NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your guide to planetary energies August 9 to 15, 2021 By Pam Younghans


NorthPoint Astrology Journal

Your guide to planetary energies  August 9 to 15, 2021 By Pam Younghans

Aspects of Note this Week
All times are Pacific Daylight Time. Add 7 hours for Greenwich Mean Time.

MON: Venus opposite Neptune
TUE: Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron, Mercury opposite Jupiter
WED: Mars square nodal axis, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury enters Virgo, Venus trine Pluto
THU: No major aspects
FRI: Mars quincunx Saturn
SAT: Mars sesquiquadrate Eris, Venus quincunx Jupiter, Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun quincunx Neptune
SUN: Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury square nodal axis, Venus enters Libra

THE PERSEID METEOR SHOWER is now underway. The Perseids are debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle. Every year around this time, the Earth passes near the path taken by the now-distant comet, and its debris fragments show up as meteors in our sky. 
According to, “Forecasters expect the shower to peak on the night of August 11/12, with August 12/13 a possible close second. On both dates, meteor rates could exceed 100 an hour during the dark hours before sunrise.”
If you have a tradition of wishing every time you see a “falling star,” and you live somewhere with clear skies, you’ll need to prepare a good long list of wishes this week!
THE NEXT PLUTO-ERIS SQUARE will perfect on August 27 when the two dwarf planets are at 24°40´ of Capricorn and Aries, respectively. But slow-moving Pluto and Eris are already so close to that degree, we’re feeling the square’s tension very strongly, even though the exact aspect is still three weeks away. And, this is the fourth of five exact squares in 2020-2021, which means we are also building on the energies of the three previous occurrences in 2020 (on January 26, June 14, and December 10).
One essential theme of this square seems to be about reclaiming one’s true power – but this is not power over another, nor an egoic power that cares little for the well-being of others. Those misrepresentations of power are more about control and dominance, and unabashed self-centeredness. They are simply a continuation of where we have been, not where we hopefully are going.
THE POWER we are reclaiming is that of finding a sense of purpose based on a higher vision or value that we hold dear. This power includes with it the ability to offer our gift to the world with humility and gratitude.
The square aspect means that this ultimate prize does not fall into our laps, but requires hard work (Pluto in Capricorn) and courage (Eris in Aries) as we strive to transmute the fears and doubts that have been holding us back. In the personality, these fears and doubts may manifest as a need to feel important, a desire to control or dominate, a feeling of entitlement, and the need to believe that we are somehow “better” than another. 
As mentioned before, we can learn more about the effects of the Pluto-Eris square by watching the other planets in these weeks before the main event. As the faster-moving planets interact with Pluto/Eris, they can “trigger” (activate) manifestations related to the square. Here are days and times to watch this week (based on Pacific Daylight Time):

  • Wednesday: Venus in Virgo will quincunx Eris (11:05 a.m.) and trine Pluto (3:45 p.m.)
  • Friday: the Libra Moon will oppose Eris (7:59 a.m.) and square Pluto (8:20 a.m.)
  • Saturday: Mars in Virgo will sesquiquadrate Eris (12:31 a.m.) and sesquiquadrate Pluto (7:31 a.m.)

​IN ADDITION to these triggering aspects, there is significant planetary activity nearly every day this week, so be sure to get good rest when you can! Here are the highlights, day by day:

Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune: Romantic visions or a desire to rescue another could obscure our ability to see reality clearly. We may end up feeling disillusioned if a loved one or a purchase doesn’t meet our idealistic expectations.

Mercury in Leo sesquiquadrate Chiron and opposite Jupiter: Egos can be easily bruised today. In our eagerness to be heard, we may not take the time to consider the effects of our words on others.

Mars in Virgo square the nodal axis: Instinctive reactions can interfere with our ability to speak clearly and to listen with an open mind. An unconscious need to control can lead to being overly critical and may stir anger. 
Venus in Virgo sesquiquadrate Saturn and trine Pluto: While we may have some difficulty expressing our true feelings early in the day, the desire to have a relationship that works encourages us to bare our souls, with the goal of greater honesty and intimacy.  
Mercury enters Virgo: Mercury will be in Virgo until August 30. This transit helps us pay closer attention to the details, think more practically, and plan with greater efficiency. But we may also be more impatient with stream-of-consciousness conversations that don’t seem to ever “get to the point.”

No major aspects are exact today.

Mars in Virgo quincunx Saturn: An over-perfectionism and general impatience can interfere with achieving our goals.

Mars in Virgo sesquiquadrate Eris and sesquiquadrate Pluto: Mars triggers the Pluto-Eris square throughout the day. This activation will begin earlier in the week, and will already be strong on Friday.
Venus in Virgo quincunx Jupiter: We can tend to be self-indulgent and easily irritated early in the day, if we haven’t been doing a good job with self-care this week.
Sun in Leo quincunx Neptune: We may find it hard to know what we really want and need with this aspect. Frustrations and disillusionment arise if we have been basing our well-being on what we hoped would happen, rather than on reality.

Venus in Virgo sesquiquadrate Uranus: This aspect represents a struggle between our need for independence and our ideal of what a committed relationship “should” look like.
Mercury in Virgo square the nodal axis: We can overthink or overtalk to the point of weariness with this aspect, which can lead to being overly critical of self or other.
Venus enters Libra: Venus will be in Libra until September 10. During these weeks, the need for harmony and balance becomes central to our relationship satisfaction. Beware of tipping the scales too far in an effort to keep someone happy, since codependency is a potential shadow side of Libra.

WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m excited to announce that my next webinar, entitled “The Final Ascent,” is set for Wednesday, September 8! The class will cover the rest of 2021, which will truly feel like the last stage of the difficult climb humanity has undertaken this year. During the last four months of the year, we will be working with the last Pluto-Eris square (October), two eclipses in November-December (including a Total Solar Eclipse), Jupiter’s re-entry into spiritual Pisces (December), the final Saturn-Uranus square (December), and more!

As always, you’ll receive monthly calendars for notetaking before the class airs, and the entire presentation will be recorded for replay, for those who cannot attend live.

I hope you can join us! Please check out the complete description in the right-hand column on this page. Or, just click and register HERE (

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: It’s easy to dream big this year, Leo, and your optimism and belief in yourself can take you far. But be sure to also keep a practical perspective, since dreams can sometimes be too fantastic. Be flexible enough to adjust your plans based on real-world results. When you combine realism and idealism in the right proportions, your potentials are unlimited. (Solar Return Sun opposite Jupiter, quincunx Neptune)

In peace and with gratitude,


For an audio recording and non-English versions of this Journal, please click HERE.

NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your weekly guide to planetary influences December 24 to 30, 2018 by Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your weekly guide to planetary influences December 10 to 16, 2018 by Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Journal:  Your guide to planetary energies for July 9 to 15, 2018 By Pam Younghans

Photo: A summer’s midnight in northern Denmark on July 3, 2018
(photo by Ruslan Merzlyakov, RMS Photography, posted on

NorthPoint Journal

Aspects of Note this Week
MON: Mercury square Jupiter, Venus enters Virgo
TUE: Saturn trine Ceres,Jupiter goes direct, Pluto sesquiquadrate Ceres
WED: Venus trine Uranus, Saturn trine Juno, Venus quincunx Chiron
THU: Mercury quicunx Neptune, Sun opposite Pluto, Solar Eclipse/New Moon 7:47pm PDT (2:47am GMT on Friday)
FRI: Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron, Venus trine Saturn
SAT: Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto
SUN: Mars quincunx Ceres, Uranus square Pallas Athene, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn

ECLIPSE SEASON officially begins this week — although in truth, many have already been feeling and working with the potent energies. The Solar Eclipse/New Moon on Thursday is especially transformational, due to the close opposition between the Sun/Moon in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.

Anytime Pluto is involved in a major astrological event, we can expect profound shifts. In sharp contrast to its diminutive size, the dwarf planet usually packs a punch. Reactivity is increased, secrets are exposed, motivations are revealed, and power struggles are engaged under Pluto’s heightened influence.

THIS IS ALSO the first eclipse of a new eclipse series. Eclipses occur in a pair of opposing signs for about 18 months, and then move on to the next zodiac polarity. We had our first eclipse in Leo-Aquarius in early 2017, and this week’s Solar Eclipse is our first foray into the Cancer-Capricorn series, which fully takes over in 2019.

This means that new evolutionary imperatives are being established with this week’s eclipse. Watch for signs of new themes emerging, especially in the realms ruled by Cancer: children and motherhood, women’s issues, home and domestic concerns, emotional and psychic sensitivity, protectionism, and vulnerability.

WE ARE LIKELY to feel deeply sensitive and moody around the time of the eclipse. Emotions may swell up from deep inner levels, breaking through the surface of an otherwise calm sea. We can feel a profound nostalgia or longing, especially if our lives are not currently providing the kind of nurturing and support we need to thrive.

If this happens, it is an opportunity for us to check in and ask why we are not making choices that allow greater satisfaction. We can look to Pluto in Capricorn for some clues as to the answer to that question. Are we giving away our power to our career or other responsibilities, forgetting to take time for self-nurturing? Are we trying to live up to the demands of authority figures in our lives, in ways that undermine our self-care? Or are we giving away our power in some other way, and feeling emotionally depleted as a result?

THE OMEGA/CHANDRA symbolic system for the 360 degrees of the zodiac was channeled by John Sandbach in 2005. The Chandra symbol for the location of Thursday’s Solar Eclipse is “High up on a mountain, an eagle’s nest.” And the Omega symbol reads “A man milking a poisonous snake of its venom so that he can make an antidote.”

Interestingly, Mr. Sandback explains that both of these symbols actually represent spiritually healthy ways to protect ourselves when we feel threatened. The eagle protects itself not by withdrawing, but by choosing to “view life from a higher place, seeing the whole picture more clearly, and staying above the chaos, confusion, and negativity.” And the man milking venom from the snake protects by “turning negative into positive and finding benefit in places usually thought of as offering none whatsoever.”

Perhaps this eclipse is designed to help us become aware of one very specific way many of us give away our power — by getting overwhelmed by what we perceive as bad news and allowing it to eat away at our energy and faith.

I POSTED some words of wisdom from Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farm on my Facebook page this week. It relates directly to this theme of “turning negative into positive,” so I am drawn to repeat it here:

“Just as walking in on someone in the middle of a surgery would not give us an indication of where the person is in the healing process or how things are going to turn out, the degree to which things look profoundly messy right now is not an indication that the situation is hopeless. It is a sign that we are deep into the healing, deep into the surgery.”

JUPITER GOES DIRECT on Tuesday, after traveling in reverse since March 8. Jupiter is associated with optimism and expansion, so its forward motion should help us begin to re-invigorate our belief in the future.

But, since Jupiter is in Scorpio, its shift into drive may also take us more deeply into dark landscapes where we first ventured earlier this year. Our headlights have already shone light into Scorpio’s shadowy realms of harassment and the misuse of power. And while we can conjecture about what might next be revealed once Jupiter starts moving forward, we may get more clues very soon with Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, so strongly involved in Thursday’s eclipse.

A VERY SUPPORTIVE earth grand trine occurs this week, and is a strong factor in the Solar Eclipse chart. This configuration forms a harmonious triangle between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus and Juno in Taurus, and Venus and Ceres in Virgo.

Earth signs are very grounding, and this grand trine is a true gift during this eclipse season! The stabilizing force it provides can help us maintain our centerpoint, making it more possible for us to ride the energy wave of the eclipse without losing our balance. With relationship-oriented Venus, Juno, and Ceres involved, the grand trine can also bring forward opportunities to develop and maintain mutually supportive connections with others.

We’ll need to intentionally focus on this steadying influence, though, since the prevalent influence of this week’s Solar Eclipse is otherwise unstable. Trines do not demand anything of us in exchange for their gifts, but they do require that we consciously choose to align with their energy. If and when we do, we can take advantage of the grand trine’s increased resourcefulness, insight, and inspiration, combined with a practicality that can help us start to build new, more ideal forms.​

FOUR DAYS AND COUNTING! The live broadcast of my webinar/teleclass covering the next six months is this Thursday, July 12 — the same day as our first eclipse!

Thanks to everyone who has already registered! If you still need to buy your ticket, here’s the link:

Remember that you don’t need to be present for the live presentation — everyone who registers will receive a link to the replay after the class airs.

We recorded a short BeLive this morning to talk about the class — here’s the link:

A full description of the class is in the right-hand column on this page. Hope to see you there!

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are moving through a time of deep personal change that is transforming many areas of your life. Whether you are in the beginning stages of this process or are nearing the finish line, know that you have all the power you need within you. You are on a hero’s journey, and the strength you gain along the way will energize and support you in the years to come. Take advantage of every opportunity to release the past, as this will enable you to reinvent yourself and your life in new form.

In light,

Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2018. All rights reserved.

NorthPoint Journal  Your guide to planetary energies for June 25 to July 1, 2018 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Journal

Your guide to planetary energies for
June 25 to July 1, 2018
By Pam Younghans

Aspects of Note this Week
MON: Venus square Jupiter
TUE: Mars stations retrograde
WED: Sun opposite Saturn, Venus quincunx Neptune, Full Moon 9:52pm PDT (4:52am GMT on Thursday)
THU: Venus sesquisquadrate Chiron, Mercury enters Leo
FRI: Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune
SAT: Mercury square Uranus, Mercury trine Chiron, Sun quincunx Mars
SUN: Venus quincux Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn

 this week, with Mars coming to a standstill in Aquarius on Tuesday and a powerful Full Moon occurring on Wednesday (or Thursday, depending on your time zone).Whenever a planet comes to a stop in preparation for a change of direction, its effect is heightened. With Mars’ station just two days away, we should already be seeing evidence of its increased influence — and we don’t have to look far to find people who are angry and taking action (Mars) about issues of social justice and individual liberties (Aquarius).

MARS is aligned with the fixed star 69 Aquilae when it stations, fanning the flames of passions already stirred. Roderick Kidston tells us that 69 Aquilae “is one of the genuinely strong power stars, giving tremendous tenacity of purpose and ambition.”

Since this alignment christens the retrograde period of Mars, we can expect the fighting spirit to be especially strong throughout the planet’s backward-motion phase (June 26 through August 27). This correlates with the fact that while Mars is retrograde, it will be in its closest proximity to the Earth since 2003, thus having a greater impact on our experience.

SIMILAR CAUTIONS apply to a Mars retrograde period that we usually consider with Mercury retrograde, but with Mars, they more specifically relate to how we take physical action. Under Mars retrograde, astrologer Bil Tierney advises us to:

“… reflect back upon previous actions and re-channel our efforts in a manner that can present us with new ways of mobilizing our vital forces. Frictional experiences at this time are telling us that we have not aligned our energies properly, and that we need to direct our physical attention to what we have formerly neglected, or failed to carry through to completion.”

IT APPEARS we have an interesting dynamic unfolding. On the one hand, with Mars so close to the Earth, we are more highly energized, more restless, and perhaps more likely to become provoked into action over the next two months. On the other hand, with Mars retrograde during this time, we are advised not to take action on new enterprises, since we are likely to encounter frustrating delays and obstacles.

What to do! More advice from Mr. Tierney:

“This phase is excellent for initiating the planning stage of any important project, or going back and reworking previously initiated projects, finally finishing matters of the past.” By waiting until Mars is again moving forward before starting new projects, “we are more likely to have considered the more subtle actions required to ensure a more successful outcome.”

JUNE’S FULL MOON occurs at 6°28′ Capricorn on Wednesday at 9:52 p.m. PDT (Thursday at 4:52 a.m. GMT). This one is another significant lunation, being within one degree of Saturn and in square angle to Chiron. This Full Moon activates our awareness of the wounds that are sustained by individuals when authority figures are blind to the needs of those they govern.

But the Sabian symbol for the degree of the Full Moon gives us hope that current events are creating a wave of energy and response that will eventually have positive impact:

“A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god: The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent will and truth determining future action.”

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar, in his interpretation of this symbol, explains that it represents an opportunity for a powerful change of direction:

“… the future interacts with the present to release it from the inertial power of the past. At the threshold of tomorrow, [we are] allowed to have a vision or revelation of the essential elements of the as-yet-unknown next step in evolution.”

THIS FULL MOON is also pivotal because it precedes the Solar Eclipse on July 12, representing a time when a course change can make a significant difference in how our upcoming eclipse season unfolds.

Luna’s alignment with Saturn means that this Full Moon will shine the bright light of reality in some area of our lives. It will be up to each of us to observe the events that unfold this week and take personal responsibility for changing that which is within our power to change — even if that change is “merely” a shift in attitude or perspective.

MERCURY enters expressive Leo on Thursday, perhaps giving a green light to one of the “veiled prophets” who will reveal truth and help us make a necessary course correction. The potential for us to receive new information and insights increases on Saturday, when Mercury is in aspect to both Uranus and Chiron.

With Mercury in square aspect to Uranus, the news is either unexpected or takes some time getting used to, since it requires us to interrupt a fixed way of thinking. But, with Mercury also trine Chiron, healing can occur if we open our minds to new creative options and have the courage to move beyond where we’ve been stuck.

NOTE: Please see right-hand column on this page for news about my upcoming teleclass! Hope you can join us!

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are currently in a phase that requires you to realistically assess your current situation and to come to terms with how well it is satisfying your needs for personal fulfillment. This phase will last until November or December, at which time you will have the clarity you need for making important decisions. As you move through this time of assessment, your intuition is heightened, helping you know your truth. Pay close attention to your digestion and how your stomach feels — this is your guidance, for you will feel discomfort here if you are making choices that do not truly support you.

In light,

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NorthPoint Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for June 11 to 17, 2018 By Pam Younghans


Photo: “Old Moon in the New Moon’s Arms” (photo by Yuri
Beletsky of the Carnegie Las Campanas Observatory, TWAN,
posted on

NorthPoint Journal
Your guide to planetary energies for

By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects this Week

MON: Sun quincunx Pluto
TUE: Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury enters Cancer
WED: Mercury sextile Uranus, New Moon 12:43 pm PDT (7:43 pm GMT), Mercury square Chiron, Venus enters Leo
THU: Sun sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus square Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune
FRI: Venus trine Chiron, Mercury opposite Saturn
SAT: Uranus semisquare Neptune, Mercury quincunx Mars

THE AIR is ubiquitous and contradictory. It is everywhere, but due to its invisibility, we rarely ponder its presence. It can be hot or cold, pristine or polluted. Even when it seems still, it is constantly moving — but unless we are a dog who can track scent, we are unlikely to catch its subtle flow. It is essential to our very existence, but we usually take it for granted.

Our thoughts are similar to air — ongoing and yet changing from moment to moment. Invisible but all-pervasive. Pure and uplifting or dark and polluted. And, unless we practice mindfulness, we are usually unconscious of our train of thought, letting it move at random from one track to another.

WE HAVE A NEW MOON on Wednesday of this coming week. It occurs at 22°44′ Gemini, and perfects at 12:43 p.m. PDT (7:43 p.m. GMT). Gemini is an air sign, ruling our thoughts and ideas and our ability to communicate same. A New Moon in Gemini is a time to consider how we want to direct our thinking process rather than passively allowing our minds to dictate our flow of consciousness.

Our thoughts are the doorway to our emotions. As we go through life, we consider our experiences as good or bad, happy or sad, joyful or depressing, and of course all variations in between those extremes. Our feelings, then, are strongly affected by how we choose to think and what we choose to think about. If our minds are intact and healthy, the choice is truly ours, even though at times we all feel under the control of our thoughts.

THIS CONNECTION between thoughts and emotions will be even more apparent starting this week, due to Mercury entering sensitive Cancer on Tuesday. Mercury represents our thinking capacity; with the planet in Cancer until June 28, our thoughts will more naturally turn to those issues that provoke an emotional response throughout the next couple of weeks.

In the positive, Mercury in Cancer increases our capacity for empathy and for communicating in a caring way. As we hear information, we open our hearts and allow ourselves to feel what another feels. But, in the negative, Mercury in Cancer can increase our sense of vulnerability, so that we more easily become defensive and may shift quickly into fight-or-flight mode.

MERCURY is the planetary “ruler” of Gemini and so has a significant role in the lunar cycle that begins with Wednesday’s New Moon in Gemini. At the time of the lunation, we find Mercury involved in a tense t-square configuration, being very closely square Chiron in Aries, and opposing Saturn in Capricorn.

According to astrologer Bil Tierney, a cardinal t-square such as this propels us into “activities that require much aggression, courage, straightforwardness, and active personal effort.” The t-square requires that we “develop greater self-discipline, inner timing, outer patience, and a general sense of thoroughness and organization” if we are to succeed in our ventures.

These lessons will be strong this week — especially on Wednesday and Friday, when Mercury is in exact aspect with Chiron and Saturn, respectively. If we follow Mr. Tierney’s advice to “consciously analyze our impulses to see if they actually help us move ahead toward the realistic attainment of our goals,” we can channel this energy into tangible accomplishment.

THE MESSENGER PLANET is also “out of bounds” right now, which means it is traveling outside the plane of the Earth’s orbit. When Mercury is out of bounds, we have the opportunity to stretch our minds beyond their usual confines, and to be open to alternative views and ideas.

But, as Emily Trinkaus writes in the current issue of The Mountain Astrologer, Mercury being out of bounds and ruling the New Moon “could also bring in a ‘wild card’ kind of energy — unexpected or over-the-top communications and connections.”

Astrologer Pamela Welch wrote that “people with an out-of-bounds planet tend to know no boundaries and accept no limits. However, an out-of-bounds planet can also be negatively expressed, leading to abnormal or unstable behavior which is outside the accepted standards of society. Its energy can indicate a tendency toward mental imbalance or at the very least create a lot of pressure and stress in an individual’s life.” 

As an example of how an out-of-bounds Mercury can play out in life, radio talk-show host Howard Stern, who loves to shock his audience, has Mercury out of bounds in his birth chart. Mercury was also out of bounds at the time that Donald Trump was born.

WEDNESDAY’S NEW MOON is aligned with the fixed star El Nath, which has a reputation of being aggressive and quarrelsome. Roderick Kidston tells us that El Nath is “a star for warriors (spiritual as well as literal), for activists and advocates and sometimes for agitators.”

But there are positive potentials in all this energy:

“When El Nath is working well, it seems to bestow vigour and strength, along with the opportunity to gain from talent and generally get on well in life. [The key is] to keep your focus and don’t get too carried away, either by excessive, unfocused enthusiasm or by complacency.”

URANUS AND NEPTUNE are exactly semisquare for the third time this Saturday. This is a long-term influence, with the first two exact aspects occurring in August and October 2017, and the fifth and final aspect occurring in May 2019.

Uranus and Neptune were aligned from 1991 through 1993, and this semisquare marks their first challenging aspect since then. ­­­­­­­Many of us experienced major changes during those years; Uranus implies that it was a radical or unexpected change, and Neptune indicates there was some disillusionment or denial involved.

With these two transpersonal planets now semisquare, it’s time to reassess where we are with respect to those changes. As we understand the deeper implications and higher purposes of what occurred, we can move beyond any lingering attachment to the events. This opens us to new potentials in our growth in consciousness and in our spiritual awareness.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! My next teleclass, covering July through December 2018, is set for eclipse day, Thursday, July 12! The working title is “Entering the Chasm,” and I’ll be including more details in next week’s Journal. I hope you can join us, either live or in replay!

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: As a Gemini, you are very aware that the mind can be either a life-enhancing tool or a liability. This year brings you an even greater appreciation of that truth, along with opportunities to construct new thoughtforms — not through self-denial or harshness, but through a combination of self-care and objectivity. As you maintain that centerpoint of calm balance, you are able to successfully navigate your way into new experiences that invigorate and enliven your life.

In light,

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NorthPoint Journal - Your guide to planetary energies for April 30 to May 6, 2018 By Pam Younghans


Photo: A sculpture of the Earth Goddess Ceres
created in wheat by artist Kari Serrao


NorthPoint Journal – Your guide to planetary energies for April 30 to May 6, 2018

Highlighted Aspects This Week
MON: Ceres conjunct North Node, Sun square Nodes, Sun square Ceres
TUE: Mars square Eris, Venus sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus quincunx Saturn
THU: Venus sextile Ceres
SAT: Mercury quincunx Jupiter

SUN: Sun semisquare Chiron, Sun sextile Neptune, Venus semisquare Uranus


THE MOON’S North Node is a magnetic point in space that draws us toward our higher destiny. In our birth charts, its sign, house, and aspects reveal a key growth path that our individual souls have chosen this lifetime, as well as how we might resist or assist that intended progress. By its present-day sign location, the North Node discloses similar themes, but related to the evolutionary imperatives currently pulling on humanity.

Collectively, we’ve been working with the North Node in Leo for about a year now, following its trail as it leads us into new forms of leadership, creative involvement, and belonging. Along the way, we are meant to be leaving behind negative qualities associated with the South Node in Aquarius — namely, detachment, alienation, and rebelliousness for the sake of its impact rather than because of its authenticity.



THIS CALL to our next evolutionary step is being highlighted this coming week. On Monday, the dwarf planet Ceres aligns with the North Node in Leo, and both square the Sun in Taurus.


Ceres (Demeter to the Greeks) was the Roman Earth Goddess, and represents the Mother archetype. She rules over the seasons and agriculture, nutrition and digestion, nurturing professions, family relationships, and death and dying. Leo is the sign of the Lion — both the cowardly lion who roars to intimidate and the compassionate lion who rules from the heart.


This Monday marks the third time that Ceres and the North Node have aligned — the first time was on December 10 and the second was on January 7. Over the last five months, the cosmos have been activating a shift in our understanding of what we need and want in those who we call leaders. We are beginning to give less credence to the lions who roar and are opening our eyes to see the value of other, more heart-centered options.



THROUGHOUT THIS TIME, the vital role of the feminine in leadership has been becoming more and more apparent. Record numbers of women are becoming activists, whether through taking part in marches and protests, by campaigning for political office, or by making their powerful voices heard in other ways.


With the goal of finding inner peace firmly in its sights, the Sun in Taurus can be overly cautious in its choices, and reticent to take the kinds of risks called for by the North Node in Leo. As the Sun squares Ceres and the North Node this week, we are challenged to move beyond the familiar and comfortable routines that have kept life simple but also interfered with our progress.


THESE ASPECTS might spur some to take make obvious changes in their trajectory this week. Perhaps a significant person will throw their hat in the political ring or otherwise accept the mantle of the Lion in a new and very public way. But for most of us, this week’s influences will work on a more private level, in ways that we may only share with a close friend or trusted confidant.


If we’ve allowed ourselves the time to reflect over the past few days, we’ve hopefully been able to take advantage of the revelatory nature of today’s Scorpio Full Moon. Through that process of self-exploration, we’ve seen more clearly some of the ways in which we’ve been giving away our power.


Now, with the Ceres-North Node alignment in effect, we are challenged to rise above the fears that have been keeping us small. As we choose to stand tall and no longer cower in the shadows of our own fears, we receive the empowering gifts of greater self-esteem and self-appreciation — the signs of a healthy, happy, and more fully conscious Ceres in Leo.


VENUS is a bit on edge early in the week, as she finds herself in disagreement with both Mars and Saturn on Tuesday. Venus has jurisdiction over relationships, financial and material holdings, and values, so we can expect to meet with some minor frustrations in one or more of these areas. Perhaps if we are standing tall in a new way, some who have been used to our living at half-mast will resist the change in our demeanor.
By Thursday, however, a harmonious sextile between Venus and Ceres is more supportive of loving communication. As we open our hearts and our minds, being present in the moment, we can more readily both give and receive nurturing.

NEXT WEEKEND is a grab bag of energies. With the Sun in hard aspect to Chiron, and Mercury in hard aspect to Jupiter, we may start off feeling irritable and untethered. But the Sun will also be in easy aspect to Neptune — so if we can take a pause and breathe calmly, tapping into our higher nature, we should very shortly start to feel lighter, with greater ability to let go of our worries and release anger.


Next Sunday evening feels more confrontational, due to a power struggle that often manifests when Mercury and Pluto are in hard aspect (a Mercury-Pluto square perfects very early on Monday morning, May 7). Our saving grace comes from the grounding and releasing techniques we practiced earlier in the day. Through allowing defensiveness to soften and by calling on the consciousness of our Divine Self, we can more successfully approach all interactions from a place of confidence and inner peace.


IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year compels you to consider profound questions about how you give and receive nurturing. Many people experience a conflict between meeting the needs of others and taking care of oneself, and this is a theme that is likely to come forward now. We all need to feel appreciated and supported — if you do not, explore the reasons why. Do you not feel you deserve these things? Do people in your life not know how to nurture and support you? If not, how can you express your needs from a place of Taurean inner calm, letting go of the need to defend or explain? Be aware of any lack of self-worth that causes you to over-give, to reject nurturing offered by others, or even to be overly attached to having a certain type of support be expressed by a specific person in your life. As you gain inner clarity and focus on self-acceptance, any imbalance of giving and receiving in your life can ease, opening new paths to fulfillment in your personal relationships.


In light,
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Photo: A sculpture of the Earth Goddess Ceres created in wheat by artist Kari Serrao

NorthPoint Journal:  Your guide to planetary energies for December 18 to 24, 2017 By Pam Younghans

Geminid meteor shower over Oarai Isosaki-jinja Shrine in Ibaraki, Japan,
on December 14, 2017 (photo by Kagaya, posted on

NorthPoint Journal

Highlighted Aspects this Week
TUE: Mars quintile Pluto, Saturn enters Capricorn
WED: Venus square Chiron, Venus trine Uranus
THU:  Sun enters Capricorn/Solstice (8:27 a.m. PST, 4:27 p.m. GMT), Sun semisquare Jupiter, Sun conjunct Saturn
FRI: Jupiter semisquare Saturn, Mercury goes direct
SUN: Mars sesquiquadrate Chiron, Jupiter square Nodes, Venus enters Capricorn

 is one of the languages of Spirit. If you’ve been reading this Journal for the past few weeks, you’re aware of how Mercury and Saturn have been aligned with the Galactic Center (GC), the enormous black hole around which our universe orbits. And, as I write this week’s issue, the New Moon, which will also be aligned with the GC, is just hours away (Sunday, December 17 at 10:30 p.m. PST).

About two weeks ago, close to the time when the exact alignment between Mercury, Saturn, and the GC occurred, I opened a closet to put away some towels. Looking down to a lower shelf, I saw a book that I hadn’t read in years. I picked it up, deciding I would glance through it again when the time presented itself.

Since then, I’ve used the book a few times for “book scrying” — opening it up at random to see what message it might provide for me for that day. Earlier this week, it definitely caught my attention when I opened to a page and the words “Galactic Center” jumped out at me.

THE BOOK, entitled Reach for Us, is a compilation of channeled information, received from many sources by Dr. Dorothy Roeder. The page I opened to explains that by linking with the energies of the GC, we can access information on many diverse issues — esoteric matters such as spiritual growth, balancing the emotional body, and communicating more clearly with aspects of our soul, but also ideas for very concrete inventions such as environmentally safe power sources, new healing techniques, and new methods of food production.

A brief visualization for connecting with the GC is also provided, which we may want to use both at the time of the New Moon tonight and throughout the upcoming lunar cycle:

“A regular program of attunement will be all that is necessary for you to make this connection. For a start, simply visualize a point directly overhead, and send a stream of golden light from the center of your head up to that point and realize that it is the Galactic Center. This initiates an energy flow that connects you with us.”

As with all things, intention is everything. If we intend to connect with this energy and information source, we will do so. Repeat practice of this visualization will of course increase our skill at connecting. It also makes sense that our attunement will be enhanced if we do this practice at this time of planetary alignment with the GC.

A POWERFUL START to the week! And the New Moon is just one of the major events occurring over the next seven days.

On Tuesday, Saturn enters Capricorn for the first time in 27 years. Until late 2020, Saturn will be focusing our lessons in areas ruled by Capricorn: ambitions, career goals, reputations, authority figures, chief executives, governments, and social structures and policies. Since Saturn is a karmic planet, we will be seeing the results of the ways in which we have individually or as a populace given away our authority to others. Saturn will, in true Dr. Phil fashion, be continually asking us, “How’s that working for you?” and requiring us to take charge of our own destinies.

The last time Saturn was in Capricorn, from 1988 to 1991, notable events included the fall of the Berlin Wall, the dismantling of the Soviet Union, pro-democracy rallies in Tiananmen Square, F.W. de Klerk’s pledge to phase out apartheid at his swearing in as president of South Africa, and the World Health Organization’s decision to remove homosexuality from its list of “diseases.”

ALTHOUGH Wednesday’s planetary aspects do not qualify as “major” events, we’ll be paying close attention to either our relationship or financial well-being on that day. Venus’ hard aspect to Chiron indicates feeling deflated, not having enough to give even if we want to be generous of heart or pocketbook. But the Venus-Uranus trine can turn things around, helping us be OK with who we are and enabling us to offer the same acceptance to others, who may or may not be meeting our expectations.

THURSDAY is another headline day. The Sun enters Capricorn at 8:27 a.m. PST (4:27 p.m. GMT), marking the Solstice — the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern realms.

The chart drawn for the moment of Solstice is said to provide insights into events over the next three months. Many elements of the Solstice chart are significant:

  • A serious Sun-Saturn alignment in Capricorn indicates a focus on work and what we want to accomplish, and that we will need to apply discipline to achieve our goals.
  • A creative Uranus-Pallas Athene conjunction in Aries promotes groundbreaking ideas, insights, and visions, and emphasizes social reform and human rights.
  • A profound Jupiter-Vesta alignment in Scorpio represents a dedication to the pursuit of truth and enhances our ability to concentrate our efforts on whatever we feel most passionate about.
  • A challenging Moon-Mars square indicates emotional intensity and conflict.
  • A foggy Neptune-Mercury square means we are letting go of old beliefs and softening rhetoric, but we will also need to be cautious about what and who we believe.
  • A sensitizing Venus-Chiron square tells us that it is time to heal wounds of victimization and distrust.

All the more reason to activate our alignment with the Galactic Center and use all of the tools in our toolbox to enhance our connection with our Divine Self!

TWO EVENTS on Friday are also significant — Jupiter is semisquare Saturn and Mercury stations direct. The Jupiter-Saturn aspect represents frustrations as our ideals meet with obstacles and delays, but is an important step in understanding current realities and what needs to happen if we are to make progress.

Mercury has been retrograde (appearing to move backward) since December 2, giving us the past three weeks to stand back from life and become an observer of the mind. Old fears and judgmental tendencies have come forward (Mercury conjunct Saturn), so our challenge has been not to allow those mindsets to derail us, but to find ways to broaden our perspective and access the higher wisdom that outranks the lower mind. 

One last note — Jupiter is square the Moon’s Nodes on Sunday, so beware of those divisive beliefs and conspiracy theories that breed fear and distrust. Remember that the North Node is now in Leo, so our higher evolutionary path is about building heart-centered belonging, and that we are moving away from the need to be separated by ideas or ideologies.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This is a profound year for you, when you take stock of your priorities, discard what no longer works, and set your sights on your next mountaintop. Great creativity is possible, as long as you listen to your insights and follow your inspiration. Although you might be tempted to withdraw from too much social interaction, supportive relationships are very important now, so be sure to honor and appreciate those who stand by your side.

In peace,


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NorthPoint Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for November 6 to 12, 2017 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Journal

By Pam Younghans


Highlighted Aspects this Week
TUE: Mercury semisquare Pluto, Venus enters Scorpio, Uranus opposite Vesta
WED: Venus opposite Pallas Athene
THU: Sun sextile Pluto, Mars quincunx Neptune
FRI: Last Quarter Moon 12:36pm PST (8:36pm GMT)
SAT: Saturn trine Uranus, Sun square Nodes, Pluto conjunct Juno
SUN: Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus


IN THE MIDST of such challenging times for many, we note with gratitude that the main aspect in effect this week is a harmonious one. Last week, we had the final test of the demanding Saturn-Chiron square; this week, we ride the last wave of opportunity represented by a favorable Saturn-Uranus trine aspect.

Because of the periodic retrograde motion of the planets, they can go in and out of exact aspect three times or more. This Saturn-Uranus aspect first occurred on December 24, 2016, and then repeated on May 18 of this year. We see certain developments now occurring in our shared social and political landscape that had their beginnings last December, and then went through “phase two” of their process in May — but what do those time frames mean to you personally?

Was there a process or project that began for you about a year ago, that has taken its time in coming to fruition? As you look back at the spring, do you see ways that you took important steps to enable the process to continue to unfold? As you consider the present, what are the potentials that are finally ready to blossom? And are you ready for the changes these new developments will require you to make?

WITH THE THIRD and final exact trine, exact on Saturday, the time is ripe for the quantum leap that will help us break free from restrictions and create improved structures in our lives.

Perhaps with the clarity that this aspect provides, we will finally be able to untangle some of the knots of confusion that have held us back. It’s true that the final Saturn-Chiron square was only last week, so certain obstacles may still take a while to be dismantled. But Uranus, especially, likes to surprise us — so perhaps this week we will see more progress than we might have expected.

ON A SMALLER SCALE — in other words, as we consider the aspects that are in effect for only days or weeks instead of for a year — this week we see an increased emphasis on the Scorpio/Pluto themes of secrets being revealed and truths being uncovered. 

The two most significant planetary events in this regard occur on Tuesday. A hard aspect between Mercury and Pluto indicates tension and increased suspicions and resentments. This aspect encourages us to look beneath the surface of any information we might receive, but we must also watch the tendency to see conspiracy behind every corner.

ALSO ON TUESDAY, Venus begins her annual four-week trek through Scorpio, joining the Sun and Jupiter already in the sign. This transit intensifies our attachments to those things we might want to “possess” — whether the objects of our desires be people or things. Emotions such as jealousy and envy, and our need to control or manipulate may increase. We feel strong loyalty to whatever we have given our heart to, and require the same in return.

These themes are reinforced on Friday, when Pluto aligns with the asteroid Juno, known as “the marriage asteroid.” This can be a make-or-break time for committed relationships, as it will be very difficult to hide our true feelings. These energies may play out in our personal liaisons, or in business-type partnerships.

The primary note here is that an alignment between planets indicates that one cycle is ending and a new one is beginning. With Pluto involved, we are going through a deep transformation and awakening to our true needs in partnership. Any changes that occur under this influence are making way for better manifestations in the future.

One additional Pluto aspect this week that I need to mention —  Sun-Pluto sextile that occurs on Thursday. This is a subtle but positive influence that will help us make the necessary transitions without too much resistance.

THE LAST QUARTER MOON occurs at 18°38′ Leo at 12:36 p.m. PST (8:36 p.m. GMT) on Friday. Given the polarization that occurred with last week’s Full Moon in Taurus, we’ll want to carefully watch events that unfold at the end of this coming week.

The Last Quarter Moon is said to mark a time of adjustment and transition, when we come to terms with the realization that old systems and values are no longer viable. It is a time of letting go of old forms so that we can begin the new lunar cycle on November 18 with a clean slate. 

And that will be a powerful New Moon, with the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Vesta all in Scorpio! And also potentially very healing, since the Sun and Moon are trine Chiron in Pisces.

Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. A week at a time! More on that New Moon in next week’s Journal.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are coming to terms with what you most desire in life, as well as what you must release to provide space for the new to grow. Be sure to acknowledge your need for creativity and expansion, especially if your life has been seeming too contained or dark. Realize that with endings there are always beginnings, just as the night always gives way to the light of dawn. Do your best to focus on that light, as it will guide you and ease your load.

In peace,


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NorthPoint Journal  Your guide to planetary energies for September 11 to 17, 2017 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Journal

Highlighted Aspects this Week

TUE: Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus trine Saturn
WED: Sun square Saturn
THU: Venus conjunct North Node
FRI: Venus sextile Jupiter
SAT: Mercury conjunct Mars
SUN: Venus quincunx Chiron, Neptune sesquiquadrate Ceres, Saturn biquintile Ceres, Uranus square Ceres, Venus trine Uranus

THE ENERGY WAVE that was initiated by the recent eclipse continues to crest, washing over us and transforming our lives. Although the solar eclipse was seen in totality only in the United States, its effects are clearly being felt worldwide.

The magnitude of current natural events on the planet, and their impact on all of Earth’s inhabitants, is overwhelming. Hurricane Harvey in the U.S., the devastating monsoon floods in South Asia, the high-magnitude earthquake in Mexico, and now hurricane Irma heading north after pummeling island nations in the Caribbean, have all occurred within the lunar cycle that began on August 21.

THE DWARF PLANET CERES was involved in a powerful cardinal grand cross at the time of the eclipse. Ceres represents our need to nurture and protect, and when under stress can manifest as challenges that have the ability to transform the emotional foundation of our lives. With Ceres in security-minded Cancer, the homeland, homes, families, and possessions can become the avenue through which change sweeps.

Ceres has been under continued pressure since the eclipse, when she was in exact opposition to cathartic Pluto. Since then, the dwarf planet has endured challenges from the other planets involved in the grand cross. Ceres finally completes the trials represented by the configuration when she forms a hard aspect to Uranus next Sunday.

Hopefully, as Ceres starts to move out of range of the grand cross planets next week, we also can move out of crisis mode and begin to put our energy into the healing and rebuilding process.

THE OTHER PLANETS also add their voices to the process this week. On Tuesday, a hard Mercury-Pluto aspect brings conflicts out into the open, but an easy Venus-Saturn aspect can help us maintain a sense of stability in the relationships that truly matter.

By Wednesday, we become much more realistic about what we can and cannot accomplish (Sun square Saturn). We’ll need to be careful not to become discouraged, but to interpret any setbacks as an opportunity to know what isn’t working. Once we clearly see the weaknesses in the systems that have failed, we can create stronger structures and make better choices going forward.

NEXT SATURDAY is the third Mercury-Mars conjunction of the current season — a rare occurrence made possible by Mercury’s retrograde phase. The first alignment between the two planets was in watery Cancer on June 28 and the second was in fiery Leo on September 3. This final alignment on September 16 is in down-to-earth Virgo.

While these two planets cross paths every year, their rendezvous this year is especially significant — not only because it’s occurring three times, but because they have tangoed together back and forth across the eclipse degree and seem to be strongly involved in manifestations related to the eclipse themes.

Mercury is the Messenger Planet, representing communication, planning, information, and short-distance journeys. Mars, named for the Roman god of war, symbolizes themes of action, desire, assertiveness, anger, and confrontation. We’ve seen more than our fair share of defensive and dramatic verbal posturing over these past three months. Perhaps as Mercury and Mars make their final alignment in pragmatic Virgo, we can shift course and focus on accomplishing the tasks that will make a real and positive difference in the world.

FIXED STAR NOTE: Jupiter is aligned with two fixed stars this week — Spica and Arcturus. Both of these stars are said to bring fortunate circumstances, but this does not mean we should just sit back and wait for gold to rain from the sky.

As astrologer Roderick Kidston writes, “although good luck can be had with Arcturus, you will still largely make your own luck due to your innate ability, determination, and persistence.” With these alignments occurring in Libra, we may see our efforts in social justice issues bear fruit during this time.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You perceive life very seriously this year, and may make important decisions related to your career and other life goals. Your challenges will be to take projects a step at a time, to have patience, and not to become discouraged when something doesn’t come out perfectly the first time. Fine-tune your methods, find out what does and doesn’t work, and make sure your goals are aligned with your spiritual beliefs. Taking the time to do this enables you to build a solid foundation that will support your future success.
In peace,


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