Tania Gabrielle: Welcome October: Evolve, Empower, Embrace!


Welcome October – an empowering 13 Universal Month!

Within a couple days Pluto stations direct!

Pluto and the number 13 embody the same message:

  • Evolving through Transformation
  • Empowerment through Internal Shifts
  • Embracing Unexpected Endings and Beginnings

Parts of your life will come to some kind of culmination or ending, so that you can begin refreshed and renewed.

You will be confronted in a 13 cycle by the patterns and habits you’ve put in play.

Old ways are swept away if they are no longer creating high vibrational results…

Change is natural.

And 13 embodies the seasonal and lunar cycles of change.

How amazing that 13 weeks make up each of our 4 seasons, and we have 13 lunations in one solar year! In 13 the Divine Feminine is merged with Empowerment – and that is the underlying shift propelling all of humanity now – bringing the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine into BALANCE.

This shift requires recalibration, restructuring, release and purging of the old…

Sudden growth spurts are very much part of 13 cycles as is steady growth, patience and trusting in the timing of things.

When you add that Pluto is changing into forward motion at the onset of October’s 13 Universal Month, there is a palpable uncertainty in play.

Uncertainty tests your ability to stay at PEACE.

As long as you TRUST in the Divine order, like the four seasons which never stop evolving, you have the inner fortitude to move through any changes!

Pluto’s big impact brings purging to a major crescendo this month.

It all begins on October 1 when Venus squares Pluto right as Pluto is totally still before stationing (pivoting) into forward motion.

  • Venus square Pluto impacts your intimate relationships and invites you to go deeply into control issues.

Observe whether you are fearful or feel unloved – often these lead to jealousy, manipulation or possessiveness.

Relieve the tension by focusing on a creative project. You have a highly active imagination this month…

  • Welcome surprises as gifts in disguise.
  • Tune in consciously to incredible inner growth…
  • It will require letting go of old ways.
  • And when the unexpected appears, keep your eyes on the solution.

Notice what perspective SHIFTS you into a pro-active state. Stick with that pro-active, positive perspective!

You are now at the precipice of an exciting new adventure!

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, September 11, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, September 11, 2017

Disseminating Moon Phase


Moon in Taurus – moves to Gemini at 3:30 pm ET/7:30 pm UT


Sun: 20 Virgo – “a caravan of cars headed for promised lands”


True Alignments:  moving on to new things, adventurous, the road less traveled, lining things up, creating order out of chaos

Catalysts for Change:  impulsive/impatient (slow down today), conformity, blindly following, rambling, ultimatums

Earth:  20 Pisces – “a table set for an evening meal”


True Alignments:  the theme of “home,” grateful/thankful, showing appreciation, substantial, consistent, taking good care of the physical body

Catalysts for Change:  unsatisfied, insubstantial, only for the sake of appearance, unprepared, thoughtless or careless

The influence of today and tomorrow’s energetics serve to get things in proper alignment – in big ways.

Information gleaned over the past weekend (which is really a culmination of the information gleaned since the Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon which began with this solar-lunar month on August 21), positions us in new ways.  Where have we come since then?

Has your thinking changed?  How about your mindset?

Today and tomorrow’s energetics are inducing Grand Alignments.  We see the changes we need to make.  We see the paths that are open.  We get in line with what is in our highest and best interests, in conjunction with a greater plan.

In other words, course corrections are underway.

The full expression of the Sabian symbol themes in effect this month are coming together: “an unsealed letter” (New Moon), “a mermaid emerges from the ocean ready for rebirth in human form” (exact degree of the Total Solar Eclipse), and “a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis” (exact degree of the Earth at the time of the Total Solar Eclipse).


Since the Moon will enter Gemini later today (beginning its transit opposite the Black Moon), what is emerging may be coming from shadow or darkness or unawareness or the like.  Today is Part I of this, and tomorrow is Part II, when we will have the North and South Nodes and Venus making a trine to the conjunction of Saturn and the Black Moon.

Of the entire nine month-long transit of the Black Moon through Sagittarius, today and tomorrow are dramatic highlights.  (Note for those with the Sun, Chiron, or the Black Moon in Gemini or Sagittarius: you are under intensive pressures of rebirth.  Release the pressure and follow where the Black Moon is taking you.  Is there something you need to accept?  Surrender gracefully.)

Be aware that shadow energies will have a tendency to be stronger today and tomorrow.  Anger may be heightened, and people may project their own negative feelings and thoughts about themselves onto others.

One last thing:  It is September 11.  Be mindful.  Don’t add to the re-imprint of the ritual.  Acknowledge with honor, but don’t get caught up in the game; reframe.  The game is the ritual that was conducted on 9/11.  Over-emotionalizing it only feeds it.

Be the mer-person.  Be the butterfly.  Emerge in a new light.

(Yesterday’s X-flare was discharging the energetic of “on the beach, children play while shellfish grope at the edge of the water.”  While the mermaid was busy emerging from the ocean, life goes on.  This energetic facilitates peaceful coexistence, new perspectives, conclusions, and self sufficiency.  What do you think?)