Dorothy Morgan: The Astrology for February 26 – March 8 2020

The Astrology for February 26 – March 8 2020
Feb 26, 2020

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With the Aries Moon currently squaring all the Capricorn planets and Mercury slowing down to go direct soon we have an interesting 10 days in front of us as we move closer to the next Full Moon in Virgo.

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The Astrology February 26 to March 8th

It has always been my intention to be a week or two ahead in my forecasts for the very reason I didn’t get to creating one last week for this week. Life got in the way this last week and I couldn’t create anything. Thank you for being understanding as I worked through the loss of my father and the new responsibilities I now have to take on for my mother and the household. One is never ready to lose a parent even though it best for them.

The video forecast will be up within a day of this posting.

So let’s get started with Tuesday February 25th in the afternoon; when the Moon enters Aries we feel a significant shift from the watery emotional “Void of Course” Moon in Pisces to the action oriented Aries Moon. She will be in this assertive and direct sign for 2 ½ days until February 28th at 2:30 am EST.  The reason why am I focusing on the moon in Aries is because whenever she is in this sign she makes a square aspect to all the planets currently in Capricorn.

Let’s start with Mars; Wednesday the 26th early in the morning the Moon will square Mars first, we will wake today feeling driven and determined to get things done but first we have some kind of hurtle to get over. The square aspects will do this, it is like they make us work for it and with Mars involved in his exaltation we can get a lot done today if we are set up for it.

Moving on to Thursday the 27th in the middle of the night the Moon will square Jupiter in Capricorn, this one’s not so harsh has Moon square Mars. Here I believe we can wake ready to go with fresh thoughts and ideas that may have even come from our dreams. So if you feel motivated to do something first thing in the morning don’t hesitate.

Also on the 27th the Moon will square Pluto at 2:27 pm EST and Saturn at 10:25 pm EST. This once a month transit pushes us too be assertive and take steps towards what it is we need as individuals, it’s like standing up for yourself something a lot of people don’t always do. So as the Moon makes this square to Jupiter, Pluto and then Saturn throughout the 27th be yourself – speak up for what it is that you need and require in any area of life.

The Moon will also make a conjunction to Venus in Aries just after noon time EST so we’re really able to see what we believe in and really engage that strong warrior within if it’s necessary in your current life circumstance.

Friday February 28th the moon enters Taurus in the middle of the night and she will make a conjunction to Uranus 9:50 AM ET. Throughout Friday and Saturday and half of Sunday while the moon is in her exaltation “Taurus” we are focusing in on what we love and value. What’s important for us.

Friday 5:08 PM EST Venus squares Pluto. I see this as the feminine within us either submitting to the powers that be or we are taking back our power and control. It could be a little bit of a struggle but one well worth it if this shows up in your life.

Sunday March 1st 2:21 PM EST the Moon enters Gemini and will remain in that sign until Tuesday night March 3rd just before midnight. So over these 2 1/2 days Sunday afternoon till Tuesday night Moon in Gemini is asking us to get behind what it is that we want to say, emotionally get behind how it is we want to communicate and share the information that is important to us. Whenever the moon is in Gemini there is a lot of conversation going on, sometimes it’s too much information.

March 3rd is also Super Tuesday  here in the United States that means a lot of states will be voting in the presential primaries. The news coverage will be over whelming as we watch the voting results come in. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury and he is retrograde and currently at the first degrees of Pisces getting ready to reverse back into Aquarius on Wednesday the 4th. Whenever a planet is at the first and final degree of a sign we feel a sense of urgency. In this case it could be confusion since it is Pisces.

Venus is also making a square aspect to Saturn on March 3rd I find that is quite interesting in a sense that a lot of women (Women = Venus) are voting and taking (action = Aries) rising up against the old patriarch (Saturn in Capricorn). I’m trying not to get too political because that’s not my Forte but I can see that with all the action the Capricorn planets are receiving we are trying to break away from the old patriarchal system with this election but it might not happen yet. One step at a time my friends, and please don’t political bash me, this is simply how I see it.

Wednesday March 4th Mercury reverses back into Aquarius for the next couple weeks and even though Mercury is retrograde in this time period hopefully you can use it to its fullest by renewing or becoming rejuvenated around an old idea or project that has stalled.  I just love Aquarius brain storming ideas so give yourself some space to make that happen.

Also on Wednesday March 4th Venus enters her ruling sign of Taurus for the next 4 weeks, this is fantastic! We have an opportunity to reconnect with what we really truly value and adore. Look for the Taurus section in your own Natal chart to get a more detailed subject matter. The keywords for that sector called a house will tell you more. If you need personal input that’s my job, I would be happy to help you out, use the BOOKEDIN app on my website to make your own appointment.

Early in the morning Friday March 6th the Moon enters Leo and will remain in that sign till Sunday morning. Use the creative fire energy of the Moon in Leo Friday and Saturday for self-expression to show the world what you love and what you are passionate about. We are also coming to the full moon in a couple of days and Mercury is slowing down at this point in time soon to go direct. These transits and the lunar phase feel like a build up of energy with no place to go. Will we feel stressed, frustrated, I recommend you do your best to stay in a creative place without thinking too hard or trying to push against the things that are not working; just for now.

Sunday March 8th the moon will enter the sign of Virgo early in the morning and it will remain in that sign for a couple days and it will be full in Virgo on Monday afternoon. The Virgo Full Moon is associated with focusing in on the details that matter. Sifting and sorting through what we need and what we don’t need. I’ll talk about the full moon in Virgo in my next forecast which will include the station of Mercury.

Until next time, may the stars always shine in your favor.