FM 144: Timelines (25.12.2020)

FM 144

Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew

Timelines (25.12.2020)

Earth has entered the Age of Aquarius and events are accelerating.

The Archons produced a huge amount of new entities over the last weeks which were specifically designed to attach themselves to the executive power so that the physical part of the Cabal can enforce its current bullying of the population in terms of COVID with greater vigor. This is the reason why parts (not all) of the police are currently acting so harshly when it comes to complying with restrictions and lockdowns.

The Light Forces are in the process of extinguishing these entities on the ethereal planes, but more importantly, the Cabal’s attempt for a reconnection to the old Nazi timeline of the last century has been crushed. During an operation, the Light Forces managed to remove various occult key players of the Dark Ones from the board, players who were already responsible for the manifestation of the 3rd Reich.

So, final purpose of this timeline will not manifest anymore, even if it looks rather the other way around, but the physical plane always needs a little while until it catches up with the higher realms.

Meanwhile, the resistance on the surface is growing and a few commanders of the Light Forces have been placed in certain Avatars, mainly to wake up more people and accomplish some other missions during this important period … and although we are talking about Light Warriors here, and of course some of them know how to defend themselves physically, they are not here to produce any escalation of violence involving the normal population.

Many of these commanders are not aware of their origins in everyday life (so they couldn’t take the memories with them for various reasons), they also don’t replace any reptilian fake leaders and most of them are not in public life either, but there are some exceptions (so, yes, there are a few who have been on TV/mainstream media in certain countries).

However, some commanders have already left again because their mission, for example, was only to connect certain Key Lightworkers on the surface. And speaking of connecting and statements that Telegram would be a trap of the Cabal: Personally, I wouldn’t say that. First of all, every messenger is hackable in some way, that is not different with Telegram, but the service is currently preferable for many Lightworkers and truthers, because the censorship is not yet as strong as with most other services.

As for DNA database, of course the Dark Ones are eager for DNA. DNA is one of most important commodity on intergalactic level and of course it would be beneficial for them to know who eventually carries specific genetic material from certain Starseed races, from certain bloodlines, etc.

As for the massive push in testing on COVID-19, there may be also another reason:

And of course, the Cabal will try a few more things to escape their inevitable fate:

However, the meditations on December 21st were very successful and have triggered major positive things, as it allowed an extremely large amount of Light coming form the Source to be directed straight onto the surface.

Many Starseeds have participated, some have made protection for all participants, some have tried to create a hole in the Grid and to keep it open as long as possible, so that as much Light as possible can come through, while simultaneously the Light Ships carried out their operations. And the energies were overwhelming as almost never before.

What we will experience now in the physical is, that the Cabal will push their plan with such ferocity and haste that it simply has to wake up a very large part of the population. And they won’t get this part back! Even if they tighten the reins even further in the short term, it will all blow up in their faces in the end.

So, although times are hard, this process is important, because this is the fastest way to get more people out of the matrix … it might be painful for many, but this helps people to realize that something is not right here anymore in their world they thought was fine. This also makes it easier for the Light Forces to then physically intervene.

And even if some fear and panic is understandable to a certain degree, the message of the Light Forces is still to stay centred, to stay calm. But it is also important to take care of yourself, and especially not to let yourself be dragged down by the chaos that rages outside.

And what time would be better for centring than Christmas time, especially this year’s very special Christmas time, when many people will really have a think. Use this time well, recharge, go into nature, connect with the Light Forces, network with other Starseeds, join the meditations … this is important, because the density of events will increase even further, also immediately in the new year. But believe me, in the end it will have been so worth the effort.

Merry Christmas!


Tania Gabrielle: FULL MOON in ARIES [Oct 1, 2020] Assertive vs. Aggressive – Astrology Numerology Forecast

FULL MOON in ARIES [Oct 1, 2020] Assertive vs. Aggressive – Astrology Numerology Forecast

•Sep 20, 2020
Tania Gabrielle
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A highly sought after spiritual intuitive and Astro-Numerologist, Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World, unlocking the codes in the stars, names, dates and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being with a primary focus on sharing spiritual principles that manifest practical, real-life results.


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July 2018 Astrology & Numerology forecast – Eclipse season is here!

July 2018 Astrology & Numerology forecast
– Eclipse season is here!

Published on Jun 30, 2018
July is here! Your life will never be the same! This month is sure to bring transformation, healing, and growth. It’s eclipse season! There’s some pretty spectacular activity in the skies.

Our Solar Eclipse on July 12th will bring new opportunities that can positively impact your future. And our Lunar Eclipse on July 27th is the most powerful eclipse of the century! Eclipses always bring truth to light, and can also culminate with fateful events.

In Numerology, July 2018 is an 18 Universal Monthh (7+2+0+1+8 =- 18). 18 is a number associated with the Moon, so the lunar energies are STRONG. This can feel like a tide tossing you at sea.

If you know how to navigate the energies, you can relax and ride the waves. In this forecast, I share with you the three essential steps toward making quantum changes this month, and make the most of this soulful time. Enjoy the energies!

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Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, July 21, 2017


Can you believe that you are over half way through the present year. If ever you needed proof of the special times you are now in you need look no further. Changes are likely to come thick and fast that will propel you into the New Age, so that you can enjoy the advantages and benefits to be gained. Nothing will stop them coming into being and as you must know by now, the ultimate is to reach the point when Ascension will occur. We see the whole picture as all is in the “Now” and can assure you that all proceeds well and in accordance with the plan set by great Beings who monitor and follow your progress. Some souls will not be ready to ascend and that is to be expected, and their path is also planned to ensure they continue to evolve. It is one that meets their needs and enables them to continue evolving. All of you at some stages in your evolution are guided by Higher Beings, who are dedicated to their work that will not cease until all of the Human Race has ascended.
You are at a time in the new cycle when it is being established, which is why many of you seem to be getting nowhere fast. The turmoil and upsets experienced are all part of the changes that are getting rid of the old so that it can move forward into the higher vibrations. You have one foot in the 3rd dimension and the other one in the 4th dimension and before long both will be in the higher 4th dimension, and all of the problems associated with the lower vibrations will have been left behind. It is a slow but positive transition that requires no action on your part beyond doing all you can to maintain a high level of vibration. That requires a dedicated approach to your actions to ensure that you are positive in all of them. Negativity and fear will only pull your vibrations down so you must endeavor to avoid getting involved in situations that may create it. Keep calm and help to raise the vibrations by keeping your own steady, and send out loving thoughts where you find discord or negativity.
The truth of your history has been deliberately withheld and distorted to keep you in the control of the Illuminati. However, it is no longer possible to hold it back and it is slowly being made known to you. The history of Man is quite different to what you have been led to believe, and in the last century many archaeological findings point to a different path of evolution than the one traditionally accepted. Big establishments have been part of the cover up, and many finds that would have had a great bearing on your understanding have been hidden from you. For example in the last 100 years or so, many finds have revealed the existence of giants upon your Earth. In biblical times reference has been made to them as being very tall and having red hair, and tombs of such giants have been found in the Utah Mountains.
One of the most incredible finds in the 1920’s were in a burial ground in the west of Catalina Island, when several thousand skeletons were found of a blonde haired race over 7 feet tall. They were evidently also a fair skinned race of high intelligence, and their King was 9 feet 2 inches tall. Many artefacts were also found including the remains of a megalithic “Stonehenge Era” Temple. You might ask what happened to the evidence and why is so little is known about such a discovery. There were also skeletons of 8/9 feet tall giants who ruled in America a long time ago, and from their artifacts it was obvious they were also very intelligent. They also found a room holding the preserved remains of extinct animals such as dinosaurs, and that gives an indication of how old the remains must be. It is clear that many species of Man have existed over a very soon long period of time, and the truth of your past cannot be denied or hidden much longer.
The list could go further but the point has been made regarding your “lost” history. The most remarkable conclusion has been made based upon evidence found and recorded, indicating that at one time Giants even existed that were up to 70 feet tall. Yet the skeletons were Humanlike and clearly have a place in your evolutionary chart. Even in recent times your more open and aware historians have realized that so much evidence still exists that proves the real history of Man. It is important to understand the facts of your evolution from which you will realise that you have had earlier Solar Cycles where you had reached a highly evolved stage. They ended and then another Cycle began which as it developed took you further than you had progressed previously. So now you are about to reap the rewards of having greatly advanced your evolution to a point where you have the greatest opportunity to ascend. Every effort you make to prepare for Ascension will be worth every experience you have gone through. It is a wonderful time in spite of the happenings on Earth, and bear in mind that you and Mother Earth are ascending together. A new Earth and a new you, what better way to make progress and at last leave the heavy cloying vibrations that have been a continual challenge. Yet you have persevered and will joyously claim your place in the higher vibrations, and enjoy release from the demands on you that have made life extremely difficult at times. You are nearly ready to ascend and many old friends and relations are waiting to lovingly greet you and welcome you back. You will soon forget the traumas of your recent lives on Earth, and enjoy peace and harmony that will seem like utter bliss compared to your time in the lower vibrations.
As you have often been informed, no experience is wasted as each one that bears any importance on your life has been planned and enacted to give you the experiences you need to evolve. It is therefore advisable if possible to make your peace with anyone you have had problems with and sort them out. You can only do so much in this respect but having tried you can rest easily knowing that you have done your best. Look upon life experiences as though you are in a play and when the curtain comes down all involved can go back to their normal lives. After all, karma is like playacting and you keep on repeating it until you get it right. Your ego’s can be demanding but they have been built up by you and can also be brought into harmony and peace by you.
If you are reading messages like this one you are clearly well on the path to Ascension, having already expanded your consciousness beyond what you may call the normal level. As time progresses it should become clear that a divide is taking place between those who are preparing themselves for Ascension, and those who have not yet lifted themselves up. It should not be assumed that sources such as this one are the only means of preparation or the only pathway, there are many people with good intentions who have their own way of expressing them. Beautiful souls can appear in any walk of life so accept those who follow a different path to you.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

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Thanks, from Nancy Tate
You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself,
for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, November 17, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, November 17, 2016

Disseminating Moon Phase:
share, communicate

Moon in Cancer

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kamala, Goddess Who Transcends Limitations

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill: adjust to changing conditions and situations; choose another condition or situation; avoid underestimating self or others; turn down the “volume” of the emotion

True Alignments:  patience, soft or comfy, giving people wide berth (space to do what they need to do without it “damaging your calm” – any Firefly wise owl fans out there?), brand new response or seeing something in a brand new light, reminders of personal success or achievement, trusting self, flexibility

Catalysts for Change:  hyper-sensitivity to noise or emotions, edgy, complicating something, feeling far away from home or homesick, superficial understanding, impatient, hopeless, exhaustion, arrogance, unworthy or offering less than value, deception

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “the Moon shining across a lake”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

We have entered the Disseminating Moon Phase, the time of the lunar month naturally attuned to sharing and communicating our thoughts, ideas, and feelings.  However, today’s Disseminating Moon phase energy may be quite noisy.

Today the Sun discharges “a military band marches noisily through the city streets.”  This can arouse a lot of “chest pounding,” over-the-top presentations and representations, and a fair bit of bragging.

Classically, these types of reactions are in response to changes, shifts, and adjustments in conditions and circumstances…

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The new Matrix Part 2 – Further explanation of why you feel the way you do


The new Matrix Part 2 – Further explanation
of why you feel the way you do

I feel to share this with all of you. I have received a very interesting question from someone today. The question is ” I have a questiong about the belt that was placed between humans and the matrix grid. Do the Reptilians/others know they are quarantined now? A woman whom is a soul reader as well reached out to me in a panic about infiltrators outside our universe creating chaos by using fear to get humans to turn on themselves and much disaster is coming here and now.”

All movements are known in the universe. Those with sensors to “see” know all that occurs. There are laws in this universe which most must abide by. All of these laws have indeed been disclosed to all the participants of this “game”. Those who wish not to abide by the laws eventually find themselves at a disadvantage. There is free will, and yet all must play according to the rules of the grander scheme. As free will works both ways, one may will to experience the dark side and they will find themselves on the end of that spectrum, or the light and will find themselves on the light end of the spectrum. Regardless of the “side” one is on, the universe has various laws that are set into motion by a collective thought process (the source). What does this all mean? The answer to the question is Yes the so called “dark” side knows very well that their days on ruling earth spheres are coming to an end.. or rather coming into BALANCE between the “dark” and “light”. This transformation into complete balance is very near, though for us on a human plane it seems faaaaaaaaaaaaar away.

And I just want to take a side step here for a moment. When we look at anything negative for example a feeling of Anger this could be construed as something negative, whilst the anger feeling itself does carry a “negative” vibration because the raw feeling of anger usually stems from fear and causes much damage to our physical and etheric bodies. By examining the anger and where it has come from, we can usually turn it around into a positive light. And instead of acting on your anger in a disruptive pattern, you learn from this anger and understand that you can improve YOUR OWN LIFE by either moving away from that which is causing you to feel this emotion, or changing your reaction to whatever is angering you. So the point here is that even the so called “negative” experiences are here to HELP US grow and learn as much as we can about our own selves and the universe and finding the BALANCE is one of the most powerful “weapons” in your arsenal. But going back to the question…

Once there is a cleansing that occurs, just like with cleaning out of your house. You collect various dust particles and debris you need to throw it out somewhere right? You usually throw it into the garbage, garbage is taken into a field, it is either buried into the ground or burnt, either way eventually this garbage turns into something else entirely.

If it is composted it turns into what is called “black GOLD”! It is renewed! It is recycled! And now instead of being something useless or dangerous, it has been purified and made available once again for use, assisting the earth, assisting humans, animals, etc. Since we are all living in a bubble within a bubble within a bubble into infinity but eventually it all is this one giant experience if you will, everything in the universe gets recycled.

The same thing is happening with the so called “dark side”. So yes, the very short answer is they do know, and they are still trying to hold on to power utilizing everything at their disposal to influence humanity to continue producing negative energy that they then can feed on. Just like our EGO’s are still trying to rule us instead of realizing that the best case here is to simply move with the changing of times, and assume a different perspective. But, its the same thing as to say that an alligator has to become vegan overnight.. that is not possible, unless of course his DNA structure, his programming is changed. Then yes, he will wake up the next day and be a vegan.

The same with reptilians, I talk a lot about this in my book Mission to Earth so I will only briefly mention this here, they are being transmuted. First they are taken off the planet, then they are brought into the counsel the healing chambers, then they are sent back to their respective planets and/or given other choices, all because they too are SOULS. Each of us plays a bad and/or good part in everything. Humans eat animals, does that make them bad? Reptilians eat human energy, human NEGATIVE energy. Does that make them bad? They certainly cause us a lot of harm, do they not? But at the same time, humans cause harm to animals. Would animals have found a way to protect themselves against humans, humans would stop hunting animals! Would animals find a way to transform human mind into understanding that animals too are souls, humans would stop hunting animals. Or were humans reprogrammed to their original DNA and/or to the Crystaline DNA, which is where we are all heading. Humans would stop hunting animals, stop hurting each other and wake up to the understanding of the universe. But this is a separate topic, I am simply drawing a parallel here that before we judge anything or anyone at all, we must first look at our own lives and self. Everything that occurs on a micro level occurs on a macro level and visa-versa. We are responsible for the energy that we generate, we are responsible for our actions.

Therefore it is highly important to keep all of these things in mind, to understand the intricacies of every existence and to remain NEUTRAL when trying to understand the workings of the universe. Any emotion, positive and/or negative will only BLOCK the understanding, as you will tend to align yourself with only one side, and to truly see the universe for what it is, you must be neutral to EVERYTHING in order to truly see how it functions.

So the point here is this, the reason I am telling you all of this, is for you to remain CALM no matter the news circulating on the net or in the media. Not only because right now we are being supported by our benevolent selves, galactic families, cosmic alignments and the source, but also because YOU ARE POWERFUL. The thing is often times we forget that it is so, and that everything is in our hands. It is in us to REACT to any situation, because without your reaction there is no situation. How ever you choose to react is exactly how the situation will go. So by changing our perspective on things, we can always find something either positive in a really negative situation or negative in a really really positive one. As for humans turning against each other, this is nothing new, it has been happening for eons, however what is new is that because of so much light that has and is entering this planet, many are awakening rather fast! Even if to us it seems like its taking forever. And because of all of these awakenings we have the chaos and at the same time LIGHT. People wake up and no longer wish to hurt another or themselves, however they must clean everything out, the awakening and realizing that everything that you thought was true is a lie is tough for many to handle. Think back to your own awakening and you will understand.

The reason that some channelers and/or spiritual leaders and/or media does what it does is simply due to MISUNDERSTANDING of reality, due to a sudden weakened aura. We are ALL susceptible to various “negative” energies that are swirling around us, as well as positive energies. We create with our minds thoughts, the more energy we give to our thoughts the more they grow. The more they grow the stronger they become, until they turn into actual energy spheres which are attached to us via an etheric ambilical cord, because we are their creators! So in turn they start to influence us. The positive thought forms want us to have positive experiences, happiness, joy, etc, as that is the energy that they thrive on. The negative ones, always tend to draw us into these negative experiences because that is the energy that they feed on. But initially WE ARE THE ONES who have CREATED THEM! And it is up to us to disperse them, transmute them, into what we want them to be, whatever experience you are looking for both (positive and/or negative). Channelers are not excluded, everyone including me goes through various bouts of negativity, the key here is to quickly realize that something is off, test the information received against various energy fields, those of you who are channelers and/or healers know what I am talking about. And always, always put it through your HEART, as your heart truly is the best scanner there is. If it doesn’t FEEL right, it probably isn’t.

But going back to the question. YES there will be chaos, just as with the example above, the “dirt” will be pushed to the forefront, the “negative energy” released, until it settles and is transmuted time will pass, those with WEAK AURAS, who are already plagued with negativity, will simply attract even more negative experiences into their lives. Those who were able to cleanse out their palate and fill up their cup with positive energies will be able to sail smoothly through any chaos that comes their way.

Its not always easy, it is a constant daily adherence to thoroughly listening to your heart, listening to your MIND, to your thoughts, and directing your thoughts into positivity instead of negativity. So bottom line, when you hear of someone saying “BOOO the Boogie man is coming” know that even if the boogie man is coming, he is going to pass right by you, as he knows you’re not scared of him, and go after someone who is.

Once again I understand how tough it is as we are bombarded with so much negativity daily, but we’ve been prepared very well for this mission and we can most definitely find a way to maneuver around it. Yes at times it will require us to lay low and examine our own feelings, that we’ve dealt with before, over and over again, and it can be super annoying, sometimes we will get angry, sad, frightened even, but once again we will bounce right back because we remember the LINK to HOME and should we for a split moment forget.. there are others who are here along side us on the same mission who will remind us and bring us right back into alignment, so surround yourself with your teammates.

THINKING POSITIVE, BEING AROUND POSITIVE PEOPLE, CONNECTING WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF, DOING SOMETHING YOU LOVE to spark that LOVE feeling within you is the real key here, as in any situation there is always something POSITIVE to behold, something BEAUTIFUL to experience, and something MAGNIFICENT to aspire to! I hope this helps you understand and stay away from unnecessary negativity, as I said before.. negativity will find it’s way to you, as you are here to TRANSMUTE it, so looking for it is not necessary, understanding what it is, what its made of and how to disassemble it, is the key.

Remembering your divine POWER and truly scanning to see whether the thoughts are yours or are being fed to you from something in your energy field is highly important. I wrote an article on this not too long ago that you can take a look at here:

And finally, remember the highest protection you can have from anything is a LOVING heart. Sending you lots of love and light!


P.S. the photo you see above is a photo I took on 12/12 portal, there are encodings in these cloud formations, telling us that our DNA is being upgraded once more. Today I have received a channeling about this, which I will share with all of you on Monday, so stay tuned! 🙂


~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

From Depth to Life, by Mona Delfino | 2012: What’s the Real Truth?

From Depth to Life, by Mona Delfino  | 2012: What’s the Real Truth?
Posted on October 29, 2014 by Jean Haines

October 28th, 2014
Guest article by Mona

~From “Depth” to Life~

In these last few months,  many people have  really been feeling the “jolts” of change in their lives. I’m sure we all are to some degree feeling an upheaval of sorts as well. We recently had a blood red moon,  2 eclipses, and many solar flares of great magnitude to add to the pot. There’s no doubt about it…life just isn’t the same, nor will it ever be again.

Being a Vibrational Energy Healer/Reader my whole life, I would love to add a few tid bits of healthy advice for everyone to consider as these shifts are only increasing… especially up to the end of the year.

1.The changes we are experiencing are about lifting our recognition of our personal power. Both as individuals and as a collective whole, we are becoming new every day. Therefore, we must realize that by moving forward in life, this suggests we change our way of thinking in regards to how “things have always been.” Decisions we make may no longer feel like something we would have done even a year ago, and may be completely in a new phase of changing into the road less traveled. The best suggestion: go for it…. we really can no longer abide by something that our hearts do not feel.

2.As easily as illnesses come on, they can also leave. Energy is actually clearer and much more productive on our planet now. This is because we are being “downloaded” by many means of what the Universe is giving us and also has in store for us. It isn’t a good thing, or a bad thing. In higher consciousness, there’s no such thing. It’s what I call the “As Above, So Below” concept. It’s not that we can just “wish away” an illness, but we CAN wish away a thought. Those destructive thoughts can cause destructive action in the body. Also if you are working too hard, I am feeling strongly that we need to recognize the balance in resting as much as working.

I teach a workshop called “Energy Mechanics, The Science of Healing.” In the last class, I had a student lay on her stomach on a massage table. As the other students watched, I demonstrated a healing right before their eyes. It was only a mere recognition of the students right hip higher than the left. It was obvious to the group that this student looked a bit lopsided. So I put my left hand on the students sacrum and immediately felt a lack of finding time for herself. The hip being higher on the right side (giving) can indicate “putting out too much” and not having enough support. So I removed my hand, and gave the student on the massage table a short guided meditation, which included a cup of tea and a quiet room without interruption. I proceeded to engage her in reading a good book by a fireplace wearing a cozy comfy blanket on a cold evening. This guided meditation was all she needed to find herself relaxing. Then, as the other students witnessed this, they all could visibly see her hip going back into place without anyone touching her. The young woman could feel her hip subsiding away from her tailbone area and relax back to where it should be.

Suggestion:  Find comfort in each day by going within for even a few minutes and remembering that you are in charge. For we are the placebo making our lives each moment… just think of all the marvelous things we can teach ourselves!

3.Next, this one is the biggest and best of all… finding truth in connection, not attachment. When I teach this, most people do not understand it at first. If you realize that we attach to other people by deciding how to interact with them, we’ll see that this is actually an old survival issue from childhood. Anger can arise by feeling hurt…betrayed, and heaven help us if a partner leaves us. We get caught up subconsciously in the realms and fears of not being loved, not understood, judged, or accepted. People who have had abandonment issues have difficulty with this one, and yet, just taking time to realize that we are the ones who mostly judge ourselves, that alone will help us in releasing the fear of whether or not we are “good enough.”  It’s time to turn things around. For years, we have been taught that we are egotistical if we put ourselves first. It’s true if we are only out for personal gain, however, in the world of self esteem, we must come first. If we don’t, it’s like having debt in your bank account and you find yourself living in deficit. ( Talk about a poor place to be…) This is what Self Empowerment is all about. It’s knowing and having the courage to say no, to rest instead of running ragged, to learn to trust that your world will not collapse if you take a day off here and there… because the way things are going today, you just might collapse if you don’t!

4.Love the person you’re becoming. You contribute more in life than you could imagine. You may feel like you’re going crazy at times, but the truth is, we are not falling apart, we are falling into place. We are becoming better people as the Universe continues to talk to us. Subconsciously and consciously, we are acting and reacting differently for a reason. We are creating a new world, and are in the throws of of being a conscious contractor. The less we judge ourselves, the less we judge the world, and the clearer we become capable of stamina and more energy.

5.Be patient. Look ahead, not behind. Anxiety is from nervousness and not feeling like you can change the past, present or future. Depression can come from fear of the future. Either way, do your best at living in the moment and enjoying as much as you can. Remembering the late Joan Rivers and one of my favorite sayings she said, “Keep Calm and remember that everything is funny!” Here’s to us, our changing world, and the courage to love yourself no matter what!     Blessings in Love,  Mona~

October 28th, 2014 | Category: Guest Articles, Mona Delfino

Montague Keen, Sunday, October 19, 2014

– Carl Jung

Montague Keen, Sunday, October 19, 2014
Posted on October 19, 2014 by Jean Haines | 2012 What’s the Real Truth?

As consciousness develops and opens minds, those within the Cabal find that they have to use desperate measures to counteract it. Ebola is now being used. Pressure is being put on people everywhere to have a vaccination in order to protect themselves. Do not buy into this FEAR propaganda. See it for what it is. Protect yourselves by using the many NATURAL methods of protection that are widely available. Do not be swept up in the panic that has been created. Only the vaccinated will be in trouble.

Every time consciousness is raised, the Cabal responds dramatically to block it. You need to make decisions about your own lives but only after careful examination of the facts, rather than in a state of hysteria. Keep calm, take responsibility, and research the facts. It is necessary for you to become fully conscious human beings in order to bring about the New Age of light and love which you have been working towards. You are fighting for your existence on your planet. The corrupt usurpers are fighting a very dirty battle to hold on to control. You are beginning to see and understand this.

A pact was made, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, with off-world beings. They guaranteed that blood sacrifice would continually be made to appease them. This resulted in war after war being waged ever since. It mattered not where, as long as the blood flowed. You have been lied to about the reasons for wars, over and over again, in order to keep this charade going. Because consciousness is rising, the urgency of creating World War III becomes more desperate each day, as they need the blood to flow. This is why so many of you are conned into believing that you are fighting for your country. This is not true. Your blood is needed to appease the off-world masters. This is a battle for the takeover of your planet and humanity. They want to eliminate 2/3rds of you. It is time for you to understand what you are up against.

You have the ability to change all this. It just takes courage, and time to research the truth. Then you can get together with the awakened and share your research. Know that together, you are strong and you will succeed. Do not be swayed by the mind control that is being used on your TVs. It is time to be strong and to believe in yourselves. Fight for your survival.

Iceland has shown you the way, so it can be done. Do not allow yourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security. This is the end game, so you cannot afford to be complacent. You are not aware of all that is being used against you and you would be horrified if you did. Every weapon at the Cabal’s disposal is being used to destroy the world as you know it.

Meditation is most important. Take the time to link with who you are, and why you are on the Earth at this time. Open up to your spiritual side. The elementals have returned to Earth to assist you, and many of you can see them and can communicate with them. Those within the world of Spirit are assisting you. They help you to locate the ley lines so that they can be regenerated, and this allows the energy of life to flow again. This is the way to save your planet, which has been starved of this life force for so long that it desperately needs your assistance to retrieve it. This important energy was deliberately blocked from the human race. It is all part of their secret knowledge which has been used to keep you in bondage for centuries. When you release this energy, progress is made to expose all that is corrupt and criminal.

Learn to use your minds and expand them, for you are capable of so much more than you realise. You have this power, so use it for the good of humanity. I am part of the Network on this side of life. It is our greatest wish to free humanity and restore your planet so that life can be free of corruption. We want all wars to stop, so that peace and harmony will become the norm. This is our aim. Will you assist us?

There comes a time in the life of Man when he has to make big decisions. The decisions you are being asked to make now are the most important ones ever asked of mankind. It is up to you to save mankind and the Earth itself from the destruction that was carefully planned and is now being carried out now, right under your noses. Every decision you make will have an impact on your fellow man.

Courage is needed, for this is not a time to be found wanting. So much depends on your decisions. FEAR is your greatest enemy. It is used against you, every moment of your lives.

My dear wife was attacked again recently. Why do they want to shut her up. Why do they put so much effort into it . . . They do not want you to know that you can change everything, just by coming together and working together.

The Centres will explore new ways to live life on Earth after the fall of the corrupt. A big effort has been made by the Cabal to try to prevent the creation of these Centres. As they are doing their utmost to prevent the survival of Man on Earth, and the Centres are part of Man’s survival, why would you expect otherwise? They do not want you to survive. So you have huge decisions to make that will affect the future of your planet and all that live on it.

My dear Veronica, you know the end result and so you persevere against all odds. We did make a good team, you and I, and we will continue to do so.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica

The A virus is being used to control the minds of certain individuals in order to “EXPOSE” my wife, David Icke, and others, who help to show you the truth. This person used to sit in séance. He was so impressed that he wrote this testimonial after one such séance. Notice the complete change in this person. This is how it works.


Sent: 19/06/2011 09:17:34 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Seance testinonial from Banyan Retreat, Kent 16th June 2011

Hi Veronica,

Below is my testinonial from Thursday’s seance in Ashford, Kent.

‘The seance had been going for around 30 minutes, and young Timothy, the boy spirit responsible for manipulating the ectoplasm from David Thompson, brought through a man. The voice said ‘Veronica’ and it was Monty. It was dark, however, we heard his footsteps coming closer. I was sat next to Veronica and Monty spoke for around two to three minutes personally to Veronica before taking her head in his hands and leaning forward and kissing her! The whole room gasped at this, and Monty said he loved her twice and then made his way back to the cabinet and disappeared. It was a wonderful experience’.

Hope you had a nice evening yesterday.

Cha to you in the week.
Ian x