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Published on Sep 1, 2019

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The smaller cats, leopards & jaguars were all representing female energy and bees & hornets are symbolic as well- i should’ve mentioned.

**I could be interpreting the messages wrong that I’ve been getting, but I don’t think so because of how clear they’ve been coming in and the visuals along with contact with my Cosmic Ancestors speaking about these messages, that we are “getting reading” and we “know what time it is” and everytime they come through- they are correct. The one that was speaking to me has always been in the background now she’s up front. Bright white/blue-ish..coming from the Great Central Sun. When I get the downloads they will usually send a message as a visual of the Great Central Sun first. The messages are bright, clear, direct, visual, physical, telepathic. I just share my perception, messages I receive & experiences- I don’t try and figure it all out in the deep thought because my subconscious already gets it and it will show up in my reality again or my conscious awareness in some other way when it is meant to.

I know many will be or already are- getting similar messages with something shifting connected to the Feminine cycle. I’m so grateful for all the Divine Masculines & Feminines on their paths and empowering/supporting/encouraging one another and for those who inspired me to share my own experiences & path more publically 💜

So the New Sun cycle begins right as we are lining up with a specific density wave & point/region within the Photon Belt and different cycles meeting at one point. Like 13,000 year cycles.

October 24th- November 5th is the 1st big opening/wave of the energy connected to the New Sun cycle & this peak region. Then another in December right before the Solar Eclipse on December 25th 2019. Which is opening a new gate while closing another.

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Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, February 15, 2019

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

February 15, 2019


You have an expression that the world is your oyster and it is true, and the pearl inside is you. After so many lives of struggle and a multitude of challenges you stand today on the steps of Ascension. You have held your heads up high and always risen up after the more trying experiences. In some ways it is as well you cannot remember all of your earlier experiences as they would weigh heavy on your mind. Of course they were interspersed with lives that were not so demanding, but the whole time the emphasis was on your evolution. Always the degree of challenge you were given was with your approval, and we never try to advance you too quickly. In fact it is you who are often so keen to push yourselves ahead and we warn you against going for too much, as even with our support it is you who have to perform. There would be no gain for you if we did more than help you along with our advice.



At this time you really do not grasp what a great achievement you have made in passing the marker. We are still rejoicing and full of admiration for your fortitude and intent to keep going regardless of the tasks ahead. You were chosen for the opportunity to prepare yourselves for Ascension, because we rightly believed you had the tenacity and strength of character to be successful. With freewill some souls have not applied themselves to their tasks, and sometimes lacked the determination to succeed, perhaps having tired of the demands upon them. Never mind there is always another opportunity coming your way, there is no urgency but we do try to push you along as you are on the verge of Ascension. We want you to be a success as so much now awaits you that is a total change from what you have been used to experiencing. The good times are soon to begin and the chaos that abounds on Earth right now will end. Follow through the logic of stopping nuclear wars and realise that it is the beginning of the end for violent confrontations. You may rest assured that the weapons of war will be silenced, and it can be easily achieved.



We tell you these things realising that some souls have the expectation of things changing too quickly for the degree of negativity that has to be cleared from Earth. You get help from many sources of which you are unaware. Know that your Galactic family oversee your progress and are never far away. If needed, they could arrive on Earth in an instant so you are perfectly safe from any outside interference. The beautiful Avians watch over you and their presence ensures that no outside interference can take place. They have an extra interest in your wellbeing and help mankind in ways you are never aware of, and very much like the Pleiadians are close to you. You owe much to them for their lasting love for Humanity and the Pleiadians in particular are your family.



Do not limit your visions for the future, as you will be pleasantly surprised at how much happens to you that is uplifting, and place your sights firmly on your path to becoming a Galactic Being. It may be well into the future but is your destiny and you aim high in all you do. As you sometimes say “The best is yet to come” and how true that is so keep your focus strongly on your chosen path, knowing that at every turn you will be getting help and direction from those who have such love for you. Remember that now is the time you can drop your karma as you are in charge and choose the path you wish to take.



As you lift up spare a thought for those souls who volunteered to play the roles of the dark Ones. Just like you they are birthed with all they need that allows the outworking of their life plan. Each has a role to play and they show you the extent to which they can challenge the Light, and they have been quite successful. Your role has been to rise up above such negative energies, and maintain your Light and act accordingly. Stand on the outside and look in and you surely must agree that you have at times been tested to the limit. The old ways and days are all but finished and you will no doubt admit that your experiences have made you all the stronger. Think of plays in the theatre, they finish and when the curtain drops and re-opens the cast line up together, and often link arms as they bow to the audience to take their applause. Of course life on Earth is for real, but bear in mind that each soul’s life plan is organised in such a way that karma is cleared, although sometimes there are dear souls who make sacrifices simply out of their great love for you. The most obvious one was Jesus who willingly gave his life, to help Humans find the love, and understanding that was missing from their lives on Earth.



What a wonderful arrangement exists in Spirit that allows for more experienced and evolved souls to help those following in their footsteps. It follows on as you rise up into even higher vibrations and you can always call upon highly evolved souls for help. The system is well tried and tested because as you may realise it has been operating for a long, long time. The souls that have gone before you have much experience to call upon and can very accurately predict what you will do as you evolve. You must have heard the expression that there is nothing new in the world, and now you can perhaps understand why that is so. All combinations of circumstances have been tried time and time again and of course in the higher dimensions all is in the present and you can experience just as you choose. For example you can go back in time to any period you wish and re-live experiences there again.



Dear Ones, accepting that “all is in the now” is probably too much for you to absorb and recall every detail of your experiences. Yet as your consciousness expands so your memory becomes expansive, so much so you can tune into any experience that you wish to recall. As you move out of the lower vibrations so your recollection of events will improve. Everything that has happened in your current cycle is still recorded in the ethers, and you could go back and put something right that lives in your memory. Fortunately you will progress at a pace that suits you, so you should not be overwhelmed by the responsibilities that you carry.



Let your vision of the future hold fast and as you do so you will be helping it to manifest at the earliest time by raising the vibrations. The Photon Belt is also part of your upliftment and you are well on the way to your goal, and in the not too distant future great Beings will again appear on Earth to guide you.



I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.



In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Meg Benedicte: 11:11 STARGATE ACTIVATION

As we approach the final days of 2017, the solar system travels the gateway to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is the annual event when the Sun conjuncts the massive black hole of the Galactic Center, which lies at 26-27° Sagittarius. When we connect to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core it brings us closer to the emergence of our divine existence.

It takes 2,000 years to pass through the band of gamma photons streaming out of the Galactic Equator. The solar system is now fully infused in the ‘purification’ that naturally occurs from the surge of brilliant gamma photon light. This is evident in increasing solar flares, earthquakes and volcanos, coastal flooding, wildfires, melting ice caps, intensifying storms and shifting magnetic poles, thinning of the ionosphere and the acceleration of time towards zero point.

During this period of rapid change, we will enter an eternal space of NO TIME ….marking the emergence of 2000 years called the Golden Age of Unity Consciousness. Earth is moving into an eternal NOW with the collapse of 4th dimensional spacetime as we ascend higher in frequencies to the 5D earth plane. The Photon Belt not only impacts the solar system, but also the DNA ‘transceivers’ in your intra-cellular human ‘radio’.

The Ascension process involves balancing opposites, as you transform your energy field from polarity to singularity…you are shifting from living in separation to creating a Unified Field! The Wayshowers have traveled to Gaia to initiate the crystallization of the human genetics and ascend into the League of Light.

It only happens once a year, when the 11:11 Gateway opens to higher, ascended realms. On this special day, we will experience a rare moment of intense clarity and connection with of our own Divinity. 11:11 is a sacred Ascension code that activates the neural network in the brain and godseed codes in the DNA to access higher dimensions of Spirit.

Envision the number 1 – it looks like a column or antenna, and acts as a direct conduit between the spiritual and physical world. 1 represents initiation, invention and new beginnings that flow to us in the form of ideas and inspiration. Number 11 represents two pillars, a gateway, which opens a direct portal between intention and manifestation. In ancient mythology the sacred geometry of 11:11 represents the masculine and feminine circuitry linked in eternal connection!

The number sequence of 11:11 also signifies the gateway between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension. 11:11 opens the stairway to heaven, your direct lifeline to Source Creator. We will be broadcasting the 11:11 Stargate Activations on Saturday, November 11th. Step into zero point at the Great Central Sun and accelerate your personal ascension!

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Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2017 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

~HALLS OF AMENTI PORTAL – Sirian High Council~

Fantastic~! ~PB

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

SIRIANHIGHCOUNCILHALLSOFAMENTIANNAMERKABAGaia’s entrance into the photonic belt of light, has brought the advancement of mankinds civilization. And as such, interdisciplinary motions from the intergalactic committee, to take action in finding the resolution to common issues of representation of human beings who dwell on GAIA, and their entrance into the Halls of Amenti has been put into effect. Their entrance into the Halls of Amenti.

For within the informational encodings, and within the books of life, lay the key to the portal of eternal bliss, lays a key to the portal of eternal bliss and understanding thereof. For the discoveries under the Egyptian Pharaos of eons past, have indeed sparked interest from those who are in control of such dwellings on Gaia, has indeed sparked such interest from the governing body of mankind, and the unearthing which have indeed taken place is yet to find its outlet into the mainstream media of…

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The Grand Reset Steve Rother a message from The Group channeled by Steve Rother

The Grand Reset

Steve Rother
a message from The Group channeled by Steve Rother
~Re-minders from Home~
Wednesday, 15 October, 2014  (posted 28 October, 2014)

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.

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“Greetings from Home, dear ones.


Making Space for the New Empowered Human

It is such a joy to be with you all. There is a large family that has gathered again and again here on planet Earth. The Family of Light—you can call it a number of different things–we call it the Family of E, Lightworkers. Many of you have come in at this time with the intention of bringing the collective to the highest level possible. That is very beautiful yet very difficult, so we wish to speak with you about what is ahead and what each of you can do. Dear ones, you can take a part i what is happening in the world around you to make space for the new empowered human. That is truly what is going on.

There are significant adjustments occurring on planet Earth. We have spoken of the tension of the tectonic plates and how humans are picking up on it, sometimes overreacting. You have come in and started to balance the masculine and the feminine. This is a challenging balance for you because you have always seen things as polarity, as opposites. To suddenly begin seeing everything as connected and whole is very difficult for humans, although you are aware that is where you are now Dear ones, you are some of the most important people that can help to ground the new thought in this new energy. Yes, you have come in with this idea but at times it means holding a truth that is against what your parents taught and even what you have learned in other areas. That is one of the more freeing parts of who you are, and the new humanity is available on planet Earth. We are very excited to share this with you today.

The Outbreath of God

Dear ones, the universe moves very quickly or very slowly depending on your relationship to it. During the last 15 years it has moved quite slowly  in some ways. More than a decade ago, we told you that there was an in-and-out breath of god that created a beautiful pulsing of the universe. The last time this shifted from one to the other, your universe was born. We tell you this was very interesting, because you have so many concepts of how you can see into the night sky. It is happening now, which is the beautiful part of this.

There is a change of direction which has been occurring during the last four years. Many of you have wrestled with the incredible denseness on planet Earth, as you have felt the changes and positioned yourself in new ways. Some have cleared the decks by experiencing Phantom Deaths of your own, daring to pass by the door you had created for yourself to go Home. Others came in with heightened sensitivities to see, feel and sense things very quickly, which is what made you healers and gave you the gift of being able to connect. Now there are advances in humanity and even your physical body is changing to accommodate the energy. One of the things that we have been speaking about is your Vagus nerve, whuch makes you feel everything. Have you ever had a gut reaction to something? Have you felt an energy and your heart started racing for no apparent reason? That has to do with your Vagus nerve and its evolution, so we wish to share with you the larger reason why it is happening. You are removing many of the boundaries which have made you separate from each other and that is what is taking place in this outbreath of god.

Not all, but many of the challenges that you see in your world are caused by the outbreath or are reactions to it. You are coming into this with a balanced masculine/feminine energy, although before from your field of polarity you saw things as opposites. There are still many who are heavily invested in one energy or the other, rather than both blended together. Those who are very invested in the masculine dominance of planet Earth are overreacting, which is much of what you are seeing on planet Earth at this time.

March 2015

Now your tendency is to polarize everything and say, “Oh that is them, not us. We are different, for that is only this segment of people.” Dear ones, re-member they are humans, they are a part of you and part of your experience on Earth. What we ask you all to do is to start seeing the larger picture of how you can connect based on what you have in common, instead of only how you are different. It is a little bit against your nature because you have come in with this separation anxiety, pretending to be separate from each other while you experience humanity and yourself. It is time to change, dear ones, and that is what is happening now. On a larger scale there is an energy change coming, and that will take some time to adjust to. We wish we could tell you that on a specific date the energy will change and everyone will feel better. What we will give you is a rough date that has to do with the evolution of humanity. shifting and that is in late March of next year.

A Chance to Reset Your Doors Home

In preparation for this new energy, many of you are re-evaluating everything in your lives. This is truly as it should be but let us explain why this is taking place. This is happening because of all the opportunities that you set up before you came in. Many of arrived with incredibly sensitive Vagus nerves so you could do your healing work, yet you find yourself overwhelmed with it and carrying everybody else’s energy even though it was not your responsibility to do so. Coming in with this heightened sensitivity, many of you have placed doors to Home. We call these “Phantom Deaths,” for they are the opportunity for you to get out of the body and return Home. You have set up circumstances, opportunities, even sometimes planted seeds of ill health in your own being, so that you could accomplish this process. Many of you are healers, so you have the understanding that sickness is wrong. It is not, dear ones. Many times it is the only way to release your spirit from that body. You all thought about this at great length before you came in. What is happening between now and the end of March 2015, is that humans everywhere will have the opportunity to re-set their own opportunities to go Home. Many of you are tired and frustrated. If you feel that you have done all that you can do, you will be presented with the opportunities to leave. Re-member, dear ones, you are on the planet of free choice. This is the only planet of free choice at this moment with the exception of the second which is now in motion. The beautiful part of that is that you can change all of this, and if you wish to stay you may re-set your energy at this time. Let us explain what that is like and what it will accomplish—not only for you but for your spirit.

Your spirit carries a certain amount of energy and light that you have been able to hold within your physical, dense bodies. That is starting to change, for there are even photons growing inside your body at this time. Soon your molecular and microbiologists will start to understand even more about the photonics of the physical body and how this can start to grow. It will change everything in your life. For now many of you are tired and know friends who will be leaving, but that is as it should be. Do not consider death in any of its forms to be wrong. Instead it is to be celebrated, dear ones, for it is a re-turning to the Home of the spirit.

Dear ones, you have done such incredible work. Many of you have orchestrated early exits; you came in with such sensitivity that you planned opportunities to get out of here as quickly as possible. Between now and the end of March you have the opportunity to re-set that energy, make new contracts, and set things into motion. This has not been the norm ever since you stepped into this new energy and moved into this new plane of light. The highly charged photonic particles that are hitting Earth every single day are offering a new experience of planet Earth. Quite simply, some of you will feel like leaving and you have permission to do so, dear ones. No one is telling you that you have not completed your mission or you must stay. Here is what will take place if you decide to stay.

Phantom Death

At some point over the next few months, you will go through a process of a Phantom Death. Perhaps your heart will stop on the operating table, and it will be very obvious that it is truly a Phantom Death. Others are on a more direct path. Your spirit is saying, “Go forward. Step forward.” When you come to these opportunities to go Home, they will pass very quickly. It might just be a close call in traffic and all of a sudden you realize, “I could have died just then but let me continue my path.” And you just keep on moving forward, but you will know. These opportunities are to be celebrated dear ones, not feared. You set these up at the beginning before your incarnation and this lifetime began. They are part of the contractual arrangements that you made with planet Earth, and part of your being here pretending to be human.

Re-assessing Your Life

We are bringing this up because the majority of you will choose to stay. Whatever your choice is, it is neither right nor wrong. You are on the planet of free choice and we honor you. If you come Home tomorrow you will be celebrated, but it does not make any difference how long you stay, dear ones. That is up to you. Many of you are becoming excited at the possibility of carrying more light and spirit in your own body, while you are still incarnate. What takes place here when you go through these Phantom Deaths? Whether they are something severe or just a momentary close call in traffic, your life will re-set. When that happens, you will look back at your life and try to determine the path. You will start to re-member everything, going through old memories and ideas, even tossing out your old photography books. You will look at each part of your life to re-visit it the same way that you do if you cross over and go Home, except you will not have the photography books at Home. That is the biggest difference but that is exactly what you do when you go Home; you re-assess your entire experience and re-member every part of this.

You will decide when you go Home which parts you are complete with, which parts you wish to come back in with, or if you are complete all together. It is entirely up to you, for there is no one who judges you. You are on the free choice planet which is an emulation of Home but we ask you to do the same here. For those of you who stay, do exactly the same thing. Re-look at everything in your life…every relationship, every job you have taken, your purpose for being here, and your passions whatever they are. These are the times to re-anchor on planet Earth. If you wish to go you will be celebrated, and you will also find it much easier than you thought. The reality is the transition Home is only difficult if you do not know what to expect. Once you are aware of the transitions it becomes a joyous ride, an energy travel from one dimension to the next. Most of the challenges of transitioning from one area to the other are simply because people go into fear. What happens when a creator being goes into fear? It is then that they create their greatest fears and that loop takes some time to get rid of. For those of you who are familiar with it, you pass very easily and comfortably, then you move forward very quickly. You return Home and you acclimate to Home. And for those of you who are staying, dare to allow yourself to experience it by taking some alone time, because each of you will need it.

You will need to re-assess your place on planet Earth, understand why you came here in the first place, and whether that purpose is still valid or you wish to re-align your purpose for being here. At the same time, you have an opportunity to re-visit every part of your existence. How you have interacted and the relationships you created will come under scrutiny at this point. We tell you, dear ones, it is not right or wrong. Some of you will say, “Well, I can see how I would have a relationship with my lover, my husband or my wife. But what about children?  How will my relationships with children change?” It’s very simple. You are moving into an empowered society, so everything must change including your relationships with your children and the long-term commitments that many of you have made. These are exciting times, dear ones, because their relationship to planet Earth is changing as well.

The Physical Body is Changing

You are starting to grasp the higher truths of your human experience. It is a re-membering in many areas, because your spirit is not of the density: Your spirit is truly you. It is the core personality that you carried in for eons of time and not just on planet Earth. Now you have decided to make this decision consciously instead of wiping out planet Earth and humanity, then starting over again. You literally are changing this day to day and we are so excited to watch it. We can see the challenges that you go through and when you feel lost, but we also see who you really are. We love you more than you know. You have already changed All That Is; now you have the opportunity to re-set your energy and put things into motion here so that you can step forward. As a newly empowered human, you will carry much more of your own light and be able to grow in that direction. Right now, dear ones, if someone were to step fully into light body and the world, it would be very challenging because the collective vibration of humanity still does not support it. You would find that lightbody would have huge sensitivities. That is the reason you have so many allergies and similar challenges. You do have your pollution ever since you have been burning the fossil fuels and your Industrial Revolution. However, you also have that ability to change that. The physical body is changing, experiencing a sensitivity level that you never knew before. Currently about 20% of your planet is now allergic to gluten, something you should all be easily adapted to. As you incorporate more light into the body, some of these things will have to shift and your growers are beginning to change their thinking of this. Your grocery stores have already adapted somewhat to the new needs of humanity. More will be coming and you will find rapid changes happening during these times.

The Grand Re-set of Humanity

This is a time of re-set, the grand reset of humanity. The change of the inbreath and the outbreath is taking place and what every human on planet Earth is facing right now. Along with it you have the opportunity to stay or go if you choose. No one is holding you here. If you decide to stay you will re-evaluate everything and feel free to do so. You are relieved of your contracts, even though most of you do not know it. You are re-setting new contracts, so dare to create conscious contracts on your planet. When you meet someone  with which you have set up a contract on the other side of the veil, there is a natural pull to come into that contract in some way. Most of those have been released, but that is very frustrating for some of you because you are looking for your mate whom you have contracts with. We tell you, dear ones, that many of them will still be chosen; they simply will not have quite the same pull that they had before.  Things that you had to settle, such as karmic contracts, have been completely released as far as the magnetism goes. That does not mean that when you come in contact with someone you do not feel a karmic bond of some sort. You may even wish to clear it, but that is up to you. Does it need to be done for you to be successful on Earth? Dear ones, you have already been successful on Earth. That is what we are here to share with you. You have won the game and now you are building a whole new Earth. We are incredibly excited because this one will be in much more harmony with Home, with where you are from. It gives you the ability to hold more of your creative powers than ever before. We tell you, dear ones, the movement back into light body for all of humanity can be especially difficult for some. Help the others, for that is why you came and why many of you are here right now, to be of service in this grand transition and re-set of humanity.

You think of us as watching from above; we actually are not above. It is fascinating that you think we are up because heaven is not up, dear ones, it is everywhere. You get that when you are children, awakening inside of a physical body when you are lying on your back or being held by a parent. Looking up to see the world, you gained from that all goodness comes from above. You are such wonderful beings. We cannot wait to see what this new game grows into. We are directly behind you all the way trying to open the doors easily for you, trying to make your life a little more comfortable. You do not need to struggle the way you did in the old energy. The path of least resistance will appear very quickly. Allow it to be. Let go of those things that you are holding onto for the sake of holding on and allow yourself to be re-set and repositioned. This is the new world and you are very much a part of it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every way that you can. It is why you came. Know that it is a brand new game that you are playing dear ones. And play well together.

Espavo I am the Keeper of Time.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


New Message from Archangel Michael: The Rhythm of New Beginnings ~ by Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful ~ 22 October 2014

The rhythm of new beginnings

New beginning

The Eclipse Cycle Completes Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 23 we have a New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse. This eclipse completes the very intense energetic upgrade of these past two weeks, in which we were assisted as Archangel Michael put it, in “Encountering Ourselves Fully.”

For most of us this meant discharging a lot of lower frequency energies. It’s good to remember that ultimately we’ll arrive in an elevated state of homeostasis, more refined and more able to experience our capacities and wholeness.

If you’d like more information on what time the Eclipse takes place and where it is visible,

this is for you.

The message linked below gives us some beautiful, liberating perspectives to become a more masterful ascending human & that speaks perfectly to tomorrow’s New Moon & Eclipse.

I hope it’s deeply inspiring and helpful.

Here’s to your never-ending beautiful life! And all things playful, positive and wonderful.



New Message from Archangel Michael:
The Rhythm of New Beginnings
~ by Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful ~
22 October 2014

New beginnings
Message from the Archangel Michael
Channeled by Meredith Murphy
Telepathic Transmission – 19 October 2014, Daily Message Day 11
This transmission was given as part of the Focus Fest: Generating Pure Presence. For details on upcoming Soar Fests click here.


“Hello beloved friends.

Today we wish to speak of new beginnings.

You are in the midst of generating a very powerful new beginning. You are experiencing new beginnings frequently in your life but you are approaching a very powerful new beginning.

The theme of new beginnings is in the air and we want to talk today about the incredible positive energy of this and also about your awareness of your own experience as a means of generating more unlimited experiences. You are becoming more fully present. That creates a new beginning in your lives. You are becoming more concentrated in the present moment and that is altering the potentials of what’s available to you.

Now there are more and more pathways open to you. How you choose? How do you deepen your experience? How you select the pathway that will give you the greatest joy? How you know which way to go amidst so many options.

We spoke recently about living from your inner knowing. We would encourage you to operate from that guidance system. But in truth it doesn’t matter what specific pathway you choose my friends. For what you experience and what is available to you is not reliant on the outer world it is based on and created by your energy presence and what you can allow to arise from within.

This is a radical way to relate to life to really realize that everything is generating within you. It is radical to become so neutral that you realize that all paths in and of themselves are neutral. Not that all paths are the same but that you can get the same depths of experience and further your evolutionary progression and have the emotional experiences you want while being on many different paths. This is because each path is expressing multidimensionally and everything you experience in connecting with that path is arising within you.

As you bring forth more and more of all that you are, the energetic quality of your blended being is changing. This is initiating new beginnings in the world for you – that have different qualities than new beginnings in the past. Do you feel how fresh everything is becoming?

You are living in an experience that has been recently created. This was not something previously known and these are not just words, they are observations about something very concrete which is occurring.

We invite you also at this time, to consider how do you relate to new beginnings?

Your mode of relating to new beginnings will affect your interaction with these new situations as they present.

Many of you are actually more comfortable with endings and completion than you are with beginnings. New beginnings conjure up a sense of innocence. They feel light and many of you are not feeling that light right now so we are just speaking of this to help you shift a little bit and tune to what’s emerging and in a sense become more aware of how your own participation in your process facilitates you taking full advantage of new beginnings.

You have lived within duality for so long that you tended to approach things with effort and hard work. When a new beginning occurs, and we say this with love and the tonality of a big smile maybe even the energy of giggling – yes giggling, imagine us giggling because what we want to say to you is you approach new beginnings and make them into a project.

When something new and fresh occurs to you, you turn it into a project and we have to love how devoted and industrious you all are … But … These skills of determination and the willingness to stick with what you care about have served you so well! But it is time now to let yourself have a new experience, a new beginning. These experiences while they may be unfamiliar to you in some ways are what you’re really ready for and calling forth.

A new beginning is an opportunity to receive and an opportunity to experience wide open potential. A new beginning is an opportunity to choose anything, anything. When you approach a new moment, a new day, a new start of anything with this kind of awareness you feel so powerful and joyful. You feel a sense of all possibilities being contained within this newness. You have no idea how it will go but there is this sense of excitement about it. The unknown aspect of it and the newness of it in a sense promises everything to you because nothing is yet defined. There is something truly magical about the beginning of something, the moment when you commence or anticipate commencing. That too is very sweet.

When you let yourself feel these feelings you remember what it is truly like to be you. When you allow yourself to relate to something with a sense of total possibility, you are then wide open. You are not defining things by limiting them with any idea of what is, what has been and what is not possible. You get to feel the juiciness of your being! The incredible strength and confidence, the purity of focus and awareness that plays across and throughout creation with the pure potential through all the different ways you are being.

We want you to remember what this is like and we want you to find the part of yourself that started something new in the past with this kind of freshness and openness and reconnect to this part of you. You may be in the midst of something right now but that something is creating the platform of a new beginning.

Today we are orienting your eyes to the horizon of life emerging in the material for you and because of all that you are transforming in this experience we are speaking of this to prepare you so you can greet the new dawn of this new beginning in a different way.

Many beings are leaving the planet these days. You may have noticed that. They want a total new beginning and those of you who are staying you want very much at a deep level new beginnings that have substantially more impactful than new beginnings have ever before. There are layers to creating this. Part of empowering this evolution to fully unfold is recognizing that you are in the midst of creating a very different and very new start for yourself in encountering and working with your pure presence as you have been.

Your pure presence is becoming more familiar to you. The expansiveness of this and the implications of your total perfection are sinking in and this is transforming your energy system.

You are recalibrating to accommodate these changes. You are revisiting the creation of your energy system from increasingly higher perspectives of light and as you do this you create endless new beginnings. It is important to recognize and embrace them.

Just because these beginnings repeat, because they come in waves does not in any way diminish their beauty or their gifts to you. What we are really talking about here is learning to orient to what emerges. This is something we have been talking about more and more lately, learning to be aware of your own process of unfolding.

We have suggested you learn about and recognize your own creative process. How you use focus to generate experience. We’ve talked about learning to live from inner knowing. Now we’re talking about acknowledging and living from the powerfully positive expectation of pure potential that are available at each new level of expression that you are creating which you experience as a series of new beginnings.

These new beginnings are similar to the clear slate we have spoken of. A mindset of being fully in the present moment but it is also more than that. What we are talking about today is sensing and understanding and keeping track of in your awareness where you are in your own evolutionary process. Sensing what’s going on with you at any given moment so that you can relate to yourself with skillfulness.

You are experiencing a rhythmic unfolding in human form of your essence energies. There is a process to this awakening and you know it well. It begins with upliftment. You encounter higher frequency energies from a multitude of sources. You feel uplifted. These energies are integrated and circulated as you are able to meet them so they may trigger a revision of your energy system or they may just be easily assimilated and begin to emanate from you. Then these new energies that you have been infused with or encountered loosen up congested energy within you. You begin to recalibrate. You are releasing or as we said recently discharging energies that are not going to be part of your new beginning, your new energetic homeostasis. As you release these energies you then emerge into non-definition. You emerge into a pure spaciousness and you allow your presence, if you’re really open and in the flow you allow your presence not to be created from ideas in your mind but to be generated from within. This is the ideal way of relating to your flow.

Given this, where are you at this time in your evolutionary process? Do you know?

Once you arrive in this spaciousness if you can let it be wide open then there you are in a new beginning, in a space of all possibilities.

If you relate to this spaciousness without rushing to define it the definition will take shape and arise from within from your own harmonics. You will experience the inspiration and knowing that comes from an expanded connection to all that you are.

This is the life process that is taking place in the awakening ones in your realm now. It is how all of this is taking shape and it is how the world and the energy fields present here as human, planetary, animal, nature, it’s how everything is evolving. It is happening by infusions of higher frequency light into the energy systems here and this is all happening and being supported and facilitated by earth’s proximity to the photon band.

Light is carried over space by photons, photons. And you are being routinely, continually infused by cosmic light through the earth’s closeness to the photon band. Photons are creating the momentum of light that is uplifting your world. Light is created when energy hits an electron with electromagnetic force. This energy can be in the form of heat or light. This pushes an electron up a level within an energy structure and the electron like you seeks homeostasis. It returns to the lowest common stable structure. So you too are discharging excess energy happens in the form of heat or light. You’ve all experienced this right? Gradually you are conditioning yourselves so that the lowest common stable structure is an uplifted one, a refined one, an ascended one. You are conditioning yourselves to exist as the uplifted states you are entrained into. This is living evolution and it is generating an endless stream of new beginnings.

Why are we talking about this? Because the ego tends to present you with limited ideas and options in life and these options actually tend to decrease as you live longer rather than increase which is counter-intuitive because all of you are evolving in capacity.

Why not break free of all that? Step outside of the ideas of life that can only come from the more limited, local perspective of your external experience.

You do this by getting to know your own evolutionary cycle so that you can at any time know where you are in that very natural and most empowering process. And most of all so you can prepare yourself to skillfully meet these powerful new beginnings with readiness and openness.

What is going on inside of you at this moment?

I am Archangel Michael.”

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2014-September-23 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter


2014-September-23 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter

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Interview Transcript for September 23, 2014:

Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another Victory of the Light Radio show special program Interview with Cobra coming up in just a moment or two. Again I want to thank all the wonderful helpers that have made this possible: Ricque Seraphico, DaNell Glade and of course the ever creative and talent Smally7 who makes the youtube video that will be available here. I have several important announcements to make.

1. The Mt. shasta Ascension portal conference was absolutely wonderful. We had a great success there. Over 150 people attended to listen to Michael Ellegion, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Robert Parala, Tricia McCannon, Byron Belitsos, yours truly, Andrew Basaigo, and James Gilliland. I want to thank Power Organics and the quantum hut team there and the ascended master healing room, temple of intent for their fine help and service as well as Mr. Scott Springer for his kind generosity in allowing us to use that space. We had some amazing sightings on the night watch with James Gilliland’s goggles. There were a lot of people. One guy in particular was saying, “that’s a satellite, that’s a satellite” and we got a major power up and he said – “Now that’s a ship”. We had a successful contact with our space family who was watching the event. Everyone had a wonderful time. If you go to where you are at right now listening to this show and you go to the home page under events, the Mt. Shasta ascension portal conference there at the top, you’ll see some pictures that we took of the gathering and various aspects.

We went to the lake, a very beautiful glacial lake called Castle lake. You’ll see pictures of our meditations by the Stupa that is on the mountain and also we went to the Jesus Field near Castle Lake there for some meditation and prayers and our final closing pictures. Some people weren’t available for the closing ceremonies there. We had a great time. We also have some videos available for you of some music around the fire circle and some wonderful presentations of the speakers. I will be having a DVD and audio of the entire conference coming out. This will take some time to edit. This will be available. We are going to try and recoup some of the cost for the editing of this to pay our wonderful Harold Rays who did that. You can look forward. If you’ve missed it and are wanting to see and hear some of the wonderful presentations. Those will be available soon.

2. Also, I’m happy to announce that we have tremendous new changes coming to the web-site. I have a new web site developer with me and we’re going to be straightening some things out. I’ll be sharing a lot more information in regards to the Pyramid products and I’ll be doing a video blog in the future.

Without further adieu, Here comes the Cobra interview – Thank you very much.

Rob – OK as promised, here we go folks. We have Cobra on the line. We’re looking forward to another wonderful interview. This is the September (2014) interview. Welcome Cobra. Welcome to the Victory of the light show.

COBRA – Thank you very much for your invitation.

Rob – It’s always my pleasure here. I was hoping when we ask you questions if you’d elaborate. There are a couple questions that we have here. We’re going to go into some. I won’t be asking all the ones I’ve sent you but we’ve got some nice ones here. Cobra, What happens to all the souls who are trapped on the astral and etheric plane within this quarantine at the time of the event.

COBRA – When the event happens this will no longer be a quarantine. All the souls that are on the astral/etheric planes. All those souls will be contacted by spiritual guides and will make their own choices regarding their future evolution. Some of those souls might be taken to other star systems, other solar systems for further evolution. Some of those souls will stay here and some will stay here and some will chose to incarnate here after the event.

Rob – Someone said that you said only 5 or 6 people have managed to escape the quarantine of the earth since the congo invasion. Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes it is true. Yes.

Rob – We have another question here. Someone wanted to know about the Great White Brotherhood. Is that associated with the Order of the Star?

COBRA – Yes, the Great White Brotherhood is actually a name for all the ascended masters which have managed to ascend beyond the quarantine, beyond the matrix system and are enlightened beings right now. The brotherhood of the star is actually, not exactly similar, not exactly the same network or the same group but also includes some other beings of light.

Rob – Very Good. So there are multiple groups working together yet separately for the libration of the planet. Is this correct?

COBRA – Yes. They’re working in unison and coordination but they are different groups with different origins with different stories, with different vibrational frequencies and different structures.

Rob – OK. This next question about the event is what a lot of people have asked because they want to get involved. I always tell people to look within and make your own choice. But, What do the resistance life forces see as the greatest critical factors for the event to happen.

COBRA – The great factor in this process is the removal of the chimera group. This is number 1. When this is done everything will be much easier.

Rob – Is there anything that the people on the earth can do to facilitate this.

COBRA – Yes. There are many things people can do. 1. spread the truth, spread information. 2. Join the mass meditation 3. Do whatever you can in your own way, to use your own talents to assist the planetary liberation in your own way. I’m not here to tell you what exactly you need to do. You will need to go inside with your inner guidance and start taking action in your own field of expertise. For some it’s starting a blog, some it’s spreading truth, for some it’s organizing some action on the physical plane. For certain people it’s developing some certain technologies and for some it’s something else. It’s up to every individual to make those choices and take some action.

Rob – Alright. Can you tell me approximately worldwide how many public officials and governments are aware of the upcoming event. This could be behind the scene whether they are acknowledging it publicly or not.

COBRA – The majority of high level officials are aware that something is going on. They might not know or might not be open to all aspects of the change but they know for sure that something big is going to change, something big is going to happen and of course there are many agenda’s in those top levels of government. Some people belong to Jesuit agendas, some people belong to the illuminati agenda and there are many who belong to the light forces. And they all have their own perspective as to what will happen and how they are taking part in this.

Rob – Of course people want to know about the etheric plane update as far as the astral parasites go and as far as the removal of the major archons affecting humanity’s emotions. Is there still any of the astral parasites that are automatically triggered by the scalar wave still going on or are they greatly greatly reduced now and there’s not much going on.

COBRA – The main factor is the scalar network. The scalar network is operational on the plasma plane and the etheric plane. The plasma is actually a layer of creation between the physical and etheric plane which does influences both the physical plane and the etheric plane. And yes, there are still some parasites on the etheric plane that are triggering the buttons in people. Which of course, for some people it’s emotional buttons, some people they are physical buttons, the buttons are being pushed. There is much progress regarding the parasites and not so much progress yet about the scalar network. That is simply because the scalar network is tied to the exotic weapons of the chimera group.

Rob – OK. Here’s an interesting question. Where do the people from planet X come from. It’s not their origin planet. Do we know where they came from?

COBRA – Actually they came from many star systems and they had just one part of their evolution in common on planet x. All those people who originate from planet x had one thing in common – They had a great desire for the liberation of this universe regardless of their origin.

Rob – Very good. Kind of like the 144,000 then, hugh?

COBRA – It is similar, yes.

Rob – Very good. Another question I’ve received a lot of this time. I don’t know if it’s come from a blog out there. A lot of people what to know about the moon. They want a little more clarity. Is it an original satellite. What happened to it. Is it hollow. What is the story with the moon. There’s a lot of questions about that. If you can elaborate on the moon.

COBRA – I have already clarified this is one of my blog posts which was dedicated exactly to the moon question. Yes, It is a natural satellite. It is not hollow in the sense that there is empty space inside. There are cavern systems. there are tunnels inside the moon. There was quite a large reptilian presence on the moon in the past which has all been cleared. There is no negative ET bases left on the moon. There are only light bases present there.

Rob – Is it true the Germans landed on the moon in 1947.

COBRA – I can not confirm this. There was a lot of activity on the moon by the secret space program after WWII.

Rob – Yes, I have heard and seen a video that looked legitimate to me that US and Russia first landed in1962. Do you have any information on that.

COBRA – Yes, this was part of the secret space program.

Rob – OK, very good. Also the Germans of course had a base in Antarctica, Operation High-jump with Admiral Byrd. The allies tried to remove them and kind of got their butts kicked from the advanced ET technology that they had. Is that correct.

COBRA – Yes, that is correct.

Rob – When Admiral Byrd first went into inner earth he didn’t come in contact with them. He went in deeper didn’t he.

COBRA – Actually, this whole story was twisted and I would say, a large part of his story is dis-information. Things happened a little bit differently because the whole story of the polar openings is not exactly as it is presented. There are no big holes, physical holes on the poles but there are entrances into the underground cavern system. In the polar regions on both the south and north pole areas and he actually entered through one of those polar regions and he had seen many things down there.

Rob – OK, so very good. That is very interesting and new information to know. I appreciate that. Can you tell me how large these openings are. Did he fly into one?

COBRA – Actually there are a few, not many, maybe 2 or 3 that are large enough for a small aircraft to open and fly inside with caution if you know exactly how to fly.

Rob – OK. Well he was a good flyer. Here’s a good question: Has a breakaway civilization lived on Mars.

COBRA – It was part of the secret space program. Actually there was part of the break away civilization that had bases on Mars starting in the 50’s and 60’s and through 70’s and 80’s. And then there was a problem in the 90’s at the time of the Congo invasion. Because there was a huge wave of reptilian’s coming from beyond the solar system that came through a star gate on Mars. It was quite nasty out there in the late 90’s and all those bases were cleared by the resistance in the first years of this century.

Rob – OK. Can you tell me about the native martian population that lives underground. As I understand they are very benevolent. Are they astral civilization.

COBRA – There was also some physical presence, not much. Many different races. Some of them were of the light. Some of them were not. All of this is gone. Yes, there is a certain life force present on the etheric plane which is, I would say a form of angelic evolution.

Rob – Very good. That coincides with some information that I’ve received too. That’s very good to hear. At this point in time are there any negative or, I guess positive alien bases in the physical on Mars and what happened to all the earth people on there. How did they remove those earth based colonies up there. What happened to those people.

COBRA – Well, some of them went back to planet earth. Actually escaped from the light forces. Some of them were captured by the light forces. Most of them crossed over to the light side and were taken to planet X and some of them beyond the solar system. There was a small portion of them that didn’t want to accept the light and they were taken to the central sun for re-structuring.

Rob – Wow. We just had Andrew Bassagio at my conference here and – he really enthralled the people. He was detailed and very exact in his description of the Mars jump room and his experiences with Barry Soetoro and stuff. It was quite interesting. A lot of people really enjoyed that. It was kind of interesting to hear that information. Some people seem to think that the Mars program is still on-going and you are adamant and confirm from your source in the resistance and the light forces that that’s no longer going on is it.

COBRA – The break-away civilization does not have access beyond earth’s orbit. They can not access that any more.

Rob – OK. Here’s a question: are the chimera’s incarnated in humans or are they only controlling them.

COBRA – They are incarnated in human bodies, yes. What they are doing, they are using technology, they believe in this trans-humanism in of enhancing human body with electronics. They like to play with this interaction. They’re keeping their bodies with all kinds of sensors and technology. At first look they look like average human being. Of course their source is not part of humanity.

Rob – Is there any particular physical characteristic or probably just the extremely heavy vibe, hugh?

COBRA – Yes, that would be the main characteristic, yea.

Rob – Are they born of humans or are they holographically generated this particular advanced group or are they clones. What is this particular ?

COBRA – Most of them were actually projected with technology to cloned bodies in underground bases. Most of them live most of their lives in underground bases in the past.

Rob – OK. Some people are wondering why the chimera group or the cabal people don’t exit if they know the jig is up here. How come they are not exiting the planet and trying to get away.

COBRA – Because they can not. Because all the teleportation portals are closed. They would be intercepted by the light forces. If they tried to escape with an ordinary spacecraft they would be intercepted as well. They have no where to escape.

Rob – OK. Some people have asked: why didn’t they close those portals a million years ago. Why wasn’t that done at that time.

COBRA – It’s not that easy. Both the light side and the dark side has very advanced technology. Science is being developed on both sides. It’s technological war between the light and the dark and the light did not win all the battles that’s why it takes time.

Rob – OK. Let’s see: someone wants to know what role the Chinese race has played in the history of human evolution.

COBRA – They are one of the main races on the planet. They have very unique characteristics. One of those characteristics is non-expansionism. They just keep their territory and hold the vibration, to some extent successfully and some extent not successfully. The Chinese race was also infiltrated by many reptilian agents throughout the millennia. With the Jesuits in the last 500 years. It’s quite a mixed story with the Chinese.

Rob – Very good. I think that explains kind of why they’ve been peaceful. They haven’t really had that expansionism. It is actually a nice trait. They have a lot of people to control within their own situation there. Some people have wanted some clarity, they’ve been following you for a long time. I personally feel the event is a divine intervention and a divine spiritual thing. And also, You have said that the event timing is in the hands of the resistance.

COBRA – Not exactly. The resistance has some say but the final word will come from the source which has the complete overview of the situation.

Rob – Yes, You’ve talked about windows for the event as thought the astrology has an effect as well and then you’ve said that our participation is a factor and the weekly meditation’s could bring the event sooner.

COBRA – Yea. That’s true. It’s an interaction between human consciousness and the cosmos. It goes both ways. We can speed up the process and cosmic energies can speed up the process as well.

Rob – Yes, it’s an interaction of all these things that will make it happen. Someone has asked as well here in regards to the due date. Is there any possible time-line where this must take place by. Someone mentioned 2025.

COBRA – OK. I will not give any guarantee time-line for various reasons. One of the reasons I have stated many times, the cabal must not know this information.

Rob – Very good. We’ll just have to keep that. I respect that. If the cabal thinks they can run until 2025, they will do their best to do so. Here we have a couple questions and I don’t know – these seem rumors to me. I never pay attention but I’ve got a lot of requests on this. We’ve heard a lot of positive intelligence lately besides the normal names like the dinar guru, or zap or poof, or these guys. Supposedly in the main-stream media there is some positive intel that Iraq is ready to re-value their money. Is this possible? Is this what is going on.

COBRA – OK. People have the wrong perspective of this RV. People are actually trying to solve their financial situation through this. It’s not possible. First the RV is a global process. There were cases in the past when certain countries did RV their currency and this could be a good speculative investment for some . . but it will be very tricky to say that it will happen overnight or it will happen before the event. I’m not expecting. In the conditions that Iraq is right now that this thing can happen before the event. (Yea, I didn’t think so) Regardless of what people say or regardless of what is in any type of media. I don’t believe in that.

Rob – OK. So we have a situation you’ve given a wonderful update. It sounds like the only strange quark is associated with the Brookhaven labs there. Is there anything else going on there. The chimera obviously still has underground bases and chimera activities going on in other places of the world. Am I to understand that from your last post there is only 1 strangelot bomb available.

COBRA – I will not answer directly this question. There is one main stronghold of the group. There are other places where they are still present. They don’t have underground bases like they had in the past. They have some basements spaces which I wouldn’t describe as underground bases. They have very little territory underground and very little capability of movement. They have very powerful exotic weaponry which is quite dangerous if not taken care of properly. So the Light forces are progressing but they need to progress with caution.

Rob – How soon after the RV will NASARA be implemented.

COBRA – NASARA is a part of the plan after the event. Not in the original form but in an expanded form. The plan is not static. It is expanding. Originally NASARA was intended just for the United States. But we are having a planetary reset which will happen. This situation will be implemented in very different economies and different environments and this has to be taken into account. Yes, to answer your question, NASARA will be implemented.

Rob – Very good. We’ve had a lot of questions on this lately, the Scottish voting situation. People want to know was it rigged?

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Rob – Would it be successful if they were honest. Or they just rigged it to be sure.

COBRA – It was a very real possibility that Scotland would have it’s independence and that would decrease the power of the Rothschilds’ quite much and they didn’t want it.

Rob – I’ve heard form you and other very valid sources that the pole shift will not be so much of a cleansing process but will actually be a minor shift and that the hundred thousand year cycle of the pole shift is actually, is that been due to humanities consciousness necessary that the pole shift is taken place so violently in the past.

COBRA – OK. Real intel about the pole shift is still classified. I can not say anything about it. There is no danger of drastic cataclysm in the future. That’s all I can add.

Rob – Is it true that a large object triggered the last pole shift.

COBRA – No. Actually the pole shift, the last one and many of them that happened before were a result of the galactic pulse. Galactic pulse is an event that happens roughly every 25k years – as a result of increased activity of the galactic central sun. When the central sun gets active it emits all kinds of particles which usually trigger increase solar activity and of course increased activity in the environment of the sun which includes our planet.

Rob – So, other physical planets, are they also going through this drastic physical upheaval which basically destroys a civilization every 25k years.

COBRA – It does not need to destroy the civilization. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Humanity lives on this planet for millions of years. Some of those galactic core explosions are quite drastic. Not all of them are. Some of them can be quite intense. This solar system is much more dynamic than science wants to portray. There are on going changes in the solar system which are quite noticeable. For example the Jupiter great red spot(?) has changed dramatically in the last 10 years or so.

Rob – So, I guess the question is, in other areas of the galaxy there must be millions and millions of civilizations. The light forces, are they for other planets that are not negative. Are these planets aware. Are their entire populations lifted off during their possible pole shift times. Do they have science teams that are not as far along developed. What happens to these worlds, are they just plowed under and started over again.

COBRA – Galactic Confederation has technologies to protect living biospheres throughout the galaxy with their motherships. They emit certain protection fields which protect the planets and they can survive this very easily.

Rob – So these are monitored by the angelic forces and when the pole shifts are nearing these planets are openly contacted by their brotherhoods or warned or ?

COBRA – Yes, and they receive assistance and in most cases it is much easier than on this planet. People on other planets are much more open to cosmic truths and are easily guided and cooperate. It’s much easier.

Rob – OK. Here’s another question that’s asked by a lot of people. We mentioned this last time – the never ending story. How confident can we be after this last hurdle – in other words, the removal of the final top quark strangelot bomb after these are clear that we are clear and a go for the event that we will not have another impediment blocking the event from being triggered. Is the light forces and RM confident that they are on top of the situation and know all that is to be expected and will not have any more major additional issues found out of the blue.

COBRA – As much as I know this is the last thing. Of course, I don’t have all the intel in the universe. I have a lot of intel. I have very good sources but still I’m not at the top. Nobody here on the planet is. From my perspective as far as I know this is the last thing. The event will happen when the event will happen.

Rob – Right, I know. I always tell people 5 years so they’ll stop bugging me. Speaking of the galactic central sun and pole shifts and stuff. People want to know what is the story with global warming. I definitely feel that mankind is definitely having an effect on this. I’m sure that the compression breakthrough technology is also affecting our weather. Can you comment on what is going on with the warming of the planet. Will the temperature on the earth get warmer after the event.

COBRA – Actually we are not in to global warming we are actually in global cooling period. If things would be left to their own devices we would have a new ice age very soon. The light forces are balancing the climate. The main source of climate change is not humanity but the activity of the galactic central sun which changes the activity of our physical sun which of course influences is the main factor of the earth’s weather patterns. What humanity is doing is mostly poising the atmosphere and polluting the biosphere. Of course we have the cabal with their silly toys which try their weather modification. The main issue here is the activity of the galactic central sun. There are galactic forces of light which are stabilizing the weather so it will not go very drastic either way. We will not have extreme hot age and we will not have extreme ice age. We will have moderate weather. After the event the weather will stabilize because weather is also a reflection of consciousness on the planet.

Rob – Alright. thank you. During 9-11 there were many people that might have died. There are some sources saying that the galactic family removed many that day before the death experience. Do you know anything about that. Is that possible or is it true.

COBRA – I can not confirm this.

Rob – OK. Let’s see. Could you share the significance of the Magdalene mysteries in the past and now.

COBRA – Magdalene mysteries are actually part of the Goddess mystery that is closest to the mantle orientation of Christianity. Magdalene mysteries are awakening the reality of the feminine aspect in the life of Jesus because Mary Magdalene was an initiate into the mysteries of the Goddess and those people who are oriented towards that religion it is easiest for them to open to the Goddess mysteries through Mary Magdalene and her life. Of course the Archon’s have distorted her life story and her message because they wanted to suppress her message and her truth. In this time frame the Magdalene mysteries are the easiest way for most of the people to open up the presence of the goddess.

Rob – OK. Someone wants to know in regards to the resistance movement or light forces if this could be considered a form of alien intervention for the average person looking at this. Will there be resistance to the presence of E.T.’s or will the information have come gradually and calmly and slowly at the time of the event.

COBRA – I have described the process many time. At the moment of the event humans, of the surface population will distribute information through the mass media. They will receive part of that intel from the resistance agents. That’s #1. So we are not having an alien invasion. We’ve had many alien invasions in the past and no body seemed to notice. This will assistance to humanity to liberate themselves from the cabal.

Rob – OK. Will all wars stop at the time of the event.

COBRA – Actually all massive armed conflicts are orchestrated by the cabal and as the cabal is removed those conflicts will be officially ended within days. So, I will give you an example. If you have a capitulation in a country it usually takes 2 or 3 days for all conflict to settle down. This is what is going to happen. So I expect in a few days after the event all major armed conflicts will cease.

Rob – How soon after the event will people be able to go and travel and live anywhere around the world with out restrictions or boarders.

COBRA – I would say the whole process will being within the first week after the event and it will take a few months to settle everything completely It’s just a matter of logistics and infrastructure.

Rob – OK. There are many light beings incarnated in human forms. Can the creator God source also assume a human form.

COBRA – The presence of one is too vast to be incarnated in one single being.

Rob – Can you tell us about the incarnation of the master Jesus Christ.

COBRA – Can you specify a question.

Rob – I would like to know from the resistance and from your understanding about the being of Yeshua. Was this an initiate who held a higher force. What was the uniqueness of this incarnation as far as your understanding in the ascended master. He seems to be pretty much considered despite the various different teachers, there seem to be many sources indicate him as kind of like leader of the kind of like the entire galactic federation type of consciousness ensouling energies. Is that correct or can you talk about that.

COBRA – He was one of the light beings that came incarnate on this planet and he achieved his ascension in that life time and of course he was not the only one. He seems to be the most popular for various reason. He was one of many who brought light to this planet.

Rob – OK. Can you comment any more on that or it’s a big one for a lot of people.

COBRA – People need to be more specific in their questions otherwise I will not answer.

Rob – OK. It says here that you said: the star people went through a different process when they emerged from the central sun. They went through the angelic dimension and descended dimensions into physicality. This is certainly the case with Valiant Thor. People would like you to just talk a little bit more about that type of evolution of the beings who have come from the higher dimensions down.

COBRA – Actually it’s a natural way for star being to descend into physicality. There are many different forms that it can take. It can be materialization for very highly developed beings. It can be entering into a cloned body or it can be reincarnating through a birth process. So most of the star people that are physically present on this planet came through the birth process many lifetimes ago to assist in the liberation of the planet and to complete this experience, to complete this liberation process for the whole galaxy.

Rob – OK. Some people want to know: is the quarantine absolutely in place, there’s no way that the negative or dark forces or chimera can exit this planet at this time.

COBRA – They have no where to go because they would be intercepted.

Rob – OK. Someone has an interesting question here. A little seg-way here. Who was exactly Prometheus. Was it a myth or was it based on some true story.

COBRA – Basically all the greek myths are a reflection of things that happened in late Atlantean period and early post Atlantean period. They were real beings, the hero’s and Gods of the Greek mythology are actually real beings that played different roles in the history of that part of the world because Greece was once a colony of Atlantis.

Rob – OK. Someone says that in, (who I really like Gordon Duff), they seem to be definitely associated to the positive military the stuff they’re releasing. They said that people can be tracked from ingested nano technology.

COBRA – Actually this technology was quite widespread in the late 90’s and the RM has removed more than 99% of this the first years of this century. There is a little bit of this still present. It is far less than what it was 10 or 15 years ago.

Rob – They removed this from every human or?

COBRA – Yes – there was certain technology that removed this actually. There were nano particles in the air traveling around and doing nasty stuff in human bodies and human consciousness.

Rob – Some people still seem to be having some Morgellons disease. Is that from this type of technology. Is that still going on.

COBRA – As I said it is still going on to a certain extent but it is much less than it was in the past.

Rob – OK. Another person here mentioned that you said that there are no underground military bases. What about the chimera, they’re not that deep underground, is that what you meant.

COBRA – Yes – it’s like a basement of a ordinary military base. It’s not like a separate entity like area 51, like we had ___?. They do not exist any more. So for example in the area of 51 – has 4 in Nevada. On the surface there are some buildings and there are some basement areas but there are no vast multi-layered underground places. They have been cleared.

Rob – Very good. One of the questions that people have been asking in regard to the chimera is: can they come to the surface and do they interact and can they do things.

COBRA – Yes, actually they usually tend to live in the military bases and sometimes they do interact with surface population and mostly to intelligence community and Military personnel.

Rob – OK. Have you ever heard of the Scres race.

COBRA – Yes, a little bit.

Rob – OK. I’ve heard they are very powerful. So, someone wants to know. Can you talk on the Iranian scientist M Keish. I know in the past you’re stated that you are not really sure if he’s got the stuff – let’s release it. Do you have any updates on that.

COBRA – I still get the same attitude. He’s talking a lot and if he really has something, then let him show it.

Rob – Right. Can you talk about the religion of Islam and especially Mohammad. They want to know is the entire religion of Islam fabricated by the Cabal. Did Mohammad have genuine contact with the Great White Brotherhood and he was just messed around with.

COBRA – OK. It’s the same story as with every major religion. He was a person that had a mystical experience, a genuine contact with the light that was later manipulated by the Archons. All the major religions have started with genuine spiritual experience and later through the course of the history when the original prophet or visionary dies, the message gets distorted and changed and manipulated by the Archons.

Rob – OK. What kind of higher dimensional energies can penetrate the veil. Of course we know that angels and Ascended Masters are able to get through he scalar fields to assist individuals if we call upon them. Is that correct.

COBRA – Yes. They can go through the scalar fields but just to a certain degree that’s why it’s not so easy to get in contact with Ascended Masters. When the scalar grid is removed it will be much easier for those energies to come through and people will be able to feel them much more directly.

Rob – That’s mostly our limitation in our sensing them it’s not theirs. They can come down.

COBRA – It’s also their inability to penetrate this. If they would be able to handle this completely planet earth quarantine would not even be possible.

Rob – Really? That’s interesting. Are there any future plans to terraform a Mars and Venus to make them like earth at some point in the physical.

COBRA – It will not be needed because there are many planets in this galaxy that are already terraforms and there is enough living space for everybody.

Rob – A general question here in regards to the deeply religious extremist and people at the time of the event: will many of these people give up their beliefs and see a more wholesome unifying picture of the earth. Will this take a period of time. Will it be kind like an emotional death, transformation for these people. Will there be a lot of resistance to this. Of course people have free will. What is the general view from you and the GF.

COBRA – It will be very individual. Some of those people will be open to the light when it comes. They have only developed in this direction because there was not enough light present in the first place Some will be quite resistance to the change. Most will not show that resistance outwardly. Most of the extremists tend to show their true colors only in very negative environments. They are quite afraid to show who they are. So when the light comes they will acting quite normally, as polite citizens of this planet and will keep their beliefs in secret for some time and some of them will transform and some of them will open later to the healing process when they will realize that there is really something going on and the world has really changed. So there is much hope for most of them.

Rob – Right right. They’ll follow in line with the understanding as the light progresses and the truth and the love start spreading it will become natural and they’ll have to open to the truth. I’m kind of curious and people have asked this before and I decided to bring this one in this time. I’m not going to name the channel because you don’t comment on people or the channel. Can you comment on the civilization called Assasani. I believe Wendell Stevens had a book called UFO contact from Serpico which allegedly is a semi-grey planet where some earth beings actually went to live there and actually interacted with these kind of hybrid human grey beings. Is that true?

COBRA – This was one part of the, I would say, the secret space program. Yes, that civilization went through deep transformation when the light forces entered those systems which are quite close to our solar system. It’s quite a recent occasion. It was like the last 10 or 15 years. There was a great transmission of many solar systems in this section of the galaxy and most of the grey’s have crossed into the light.

Rob – Yes, they were manipulated and controlled like we were. Some people have personal questions, you don’t have to answer them but I thought people might like. What is life like for Cobra – is it hectic. Can you not wait to get off planet earth. Have humans drove you to your wits end?

COBRA – Well, you see as a public person I get all kind of responses from very positive to extremely negative ones like the human race is. It is sometimes very inspiring and sometimes it is not so inspiriting and yes, I would like to go home.

Rob – Yes. Some people want to know what is the galactic central sun. Is it really a sun or a star or is it a portal, a field of super consciousness and is it at the geometric center of the milky way of our galaxy?

COBRA – Yes, it is in the geometric center of the milky way galaxy. It is actually a living entity, a star gate, a star – it’s all of that. It’s actually an entrance into the higher dimensions beyond space and time, beyond duality. It is the entrance/exit point and this is the space where souls cross through when they start their evolution, so it’s actually an entry point of birth place for the souls and of course also the dying place for the soul who have lost their purpose in their evolution like the cabal.

Rob – OK. This is kind of to the dark shard strangelot bomb stuff I guess. Someone said you talk about the dark anomaly which exists independent from the source. It’s not part of the positive oneness where the Arch angels descended into. The question is: when the substances of the anomaly were not created by the source, how did it happen or who did it?

COBRA – It was created spontaneously. No body did it. It was created by chance.

Rob – OK. Alright another question here is: it goes back to kind of the religious change movement. People are wondering just like, if the event were to happen today, what would stop all these groups like ISIS and these people who are in the positions of war going on right now. How will they be stopped right now. You have a lot of people with guns going into certain agenda’s.

COBRA – OK. First Islamic state is a CIA/Jesuit creation and when you remove the top Jesuits and CIA Cabal agents, the leadership of that group. Most of the rest of them will go home because they are paid mercenaries. If they are not paid mercenaries, some will be arrested some will be re-educated. It will be a restructuring process. There will be agents of the positive military and of the law enforcement agency which will disarm those people.

Rob – OK. Thank you. The real just, temperance of the police force will come into action and their leaders will be removed and they’ll be literally arrested like any crazy people should be with guns threatening other people. Good.

COBRA – Yes, yes.

Rob – OK . We have a question in regards to California and it may be happening all over the world. We have a question in regards to: what is going on with the drout in California. Is this intended. Is this created. Is there anything being done to stop it.

COBRA – Well the light force is trying to balance those things but The cabal is still using the etheric technology and the scalar technology to artificially enhance the natural process. So it’s a combination of both.

Rob – OK, so it’s just something we have to live with for awhile. Obvious, I guess they’re trying to do that to create more panic and problems on the surface. Someone says they’d like to know how you view the Transcendental Meditation movement and other forms of meditation.

COBRA – Actually TM meditation is very good form of meditation but it’s not the only one. So there are actually many ways how people can meditated and connect with their own soul and their own higher self.

Rob – OK. I guess another question people have they want to know what happened at the time of the collapsing of the tunnels. How many people were in these spaces. How did they get them out. How many people died if possible. If there were large amounts we are wondering why we haven’t heard about them. Someone told me the other day there were 60K people supposedly died in an underground Denver – which was one of the first bases. I know the GFL probably would not be involved in that type of situation.

COBRA – OK. I need to explain certain things. Not all intel about this is correct which is circling around the internet. What was happening was there was intense fighting between the RM and the negative military in those bases and actually I would estimate about 10M people died in those fights.

Rob – Wow. 10M? (around 10M, yes) How many of them were Resistance forces.

COBRA – Not that many.

Rob – Wow. That is huge. That is world wide in all the various underground government bases, hugh.

COBRA – Actually most of them were reptilian forces and forces that came to the planet after the congo invasion and very small percentage of this were negative military forces from the surface.

Rob – OK. So that’s interesting. So those souls were obviously taken to the light and released after their deaths then? correct?

COBRA – Yes, and most of them did cross into the light, those who were not of the reptilian race. Those who were of the reptilian race actually, many of them did not choose the light.

Rob – How about the government aspect of these bases. Some of them went down several miles I understand and they had maybe some of these giant multi-multi-levels. What happened when those were cleared? How were they cleared. Did they just put an alarm on and have them evacuate. Was there some resistance there?

COBRA – There was severe fighting between the resistance and the negative forces which are in those bases. They were conquered layer by layer and cleared and there were actually many people held hostage in those bases and they were freed and given healing. It was not nice. It was not nice, so I’m glad this is over.

Rob – Wow – so these were humans like abducted humans who were being tortured and experimented on (Yes) and they have not been allowed to come to the surface to tell their story.

COBRA – Yes, some of those people who were rescued, some of them were returned to the surface but most of those people went into the resistance and then to other planets for healing and those that who were returned to the surface are not telling their stories.

Rob – And what about the bad guys in the NWO – what happened to them. Did any of them surrender or did a lot of them die to the bitter end.

COBRA – You need to specify, the ones who are still active now or the ones who were part of this underground complex.

Rob – Well we talked about the underground complex and underground bases. There were some prisoners there of course, I would imagine – even good E.T.’s were held prisoners there. (yes, it’s true). I’m talking about, let’s just say mis-led human forces who were part of the cabal, the nazi illuminati who were part of the security. What happened to them when the bases started being cleared below them. Did they get the message and start heading for the surface and exit.

COBRA – It depends. Some of them wanted to defend their grounds. Some of them escaped to the surface. Some of them were captured. Some of them crossed to the light. Some went to the central sun. There were many individual cases. I would say a large part of the illuminati network was cleared because of this. Not all but a substantial part of the illuminati network was cleared when the bases were cleared.

Rob – OK. Someone wants to know – are we already part of the Galactic Federation or does that have to be a formal thing that’s acknowledge by a whole society and announced.

COBRA – It has to be a conscious process. It has to go through the whole of humanity so we are not part of it yet.

Rob – Some people are noticing that the new Prime Minister Narindra Modi of India, he’s introducing somer revolutionary ideas and actions that seem to be of the light. Do you have any information about him. It’s said that he’s spent many years in the Himalayas.

COBRA – Yes, he’s part of the Eastern alliance and yes, he has contact with the light forces and yes, he is supporting the light.

Rob – Very good . I guess we go to the Anuki – a lot of people seem to talk about, James Gilliland talks about. The question here is: Does Cobra receive in your teachings that the Anuki have used the human race to extract gold 250,000 years ago.

COBRA – This comes from Zechariah Sitchen and this is not good information.

Rob – Have you ever been in contact with the council of 12.

COBRA – Yes, but the real council of 12 which is part of the Galactic Confederation.

Rob – Will the ascended master Jesus come to earth after the event.

COBRA – At a certain point, Yes.

Rob – Many people are hyper sensitive and they can physically feel the vibration of thought, actions and movements of physical and non-physical beings around them. For these sensitive people, what would be something useful for these people to do in the future, these naturally sensitive people. Do you have any guidance for these people who haven’t been trained in anything psychic or spiritual and they’re just noticing that they are extremely sensitive people. What would you recommend for these people.

COBRA – First they need to learn a technique of protection. Learn not to get involved into energies around them and stay in their own center then to spend some time in nature and of course to discover their gift because it is a gift and use it in a way that can help the liberation.

Rob – Thank you. Are we really passing through the photon belt.


Rob – The movement through the central plane that Sheldon Nidle talks about is not really accurate in your opinion then.

COBRA – This description is not accurate from scientific point of view. There are a few mistakes there. First, the central sun is not Alcione. Alcione is the central sun of the Pleiadian star system. We are not orbiting around Alcione. We are orbiting around the galactic central sun and 2nd. It’s not a photon belt it’s more of a tachyon energy wave and also high energy particles. Energy which is coming from the galactic central sun every 25k years.

Rob – OK. So our sun does not revolve around Alcione. (No, it does not.) OK. What is the 25K year cycle? We don’t circle the entire galaxy in that period do we?

COBRA – No, it is actually a cycle of 1 pulse of the galactic central sun and the procession of the earth axis entrains to that cycle.

Rob – OK. If the ascension of the planet is destined to occur only after the event, someone wants to know why you stress so much doing the weekly meditations. Another point someone has brought up to me in private is clearly there are always around the planet certainly more than 144,000 people meditating at all the time. Is it really that important that they all hold the same exact intent.

COBRA – Yes, exactly. It is very important if you want to have a great degree of cooperation and create a planetary change. You need to have a group with a same purpose doing the same thing at the same time. It’s a physical law. I did not invent it. It is simply a part of hyper dimensional physics. So that’s why it’s important to get critical mass to, shall I say, accelerate change on the planet.

Rob – OK. Very good. Do the light forces have significant technology to deactivate the black stone quark anomaly.

COBRA – I would say they are developing technology and they are making progress but they are not there yet completely.

Rob – OK. Absolutely again, are the greys and reptilians gone. There are no more abductions, both on the physical and the energetic or multi-dimensional planes energy bodies.

COBRA – There are no more abductions on the physical, but the energy planes there are still experiences people have in their dreams. I would say that is still happening.

Rob – O.k. I think that’s about an hour exactly here today. We’ve gone through all the questions. I want to thank all the people who sent me the questions. Some of you repeat questions we did not ask them. Cobra, thank you very very much for your time today. We appreciate it a lot. I thank you for getting a head set. Hopefully our wonderful sound person Ricque will be able to go through this quicker. We’ll look forward to talking to you again next month. Thank you very much and Victory to the light.

COBRA – Thank you everybody for listening and victory of the light.

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~THE PHOTON BELT UPDATE – THE HATHORS~ By annamerkaba on September 26, 2014


By annamerkaba on September 26, 2014

Greetings everyone, before I begin the channeling I would like to tell you once again of very exciting news, that we have indeed entered a photon belt. On September 22nd the following image  was posted by NASA.



The image above shows the plane of the Milky Way with x-rays indicated in blue and gamma rays indicated in purple. Read more at:

At the same time I have received an e-mail from a beautiful Light worker Luis Nunez who wrote to me saying “For some reason the thought crossed my mind yesterday, to search and see if there was a live stream of earth on real time going on at around 8:30 central European time. I found a stream from the international space station being broadcasted on Ustream and I took a couple of pictures that I’d like to share with you….People may say it’s a coincidence, but to me it was a beautiful moment…”

IMG_2767 IMG_2769IMG_2777

I have been watching the sky everyday and although my camera refuses to take a proper picture, the sky has been purple everyday at sunrise and sunset following earths entrance into the Purple Photon Belt.



After I posted this on FB I have received an overwhelming response from so many sharing what they experienced on that day and continue to experience. So as you can see we truly have, entered this beautiful corridor of light, and are riding the wave towards pure bliss assisted by all the phenomenal energies coming our way. All you need to do to experience them is to be open to these energies.

I want to remind you that our planet has JUST entered the photon belt, which means that we are going to be experiencing a rise in consciousness in stages, NOT overnight as many of you are requesting. Because once again, the reason is simple, our bodies must adjust to the new frequencies. It is the same as saying that you want to lose the extra weight that took you years and years to put on overnight! I understand your anticipation but I ask you to please be patient and gentle on yourself as you truly do need to give your mind and body to catch up to what your advanced soul is ready for.

So having shared this with all of you here is a recent channeling from our beloved Hathors who continue to walk with us to our full awakening. Please note that this is VERY LONG channeling, but offers many insights into what we are all going through and what is yet to come, giving us a glimpse of our individual and collective future. Enjoy:


“Dearly beloved children of light and dearly beloved children of love, dearly beloved children of the moon, the sun and the stars,

As you continue your journey through the photonic belt of your creator selves. As you continue your journey on Mother Ship Earth. The consciousness of your creator selves is merging the consciousness of those dwelling therein and raising the vibratory impulses of the planet, assisting it from within and sending the signal of light to without.

As the energy that you generate, fully and completely from within the heart codices of your DNA structure are sending a signal to the cosmic getaways, measuring the level of intensity, measuring the level of the structural components of your DNA and adjusting the flow of energy to earth in unison, in response to your generated field of energetic proportions.

For once again through the sacred heart space of your creator selves, you are spinning an energy field into existence, allowing it to become a force shield if you will , and a generator of energies, and collector of energies which are plummeting to the planet at the given moment in time.

For the portals that are being opened by you, the portals that are bridging the gap between the present reality of your selves and the reality that you wish to merge with, are once again generated by your very own hearts. And hence, we repeat that the activation of your internal grids is the most important step that you to take toward oneness and unity.

For only through the clearance of your own heart space, through the activation of your own heart’s DNA, and clearing out that which no longer belongs, will you be able to become that which initially you have come here to be. You will be able to take on your respective roles and assist those whom you have come here to assist.

And so, let us then explain to you in your human language for you to understand that which is occurring presently on your planet. Many of you have begun to feel the tremendous shifts taking place within your own realities. Many of you are seeing that which we have promised you that you will experience. As you are presently moving through the photon corridor of creator, and you are merging two distinct fields into one whole, two distinct fields of two distinct realities are becoming evidently more clear, separating the “good” from the “bad” and simultaneously merging it into oneness, merging it into one whole, in order to move past the paradigm of yesteryear and move into the new paradigm, the new reality of your being, the new reality of understanding and incorporating both polarities into one inevitable infinite whole.

For through the incarnation of the vehicle which you see unfold before you, through the vehicle of your creator selves you are bringing forth the necessary changes into your beings, you are bringing forth all that you are, allowing these energies to work with the encodings within the structural components of your DNA codices and bring forth the new programming with which you have been infused before being incarnated on planet earth. Bringing with you the wisdom of the ages, the technological understanding of the world that is yet to come, the emotional frequency of the unconditional love of the eternal OM.

For many of you who have awakened have not fully understood the reason for your being, for many of you are walking in the shadows of your ego selves, for many of you this phase is about to end, and new unison, a new reality to take hold of your beings.

For the reality that you are about to encompass, the reality that you are about to spin into the world in which you dwell, shall shake you to the core of your being. For all that you have believed to be of difficulty shall begin to come to you with ease, for all that you believed not to exists, shall present itself to you fully and completely.

For you shall begin serendipitously meeting those with whom you are to collaborate on various objectives set forth by your own higher consciousness, your own higher creator selves. Meeting with absolute “strangers” shall turn into magnanimous life changing events for many of you. For indeed the time has come to merge the powers of your creator selves, to merge the powers of that which you are, in order to utilize the UNITED energies in building a new foundation on planet earth.

For indeed phase one has come to completion, for indeed phase two has commenced, and as such, the new vocations, new understanding, new encounters, new realities, new experiences, are unfolding rapidly for many of you, many of you who are allowing such synchronicities to enter your psyche, many of you who are ready to take on your active roles in the game of life!

Many of you shall and will and have felt the disconnectedness from your vessels, from your very selves, as you have moved through the vortex of the full moon of yesteryear. Many have indeed shed much of their old paradigms, and allowed the energies to cleanse them and prepare them for what’s to come. Many have finally tapped into the understanding of their DNA structure, many have allowed and as they proceeded to allow, as they welcomed such experiences into their lives, many have indeed experienced oneness, many have indeed experienced their godlike selves, for indeed you are gods, for indeed is so.

And so and thus, comes a moment in time, when you are to take action, action of your respective roles, listening carefully as you are being guided to maneuver the seeming darkness of your world, for the chaos that you are experiencing is simply a recalibration of energies, for the two worlds of your divine selves are merging into one complete whole into one complete understanding of life, into one compete understanding of reality.

The reality which your human selves, have not dwelled in prior, the reality in which you shall find and are finding yourselves in, is the reality that is here to stay, the reality of love, the reality of light, the reality of unconditional co creation of eternal bliss, joy and health. Bliss joy and health of your very vehicle, joy bliss and understanding of your very soul. For you are the ones that have come to illuminate the path for those who have come before you, for you are the ones that have come to enlighten the path of your very own selves, for you are the ones that have come to enlighten the path for those that shall come after you, for you are the ones that have returned and indeed you are the ones that have never left. For you are GODS, GODS of your creator selves, gods of al that you see before you. And as such, you are to take active roles in the co creation of everything that you wish to manifest into your reality.

Many upon many ways of being shall be revealed to you in the days to come, much of the information that you are eagerly awaiting shall be brought into your psyche by your own higher selves. Much of this information is already readily available for your taking, much of said information shall magically manifest from within the space codes of your heart.

For you are the ones that shall go deep within and extract such information from your higher selves, for you must fully understand your present reality in order to comprehend your mission here on earth.

And so, we leave you with a new message of understanding, allow that which you are to shine through, doubt yourself not for you already know all that there is, allow yourself to REMEMBER that which you have come here to be, allow, and BE, in the NOW moment of time, allow and utilize the energies as they are unleashed into your world to assist you.

We the Hathors, the forefathers of your vehicles creation that you call the human bodies, are standing before you, once again in line with you energies, once again, with open arms and open heart ready to assist you, ready to guide you, ready to be guided by YOU, standing by your side, as you plunge ahead and lead humanity out of the veil of forgetfulness and onto the magic road leading them to their true magnificent selves.

WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.”


P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

David Wilcock / Gregg Presscot, M.S. – The Solar System Is Moving Into A New Area Of Vibration – – 9-18-14

Thanks to Noua Era and Higher Density Blog for bringing this to my attention. I’ve long been a fan of both David Wilcock and Gregg Braden, going back to the 90’s, and more recently, developed great respect for Gregg Prescott of Especially pertinent today at this powerful Equinox juncture, as we move deeper through the Photon Belt into higher vibration. ~PB

Higher Density Blog


by Gregg Prescott, M.S. / Editor,

According to the research of David Wilcock, there is an impending shift going on within our solar system that will give us all the opportunity to make a quantum leap in consciousness.

I was watching a “Contact In The Desert” video featuring David Wilcock and he brought up some information that is quite fascinating.

The following is an excerpt from “The Brown Notebook” which is a channeling from Walt Rogers that was done in the 1950’s.

Much of what was channeled is proving to be true in today’s society.

Man in his present state on your planet must change in order to survive. Many things will take place on this planet. Therefore man will have to change with the planet.

This solar system is moving into an area of space where the vibrations are much higher. This will cause…

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SaLuSa 20 June 2014 By Mike Quinsey


SaLuSa 20 June 2014
By Mike Quinsey

I greet you again and note that so many more of you are awakening to the increase in vibrations. They are gradually introducing you to the new levels that are being established as you enter deeper into the Photon Belt. The result is that you are experiencing heightened senses of what is going on around you, and beginning to understand the Oneness in which you exist. Gone are the times when you felt alone and isolated, and now you can appreciate and feel the higher energies that are very uplifting. Furthermore, your levels of consciousness are expanding, and with it comes a greater understanding of higher levels of existence. You are lifting up and being carried along by the higher vibrations, and those souls who have progressed at a slower rate are finding it hard to keep up. However, as we have intimated previously, there will be a dividing of the ways and that will place souls at a level that suits them to enable the continuing progress of their evolution.

The fact is Dear Ones, that where your evolution is concerned you cannot stand still. There is also a driving force within you that subconsciously seeks expression, and you will always seek higher and higher levels of consciousness. As you progress back to the Light the journey becomes much easier and your goals more clearly defined. With you are other souls that also follow the same path and you become a unit of consciousness where you all become the One, yet you retain your own level and individuality. You will always be drawn to souls who have a similar vibration to your own, making evolution a most satisfying achievement. However, at your present stage you are still so to say, finding your feet and seeking out the path that fulfils your needs. Your destiny and success are assured, but you still have a long way to go on your spiritual journey back to the Godhead.

As we see it the present time is most exciting for you as at long last you are lifting up out of the lower vibrations, having surmounted the many challenges that have faced you. It has been a journey that has at times sorely tested you, but you have a driving force with you that keeps you pushing forwards at all times. You have now reached a stage when by comparison it will become a lot easier to progress, and you will not be challenged at every turn by the lower vibrations. You will in fact notice how much easier life moves along in harmony with your desires and is more fulfilling. So you can release any attachment to the vibrations that no longer serve your purpose. From hereon you will rise up more rapidly and life will become a pleasure, providing you do not maintain your past links with situations that have proved to be of a negative nature. You are progressing to a point when you will break your associations with anything less than the Light, as they no longer serve your true purpose.

To some of you the tasks ahead may sound frightening, but bear in mind that there is always help not far away if you need assistance. Indeed, there are unlimited sources of help and there is no situation that cannot be overcome. Your progress is followed at all times by those souls that dwell in the higher dimensions, and particularly at this time because your success is also important to their evolution. Every soul has numerous helpers that cover each stage of your evolution as if you were to fail, the delay would put back their evolution, but have no fear as your future success is assured. Also do not be concerned about other souls that you may know, as all of you will find your exact level quite automatically and there cannot be any mistakes in this respect.

Every living thing whether animate or inanimate is progressing and evolving however slowly, and you are what you might say, the centre piece that is evolving very quickly. It is probably a good time to remind you that you came to Earth by dropping down through the various levels. So as you rise up again you are in fact returning to levels that you were once present in before this particular time. Life is all about experiences, and once you rise up out of the lower dimensions you will have more say in where your future incarnations take you.

Life abounds everywhere in the Universe, and whilst on Earth you have been “isolated” for your protection to prevent interference with your evolution. It is true that certain ET species have been allowed to contact you over many centuries, but their presence has been monitored and carefully followed. They have been allowed to alter your future by their actions, but only to give you experiences that have assisted your evolution. As you will learn in the not too distant future, you have in fact been held back from truly evolving by the dark Ones You have been prevented from advancing further into the true Space Age, by not being allowed to benefit from progress denied you by those who have kept it for themselves. However, once they are out of the way we can openly meet you and your evolution will take a giant step forwards.

We hope you understand the full implications of the period you are in, and if you can stand aside and let events progress as needed, you will be much better for it. Naturally some of you are unavoidably drawn into the issues of the day, and if so simply make allowances for what needs to take place to bring you fully into the New Age. Your responsibilities in the end times may be already be known to you, but if not by finding a quiet period and going “inside” yourself as you do for meditation, you should be able to come to the realisation of what it is. If not simply keep an open mind and be prepared for something new to come your way. Certainly most Lightworkers will be called upon to do their bit to bring the changes into being. Every little helps to form the larger picture which will become apparent in a relatively short time.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoy these times when we can use our influence to prepare you for the New Age that you have recently entered. You will benefit from having experienced the changes and in fact are privileged to be present on Earth at such a time. The best is still to come whilst the present period is somewhat volatile because of the changes.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.