Redefining Truth, Conspiracy and Spirituality

Redefining Truth, Conspiracy and Spirituality

Phoenix Boulay

11 hrs

I do not agree with much of what is in this article (below), although I found the term amusing. I would re-define it and say, I am a Conspirituality Therapist, I will take you to a Deep State where you will join #TheGreatAwakening -but it won’t be a sit-back-and-relax journey, it will be a seat-of-your-pants rollercoaster ride. If only I could show you, through virtual reality goggles, take you on a trip, into my world.

The person who wrote the article seems to have gotten their definition of Conspiracy Theorist from Mainstream Mockingbird Media. No critical thinking involved there! He should talk to military personnel involved in human trafficking rescues before casting aspersions on things the MSM dismissed as looney. People are SO afraid to have a conversation about things they clearly know nothing about, perhaps because they might learn something dark that will make them uncomfortable. Easier to dismiss and feel superior. Some of the things the author mentioned are complex and can’t be explained in a 30 second soundbite, which is where normal people get their information about such things. If you take everything at face value, you will have a shallow interpretation of what is actually transpiring. I would say there are a LOT of Conspiracy Theorists who utilize critical thinking, including those in the Truther and QAnon movements, which are not at all as they have been portrayed by Mockingbird Media. Trust me, I wish I could unknow some of what I’ve learned, I wish I could unsee, unhear, some of what I’ve seen, and heard. But knowing what I know compels me to act.

While it’s true that some of the spiritual communities attract misguided souls who can’t face harsh realities and want to be “saved” (by E.Ts, Sananda or whoever). Old School New Agers know we are playing the long game and we must take action and be actively involved in planetary liberation, and that it is not about “staying positive” or overnight Nirvana, it is about working in teams, personal and group intention, consciousness, awakening and participation. For example, there are also literally MILLIONS of people that participated in one of several Mass Meditations 2 weekends ago, on April 4th/5th, with the collective intent to shift the paradigm to a positive timeline and wrestle power from the dark (Controller-Dominators /Cabal/Bad Actors) to the visionaries (The Alliance/White Hats/Good Guys).

Just because the average person doesn’t see what is obvious to millions, doesn’t mean it’s not real, doesn’t make us crazy, delusional, etc. all the words slung at us. Are we always right? No, but nobody is always right, because humans have free will, thus timelines (potential futures) can shift and play out in a different trajectory. Many of the “conspiracies” turn out to be true or have truth in them. The easiest way to find out is to follow the money. But when you do research, use a different browser than Google, they censor search results. Try it, you’ll see.There is a connection to one political party’s politicians and relatives who work in media, which partly explains part of why the media is biased. I don’t mean a few people, I mean dozens and dozens. Research it. There are also puppet-masters, wealthy individuals who thrive on controlling the masses through fear, and funding chaos and disruption, often operate slush funds under the guise of charities.

It’s not my job to educate anyone, I just share things I believe are of value, and those who understand appreciate that. Yet there is nothing more irritating then when someone with limited scope and a closed mind tries to school me on their version of “reality”. I am sick of being ridiculed and made an outcast by normal people simply because I am more observant, informed and aware. I have nothing to prove, time will tell, as it often does. The shit is about to hit the fan in this country. You will be shocked when you learn some hard truths. I was, and I’m used to this stuff! You’ve been seduced by those with their own agenda, who do NOT care about you as much as they care about their own power and wealth. There is a war for your consciousness, so wake up, Neo! It’s getting late! We need to take back our sovereignty, liberate the planet (and humanity) and co-create peace on earth!

My rant above was a response to this article  on Medium, which ignores many inconvenient truths:

Thoughts about the current paradigm shift…

Thoughts about the current paradigm shift…


Hey, all…these are some of my thoughts about the current paradigm shift we are experiencing on a mass level…

While neither Boston nor the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have “SHELTER IN PLACE” orders, that could (and likely WILL) change in the very near future. Even Marshall Law. Don’t get angry or fearful, look at it as a great opportunity to get in touch with what truly matters to you, what is calling to you, and what direction you want to move in, once we are on the other side of this challenge.
We are fortunate to live in an area with so much green space around. Wednesday weather will be warm and sunny, so get out for a walk! We have Jamaica Pond, the Emerald Necklace Greenway, Arnold Arboretum, and Franklin Park surrounding our district, and Pierre Lamont Bike Path in the SW Corridor Park in the middle of JP, if you’re short on time or heading to the T. Plenty of room to walk alone or maintain a safe distance from friends. Hug a tree, and sit at the base of it. You’ll feel grounded and calm. Nature heals.
Plus we have typical New England weather extremes. SNOW, and a “wintery mix” are coming early Thursday morning! Then Friday temps soar to the 70’s with1-3″ of rain! (We need the precipitation..the crocuses are thirsty!) But in general, we’ll have seasonable early Spring weather after that. So take advantage while you can, practicing your “social distancing” method (stay 6′ to 10′ away from each other). Everything will be fine. Eventually.
It is extremely important that we all follow protocol, so we can nip this pandemic in the bud, and enjoy our Spring and Summer.
Walking outdoors is keeping me sane right now. If yoga is more your style, JP Centre Yoga is live-streaming all classes on a sliding scale donation basis, $0-$20. Gyms are closed, but even a staircase can be used for cardio. YouTube has plenty of stretching and exercise videos, and you can cast them to your TV or phone. Of course there are movies, guided meditations and hobbies that can be enjoyed at home, easing stress and giving our busy minds a break from the breaking news cycle.
Many local restaurants are making takeout and/or delivery available with reduced hours. Keep in mind, most waitstaff and bartenders, like many in the service industry and those of us working in Complementary Alternative Medicine, have little or no work at all, and thus, no real income coming in, especially those who depend on tips and some of us Independent Contractors. Check websites to see if there are funds set up that you can donate to, or perhaps buy a Gift Certificate to help keep your favorite bartender or small business entrepreneur afloat.
We are all in this together. Things might briefly get a bit worse, but they will definitely get a lot better on the other side of this.
Set your fear aside, shake your finger at it and tell it “Thank you, but you are obsolete!” Drop into your heart and count your Blessings every time you catch yourself grousing about an inconvenience. Remember how well we have it, compared to much of the world. Watch after your loved ones. These days are precious, and having time to connect with family (even if by Skype), time do those neglected projects and hobbies, time to meditate, time to read that book, time to amp up your self-care routine…all of this is a gift!
Our lives may never be the same, but then, it is through change that we grow, find clarity, become resourceful, recognize our vulnerability, demonstrate strength in adversity, and draw on our humility to persevere, survive, breakthrough, and thrive!
Breathe easy and go lightly.
Check in with each other.
Let love be your guide. ❤

I’m Not The Radical Left, I’m The Humane Middle

I believe most people are decent, and have the same aspirations, to have their basic needs met and an opportunity to thrive.

I believe none of us have all the facts, so we should not make wrong assumptions about what someone believes, nor condemn others for not thinking exactly as we do on all topics.

I believe there is a war for your consciousness, and we are living through a paradigm shift, where much previously obscured information will be unveiled, shifting each and every one of our perspectives and awakening humanity.

I believe if we tap into our innate intelligence and ancestral wisdom, humans can find creative solutions to any personal or collective challenge we face.

I believe we live in an abundant and co-creative Universe, so our intentions should be clarified and expressed with care.

I believe we should also draw on our sense of humor, and give people the benefit of the doubt.

I believe in mutual respect, and in being kind, even to people we don’t like, or who don’t like us.

I believe we must forgive ourselves for our mistakes and others for their transgressions.

I believe heart-centered navigation is imperative, for us to evolve as a species.


I don’t see eye-to-eye with all of Michael J Dalterio‘s posts, nor with the author of this piece, but this one by John Pavlovitz is a gem that I’m honored to share with you:


“Apparently, I’ve been radicalized and I wasn’t aware.

Certain people call me the “radical Left” all the time.

I never considered myself radical before.

I just thought I was normal, ordinary, usual.

I thought equity was important to everyone.

I imagined America was filled with people who took that Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness stuff seriously—for all people.

I thought the Golden Rule was actually mainstream.

Recently I took an inventory of my positions, screening for the extremism:

I believe in full LGBTQ rights.

I believe we should protect the planet.

I believe everyone deserves healthcare.

I believe all religions are equally valid.

I believe the world is bigger than America.

I believe to be “pro-life,” means to treasure all of it.

I believe whiteness isn’t superior and it is not the baseline of humanity.

I believe we are all one interdependent community.

I believe people and places are made better by diversity.

I believe people shouldn’t be forced to abide by anyone else’s religion.

I believe non-American human beings have as much value as American ones.

I believe generosity is greater than greed, compassion better than contempt, and kindness superior to derision.

I believe there is enough in this world for everyone: enough food, enough money, enough room, enough care—if we unleash our creativity and unclench our fists.

I’m not sure how these ideas became radical, though it seems to have happened in the last few years.

I grew up being taught they were just part of being a decent human being.

I grew up believing that loving my neighbor as myself, meant that I actually worked for their welfare as much as my own.

I was taught that caring for the least in the world, was the measure of my devotion to God.

I thought that inalienable rights of other people were supposed to be a priority as a decent participant in the world.

I don’t think I’m alone.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that most people reside here in this place alongside me: the desire for compassion and diversity and equality and justice; that these things aren’t fringe ideologies or extremist positions—but simply the best way to be human.

I think most people want more humanity, not less.

I think the vast middle is exhausted by the cruelty of these days.

That these aspirations seem radical to some people, is probably an alarm that they’ve moved so far into the extremes of their fortified ideological bunkers and been so poisoned by the propaganda, that normal now seems excessive, that equality now seems oppressive, that goodness feels reckless.

Maybe the problem is, these people are so filled with fear for those who are different, so conditioned to be at war with the world, so indoctrinated into a white nationalistic religion of malice—that they’ve lost sight of what being a human being looks like anymore.

I am pretty sure that I don’t represent the “radical Left,” but the vast, disparate, compassionate, humane Middle; people who are not threatened by someone else’s presence, who do not see another person’s gain as their loss, who don’t worship a Caucasian, American god.

I suppose humanity feels radical to inhumane people.

In that case, I’ll gladly be here in my extremism.”

Some thoughts on The Event…

Some thoughts on The Event…

a comment in Cobra’s blog thread by Phoenix Boulay

Nobody has the ability to “trigger The Event”. It is influenced by our co-creative power and the mass consciousness, which is always in flux. The Light Forces, Cobra, Resistance Movement, Galactic Confederation, Ascended Masters, and Source are working with Lightworkers and Lightwarriors to manifest this intention, as well as to do the groundwork necessary for safe and successful unfolding of The Event process.

The Universe knows right timing, and when the time is right, the Event will be triggered.

We’re all tired, probably Cobra more than the rest of us.  However, all the begging, whining, anger, projection, blame and wrong assumptions about who is in control and how this process transpires, only serves to keep you in an unnecessary limbo of feeling stuck, trapped and hopeless, when in Reality, the process is co-creative, so when we redirect that emotional energy to positive intention, we will more quickly influence the factors beyond our control to move in a positive direction at greater speed than when we wallow in despair.

Yes, the world and many of our individual situations are absolutely heartbreaking, and undeserved, but this is not a permanent condition.  We manifest a more positive reality by keeping the faith, by finding peace and clarity in this moment, and seeding our NOW moments with our positive intention.

Many Blessings for healing and transcendence to all. We are all in this together. As John Smallman often reminds us, Love is the only Reality, all else is illusion.

That doesn’t mean we can’t feel hurt, upset, angry, hopeless at times, but it is to remind us that despite the current state of the world, we MUST find our way back to the sanctuary of our own hearts, for infusing our intentions with LOVE and gratitude is the key to co-creating our dreams, individually and collectively.

In Lakech

Reflections on Light and Shadow

Reflections on Light and Shadow by Phoenix Boulay
| Seer, Seeker, Sayer Sage


There is a common theme in some reflections I made this evening in the form of fb comments, that were inspired by a post by Nova Biscotti, who touches on several subjects that are inter-related. I was also affected by the downturn in mood and communication breakdown between me and my mother on this traditional family holiday of Thanksgiving.


Yes I’m grateful to have my parents alive and to be able to spend time with them but good Lord hold the politics please just give me more love, some more ice cream and blueberry pie!


Nova says “Lightwarriors tend to focus more on ‘shedding light on that which is dark’, while lightworkers wish to increase the light which is already present.”


So apparently I am BOTH a Lightworker AND a Lightwarrior. An Empath, as well, which makes navigating a path of peace more challenging. I have been calm and at peace lately, but the dysfunctional family dynamic really got to me today, and did the chimera proud, alas.


Between dismissive and “I don’t care!” statements, pushing unsolicited opinions on others, cutting off any attempt at offering an enlightening perspective, my mother has done a number on me yet again. There must be reason why I was born into a family that bullied and crushed my spirit much of my life (and if I call them on it as an adult , I’m told to stop being a victim, and if I say I’m not being a victim, I am speaking up for myself, I am dismissed and told to “drop it, we’re done talking about that” (as long as they had their say).

It really pains me, but the worst part is she drags me down into this combat with her, as slings and arrows flew, which is toxic, extremely distressing, and used to break my heart. It’s all so unnecessary. I brought my best self to the table, I left hurt and angry, eschewing any further engagement of substance. I wonder how many of us tread lightly with family, talking only about the rain or the meal. Sound familiar?

I’ve seen this dynamic play out with friends and strangers. When something is unhealed in us, we tend to attract more situations and people that allow us to play out that dynamic again.

Sure, at times, I will call out those I feel need calling out, I feel a moral obligation to do so. But I don’t want to toughen up or be hard, I want peace. I want communication. I want understanding. I want to be soft and playful and free to express myself from the heart. Is that asking too much?

I beat my mother at Gin Rummy one Christmas, at game after game, though I had seldom ever played in my life. She had a fit, ending the game by throwing the cards up into the air and storming off.  And I think there’s something in there, when somebody who cannot be a gracious loser is attracted to tough bullies, someone who thinks they are going to easily solve the country’s problems.

As far as the election goes, I think the Electoral College clearly is obsolete when somebody can have over two million more votes and still lose. Something’s wrong with this picture. And of course, the party who will be in power will have no incentive to change that.

However, one of the deeper problems is election fraud, and there should be an automatic recount of every election, all facts and figures should be double-checked for it to be fair to everyone… for this is how a democracy works. There should be checks and balances in place, and clearly they are not –not anymore. Our beloved alternative candidate who stirred many hearts got left out in the cold, it was unfair to him that the questionable situation was not halted and investigated on the spot.

We’re now going into uncharted territory. We are in a paradigm shift. It’s going to shake up reality for a lot of people and there will always be something we like and something we loathe, so I think we just have to stay calm try to work towards understanding, communication and making the best of a bad situation, but also learning to tap into our creative problem-solving ability. This is because I do think we’re smart, and we humans have the ability to solve all the problems that we’ve created on this planet. This time, we need to do it from the heartspace, not the mind.

Yes I’m among those that believe our Galactic family is coming, but they’re not coming to save us, they are coming to help us save ourselves! What an amazing time to be alive!  That’s what I want to focus on.

A House of Mirrors (Phoenix Boulay) Portal People & Mind Control – The Dark Side of the Ascension Process (Denise LeFay) Manipulation Turnaround (Lisa Renee)

A House of Mirrors

It would be easy to think this article  is all about that other person, but it seems to me there is a piece of each of us in here. When you get into projection and blame, it is like being in a House of Mirrors.

I have had such a situation such as that pop up this month, and resurface this week. Mind-boggling, yes, and NOT heart-opening, it dampened my spirits and had me on edge…so I had to seek out those I was more in resonance with for healing and transcending the B.S. Besides, it was pub night for our group of friends.

In the process, I crossed paths with a friend who had once startled me to the brim of tears by reminding me who I am, because he can see me.  THAT is real, not those aspersions cast upon us. To be seen and acknowledged, what a gift to receive!

So last night, building on our past acquaintance, we made a game of the psychic sparks and playful parley, bouncing off of each other, laughing like kids, with that knowing look in our eyes. A middle aged woman and a younger gay man, each able to reflect “You GET me!” all grins and laughter in our “Ah-ha!” moments.

Ah, but back to the no-laughing-matter of dark stuff this article refers to…I can certainly relate to how being open and honest (and perhaps bluntly so) is more than some can handle without castigating the messenger for daring to speak her mind.



Portal People & Mind Control
The Dark Side of the Ascension Process
Posted by Denise LeFay

I was going to write an article about how often I’ve experienced certain people responding to something I’ve written about myself or my life that was said in complete honesty but these people see that honesty as weakness and immediately come in for the kill, come in to preach, or come in to teach me about how wrong I am and what I should do to fix whatever it was I shared. Honesty is not weakness (or lack of awareness, lack of Higher Awareness, stupidity, gullibility, confusion etc.) yet many people see it as only that when they encounter it in someone. Especially in someone that’s carrying Light, and there’s the clue.

After just reading this great blog article by Lisa Renee, I thought I’d quote it instead because it gets to the deeper, darker reasons behind these types of prevalent “attacks” more of us are experiencing. Thanks very much for it Lisa Renee.❤


June 3, 2016


Lisa Renee ES logo

Manipulation Turnaround

by Lisa Renee
May 30, 2016

‘Lately, there has been a wild increase of complex levels of psychological and emotional manipulation that is trickling down from the macrocosm into the microcosm, impacting our lives. As the collective unconscious rises to the surface, many humans remain completely unconscious while playing out destructive behaviors with little to no self–awareness. Most of us did not realize that on the Ascension path, we would need a spiritual Ph.D. in evaluating and discerning the range of ego defense mechanisms that are a result of global mind control, that take such complex forms as splitting behaviors that use many different kinds of manipulation tactics. One of the most common methods of emotional manipulation that is heightened now is the “turnaround”. Manipulation turnaround  are those situations that if you make a statement, or share certain communications, in any kind of social situation (job, business, organizations, family life, etc.) the manipulator will nitpick and comb through that statement in order to turn around the information that you have shared to be used against you in negative ways. It does not matter how kind, forthcoming or honest you were in sharing that communication, the manipulator is hell-bent to find something to use against you as a form of character assassination. This is a common form of Dark Force Manipulation, using unconscious people as dark portals to wield chaos and confusion into the environment or social setting. The Imposter Spirits are targeting many Light bearers for forms of inciting persecution complex in their social groups or perpetuating what is referred to as the Victim-Victimizer mind control. It’s a form of dark harassment in using other unconscious humans that can be easily manipulated into fear based behaviors of attacking or accusing, so that the dark forces get the weakest human in the near vicinity to carry out their dirty work. The dark forces are very clever in using strategies to manipulate the weakest link in the chain and to get that person near you, who may be emotionally troubled and unstable, to act out in a variety of ways to take out their personal issues on you, and destabilize any project or situation you may be involved with.  It’s a diversion tactic, as well as an energetic drain, dealing with the lies, hysterics, projections and accusations that generally have nothing to do with real actions and accurate facts. However, it’s a great spiritual lesson in making sure that you are as clear and impeccable with your words as possible, as we must remain accountable to all we say and do. As we hold integrity and accountability for our actions, those people that truly know us will be able to see through the masks of deception and lies that are used to confuse and distort the truth.

Due to the unconscious trauma based fears and accumulated emotional pain that exists within so many people, along with the fact that many of the current social, educational and business structures reward extremely negative behaviors, humanity has developed incredibly complex forms of ego defense mechanisms that use many forms of aggressive psychological and emotional manipulation. The promotion of the Archontic Deception Strategies to ensure that one’s social status and money remain as the reward system on the material plane, which has shaped anti-human values and influenced the deep pockets of corruption and greed that exist behind every form of social control. As a result of this rampant infiltration and social acceptance of anti-human values to rule on the earth, we have bred an entirely new kind of species of human. Humans that are conditioned from birth into childhood to become very good manipulators, developing potentially, into master manipulators in adulthood.

If you grew up as a child being manipulated by family members, manipulation may be harder to discern when it’s happening, because it feels familiar. In these situations where people are manipulated by family, while they smile and say “ I love you” at the same time masking hostility, can create very unhealthy and destructive relationships in adulthood. The manipulator may use words that are pleasant and sound reasonable, or they trigger buttons of emotional guilt or sympathy, so  that you override your instincts and don’t know how to respond. The manipulation may seem benevolent, friendly or even flattering, as if the person explains that they have your highest concern in mind, but in reality it’s to achieve an ulterior motive that really serves their needs or desires.

Master manipulators are people that do and say things in order to get whatever they want in order to feel secure or better about themselves, whenever they want it, at great cost or destruction to others.  People are conditioned early in life to build walls of inferiority or superiority complexes that sublimate all personal responsibility in their life, while they give their power away to something external, such as blaming others for their personal issues. Many times light bearers will trigger these kind of people that like to blame something or someone for their unhappiness, and we get into the cross hairs of an unhappy ego that is influenced by dark force manipulation, that wants to use our inner light as their sacrificial lamb. The ego coping mechanism of blame and projection, generally will form into consistent tactics of psychological and emotional manipulation, thus, the manipulator has no sense of accountability to how their actions directly influence others, or the larger picture. Given the interconnected nature of human consciousness, every person has an impact upon others. Manipulators tend to have pent up negative emotions and dominating egos that commonly are felt as extremely energetically draining, earning them the nickname of “emotional vampires”. We all have had those situations being in close proximity to some dominating and unhappy ego, reinforcing the boundaries of our 12D shield many times, to try to neutralize the draining and cording impacts, when in the presence of an emotional or mental vampire.

Manipulators do not take responsibility for their own actions. They are quick to turn around any situation to perceive what others may have done to them, and narrowly focus upon how they have been wronged or slighted. Many times, from their own inner unresolved pain, they make up imaginary story lines from their own obsessions and ruminations so that, they can come up with reasons to justify themselves . This story may be pathologically believed or exaggerated in its importance from their lack of clarity and discernment. Conversely, the disinformation and discredit agenda is to make the information or their target lack credibility, in order to ridicule or diminish that persons integrity and reputation. Generally, manipulators are very indirect and hide in the ambiguous confusion of the shadows, not confronting issues directly or transparently, but spreading gossip. They will not tell their human target how they really feel, but prefer to triangulate and tell other people how they feel, so that you can hear their complaints from someone else. By taking the passive-aggressive route, emotional manipulators are able to deal with things indirectly, while lurking in the gray areas, manipulating between truth and lies. Different behaviors of passive aggressive include, talking behind your back about what a bad person you are, getting others to say to you what they would not say themselves, turning the story around to suit their justification of hurt feelings to be the victim in the story, and finding subtle ways to manipulate circumstances, so that they let you know that they are unhappy with you.

Currently, there are aspects of flagrant manipulation being aggressively used in many aspects of society, to intentionally derail any forward discussion or inquiry that would expose the truth in circumstances. Derailing is to change the subject of discussion and commonly to turn it around so that the manipulator can place themselves in the role as the victim or to gain sympathy. Derailing is also effective to keep a line of discussion going, that serves the manipulators agenda to cover their tracks from lying or conveniently leaving out larger important facts. For example, a manipulator may pretend to be offended or devastated in order to stop any further conversation about their unethical or questionable actions. Also, narcissistic personalities have a hard time not being the center of attention and will act in ways to derail focus of a person, or group, in order to gain attention, accolades or approval.

Manipulators have selective memories. Those who have mastered the art of emotional manipulation are experts in justifying their actions, turning things around against you, and rationalizing situations to defend their position. Master manipulators, also known as Sociopaths, are incredibly skilled in passing off even the most ridiculous lie without giving any obvious clues that he or she is being deceitful. These kind of people are expert persuaders to the point that you begin to question your own memories and sanity. If you have communication with this kind of person,  it is best to date, document and write down all communications that have been had. Keeping a log of what he or she says is a good start to having definitive proof that he or she is lying right in your face. Sometimes you may want a witness, having another person with you when the manipulator is talking, and writing it down or recording the conversation.

It will be helpful for all of us to learn how to better handle manipulators, as there is so many of these manipulative behaviors that we encounter in our day to day life, as well as dealing with and vanquishing dark force control. The first step is to know whom and what you are really dealing with. Human manipulators and Dark Force manipulators know your triggers!  We can be informed by studying their tactics and learning their favorite weapons. We gain energetic strength to diffuse and navigate through these dark tactics by building our self-esteem and self-respect.  When we have self-esteem we are more comfortable with assert ourselves to set proper boundaries that are critical to neutralize the impact of manipulators in our lives. This is our best defense!’

(Source: Ascension Glossary – Doublespeak, Lying techniques, Emotional Manipulation and