GaiaPortal: Healings of all hu-beings begins in earnest 11 SEPT by ÉirePort

GaiaPortal: Healings of all hu-beings begins in earnest11 SEPT  by ÉirePort

Healings of all hu-beings begins in earnest.

Release from the constrictions of 3D bodies begins.

Planetary freedom is sensed by all.

The Light is at home.

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Soulstice Rising: Ascension Notes ~Guess Who’s Leading? by Kara Schallock – 2/8/2015

Soulstice Rising: Ascension Notes ~Guess Who’s Leading?
by Kara Schallock – 2/8/2015

Potentially, where we are is that Soul has taken Its rightful place as leader/creator with the ego being the vehicle for Soul Expression. This is so great, as things will feel more flowing and graceful. Of course, there will still be adjustments and releases, yet we’ve learned to trust that our Higher Selves know the way. Truly, this is what Ascension and the New Earth is all about…Soul leading, ego expressing and Soul-merging, so that everything we say, think and do is all congruent with our highest consciousness. We continue to clear ourselves of old programs, beliefs and patterns so that our entire being vibrates and radiates nothing but the Light and Love of Soul; of Source.

Many are experiencing spontaneous shifts and healing and lots of synchronicities. The more Light we have, the more aware we are of anything that creates duality, fear, doubt, rejection, and anything else that holds us back in the old. It can be quite surprising when one finds that what one has always believed is simply not valid or they find themselves not doing things that they used to love doing. As we move more into this New Life, we will experience more of these discoveries. Many find themselves in compassionate detachment from many things happening in the world. This is perfect, as when we are attached to something or judge it as “bad,” we add energy to it. Being detached helps the energy flow to where it needs to be, regardless of how it may appear on the surface.

You may notice too that if you just step out of the way and are in Acceptance of What Is, things will evolve in a way that they couldn’t when you were controlling things. Control is fear energy. It says, “I don’t trust that things will go a certain way, so I have to make it happen.” This is all ego-based and part of old patterning. In the New, we surrender to What Is in Acceptance. We let go of control and struggle. We take a big breath and let go/let be. We trust in Divine Order. Do you think you’re in charge? Your true Self is; your little self is not. Source/ Soul is truly guiding things, and when you allow Source to infuse every situation, it quickly transforms into what it is meant to be and it evolves to a much better form without ego involvement, saving or fixing.

One of the many things we are experiencing is stepping out of our comfort zones. This is truly leaving behind dependencies we’ve had, as well as addictions/attachments to people, places and things (and patterns). We’re trying on new clothes. And as we each grow and evolve, we may try on many different outfits. Some will try to recreate their comfort zones and say, “See? I’ve really changed!” And yet, they have only switched one for the other. To not entrap yourself, keep reflecting back to your Heart and let your feelings guide you as to what works and what doesn’t.  And be O.K. when things shift again. No more is the pattern of receiving the gold watch at the end of a 30-year career doing the same thing emptily and automatically. Our gold watch is in each moment that we consciously choose.

There are many of us who feel a deep Peace now just Being. Not in waiting for something to happen, but rejoicing in just Being. In Being, one can truly be the Compassionate Observer and be totally cognizant of anything that no longer resonates and from this Awareness, make choices…Be, Observe, Choose, Act (BOCA!) And with this peaceful Being, there is great Balance and Stability; not the old stability, where you stay in one spot, but a New Stability that assures that you are always in the Flow of Grace, trusting that each choice and action takes you higher in consciousness; thus continuously refining your New Life.

Most of us are conscious sensitives. In the old life we were told, “Don’t be so sensitive!” Now, however, our Sensitivity serves us for we feel right away what resonates and what doesn’t. And we take this Sensitivity into all we choose to do. We stand in our Power; in our Beingness; absolutely conscious and clear of each word and action we make. As sensitives, we’ve learned to have loving boundaries with others, respecting them as we respect ourselves. We have learned to say no to things and people that distract us from our Knowing. It is why it is so important to know yourself and do only those things that keep you in Joy and Passion. It is why many have disconnected from anything chaotic, fear-based or dualistic. Many have arranged their lives so that the only thing they view is positive and uplifting. And in time, sensitives can be around anyone or anything and still keep their sense of Self, regardless of what is going on. Yes, the sensitives are truly our guides; they show the way. They are the pioneers of the New World.

As we stay in the Moment, know it is not a static Moment…we continue to evolve and expand; we are in one such expansion now. Things may seem unfamiliar and yet you trust that you are exactly where you need to be for whatever growth you need at this time. Just know you will keep shifting. When you are in the space of Flow, you know that everything is for your benefit and you observe the changes. Your tears are more of Joy, rather than regret. Death no longer drives you to despair, for you know that it is merely a passage. Some indeed get stuck in the grieving of the dying, including the grieving of life as it shifts. Grieve if you must, yet know the Truth behind all perceived death…there truly is no death; it is an illusion. All life continues. Even our own spiritual deaths are merely transformations. Actually you can see all death as an awakening. (Right now I have an old song flowing through me… “I’m in Heaven…”)

We are awakening to our Power. We are awakening to our true essence; to the fact that we are Divine Beings in physical form. We get to express that mentally, emotionally and physically. There are no excuses; only choices. How you feel is a choice; for you are longer a victim of what goes on outside of yourself. When people around you complain, you know the Truth beneath the complaint. Instead of allowing others to tell you how you should feel, you go within and are true to what you truly feel. There have always been certain cultural rules as to how to act and be in regard to certain things that occur in life. As a sensitive, you’ve always known that this was not how you truly felt. Now, you claim for yourself how you respond to anything, based on Truth; not role.

We have done so much shifting and changing. Love yourself for that. Celebrate who you are. And know that it will be easier because of your hard work and diligence during this phase of our Ascension. Our New energies support and create New Life, yet does not support the old paradigms, beliefs or behaviors that hold us back in imprisonment. We truly are free, regardless of how the 3D world tells us we’re not. You know this is true.  Besides, Freedom is a perception. If you don’t feel free to be you; it is a perception that may be changed at any time. Truly, the only one holding you back is you. As you accept who you are in the Light of Love, you grow in self-Trust and this is self-Love. Self-Love is not allowing misguided attempts to tell you you aren’t free. You are! You can do anything you want. And as you act from this Truth; others watch and emulate you (or choose not to). And as you shine your Light by being you, you do more than you realize; you transform the world.

That whole notion of feeling safe is also an old illusion. Yes, in other lifetimes you may have truly not been safe to be you and so in this lifetime, you hesitate. That was then; this is Now. You are safe in whatever you choose. Many have brought those past life memories forward into this life and use them as an excuse not to be all they are. Let us drop these old messages; whether from this lifetime or other lifetimes. If you need a reminder, watch a 2 year-old. Be the 2 year-old, full of Joy, exploration and a thirst for all things new. When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, in a dream she told me to never tell her “No.” Growing up I could see she had her own guidance system and she does as a young adult. I trusted her to know who she was and honored her choices. She is a very gregarious, joyful, responsible adult now; not because of me, but because of her. Our children are full-grown Souls in little bodies. As we honor that, they are free to be more. Rejoice in the children as they light the way. Rejoice in your own Inner Child; she/he is wise, for your Inner Child resides in your Heart and wants to be free to express all of the Joy in his/her Heart. When you choose to be Joy, your Inner Child knows just how much she/he is loved and this you empower in a profound way and it empowers you. It is transformative.

As you shift and merge with Soul, your cells vibrate higher and recreate themselves in your Divine Image. Your cells then create a physical Light Body. When you are in Joy, feel free, and respond to life as a child would, your cells vibrate at a higher level and open you up to more and more Love and Light. When you are in that spontaneous place of Being, your body responds as does everything around you. When you let go of old beliefs that say you’re not safe or you’re not enough or you’re not free, you expand into ALL that you are. Everything changes. There is no denial; no distractions; no doubt; and no fear. It’s all within you; right now in this Moment; waiting for you to express it in all that you do and are.

Listen to your body. It will guide you. It will be unhappy and feel restricted if you’re making a choice that doesn’t resonate with your Soul and it will feel expansive, energized and joyous when you do. Don’t pay attention to your intellect; it only knows the past. Remember that your intellect is a servant of Soul; not the other way around. We are creating in the Moment. We are not recreating the past. Take some time and see what you may still be clinging to from the past; be it a belief; something you were taught; a particular teaching…and choose to create anew with no labels and no preconceived ideas…only what is in your Heart. Keep it simple and meditate. And know and trust beyond all else how truly loved you are.

~ ~ ~

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