Jamye Price: The Inherent Pull of Life via Areon, the Lyran Council of Time

The Inherent Pull of Life

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, gave me a teaching using the subatomic structure as a deep metaphor for Life. Within this metaphor the reflection of so much of our world is clear.

The inherent pull of Life is improvement

It’s not always easy to see in a moment, but it becomes clearer as we develop a perspective of seeing beyond the moment. This conscious focus and interaction is a core aspect of Ascension.

As we explore the metaphor below, we begin to see the core structure of this inherent pull of Life towards improvement. Areon says, “Life is fail-safed toward Love.” When there is so much chaos and harm in the world, that seems like an avoidance of reality. But beneath that chaos is a new foundation birthing.

The Subatomic Model

This very basic overview, using linear words, will detail many layers of metaphor within the physics of our world.

An atom, a basic building block of form, is composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. The nucleus is the center of the atom. It contains the proton which is positively charged and is stabilized by the neutron (neutral charge). The positive charge of the proton attracts it’s opposite, the negatively charged electron. The electrons move around the nucleus in an electron cloud.

The Importance of Neutrality

The neutron is the largest of the 3 particles and the electron is the smallest. This signifies the importance of neutrality, and even the “power” of negativity.  When neutrality is insufficient (when there are less neutrons than protons in the nucleus) the positive charge of the nucleus is not stable. This creates a ‘radioactive’ or unstable experience.

Have you ever met those positive people that aren’t really stable? They are all about Love until triggered, then they start emitting alpha particles all over you! We all may have some things that throw us off balance, but the overall experience will be more consistent when you are authentically stable rather than avoiding reality to create the illusion of love and light.

As we remain neutral and focusing on the positive we are stably creating new structure. It may take time to manifest, but it is forming.

The Negative Illusion

The positive pull of the proton attracts its completion, the oppositely charged electron. The most stable atom has an equal amount of protons, electrons and neutrons. The neutrality allows for an easy connection of the proton and electron. Positive and negative aren’t just good or bad, they are the full spectrum that creates in this realm.

What if anything negative in your life wasn’t a punishment, but a completion?

The electron seems to be pulling away from its oppositely-charged proton (centrifugal force), but that is actually an illusion caused by straight-line inertia—movement forward is the natural flow of Life.

The centripetal force is the strongest force acting within the atom because without the pull of the positive proton, the electron would just continue forward. The electron does not ‘pull away’ as the illusion of centrifugal force would suggest.

Furthermore, the electron is not always a particle, it behaves as a wave until it is ‘pulled’ into form by the proton. The stability of the nucleus and the completion of the electrons creates a stable new structure, though too small to see, that is building new form. (We’ll discuss the pull of the proton in more detail as we talk about the spiral in a later post).

It is the pull of the positive that is shaping life.

It All Matters

The atom is about 99% space and 1% matter. Areon says that same ratio applies to all life. 1% visible, 99% invisible. Your human self is 1% of you, your Higher Self, the invisible you; is 99% of you.

Your information, your boundaries, your DNA—it all applies. 1% matter, 99% invisible engine of Life. Even humans are 1% different form, 99% connected and reflective—meaning at our core we are more similar than different. Same stories, different details.

This exciting time of Ascension is about learning to consciously interact with the 99% aspect of Life. In this way, the physical part of you starts to utilize the non-physical more and this reduces effort.

There’s a catch though!

In order to use the momentum of the invisible aspect of self, you must become clearer within yourself. The 99% invisible is the subtle realm.

The subtle realm has different rules than the physical realm.

Your intent is the vehicle of the 99% aspect of you, so it is the totality of your vibrational information.

Just saying words without meaning isn’t as effective. Doing action without momentum isn’t as effective. Feeling and thinking positively when you don’t really have the stability, neutrality and authenticity to support it isn’t as effective.

You Are The 1%

How rich is that? We’re all the 1%.

But we’re also the 99%! When the 99% (subtle aspect of you) becomes empowered through your focus on your self healing, your loving nature, your balance and your clarity—that’s when the world changes. It’s time for the 99% to wake up. It’s always been there, you’ve been interacting through default.

Rather than living life by default, a core teaching of Areon is get YOUR energy into your life! As I’ve been implementing this over the years, I recognize that the first impulse is usually for action and controlling my experience. I have to settle down, observe and recognize the pattern of force repeating in sneaky ways.

A good practice is repeating, “I surrender my will to (my) Divine Will.”

Surrender isn’t about your lack of value, it doesn’t mean no action ever. It is about releasing control that is holding you back so that you can blend more with your Divine nature.

Another way I’ve soothed this habit is by asking, “What is the gift (or opportunity) in this challenge?” It’s easy when things aren’t challenging, but once you honor the challenge, you open to the natural support of the 99% of you, and of Life.

You are going with the natural flow of improvement.

Love is Inherent Pull

This realm is one of attraction. Like the nucleus of the atom, you are magnetizing life to you through your vibrational resonance. Your neutrality is imperative to stable creation. Your positivity pulls Life to form.

Positivity doesn’t just mean happy stuff; it’s desire, passion, excitement, want, need… Want and need aren’t bad, they are natural, you are creative and time is currently part of this physical structure that guides you forward.

When want and need are blended with desperation or lack, it causes suffering. Neutrality is the release of suffering, as it is the strength to surrender your human fears to the unknown, and trust your flow with Life.

Your intent, the 99% invisible aspect of you, carries the totality of your vibration. This is why Areon generally refers to the Law of Attraction as the Law of Resonance. Same thing, but it helps reinforce the understanding that you are NOT controlling the subtle realm into compliance with happy thoughts, your whole resonance is drawing creation into form based on your totality of vibrational information.

Life isn’t granting good to good people, it is unconditionally responding to flow.

Your Love flow creates a structure of Love. That builds a new future based in Love. It changes your experience to one that flows more easily with Life.

The inherent flow of Life is improvement.

Life is fail-safed toward Love.

Amplify your Love, and you begin to create a Life of Love that flows easily and ripples out to create a new world. You’re atomic!


ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group Message for 7/23/17 by Marilyn Raffaele


ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group Message for 7/23/17
by Marilyn Raffaele ~ JULY 23,2017

Greetings, again we come to give support and love as we witness the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles of so many at this time. Energies flowing to earth have become increasingly intense, causing issues normally not problematic to seem much larger and important. You are becoming more sensitive to energy and thus experiencing more of it in ways that would previously have gone unnoticed.

As consciousness becomes Lighter, more refined, and open to the higher frequencies, individual psychic abilities are gradually opening as well, allowing easier accessibility to Light beings, Guides , and even loved ones on the other side. It is simply that new and higher levels of consciousness resonate more closely with the frequencies of the higher dimensions.

Many believe that those with psychic abilities that allow them to tune into the other side are different or special. No dear ones, everyone has these abilities because all are spiritual beings, but some are more aware of it than others.

Some have chosen to shut down their psychic abilities out of fear, having been burned at the stake for using them in some other lifetime. Others do not believe they are real, thus perfectly manifesting their absence. Some choose to block them in order to fully concentrate on certain life lessons chosen for completion in this lifetime while others are simply not evolved enough to responsibly handle these gifts and their Higher Self has temporarily blocked them.

Many do not realize that Consciousness, which is all that exists, (ONE) is energy. The denser and more un-awakened the state of individual consciousness, the deeper, slower, and heavier are the its frequencies (absence of Light). In reality, everyone is pure consciousness but because of the density of third dimensional energy, souls must manifest as physical on earth.

Everyone can easily sense dense energy, but most do not understand what they are feeling. Physical locations where war, struggle, pain, and suffering have taken place will often continue to hold the energy of these events until cleared. Clearing is being done the world over those with pure intent and the ability to clear and bring in Light energy.

Clearings also take place through natural events like fire. Many Civil and Indian war sites have been cleared through fire. Do not forget that Gaia is a living soul who is also evolving. She is not a simply a piece of dirt to be used for mankind’s benefit.

As individuals spiritually evolve, their energy field becomes lighter and lighter because the essence of Divine Consciousness is pure Light. Individual energy fields are easily seen and felt by those sensitive to energy or with the ability to see auras. This is why you may be drawn to or repelled by certain individuals even if you do not actually see their energy field.

Everyone senses the resonance of others because there is only one which brings about either alignment or non-alignment with the whatever energy is present be it a person or place. This is why you may feel the need to avoid certain places, events, or people–you simply feel out of sync with the predominant energy. Honor that. On the other hand, it is also energy alignment that draws together people, places, and events be they positive or negative.

Evolution is the slow and often painful journey through lifetimes of experiences necessary for a soul to finally awaken from the illusions of sense into that enlightened state of awareness that has always been fully present but which has been hidden behind false concepts and beliefs.

Every new truth attained (not just intellectually known) expands one’s energy field causing it to grow brighter and lighter and allowing him to more easily access spiritually evolved ideas, beliefs, and people of the same resonance. This is the Law of Attraction.

You may question why there are those who have psychic abilities who do not appear to be spiritually evolved. Their psychic readings and predictions often reflect the third dimensional belief system and are filled with doom and gloom. Many of these people developed and carry in cellular memory psychic abilities attained in previous lifetimes often through techniques for the manipulation of energy and the accessing of other dimensions.

Teachings about energy manipulation were a large part of the mystery schools and were intended to aid the student toward enlightenment. However, there were a few not yet ready or evolved enough to use the techniques honorably. Some broke away and began to use what they had learned for selfish gain which was the origin of what is termed the black arts. Unenlightened energy is seen and felt as dense, dark, and heavy.

There are still those today who seek to use the manipulation of energy for personal gain. Pure energy is neither good nor bad, but just is. However, it can be and is used for both in accord with the state of consciousness and intention of the user. Healing modalities are based in the ability of a healer to flow Higher Light energy and bring into balance discordant energy.

Healings will remain as long as the patient stays in alignment with the new frequencies. It often happens that individuals simply return to their old ways (those that brought about discord in the first place), allowing the situation to return. For these, at some point energy healing will cease to help for they must learn to do their own work.

Energy manipulated for selfish purposes, appears dense and heavy because of the absence of Light. When used for healing, it appears as crystalline colors or gold Light. This is why there are so many tales told about sorcery, energy manipulation, and negative witchcraft as well as white wizards and powerful healers. These stories tap into collective cellular memory and are not simply imaginary.

It is important to know that not everyone who is psychic but holds no interest in spirituality was a negative manipulator of energy. Many seriously studied and learned in the mystery schools and used the information as intended. The teachings of the ancient mystery schools (there are still some on earth today) were presented mostly from levels of duality and separation because that was the predominant consciousness of those times.

Today many who are psychically gifted, especially those in all the healing arts and self improvement modalities, worked in the Sacred Healing Temples of long ago and still carry these abilities in the energy of cellular memory.

As you spiritually evolve, your ability to access heretofore unavailable frequencies increases because your personal resonance is now able align with them. You may start to see people and animals who have passed on. Many of you are doing this now. This usually happens in the sleep/wake state when you are not yet fully awake.

There is no reason to fear these experiences. Know that those who come to you may be confused and do not know where they are, or even that they have died. They are attracted to your light. You can explain to them that they need to go to the light where help and guidance awaits

Many of these dear ones who linger have been thoroughly ingrained with beliefs of hell and damnation and as a result are terrified to move out of earth energy. Request that Guides or relatives come to assist them into the Light. If after some time they refuse to leave you can simply tell them to go.

Never be afraid of these experiences. Too many stories based in the ignorance of duality and separation have been passed down through lifetimes and are still a part of many religious teachings. This false programming has caused many to be afraid, believing that anything “psychic” is evil and therefore must be feared and rejected. In reality the “other side” is everyone’s true home and thus much more real than earth experiences.

It is unwise to open yourselves to the other side without thought through games, drugs, or ceremony. There are un-evolved beings who would love to communicate with you if you allow it. Do not ever fear connecting with your Guides and teachers but state an intention to be open only to Beings of Light before you practice channeling or connecting. This intention needs to be done only once.

If or when you go into fear with regard to experiences of the psychic kind, immediately bring to mind who you really are–not a human being subject to any and all beliefs of duality and separation but rather an expression of God in manifestation. This acknowledges that there is nothing absolutely nothing real that could ever separate or make you less than the Divine expression that you are. As you center and align with this higher awareness, you automatically shift into a higher consciousness, one that fear and lower resonating energies cannot enter.

All fear is arises from the belief that something or someone has seeming power over you. Fear cannot exist in a state of consciousness that knows no power but God–the God of your own Selfhood. Negative appearances can only exist where there is an energy of belief in them to form them.

This is not to say you will never again have a fearful thought, experience, or witness fearful three dimensional situations, but as you grow more and more into a consciousness of truth, they become further and further apart, no longer having energy to feed them.

Most of you have already begun to notice more synchronicity in your lives. Things are beginning to fall into place without effort, and solutions seem to appear when needed. This is because you are beginning to identify as Self instead of self and understanding that the real Self is complete and whole now, not at some future time. An attained consciousness of wholeness and completeness expresses outwardly in seemingly ordinary ways.

You are creators but have not known it and so have looked to a God in the sky or human solutions to fix what you yourselves have created. Use every experience to examine your belief system, and never doubt that peace, harmony, unconditional love is your birthright.

The whole journey is about ceasing to seek these things in the outer world and instead remembering that they are already fully present within and then allowing them flow out as your every experience.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/23/17

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Dear ones, once again we reach out in love to bless, heal, and inform all who wish it. In this time of strife and confusion you must learn to rest in and live out from the highest level of your consciousness. Many of you are being “tested” so to speak, not by God who knows only His own infinite completeness, but by yourselves.

You are being faced with a choice; “Do I really believe what I know of truth or do I not? Based on images and news, I should be afraid, but based on the truth I know within, why should I react to the outer scene if it is illusion? There is, never has been, nor ever can be real death.” These words will sound shocking to some, but need to be considered by anyone serious about their spiritual evolution. Either God is, or God isn’t.

We would speak of love as emotion. Oneness is experienced on the human level as a form of connection. It has over time come to be interpreted in hundreds of different ways according to individual states of consciousness. Because of beliefs in separation, this connecting energy has come to be selective and present only with certain people.

In the human scene the attraction or aversion a person may feel toward another usually has to do with mutual past life experiences, the unconscious yet active (cellular memory) energy of some interaction with or knowledge of a person from another time. This is the source of what is called karma. Karma is not irreversible punishment for some past action as many believe, but is rather the presence of old energies still active and needing to be cleared.

Karma is believed by many to be some sort of “pay back” because as energy seeks to align with like energy, it will seem like that is what is happening. Karmic resolution between two people happens automatically when one or both evolve and begin to live from a higher state of consciousness in which the lower resonating energies no longer exist. Having only belief in them and no law to support them, they simply are no longer exist.

However, there remain many not yet able to resolve and clear old energy at this higher level. Those living fully in third dimensional belief system do not understand energy and karma and so seek to resolve karmic interpersonal issues according to their concepts and beliefs–often through violent action or angry confrontation. This only serves to continue and activate a karmic situation which at some point in some lifetime will need to be cleared.

This is easily observed as world chaos. Everyone, spiritually awake or not, is experiencing the intensity of the Light frequencies pouring onto earth at this time. These high resonating energies are exposing and bringing to conscious awareness personal and collective energies that must be cleared in order to integrate the higher frequencies.

Powerful and sacred energies are being experienced on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, serving to draw all who are ready towards awakening into self empowerment. Those who thrive on the ignorance of others, do not like this, and so continue to broadcast and promote the illusion. Be awake dear ones.

The spiritual journey will often draw (Law of Attraction) people into relationships and situations that they really don’t like. They begin to question; “What was I thinking?” Most are unaware that the “like energy” that created the situation was energy stored and active in cellular memory from the past.

However, in this powerful time of transition rather than being karmic, many unpleasant situations are the perfect unfolding of a pre-birth contract created and agreed upon by all involved for purposes of completing any remaining lessons and resolving all old issues in preparation for ascension.

In order to bring resolution to certain deeply imbedded old energies, a soul will frequently choose to be born into a family that reflects the issue. This serves to activate it, not allowing the individual to ignore or bury it deeply as they have done in previous lifetimes. Example; Someone who has been deeply involved in a belief system or religion lifetime after lifetime but who feels that they are ready to move beyond it will choose a family still active in that particular belief system so they can practice it, then evaluate, and finally leave it.

A person who has been devalued and abused in other lifetimes will often choose to incarnate into an abusive family in order to activate his low self esteem and finally rise above it, empowering himself. These types of decisions are made pre-birth and with the help of Guides making sure that the person is now strong and evolved enough to address and clear something they may of carried through lifetimes.

Everyone creates a lesson contract before incarnating, one that will bring together the right people at the right time for the situations necessary to resolve whatever old concepts and beliefs they are ready to release. The HigherSelf orchestrates the necessary parts of the puzzle, bringing everything together at the appropriate time in order to activate the lessons chosen.

Individuals unaware of pre-birth planning will seek escape through whatever means are available, unaware of how to meet the particular situation on a higher level. These situations can exist between parent and child, siblings, husband and wife, relatives, neighbors,friends and acquaintances, and even localities. Awareness of the truth of being does not mean you can not or do not help those who are struggling, but means that as you do it you are able to see beyond the appearances and help from levels of compassion, not sympathy.

So you see, in reality there are no accidents and no victims, although it certainly seems that way to human eyes and especially to those having the experience. Each and every soul is on a spiritual journey toward awakening into the truth of self as SELF even those totally unaware and disinterested in this fact. There are no exceptions because everyone is the manifestation of the Divine, nothing else exists.

It is important never to remain in a dangerous situation believing that you are being spiritual and are resolving something on a higher level. The others involved may be simply unable to align in any way with higher ways of resolution. Always trust your intuition.

Karmic connections can be cleared when only one person is willing, both are not needed. When the willing participant chooses to no longer engage (not so much in anger, but in the sense of love energy), he lifts himself out of the old resonance, no longer in alignment with it. This is often done by those with no conscious awareness of deep spiritual truth, but who have attained a state of consciousness that automatically guides them toward meeting situations on new and higher levels.

It is only by choosing to remain in and feed some false belief that karmic situations continue. Without energy to hold them in place, they simply dissolve. If the other person or persons choose to continue in the beliefs, it does not affect the one who has chosen to move on unless they re-engage.

It is important to clear the energy cords that form from experiences of intense good and bad between people. Many carry cords to certain people from lifetime to lifetime resulting in a bondage of sort to that person. It often takes place between a parent and child, lovers, family members, and friends as well as enemies.

Energy cords can be easily removed by stating your intention to do so, asking your Guides for help, and in a quiet uninterrupted time visualize your hands filled with Light going into your Solar Plexus chakra, and gently removing any cords. Then lovingly hand them back to the other person and fill the empty space with golden Light.

A spiritually evolved energy worker can also do cord removal for you, but always use your intuition when seeking out a person for energy work. Choose someone of a high resonance who works from an evolved level of awareness and not one who has learned the techniques but does not yet have a good understanding and consciousness of the truth behind them.

Emotions are a large and confusing part of life lived in third dimensional energy. Sexual attraction has come to mean love. Dislike has come to mean another person is somehow less. Confusion regarding negative emotions often sends people to therapists where they frequently analyze and more deeply imbed them rather than getting to the core of whatever beliefs have created them.

This does not mean you cannot seek this type of help if you are guided to it nor does it mean that therapists are not sincerely trying to assist people. Help is provided for all states of consciousness, on all levels, but for those spiritually ready for the deeper work, it can create spiritual delay because you are no longer in alignment with much of the third dimensional ideas and techniques they use. For those guided to seek the help of a therapist, ask to be guided to one of evolved consciousness. There are many out there but they do not broadcast it.

The taking of drugs to manage emotions simply serves to mask and push them deeper within rather than allowing them to be understood and cleared. Unless really necessary which they often are in the third dimensional belief system, drugs should be avoided. All chemicals ingested effect the energy field, and a great deal of the information regarding drugs is based in greed and false concepts of normality.

Drugs taken by choice promote a false sense of spirituality and wholeness resulting in addiction, spiritual delay, and often the waste of a lifetime and planned lessons. For those awake to truth, it is important to keep the body clean and clear, creating an appropriate vessel for the integration of higher frequencies.

Allow emotions to express, not resisting, hating, or being embarrassed to have them. Love them as facet of who you are at the time recognizing that emotions serve to alert you to your belief system and stored cellular memory now ready to clear. You are no longer an un-awakened human being if you are reading these messages, so stop thinking of yourselves in that way. You are well on your way toward ascension into higher dimensional frequencies, no longer seekers of truth.

Your state of consciousness reflects outwardly. If you are experiencing a difficult situation with someone, something, or some place recognize it as a signal that something is trying to clear–some false belief you still hold. Ask yourself; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way?” This will point you to what it is that needs deeper examination.

As we have stated many times, Love is the energy of Oneness but is interpreted according one’s individual state of consciousness. Every issue of daily living can be resolved once it is understood that there is only One. This then allows you to recognize and clear any beliefs of separation you may still hold, making room for a new and more evolved state of consciousness to unfold.

Do not expect that you will never again experience a reaction to someone who has hurt you or that you are a spiritual failure because of it. Clearing and healing takes place as you open to truth about everyone’s Divinity, but within the density of physicality it takes time for the healing to fully integrate.

Your inward or outward actions of unconditional love may never effect the actions and beliefs of another so do not look to the “problem people” in your life to change. Their awakening is their job, not yours.

As you grow in truth and awareness you will discover that certain people and situations simply disappear out of your life. This is because you are no longer in alignment with the lower resonating words and actions involved that allowed you to be wounded. You are now able to “Let the heathen rage.” while you live and move in the higher realities of Love and truth.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/9/17

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Greetings Everyone! Today I would like to share with you the last part – Part III of “How to Attract Abunance into Your Life” The following article is taken from my book MISSION TO EARTH – A LIGHT WORKERS GUIDE TO SELF MASTERY.


The difference  between those who are successful and those who are not, is not the amount of money that they start out with, it is not the education, it is not any of the external factors, it is the ability to TRUST your own self, and BELIEVE in your own ideas and ALLOW the success to freely come your way.

There are hundreds of thousands of books written on this topic, however, I will only speak from my own experience. There is absolutely NOTHING that is stopping you but YOUR OWN SELF.

The idea that someone is to blame for your circumstances is futile. It does not work, it never did and it never will. Blaming others, be it your parents for not giving you enough education, your boss, your wife or husband, your friends and even the government will not do ANYTHING good for you. You will continue to marinate in a jar filled with doubts, fears, hatred, anger, despair, etc., and is that really what you want to keep doing for the rest of your magnificent life?! I say NO! I say it is time to take back YOUR POWER.

It is simply FALSE that there is something that you cannot do, everyone is capable of achieving that which they have come here to do. You have absolutely NO EXCUSES to not succeed in what you have come here to do, unless of course your journey does not involve success and freedom, but suffering and pain. Though, that doesn’t seem likely as you wouldn’t be reading this here article right now.

STEP 1- UNDERSTANDING: So, having said that, lets get down to the steps you need to take. The number one rule of welcoming anything into your life is to understand this fact : ENERGY FLOWS WHERE YOUR ATTENTION GOES. THE UNIVERSE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT YOU WANT AND WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT.

Whatever you focus your attention on is what it will deliver to you. If you sit there for example and fret that you don’t’ have money enough to pay for this and that, the universe will work really hard to deprive you of any further income, because it thinks that this is precisely what you wish to experience. If you have put yourself into a state where you constantly think that you cannot afford something you will end up living this way for the rest of your life.

You MUST CHANGE YOUR THINKING! That is not to say that you should run out and start buying expensive items that you want. But that is to say that your THINKING must change in regards to money. If money is what you are looking for then you should focus on the fact that money is very easy for you to receive, that you CAN afford to get this and that item, you simply CHOSE not to do so for the time being.


YOU MUST START PAYING ATTENTION TO SYNCHRONICITY.. meaning, if you are sitting by your computer reading this, and all of a sudden you see that something is happening outside your window and you FEEL the PULL to quit doing what you are doing and run to the window and take a look or walk outside even if it seems ridiculous to you, you should take that step. The reason? Simple.. perhaps at that moment in time with the same pull another person who is the link to your success is also going to be there, you two will meet and this piece of your success puzzle will be complete and you’ll move onto another. Take every opportunity that life presents to you, don’t over analyze anything, follow your intuition and your heart, even if it seems strange and odd, even if you’ve NEVER done this or that before, none of it matters, just the mere fact that you are being drawn to do so, is the indication that you are on the right path to your success.

STEP 2 : THE VISION: Setting long term goals and achieving them is easier than you think. However, you MUST envision everything in the most minute details, you must feel yourself, see yourself sense yourself being in the place of your dreams. Say you want to be a successful writer. You must completely and fully examine within your own mind, what it feels like to be that writer, what are you doing, what is your life like, where are you living, what type of house is it, etc., etc., to the tiniest little detail. And once you fully and truly unleash your IMAGINATION, and FEEL yourself there, you then must step back and ask yourself a question “AM I HAPPY HERE? IS THIS WHAT I WANT?” If the answer is YES you are ready to proceed to step #3

STEP 3- ACTION, once you set in your mind what you want, you now know that there’s a tiny little bridge for you to get there, you just need to pull it to you, just close that gap. In order for you to get there, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

STEP 4: LET GO, ALLOW AND KEEP WALKING – THERE ARE NO OBSTACLES ONLY OPPORTUNITIES. Even if at first you are up against what seems like obstacles to you, even if there is something that is not going quite right, don’t look at it as obstacles but opportunities, clearly the universe is stirring you in the right direction. If however, you feel that your project is exhausting you and you are really not happy with it, you should not proceed. In order for anything to be successful you MUST be fully and completely IN LOVE with this idea, you must enjoy it, if you do not, then it is not for you.

If on the other hand you are exhilarated by your adventure then do not give up even in what seems like “dire” circumstances but seek out innovative ways of getting everything done.


And remember, you already achieved everything you ever wanted, that there are infinte timelines that are running parallel to each other, where everything that you wanted has already manifested itself, the point now is to MERGE with your OTHER self CONSCIOUSLY and walk on the path of success.

LIKE attracts LIKE and you are to remember that what you feel and think.. is EXACTLY what you will get from the universe. So monitor your thoughts carefully get rid of limiting ideas about yourself, about others, about the world, see everything as a gift and recognize the divinity of everyone involved in your project, understand that you are never doing anything on your own, you are always and constantly supported by the universe and all the living beings around you, even this articles is here to support you, and you will be on your way to incredible success. No matter where you are in life YOU ARE IN CHARGE!!!

Below is a channeling that I did for someone else, I feel that this information pertains to every one of us:

“And so, first let us take you back in time to when you were a child, we are going to ask you to do something with us, for that you must fully and purposely connect with the divine in order to bring back the information that you are fully aware of, look into your heart and relax, sit down and breathe deeply, now close your eyes and think of when you were seven years old, what do you see, who are you, what are you doing, what is on your mind, what are you passionate about. Remember what you are feeling, seeing and sensing, now open your eyes and write it down.

Now that you know exactly what you have come here to do, and you have remembered what it is that you wish to be, it is now time for us to take you into the future. We ask that you sit down again and visualize your future, completely as you wish it to be, fully connect to yourself in the future and see how do you feel being in a position that you have imagined for yourself. Are you happy leading the type of life that you are desiring at the moment, are you fully connected with the divine, are you feeling that you are indeed fulfilling your life’s mission? If so, if you are completely at peace and happiness then you have found your new vocation.


Now, with all your might, with all of your intention think to that moment, remember it and carry it within your minds eye for the next 2 weeks. Savoring every moment of your new life, remembering it, sensing it, feeling it, living it in your minds eye. Put all of your concentration efforts into being at that moment in time, focus all of your attention on the moment that you are finally living out your dream. Think only of what you WANT and not what you don’t want. Remember the universe does not understand the difference between what you wish for and what you wish to avoid, all the universe picks up is that you are concentrating your mind on a particular idea, and it will quickly jump into action in order to manifest it into you reality.

And so, after two weeks, you are to completely LET GO of this idea. Allow it to float out into the universe into space, to GOD to Your own higher self and relax knowing fair well that from this moment on, everything that will be happening to you is only going to be brining you closer and closer to your dream.

And now… ALLOW.. allow us to do the work for you, allow us to present you with a variety of circumstances and opportunities for you to quickly get to that future that you have envisioned for yourself.

BELIEVE.. that everything is possible, truly and completely with all your might believe it.


ACT.. Now that you have put all of your ideas out into the universe and you are completely open and ready, you are to ACT on the opportunities that will be presented to you by the universe in order to get you where you wish to go to. Look for synchronicities, listen to the gentle universal flows, hear the melody of abundance that unfolds before you. Understand that EVERYTHING that happens in your daily life is happening indeed for one, and one reason only to help you arrive at the destination of your dreams – ABUNDANCE.

Know that we are with you every step of the way. Know that we are listening to you and guiding you, and finally hear our communication with you by paying attention to the events that are unfolding before you.”

Stay steady, stay grounded, stay in the NOW! I love you all so very much and am sending you the love of UNIVERSAL proportions!

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, December 29, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Moon Phase: begin, set intentions for the month

Moon in Capricorn

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Seth, God of the North

Skill:  attune to new energy; the Resonance Principle of “like attracts like”

True Alignments:  revelations, getting in tune and on track, music for the soul, channeling, cracking codes, truth shown, breaking limitations, overcoming confusion, directed, good of all, balance, breaking free, receptive

Catalysts for Change:  harsh words and communications, unwarranted, avoiding closeness, imbalance, manipulative, lost in an illusion, chaos and discord, mind control, know it all, telling people what to do, rigid structure, inflexible, racism, strict expectations, alienation

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “an angel carrying a harp”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Welcome to the lunar month of the New Moon in Capricorn.  This month brings us “Sonic Skyways of the Magic Carpet Ride.”

This month is about attunement and harmony, as the Sabian symbol for the New Moon is 9 Capricorn, “an angel carrying a harp.”

This month is an extremely important one on the road to the liberation of humanity.  This month sets the stage for not only the remainder of this solar-lunar year, but also well into November of 2017.

Capricorn is a “cardinal” sign in astrology, like the cardinal points on a compass.  When the New Moon is in one of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), they are months of intensive shift.  We make BIG SHIFTS and ADJUSTMENTS that are in tune with spiritual directives (the restoration of what is good, natural, real, and free).  Cardinal cycles are pivot months and turning points…



THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn 10:13 am ET/3:13 pm UT

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess of Peace

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West (last day on duty)

Skill:  see the blessings in your life, communicate patiently; uncomplicate

True Alignments:  the best representations, content, spreading goodwill, oneness, surviving, lessons learned, waking up to something, leaps of faith/taking a chance, appreciation of effort made, imitation as the best form of flattery, simplifying

Catalysts for Change:  pretense, suppressing instincts, reacting solely from instinct, giving up, dissatisfaction with life, not seeing one’s blessings, gossip, separated through divide and conquer tactics, disguises, projecting one’s fears onto others, making something too complicated or harder than it needs to be, all for “show”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Mercury conjuncts (comes to the same place in the sky as) the Sun today at 08 Capricorn “birds in the house singing happily.”  This conjunction occurs at 1:40 pm ET/6:40 pm UT, but is in effect all day.  Per the Electric Universe Principle, when a planet conjuncts the Sun, it often causes geophysical effects, so we may see that today.

Mercury rules our communications, so this conjunction with the Sun empowers the RESTORATION, RECOVERY, and RECTIFICATION of issues/situations related to communications.  Mercury happens to be retrograde right now…


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase: release what you do not want to carry into the next lunar month

Moon in Sagittarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess Whose Body is the World, The World Nurse

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Elias, God of the West

Skill:  pay close attention and listen closely

True Alignments:  a well nourished mind, body, and soul, attention drawn to something, information from unexpected sources or events, skill development, aiming or making a goal, connection with intuition and listening to it, unseen assistance, discernment when falsity is being presented, dutiful

 Catalysts for Change:  loss of faith and hope, feeling exposed or vulnerable, monotonous or rote, defiance of restrictions or bossiness, losing self, manipulation, lead astray, acting out in an effort to gain attention, compromising oneself, negative mind chatter and loops, disconnected from nature, feeling one has to perform, pressure, taken off one’s feet

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Many times, the starry skies activate frequencies of energy that make optimal conditions for receiving messages and gaining important information and insight.

When Mercury is retrograde, this is especially true.  Today the Sun is located at the degree of the zodiac where Mercury, The Messenger, will be at the New Moon this Friday, December 29.  This degree is 07 Capricorn: “a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.”

So the things that happen or develop today will unfold pretty much the entire month of January.

The symbol of “a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god” is the energetic of messages and information FROM SPIRIT delivered to us from unusual, unknown, unexpected, or sudden sources.  The “source field” or “information field” or “mind of Sophia” (as I like to think of it) tells us what we need to know to set ourselves straight or whatever is important for us to know at this time…


Monday, December 26, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase:  release, believe

Moon in Sagittarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess of Peace, Goddess Whose Body is the World

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill: go with the flow; slow down; take care while driving and with flames

True Alignments:  using caution and discretion, embracing mystery or the unknown, connected to something magical, safeguarded, prepared, refreshing things, enjoyment, goals, care

Catalysts for Change:  needing to stand out or be noticed, not using caution or discretion, fear of the unknown, too insulated from others, strict, worrying about being overlooked or not considered, complacency

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “deep within the Earth, new elements are being formed”

Sabian Symbols for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”


A Mindset Shift to Liberate Your Innate Freedom: Message from the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

A Mindset Shift to Liberate Your Innate Freedom

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Greetings, Divine Ones,

Today we want to play with words. We want to play with words in a way that we hope will give you a glimpse of a very useful insight. Today we want to offer an idea about what is happening and how it is going on in your world and your life. We think this might benefit you in more fully grasping the reins of your power and, therefore, your capacity.

There is the word we would like to use about what is happening, and it is one that is often used, but there’s another word that’s often used too, and we’d like to talk about our preferences here and explain why we have them. The word we would use to talk about what is happening in your life and your world is the word: shift. The word we would not use, and we’d like to point out why it might be problematic for some of you is: transformation.

What you’re experiencing in your life can look and feel like transformation. We get that. From a physical viewpoint, it appears that there is a metamorphosis of form occurring, a conversion taking place.

We want to remind you how animation takes place. You’ve all seen animated little movies or films, and you know that animation comes from a series of drawings that are run through a projector at a very quick speed, and so they appear to be moving. They appear to be moving, and the movement seems to be coming from the same single original form. What an animation is, is countless different things, in this case, drawings, strung together, experienced at a very high speed, so they look like a single thing that’s moving. That’s what’s happening for you, in your life, too.

What we’re trying to say here in preferring the word shift to transformation is there is an underlying meaning to these words that matters. We want you to realize that the word transformation is closely linked to some of the things that keep you stuck in the fourth dimension; the ideas of healing or fixing or saving.

To shift has a different meaning. To shift is to move from one place to another or to cause something to move from one place to another. Therefore, the accurate word for what’s happening to you is actually shift. You are shifting. You are shifting from one place to another quite literally if we’re going to be precise in communication about this.

You are shifting vibrationally, and as you shift vibrationally, you shift in terms of the location and experience that you have as your knowing of what’s now. Everything you imagine is created as a location and expressed energetically. As you are shifting energetically, you are encountering points, locations in time/space that correspond to. You think of this as corresponding to your frequency; we would say that the locations of your expeirence correspond to your momentums. They correspond to your momentum, not just to your current energy but to the trending energy that you’ve been amplifying and energizing and creating as potential pathways for your experience.

When you create a thought form and when you create a momentum of thought forms by thinking about something … You think about something and you focus on it, what happens? You start to have more similar thoughts. This is law of attraction already in action. You start to think about something; suddenly you have a lot more ideas that are very similar to it. No matter what you are paying attention to, no matter what you are paying attention to and no matter how you are paying attention to it, when you pay attention to something, you create more of it and attract more of it. That momentum is thrilling. No matter what kind of momentum it is, it’s often a feeling that you like.


Momentum feels intense and rich and it’s accelerated. Acceleration is really appealing to you because in your essence, you fundamentally like speed. The vaster you is moving really fast, your essence is fast-moving energy. The vaster you is, therefore, used to really fast-moving energy and prefers it. In fact, it’s more fun. If you think about your life, you’re the same way. Slower moving energy often annoys you. You feel impatient. You want to shift into faster-moving energy. You may not think of it that way. You might think, “I just want things to happen faster.” What you’re really saying is “I want to be in faster-moving energy,” because when you get used to faster-moving energy, you enjoy slow moving energy a lot less.


You may see your life in a way that you think it’s transforming, but what’s really happening is you’re allowing different versions of your experience to connect with you and your mind is organizing these in what seems like a movie, something that makes sense in a linear fashion and it can look like transformation. There’s nothing wrong with this idea, this interpretation. We’re not pointing this out to correct you if you like the word transformation, or to make anybody wrong. We’re pointing this out because we feel that if you understand that you’re actually shifting into a different location and you really get that, you’re going to feel more powerful because in a different location you’ve absolutely left behind what just was.


It’s far more empowering to realize you go from one location to another, and that it may feel seamless, but that you understand quite literally in truth, energetically you are going from location to location to location. That viewpoint and seeing your life as a continual shifting experience is more likely to help you understand the absoluteness of now.


Can you imagine and can you see how absolute this now is given that it’s a different point in time/space, a different location than the previous now?


Do you see how even though you can sustain the feel of a new now and build momentum ways that continue to feel similar, which happens naturally because as you pay attention to the moment and you amplify it, you attract more moments like it? If you see that it’s a shift, you are more likely to understand the infinite freedom you have in embodiment.


The different locations you experience, you could think of them as energy streams or bandwidths, some people like to call them dimensions or levels of consciousness. The words don’t matter. They’re just labels. There are far more distinctions in the locations and streams of energy than any of your labels about dimensions or levels have described. You don’t need the label or the description to know what’s happening because you can feel the difference. You can feel the difference immediately because the first manifestation is always emotion. It’s your emotional state. The emotion is telling you what kind of stream you’re in, what kind of momentum you’ve connected with.


If you connect with a momentum you’re not that excited about if it doesn’t get developed too much and you don’t react too strongly and give it too much attention, you can pivot pretty quickly.


When you wake up, you’ve been in a cosmic field. You’ve moved into union with the vaster you. You’re connected to pure positive energy. This is a great time to open up a momentum from that vaster you. Anytime you’re in delight is a good time to build upon it and open up more momentum that you’ll enjoy. You’re in alignment with that vaster you so that you will get inspired ideas. When you’re feeling joy, you’ll get your most uplifted beneficial ideas, the ideas that will most directly, easily take you into the experiences you want and give you the feeling state you want.


You’ll know when you have these ideas because when you have them, you’ll already be feeling good and the inspired idea will feel even better. No matter where you are, an inspired idea will lift you up. Some of you, like Thomas who shared a question in the Q&A the questions the other day, notice that thy don’t last. That doesn’t deny the experience of being in that moment of alignment and in that location, glimpsing the higher idea that’s a more direct path.


You have that capacity clearly and the reason we’re pointing this out today is to help you even more completely discover how to drop the fourth dimensional patterns that are slowing you down and the fourth dimensional patterns of trying to make it all work by giving effort to it, by working at it, by trying to fx it, by thinking you need to clear or heal yourself, others or the planet.


All of that is slowing you down and you hate being slowed down. You hate feeling impatient when it comes to what you want and you hate feeling separate from the things you like. To help close that gap with that, we’re here today to talk about perhaps thinking of it all as transformation has served you till now, but because it’s not accurate, it may not be the most beneficial way to look at things.


Because you’re not taking what was and making it different; you’re just tuning to a different frequency. When you do that, you are in a different location and your experience simply is different. It is different immediately.


There has always been, in the infinite now, currents and experiences that are uplifted. You are living in a physical form that has experienced immense limitation in allowing this higher frequency because the thought forms and consciousness present in this form did not create resonance with these uplifted currents very easily, very readily.


When you’re in an idea or an expectation based on negative things in the past or needing to fix yourself before you can get something or the idea that something is wrong with you, that’s the bandwidth you’re in – it’s limited, it’s slower-moving, and the emotions that arise in that energy feel less good.


By starting to realize that you can create a totally different experience because you actually shift moment to moment, we’re hoping you might glimpse how much more free you actually are.


The things that feel the same over and over and over again, they’re just being recreated. When you feel for the joy within you, when you feel inside for the lighter energy and tune to that part of you that is here, the vaster you, the total you, that knows how to enjoy the experience, you shift. The more you make that your priority, that harmony, that alignment, that being synced up with you, the more liberated you become.


This changes not just your awareness, but the location you’re in and the form you’re in. The form you’re in, in the different locations that are more uplifted has a greater capacity for light. If you sustain and perpetuate and amp up that momentum, amazing experiences are what you will know as each now.


Then you’ll feel like, “Wow, really good stuff is happening right here, right now and it’s happening again.” Then, of course, as you notice that and appreciate that, your momentum builds.


When you genuinely appreciate what feels good, your momentum builds. The more you let go of commenting on what you don’t like in the world, the more you learn to be picky about what you give attention to and what you’re willing to focus on in your words and your actions, the more you learn to use your focus and the increased focus of your words and the even more increased focus of your actions because words and action take focus into more concentration, the more you learn to do this in a way that serves you as indicated by your sense of alignment, the more you’re letting your life flow from the vaster total you. That flow feels really good to you.


Then, the locations in which you experience your life become increasingly delightful. Quite naturally, as you shift, the potential for all humanity opens up because these streams of uplifted consciousness expand in your realm. That’s how you help each other. That’s how the world changes.


Today, we wanted to point out why the word shift might be a good idea to think about rather than thinking of yourself as transforming. You might even think of it as a reappearing moment to moment to moment in a new way, and that would be very true. Although it happens even faster than moment to moment, which is why you don’t see it. It’s seamless in your perception, this ever-changing experience, and that’s the infinite possibilities that you’re having. Perceiving it as seamless that doesn’t mean it’s not happening just because you don’t sense the movement.


We like this idea that your life continually reappears. It’s pretty accurate. As you vanish (how do you like that!) from lower frequency domains and realms and bandwidths and streams, and reappear in upper levels of consciousness and form, your life takes on a brilliant light that feels really good to you and inspires everyone else. This is how, what has been called the new earth and the new human, are coming about.


The new earth and the new human have always existed as potential and within the dreaming and the energy structures made possible through those choices of focus by embodied humans and by those of us here who are amplifying those potentials, those locations. Those locations exist.


The pure line of the ascension of the fulfillment of humanity exist, but as you come into resonance with these locations and start to stay in them in a steady way, this is what we mean by these new parallels. The new parallel being populated. The new parallel is a different location, which is becoming amplified and emanating a different version of earth from within the planetary matrix. When you’re in it, it’s populating, and it’s becoming quite literally more fleshed out.


You feel it as more concrete. It feels more real to you. This potential that has been talked about for so long becomes natural as you live in this knowing.


We say to you today, go further. We dare you. Believe in your capacity to fully shift out of anything that has been and into something you like better because the shift moment to moment is happening.


Your intentional creation of your state determines where you land.


We are the Council of Radiant Light

We’re Shifting Because of What You’re Becoming (Stop Apologizing For What You Want) Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

26 Oct 2016 v2 - Ailia Mira Expect Wonderful_edited-1

We’re Shifting Because of What You’re Becoming
(Stop Apologizing For What You Want)
Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello, Beautiful Humans!
We are here now to take into account what is going on for you and to reflect that back to you, so that, you might know yourself more fully and to share with you what is changing for us, as a result of what is changing for you.
We see you as divine frequencies unfolding in a time space reality, replicas of your energy structure. Like you would see a fractal image, unfolding perfect copies of itself infinitely, we see you in time space giving unique flavor and choice of focus to the variations of your energy that arise from your expression and flow.
It is with this vision of you in our sights that we remind you – you are a perfect replica of your wholeness in this human body. You may feel at odds with certain circumstances in your life, but that does not change the essence within you. You are a perfect replica of your frequencies,  here. In your turning inwards and tuning to your vastness intentionally, you realize this more fully, and it gives you a profound sense of joy. You don’t always know how to sustain this knowing, but you are more and more often in your knowing and specifically in your knowing about you.
Being in your knowing about you is a magnificent thing isn’t it? We think so.
So, as this idea about who you are, is opening up for you, it is easier to be uplifted. It is easier to feel expansive. It is easier to feel free. This is because as you think of yourself as you are, what you are becomes available to you as consciousness. The essence that is you is able. You are capable and free and masterful and robustly alive, and when you see YOU in a more accurate fashion, those capacities flow forth.
So in your lives, the question that would benefit you most right now is to ask yourself this, “How do I want to know myself, right now?”
Do you want to know yourself as creative? Do you want to know yourself as abundant? Do you want to know yourself as fulfilled? Do you want to know yourself as expansive? Do you want to know yourself as optimistic and cheerful? How do you wish to know yourself, right here, right now?
We are aware that you may think this is some mental exercise, but it’s not. Not at all. It’s a means of changing your state of being on the spot.
If you were to think about why you want to know yourself as creative, as abundant, and focus on what you want of that your energy will resonate with that.
Do not focus on what “that” will fix, just focus on what it is you want. What are you looking forward to? What is within that experience that calls to you?
If you focus upon what you are summoning and let it feel good to you because of why you want it, then as it feels good to you, you resonate with it. When you feel superb, get more specific about what you’d like in that experience, embellishing and adding to it. Doing this, you will be lifted up on an ascending current that gives you elation. A current that is always within you but you are tuning to by choosing within, to know you, in new ways – ways that genuinely appeal to you!
Having fun and discovering yourself through creating and expressing is what the world is emerging into. The world is developing into a realm of focus for knowing yourself more fully as powerful creators and enjoying your ever-expanding capacities. The world is on the brink of a renaissance of unprecedented proliferation and expansion.
You are the ones that are going to do this. You are the ones who are going to find out that you can change your life here and now, into a flow of dynamic aliveness. Once you forget thinking about how to go from here to there and just go there. Leap into what you want. Don’t build a bridge, just withdraw attention from one and move into the new. The desired. The more authentic. The future that you’ve been longing for? Go there now.
Think about that. Just think about there. Just think about what that version of you/your life, is like and why you want it and let yourself enjoy it. Let yourself consider who you might be in it, how you would feel and think about you. Does it feel right – as in true? Is that how you want to know you? If yes – expand upon that. Expand upon that. Expand upon what you want to know. Resonate with it, which means, of course, allowing it.
Stop looking for someone else, even your higher self, to tell you what you want.
What you want is clear to you.
Stop apologizing for what you want. Want what you want!
Want what you want and believe in yourself as a Divine Being. A Divine Expression of Creation. A Divine Perfection of energy focused here, now, and let yourself use the here/now experience to inform you. It is, already, so let it be and let what you want out of it, be right. It is right for you; you’re knowing it – that’s the feeling of “I want that,” so go with it.
You know what you want in relationship to your life here. You know what you like and what you want. Why are you resisting who you want to be? Why do you doubt who you want to know yourself as? Stop listening to anyone else’s ideas about who you are and listen to YOU. Honor you. Love you.
Listen to that knowing within you that wants what it wants.
Go into what you want. Think about what you want. Talk about what you want and see yourself IN IT. See yourself in what you want and let what you want, be here now as you. Line up with it. Let it shape your way of relating to life. Expect it. See it coming in. See it filling in, notice what is showing up of it, and savor it and let the rest come in too.
These are the ways of being a masterful creator. You might think, Oh – Archangel Michael – this sounds a lot like the law of attraction. Well, guess what? It is. It is the law of attraction.
You’ve already remembered that you are divine, now live it. Now create from the Source that you are. Create, create, create, have fun, have fun, have fun, as you. Generate the brilliance of that sovereign alignment and flow of expression that is you, yielding to what you know to be true for you. You making YOU the author and authority here and now.
This sovereign alignment is how you come in, here, more and more. How you let the total you arise here and now – by being in ways that you want to be.
We are aware of your resistance to this. We know you have spent a lot of your life denying your desires. We know you have lived a long time keping the things you want being on the far horizon. Didn’t you realize that when you embraced who you truly are, that gap was going to close? We know you want it, but now that we’re saying, “you’re free – go for it,” you’re acting a bit lit you’re still locked down.
You’re going to close the gap by making your desires real and important to you, and learning how to vibe to them. You’ve got to practice this until it becomes natural to you – to be an energy match for your expanded-ness, the version of you that you cherish and love and want to know, here.
We know that there are a lot of other kinds of messages out there for you, especially in ascension or spiritual circles. We’re offering a way to close that gap, now and get on with your living, your divine expression.
There are going to continue to be people who tell you, “clear the way first.” There will be ones that say, “do this exercise first and focus in this way and listen to this meditation each day and run this light through your body,” etcetera. Use this for that. Do this and get that. Do this first, and then you’ll be free.
Now, you can do those things, if you like. If they make you feel good and you are happy doing them, then do them.
But they are not your liberation – YOU ARE, through and as choices you make in consciousness. It is you, deciding that you matter and you are wonderful that is the beginning of stepping beyond all those things which might be distractions from facing what you want and giving yourself enough love that you permit yourself to be who you want to be.
So we’re putting you on notice here and now that our focus has turned to Divine Expression and you being the 5th dimensional you, or even more expanded, here and now.
We’re turning our attention to you as the CREATOR you are, and that aspect of you being allowed to come forth. To show up here.
We’re turning all of our focus toward the liberation of light in the flow of your expression as the divine signature of Creation that is you.
You – in the wisdom of your focus, are drawn toward what is going to give you joy and what’s going to light you further up and open up your capacities, and we see that as something a) you’re ready for and b) more fun.
We’re following your lead. We are shifting with you. The leading edge of humanity is shifting to claim Creator Authority. You don’t have to join in, but we think it would be very fun if you did.
Step into you. Step into the you that you long to be, the you that you wish you were now. Just do it. Stop making yourselves wrong and stop pushing your happiness endlessly out into the future after you complete some things you think you have to do.
How? Stop buying into the limitations here.
We can tell you the limitations are illusions or constructs or ideas from separation, but if you still pay attention to them as if they matter and are real and important? We can’t stop you from doing that. Only you can.
Cut the cords that you’ve got hooked into a version of life that you want to be over. Withdraw your energy from it and energize what you want to experience. Make what you want real and important. Think about it and feel it surging within you as energy and flow. Eclipse the past by energizing the present and let that new vision flow and unfold your next moment.
We recognize this as the time for Divine Masters to emerge. We see Divine Masters creating confidently, and playfully.  We see that emerging, and we are pivoting with you, beyond ideas of remembering you’re divine, into the thing you do with that remembering: LIVE.
I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light

Why feeling like Crap is an essential Part of Lightwork by Vera Ingeborg | The Wake Up Experience


What a bold statement is that??? Yes, it sounds odd at first that feeling like crap is supposed to be useful and part of our mission, but when we look into the energetic dynamics we go through during our awakening journey, it will make much more sense. Fact is, we need to go through the darkness for various reasons. They all lead us to one goal: Raising our own vibrational frequency and the frequency for humanity on the planet.



In order to gain a better understanding we need to look into various aspects of Universal energies. We all went through a programming and have to remember how light and dark actually play together for our highest good.


How the Universe works

There are several universal physical laws, which are truly important to understand and internalize to be able to move forward effectively. They help to get the bigger picture of what is truly going on and what ascension and lightwork is all about.


1) The Law of Attraction


Horseshoe magnet

The law of attraction simply states, that alike energies attract alike energies. What you send out in form of your own vibes will be delivered to you – as you attract the same vibes like a magnet. That is why you repeat certain situations and lessons until you understand: “I am the one that needs to change, it is not my environment. I create my own reality”. Now – many have seen the film “The secret” and started out with making great vision boards and repeating positive affirmations daily. While this can help daydreaming and change our vibrations for the moment, this film unfortunately leaves out the essential part to successfully manifest our desires: We have to do our inner work. Emotions and thoughts have different vibrational patterns, just as everything and everyone else does in the Universe. While fear frequencies, such as resentment, anger, blame, judgement, grief, sadness etc. are vibrating on a low frequency, love frequencies, such as compassion, gratitude, fun, forgiveness, happiness etc. vibrate on a much higher level. Your “energetic order” to the universe is what you send out vibrationally. That means: If you still carry fear frequencies and with them your learned behavioural patterns and belief systems, expressing those fears energetically into your environment, that is what you order. That is what you attract. It’s physics.

“If you still carry fear frequencies and with them your learned behavioural patterns and belief  systems, that is your energetic order to the Universe. And that is what you attract.”

So – vision boards and affirmations are a nice way of forgetting that you still carry the fear for the moment. But they will not dissolve it. That is called spiritual avoidance – trying to avoid the pain and walk around it. Unfortunately, that always backfires. We cannot change the physical laws. The same counts for the belief: “Oh, I simply hand over my pain, fear and worries to my angels and guides and I call upon the violet flame to transmute it all”. Yes, praying and connecting with the spiritual realms can be an accelerator, just as vision boards and affirmations can be. BUT: Only if we are willing to do our work. Nobody else can do that for us. Not even the angelic realms. We are given a physical body and experience for a reason. And it has certain reflexes and functions to handle and process energies. Just as we have a reflex to throw up, when we have eaten bad food that could poison us to save us from greater harm, we have emotions as our reflex to release energies of low frequencies that are not supposed to be stuck in our system. Unfortunately – we have been trained to believe that emotions are bad and it is not appropriate to act them out. So we suppress them and keep them in the system instead of “energetically puke them out”. When we talk about recognizing that “Vulnerability is our true strength” that is what it truly means: Recognizing the healing power of our emotions by welcoming them with gratitude for the relief they serve us with.

That is the law of attraction at work. If we go into blame or judgement for feeling hurt, we are sending out a low fear frequency. We are playing ping pong on a low frequency level”

That is the law of attraction at work: If we go into self-blame and judgement or blaming and judging others for feeling like sh*t or hurt, we are sending out a low fear frequency. That means we play ping-pong on a low frequency level. We might even allow the emotion to come through and we cry, we scream, we shiver: We release the emotion and energy of low frequency and… attract it right back in because of our low frequency reaction. Reacting with gratitude, forgiveness or humour, or even redirecting the energies into something creative or compassionate for others will shift and transform the energies to a higher level. That way there is no way to attract them back in at a low fear level. That takes us to the next important universal law.


2) The Law of Transformation


 This universal law states that energy can never dissolve, it can only be transformed. This is not only important for a better understanding of the transformation of energies through the change in our reaction towards emotions that come up for us. It is also crucial for the understanding that the so-called “dark energies” are not dangerous. So many people still believe that we have to protect ourselves from dark entities and energies and shield ourselves. That is what actually gives them the power! When we recognize that we have the ability to transmute all kinds of energies, no matter how dark they are, we can welcome and embrace them and simply change their frequency. We do that through our heart chakra. It is like a transformer for energetic frequencies. When we talk about surrounding us with light, or being in a bubble of light, then this helps us to create more light from within us and radiate brightly with love.

“Light does not fight the darkness, it absorbs and transforms it. Darkness is not dangerous once we know how to transmute it.”

Light does not fight the darkness, it absorbs and transforms it. So these methods are not about protection, they are about absorption and transmutation. Of course – it is not easy to reach that state of being. It takes time for our heart chakra to get used to being a transformer. It can be very overwhelming and scary in the beginning. But the more we practice, the better we get at it. The less we are afraid of the darkness, the quicker we transmute it into light.


3) The Law of Attention


This is another important energetic law to understand. The energy is directed to where we focus our attention on. Your partner is running away from you and does not want you? Everyone is using you and nobody likes you? The more you focus your thoughts around beliefs like this, the more you give this fear your energetic vote and make this your reality. You are obsessed with watching the news every day that are full of fear and worry and pain? Are you complaining about or even fighting against Trump or ISIS or world hunger? That is what gives it more power. You know it yourself. The more attention people get, the more they will play out the drama. If there is no attention and reaction, it calms down quickly.  So, instead of trying to change other people or fight and react on the same energetic level – focus on the things that are good. Those things of high frequency. Become an inspiring teacher without wanting to convince anyone. Support in empowering people to change from within.


4) The Law of Oneness



So often we hear people say: “Why do I have to do all the work? I don’t see the point why I am going through all the pain to help others in their ascension process.” That is pure ego thinking and still believing in separation. Separation is an illusion. We are all one and are all part of a larger organism. Just as the individual cells of our physical body are like small people doing their work, keeping the system up and running, we are part of a much bigger eco-system that needs us and our functioning to stay healthy. Just as our physical body gets ill through misprogramming with the wrong data that causes our cells go into chaos, the same happens with this planet. As long as we are stuck in false ego belief-systems, such as scarcity, separation and evil – the system goes out of balance. And it has been for eons. We are now at a point where people wake up and recognize that we have been deceived and that we are all part of the same whole. We are doing our healing work for the one organism we all belong to.


What does Ascension truly mean?

A common misunderstanding that is still very present is that ascension will take us into a different physical place, a different planet. That is not the case. Ascension means that we are moving up in our own energetic frequency we are vibrating on. By doing that, our reality changes. Up to a point where we live in a parallel world and are not attached to any 3D things or thinking anymore. We have left drama, duality and linear time behind. It can even happen, that people do not see us, for example sitting in a Café waiting to be served, or people just bumping straight into you while walking. Only those people still in 3D that are waking up and ready for a change will interact with us. Ascension is the expansion in consciousness. We are shifting out of denser energetic environments into lighter energetic structures. Even our physical body adapts and changes to be able to handle these higher frequencies. The further we move through our process, the more we recognize that our cravings change, we cannot handle certain food anymore, our body behaves differently, we might lose or gain weight and we experience strangest symptoms out of nowhere. All of that is related to our body adaptation of becoming a light body.

Creating our own Reality


magic book

Having understood these energetic laws and what ascension is all about, it becomes clear that we have to change our manner in handling emotions, thoughts and physical pain. That helps us to move forward quickly and improve our well-being. With applying these laws in our daily physical existence, we become true masters in manifestation and creating the life of our dreams. When our own frequency shifts upwards, so does our environment. We attract different situations into our experience and old-behavioural patterns drop away bit by bit. It is like peeling an onion. Layer by layer, we are getting rid of the painful baggage we were carrying around with us and were continuously packing more onto it for such a long time. A combination of ego-work, inner child work and forgiveness work can be helpful to accelerate the process. The higher we move on the frequency scale, the more we make a difference. Not only for us, but for the planet as a whole. We energetically inspire our environment to raise in vibration, too. People still in 3D who are ready to change will gravitate towards us naturally. We become teachers and share “The real secret” how to ascend and create the life of our dreams.

“How would we be able to help others, if we had not gone through the darkness and pain ourselves? How would we be able to appreciate the light?”

And how would we be able to help others, if we had not gone through the darkness and pain ourselves? How would we be able to appreciate the light? Being awake and having ascended does not mean to live in bliss 24/7. It means to welcome all sensations and recognize the purpose and potential in all of them. If we understand, that emotional turmoil, thought spirals or physical pain is nothing else but an accumulation of energy, we recognize: This is potential! There is more energy available than usual and we can use this as fuel to move forward even more quickly. This can even be further supported by solar flares, CME (coronal mass ejections) both causing geomagnetic storms, and by earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and cosmic constellations. In times of heightened energetic activity around us, our buttons get pushed even more and everything we still carry inside gets amplified. This is like a catalyst for our expansion of consciousness.


The true Meaning of Lightwork: We are Transformers


heart light

After having learned all this – we understand that we are transformers of energy. And we do that through our physical body and through our heart chakra. By experiencing the pain, be it physical, emotional or mental, we are transmuting the energy to a higher level. Feeling like crap is a necessary element of lightwork. That is what it truly means to transmute darkness into light. And sometimes that means to just lie at home and cry to release or sit in the car and scream all the anger out. The importance is to do it with gratitude and compassion.

Of course, the 3D world would consider us to be completely useless and unproductive when in such a state. BUT: Processing these energies is very important work we do! We just have to detach from the outdated belief system what work should look like. And: we do not have to understand where the root cause lies for our pain. That is just our mind wanting to understand it.

“We can spend a lot of time, energy and money on trying to find out the root cause for our pain. That is only our mind wanting to understand. The energy could not care less. It only wants to be transformed.”

We can spend a lot of time, energy and money on trying to find that out. We should be aware though: The energy could not care less. It only wants to be transformed.

So please recognize your power in your vulnerability and emotions to help all of us to move forward quickly. Our emotions are essential for our own ascension and the planet. Living in 5D permanently only becomes possible when we have rid ourselves from all low frequencies. The higher we reach, the less pain and struggle we experience. That is what “Going with the flow” truly means. To embrace, accept and welcome whatever comes up, no matter which energies are running through us. It is important to not identify with them or interpret them. It is just energy that wants to be transformed. This will pass.

Thank you all so much for the important work you do.


The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg


As it can become very challenging to handle spiritual awakening in daily life, I am offering coaching on a donation basis to help you learn the language of energy and how to use it for your own healing. For more information please go here.



Beloved masters, it is of vital importance that you endeavor to incorporate the higher states of awareness, along with the will and Self-discipline needed to correctly implement the higher frequencies of truth into your physical, everyday life style in order to become a Master on the Path. Vital information for each incarnation is stored within the Soul-Seed Atom. However, the consciousness of the human personality must reach the required frequency patterns in order to access any advanced Cosmic information. Over time, desire is transformed into aspiration, and aspiration develops into a clear, definitive intuitive ability.

It is a proven fact that humanity evolves and gradually makes life changes through experiencing moments of crisis. The fusion of the Soul with the personality produces incredible changes in the ego-desire body consciousness, thus affecting every aspect of a human Being who is functioning within the physical plane existence. Living in the present moment, fully aware, without judgment or prejudice is the foundation of joyful, abundant living. Past memories and future expectations/aspirations create your present reality and future experiences.

Remember: Spiritual Fire is the basis of all manifestation, which forms the background for human evolution. The power of the Universe is in the present moment of the NOW, within the STILL POINT between the past and the future. The STILL POINT of Creation is not a void—it is filled with White Fire God-Seed Atom energy—the Creator’s unmanifested potential.

When the time comes for a fragmented God-Seed Atom to experience the reality of a Fourth-Dimensional environment, the Sacred Triad stationed within the densest, entry-level of the Fifth Dimension sends forth the designated God-Seed Atom into the Seventh (highest) Sub-Plane within the Fourth-Dimension. The God-Seed Atom then sends forth a SPHERE of Light called the CAUSAL BODY, which becomes the OverSoul vessel for all of the Soul Fragments to be embodied within the Third /Fourth Dimensions.

The Sacred Triad, through the Causal Body, oversees the descent of the miniature God-Seed Atoms (Souls), which will then facilitate the creation of a physical vessel on the Earth Plane. The Seed Atoms/Soul Sparks then descend, via the Life Force Energy Cord, to experience life throughout their many lifetimes and creations.

The Creator Essence, from within the Sacred Triads, creates the Soul Fragments, which are to be embodied within physical matter. These Fragments are separate Facets of Itself, and yet they are still a part of the greater whole. The Sacred Triad, which resides within the environment of the Fifth Dimension, then assumes the position of an observer, watching as these Soul Fragments sink deeper and deeper into density. It then patiently awaits the time when these wandering Sparks of Divinity will awaken to the nudgings of the Higher Soul Self, and then to gradually seek and find the Path of return.

The Magnetic power of Spirit will forever seek to draw the incarnated Soul inward and upward. It is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Gradually over time, the Soul and the personality unite and become a consciously blended unit—a Soul-infused personality. Love and intelligence become unified, so that the Divine Plan and fulfillment are achieved. Higher knowledge is stored within the Sacred Memory Seed Atoms of the Soul, the DNA, and the Sacred Mind.

The Soul is a composite of Spiritual Essence, which resonates at specific levels of consciousness. A Self-master has a sense of individual Self-identity, and also a sense of Universal ONENESS. First comes Self-consciousness; secondly, you gradually develop and become a Soul-infused personality; then comes the awareness that you are not the Soul, but something much vaster—a point of Divine, dynamic Will, focused on the Soul—this is the individualized God-Seed Atom, which directly OverLights the Soul Self form. This is the moment of an awareness of BEING—not becoming. The small Light of the Soul-fragments—of the lower Dimensions—fades into nothingness as they gradually blend with the brilliant glory of the Sacred Triads of the Seven Sub-Planes of the Fifth Dimension and above.

The embodied Soul Self, and then the higher Causal Body, must integrate all remaining Soul Fragments within all of the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional Sub-Planes. Thus, the empowered radiance of the Soul OverLights the ego-desire body so that the human Being becomes a Soul-infused personality. This is the time when you step off the Wheel of Karma, for you have cleared, cleansed and integrated all of your Soul Fragments from within the Fourth-Dimensional levels and below. This is called the Fourth Stage on the Path of Ascension.

Henceforth, after the Causal Body’s Sphere of Light is drawn upward and reintegrated into the OverLighting Sacred Triad, the Three Cosmic Cords—your Life / Consciousness / Creativity Cords—will be directly connected with your Sacred Triad. This is the next stage of “God-Self integration” on your journey back into the higher realms of Light.

This initiates the Fifth Stage of the Ascension process, which grants admittance into the first sub-level of the Fifth Dimension. The Soul-infused personality is now ready to team up with the Fifth-Dimensional, entry level, Sacred Triad, which embodies a White Fire Seed Atom, containing the three God Rays of our Sub-Universe: Divine Will, Love/Intuition, and Creative, Active Intelligence.

When this Fifth Stage occurs, for a time, there is a loss of rapport with your Soul Self, your guides and teachers, as well as any type of telepathic connection. It is like a mini-death, and there is an intense sense of abandonment for a few days. All Elements/Facets of the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional Soul Body, and the OverLighting Causal Body containing them, have been absorbed back into your Sacred Triad, within the lowest level of the Fifth Dimension. There is no longer an OverSoul/Higher Self within your Soul Star/Eighth Chakra, for you are now directly connected with a Pyramid of Light, which contains one of your many Fifth-Dimensional Sacred Triads.

By this time, you will have created the River of Life, the Antakarana, the Rainbow Bridge of Light, which will ultimately connect you with all seven of your major OverLighting Sacred Triad Selves within the Fifth Dimension. There is one major Sacred Triad within each sub-plane of the Fifth Dimension. Each higher level Sacred Triad is within a larger Pyramid of Light, and it is higher in frequency than the one beneath it. There is also a variety of smaller Sacred Triads scattered throughout the Fifth Dimension. The process of integration is somewhat different within the Fifth-Dimensional realm, which we will not address at this time.

An important concept for your better understanding of the Creative process: Our Father/Mother God is experiencing Creation and the complexity of ALL of Its Seed Atom Fragments through each Spark of Creation throughout this Sub-Universe. Each Dimension and Sub-Dimension provide a different awareness and variety of ITS PRIMAL SELF through its GOD-SEED ATOMS.

Your GOD-SEED ATOM / I AM Presence is experiencing life through its many Sacred Triads. These Sacred Triads are experiencing life through the mental aspects of its many Soul Extensions. These higher level Soul Extensions are experiencing the material plane reality through the distortions of the emotional Astral Planes of consciousness via the physical senses.

Beloved ones, it behooves you to take time to ponder on and integrate the important concepts of Creation that we are relaying to you. You, the StarSeed, who have attained the required level of harmonious frequency patterns, are now in the process of putting all you have learned into practice. As you do so, those around you who are still struggling within the confines of the restrictive lower-Dimensional environment, will be awed at what you are accomplishing, and gradually they will begin to follow your example. As you are aware, teaching by example is the most effective way to get the attention of those around you. A truism from the past also applies: “By the fruits of your labor, will you be known.”


∙ Become a bystander, an observer, not a participant in all the negative drama that is constantly going on around you. It is the state of your emotions that draws you into the maelstrom of negativity. If you are radiating harmonious, higher frequency patterns, you will be immune to the discordant energy around you.

∙ You are in the process of expanding your conscious awareness of what is occurring around you, and so it is vitally important that you maintain a detached state of mind. You are developing a new way of thinking, which is based on Higher-Self control of your mind and emotions.

∙ First comes Self-awareness, then Soul-consciousness, followed by Galactic-consciousness and eventually Sub-Universal-consciousness. You are striving to tap into the streams of Infinite Awareness, which contain the Cosmic Manifest for the complete Divine Blueprint for this new Sub-Universal experience.

∙ You are also developing a heightened, controlled sensitivity to those you interact with, which includes an empathetic, but somewhat detached viewpoint. This is an integral part of developing nonjudgment. You are to diligently seek, claim and live your truth to the best of your ability, and you are to allow all others the same right.

∙ Do not allow anything or anyone to disturb your serenity. Develop a high level of forbearance and sensitivity, and diligently practice being patient and slow to anger.

∙ While seeking Self-mastery, part of your testing will be that you will have to experience, overcome, and possibly even move beyond some of the trying relationships with the people in your life who are not ready or willing to move forward on the spiraling Path of conscious Soul-awakening. Each and every Soul must choose the path they will follow. You are only responsible for your own spiritual evolution.

It is imperative that you do not abdicate your search for personal Spiritual-awakening and Self-mastery out of a false sense of duty or loyalty to those who are seeking to continue to draw on your energy—or those who demand an unreasonable amount of your attention and time. Because you are in a very critical phase of your illumination process—a time when you are most vulnerable and your trials and tests may not be as dramatic as in the past—you are quite often confused, and you do not know what the next step is or what the next truth is that you are to incorporate into your ever-changing reality.

Remember, when you state, “I surrender all that I have and all that I am for my greatest good,” or “I align my will with the Divine Will of our Father/Mother God for my highest good and the greatest good of all,” it does not mean that you are giving up your worldly possessions or your free will. It is about trusting the wisdom of your OverSoul/Higher Self and your God Self, for these wise, higher Facets of your Divine consciousness always know what is best and most beneficial for you at any given time.

My brave ones, as you become more proficient as inspired cocreators, no longer will you focus your energy on creating the small, mundane desires of the past. You will have established a constant flow of Adamantine Particles into and throughout your physical vessel, with the remainder flowing out into the world of form. You will have programmed in the smallest detail that which you wish to manifest for your personal comfort and enjoyment, and one of your often used mantras should be, “All my needs and desires are fulfilled even before I realize what they are, which will always be for my greatest good and the most beneficial good of all.”

You will have meticulously outlined your path of service to humanity, which will be in perfect harmony with your Divine mission for this new era. You will have a constant, clear and beneficial connection with your resident OverSoul/Higher Self, and you will graciously and easily follow the Path of Light that ever winds higher and higher into the more refined realms of existence. Be assured that I will always guide, direct, inspire and protect you as you journey forth into the unknown. I radiate the eternal love of our Mother/Father God to each of you.

I AM Archangel Michael.

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Here are your Angel Messages for March 14 – 20, 2016 with Doreen Virtue

Here are your Angel Messages for March 14 – 20, 2016 with Doreen Virtue


Published on Mar 12, 2016

This week is totally determined by YOUR thoughts — it’s a week of instant manifestation and the Law of Attraction in Action.

So, this is the week to stay ultra-positive. Use all of your spiritual knowledge to keep yourself at the highest vibration possible this week, and you’ll have amazing experiences.

Be aware of any perfectionism which causes procrastination about making decisions or moving forward. Detoxing can help you to keep your mind focused upon Light and Love.

Doreen is working with the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, available at bookstores everywhere, including at http://bit.ly/GabrielCard