Full Moon In Libra Psychic Crystal Reading for March

Full Moon In Libra Psychic Crystal Reading for March

•Mar 26, 2021
Pamela Georgel
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In many ways, the energy of March 2019 is like the sunrise for the year of 2019 in that it’s going to bring a lot of light, a lot of illumination and some heat. And the three big themes that will be moving through us for March are MOMENTUM, CLARITY and RELEASE.


March is going to be the first big surge of speed and energy that we have seen in 2019. For those of you who have been planning things, building things – putting the pieces together, bringing the form into place – this is going to be a month where you really start to see things heat up, light up and brighten up. There will be a lot of magic, a lot of flow and a lot of FORWARD MOMENTUM around plans that you have been birthing or a kickstart to plans you may have (felt intuitively) to sit back on for a while. Some of you will have felt this ‘pause’ energy since last October, as for many, the last 5-6 months has been a time of review, of clear-out and of sudden surprises.

In March, for most of us though, momentum is going to take the form of positive, forward momentum around things that you are currently building and wanting to create in your life, or new surprises that will appear to lighten and brighten up your current version of reality. 2019 is a year of elevation, after all.

But equally, there can be a shadow side with momentum which can raise to the surface all the areas where you feel stuck, unclear or confused. So for a smaller percentage of us this month, there is going to be a shadow side – a questioning of, “Have I done the right thing? Why did I do what I’ve done? Is this really the path for me? I don’t know where to go now.” There will be an echo of that in about 20 percent of you reading this. But know that March (and the momentum of March) is going to continue to propel you forward, even if it takes until April for you to be really clear about where you’re going next.

I bring this up because momentum is deeply uncomfortable when we aren’t sure where we are going and what we are doing – it’s really uncomfortable. It can bring up all kinds of feelings in your body, such as sadness or emotion – and yet, this letting go of control is part of the journey. We are here to move, we are here to RELEASE and release is another of the aspects of the energy of March. So for those of you who aren’t feeling positive momentum, or aren’t really sure of what you’re doing or where you’re going, then release will be what you will lean into. And you will release until you feel ready to step forward again. As ever, when you are releasing stuff and/or going through big, powerful and difficult times – you have to self-support. You have to treat yourself with love, kindness and understanding, much the way that you would treat a patient in hospital recovering from an operation. So remember to give yourself more nurturing support and space in your life to breathe through the release that wants to come up and out.

This is important because when you’re moving through inner emotional or energetic aspects – they’re not visible to other people. But they are to you, so you have to take care of yourself while that process is happening. You need to build in time or moments of peace for yourself so that you can survive riding the waves of what you’re going through. Especially as these are times of Momentum!

Many of you are clearer about what you want next, more than ever before, but some have gone through a 6 month arc of uncertainty (since last October) which can feel frustrating. Know that an energy of Clarity is coming big time in March. Those of you who recognise the feelings of discomfort or confusion and have been feeling them for months, this is the month where things break and burst and pop open. So you will be able to see why things have been happening for you, and how and what you’re going to do next.
Clarity is going to be quite blinding in March. That can mean everything from human perspective clarity, so – the parts of us that go, “Oh – now I understand why that thing happened with my friend and I see what it did for both of us. But now I have clarity and I have some release from any of the discomfort that came up through that.” But equally, it can mean psychic and intuitive clarity. So this is going to be a very good month for visioning. For those of you who are really feeling you’re on your path right now and there is a flow and a momentum, the month may be a little bit stop-start around human action but in the ‘stop’ moments, visioning energy will be high. Some people are going to have a gliding month of momentum where so much can fall into place. But others are going to be a little stop-start because this clarity still hasn’t arrived.
When we have Clarity about things, it’s our whole being that has clarity. We often think of clarity as a mental energy but it really isn’t. Clarity leads to openness, it leads to surrender, it leads to peace. It’s like, “Oh, I’m clear that what’s happening now is just what’s meant to be happening. My mind might want to tell me a different story but actually, I have the clarity that this is exactly where I’m meant to be and what is happening.” And that is a really high state of consciousness that we can reach, live in and stay in. But often we only have moments of it, periods of it, chapters of it, until we reach that place where we can live and stay in that state more of the time. So just note that clarity is really our friend but it can also be quite an emotionally intense process when it’s happening.
For many of you, there’s going to be a feeling this month that your eyes are opening really wide and you may not always be sure you like it. Many of you may relate to those times in life where you think, “Life was easier before awakening!” That isn’t necessarily true, but it can often be the feeling we experience because when we have that clarity, that emotional release, it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable in the body until we move through it and get used to the new way of being. So clarity can feel wonderful but equally, it can challenge our habits, our comfort zone and our identities too.

Which leads me to the Release energy of March. When we have MOMENTUM, when we have CLARITY, we always have RELEASE. This is part of the journey of change and evolution. And usually, to get momentum and clarity, there is some kind of release that happens. It might be the release of a thing, a place, a person, a desire or a dream that you had. But often, it can be more abstract than that; just energy or emotion, especially for sensitives.

One of the things about release is it’s really just CHANGE. Release means change, evolution, growth. We are shedding parts of us that we are no longer aligned with, or parts of our lives that are no longer true for us. When we release, we change. And this is really important to understand. The Zs have said for years that we are greatly affected by one another in a way that we have no real comprehension of. So even people who you might think are supremely narcissistic, self-centred and egocentric are deeply affected by everyone around them, either because their needs aren’t being met or because what they want is being held up.

Everybody on the planet in a human body is being deeply affected by everybody else. So the release we each feel is a collective energy too. And for the sensitive and empathic amongst you – with this much change happening at a mass level – it’s important to know your own consciousness and stay stable in your own new identity, as much as noticing the shifts in others around you.

So ask yourself, weekly:

Who am I?

What do I need?

What do I want?

Because sensitive, empathic people can tend to get lost in the wants, needs and desires of others and forget themselves. This is very important for this part of the soul journey because empaths and sensitives have great gifts to bring into their life and the lives of others. But if you only or mostly get waylaid by the needs, desires and wants of others, then you don’t get to drive your own soul experience too. This lesson I mention here is going to be something being experienced and learnt by a lot of people right now.

If you had an emotional response to these last few sentences – you are right in the release of responsibility to others before responsibility to self. They have to go hand in hand. You have to be responsible for yourself in order to also be responsible for others. It’s a huge shift, it’s a game-changer and it’s happening right now.

Big love everyone and I hope this Energy Update brings some light, clarity, momentum or release to your March 2019.

Lee x






Jamye Price: March 2019 Ascension Energies – Creative Flow

March 2019 Ascension Energies – Creative Flow

The accompanying video to this article can be found here.

February Review

As we’ve been moving through this Year of Freedom, we are intensifying our lightbody upgrade with January’s Patient Potential, which creates an open, relaxed energetic structure. That offers greater flow as the Peace that Passes All Understanding, connects new understanding. February’s energy of Power Vision strengthened the lightbody to create more focus, clarity and determination within. As we move into March, we are energizing our lightbody to amplify our impact into our lives.

February had an interesting flow. In many ways it felt quick and smooth, as details often settled in the unconscious to be accessed at the appropriate time. This resulted in quite a few ah-ha moments interspersed in a quick clearings and readjustments. February’s spiraling of time was offering us the strength of focus within constant movement. The balance of stillness (January) and movement (March).

Creative March

The energy I was shown for March is Creative Flow. I was shown that we are energizing our lightbody to sustain our powerful flow of Love as our spiraling energy amplifies our creative expression within/without/within/without. The breath of life is flowing to you, through you and from you. Breathe life in deeply and exhale your infinite Love into your world.

I was also shown a braid—three strands becoming one pattern of life woven together. If you look at a braid and knew nothing of how to braid, it is not obvious that there are three strands weaving together. As they become one pattern, the origin becomes blended into new form.

This mimics your polarity integration of the duality experience. You are weaving opposites together, the proton and electron of potential form, weaving through you. You are the third strand, connecting two opposites together through your inner choice and your external actions. You are creation, marching forward through linear time.

You are the future, creating in this present moment, the invisible forming within. The future is offered to you now. What will you weave with it?

Freedom March

As you bless this March with your powerful Love, you may not yet see the creation. This is the continuation of the February energy of the power of your vision and envisioning your power—the reflection.

Own your power to create.

Your freedom is an inside job. Your true freedom is within you, where your stillness has the imperceptible movement to touch All. It’s invisible, it flows through your inner vision, February’s preparation. You choose to let it flow – March (is) on. Own your power to create.

You don’t have the power to control unless you can suppress another into compliance. That’s so old paradigm, and unsustainable through the movement of Time. Life will consume that. Or you can transform that. Love’s opportunity is the powerful passive force connecting opposites into new form. That connection, like your Love, begins within you.

In Summary

March will be asking you to create, to connect, to change. What will you have to change in order to hold the space of potential within you? What strand of Love will you connect, to weave into the fabric of your life? What future will you create as the present story unfolds? Hold the power of your vision. Relax into a peaceful stillness. Weave your invisible strand of Love into your life, creating the new. Own your power to create.

Tania Gabrielle : Welcome to March Magic!


March 2019 is a very special month! It resonates to the magical number 15.

15 is the symbol of Spiritual Alchemy.

And this year 15 merges with the Universal Year number 12 – such a fabulous combination of positive manifestation, miracles and magic.

All month long you are inspired to uplift others with your positivity, passionate creativity and love!

You are already a natural alchemist – trust in your inner Light to inspire you!


Magic and miracles are yours at ANY time – all day, every day.

Find the silent moments. Actively listen. Stillness can be yours even in a noisy environment. Actively engage with your heart and FEEL the presence of the Divine.

You’ll be amazed how Love and Laughter are always available when YOU feel delightful!

Numbers 15 and 12 reduce to 6 and 3 encouraging you lead your live your life with passionate responsibility, deep compassion for others and lots of laughter, creative self-expression and humor.

You are a natural healer, and this month you’ll delight in your healing gifts!

You’ll definitely want to engage in creative, fun pursuits while also honoring family and loved ones in a deeper way.

Remember that every human being wants to be acknowledged at Soul-level.

You understand this, and you now have an open invitation to uplift others with Light and Love.

Be sure to take care of YOU too! 15 and 6 will enhance guidance, love and service to others – so you need nurture yourself to replenish your inner resources.

March is filled with exciting star code activations – including one of the most important Astro-Numerology days of the year (on March 6) when the New Moon coincides with and exciting planetary shift.

There’s also the beautiful Libra Full Moon later in March – the first of TWO rare Libra Full Moons this year!

More secrets are revealed in the first initial M.

M for March unveils more insights:

  • March and May are the two months that begin with the letter M, symbol of the Mother principle – birth, stillness and empowerment through love.
  • M is the only letter you pronounce completely with your mouth closed… so M holds sacred secrets and embodies deep wisdom.
  • M is the 13th letter of the alphabet symbolizing the Divine Feminine and total transformation which awakens you to the core.

The ultimate goal of number 13 is to EMPOWER – so you’ll know for sure how internally STRONG you are!

Take the stunning March astro-numerology code as an invitation to pour your Heart and Soul into happy outcomes, positive self expression and love.

If you’re ever not sure, ask yourself, “does this bring me inner peace and delight?”

During these times of incredible planetary shifts having a detailed forecast of the coming star code alignments brings peace of mind and allows you to leverage big celestial events BEFORE they happen.

The Premium Wealth Forecast is the ultimate monthly guide to help you manifest powerful results month after month!

Listen to this free excerpt for March here.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Included in each Premium Wealth Forecast, is a printable PDF transcript and music selections that decode the unique star code messages for each month – all downloadable!

Kate Spreckley: Energy Report – March / April 2017

Energy Report – March / April 2017


We have reached a turning point, one that marks the crossing over into a new cycle of being. The beginning of this new cycle is marked by the Equinox on March 20th / 21st and is indicative of the new reality we will now inhabit. A new reality, which is the culmination of all the many, many shifts, changes and transformations that we have endured. This new cycle is the realization and actualization of your true divine self.

The first three months of 2017 have been a time of cleaning up and clearing out all that is no longer need. In this time you have descended into the depths of your soul to access your hidden qualities. You have ascended into elevated aspects of your being to gather expanded states of consciousness. You have shifted timelines and crossed dimensions retrieving long forgotten aspects of your soul. You have accepted your grief, your pain and your suffering. You have healed, realigned and reunited these aspects so that you may move forward unhindered by your past.

You are now in the midst of creating a new life, one that honors difference, accepts individuality, embraces creativity and allows balance. You are weaving a new world into existence. A world that unites all aspects of your being and enables you to truly feel and experience life from the center point of your soul. The next three months will involve a period of rejuvenation, which will accelerate your soul’s embodiment process. With this acceleration your personal growth and spiritual development will rapidly increase. You will travel beyond confusion and into the light of clarity. You will awaken to your soul’s truth and begin to know yourself as whole in the midst of all that life has to offer.

The incoming energies are fully activating your original divine blueprint and releasing your pure essence. The unique codes of light and energy, which define your soul, are shifting the patterns of subtle energies that have shaped your soul’s form and experiences. With this shift your energy field is naturally expanding and linking you to multidimensional consciousness. Your ability to see, hear and feel truth is being enhanced, enabling you to step fully into your soul’s consciousness. Clarity and wisdom are emerging, which is helping you to being creating a new life filled with the light of your soul.

If you can imagine that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, then you can understand that the new reality you are inhabiting also contains a divine blueprint. This divine blueprint reveals its self as you surrender control of your reality to your soul. As you do this your place and your purpose in the new reality begins to emerge and you are able to fully actualize your own divine blueprint. You are then able to work with what arises without the need to control and manipulate reality.

In April of 2017 the energy of rejuvenation and renewal will come in to sooth and to heal any remaining mental anguish and control issues you may have. You will need to surrender to your soul, which will enable you to enter into its inner sanctuary and ignite the seeds of wisdom germinating therein. These seeds of light and energy contain the inspiration and insights you need to rekindle the awakening of your soul’s gifts.

Connecting with these gifts initiates a journey into your soul’s mysterious depths. In these depths you will unveil your soul’s divine messages and find your way to greater self-knowledge. As you access this knowledge you will discover your true nature, your purpose, the dreams, prayers and hopes your soul has for this life. You will remember that your soul is also a keeper of divine wisdom and truth. You will come to understand that no real separation exists when you are in constant communion with your soul. Your soul then becomes a sacred sanctuary where your body, mind, heart and spirit can truly merge aiding you in becoming an embodiment of divine love.

In the coming months you are encouraged to dive into the depths of your soul, to unlock the sacred messages of your divine blueprint and to immerse yourself in its flowing light and energy. It is this that will support you in embracing the many blessings of this new reality, as well as the shifts and changes you will be required to make.

Selacia: Stay Calm During March Madness

March begins with a fiery energy, adding tensions on the world stage and within individuals seeking a respite from turbulence unfolding as 2017 began. Continue reading for tips on how to stay calm and find your center. Doing that regularly throughout the month is your key to progress on many fronts, including work and spiritual breakthroughs.

Progress Potentials

Despite the craziness playing out in the world, you indeed have many potentials to move forward this month.

One helpful factor is that there is an energy of change in the air. While that’s normal in many respects, the March energies support taking more risk and applying what you know with more confidence.

As you read those words, you likely connect with some ideas of practical application. Example: a project you want to take to the next level could benefit from your focus and action. Likewise, a new habit or even a new way of presenting yourself could be created.

On days when you feel intensity, step back and use spiritual alchemy so the intensity works for you and not against you. How? One way is to channel the intensity into something that stirs your passion. This is a way to supercharge a creative project or other activity.

Creatives know that some of the best songs and books are written during tense and difficult times. Use the material of your life for good.

March Goals

In the early days of March, consider making a short goals list of projects you want to manifest and situations you want to shift. If you keep your list specific and limited to 3-5 things, it may be easier to stay focused and on track.

Once you have your list, be sure to energize it daily with intentions and visualizing. The idea is to imagine the outcome as though it’s here now, with your enjoying the fruits. Avoid projecting it into the future, or it remains a future goal.

Do not be stingy with yourself. Remember that you are the creator of your life. Set the bar high and see yourself achieving your dreams.

You are a divine changemaker after all!

Calming Tips

To remain calm during March’s bumpy times, come back to basics. These include daily grounding and centering – essential for clear inner guidance, inner peace, and outer world success. You can’t be too grounded or too centered this month.

Also helpful will be taking short breaks from routine, sitting, and technology. Get up and out of your usual setting often, moving your body and your consciousness into different environments. Observe people enjoying the day, also taking moments to smile at strangers.

At least once daily become still and go within to ask this simple question: “What is the gift of X situation or dilemma?” The answer to that can help you move into a higher view that includes gratitude and perhaps even foresight about how a successful outcome can be achieved.

Energy Markers

Energy markers this month include the full moon in Virgo on the 12th, the change of seasons with the Aries equinox on the 20th, and a supercharged Aries new moon on the 27th. On such high-energy days, allow for heightened sensitivity and volatile situations. Strive to use the expanded energies for the good of yourself and others. Daily remind yourself that there is a higher purpose for your life, and even for current challenging life circumstances. Trust that divine right action helps you as a soul to live your best life.

Jennifer Hoffman: March 2017 Energy Report

Historically March has been said to ‘come in like a lion’ and it will. Let’s hope the second half of that sentence also applies, ‘it goes out like a lamb’ although I think, with all of the activity we are going to see this month, it may be a very big, toothy lamb.  So far this year we have been processing energy on every front and if you’re tired because you aren’t sleeping at night, you have been enduring the hurricane of energy shifts and downloads that have marked the year, this is not the month to sit down and rest. Rather, since it opens with the resonance from the year’s most powerful new moon solar eclipse on  February 26,  with powerful Mars energy and a Venus retrograde, there will be periods of big action and equally big inaction. And we have the equinox in March, and an interesting opposition of planets in Aries, the first sign, and Pisces, the last sign. It’s the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. March has two concurrent themes that will be running side by side all month, what has ‘gone to seed’ and is now finished and what is ready to take root and sprout, both appropriate themes for the month that celebrates spring.

March opens with an active Mars energy as it faces off in a variety of aspects with several of the big planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto that are both easy and challenging. This inspires us to move forward but we still have some clearing out to do and as we do we make room for more of the 5D energy to arrive. It is pouring in now, which is why you may feel great one moment, and terrible the next. We’re going to be in energy alignment, integration, and balancing mode all month.

Venus goes retrograde this month and it won’t go out of its retro mode until the end of April.  This happens once every two years and I have noticed that there are many more relationship issues in a year when Venus is retrograde. This retrograde happens in Aries, a sign Venus is not comfortable in, as it’s a sign of its detriment, in astrological terms. It will retrograde back into the last degrees of Pisces, its sign of exaltation (where it is most powerful), at the degree of February 1 so once again we move forward a few steps, then back a few steps.

Venus rules value and beauty and in Aries this can get personal. Our challenge is to know our own value this month and not base that on whether others find us valuable. Is our search for acceptance also a desire for approval, to know that we are worthy and deserving of someone’s love without considering what that approval costs us, in terms of our time, energy, and effort? So often we try to gain approval from someone who is tapped out as far as their approval energy, they have no more to give us. It’s a month for self awareness, self value, and self love, and Aries, as the first sign, is all about the self.

At the same time we continue with the Mars/Venus conjunction in Aries although Mars will move forward into the next sign, Taurus, which is Venus’ sign, in March. We had this conjunction throughout February, ushering in the divine feminine and divine masculine awakening. This continues in March as we learn and implement new definitions for this new paradigm and with Mars and Venus in mutual reception, in each others’ signs, we’ll have support for our new paradigm even if it comes at the cost of giving up our desire from those who can’t, don’t, or won’t value, love, or respect us. The divine in us doesn’t require approval from others but it does require self acceptance, and that is one thing we will be working on with this Venus retrograde.

And we have a new aspect in play this month, that of being the bridge between dimensions. This is not about standing on the 4D bridge ushering people across, this is about bridging the material and spiritual worlds, and finding our comfort zone in both. While we’re comfortable in the spiritual world because it feels better to us, we must find the same level of comfort in the material world.

We have long waited for the veil between the worlds to dissolve and it has been gone for several years now.  Although highly spiritual people find the material world difficult and challenging, the 5D energy integration requires us to learn to operate in 3D at a higher level. This is the ‘heaven on earth’ soul mission we have all been completing since our first incarnation. Every day brings us closer to its completion but that’s not because we reject the material world for the spiritual. Instead, we bring our spiritual energy to a material world that is hungry for greater spiritual meaning and presence.

We have a willing audience that is seeking new meaning and purpose as the illusion of 3D dis-integrates and its domination and control agenda dissolves. We will see more secrets and hidden agendas come to light this month and continuing through August. As the old 3D support systems fall away they must be replaced with the new 5D frequencies and that is where the bridge people must step up. What kind of bridge are you, a creaky unstable one that is falling apart from lack of use, or a sleek, strong one that invites people to cross over it with confidence? How confident are you with the material world and how grounded are you in both realities? That’s going to be a big test this month that continues throughout the year and into 2018. There is no more divide between spiritual and material, they are one and we must learn to be one with these energies too.

And we have more of the Atlantis energy coming to light as we shift the masculine domination to divine cooperation, replacing the power hungry agendas with community minded collaboration. The transition into 5D integration is not smooth as 3D won’t go down without a fight. There are beings and energies on the planet who must have 3D intact to survive and they are in their death throes now. Use your discernment this month as all may not be as it seems and remember that any news that generates a coordinated, full orchestra of denial is most definitely true.

We can’t forget some important aspects that are creating the chaos and revolution we are experiencing now. Pluto is setting off the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 to 2015 throughout the year. We still have an ongoing Saturn/Chiron square that will gain in strength as Saturn is now retrograding back to Chiron. The Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries is still in full force, empowering the voices that are now waking up and joining forces to bring the power back to the people, something Eris is very supportive of. The March 12 full moon exactly highlights Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and makes an uncomfortable angle to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Eris, Pluto, and Neptune, although the orb is wide. This provides an undercurrent of ongoing support for the changes that we’re making in every area of our individual and collective consciousness as we transition into more self aware, divine being. The theme of 2017 is Divine Congruence and that is going to be present in everything that happens this year.

The equinox on March 20 is the beginning of the solar new year, when we arrive at the zero point of the zodiac, 0 Aries. We enter this new cycle with the experienced wisdom of what we have gone through for the last 12 months and we are ready for a fresh start. Remember 2017 is a ‘1’ year in numerology, so it’s a new global cycle that builds on the foundation of what we have already learned. We’re still in the eclipse energy resonance path of February’s eclipses so bear that in mind as you go back and forth this month, stepping forward into new potentials only to take a step back and clear more blocks from the path to their manifestation. You can read my article on how to manage this energy at this link. We are making progress every day, so shine on, keep those lights bright and remember that the brightest lights deserve the biggest blessings. Have a wonderful month.


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Time of Fire, Time of Action! – March 2017 Energy Forecast by Emmanuel Dagher

energyforecastbanner 2015

Time of Fire, Time of Action!
– March 2017 Energy Forecast by Emmanuel Dagher

Dear Friend,

There’s a lot of fire energy in the world right now, which is another way of saying there are big changes and movements happening.

It also means that Now is the time to take action!

If we have been experiencing stagnancy, or felt like hibernating a bit, the fiery energies accessible to us at this time will help get things moving again.

For those who identify with being an empath, who are highly sensitive and aware of others’ energies, fiery energy can feel overwhelming at times.

Spending time in Nature, making sure we are well hydrated, and having a daily spiritual practice that helps to ground us, will help pacify any sense of overwhelm.

Here are some of the ways that fire energy can show up in our lives:
• Passion
• Motivation
• Vitality
• Anger
• Excitement
• Joy
• Heightened sexual desire
• Moodiness
• Inspiration
• Creativity

If you have been noticing these energies a bit more than usual, now you know why!

The energies listed above are an indicator that things are moving within us and all around us.

When given a healthy outlet, they serve as a vehicle that transports us to the kind of reality we truly desire.

These fiery energies support us in anchoring the energy of outer action. They can also help us feel more alive.

Now is the perfect time to begin new projects, make big decisions, travel, move, start a new relationship, invest, find a new hobby, or take a course to learn something new.

Love as a Daily Path

As these fiery energies heat up, they will powerfully support us in choosing love.

Love allows us to see the perfection in everything. It allows us to see beyond the illusions of separation.

Choosing love as our daily path is a powerful practice. Some days it can be hard to choose love, so let’s remember to be gentle with ourselves along the way.

We were raised in a world dominated by left-brain thought, which tends to look down upon the abilities of the heart. Yet we can experience more love by choosing to think less and feel more.

It’s important to understand that emotions are not the same as intuitive feelings. Emotions are mind-based reactions that judge something as being either good or bad.

Intuitive feelings are not about judgment. They are about your high heart resonating with something as being true for you, or not. In other words, your heart responds by either contracting or expanding.

We have also been taught that action is preferable to feeling and intuition. And yet, love is less about doing, and more about Being.

As we step into that state of Being that is love—living from the heart, and suspending all judgment—the Universe is always there for us, supporting us along the way.

Because when we choose to live in love, the Universe arranges everything in our outer world so that we can experience even more love.

The more we become aware of these opportunities and move into them, the easier it becomes to anchor love into our reality as a way of life.

It is important to realize that though we were taught otherwise, real love does not have any conditions placed around it. It also does not indicate weakness.

It is time to become aware of belief systems that are simply mind-based structures that distract us. They move us away from our true nature, which is based on real love. A love that does not judge, and does not cause us or another pain or hardship. A love that does not require us to give up or hide some part of ourselves.

True love is an unwavering frequency that flows through all of life. Choosing to be and embody love means that we immediately align with this constant flow.

In that moment, all of the resistance we have to life fades away, so that everything in our lives flows much more easily.

Our Higher Self: The Power of Love

Because we have so many misconceptions about what “power” really is, many of us have hesitated to reclaim our own innate power. We tend to associate it with misused power, the kind that is corrupt or controlling.

An ego-based use of power is usually a sort of misdirected creativity—a false form the mind created as a result of losing connection to its Higher Self.

It’s a form of self-protection that comes from forgetting that we don’t need to be controlling outwardly. We are always safe and provided for, on a higher level.

But in this new and exciting era we are now in, we are collectively remembering the truth of how powerful our Higher Selves really are.

This is a powerful awakening, and one that is allowing us to fully reclaim our true and authentic power, which is interested purely in serving our and everyone’s higher good.

In this time when so many are ascending into the fifth dimension, we are rising out of the lower dimension of duality, judgment, and narrow-mindedness.

This is freeing us to move out of the illusions of the false outer power we have been shown for so long, and into the true power of our real inner nature—and that is based on the power of love.

Releasing the Victim Role

If there was ever a time to release the victim archetypes that we as human beings have identified with for so long, it is now.

We can of course honor these archetypes for working to keep us safe and protected for thousands of years. As our minds looked out on a dangerous world, they concentrated purely on survival.

But we now know that a world built mainly upon the idea of survival is not a world that is in alignment with who we are at our core: a Divine Being, carrying Love as our highest purpose.

As Divine Love Beings, we are here to do far more than survive. We now seek to thrive, and to love ourselves and the world around us, affirming that we are constantly safe and protected, even though our survival-based minds may try to tell us otherwise.

So now, as we release the victim role, we can joyfully welcome in our Higher Self.

Releasing victim consciousness means taking on board several empowering ideas, even if they seem to go against the grain at times.

The first step is to accept every person, every experience, and every outer situation that comes to us, without trying to change it.

We don’t have to agree with everything and everyone we meet. We just need to release the need to let outer conditions—and our reactions to them—define who we are. Through acceptance, we also release the need to dwell on the past and what may have been.

The second powerful step toward releasing victim consciousness is to release the need to blame.

We tend to feel the need to blame when something goes wrong, because we have been taught that there is always something or someone outside of ourselves who is right/wrong or good/bad—someone or something else that is responsible for our experiences.

We are at a place now where we know that this cannot be true. And that blaming others always leads us away from the peace of our Higher Self.

This is why the Dalai Lama has said, “When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.”

We know now that we are the Creators of all of our experiences.

We can release the need to judge simply by realizing that as we operate from our Higher Selves, we acknowledge ourselves as Creator of all we are and all we experience.

When we act or feel as our Higher Selves, we do only what feels to be in alignment with our high heart, releasing what doesn’t.

Blaming ourselves or others holds us back from connecting with our Highest, most Divine Self.

The third step to releasing the victim role is to take full responsibility for our lives and well-being.

The victim mindset won’t necessarily approve of this new behavior. It may well resist when it hears that we are responsible for our lives and well-being.

It senses that it is losing its job. And it can no longer take comfort in separating itself, supported by the illusion that whatever we need has to come to us from outside ourselves.

It is natural to feel that resistance. But as we take responsibility for our lives and our well-being, we actively move out of victim consciousness, and into Creator consciousness.

It is in our Creator consciousness that we are able to move mountains. At that moment, when we are reclaiming our true inner power, we are able to manifest from the most authentic and powerful aspect of ourselves.

Taking these three steps actively supports our transition from victim consciousness to Creator consciousness.

As we move forward in Creator Consciousness, we remember that at our core, we have always been Love itself.

That is what’s happening right now.

We are remembering that we are all family. And the illusions of separation through race, gender, roles, job titles, class systems, structures, religions, and sexual orientations, are dissolving and fading away.

Love is making a huge comeback in the consciousness of humanity.

Love has always been here, but now, it will be center stage.

Watch this space!

Miraculously Yours,


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March Monthly Update by Cobra and Another Interview

While these are the same 2 interviews released on Prepare for Change, the pertinent thing is the final link to VOLUMES of references from prior interviews. ~PB

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Monthly Update by Cobra and Another Interview

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Victory of the Light!

23rd March 2016: Lunar Eclipse in Libra: On Meeting Intensity With Gentleness By Sarah Varcas | Astro-Awakenings

23rd March 2016: Lunar Eclipse in Libra:

On Meeting Intensity With Gentleness

By Sarah Varcas | Astro-Awakenings

The lunar eclipse occurs in the 4th degree of Libra at 11:48 a.m. UT and augurs a time of high emotion and short tempers if we fail to remember that the urgency we currently feel is not to be trusted! With Saturn stationing retrograde in a few days’ time, we may already be feeling the burden of trying to remain positive when much around us seems to be spiralling into negativity. Previously buoyant attitudes may be waning, fears bubbling up and anxieties taking centre stage. If so, it’s time to cut ourselves and each other some slack; to accept that waves of energy come and go. Activity is followed by exhaustion, progress by inertia, excitement by quiet repose. If we try to push too hard against prevailing conditions now, desperate to maintain ‘progress’ no matter what, we may end up burning out and creating more stress rather than less. We cannot, at this point, extricate ourselves into ‘better times’ simply by sheer force of will. It is time to rest, stop and reflect. To allow to arise thoughts and feelings we may have been avoiding, for in doing so our inner world can begin a return to balance, rather than forcing it to run on empty because we’ve failed to refuel when necessary.

As eclipses go, and despite being far from total, this is a fairly intense one. But we can ease the load for ourselves and each other by choosing acceptance over judgement, love over fear, communication over withdrawal and hope over despair. We may be tempted to retreat into highly subjective positions now, assuming truth without putting assumptions to the test, forgetting that life from another person’s perspective can make equal sense even when their perspective is diametrically opposed to our own! Battles over who’s right and who’s wrong, who has the upper hand or moral high-ground, who did what to whom – none of these will help right now! It’s far more important to focus on what we share not what divides: the common ground that being human provides. The polarisation of individuals, systems of thought and belief, lifestyles and priorities, is becoming especially stark these days. This eclipse alerts us to the eventual destination if we continue further down that road – a place of conflict and hatred, power struggles and oppression. It urges us to let go the need to be right and embrace the possibilities inherent in deep listening and deep seeing: looking into our ‘enemy’ and recognising even the tiniest smidgen of shared humanity upon which can be built foundations for a new world.

The world as it stands is challenged by many opposing forces now. We feel them both personally and collectively, pushing against our own will, raising difficult questions, triggering issues we would rather avoid. How we manage our own inner conflicts largely dictates how we manage external ones. If we struggle with our own anger or hatred, telling ourselves we shouldn’t feel this way, we will struggle to respond effectively to the anger of others. If we fear our own power – preferring to see ourselves as victim rather than creator – we may too readily succumb to the power wielded by others, adopting their thoughts and priorities, behaviours and lifestyles without discerning the right path for us. If we refuse to acknowledge our own inner tyrant who demands its own way no matter what, we may project it onto the world around us, pointing the finger at those bullies out there without recognising their reflection within ourselves.

There is much to be seen and understood at this time. The floodgates holding back the unconscious are opened by this eclipse and we may feel overwhelmed by what comes pouring through. But remember, whatever it is, it is only ourselves. You and me in our fullness: good and bad, positive and negative, loving and hateful, accepting and impatient. We identify with those parts of ourselves we can live with and avoid the bits we can’t, when in fact we can live with all of it when wise discernment, gentle acceptance, compassion and understanding inform our attitude and shape our inner and outer relationships.

We are all in the same boat, we human beings, battered by the winds and torrential rain of emotion, warmed by the sunshine and life-giving showers of spirit. Uniquely separate at one level and united at another, this eclipse encourages us to reflect upon what divides us, what unites us and how we can move forward together in a life-affirming and positive way. It is time to encourage each other and ourselves. To hold up to others a mirror in which they can see their potential, not their failings: a child of god not an orphan of circumstance. If we each use this eclipse to do three things – allow ourselves to rest, forgive ourselves at least one ‘failing’ and encourage one other person to love who they are – we will have done it, and ourselves, very proud.

Interested in using astrology to enhance your personal and spiritual development? Check out my Self-Study Astrology Course and let astrology change your life!

Sarah Varcas