LEE HARRIS, ENERGY GUIDE Update on current energies and advice on OVERWHELM that hits us during these times.

Hi Everyone

There is so much we can say about the times we live in that even picking a topic can feel overwhelming. Like many of you, I found myself heartbroken several times this past month when seeing/feeling/reading about the various challenges and events going on around the world. Then, I would feel heartened by the way we are showing up for each other and learning to adapt. These times are like a heart-roller-coaster if you’re letting yourself sense it all as you go (and not in one of the moments where you need to change focus in order to re-center or have a rest for a moment).

I notice myself living in my heart more than ever recently, and having a deeper more direct experience of what the vastness of Heart Energy means. It’s no surprise that more of us are feeling that way, at a time when a lack of heart and empathy is aggressively playing out in some areas of the world stage.

So, as my guides (the Z’s) would say – that experience of amplified heart puts me right on track with where I need to be right now, and with the growth that these current energy tornadoes on Earth are sponsoring in all of us. For that reason, and because I am a week away from having the October Energy Forecast ready, I created a short message for us from the Z’s (see below).

Speaking of Heart, my latest MP3 – Awaken Your Deep Heart, is a lovingly intense awakener for your heart. A deep soul journey from the Z’s with live sound healing – it was an energy (and information) that I have never brought through before. It’s free to Portal Members (during the month of September), or available in the store.

I look forward to exploring more of these themes with all of you in the Portal live Q+A broadcast on Saturday 23rd September (archived broadcast will be available from Monday 25th, so don’t worry if you miss it live!).

Big love everyone

I asked my guides, “What advice would you give for the OVERWHELM that hits us during these times?”    Here was the reply:

Find STEADY GROUND where and when you can.

Understand the need to do this regularly if you want to stay balanced and flow with these times.

Steady ground may be found in nature, peaceful places or healthy relationships. It may be in taking 5 minutes of silence to yourself regularly, if your situation is more limited where freedom of choice is concerned.

This is a time where you will be compelled to FIND STEADY GROUND and to disengage from situations or relationships where chaos or imbalance reign.

Emotions are running high on Earth which means that those of you with sensitive ears (emotional hearing) will find yourselves running out of energy/patience/grounding with greater regularity than before. Even if you feel clearer and more capable of loving relationships than ever, the intensity of emotion that many are purging can take a toll from time to time, or when experienced for long periods. Especially as many are unconscious of the level of emotion and energy they are running through their words and actions.

You are in a DEEP CHANGE PROCESS on Earth, where change is hitting you from all sides. This makes it feel as if everything is faster than ever.

SO this means that the challenges for maintaining your center are real. The center of the collective energy field is changing, so equally is your personal energy field. You have to re-find and rediscover the center of your personal energy field regularly. Try new things that you haven’t tried before, as much of the old won’t work any more. And more importantly, NEW DISCOVERIES is one of the benefits of this time, on personal and collective levels. This can look like new talents, abilities, passions, levels of relationship, becoming interested in areas of life you previously had no interest for. CHANGE IS HAPPENING and when you can embrace new change, it makes mourning or grieving for the past status quo less painful.

The energy level that creates new personal and social discoveries at this time is strong, and is like being carried on a wave, or a stormy sea. Think of it as a dance energetically – things in your life will tighten, then release, then expand. TIGHTEN, RELEASE, EXPAND. So you may find relationships, creative endeavours or tasks incredibly challenging or complicated in one moment, and then an hour later, a release will happen, and a new level of understanding or energy can occur. But diving into the complication may feel unpleasant, unsettling or unwanted.

“Stop the ride I want to get off” may be what many of you feel in the challenge moments of these fast times on Earth.

But seeing the challenge or difficulty through, one step and one breath at a time, will be the way to access the new height it presents.

SO, if you can redirect your focus toward “I allow the inner changes required for me to thrive. I allow the inner changes required to help me best serve these new times”, THEN the ‘compression’ times will move into expansions at far greater speed.

We send you love, and a reminder, that while what is going on around you can seem bewildering, at a soul level it was always known to you that this level of chaos and change would need to take place in order to purge more darkness from the Earth.

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Dear Sensitive Souls, Are You Feeling These Intense Energies?

Dear Sensitive Souls, Are You Feeling These Intense Energies?

Image by endosage at ww.deviantart.comImage by endosage at www.deviantart.com


“Highly sensitive people are too often perceived as weaklings or damaged goods. To feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness, it is the trademark of the truly alive and compassionate. It is not the empath who is broken, it is society that has become dysfunctional and emotionally disabled. There is no shame in expressing your authentic feelings. Those who are at times described as being a ‘hot mess’ or having ‘too many issues’ are the very fabric of what keeps the dream alive for a more caring, humane world. Never be ashamed to let your tears shine a light in this world.”
~ Anthon St. Maarten


Are you feeling it? This intensity? Are you feeling exhausted for no good reason, or overwhelmed? Struggling to get through the day? Carrying an unusually big burden of oppression, worry or emotional stress, no matter how good your life might be?

Lovelies, it isn’t just the supermoon.

There are a few other factors at play.

There has been a massive recent shift in the earth’s crust and in the fluids that run beneath our feet. That’s part of the reason New Zealand experienced the earthquake this week that has released an enormous flow of positive ions (the same kind as from solar flares which exhaust and unground you). There are more adjustments to come.

These shifts under our feet, and some of the astrological factors at play, are deeply affecting sensitive people.

As we approach 2017, and the energies of 2016 and the energetic era that concluded with 2012 finally come to a close, there is flux and change in the air.

Big change. Big flux.

It’s so destabilizing for sensitive people.

What can you do? Plenty.

Spend time in nature, and with your loved ones. It’s an excellent time to channel and connect to your guides and energetic team. Meditate, pray, and send love into the world, and to all those you love.  Especially, send love to those you feel are not living from their heart or who feel isolated or excluded from the community.

meditation Image from www.tarabrach.com

It’s a great time for rest. Lots of grounding and plant energy in and on and around your body, because the plants are still grounded and grounding, even though there is so much positive ionic activity around us. Essential oils that will help include lavender, vetivir, sandalwood, elemi, orange and cedarwood. Crystal help? Black tourmaline, red jasper, green adventurine, selenite, amethyst and hematite.

Be really discerning about who you spend time with. These energies will be trawling up emotions for lots of people, which may make interactions tense or difficult. Put your psychic raincoat on and let it all slide off you. Don’t engage (especially if you feel fragile or vulnerable), don’t enter into arguments – all of this just escalates these destabilizing energies.

All of us are leveling up as we step into the energies of 2017. For some people this is an easy thing. For others it will be a massive undertaking.

Work on your shit, close doors, let go of what isn’t working. Think about how you want your life and your world to be and take steps now to make that happen. Even tiny steps count. It’s not enough to think about it. In November we’re sowing seeds for the year ahead. We’re all connected, and our individual actions will always affect the whole. Don’t ever think that you can’t make a difference. We need you more than ever!

Trust that 2016 is a game changer on so many levels. Do all you can to nurture and sustain yourself until we get back to solid ground.

Holding you all in my thoughts, prayers and meditations,

Nicole❤ xoxo

Dana Mrkich: The Shadow Lands

November 16, 2016


How are you all feeling?

The US election result has released a tsunami of emotions within millions of people: shock, sadness, grief, joy, elation, relief, fear, anger, powerlessness, liberation. And because emotions are deeply personal, regardless of the external trigger, every emotion is connected to a personal memory or belief, and dredges up like memories and beliefs. So you think you’re crying about this thing or angry about that thing but if the emotion is intense, then around 90% of it is related to pain, wounds or beliefs that have their roots in the past, which are seeking to be healed in the present.

It has triggered the need to step up, speak out, and act with more focus, intention and compassion. It has opened our ears and eyes, stretching us, making us aware of more than we were, asking us to understand more than we did.

This tsunami can feel overwhelming because not only are you feeling what you’re feeling, you are also likely feeling what others are feeling. Even if they are on the other side of the world. Even if they are on the other side of the political divide. Because energetically, we actually are all in this together. Like, literally. Our human bodies make it look like we are all different, and separate and divided, when in fact for the most part, we are more similar, more united and from the same one energy source, more than we consciously realize.

And on top of that there was a supermoon full moon, because that’s exactly what we need, more emotional triggers!

This full moon was in Taurus, opposite Scorpio and it’s really that Plutonic Scorpio energy that has us all scuba diving right now into the depths of our inner shadow world, and into the deepest, darkest corners of the country’s shadow. The shadow is that part of us, that part of life that we don’t want to see. It feels too ugly, too uncomfortable, too difficult to deal with. But we signed up for wholeness, we signed up for unity. We didn’t come here to hum along, pretending our carpet is clean when there’s pain underneath. We didn’t come here to keep the curtain closed, to ignore or avoid that which we have no idea what to do with.

So, crises happen to help everything come up and out, to the surface, to be seen, felt, known, acknowledged, healed and transformed. It doesn’t mean we took a wrong turn or that there’s been a mistake in the cosmic plan.

Imagine an annual extended family dinner where everyone has done the whole pretending thing for years. Pretending they like Uncle Roger. Pretending their marriage is fine.
Pretending their life is all fancy cutlery and big houses when they are up to their eyeballs in debt. Then one year, Aunt Minny, who knows all the secrets, and is tired of the annual charade, decides she’s had enough. During lunch she starts letting it all out, all the secrets, all the shame everyone holds, all the skeletons. And everyone is mortified. But to everyone’s surprise it opens the door to healing. Everyone feels relieved. They weren’t the only ones having troubles or struggling or hurting. They start talking, really talking. Not just gossip or weather, but real, raw, open, honest, vulnerable communication.

And that’s where we are at. Blame and judgement will get us nowhere while we’re in the Shadow Lands. Taking time to understand “Why do you feel that?” And “Why do I feel this?” might teach us something.

Don’t be afraid of seeing the shadow, yours or someone else’s. And allow yourself to see light in places you didn’t expect or where you were convinced it didn’t exist.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016


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Humanity Rising


US Election 2016


Ascension Hang Over – The Blues, the Rage and the Flu By Vera | The Wake Up Experience

Ascension Hang Over – The Blues, the Rage and the Flu

depositphotos_22459631_s-2015Waaaaah, September has been a ride so far. A burn out mixed with emotional explosions. Depending on the individual’s journey and ascension wave they are part of, people have been experiencing intense purging for self and the collective and intense physical symptoms. As already described in the last article, the September energies were really wearing us out into surrender. Anger, frustration a feeling of not belonging and being homesick were predominant for those still going through emotional breakouts. Others experienced a complete emotional healing, ‘only’ having to deal with new physical ascension symptoms. After the eclipses and two 999 portals, including a Mercury retrograde that ended yesterday, it felt like a huge ascension hangover: Intense fatigue, flu symptoms and vertigo were accompanying many. September 22 was a peak date up to a point where people just thought they would die because the pain was almost unbearable. The good news: There is a shift coming up, soon.

I myself was unable to get one clear thought together the last couple of days, nothing came through from the higher realms and I just felt dizzy, sick and very tired. I even had to cancel some coaching sessions because I was not able to function at all. All I wanted to do was lying and sleeping. My physical body needed rest for reintegration. I am very grateful and blessed that I am able to follow my own energetic flow as I do not have any obligations towards anyone and no contracts that would force me into acting against my natural behaviour. So I just did rest and sleep. I was staying with a friend and we were joking, saying we should make a video with both of us lying in the bed snoring with the title: This is part of the team that came here to help the planet ascend. We could have probably found thousands of people participating in that video 🙂 So – What is it that is going on here?

We are in another phase of recalibration. With the eclipses, the retrograde and the equinox, we were constantly taking in higher light frequencies and DNA activation was further enhanced. Additionally, our body was further shifting and continuing its reconstruction into the new crystalline light body. For those that still carried low energies of fear within, these energies triggered not only physical symptoms but also huge emotional releases and break outs.

Rage, Frustration and Doubts

“I am soooo angry! I could kick everything and everyone around me!!! All of this sucks, I don’t know who I am or what I am doing here, and I am so sick of it all! I wanna go home, I want to exit. It is enough. WTF… ” That was and is going on for those that are still purging emotional stuff. The anger often ended in a blues. While it can be very frustrating, it is so important to embrace the experience and act out the emotions in a constructive way, with gratitude. Whether it is hitting or screaming into a pillow, running, kickboxing with a punching ball, etc… it is very important to find a good way how to transmute the energies. Every release with gratitude is peeling off another layer of the emotional onion you have created during your journey. The more you peel off, the healthier your emotional body will become. That is the only way up in frequency. In parallel, there still is a lot of clearing for the collective going on. As the new big awakening wave started rolling, they are feeling that rage, anger, frustration with the old system and are experiencing huge doubts about their own task and how they have been living their life so far. They are going into a huge identity crisis. Energetically sensitive people going were feeling this in addition to their own emotional stuff. Along with that, some hightened geomagnetic activity around the 20th of September as well as Earth quakes in Japan added into this experience. Don’t be surprised if your experience is preparing you now to help the new awakening wave through this.

The big Fatigue, the Flu and the Grease

The whole September was keeping us tired and wearing us out. It had to so that we would finally surrender because we were simply not strong enough to further fight the universal flow of energies. September taught us the hard way to finally be brave enough to follow our intuition and let Spirit and Source live and guide us. We learned that the ego can only do harm by trying to interfere with that flow. The past week a lot of throat chakra cleansing was going on. In combination with the higher light frequencies coming in, our voice bands pick up those frequencies first and start vibrating with the frequencies they are not used to yet. That resulted in symptoms of a sore throat. Many experienced major headaches and back pain from neck over shoulders down the whole spine. The light frequencies are taken in through our main meridian first, which starts on our head and then runs down the whole spine. These high light codes were responsible for the vertigo as well, as the whole brain gets rewired. All of this causing a feeling of a huge hang over. Further there was a clearing of the solar plexus and the sacral chakra for many, which caused additional flu symptoms especially in the intestines area. And many are fighting with their hair. It becomes greasy a lot faster and grows incredibly fast. Hair always helps with the intake of higher light frequencies. The additional grease makes it healthier and at the same time helps the body to excrede toxins. Many people are experiencing heat waves and increased sweating for this reason. With all of these things going on with our physical body, and although we might feel like dogsh*t, it is so important to recognize that this is serving us to stay alive. We should develop a gratitude and pride in our physical body that it is able to go through this shift and rebuild itself while we are alive. If our body would not do so, we would not be able to survive in the fifth dimension. Our body needs to get rid of the old frequency and become lighter. It becomes less dense and more flexible. So listen to your body and what it wants to do with the energy and what it craves. It will always give you the answers if you are taking the time to listen and feel into it.

Going with the Flow

All of this is teaching us once again how important it is to go with the flow. We are learning to listen to our system again and what it needs. There is a time for action and a time for stillness. We need those times of stillness to reintegrate. It is like a snow globe that got shaken up. It needs some time for the snow particles to settle and sort again before we have the clear sight to see the bigger picture. Just knowing and trusting that we will see clearly again and that we will get an energetic push to do and implement things will help to take this time easier. The more we learn to go with our internal flow, the more we recognize how unhealthy the old 3D system is – forcing people into rigid schedules that do not match these flows.

So what is next?

For those that have shifted onto the accelerated timeline it means good bye to 3D for good. Those that are ready are now logging out completely of 3D. Those are the one’s that have lost complete interest in the news, in the politics, in trying to fix things in 3D or trying to convince people in 3D. They are completely trusting in the power of Source and its self-regulatory mechanism. They know that the big shift coming up is inevitable and will eliminate what is no longer tolerated as the experiment of duality and free-will on this planet comes to an end. They know that the portion of light has now become so powerful, that it simply absorbs the darkness. They know that just by being the light and doing what they love from their true and pure heart will support the shift. They have learned that everything that is an effort or is exhausting is not meant to be in their energetic field and they will not give it any attention.

The energies will continue to push us and our physical bodies will further change and require their resting periods. Nevertheless, we will feel a new quality of confidence and trust and we will experience some strong energetic pulls forward to implement the things we were contemplating on and figuring out during Mercury retrograde. More people will experience a complete emotional healing and anchoring in 5D. That means living a fearless life and going through a reality shift, meaning that duality dissolves and all experiences are welcomed with gratitude, seeing their purpose. People that are ready will now remove their heart wall completely and truly learn to receive. That is when synchronicities will increase significantly and manifestation becomes easier and faster every day. People with a pure, open heart and free of fear can only create a reality of love and abundance. They will find their joy in the simplicity of life, becoming childlike again – enjoying every moment, being in the now, doing what they love and trusting the universal flow.

The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

If you enjoy what you are reading and would like to support me in continuing to live my mission and share what comes through me, I am very grateful for your donation. Thank you ❤

Dr. Judith Orloff: The Secrets to Managing Overwhelm

The Secrets to Managing Overwhelm

Over the years, throngs of stressed out patients have come to my office to consult me about burnout. Mothers, actors, teachers, dog groomers, each with their own reasons why life is overwhelming.

When they are feeling overwhelmed one of the first aspects I address is how to pace themselves in a rhythm that makes intuitive sense for them. Just as heart beat and respirations determine our physiological tempo, pacing sets our subtle energy clock’s timing. Often we get caught in extremes.

What causes overwhelm? In my experience as a psychiatrist, rushing tops the list. Webster’s dictionary defines it as “a violent forward motion; to act with haste…in a short time at a high speed.” Energetically speaking, it’s running on more cylinders than you’ve got. Rushing is toxic because stress is cumulative. On perpetual overload, your physiology responds: cortisol, the “stress hormone,” surges; seretonin, a chemical protector against depression and anxiety, plummets. That, in combination with an inevitable diminution of subtle energy completes the downward spiral.

We rush for many reasons. To dull emotional pain. To flee from anxiety, depression, or feeling we’re not enough. In response to unrealistic expectations of what we can accomplish in a finite period. Fear of stillness and silence. Whatever the reasons, rushing is different from operating quickly and efficiently when your rhythm’s in sync with a busy balanced life.

These intuitions give rushing away

  • Your energy feels scattered
  • You have little or no awareness of your body
  • You experience a subliminal or overt sense of panic
  • Your ability to listen is impaired, as is memory for details.

For me, rushing is a consciousness shrinking altered state. It blurs into a bad hallucination, as if my energy body fragments and races ahead of itself while the material me is trying to catch up–a tinge of vertigo, a nauseating disconnect. Be certain: rushing steals well-being, ages you, and decreases immunity. It must never be considered harmless.

Even so, I understand how addictive rushing can be. As a USC medical student, my sixteen hour days were packed with life-and-death emergencies. I was on call every third night. This grueling pace continued when I opened my private practice. The most maddening part was wearing a pager. Strapped to my belt, it’d go off so frequently I’d catch myself fantasizing it would self destruct.

After years of pushing and rushing it finally sank in: my energy was being stretched way too thin. Wound tight, I’d get terse, snippy, hurrying myself and others along. It’s hard to be nice when you’re frantic. Worse, I’d drive and rush: more than once I got a speeding ticket zipping from the gym to the market so I could get home to unwind in a tub. I was rushing to relax! Ultimately, I rushed my way right into an energy crises. Refusing to slow down, my body intervened. A profound weariness came over me which lasted nearly year. I was forced to cut back on speaking engagements and other commitments. Doing so made me realize how much I craved the nourishing sense of presence that being in the moment brings.

Here are some changes from my book Positive Energy that you can make to address your sense of overwhelm.

Secrets To Finding The Right Pace of Life For You

Realign with a more comfortable rhythm: Make gradual changes. Focus on one area at a time. Ask yourself: What kind of change would feel good? Focus on small, do-able chunks, not an instant overhaul. Say, your job. Try out ten minutes of a nurturing pace. Savor how that feels. Then build on it. See if your well-being improves. Energy never lies.

If you’re a rusher:Let at least a few minutes each day be a meditation on energy focus. Rushing is best reduced in increments. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Attempt to be totally present. Open your senses. Take pleasure in tulips, cascading fountains, the aroma of baking bread. Respond with your full attention. If this exercise feels good, try it daily. Then increase the duration from there.

If you’re on deadline: To survive these potentially oppressive clinches be sure to plan mini-breaks to utilize a quickie subtle energy technique that has saved me. For just a minute, take a few deep breaths while touching your intuitive center–this heightens focus and brings you back to center.

If your pace is too slow: Intuitively tune into an activity that brings you joy. It can be anything: ice skating, gardening, volunteering at a soup kitchen. Once that memory is rekindled plan to do it. If the activity makes you happy, begin to incorporate it into your routine. The aim is to jump start positive energy if you’re underperforming or shutting down in another arena.

The key to success at managing overwhelm is to ease into a new pace. As some of my overzealous patients have discovered, making giant leaps too quickly can sabotage your efforts. They end up feeling like failures, demoralized, until they emotionally regroup and begin again. Please, no grand gestures. Just start moving in the right direction. This sends a positive message to your life force. Don’t worry if you slip into old habits. We all do. Every minute you’ve succeeded renews vitality and awe.


Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: Thoughts from your Hostess of Light May 2015

Thoughts from your Hostess of Light May 2015
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Friday, 15 May, 2015

All of the Earth shakes and rattles and explodes as inner earth and her hot temper comes to the surface for all to see. The earthquakes and death tolls rise as the old tumbles and the new comes to the surface in a horrific way. The quakes in Nepal (which are still happening everyday) during the time of Wesak and the shamballa valley were a slap in the face. They took what was holy and ancient and sacred and shook the very foundation it lived upon. This is a sacred month with many elements lined up to give us all an opportunity to be kinder and more holy in all of our interactions.

The land is speaking to all of us and like a mother giving us one last chance to straighten up our rooms. We can do that by bringing the holiness back to the place we reside. No matter what part of the world you live, what kind of house from beach house to palace to cave (which sounds good some days J ) that your stuff resides, it is a holy expression of who you are inside and out, the collective of you. The land and house I live in has been very demanding about making it more holy. I have created a goddess garden out back and working on a garden of the gods out front. The house has demanded it be kept ready and clear of debris. Making room for more light, or a few visiting Angels or Aliens?

The weather has more of a consciousness as it looks like an invasion from the heavens with the numerous ominous weather sequences we have all experienced in the last 6 months. Storms that should move do not and stand still for 2 weeks over the same patch of beach. Weather goes in reverse patterns like salmon swimming up stream. Nothing is predicable. Like weather on a strange planet never seen, earth shows more of her truth colors as she fights for control. Too many lines of human communication wrap themselves around her like a tight cocoon choking her squeezing her into making strong choices.

For many years I have sent the storms (in whatever form) just pure undiluted love in order to shift them. I knew the storms represented human emotions that needed a place to land. So like a caring parent I sent them love, no matter how they acted up and acted out. For years that worked like magic and all natural storms would settle like a sleepy kindergartner at naptime.

As of this winter the storms shifted and became meaner. They did not want any dang love, they were more like pushy Viking energies that didn’t want or need a thing, and if they did they would just take it. So how does one calm a storm that is not made of emotions and seems not to care? Well first off ask the storm what it wants. I am finding the elements are becoming a little more animated and need a little more appeasing. Listen and then do the best you can. One day the weatherman said softball size hail. We have gone thru bad hailstorms and they are very damaging and time consuming no matter how good the insurance. So, I asked the storm what it wanted, it wanted appreciation, to be acknowledged as do we all. I set up a grid of appreciation outside, with some natural stones, crystals flowers etc, the storm dissipated and was just a small gentle rain by the time it got here.

This month as the planets line up to be seen by the naked eye and mercury goes retro on May 18, we are all asked to look at what it is we really seek. Not just a moments pleasure but a lasting energy that will nurture us as well. When the trickster mercury goes bass-ackwards in its home sign of Gemini you can be assured that we will go thru numerous past life and/ present life memories. You will be shopping at ‘Déjà vu’s R US’ for the next few weeks as sweet and not so sweet energies surface to be seen and then placed back in bed. This is already starting to happen. Sweet reminders come to show you the past treasures of your life. What once lived large in your heart.

As these energies push and pull us in every direction we are reformatted into a higher awareness. All of this cosmic re-sculpting has had a lot of wear and tear on the human body, mind and spirit. We are all looking a little like the scarecrow on a breezy ‘Oz ‘ day, scattered about, here and there. Like a 1000 piece puzzle we seek to see a picture of the real us, but alas the puzzle box has no portrait to help us find our lost pieces. We seek that which calls our name.

The command is ‘change or get caught up in the whirlwind of cosmic shift. Humanity is no longer driving the car thru the holy configurations. We all stand on the edge of the future, scraping the past from ourselves like barnacles on an oyster seeking its pearl

Wesak is the celebration of Buddha’s birth/ enlightenment /& death. According to ancient beliefs, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus. The Buddha returns at this time each year to bring a new light to the world. Spiritual leaders both human and hierarchy gather in Wesak Valley, high in the Himalayas.

Wesak is the time in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the healing forces of SHAMBALLA. The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose. The Christ represents God unending Love for humanity with his unique gifts. The wesak is like a sacred pitcher pouring out a healing elixir.

Losing the past and disconnecting from the Now offers opportunities that could not exist otherwise. The new age, the old age, all age becomes unnecessary as humanity makes a U-turn into a place of reconnection. The communication lines between humans are fragile and strained like a butterflies wings. Seeing oneself mirrored in others has become painful. most now avert their eyes not wanting to see what is right in front of them. The oneness seems miniscule as humanity huffs and puffs and blows the illusion down.

Time, stars and climate rewrite themselves in harmony with new laws on this new playing field of light. Each door you open will take you down another highway of self into a multidimensional portal. Fractured parts of human evolution now seek to be united called into oneness. This will keep everyone busy scooping up missing parts of self. Each person is escorted into all faces of their Eve and Adam/atom. Original blueprint is laced with future possibilities. To become your true presence you must walk in the stars. Realities are challenged doing hand to hand combat. Time rushes by without even a wave, as the tornado of dimensional change has us riding our bikes against the wind.

Time cannot be forced into pigeonholes or straight lines. Time has grown wings and takes flight. The sextants of humanity demand that time fly in a direction that makes sense. All sensors of Earth – smell, taste, touch, feel – are changing denominations. What you know to be truth is challenged non-stop. Is it time to change truths as we shift into another level of the new universe. The body has received so many mixed signals, so many conflicting truths it is in overload. All of humanity is in energy overkill. All circuitries are stressed and burdened.

Earth is at an intersection of time. As you stand at the edge of who you once knew yourselves to be and the Event Horizon of what the universe is asking you to do, you can freeze and become muddled in thought and deed. New encodings allow for a defragging process to be initiated, eliminating what no longer serves ones highest good.

The ultimate choice is to jump into the future without fear. Knowing that within all darkness, light is held captive. To come to the ledge and fly without fear, venturing where angels fear to tread. There is no growth in a safe space. Seek what inspires you.

The energies meet themselves in a photo finish as perfect timing shows its true colors. Everything is veiled as the planets shift and move in opposite direction. The curtains unfold to show the new backdrop. All emotional flailing about weakens the immune system in a world that is already on the critical edge. This summer the planets will align in a form that creates a sacred geometry of trust. If one does not trust the leaders of the world then one must at least trust the Creator of said world. Bantering with the future is of little use. What is yet ‘to’ be seen, is still embryonic of nature.
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Free From Fear ~ a message from Tony Samara

Free From Fear  ~  a message from Tony Samara

Thursday, 4 December, 2014

Fear is a major problem in western and eastern societies, and today even in most native societies, because we get dictated to so much by lacks and limitations based on fear. For example, the fear of not having enough or the fear of being alone or the fear of not being accepted or the fear of not being good enough or the fear of not living to your expectations or someone else’s expectations. It can go on forever, there are thousands and thousands of fears. They take up a lot of energy – a lot of physical energy beyond what we realize, a lot of emotional energy and a lot of mental time. They dictate a lot of our actions and to be fearless is an amazing sense of freedom. It’s a freedom where it doesn’t mean you’re perfect but you can make choices that are not dictated by, I have to do this because if I don’t do this then this and this and this will happen.

I find that children are fearless. Children are more creative, more open and more able to adapt to situations very quickly and enjoy those changes much more than some people.

I was reading that because of the economic crisis and other intensities of these times many people are committing suicide because their reality is changing so much and the fear becomes so immense. They don’t now how to cope with it and they say, “This is too much for me.”  They can’t see that perhaps the situation is a gateway to an immense change and the realization of something that couldn’t happen without that change.

For me, being fearless is being open and creative and joyful. When you are able to be free in that sense, you open your mind to a creative knowledge and wisdom that goes beyond what we can normally see.

I’ve known people who have lost their jobs and it’s been a crisis for sure, painful and not nice, but they have told me they would have never changed that experience because what it has shown them is to do something totally different. Something requiring them to reassess their values and reassess their priorities in a way that allowed them to do something that they wouldn’t have done before because things were going in a way that was OK. Losing the job had pushed them to the edge and I think that’s what letting go of fear is. It’s going to the limits of what you feel comfortable with so that you can really look at what is out there and be open to all of the possibilities out there.

But what can you do? You know that you’re fearful, that you’re afraid, that you’re panicked. What is the next step?

One step is not to get so serious. Many people, when a crisis hits and their fear overwhelms them, tend to spend a lot of time trying to resolve the problem using their mind or using the old programs in the mind to try to resolve whatever. They spend time thinking, talking to friends in a way that, really it’s useful for a little while but doesn’t actually address the problem. So for me, the first step is to move beyond the fear by raising the energy inside of your body.

One way to move that is, moving the body. Rather than sitting down, I would take up an interesting exercise like walking or dancing and just do something. Move, because the movement actually moves things inside of your mind, and breathe – breathe deeply into your belly so that you can see that perhaps there is more than just that old program that is coming up.

Next, it is good to be open and watch the signs around you – watch interesting synchronicities, interesting things that tell you perhaps to move in a direction that seems totally crazy.  Your friends may say ”Are you sure you can do this?” but follow your gut intuition and stay with it; even if it fails once or twice or three times, keep going.

I find that when you totally trust a new situation that people come your way and this is what business people have told me. They’ve said that they’ve met people, sometimes their own colleagues, who have helped them to start something that they always wanted to do. Actually people help them much more than the mind gives credit to, when the trust is there, rather than when the fear is being experienced – people help, situations arise, and things fall into place.

This has happened to me many, many times to a point now that I don’t even worry about anything, I just trust. I know things work out. But its not the hippie sort of, lets just wait and see what happens.
You have to actually take those steps.

You have to take action in a real sense.

Feel the intention, know the intention and move forward and not fear failing.

People may criticize what you’re doing and maybe you have to downsize and maybe all those luxuries that people say are important become difficult to maintain but somehow (I’m not saying just to simplify life) things fall into place.

My experience was that I said to my family when I was much younger, that I had no intention to go and do what was expected to be my path in some people’s eyes. I just wanted to travel and experience life in a way that is amazing and to open my mind in a different way than doing those normal things that I didn’t feel would help me.

I had no money, no way of supporting myself and now twenty years later I’m still doing this, traveling and experiencing life and I’m writing books and I’m doing exactly what I want to do. And had I not gone through this journey that I write about in one of my books, I would never have been able to be where I am now.

The experiences form your whole life. You meet people and you have experiences.

For me, you live once and you might as well live completely and intensely and fully and not let fear stop you from taking those actions that need to be taken for you to live life in a way that makes you happy and free.

I conduct seminars and retreats rather than coaching people one on one in order to work with many people, as there are many people that really need help right now. Generally in places that are beautiful, in nature, car free, industry free, pristine locations for those present to experience something (the beauty of nature) that may be lacking in their daily lives. The retreats and seminars are generally working with fear – letting go of the limitations of fear and seeing the wisdom behind them, seeing what is not really being understood, expressed and completely experienced.

Fear to me, is not negative. Fear is actually like anger.  It is a communication that has a deeper message. Once we let go of the superficial, there is a deeper message that you can understand.

I would like to share with you a meditation that helps to bring us back to the consciousness that many have lost in our civilization. We have lost it as we have developed more and more into a society where everything is fast and everything is about impact rather than actually coming back home to oneself, coming back to the essence.

I would like you to take a few moments to practice this.

Close your eyes because by closing your eyes the senses relax a little bit more. It is good to sit up and good to have your back straight so that you’re really focused on the conscious aspect of this meditation.

As you sit up and close your eyes, take a few moments to breathe in – the in breath is very important. So dont just breathe in, in an automatic way, in a mechanical way. This is part of our attention moving always to the external aspects, even the breath then becomes external to you. So when you breathe in, what you are doing is you are bringing everything around you a little bit closer to you. Basically you are saying to yourself, ”I allow my heart to feel more intimate with life. I allow my heart to be more vulnerable to the waves that come and go, that life is always creating around me, with no fear.”

As you breathe in, it’s impossible to feel fear. If you take a deep in-breath what you are doing is allowing the fear to move out of that space that occupies feelings. If you breathe in deeply what you are breathing in is a life force that is very vibrant. Breathe in deeply and then, as you breathe out, let go, breathe out, let go, and imagine that all those aspects of life that are swirling around in your mind, or that are occupying the space of the heart or that are occupying you, or stressing you or creating tension for you, imagine (imagination is very powerful), imagine that  through the out-breath, the fearful aspects are moving out from your body, out from you feelings, out from your mind. It requires a little bit of discipline to do this because it’s so easy to drift back into another thought, another feeling, another situation, another idea, another dream.

Rather than drift back, have the intention so clear that all that will happen now is that you are letting go and becoming a channel. Becoming an open vessel for the divine aspect that is inside of your heart. Let go of the mundane, no matter how important it is, no matter how practical those issues are that need to be dealt with. Give your heart a moment to deeply relax, to really come back to itself so that you are doing nothing, all you are doing is breathing in deeply again.

And, as you breathe in deeply, not trying to change anything, not trying to change the thoughts or the feelings, simply allowing the vibrancy of the in-breath to fill your body, what is happening is that you are helping the body move to a higher vibration, to a higher state of being. And this is the only possible way to change any situation around you. This is the way to move beyond it, not to be attached, not to be caught up, not to be stuck or limited by whatever life is throwing at you but rather to completely let go as you breathe in, to completely let go of everything except the gratitude of being alive, because all that counts is this moment. And this moment is your in-breath.

As you breathe in, everything else is of no importance because after the inbreath there is a moment between the in-breath and the outbreath where you can be still. And in that stillness there is an open space, there is a feeling that goes beyond human feelings. There is a deep, divine feeling that begins to bubble up from the depths into this wonderful being that is you. The human aspect that is you. And you begin to feel better.

This is how transformation happens. You transform through joy and happiness.

When we know that time is precious, when we know that life is precious, we utilize this gift in a very special way. We don’t waste it, we don’t create limitations around it. And that is the out-breath. We let go of whatever stops this feeling. We let go of the limiting negative emotions, of selfishness, of feeling insecure, lack of self-esteem, all of those human aspects that are important but that take us nowhere, let them go.

Take a few moments to bring your consciousness back to the area of the heart, the heart energy point. Feel this in the chest and realize that you are not alone, that by doing this action you are connecting to many, many conscious beings around you who at this moment are celebrating the divine, and you have just been invited to this celebration.

When you breathe in and out and feel good and there is happiness inside of your heart, you celebrate and you invite more people to this wonderful space that is ever expanding, As you move to this space of celebration, take a few moments to bring this awareness into your whole being so that the whole physiology of your body can begin to change.

This meditation takes just a few moments, and it changes much more than you may realize.

In every moment there is a choice. I believe that the world today is beautiful and I celebrate it totally, not with fear but with joy and happiness and a gratitude for being alive. This is what I ask people to consider experiencing.

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Help is always there~ by Ann Albers | Visions of Heaven – Messages from the Angels

Help is always there
~ by Ann Albers

Visions of Heaven – Messages from the Angels

There is never a time in your lives when you are without support. There is never a time in your lives when you must solve a single problem on your own. Yet so many of you struggle for solutions to life’s challenges without reaching for help from the heavens. We understand that you have been let down by other human beings and we understand that, at times, dear ones, you even expect disappointment from God.
Can you have help in your life? We would ask, “Are you willing to believe and receive?” In truth help is always there. God is always there. Your angels are always there. We want to help you. We want to make your lives easier. But it is up to you to decide how much we are allowed to assist. If you are praying for help, but in your depths have a belief that “no one listens,”or “no one cares,” then dear ones we can only help to a degree.

Instead, you can work to stretch your beliefs. You can stay to yourself, “Maybe I have been disappointed in the past. Maybe I don’t really trust God. Maybe I should give it another try.” Like an innocent child you can pray, “Dear God, dear angels, I have felt disappointed in the past and I still don’t know if I fully believe in your assistance and love for me, but I want to believe. Please find ways to reach into my heart and show me your love. Please find ways to help open me kindly and gently to receive.” Then dear ones, receive in the simplest way possible. Take a breath. Slowly and deeply intend to inhale love.

We are always there. God is always there. We wait patiently for you to open to fully receiving our help. When you feel your prayers are not being heard, ask yourself, “Am I willing to believe? Am I willing to receive?” If you can’t get to that point on your own, ask us for help, even with that. “Dear God, dear angels, help me believe in your love. In the kindest way possible, help me open to receive.” Trust dear ones. We are with you as surely as the sun is behind the clouds, waiting to shine upon you and help lend more light to every aspect of your lives.

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Please Send Your Love to the Homeless | HEALING AND LOVE – Andy Bojarski


Please Send Your Love to the Homeless

 HEALING AND LOVE – Andy Bojarski 

“Hi Everyone.  I was prompted by my I AM Presence to make a short video about the homeless.  Please see the video below (scroll down).  It is designed to do a few things.

This video, when watched, helps open up and expand your consciousness as it opens up your heart.

I am asking you to send all the love that you have to the homeless.  Send love from your heart to the homeless and their unfortunate circumstances.

They are all perfect children of God and they are your brothers and sisters and they all bleed red, like you and I.  Compassion and love is what they need and they need your loving and supporting energies.

See them happy, healthy, and no longer homeless and no longer on the streets.  See them no longer hungry or thirsty.  See them with a roof over their heads and not cold, or wet, or scared.

See them with their loved ones and in new clean clothes no longer feeling abandoned, depressed, ashamed and in despair.  See them filled with so much love, love from YOU!!

This video will open up your feeling body and allow compassion and love to flow from your heart to them which will accelerate your awakening.  Awakening is part of feeling the Oneness of all life.

If you have some spare change, please always give to a homeless person.  Better yet, become empowered, buy them a meal, give them some fresh clothes, or shoes, whatever you can do to help them.

BE the example to others and treat them the way you would like to be treated.  It is always in the giving that you receive blessings and so much more.

However, please do not become angry and blame the government or others for their conditions.  Do not judge the homeless or others for their condition.  Avoid negative, thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Just send love and embrace the homeless in your hearts.

Sending you all my love…”

Andrew – Love

Video at this link: http://healingandlove.com/2014/09/07/please-send-your-love-to-the-homeless/#respond


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A Special Message for Caregivers

If you are feeling this energetic assault, or feel at times like you are in an energetic boundary tug-of-war with someone, words to the wise:

“These are not optional “wouldn’t it be nice” steps, but imperative for caregivers at this time.

A Special Message for Caregiversby Laura Bruno

Posted August 14, 2014 by laura bruno

For the past few months, I’ve been hearing from so many caregivers who are getting hammered by the intense energies right now. Any tendency towards co-dependency no longer has any support from the Universe, so dysfunctional patterns have become intolerable for people trying to support others through difficult times. It’s not that we can’t or shouldn’t offer support; however, if that support tends more towards co-dependency than empowerment for both parties, then the caregivers get blasted with their own health crises.

Having been a caregiver myself, I understand the complex dynamics that go into caregiving, but I also recognize tendencies toward burnout. Especially in these times of intense change, disturbing revelations, and frequency specific versions of reality, caregivers truly need to spend more time in Nature, absorbing sunshine (which helps with the recalibration), and they need to take time for their own awakening. These are not optional “wouldn’t it be nice” steps, but imperative for caregivers at this time.

You cannot make someone else heal against their will. This has always been true, but our current times even more strongly emphasize the right and responsibility to choose realities. I’ve had a lot of recent sessions with caregivers defaulting into El Mundo Malo (the bad reality) due to sheer exhaustion, while the person receiving care continues to consume as much of their energy as they allow — without showing any signs of progress or appreciation. Not everyone will choose El Mundo Bueno (the good reality), because doing so involves facing deep Shadows and pain, while simultaneously taking responsibility for each choice point in life, including decisions that offer spontaneous healing.

Why would anyone go through that difficult process if someone makes his or her life work without needing to bother with such hassle? In this time of Great Choice, in which the Hopi say that every being needs to choose, the energies no longer support fully carrying another person’s load.  Caregivers can still hold the vision of wellness for their loved ones and still provide some services for them, but the Universe insists everyone make his or her own choice about liberation or recommitting to a very extended version of the same old, same old. Because these times so intensely emphasize choice, the energies actually punish anyone interfering with free will — even for someone else’s “own good.”.

Fortunately, some good resources exist, which support both caregiver and the one needing care. If you or someone you love has Lyme Disease, I highly recommend a new book called “Shifting the Lyme Paradigm: The caretakers’ guide on the hero’s journey.” A brilliant, heartwarming and insightful book, “Shifting the Lyme Paradigm” uses hero’s journeys such as Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” or Rowling’s “Harry Potter” as models for the hero’s journey, with emphasis on how Frodo’s and Harry’s friends support them. Frodo and Harry must face their destinies for themselves, though. Whether you know someone with Lyme or have Lyme Disease yourself, you’ll find wisdom and love in this wonderful, heartfelt book.

The following tips apply to any caregiver for someone with any health condition:

1) Remember to take at least five minutes to observe Nature each day. Get your hands in the dirt or hug a tree, or both. Nature’s ions and presence will reconnect you to the Earth, making your own transition easier and more fluid.

2) Spend at least fifteen minutes in the sun per day. (This can be combined with #1). The sun sends powerfully activating and healing rays, which ameliorate the spiky, harsh energies swarming around our planet right now. Tap into free solar power: sunshine helps you recharge your inner batteries.

3) Practice good energetic hygiene. People remember to wash their hands after dealing with ill people, but too often forget to take an energy bath when leaving someone else’s energy field. A quick sweep with your right hand down from left shoulder, down the arm, past the fingertips and then repeated on the other side, helps you to clear sticky residues of depression, victim mentality, oppression and/or different reality choices. Choosing to support someone through a difficult time does not mean joining them with your own preventable health crisis!

4) Remember to breathe, and with each conscious breath, affirm, “This, too, shall pass.” Because you know what? It will pass. And when it does, you’ll want to make sure you find yourself in a position to savor the newly released opportunities for freedom and joy.

Many blessings!


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For the past few months, I’ve been hearing from so many caregivers who are getting hammered by the intense energies right now. Any tendency towards co-dependency no longer has any support from the Universe, so dysfunctional patterns have become intolerable for people trying to support others through difficult times. It’s not that we can’t or shouldn’t offer support; however, if that support tends more towards co-dependency than empowerment for both parties, then the caregivers get blasted with their own health crises. 

Having been a caregiver myself, I understand the complex dynamics that go into caregiving, but I also recognize tendencies toward burnout. Especially in these times of intense change, disturbing revelations, and frequency specific versions of reality, caregivers truly need to spend more time in Nature, absorbing sunshine (which helps with the recalibration), and they need to take time for their own awakening. These are not optional “wouldn’t it be…

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