RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: Yep, Cobra confirms … We succeeded, & they’ve been forced out of their holes

Yep, Cobra confirms … We succeeded, & they’ve been forced out of their holes: 144K Post Anti-Lockdown / Equinox Mass Meditation Debrief | RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH

 144k HQ – REPORT <>

144K Post Anti-Lockdown / Equinox Mass Meditation Debrief 

This is a short report on the post dual Mass Meditations landscape
(of Sept 21 & 22).

Cobra has just confirmed the success of or Mass Meditations:
” … Saturn Chariklo conjunction on September 21st meant peak quarantine status for this planet, both as a planetary quarantine and as covid quarantine, and now the dark forces are daily losing their grip upon the surface of this planet.​..”

He goes on to say the Cabal will still try & impose its lock-down. But … as Cobra just put it, they’re now losing their grip on the surface situation.

(in one, or both of these two meditations)!

YOU helped …WE made the difference … and placed Gaia on to the higher timeline, where the nastiest possibilities don’t happen!
So much so, that …

… it appears that most or all remaining [dark force] assets have been found … exposed … and or forced out in the open.

​Cobra also just confirmed (almost certainly a result of our energetic & timeline impact) … that most or all remaining sub-lunar Draco / Dark fleets & also underground Cabal assets have been forced out  – to engage all Light Forces due to their accelerated – and inevitable – exposure.
In desperation, they’ve now tried to ‘break-out’ of the quarantine the Light Forces have on them, resulting in the huge escalation in combat engagement.

In other words – what was always going to happen before the final ‘wipe-out’ of all dark sub-lunar & underground assets (huge escalation of battles) has already started … perhaps pre-maturely based on expectations of the previous timeline …
… thanks to us!
:- )

Yes … we will be heeding Cobra’s/The Light Force’s call for more energy work (mass Meditations) on the:

Mars-Saturn Square of Sept 29 (4:30 PM New York time zone)
Mars-Pluto Square of Oct 9 (8:00 AM New York time zone)

Exact times for your time zone will be sent to you, so watch for that closely.

We’re really turning things around, because such an escalation in military engagements wasn’t really meant to start until after the US elections.

In the next week or so, we will be forming an “elite corps” here at 144K HQ, of members who are ready and able to do deep energy work on the planet (and on their personal situations as needed) approximately 3x per week. More info on that soon.

In the meantime, you can do a slightly more advanced version of the 10min daily Flower Of Life Meditation the Light Forces are requesting (with visual aids to help with this) right here.
Stay-the-course …

Again, if you’re struggling … use the Codes. They’re there for a reason, to make things much easier for you, without the added time or effort on your part. Your abilities need to be further unleashed too. (And if they are ‘tugging’ on your implants when they’re desperate, the Implants Removal Code is there to help you remove and defeat your implants).

Things are critical right now … so much so … that I’m re-activating the 144K only 66% OFF Coupon Code.  TimeToBREATHEandRise 

Proceeds will go towards recruit way more new 144K Members for even BIGGER Mass Meditations this autumn.


Yours In Service …
The Unknown Lightwarrior
Return To Your Truth Dot Com LLC
2155 Suite A, Shelby Dr
Arizona 86336
United States



Published on Aug 26, 2019

#NewMoon #September #CosmicRays

I tried recording this yesterday but it was all rambles lol so sorry if this was rambling too- I didn’t relisten- just post.



**when I talk about portals- this is all based off of my own system from documenting these waves for several years in connection to the sun, moon & specific planetary transits along w galactic portal dates 13 moon calender. These Cosmic waves/rays raise our consciousness and give us the ability to use our True Self to consciously cocreate using the Planets, moon cycles, tones, portal dates, astroids, stars, etc.. within this cycle- which is the Feminine cycle.



These energies bring amazing potential to balance any polarity or duality within/without & give us a stronger awareness of what we are manifesting consciously & unconsciously – what seeds we are planting within ourselves & others, and what we are co-creating with others. We are choosing our reality by our beliefs, not by wants, unless the want matches the belief. When our DNA activates, (more & more) you begin to be aware of you writing your script, while watching others play parts or character roles that they are completely unaware of. You become the Avatar of your higher consciousness.. still in the experience but with a perception that is beyond the experience.

Use these energies to access insights/downloads/codes/activations/to manifest/heal!



New Moon Portal opens 8/27

Solar energy activated by New Moon in Virgo 8/30-9/1

so these cosmic rays may be felt from the new moon portal opening to the new moon activation point 8/27- 9/1. Some that hear frequencies, will begin to hear around the 27th


Light Codes flooding in 9/8


Full Moon portal opens 9/10-9/11

Full Moon 9/13 activates mini wave


Saturn direct 9/18


Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune 9/13


Light Codes Central Sun & GAP day/last day of 2nd moon cycle 9/19


9/20 first day of 3rd moon cycle


9/22 Equinox Light codes begin to come in

9/23 Equinox


9/26 wave begins from New Moon on 9/28



I am finishing up recording some of the readings for the channel and or Patreon for September & i’ll be getting to some emails sometime later in the week.


**Visual I was shown of the Sun:

The moon crossing the Sun causes a vortex within the Sun to go in the opposite direction (towards the back) then as the moon passing the Sun, the energy within the vortex of the Sun is slingshotted through the vortex & out the other side. This was coming in nonstop over the last couple days so I thought i’d share.

I was also shown how we are accessing Quantum Codes & etheric DNA, which also activate the use of the entire brain instead of just a portion or small percentage. Right now, I feel, is a prep & an etheric clearing/restructuring (just like I started seeing w the etheric bodies of the trees 4 weeks ago) for the energy of this new Cosmic Cycle & the New Sun cycle.. we are always creating something new ontop of the past, present, future. We are adjusting to the shifts in energy, timing frequency & cycles/timelines (which are also codes/number/geometry patterns/states of consciousness)

**also, if you believe “they” or others are “not awake” or “evil” “never gonna get it” “not on your level” “simple minded” etc… thats the ego/personality. Or even spiritual ego. There are people that are awake but talk like everyone is below them, why is that? Because the ego/personality is still in control. If you talk/act/belief another is not at the same “level” then YOU create that reality or keep that way of thinking, that paradigm and duality, in existence. Not starts in you. Don’t believe upon another you wouldn’t want to believe or create upon yourself. It’s how the duality matrix stays in motion- our beliefs. This is why if I listen to anything on youtube, I close my eyes & feel it, to see beyond the physical illusion without distraction.

Thank you for your support!

💜I will be talking more about messages I’ve been receiving about the upcoming shifts/cycles at Fleurbrun’s conference honoring the DIVINE FEMININE CYCLE.


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Aluna Ash- 9D: MASSIVE SHIFTS! 8/2


Published on Aug 21, 2019


Oops- 2nd moon cycle begins 8/23 not 8/22** 8/22 is the last day of the 1st moon cycle.
Changes with the Trees video:

I believe what I started seeing w the trees etheric bodies starting 3 1/2 weeks ago nonstop was the Amazon coming to the collective consciousness. I couldn’t figure out exactly why I was seeing the aetheric body of the trees looking dead I thought maybe I was seeing the transformation of the seasons that hasn’t fully manifested in the physical tree yet in the etheric body. But im seeing energy shifts w insects/plants/everything so maybe its both. Seeing the changes w the trees as group consciousness clairvoyantly/ in mind’s eye & the change on the kingdoms taking place.

So with this timing shift, you may have to check what matrix day it is more often..or the “time” which is all just a construct of thought. We developed a web of thoughtforms that created a grid system and an artificial timing frequency that has kept us out of sync with the natural rhythms of synchronicity and the ebb and flow of our multidimensional energy. Now we are re-merging with that. In sense, the false timing construct is dissolved that has kept the artificial timing frequency of the matrix “alive” for many.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is you can bring tools that are connected to your 3rd dimensional experience to your higher dimensional timeline, 5D & beyond.. as long as it’s in alignment with you at a heart and soul level. Example: Tarot, tarot is aligned with me but in a different way now than it once was.. I don’t watch tarot readings anymore but I enjoy doing readings & I enjoy the energy and archetypes and the symbolism… and the way I do readings is evolving with me as I evolve. Same thing with astrology.. my view on the energy and archetypes has changed so much that I no longer resonate with watching astrology videos like I once did, unless it shows up in my reality (through synchronicity, not really seeking or looking for it) but I still use/talk about astrology. So what I’m saying is if something’s aligned with you but you have changed me fall if you can still take that with you and incorporate that into your life in a different way.

We have a couple of massive periods of constant 6D Light Codes coming in soon🤗🤗 basically from about October 23rd to the December 25th Solar Eclipse, which is a pivotal point in this multi-dimensional timeline merge. All in connection to the new cosmic cycle of the Divine Feminine, the tone of this Galactic year & what it represents and re-merging with the 13th gate which has been blocked off during our descending cycle within the Gregorian calendar timing system- 12:60 timing frequency which is a looping system, that in a way, kept many blocked off from the natural rhythms of synchronicity, our multidimensional selves, the natural rhythm of energy and what we call planets, Stars Sun, Moon, Astroids, etc..

In this cycle, more of the collective is moving beyond time & aware of it, so how we measure “time” will change with it. 2012 was the galactic link up to this timing system… there’s been a lot of different things said about what 2012 actually was/is/represented. I know it to be the galactic link up of the new system/new paradigm connected to the natural timing frequency & creation point of a new construct through sovereignty that we are experiencing now among other things

8/23-8/24 influx of Light Codes

New moon portal- 8/27- 8/30

Rays coming in through the New Moon- 8/30-9/2

Shifts 9/21-923 Equinox to balance the feminine and masculine energies before we have more of the cosmic energy coming in from Mid October to December 25th Solar Eclipse.

This is a powerful & beautiful time. YOU choose your timeline, we’re multidimensional & you can move out of any situation!




Aluna Ash- 9D: Energy Update- Incoming Shifts/Stellar Plasma Through Sun

Energy Update- Incoming Shifts/Stellar Plasma Through Sun

Streamed live 5 hours ago

I already mentioned this last week or the week before but we have another Plasma wave coming in through the Sun- active and will peak at different times depending on where you live as far as hemispheres and how you experience the energy individually so how you tune into the sun and the planets in the collective Consciousness because there will be a spike in the Schumann resonance with this. This can create winds and changes in weather, and the usual energy shifts emotionally mentally physically and spiritually. You may also feel increases in sexual energy.

I forgot to mention, the codes/frequencies that come through these rays are what are connected to synchronicity and number manipulation by the ones (once) in control of the entertainment, collective perception and money systems. Example: 13D, sirius b ray-52, 52 used often in numerology manipulation using synchronicities which are the fabric of the holographic reality through ray projection. (The projections are just layers of light.) This is one of many base numbers used most often. Time is cylical so events flow through number/frequency- cause and affect, based off the time dimensional frequency and projection. Its the mind creates the duality/division. Not the natural reality. The division here on this planet is due to our mental projection individually and as a collective consciousness.

And it’s not even really about a particular situation or experience but all of our experiences that is creating in unfolding of pure potential to create a completely new paradigm, as Lisa Harrison would call it “deconstructing the construct” which I think is the most perfect reference for what this is and what we’re doing

Each experience is based of perception/projection- some may feel the cosmic rays, some may not. Some may see them, some may not.

Either way, the importance is focused on staying in the excitement of creating and having that my opinion. Everything I speak on is my own perception so may not resonate!!

Our sun is a portal- for these rays/projections. The rays coming through the Sun are causing the “magnetic” sun or “Divine Feminine” cycle.

We are by Divine design- shifts right now are spiritual then physical and vice versa.


Lisa Transcendence Brown: Actualizing Your Dreams AS REALity through Your LightBody

Actualizing Your Dreams AS REALity through Your LightBody

a message from Lisa Transcendence Brown

Thursday, 6 September, 2018  (posted 10 September, 2018)

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

Deep within your Consciousness…. all of your Dreams exist…

Deep Within is Where WE all go, in order to activate and access this…

Sifting through the “clutter”, the illusions of the old…. those limits, conditions and “I don’t trust, I don’t believe” … is a necessary part for us all. It’s HOW we awaken from our own amnesia here and it’s how we FEEL the EXCITEMENT of our own NEW Earth REALities… to then anchor and create/birth all into our own physical experiences here.

Light Codes & DNA Re-Writes: These are challenging at first, because they push our human aspect beyond anything we could perceive before, beyond every self-imposed belief, limit and all that we “thought”….. Light Codes (Universal/Cosmic) these re-write our DNA… yet they “take away” any human “control”… as to EMBODY THE VASTNESS OF PURE SOURCE LIGHT, our Ego does have to completely dissolve. There’s not enough “room inside” for the NEW and the OLD to both maintain command….. The “driver” of your Ship, the “Commander” of your Personal Light Ship (Merkaba/Star Gate System) is your Highest Vibrational Aspect of who you truly are…..

DREAMS come alive as you embrace them and are ready to “make them real”. The beauty, magic and magnificence, the JOY…. becomes your NEW DESIRE…. on a Soul Level… all your Dreams do “come true”…. when you/we each stop “not believing”……

Your own judgment, your own limits, your own excuses and lack of trust, your own choices, your own priorities… these determine all.

I remember when I used to discount all, used to only believe the physical reality right in front of me and “all of this” was not tangible, not dependable, not believable…. not possible. The reason was because of where I “lived” from. My head. My own separation. My own need to control. My own lack of trust, because I didn’t have an open connection with my own higher selves/Soul. I had shut completely down, my heart was completely closed…. and because of this, my own awakening processes were beyond extreme and intense…. because I had so many walls of protection, I held onto so much and I was “scared” of the “Unknown” and what I could not control…. which was my own ego aspect, the one that lives in fear…. while appearing to be the strongest, the most “powerful” in my own reality…. none of it was “real”. It was all my own limits….. yet I didn’t have access to see this, until my own heart started to open fully….

Years later, after going through my own depths of hell, after going through my own awakening journey of transcending separation consciousness and learning HOW to LIVE through full UNITY LOVE Consciousness in my own reality here…. years of creating, exploring, expanding and anchoring a ridiculous amount of light in my own physical body structure…. the DREAM is REAL….. because I opened up to something “beyond my ego self”, I started to care about others, I started to make a difference, I started to share my own Light, my own “Gifts” (natural abilities), my things….. I started to REAL-EYES how important expanding my own consciousness was FOR US ALL here.  Yes, I had to travel through my own separation to see, I had to let go of everything not aligned…. because this is a part of clearing all of that energy that kept that as REALity. I had to choose….. as we all do. This is what the human aspect calls “free will”. Yet even this is greatly misunderstood…. as most everything on this journey is.

DREAMS ARE AVAILABLE to all…… as each ALLOWS themselves to DREAM….

Yet not sitting around “waiting” for them to just drop in our laps from “doing nothing”…. which is what our ego aspect loves to do… we actually are FULLY CONSCIOUS PARTICIPANTS in anchoring, creating and aligning our own realities ourselves…. as our Higher/Highest Selves.

First we anchor every ounce of Light that activates every day. Then we get up and we “do”… all of the things that we SEE…. as the VIBRATION WE ARE TRANSMITTING OUT…. is that we are truly ready to RECEIVE.

First we open our hearts fully…. and learn to allow for magic as our new realities here.

First we open our hearts and listen to our own Higher Selves.

First we open our hearts and embrace the virtual unknown.

First we open our hearts and accept that our ego does not have access to our higher dimensional realms/realities….

First we open our hearts and surrender all the judgment, limits and emotions that keep us in the old prisons of unconsciousness…

First we open our hearts and get ready for all new…

First we open our hearts and allow our higher mind consciousness to open up…

First we stop short-changing ourselves and waiting on “others” to “do for us”…

First we stop allowing the “old” to be our current reality anymore…

First we choose to let go of anything that does not support our highest existences as LOVE…

As you can see, there are many “firsts”, because when we exist from ZERO POINT FIELD… everything is “this now”…. they are all first… and we have to “Learn” how to “do them all”, how to Master ourselves…. and LIVE a WHOLE NEW LIFE that emanates from our own PURE SOURCE

LIGHT LOVE….. and radiates out to change the vibrational dimension of all…..

Our highest dimensional DREAMS come to us as WE shift our own vibration out of all of that Lack and fully into pure love……

Our highest dimensional DREAMS are easy when we are fully aligned…

Our highest dimensional DREAMS are our NEW Earth REALities experienced because we chose…

Our highest dimensional DREAMS are a vibrational RESPONSE to what we focus our own ENERGY and reSOURCEs on….

Our highest dimensional DREAMS have already occurred…. we just “step into” them (vibrate) as they materialize here for us…..

First we open up to D-R-E-A-M and then we “get up” and we “do” what we see will allow that to occur easily for us all…. AS LOVE…..

Let your judgment go, for if you are judging others for living awesomeness, then you are unable to live awesome too. If you are projecting your fears, anger and hurt out… then that’s what you are creating to experience here. If you are fully embracing your NEW EARTH REALITIES fully too, you’ll be UNITING, supporting, contributing and excited….. and you won’t be placing limits on yourself or others anymore. You’ll be uplifting, you’ll be inspiring, you’ll actually truly care……. you will see how important your own contribution of your whole SOUL is necessary for you to experience your highest everything here……

Step away from “reality”….. observe it… just see…. just close your eyes, go deep inside, find your own inner peace. Reconnect to that deep profound love that’s available as you do. Access your deep inner-knowing… let this pre-VAIL for you….

BE READY for DREAMS to replace your fears….

BE READY for excitement to replace your intrepidation…

BE READY for all new… out of the “blue”… like “magic” to appear for you…

BE READY to rock out awesomeness…. and do the work too……


We choose/chose. We committed our own energy and all that we had to SERVICE TO HUMANITY, by honoring ourselves, by honoring our LIGHTBODY UPGRADES and making integration (DNA RE-WRITES) our own priority and we surrendered fully to our own highest everything to be our ONLY REALITY….. and it worked.

MAGIC IS WHERE WE LIVE… because magic is inside.

BEAUTY IS ABOUT…. because beauty is a presence, an essence and a feeling that emanates out.

KINDNESS, CARING, RESPECT… is what we experience, because this is HOW WE LIVE and how we treat each other…..

ABUNDANCE is a state of Consciousness… which translates into Value, Prosperity and Wealth… it’s not a “thing” at first, it’s how we feel, treat ourselves and the VALUE WE HOLD from a fully connected state as LOVE… for ourselves and each other….on a whole… as ONE, yet it’s so much more that that… because it’s also identifying all that is not Love-Unity-Consciousness and stopping supporting/feeding/allowing/re-creating that as our own realities here….

PEACE, BLISS, SERENITY… these are energies we hold through all….

DIVINE PRESENCE is what calls forth realities to support easily…

ZERO EGO …. yes, we can live and exist these ways, because we see our own ego/programs and we dissolve/resolve them ourselves… therefore they no longer “play out” in any of our realities here….

OUR REALITY is as we CREATE it to be, as we allow it to be… and a vibrational response to what we HOLD…. in every nano-second here. We observe ourselves to figure out what this is… and we shift the vibrational energy ourselves…. as PURE SOURCE LIGHT… it’s just one of our simple abilities… and responsibilities as LOVE here.

There are no victims or “less” in our realities… that was a human game we all played before. Seeing victims, seeing less is the ego aspect still unconscious… playing out duality programming…. and each’s heart is closed, which means their minds are closed, which mean each is operating at a vibrational frequency anchoring their bodies in an old unconscious matrix program/dimension/reality still…..

EACH have to CHOOSE to break the cycle… that’s how this works…. the ENERGY MUST DISSOLVE… or the REALity continues until it does…..

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL NEW EARTH means that we all get to CHOOSE the DIMENSION our bodies occupy, therefore dictating our actual physical experiences here…..

In order to vibrate at an oscillatory rate “fast enough” to physically “ascend our bodies”, we have to clear/drop the density that “slows our field spin down”…. and realize that the more expanded we become, the easier this is to maintain….


Means that Light leads the way, Light illuminates all and Light is how you transmit LOVE… through your own Divine Presence here. Your presence dictates your actions, your behavior and how others READ YOUR ENERGY TOO…. If your heart is closed, then you have “nothing to offer”… so you have to open your heart fully for YOUR LIGHT TO WORK FOR YOU….

Yes, your Light will do the work for you. Your Quantum Cells/Your LightBody spans all dimensions/times… as all exists as ONE, without the separation between any of these, so all becomes “easier” for you here……. Your ego will always be challenged, so expansion is necessary to “go beyond this”…. Your Light calls all forth for you…. it speaks for you…. it recodes every reality FOR YOU…. all you “have to do” is BE PURE LIGHT with every breath and everything you do too……

When you release the limits and conditions, the limits and conditions dissolve…

When you release the stories, the energy you had all tied up in “that” can now be focused on what you do desire to experience as love here.

When you are TRULY READY…. NEW Earth will fully be visible and start to materialize fully for you here….

When your heart is wide open, your mind is too… and NEW Earth is birthed from within you and felt all around you …. first surreal, fuzzy, kind of dreamy, floaty feeling… then more real every day…..

Until NEW EARTH IS ALL YOU KNOW… because YOU ARE NEW EARTH…. with your every breath too…..

p.s. Remember, challenges are to resolve all human limits and old beliefs that you hold. Alternate realities are available as you see new alternatives to your old ways…. Your old ways are your Old Earth realities…. expanding fully activates those Light Codes for your own Alternate Realities to become visible from within….. ♥ Everyone exists in their own Universe now…. they always did… yet each was unable to see…. close your eyes and see this… then choose how you’d like to navigate and experience your own. ♥

Each’s Consciousness and body’s vibration will dictate this.


Keep embracing and making Magic! Abundant blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

       ♥ Lisa

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

This message was originally posted here

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Ascension Notes: In the Midst of Eclipses – 24-Jul-2018 by Kara Schallock | Soulstice Rising


More Light downloads?! Yep! This Light influx goes deep into Gaia; into Her heart actually; and this affects all living within Her, including ourselves of course. With more Light, there is more Awareness of old patterns to let go of as well as a heightened version of who we are. Drama intensifies as it is loosening its grip. You see, when something is about to transform, it gets really strong and in your face. Wave good-bye and don’t engage in the drama, lest you activate it more. Stay strong!

If you have been having memories of your past, realize this is a clearing. Be reminded that with every clearing, you also clear your ancestry (lineage) as well as your ancestors. This is quite freeing for you and them. Also know that it’s safe for you to share your gifts openly when it wasn’t so nice in the past; whether you were killed, ridiculed or persecuted, that all is cleared. You can share now without fear of reprisal. If it seems you’ve been waiting awhile to see how to show your gifts, all comes when you are ready…in Divine Time. Wait till something truly resonates without the urge to “just do something.” Separate ego wants doing; Soul wants being. Be still and patient. Meanwhile, continue to Be and continue to let go of anything that is not Love (Source). Express and experience yourself more than where you live, what you do and what you look like. You are much more than any description you have of yourself.

When you are truly an awakened one, you accept Divine Love wholly and completely; you are One with and as Source; therefore, you hear your Soul Song clearly. You are aware of opportunities, rather than seeing only challenges. Awakening is not one big event; nothing happens like that. Awakening is a continuous flow, as is everything. With Awakening, you become more and more authentic. There is no need to hide who you are or mask your true identity. When you are fully awake and authentic, it becomes a part of you, like breathing.

We are in the middle of eclipses, so there is an Opportunity to be more. The Solar Eclipse of earlier this month brought up many old emotions. As emotions arise in you or others, step away and breathe. How you react creates more of the same. If you respond, you flow with the energy rather than against it and this also creates more of the same. There may be lots of physical adjustments, so you may be more Light. Observe your body changes. I had a funny thought this morning as I lay in bed somewhere between full wakefulness and sleep. What if we are changing into an animal? What if we are fully merging with our Totem? My Totem is Raven. Am I sprouting wings? Can I fly? Can I purr like Raven does at times? Of course! What Totem are you merging with and as? What are you learning? What gifts is your Totem showing you that are a part of who you are?

As this next Eclipse comes (we’re in its energy now), how is your body changing? We continue to let go of ancesteral lineage and old guilts created by unaware actions of our past. There may be some returning or new phenomena. For me, I experience rashes, dry skin, some strange headaches, dizziness and many other things that I have been experiencing for years and some new ones as well. All is in Divine Order.If you experience illness, this may be due to an adherence to the old (resistance). There are many endings as well as new beginnings. These new and old cycles reveal themselves individually. Only you know what it means for you. Pay attention to your sacred sight, sacred hearing, sacred knowing and sacred feeling, as these are being upgraded and will continue to do so. Gaia is releasing as you are; you not only feel this, you know it, see it and hear it. Be a strong lighthouse. This is standing in your Power, knowing that you give off Light to help. You are becoming stronger in your Authenticity and Light. It continues to help you evolve in pure consciousness. You are Christed; you have everything within you. It sits dormant, waiting for you to know it and be it.

Love and accept yourself, as you do with all other life forms. As one wise woman once said, “They go low, you go high.” It does not matter how another chooses to be; always be Love and remember that there is no real separation between you and others. There are just different degrees of Awakening. Be gentle with yourself when it seems your old self emerges from time to time. Honor who you were, who you are and who you’re becoming. It is so easy to go back to who you were and seemingly challenging to fully be who you are now. The New takes Commitment and ongoing Awareness. The old is easy to slip back into, because it’s what we have known. Yet the more you accentuate the New as you, the easier it becomes to be in the New; then it’s all you know; as simple and easy as breathing. Ease.

Let all of your past go so you don’t continuously repeat it. Some issues and people clear automatically. Don’t rush back to save or fix it. Let it go, whether it is people, things or attitudes. You need not perceive it as loss; it simply is Soul’s way of clearing you so you may evolve and be more Love/Light. We need not fix anything; just let it be. Once you are clear of the old, much is also cleared in your life. Opportunities show up, you intuit new directions and that which is to be in your life remains or returns…or not. Trust Divine Order. Does that feel freeing?

There is no need to be confused or lost. If you are guided by your Intuition to take a step in a particular direction, do so. If not, it’s not yet time. Do only that which is of the Heart; of Intuition. It comes in spurts at times and if it’s from Soul, it will not let go till you take an action step. Feel first and then act. Often you may simply observe yourself taking a step without thought. This is great! There is no thinking or analyzing involved when you act from the Heart. The Heart needs no explanation or “why;” it simply is.

As we are infused by this huge Light, we may feel very complacent with barely any energy; however, we are expanding mentally, spiritually and physically and are extremely sensitive to all in our environment…the dog barking seems louder and any noise seems intolerable and so it goes. There is nothing to be concerned about; we are simply vibrating higher in much higher dimensions, while in our 3D bodies. What is great about nuisances is that they bring us right into the moment. It’s all orchestrated by Source. Cool, huh? We get to choose our state of being. We can discard and ignore upgrades and downloads and remain small or we can open up and invite it all in. We can be grateful or resistant. We have Free Will…always. Know as you move through the 3D world, you move with Awareness. Our Lightbodies are activated and as we truly know this, we disengage from the old, controlling matrix, because we know who we are.

We are transitioning to a more expansive consciousness. This affects our world and beyond as well. We are building the New step by step. Stay in your lane, focused. Are you in the fast lane or the slow lane? It doesn’t matter at all. All lanes go forward not backward. We may shift lanes at times, yet we all arrive. Ooops! Did you get stopped for going too fast or slow? No worries; adjust your speed; any warning/message is to help you be congruent with your Soul.

Being in the Lunar Eclipse is like surfing the biggest wave ever. As you ride the wave, stay centered, be open and know you are not only Love; you are loved!

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!


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Celia Fenn: The Earth in Transition to New Earth: The Future is Now

The Earth in Transition to New Earth : The Future is Now

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Noordhoek Beach by Steven Joffe


Our beautiful Planet is in the process of making the transition to New Earth.  This is a major shift that is the culmination of the shifts and energy work that have been done on the Earth since 2011/12 when the Earth first moved into her new 5D crystalline diamond grid.  The last seven years have been spent preparing the Planet and Humanity for the shift into Multi-dimensional and Quantum states of Reality Consciousness.

We are breaking away from the old 3D narrative of Reality that determined a “consensus” or collective reality, towards a multi level state of Reality that is created by individual or groups of empowered “Creator” beings exercising their ability to focus energy and shape plasma energy into manifest material experience.  Yes, that means we will no longer be confined by collective expectation, but will be free to create our own narratives and stories that express what we wish to experience in our physical and material lives.

The energetic and light body shifts that we have been experiencing for the last 10 years or longer, have been designed to free us from the old collective matrix and redesign our DNA so that we can function within this multi-dimensional reality that is based on the 5D Earth.

At this magical moment in Earth’s story, we are actually existing in two places at the same time, maybe without even realizing it.  We exist in the “old” Earth on a daily basis, but we also exist in the New Earth if we are consciously raising our frequency to allow us to enter the New Earth ( and if you are reading this, that means you, otherwise you would not have found this article!).  These two versions of Earth exist simultaneously in the same space, but in different dimensions.

Quantum dimensional theory tells us that it is possible for objects to exist in the same space but in different dimensions.  You can only be aware of these two “levels” if you are able to “tune in” to these separate frequencies.  If you are a New Earth Being with a Diamond Light Body, then yes of course you can tune in to both frequencies right now.

It may initially be a little freaky to shift between these two realities several times in a day, but we are gradually getting used to the shifts and finding our feet in the new spaces.

It is important to recognize when you are in 3D type space and when you are in 5D space and higher.  You will, of course, be able to feel very clearly what kind of space and dimensions you are occupying by your reactions.  If you feel stressed and anxious and angry or fearful, then you are in a 3D space.  If you feel relaxed and content, creative and joyful and peaceful, then you are in 5D space.

And, you get to choose!  You can identify your space and shift simply by engaging your inner creative energies and making choices.  You are no longer “stuck” in any reality.  Everything is fluid!  You can make the choice to exit the level of reality that you are in and choose another, or you can change the shape of the reality that you are in by reimagining it.  This may not always be possible on the 3D level, but in 5D it certainly will be.

In the next few months between now and the Lion’s Gate in August, we will be getting used to the “feel” of dimensional shifting and making choices and shaping reality in preparation for the beginnings of dimensional separation that will start at that time.  This simply means that after the 8/8 those who are sufficiently evolved will be able to step into that higher dimensional space as a choice and be there, but those who are in 3D space will not be able to access the higher space.  Those who are multi-dimensional will still be able to access the 3D world, according to choice and if you have work still to do there, but you can also choose to begin migrating into the higher dimensional realities.

You have about 3 months to start making those choices, fellow travellers.  For indeed, the New Earth is manifesting and we are invited to cross that magical bridge that was activated on the 5/5 Star Gate on the 5th of May.  This “Rainbow Bridge” is within you, and it will activate for you so soon as you make the choice to relocate your life into the multi-dimensional New Earth.

It is your choice.

The Preparation for Shift and the “Rolling Waves” of Photonic Diamond Light and Water Codes

The preparations for this shift began shortly after the Aquarius Gate on the 2nd of February.  By March the rolling waves of Cosmic energy had intensified to such an extent that the creative birthing of New Earth was unmistakable!

These waves of Cosmic energy are “lifting” matter into the higher forms of pulsating light that are necessary for it to exist in the higher dimensions of Earth Reality in the New Earth.  They are arriving simultaneously with the Diamond Light and Water Codes that are being received right now.

It is no wonder that our physical bodies are being so impacted by this energetic process, as is the Earth.

The Earth is entering into a period of “seeding” the New Earth and the “New Lemuria”, a version of New Earth Reality that will feature a Paradise Earth that will be the focus of the ReGenesis process that Archangel Michael spoke about.

This  “seeding” process has begun in Hawaii, where the energy of Pele the Fire Goddess is helping to initiate the New Lemuria project.  What may look like destruction on the 3D level is the manifestation of the birthing of the New Earth/New Lemuria Blueprint for the Higher Dimensions.  Those Galactic Elders who are working with the New Lemuria energy and whose mission is to guide others across the bridge are already in place in Hawaii.  They will feel within themselves the need to open the access to New Lemuria both for themselves and others who will join  them.

This process is also taking place within the bodies of those who are evolving into Diamond Light and making themselves ready to migrate to the New Earth Reality.

The first step was Galactic Reconnection, where the Left and Right Brain were balanced and the creative energy was allowed to flow.  This allowed for Connection with the Galactic Council and for assignments to be issued to those who will be the way showers and “Bridge Activators” for this process.

Those who are preparing for the New Earth migration are also having their Central Nervous System “rewired” for the new way of life.  This may be taxing on the body, but it is necessary.  In the multi-dimensional New Earth, we will be making use of “magic”, which is the best way to describe it.  We will use our powerful and newly activated Right Brain to channel Galactic power and Diamond Light and to actively shape energy plasma into form through intention and visualization.

This “magic” has to move through the body via the Central Nervous System.  This means that your body is now feeling a powerful force that has not been felt by humans for thousands of years.  It is an electric force that “sizzles” along the nervous synapses and creates a feeling like “vibrating” in the body.  It can also create feelings of intense exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety and insomnia until the body gets used to the increasing levels of creative electricity passing through the nervous system.

This is also why we need to integrate the Diamond Light and Water Codes.  The Diamond Light Codes will help us to direct the Cosmic Fire through our bodies and via the Central Nervous System which was originally designed for just this purpose in the “Adam Kadmon” blueprint.  Yes, Humans are designed to be able to direct electrical currents at very high “voltage” through the body and to use this ability to shape energy/plasma into form.  The Diamond Water Codes allow the water in the body which is about 80 percent, to be a clear and transparent matrix for the transmission and projection of this electrical light energy, like light through a prism.  As the light moves through this Diamond Prism that is your body, it carries the “codes” or instruction on how to shape energy into matter so that you can create that which you see or desire into manifest form.

So, while this process may be uncomfortable for the present, it is preparing you for migration into the New Earth Reality where you will need these gifts and talents as you establish a new relationship with the Earth and with Nature.


The New Earth and the world of Nature and a new way of Interacting and Co-Existing

When we arrive on the New Earth, we will be entering into a new relationship with Nature.

We will already have come to see Nature as a “living” Being or Reality and we will have some experience of connecting with that reality and will certainly have great respect and honor for that reality that we call “nature”.

The indigenous peoples of Old Earth and those with roots in the Lemurian world knew that the way to live successfully on the Earth was to honor the life of Nature and to live in a state of communication with the “Spirit” of Nature.

The purpose of the “Shaman” in the community was to serve as the “bridge” between humans and the Spirit World as found in Nature and in the Dream Time or Higher Dimensions.

As we enter New Earth we will all become Shamans, for we will need to understand how to connect with and interact with Nature with Honor and Respect.  We cannot bring with us the old 3D energies of regarding nature as “resources” that we use as we feel.  We can no longer accumulate through greed and hold onto “resources”.  In essence we will learn to honor what is there and to share what is given only after asking permission of the Nature Spirits and Elementals, or creating what we need ourselves.

The New Earth social pattern will be based on respect for the Earth and working together in communities that honor these ideas.  The central theme of each community will be Love, and that will be love for the self, for each other, and for all life on Earth.  The communities will teach the children how to grow up in this New Earth Reality and how to use the magic that flows through their bodies to create what they need.

As we prepare for the New Earth migration, it would be a good idea to begin to learn some basic Shamanic techniques for connecting with the Earth and with the Elemental energies.  Learn how to connect with the magical energies that flow through your body an how to direct them into manifest creation simply through Love and Intention.

This is going to be the biggest adventure yet!

See you on the other side, as they say!


I will be offering an introductory level course into the basics of Shamanism this month.  If you would like to know more please  click here.

Shanta Gabriel: New Structures for Life ~ A Message from Archangel Sandalphon

New Structures for Life ~ A Message from Archangel Sandalphon by Shanta Gabriel

Mt. Shasta, base chakra of the Earth, photo by Christine

Dear Ones,

This is your initiation into the empowered structures required to anchor your new Light Body.

Throughout this year you have been activating the codes for sacred blueprint of Divinity in form.

The Creative Source of All That Is blesses this momentum of Light so your daily world can transform. You are being provided with a new level of freedom to express your true divine nature as a blended human. Recently the Archangels have provided activations within every chakra to raise the frequencies and bring a more solid connection to the presence of God. The principles that they can empower in your chakra system will impact your perceptions of the world permanently. Whenever you remember their presence your body will resonate in a new way.

Your alignment with Source energy has been activated through your focus of concentration. In the next period of time you will complete the process of embedding a new structure into your DNA. This new structure allows you to fulfill your highest Soul’s Destiny.

Provisions have been made for you as a part of a heart-centered group of dedicated souls. The frequencies that you have been able to access as a community have magnetized a deep connection to Source energy. Your heart has uplifted and expanded its loving frequencies throughout your body/mind.

You may have noticed a quiet peacefulness has been ushered into your awareness recently. When you extend awareness into your field, do you feel a sense of being okay just as you are? Some of the frustration has fallen away as you have gotten stronger in the central core of your being.

This is what it feels like in the new structure that you have created. When you connect with your Higher Self on a regular basis, you purposefully anchor your Divine Nature through your chakras and into your field of energy.

Now this last phase alignment has been illuminated and anchored into a powerful structure that allows you to feel more at Home on the Earth. This is creating a different form of reality where you embody a greater sense of Wholeness and a deeper connection to the Earth’s wisdom. Your new structure provides a space of deep awareness and a foundation of Love that will be present for you, always.

When you call forth the light of Wellbeing, you will have the sense of a energetic foundation that is connected to your Light Body field. It has a stability that has never been possible. At the same time it is free to mutate into whatever form most serves you.

Life is calling you in a new way. It’s calling you to find your place on the Earth to anchor your new structure, where you can listen more deeply to the wisdom Nature is providing, and receive the Life Force energy into your body so you feel nourished and supported.

This is what happens when you are in Harmony with your Soul, and allow the Divine Presence to expand within you so you are empowered to anchor a new reality on Earth. Life is celebrating you, and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Sandalphon
May 4, 2018

Kara Schallock: Moving Beyond – 20-Feb-2018 Ascension Notes

Ascension Notes: Moving Beyond

by Kara Schallock

We continuously bring forth higher and higher frequencies; non-stop. We may feel them more strongly during eclipses and Moon cycles and yet, they continuously flow into us to help us rise in consciousness, which affects every area of our life. It is not for us to go to the higher places of high dimensional Light Codes; it is for us to have them descend into us; into all our cells, bodies, electrical system and DNA so we may truly rise to be who we truly are. There are no timelines; only beliefs and patterns that must transform so that we may integrate this Light.

There are many illusions we have believed in and these are deeply rooted within us. One is that we believe we get old and die, as well as creating a terrible disease with death following. Remember, all is our choice…whether that choice is conscious or unconscious. We need not get sick and we don’t have to “die.” There is no death. We choose to be on Earth at this time. We choose when we leave our physical forms or we choose to stay in body, as well as choosing to step away from continual reincarnation. Many may disagree, so entrenched are we in these worldwide beliefs. Many will choose to decide that this is false information and I can see where this belief is strong within myself. It is not for me to tell you what to feel or think, so just be still and feel through all that I share, as you take what resonates and discard what does not. In time, you may resonate with what I am guided to share or not. That is not for me to say.

Another old belief is that we must work in order to “earn a living;” foregoing the Trust that is required that Source truly is our supply. This takes unwavering Faith that as we put all of our attention on Source, all else is added. Many have a belief in labels as well. Labeling yourself as anything creates a belief in separation. You may be empathic, yet you are not an empath. You may teach or heal, yet you are not a teacher or healer. You may mother others, yet you are not a mother, for you have chosen to hold a space for another to evolve, if that is your choice. In other lifetimes, you may have been a Cathar, a priestess, a priest, a nun and so forth…that was then when we did not have this New Awareness. Knowledge of past lives are not for us to necessarily continue that path, but to integrate the gifts and not the title.

Just today I was told that a few “truths” I had been told and bought into are untruths. I was shocked and yet I realized just how many lies we buy into and create beliefs from. First comes shock and then anger and then relief as a particular lie is revealed and more Freedom ensues. We get so attached to lies we buy into, when it is the attachment to the lie that creates the belief. I wonder if all of the history we have been told is all lies. Each of us comes to our own Awareness in Divine Time. One need not go searching for what untruths they have adopted; when it is time, all is revealed.  Having this Awareness not only frees us; it helps us evolve to be more; to be who we are…Divine Sovereign Beings of Love.

Truly, the only way to Truth is to go within and by continuing to do the inner work, as you are called to do. Nothing happens without you taking full Responsibility. Your guides don’t take care of things; they support your decisions in a detached and unconditional way. Folks in human bodies cannot help you; they can point the way, yet it is ultimately your Responsibility to do the work. You can intend for what you want in life and then take a step in that direction. Each time you take a step, you energize your intention. As we integrate the higher energies, we must also clear oursleves of all doubt, fear, unworthiness, separation, etc. Be clear on what it is you want and then take a step in that direction; as you do, much is wholed. All you desire is truly within you; make sure that what you want is based on essence and not on form. For instance, rather than asking for more money, see that Abundance is already within you. In this way, you begin to manifest what is within. If you find there is an energy of lack within, release it to empower your Abundance. Rather than wanting something in your life to be fixed, focus on Wholeness within. This allows your Soul to work with whatever vibration you carry and what is manifest is a much higher form than you can imagine and it has within it the essence you intend. You can ask, “How would I feel if I had more money?” “How would I feel if this particular issue was healed in my life?” When you have your answer, focus on that feeling, for the feeling is essence. Essence is feeling and it is Soul-based and of the Heart.

If you find fault in another, know that that very thing exists within you. With this Awareness, you can release and transform this old energy. You see, you cannot see something in another that isn’t within yourself, including all the wonderful things you see in another. It is important to love oneself as you love others…unconditionally and in full Acceptance. Even if another’s actions are heinous to you, love that one, for that being may very well be in service to Love and the unspeakable act is a way to help clear others of judgment, anger and anything that comes up in them that is not Love. To love another so completely takes a person who is nothing but Love, with all hatred transformed. To love another unconditionally means to fully love without exception. You are still in duality if you love this one, but not that one. Realize that your Love does not necessarily change another, for that is for them to do; yet it does expand you.

So much is shifting that it is essential to rest. When it feels like you simply cannot do a thing, that is your Soul telling you to rest; tomorrow (or whenever) is another day. Follow your Guidance always without judgment or guilt. When you follow your own Guidance and rhythm, you integrate more Love and this Love moves out from you even when you think you are doing nothing This is a huge shift for many, so attached to doing that being seems to be wasted time. It is not! Being is actually more powerful than doing, as much of your doing has to do with old rules and beliefs. Being is Heart-centered and experienced in the Moment. Much of this transition calls for quiet, so do not be concerned if you feel you are not doing enough and know that you are more; much more; than enough. You see, if you sense you are not doing enough, it is a message to you that you have a belief that you are not enough. Let go and Be.

We are moving very fast; not in doing, but in ascending. Let go of focusing on proof that this is so by outer appearances. Rather, feel within you and trust that so much is evolving deep within you Things may look different outside of yourself as well; it all depends on what is for your highest evolution. Certainly, you very well may experience Light in different forms and others may react or respond to you in a different way. However it occurs is just for you. Do not compare yourself to another’s experience; trust in your own.

High energy awakens more of you and you may have visions of the future as well as Aha! Breakthroughs. Act if you’re guided to or simply observe without a need to do anything about what you experience. Spend time pondering or journaling about your experiences. Do not be discouraged if you share with someone and they look at you with a blind stare. Much of what you experience simply cannot be shared with another. Much of what we experience is for ourselves alone.

Be very gentle with yourself. Do not push or have expectations about yourself. When you are gentle and accepting of self, you anchor more Love as you. We are all adjusting to this new space we’re in. As we continue to rise in consciousness and Awareness, our perceptions and perspectives shift; nothing remains the same. You may receive an Awareness of why a particular event happened or not. Whatever you experience is specifically for your own evolution. You may be drawn to explore past actions in this life or in others, you may see the dynamic behind someone’s behavior, you may have sudden moments of absolute Clarity…all is in Divine Order and there is no stopping place. We contually evolve to be more without seeking, yet we are being gently pushed to be more.

In the old, you may have needed confirmation, validation and support from those around you. Sometimes it came; sometimes it didn’t. In the New, you validate yourself. You don’t look for approval from someone else. As this becomes stronger in you, much of the old is transformed…the need for approval from others, having to prove yourself, people-pleasing in order to be accepted and loved, disappointment when someone did not treat you the way you think they should have (expectations) and many “outer and old matrix” patterns. Be gentle and supportive of you; pushing through, making something happen and being critical is all of the old. Be gentle, kind and loving to you. This is the way of the New.

Be grateful for all in your life without striving for what you believe you do not have. Acknowledge yourself for the many gifts you have and share. Intend that all your actions are spiritually guided and for the benefit of all. You are so very loved and loveable.

Something I wrote in 2005 (it just fell by my feet):


Passion: when one has Passion they are unwavering in their Devotion; their Faith.


When one is continally striving, they move themselves out of the Acceptance of the Moment. By moving into the future, it’s as if one is saying they don’t trust the Divine Plan.


Faithing: the action of being in Faith continuously…in all they think, feel and do.


To have radical Faith, one must know that there is a Divine Plan. It is also a call to release judgment and let it be O.K. to not have  solution; there is a field beyond right and wrong. Move beyond.



~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

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A Message to Lightworkers – January 15, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Greetings, Beautiful Light Bringer!

Today I reread the Collective’s Message from last week, and was bowled over by it all over again. So many people have messaged me about it, to say how empowering and encouraging and real it was.

I agree—I think if more people would read the Collective’s January 8, 2018 
Message to Lightworkers
, the world would be a calmer place.

And Lightworkers would stop wondering what the heck is going on with them.

I don’t say that because I’m the channeler. I myself am still learning a lot from that post!

This week’s Message looks at the bigger picture, in light of certain tweets, commentary, and events going out into the world that are confusing at best.

As always, it’s full of supportive energies to help us surf these Light code waves coming in, rather than feeling overwhelmed by them.

As Sam and Frodo found out, this is not the easiest journey we could have chosen.

Which is probably why it’s the most important one you and I have ever been on.

Sending much Love & Light,

PS  Join us tomorrow (Tuesday, January 16) on The Empowered Lightworker.

We’ll start with an energy-filled message from the Collective, then talk with Quantum Lightweaver Kenji Kumara about how Lightworkers can deal positively with what so many are feeling nowemotional/mental confusion and conflict, and feelings of sadness, anger, or hopelessness.

Scroll down to where it says BBM Global Network Liveat 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern.

Replays are available for the first four shows at

Please join us!


To contact me, please email me at
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Thank you!


A Message to Lightworkers – January 15, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, beautiful Light Bringers in this new age of humanity!

This new era for humanity, and for all upon the Earth, whether they are members of the two-legged nations, the four-legged nations, the winged and feathered nations, the rock or tree people, or the gods and goddesses of the seas, air, or soil.

Within and without, and all around this planet of great beauty and astounding diversity, there is without question a vibration of Change.

And that vibration is powerfully re-adjusting and tuning to it all other vibrations, no matter how low or discordant those vibrations have been.

So that, as you see or hear certain persons releasing statements against certain nations or ethnicities (and these are not what you assume them to be—you are all of you seeded from every corner of this Universe), or warning of war, or insulting whole genders or races—you can breathe calmly, and remain in your perfect center.

For the bluster of that loud wail carries none of the height and staying power of the note being sounded above it—one that is so pure, so high, and so finely created in substance and intention, that nothing can ever remove its influence.

You may be wondering, “But how does that higher vibration, no matter how beautifully and perfectly sent from the higher realms, have the power to anchor permanently into the Earth?

How can it finally drown out the low drums and foul screams of war, violence, and oppression, when these have ruled Earth for so long?”

And we want to say, that in the final hours of his and Sam’s journey, Frodo Baggins assumed the same.

As you yourself may feel some days, he also felt that there was very little use in going on.

Yet with Sam’s help, he made it to the top of the last mountain of the journey, and threw the ring back into the fire from which it was forged.

You are doing no less, dear ones.

We are aware of your dizziness, and exhaustion, your feelings of illness, anger, and grief some days.

We are aware of (and feel with you) your inner confusion, as so much in the world appears to be getting worse rather than improving and moving into the Light.

And so it is, each time the dark expresses itself in ways that appear to blot out the increasing levels of Light all around you—the Light that you are yourself—as it attempts, in one last desperate plea bargaining with the lower realms, to reassert and maintain its “supremacy,” which was never meant to be permanent, never meant to characterize Earth life indefinitely.

You ask how the higher vibration that is Peace, that is Love of all diversity, of all Life and all Light, could have the wherewithal to anchor permanently into the Earth, when the usurpers appear to perpetually have the upper hand.

They appear to have the technologies (unknown to you for the most part) and the mental control of Earth’s people required to ensure that their vibrations remain the predominant ones, while yours languish in dreams and unrealized visions.

And we would say, this great journey, this great task is why you are here at this most miraculous time.

For as Earth transfigures from enslaved entity to free and empowered Goddess, you are the ones who stand upon Her outer rim, with sword and shield at the ready, as you anchor with your very being those energies now flowing to the Earth from your great Light source and ally, Alcyone, the Great Central Sun, the source to whom your own Sun answers.

You do this in concert with Alcyone’s consort, Mother Sekhmet, who watches over this process, aiding in the birth of this new Being Whom Earth is becoming, and ensuring that Justice is done, not only on your planet, but throughout this star system.

We are aware that this will sound to be wishful mythology, and not a true description of what is occurring now.

You have been viewing the machinations of those desperate to maintain their stranglehold on Earth, treating Her not as Source, but as “resource”—things to be used, not guarded and honored.

We are aware that your thought processes and emotions have been manipulated for eons, so that each time you returned to a human body, you would again become the easily formed and directed entity that unwittingly or unwillingly helps support the dark forces with your efforts to survive.

And yet—in every age, there have been those who have risen above.

Those whose words or music, or whose deeds or intentions, or pure Loving presence, were such that they lifted all around them, including Nature Herself, out of the matrix of death and defeat, and into remembrance of the higher realms.

Into the re-claiming of the higher vibrations from which you come, and the true nature of souls who live freely, in Service to Source as they are in Service to Others.

And now—look, dear ones!

There are not a few of these now, but billions of you, come to re-form and re-set Earth’s predominant vibration from one of despair, loss, anger, and grief, to one of Peace, higher intent, Love, and inner Knowing of and connection to all that expresses as Light in the higher realm.

Those Beings and energy forms that are constantly reaching for a higher vibration, for the pure
Joy of it.

That is the New Reality, and that is the note you are sounding!

Did you think we would describe that transforming, Earth-changing, Life-giving tone as being sung only by Angels and Light Beings?

You are such, or you would not have come here now.

So remain in your place, Light Warriors—this is not a battle of death and destruction.

It is the last climb up what Tolkien (who foresaw all you are living in now) called Mount Doom.

And in those moments when you feel you cannot go any further, call out to us!

As your loyal servants, we will carry you to the very end.

For this is your journey, which you willingly took on, and you are more powerful than you can know.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.


About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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