9, 2019

#Poleshift #FullMoon #Jaguar

The Jaguar helps to dive into our deeper power and knowing to release social structures & programs within the collective consciousness. The Sun is opposite Neptune as the Jaguar 13 day cycle begins and the Full Moon Portal opens on 9/10 bringing alot of sensitivity and can also bring confusion at times. Imprints within the emotional body, astral body and subtle shifts in astral currents can be felt more easily with this Full Moon on 9/13. There may also be a Solar Storm coming in along with this Full Moon 9/13-9/14.

Some of the messages Ive received are focused on the importance of the next few months, until the December 25th Solar Eclipse.

The 9th Lord of the Night is ruling Friday the 13th- the Full Moon which can cause a desire to break free to come to the surface, desire for Independence or to persevere.

Jaguar cycle is from the Full Moon portal opening 9/10 until Equinox 9/23- a powerful time of divination, picking up on psychic impressions/astral currents/thoughtforms/projections. Be more aware of what you are feeding your subjective mind during this time. Don’t listen to things you don’t want to create- shift your conscious thought to direct your subconscious with intent if you pick up on neg energy/fear/anxiety, choose to be in control and trust that you are ONE with Universal intelligence. Know that You are worthy, beautiful and loved. It all starts with the Feminine & the physical Female embodying the Feminine- must be empowered. Females, don’t give your energy & power away through intimacy, unless the Male is in Divine alignment. Not worth it. Divine Males, know you worth & dont settle.

**remember: the collective emotions are being felt strongly due to recent events & those who were affected physically. Send love, cry if you need to cry & try to remain in gratitude.

9/10-9/13- Jaguar Cycle
9/10 Full moon Portal opens
9/13 Full Moon Conjunct Neptune
9/14 Galactic Activation Portal Day
9/18 Saturn Direct
9/19 Galactic Activation Portal Day & Last Day of 2nd Moon cycle
9/20 1st day of 3rd Moon cycle (13 moons)
9/22 Cosmic energy with Galactic Activation Portal Day
9/23 Equinox- Last day of the Jaguar 13 day cycle

We are shifting into more into anchoring the rays/energy/consciousness of Uranus as a collective starting Feb 2020- March 2020ūüíú

Male & Female need one another to operate here in this realm, just like the conscious/subconscious or personality/Soul need on another to play our roles here in the physical and in a dualistic reality. The shift in polarity, is a shift in the mind & consciousness of the collective that is projected in the external reality. The shift/Feminine cycle is bringing back Universal Intelligence/Unity Consciousness through the merge of the personality/avatar & Soul/ Higher Mind within. The shift to the Feminine energy is not about dominance or control of the Female over the Male, it’s about bringing balance back. It’s about union between the Male/Female —–This is the Pole Shift & it becomes external/physical through the projection of our consciousness & through a synchronization with the planetary field.

I will be posting AIR sign readings and WATER sign readings today.

I’m hoping to do a livestream on Patreon in the next few days.

Thank you guys for your support!ūüíú

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your weekly guide to planetary influences September 9 to 15, 2019 by Pam Younghans

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Tania Gabrielle: [September 9 – 15] Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast + Pisces FULL MOON September 13-14: Total Transformation & Triumph!

[September 9 – 15] Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast

Published on Sep 7, 2019

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Dorothy Morgan: Weekly Forecast, Full Moon in Pisces September 13 – 14, 2019 Integration, Assimilation

Full Moon in Pisces September 13 – 14, 2019 Integration, Assimilation

Published on Sep 5, 2019

The main focus of this full Moon in Pisces is to follow and trust your instincts. Listen to your guidance and follow through …

Dorothy Morgan is an experienced Professional Astrologer – Personal Consultant ‚Äď Astrology Mentor and teacher to many. She has been studying Astrology since 1988 and it has been her profession since 2003. She is also a skilled intuitive and Angel Healing Practitioner. She currently runs a Boston based Astrology meetup group and is the current President of The Seacoast Astrological Association in Southern New Hampshire. This group has been around since the 1990‚Äôs and they meet once a month, 8 months in the year. Visit her website for more information & join her email newsletter list for a chance at a free 15 minute session; chosen once a month.

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Psychic Sounds by B: B Weeklies ~ Week of Sept 9, 2019 ~ In the end wishes granted IF u stood in integrity + Full Moon in Pisces ~ Sept 14 2019 ~ Letting go of the lies and forgiving self

B Weeklies ~ Week of Sept 9, 2019 ~ In the end wishes granted IF u stood in integrity

Published on Sep 7, 2019

B Weeklies ~ Week of September 9th 2019

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2nd Disney’s Pinocchio Jack *** Transformation ~ KermitTHEdinosauer93

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Alyssa Rayne

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your weekly guide to planetary influences June 3 to 9, 2019 by Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your weekly guide to planetary influences April 1 to 7, 2019 by Pam Younghans

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Pisces, Aligning Ourselves with Spirit | Maya del Mar’s Daykeeper Journal

Pisces, aligning with Spirit
[Ed. note: each month we re-run Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar’s  profound and poetic take on the appropriate sun sign.]

Pisces is the last of the signs, the place where all of our lives, successes and failures, loves and hates, past and future, light and dark, are integrated. It is where our soul and our personality finally meet‚ÄĒand join.

In Aquarius we incorporated our guiding star, our ideals, into our lives. Now in Pisces we can touch that inner spirit in ourselves which informs us how we are living up to those ideals. We can use that starlight to move through the dark of unfinished business, and its fire to burn away the final dross of our zodiacal journey. It was a Piscean child who could say, ‚ÄúSee, the Emperor has no clothes!‚ÄĚ

Pisces is a water sign. All water signs are healing and bridging signs. Through them we touch our e-motions, which literally spur us to motion, move us into expression of what has real meaning to us. Pisces’ connection to proper understanding is shown by its association to the feet, which stand under us.

Water signs are in touch with suffering, and most suffering arises in the letting go of something to which we cling. In the air signs, which precede the water signs, we tend to hang onto outmoded ideas, attitudes, perspectives, and ways of thinking. Now, in Pisces, we allow intuition to work with mind to separate the significant from the petty, so that we can let go of nonessentials.

In Pisces, the last of the water signs, we must go all the way, we must finish the job. It is time to go through that metamorphosis which leads to transcendence of all those earthly ties which bind only the personality. The way must be opened for the soul.

The energy for this inner ruthlessness is like the great depths of the sea. During its quiet times the sea erodes the land inconspicuously but inexorably. In its stormy times, tidal waves and hurricanes can be totally devastating. Always, the sea releases its debris. We can see it on the beaches and in the fishermen’s nets.

Purification is the goal. It is during Pisces time that we engage in the fasting and penance of Lent. We are preparing the space for the fresh birth of Aries at Spring Equinox.

The night force is now in its closing phase, and all the remaining ghosts must be cleaned out if we are to become agents of universal wholeness.

Our imaginations open. We touch the grand symphony of the spheres. As we strengthen our inner focus, our purpose can become clear. In Pisces we need to align ourselves with spirit; if we fail to do this, confusion and chaos result.

As our sensitivity is increased, as we refocus around our spiritual center, we find a new strength to act, and that strength is generated through love. In Pisces we will be drawn to whatever we love the most, and if we focus our love on our true purpose, we will draw to ourselves opportunities for growth and success. Love is the greatest of all healing powers.

In Pisces we can appreciate the poetry and beauty of life. We have a restlessness to become part of the good, the true, and the beautiful which persist through time. The eternal verities draw us.

As we detach ourselves from one time and place, we can tune into all times and places. As we open and listen to our own deepest selves, we become attuned to all of life. We become aware that we are connected with one another in one vast web of life, and what happens to one part affects all the parts. We thus develop compassion and true humility.

Examples of Pisceans with an ability to see the whole combined with a strong sense of purpose are George Washington, the Father of our Country, James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, and Ralph Nader, who has been behind most of the environmentally friendly legislation which Congress has passed in the last 30 years, including the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Talk about purification!

Author Spotlight

Maya del Mar

Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar (1928-2006) immersed herself in the study of astrology for nearly 40 years. It was her life’s passion and purpose to explore and share the insights of this ancient art and science with others. In carrying on Daykeeper Journal, we, her daughters, share with you her caring, meticulous, subtle, wise and generous spirit.

You can find her Sun Sign forecasts here, and many other writings here on the earlier version of this site.