Benjamin Fulford: The world is about to learn about Khazarian mafia crimes horrific beyond imagination

Benjamin Fulford: The world is about to learn about Khazarian mafia crimes horrific beyond imagination

The Khazarian mafia have been torturing, murdering, and cannibalizing children on a horrific scale, and the world is about to find out as military tribunals begin.  Some very disturbing images and testimony sent by the New York Police Department and the CIA show just how evil the Khazarian mafia really is.  These people are beyond truth and reconciliation and do not deserve even a quick death.

Let us start with FBI statistics on missing children in the U.S., so that skeptics can prevent the sheer evil of these deeds from shutting their minds.  In 2015, 442,032 juveniles went missing;  of these, 42,032 were not found.

By comparison, in the same year in Japan 17,971 children (the equivalent of 44,927 in the U.S. when adjusted for population difference) went missing, and close to 99% of these children were found.

The photographs below, sent by the CIA, are linked to CNN star and FRB Vanderbilt heir Anderson Cooper and may give a hint as to what happened to at least some of these children.



Even more gruesome is the video still-shot linked below that was sent to the CIA via courier by the NYPD.  It shows a young girl whose face was allegedly peeled off by Hillary Clinton in a satanic ritual.  Be warned, it is graphic and I stopped watching shortly after the 2 minute mark.

Now I begin to understand the look of sheer horror on the face of George Soros when I asked him a question at a press conference about the families that own the Federal Reserve Board (FRB).  He had probably seen some of this sort of stuff firsthand.

The prosecution of these criminals is set to finally start now that the U.S. military government backing President Donald Trump has secured a majority on the Supreme Court with the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Pentagon sources say.  “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already met with the real special prosecutor, U.S. Attorney John Huber in Utah, so that the 57,000 indictments may be unsealed,” the sources explain.

“The seating of Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court should unleash declassification of FISA and other documents as well as military tribunals,” the sources say.  Furthermore they add, “The Senate unanimously approved a resolution calling for declassification of 9/11 documents, so the stage is set to take down the Zionists and the deep state.”

Another aspect to starting the prosecution of these criminals is the ongoing U.S./Russian military action against the rogue state of Israel, the sources say.  In particular, “Russian electronic warfare is aimed …… not just to impose a no-fly zone over Israel, but to stop ICBMs and other missiles from being launched, rendering the Samson option obsolete and making de-nuking the only feasible option,” the Pentagon sources explain.  In other words, Israel can no longer use nuclear blackmail to protect the satanists in the U.S.  Also, Vatican P2 sources confirm that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a satanist mass-murderer who needs to be either arrested or killed as soon as possible.

The U.S. and Russia are also considering imposing a sea and land blockade on Israel to force that state to stop its criminal activities, they continue.

The sources sent this photo with the explanation that “even the White House has declared Red October.”

The Pentagon sources also said, “It appears that the cabal may have lost a submarine or underwater base and retaliated by sending ricin to Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Naval Chief John Richardson.”

What the Pentagon sources were referring to was the destruction of a “Clinton escape residence with entourage, including an underground bunker built to store the gold,” according to CIA sources in Indonesia.

This destruction is appearing in the news as the recent tsunami that hit Indonesia, which even experts quoted by The Washington Post note “…was not a straightforward event,” said Adam Switzer, principal investigator at the Singapore-based Earth Observatory.  “This earthquake was beyond the bounds of the warning systems” available.

Here the real explanation, according to the CIA:

“Clinton was in control of the gold coming out from the Grasberg mine/Freeport.  The Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative, with an office in Papua, was the vehicle for laundering the cash obtained from the sale of the undeclared gold.  (A lot of it was off-ledger gold).

“Clinton has done business with a certain faction of the Indonesian military for years—those who control access there.

“The Chinese had confirmed all of this and knew that the only way was to flood it out.  The tsunami was triggered by the Chinese.

“The tsunami was not possible—scientifically, that is.  It was all carefully done, and then blamed on faulty technology and a “weird” fault slip angle.  But that fault slip angle was “weird” (if you ask geologists) because it wasn’t natural.

“Communication systems can be manipulated.  That’s why it failed to show the third tsunami.  That tsunami warning system has worked ever since they got it developed after the 2004 Christmas disaster.

“There are non-visible lasers that have no color in the visible spectrum.  This goes beyond the DEW (Directed-Energy Weapons).  Beyond DEW is NON-visible laser.  The Chinese military are smart—this cannot be detected.  They took DEW technology and made it better.

“This was a direct hit from a Chinese non-visible laser satellite weapon.  It took out the Clinton escape residence, the entourage living there, and the underground bunker.  Unfortunately, there was serious collateral damage.”

The CIA sources say that close to $500 million in cash (not $270 million as was reported last week) was seized by Special Forces in the raid on that Clinton hideout before it was destroyed.  A Google Earth screen shot of the destroyed complex is below.

The money was divided “between a certain group of top-level white-hat Indonesian government officials—one of them being Vice President Jusuf Kalla—and Trump’s inner circle, military included,” the sources say.  So now we know why the generals got ricin mailed to them.

We have also been allowed to give our readers more information on one of our CIA sources.  He was in charge of the agency’s clandestine services in Jakarta working out of the U.S. Embassy from 1965-1985.

“When he was there, he told me there were only 20 American citizens permanently living in Jakarta.  All of them worked at the Embassy under diplomatic cover.  He told me, and this is a quote, ‘Our team escorted Bung Karno (President Sukarno) out of power and we installed Soeharto into power.’

“And yes, his team as well as Langley headquarters and other alphabet agencies were involved in assisting Soeharto in the killing of up to 1 million Indonesian Chinese that were labeled PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia).  This was a well-planned takedown of all Soeharto’s so-called opposition.  It was planned with the Australian government as well;  they were heavily involved in this attempted genocide.  This was also about the time that Soeharto handed control of Freeport to the Agency.  There is so much more to this, but enough for now.

“I asked the cowboy why he did this;  his answer, ‘It was my job.  I worked for the U.S. government.  You did not ask questions back then.  If you did, you disappeared.’  He did tell me that he personally was involved in sending two cargo ships of rice to Kalimantan, as they had no food and the Dayaks and Malays were dying from starvation during this crisis, as all rice shipments from Jakarta were stopped.  (He did this with private personnel.)  And to add more, yes, he was close to the Bush Senior cartel back in the day.  He was part of the old guard.  Not many left now.”

On a final note, our source who is connected to the secret bases in Antarctica (he is a relative of Admiral Richard Byrd of Antarctic exploration fame) got back to us to insist that something really weird was happening there, saying the quote below from last week was true:

“Antarctica is opening up a WORMHOLE.  Yes, there is an ‘opening’ to other dimensions down there.  Due to the extremely high magnetic shifts going on in and near Antarctica, it’s literally ‘tearing a new fabric’ in the dimensional field.  THIS is the reason why ALL those government leaders went down there.  THIS is why they shut off Antarctica to the public and so forth.  The public only gets 5% of the ‘story.’  And now you have the other side.”

This source noted that even reputable publications like Scientific American were reporting, “There’s something mysterious coming up from the frozen ground in Antarctica, and it could break physics as we know it.”

We will try again to visit Antarctica this Southern summer and report directly to our readers what is really going on there.  If there really is an anomaly like a wormhole opening up there, the entire population of the planet should be told and shown proof, not just a few leaders.

Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights and a senior member of the Vatican P2 Freemason lodge, says preparations are being made for humanity to start building a fleet of ark ships and expanding out into the universe.

As usual, my reaction to this sort of stuff is to believe it when I see it.  For now, the White Dragon Society is working towards getting multi-trillion-dollar funding for an earth-based massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.




Benjamin Fulford: Desperate Khazarian mafia is plotting fake alien invasion as Trump assassination fails

Benjamin Fulford: Desperate Khazarian mafia is plotting fake alien invasion as Trump assassination fails

The Khazarian mafia is planning a fake alien invasion after their most recent attempt to assassinate U.S. President Donald Trump failed, say Pentagon and CIA sources.  The assassination attempt came in the form of a missile that was shot at Air Force One by an Israeli submarine, Pentagon sources say.  “Life imitates art, as the hunt for red October may mean Israeli and cabal submarines are sunk.  The October surprise may be bloody,” the sources add.

It is now apparent that the Khazarian mafia pulled out all the stops to delay the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in order to buy time for their assassination attempt.  Instead, their move is backfiring big time, as the Senate prepares to take legal action against the people making false accusations against Kavanaugh—something you can confirm from the Senate Judiciary Committee’s own home page.
Pentagon sources explain that “the FBI probe into Kavanaugh will not only clear his name, but will morph into an attack on his paid accusers, the Democrats, and the deep state.”  Furthermore, “Kavanaugh has 53 votes and may be confirmed on October 3, when Trump will send text alerts to all cellphones,” the sources add.

It is interesting in this context that the Swiss, French, and British branches of the Rothschild family have opened lines of communication with the White Dragon Society to inquire if it is not too late to surrender and accept South African-style truth and reconciliation hearings.  Clearly, the very real prospect of military tribunals and firing squads has made them realize it really is going to be game over unless they do something.

We also got the following communication from “the head of the CIA’s clandestine services in xxx [redacted to protect source] working out of the U.S. Embassy from xxx-xxx.

“It regards the Rothschilds.  My buddy is personal friends with Nathaniel de Rothschild, who lives a very quiet and discreet life in NYC.  (They went to Harvard Business School together back in the day).


“It concerns Antarctica, where Antarctica is opening up a WORMHOLE.  Yes, there is an ‘opening’ to other dimensions down there.  Due to the extremely high magnetic shifts going on in and near Antarctica, it’s literally ‘tearing a new fabric’ in the dimensional field.  THIS is the reason why ALL those government leaders went down there.  THIS is why they shut off Antarctica to the public and so forth.  The public only gets 5% of the ‘story.’  And now you have the other side.”

This message has set off my extreme BS alarm, because this is the same source who previously sent me Antarctica stories about cities under the ice, that turned out to have been ripped off wholesale from a 1980’s movie plot.  Furthermore, they send as evidence a link to an article in the widely discredited and derided Khazarian Popular Mechanics propaganda rag.

The reason I share this with my readers is because the sender is quoting a CIA war criminal responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, who is thus definitely one of the people fearing military tribunals.  He is also connected to the Bush Nazi faction.

The other reason I share it with my readers is that when I went to visit the black-sun-worshiping P2 Freemasons in Italy, they showed me the technology they had to project miles-wide images into the sky.  In other words, there is a very strong possibility that now that the Trump assassination bid failed, they might use holograms for the fake alien invasion scenario that Henry Kissinger once mentioned:

“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot].  Tomorrow they will be grateful!  This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an “extraterrestrial” invasion], whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence….  When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”  Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

Of course, there really is an existential threat for the Khazarian mafia, and that is from the people of the world rising in rebellion against their satanic debt-slavery tyranny.
In this context, it is also worth noting that a replica of the Babylonian Arch of Ba’al, otherwise known as the Gate of Satan, was erected in Washington, D.C. just as the slander fest against Judge Kavanaugh was in full swing.  This was accompanied by a simultaneous push by Daesh-related militants to retake the original site of the arch in Palmyra, Syria.

You just can’t make this sort of stuff up, folks.  Of course, for the satan-worshiping Khazarian mafia it must really seem like the world is ending, since they are losing power simultaneously around the planet.
In Brazil, for example, a reader pointed out that right-wing presidential candidate Jair Messias Bolsonaro was hospitalized at a Zionist Hospital called Albert Einstein in the City of São Paulo after being stabbed on September 6, 2018.  It thus looks likely the stabbing (whether real or fake) was staged to try to generate a sympathy vote for him.  Since this ploy appears to have failed, Bolsonaro is now saying “he will not accept the election result if he loses.”
Bolsonaro represents the Nazi/Zionist faction that has been looting Brazil’s resources and impoverishing its people, and so obviously they would be very scared of losing power.
Another top Khazarian, Hitler’s daughter Angela Merkel of Germany, suffered a huge blow to her already failing grip on power last week when the longtime ally and leader of her Party’s parliamentary group, Volker Kauder, was “sent packing after a surprise vote in the German Bundestag.”
It is interesting too that the “right wing populist” party that is threatening her grip on power has many active Jewish supporters, thus completely destroying the “they are anti-Semitic” meme.
Merkel’s slave-boy President Emmanuel Macron of France has also seen his support level fall below 20% and is facing the very real possibility of a military coup to annul his fraudulent election, senior French military sources say.

Meanwhile, Italy’s government declared open warfare against the Khazarian-dominated EU by increasing its budget deficit to finance basic income and other moves to help the masses.  They also put the journalist Marcello Roa, who has written that Hillary Clinton has attended satanic dinners, in charge of Italy’s national broadcaster RAI.

The Khazarian-mafia rogue state of Israel, too, is being forced to give up its plan to rule the greater Middle East and the world from Jerusalem and instead accept a two-state solution.  Last week Russia deployed special military defenses to prevent any more planes from attacking Syria from either Europe or Israel.

While this was happening, the U.S. military “removed Patriot missiles from Jordan, Bahrain, and Kuwait in a blunt warning that it may do the same to Israel,” Pentagon sources say.

The Khazarian mafia is also trying to keep in power by using its “carbon causes global warming” story as an excuse to form a world government.  Their main instrument for this is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which claims to have 195 member countries and is about to issue another alarming report.
All I am going to say about these people at this point is that if I paid out enough money, I could get 200 whores to say they love me, but that still would not make it true.

Donald Trump spoke for many in his UN speech last week when he said, “We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy.”

However, this does not mean we do not need to urgently change how we run this planet.  We are in the midst of the largest extinction crisis since the dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteorite 65 million years ago.  This is not being caused by “global warming,” but rather by such things as the destruction of natural habitats, pollution, and overfishing.

The current Khazarian mafia-controlled Babylonian financial system is also sucking resources not only from the poor but also from the natural environment, as it feeds the black hole of all the world’s wealth being concentrated into the hands of a few hundred people.

Below is an example from a recent U.S. Special Forces mission in Borneo to recover hoards of cash wasted by the Clinton family.  The story at the link below was personally confirmed to be true by a CIA source in Indonesia. Fulford: Desperate Khazarian mafia is plotting fake alien invasion as Trump assassination failsrces-seize-clinton-cash-drugs-in-borneo/
In any case, as mentioned at the top of this report, the Swiss, British, and French branches of the Rothschild family have been in contact with the WDS recently.  The Swiss representative said they know they have been defeated.  If that is the case, the WDS expects to meet directly with members of this clan to negotiate, in a fully transparent manner, a transition for this planet away from Babylonian debt slavery via privately owned central banks.  We will keep our readers informed of any new developments on this front.

On a final note, we would like to add our support to the move by World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee to liberate the Internet from corporate control.
This is badly needed.  Last week, this writer asked a lady friend what she liked to drink so that I could have it ready for her next visit.  She told me she liked Corona beer.  I told her it was not available in the stores near my house.  Then, the next time I started to surf the Internet, I was confronted for the first time with advertisements for Corona beer and links to online retailers selling it.  The prime suspect is my Google-infected smart TV.  What else are they spying on?  My sex life?


James True: The Credibility of Silence

The Credibility of Silence | James True

The difference between telepathy and empathy is nothing. We are hairy sweaty dolphins with kneecaps navigating the world with emotional sonar. Dolphins experience sound as a mandala. Our face is the sound of our feelings. Nothing lights the brain up more in an MRI than facial recognition. Nothing burns more calories than our thoughts. We are human empathy computers that have been hacked by a lying elite. Psychopaths have disseminated a million floating bottles with false messages. Each wash up on our shore and tear at our heartstrings. We are lost knowing which one to believe. We attack each other on the beach from the smoke of this emotional terrorism. That is until you see the face of Mrs Kavanaugh. Everybody drops their bottle and sees her face so very clearly. If you want to see how Congress honors women, watch Ashley Kavanaugh sit helplessly through her husband’s statement.

There is a credibility in silence. Mrs Kavanaugh has it and she never held a microphone. You could watch her face with the sound turned off and still hear every word as it was spoken. Dr. Ford was armed with a microphone and a cup of coffee. She was prepared by experts to be both cerebral and collegiate. But we are empaths and our words are silly decorations. Dr. Ford felt justified lying about Kavanaugh because Dr. Ford never had justice. She morphed back into a girl asking for help with her microphone. That girl is the real victim. A ten-year-old trauma victim still living in an unjust world. She owes no one any special treatment. Especially not someone who represents the very thing that failed her. There is no greater symbol of justice than the Supreme Court. But Dr. Ford does not know justice. She is still frozen in her own regression. Her entire history makes her a corrupted witness.

Why would Dr Ford give justice to Kavanaugh? She regards him as one of the guys that made it. It causes an acid to form in her wound. She feels completely justified making his world feel like hers. This is the essence of the equality movement. It’s okay as long as we suffer together. Her testimony is credible because she recalls her own trauma. A drunk man took her when she was too young to stop him. This is the meaning of “forced from behind.” She wasn’t surprised by his stealth – she was surprised by the violation. Her trust was raped at the top of the staircase as she was thrown into the bedroom. Ford said she couldn’t tell if it was Kavanaugh because it wasn’t Kavanaugh.

Anger is the natural reaction to injustice. Both parties are credible. Dr Ford was sexually assaulted a long ago and Kavanaugh wasn’t her perpetrator. The assailant in of this is Diane Feinstein, a democratic Senator from California. She took Dr. Ford as her victim and forced her up the steps of the capital. She told a ten year old Ford to say it was all “cerebral” and “collegiate.” But trauma is a somatic experience and justice was robbed yet again by a committee of politicians. I was falsely accused a few years ago and walked through this same gauntlet. I have seen firsthand how trauma justifies victims to act in ways where no one has justice. Ford thinks if she can’t have justice, why should Kavanaugh. Trauma is a dripping acid and our government failed both of them just like they always have.

Feinstein repeated Dr Ford’s trauma by raping her trust on camera. Feinstein was completely sober when she did it. She planned it for weeks. She pushed the girl up the steps of the capital and sensationalized her trauma for the cameras. She turned Ford’s real story into a lie and reduced it to a spectacle. She forced a political story into her head and demanded it look cerebral. Ford trusted the wrong person again. We are surrounded by these sharks. Sharks will never be sorry. We are lucky if they kill us quickly. The worst thing that could happen is for them to gently bleed us from our bellies in the water. Dr Ford was raped by a predator swimming in alcohol. Her trauma is a reverberating regression. It is the opposite of time travel. Pain makes us selfish because it has to. The worst thing we can do is call Dr. Ford a liar. She is a survivor who still hasn’t been rescued. Kavanaugh’s daughter, age ten said, “let’s pray for her.” Let that girl be our representative. We are empathic creatures swimming in a shark tank of Senators. Ford will never know justice now. She has been given dopamine instead. Her truth is a lifetime away because of it.

Blind empathy is an insult. Discerned empathy is true compassion. Until we learn this, false accusations will continue.

Our government failed us again in that hearing. Our representatives are killing us one-by-one for their own sport. It is trauma to force us to watch it. They are filling the beach with more-and-more bottles and we are giving them money to keep doing it to us. I know how we can get rid of these sharks. We don’t even need a bigger boat. We have everything we need right in front of us. We must decentralize and disempower those who treat women like this. We have to stop pretending government is doing the best it can. Diane Feinstein is not failing our country by accident. She is here to gut you like she did Dr. Ford. She will only keep throwing more bottles. We need to stop reading her. We need to turn and meet ourselves face-to-face. We need to go back to using our empathy. This can never happen with a partisan statement on camera. Everything the shark says is a lie. Every single word.

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Galactic Astrological Profile: Brett Kavanaugh by Alex Miller on August 1, 2018 DAYKEEPER JOURNAL

Very interesting, considering it was published in August…Astrology applied to Geopolitics is always fascinating! Since Astrology is a tool for insight that mathematically calculates and follows the movement patterns and alignments of celestial bodies, and studies the corresponding patterns of human behavior, it therefore becomes predictive. ~PB

Astrological Profile, Brett Kavanaugh[Editor’s note: we are delighted to publish this article by Alex Miller, with thanks to Alex and his website, Alex’s Asteroid Astrology, an incomparable resource for asteroid-related astrology. There you’ll find in-depth astrological analyses of breaking events, as well as the astrological meanings of many mythic named asteroids.]

On Monday evening, 9 July 2018, the Reality TV President presented the “big reveal” of his second pick for the United States Supreme Court. Judge Brett Kavanaugh, 53, currently sitting on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, has an Ivy League education, a broad range of experience, and almost 300 opinions amassed during his time on the Federal bench. He’s probably the best we could have hoped for from this President, and considerably less controversial than some of the other choices on Trump’s short list for the position.

Kavanaugh replaces retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom he once clerked, but is markedly more conservative than the noted “swing vote” Justice, bringing the SCOTUS solidly into the Republican camp. A graduate of Yale and Yale Law School, Kavanaugh’s early Washington experiences include a key staff position on Ken Star’s Whitewater investigation, helping to draft the report which recommended Clinton’s impeachment; serving as George W. Bush’s White House Staff Secretary; and elevation to the DC Circuit Court in 2006. Kavanaugh had been nominated to that Court in 2003, but a three-year delay ensued as rival Senate camps argued over his alleged partisan bias.

Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s second pick for Supreme Court Justice

At least one candidate on Trump’s list, Amy Coney Barrett, has stronger natal placements for a spot on the SCOTUS, with a better dovetail into Trump’s natal chart, and we’re lucky not to have her, rabidly conservative, a fundamentalist Christian cult member, and avowedly anti-reproductive rights. But her connections are so strong, I wouldn’t put it past Trump to nominate her in the future, should another opening arise. Kavanaugh’s astrological bona fides are considerable, however, and it’s easy to see why he got where he is.

Born 12 February 1965 (no time available), Kavanaugh’s close natal opposition between Jupiter at 17 Taurus and Neptune at 18 Scorpio has the potential to make him another “stealth judge” in the mold of Kennedy and Souter—candidates chosen by conservative presidents who “grew” while on the Court, becoming more reliably liberal, at least on social issues. When Trump made his announcement at 9:06 PM EDT in the White House, the transiting MC was at 18 Scorpio, highlighting this polarity exactly. As well, transit Jupiter at 13 Scorpio was on that MC, and was just about to make its direct station, set for the following day, and this could also signal a literal “change of direction” for Kavanaugh once on the Court.

Kavanaugh’s Sun at 23 Aquarius forms a T-Square with Jupiter/Neptune, indicating a natural pull toward the judiciary, Jupiter-ruled, and personalizing this opposition, making it central to his core being. This becomes a Grand Cross with the inclusion of the Sun’s opposition to Nemesis at 27 Leo, a point which demonstrates an ability to block or frustrate others. Nemesis is a figure relating to divine justice, which trails retribution and reprisal in its wake; the question remains, will this power be directed toward the administration or the American people?

Kavanaugh swearing in

Kavanaugh’s conservative bent can be seen in the conjunction of asteroid Brett with natal Saturn, that ultimate upholder of the status quo, at 9 and 5 Pisces respectively. These form a T-Square with two asteroids which specifically resonate to the SCOTUS in particular, Justitia and Themis, named for the Roman and Greek goddesses of justice, the same word as Kavanaugh’s new job title.

This suggests a career (Saturn) for Kavanaugh (Brett) involving the justice system (Justitia, Themis) on some level, perhaps extending to the Supreme Court. Themis falls at 8 Sagittarius, exactly semisextile asteroid Whitehouse at 8 Capricorn, providing the vital link all SCOTUS nominees require, while Justitia at 4 Gemini is also stationary, having turned direct two weeks before Kavanagh’s birth, making it a lodestar in Kavanaugh’s biography, a pint of aspiration or focus. Natal Justitia was conjoined exactly by the transit Moon for his nomination.

The other stationary point in Kavanaugh’s chart is asteroid Washingtonia, which at 13 Libra turned retrograde on January 27, 1965, and indicates a strong pull toward the nation’s capital, where Kavanaugh has spent his entire adult life, from clerking for Kennedy right out of law school, through the Starr investigation, the White House stint, and the DC Appeals Court, now to continue that theme with the SCOTUS.


Kavanaugh’s natal asteroid Troemper, for President Trump, falls at 29 Capricorn, conjoined asteroid Karma at 23, suggesting Trump had an important role to play in Kavanaugh’s destiny. At the announcement, these points cluster on the 27 Cap Ascendant, but there’s a fly in the ointment: Achilles. This asteroid, which represents a point of weakness or vulnerability, opposes Troemper/Karma natally from 25 Cancer, while conjoined these and the announcement Ascendant from 28 Capricorn in the transit sky.

This is another indicator that Kavanaugh may not prove as reliable a partisan on the Court as his conservative background suggests, particularly for Trump personally. He has, after all, already participated in establishing wide grounds for one president’s impeachment, and although in 2009 he expressed the view that the law should be changed to prevent presidential exposure to legal proceedings while in office, that statue has not been altered, and faced with more serious crimes than Clinton committed, he may well support Trump’s prosecution, or recuse himself based on his earlier involvement with a president’s impeachment.

There is no “Kavanaugh” asteroid, the closest is Cavagna (pronounced “kah-VAHN-ya”, a reasonable phonetic match). This appears at 17 Capricorn in Kavanaugh’s natal chart, and has been transited by Pluto in the past two years, indicating some major transition or change in Kavanaugh’s life. Pluto will station direct at 18 Cap, just shy of this point, in September, while Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings are raging.

When Trump made his announcement, transit Cavagna at 24 Cancer was an exact match for asteroid America, granted angular power and importance by conjunction with the 27 Cancer Descendant, and broadly conjoined the 17 Cancer Sun (which exactly opposed natal Cavagna), pulling focus to Kavanaugh for the day. Saturn at 4 Capricorn has been transiting natal Whitehouse at 8, while the upcoming Mars direct station at 28 Capricorn will conjoin natal Troemper at 29.

Transit Justitia at 5 Pisces is an exact match for natal Saturn, also conjoined natal Brett, indicating the new job (Saturn) title of “Justice” (Justitia) for Kavanaugh (Brett). Transit Themis at 22 Gemini conjoins Trump’s Sun exactly, making this a logical time for making this decision, and trines Kavanaugh’s Sun at 23 Aquarius. Transit Brett at 2 Taurus conjoins Uranus exactly, again suggesting some unexpected outcome, and is also within orb of transit Whitehouse at 7 Taurus, placing Kavanaugh personally at the venue for his nomination, with the full backing of the Oval Office.

Kavanaugh family

So why did Trump pick him? In Trump’s natal chart, asteroid Brett at 18 Aries falls on the midpoint of the trine between Justitia at 18 Aquarius and Themis at 17 Gemini, in sextile to both. And Cavagna at 8 Aries is exactly squared Trump’s decision-making Mercury at 8 Cancer, forming a loose T-Square with natal Jupiter, ruling judges generally, at 17 Libra. As well, Trump’s natal Justitia (which is itself stationary) conjoins Kavanaugh’s Sun, Themis is trine it, and broadly squared Kavanaugh’s natal Brett. His natal Whitehouse at 8 Capricorn aligns exactly with Trump’s natal Cavagna/Mercury square, bringing Kavanaugh to his attention while in the Oval Office.

What of the fate of reproductive rights in America, perhaps the most pressing concern for progressives, with a solid conservative majority about to be seated on the SCOTUS. Will Roe v Wade be overturned? In the announcement chart, asteroid Roe at 25 Aries closely conjoins TNO Eris at 24, squaring America/Cavagna at 24 Cancer, identifying the issue as one of extreme contention and discord (Eris) for the nation (America), and giving Kavanaugh (Cavagna) an important part to play. However, asteroid Wade at 22 Taurus is exactly conjunct transit Nemesis, so whomever Trump chose for this spot at that date and time was likely to contribute to the undoing of that law, though Wade/Nemesis within orb of Kavanaugh’s natal Jupiter suggests a pivotal role on the Court as regards this ruling’s fate.

Trump sports Wade at 5 Virgo on his Ascendant, squared Troemper at 2 Sagittarius, suggesting a powerful impact on how he is viewed by others, while Roe at 13 Sagittarius opposes Themis at 17 Gemini, itself exactly conjunct natal Uranus, provoking controversy and dispute. For Kavanaugh, Roe at 17 Pisces is the “String” of a Kite Pattern, opposing Pluto and Uranus at 15 and 13 Libra, while in exact sextile to both Cavagna at 17 Capricorn and Jupiter at 17 Taurus. With Jupiter, exactly opposing Neptune, is asteroid Wade at 18 Taurus. This certainly suggests, at minimum, a gradual erosion (Neptune) by the SCOTUS (Jupiter) of Roe v Wade (asteroids Roe, Wade), and possibly its controversial (Uranus) destruction (Pluto), in which Kavanaugh (Cavagna) has an important role.

How it all plays out is anyone’s guess, but one thing is clear: outnumbered and outgunned, with a clearly qualified nominee in front of them, the Democrats really have no recourse, now that the filibuster on judicial nominees has been eliminated. If by some miracle Kavanaugh stumbles in his confirmation, then Trump will simply nominate someone else, who could conceivably be far, far worse. Take your medicine like good boys and girls, progressives, and dream of better days.

And hope this is where it ends—there are two progressive Justices on the SCOTUS in their 80s; if Trump should avoid impeachment and win re-election, he’ll replace them, too. And that’s a nightmare no one wants to contemplate.

Praying Medic: Qanon September 28 – Welcome Aboard, JUSTICE K + SGTreport: THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS

Qanon September 28 – Welcome Aboard, JUSTICE K

Published on Sep 28, 2018

Qanon gives us the inside scoop on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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BENJAMIN FULFORD: Khazarian mafia seeks Chinese protection as military tribunals loom | Weekly Geopolitical Report

Insider intel on Kavanaugh, and so much more happening in geopolitics! ~PB

BENJAMIN FULFORD: Khazarian mafia seeks Chinese protection as military tribunals loom | Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis

September 24, 201

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

The satan-worshipping Khazarian mafia is in a frenzy of fear as military tribunals loom. As a result, they are offering the world (as if it were theirs to give) to China in exchange for protection, according to Gnostic Illuminati and Asian secret society sources. In addition to this, they are threatening to unleash pandemics, blow up the Yellowstone Caldera, set off a massive EMP attack, and cause other mayhem in a futile effort (as these attempts will be neutralized) to blackmail themselves out of the reach of long-delayed justice. Also, they are carrying out a foolish and widely derided smear campaign to derail the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Pentagon sources say they used “the threat of 9/11 declassification, which may soon happen, to force George Bush Jr. to publicly back Kavanaugh, whose confirmation would unleash military tribunals.” Remember, Kavanaugh said during his confirmation hearings that the U.S. has been under martial law since shortly after 9/11 and as a result, military tribunals could try, and even sentence to death, civilians guilty of treason.

In addition to this, the sources say that “because of the interference in the 2016 U.S. election by the Jewish mafia, which supported Hillary Clinton, Trump may use FISA declassification leverage to force the UK and Australia to purge Zionists and Israeli dual-citizens from positions of influence.”

The rogue state of Israel, for its part, has been trying to seek Russian and Chinese protection as it loses control of the United States. However, this is backfiring, big time. Here is the U.S. military’s analysis of where these efforts are leading.

First, in reaction to the recent Israeli stunt to fool Syria into shooting down a Russian plane in yet another desperate attempt to start World War 3, “An angry [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church may have declared holy war on the anti-goy Jewish faction, and may impose a no-fly zone on Israel until it returns the Golan to Syria, lifts the siege of Gaza, denuclearizes, and returns the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and all stolen lands to Palestine and Lebanon.”

Second, “With China in control of the Haifa Port and infrastructure projects in Israel, the BRICS nations may ban this rogue state from the quantum financial system, and [U.S. President Donald] Trump may just agree to a UN arms embargo and air-sea blockade.”

With all this and more going on, it is no surprise that the Swiss branch of the Rothschild family, the BIS, and the Elders of Zion sent a representative last week to Japan to negotiate surrender with the White Dragon Society (WDS). The negotiator (whom we will call the BIS man) said the banking families were worried about …… a chaotic situation, mass executions, civil war, and other unrest such as was seen during the French and Russian Revolutions. In other words, the BIS man said the banking families are willing to surrender as long as plans for a smooth transition to a better system for the planet are put into place and guillotines are not on the menu.

It is also possible to confirm from recent public statements by the BIS that they acknowledge their current system of printing money out of nothing and distributing it via connected insiders is becoming dysfunctional and headed for a catastrophic collapse. To put it in the BIS’s own words, “their head is on fire and their feet freezing.” This can be translated to mean that the super-rich are getting too super rich, while the rest of the world’s population is suffering.

The WDS reiterated its position that a jubilee is the only answer. In particular, a global financial reset would need to include a one-time write-off of all debt, public and private, and a redistribution of assets illegally obtained through fiat finance. The end result would be to ensure that everyone on earth owned their own home and had no debt. This would be a one-off event so that after the jubilee, if somebody were to sell their home to buy drugs and then end up homeless, they would not be bailed out.

The WDS also proposed setting up a future planning agency to help coordinate a multi-trillion-dollar campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and responsibly release suppressed technology—in particular, technology that would make immortality possible for those who wish it.

The WDS further said it supports keeping existing royal families in place as symbols of continuity, while day-to-day management would be left to meritocracies such as the Pentagon, the Vatican, the Chinese Communist Party, the newly created future planning agency, etc. In other words, all the functional bits of the old system would be left intact and reformed in the name of continuity and a smooth transition. Live, real-time, Internet-based democracy would also be supported, the WDS proposed.

The whole process could be started with public disclosure of the real history of the planet to prepare the public for the transition, the WDS said.

The BIS representative was supportive of these proposals and promised to take them to “the people in Zug, Switzerland.”

He also provided some insight into the minds of the “gnomes of Zurich,” noting they communicated using “mathematical symbols.” If that is the case, then they should consider the following equation that will come true. If they do not agree to a transition, then: Zug+BIS+Zionism=0.

The NSA now believes Evelyn de Rothschild is the head of the Rothschild clan and not Nathaniel, as was previously told to us by the CIA. They also say their latest intelligence indicates the Rothschilds are planning to offer control of Japan to the Chinese in exchange for protection. This process would begin with the enthronement in April of Crown Prince Naruhito as Emperor of Japan, since it would put the throne into the hands of a Rothschild puppet with no imperial blood, the NSA source says.

The WDS and representatives of an Asian secret society discussed this issue recently and agreed that the Japanese people need to be told the truth about their imperial family, and that a committee of experts should decide in concert with the Japanese public what to do about the Chrysanthemum Throne.

The Vatican P2 lodge has also made a public appeasement of China. This came in the form of the Vatican agreeing to give the Chinese government a say over the selection of Catholic bishops in China. It also came in the form of Italy’s government being the first in the G7 to announce that they would participate in the China-led One Belt One Road development project.

It is also worth remembering at this point, about a couple of tweets put out in 2016 by a “Baroness de Rothschild.”

Bss De Rothschild @BssDeRothschild: “Unfortunately for deplorables in 2017, IMPEACHMENT will rob you of your little Russian-hacked election ‘victory.’”

Bss De Rothschild @BssDeRothschild: “After a Trump/Putin/Iran/China/NK Nuclear war, the world will revert back to the Globalist ideal offering security via Europe.”

Clearly, the Rothschilds and other P2 types are running to China for protection now that their World War 3 and “Russiagate” scams are failing. However, the Chinese are fully aware the Khazarians will tell them whatever they want to hear, only to stab them in the back the first chance they get. They also know the same people who are sucking up to them now are the ones who humiliated them during the Opium Wars. As we saw above, the Chinese have quietly seized Israel’s infrastructure and are cooperating with the Russians and the U.S. military to force the Zionists to end all their troublemaking.

The Khazarians are also losing one of their last bastions of power—control over the major Internet companies. As the Pentagon put it, “It’s hammer time, as Big Tech may be subject to DOJ antitrust actions and broken up in concert with heavy fines from the EU.”

We would like to conclude this week’s report by forwarding to you an e-mail from a veteran criminal investigator who is a friend of former CIA operative Robert David Steele. Among other things, this investigator makes it clear why the Khazarian mob is delaying Kavanaugh’s appointment:

“The reason the left (the cabal) is trying to delay the examination of Kavanaugh’s accuser [Christine Ford] is to give them time to cause a massive blackout out East using the smart grid and their Stuxnet-derived software provided by Israel and now in all power company computers. Or until they can provoke a major war in Syria and Iran, and perhaps even a nuclear exchange with the Russian Federation.

“I may be wrong on all this, but the mainstream media editors will quickly switch sides and go with who they think is the new winner, since their prior masters have been adequately disempowered. They have no loyalty to anyone, but are ass-kissers to big money and big power.

“By the way, I know quite a bit of the hidden secret history of the Minnesota Wetterling murder and Johnny Gosch kidnapping. It is all related to the CIA, FBI, international pedo-satanic network, Bronfmans, GHWB, White House page boys, Barney Frank, Craig Spence, etc. It is a story of FBI involvement, victim family involvement, and complete cover-up. It has ties to Omaha, Franklin Credit, crooked FBI, CIA Finders, Jordan, Minnesota’s pedo problem, and Minnesota Attorney General Skip Humphrey (Senator Hubert Humphrey’s crooked son). We interviewed a key witness together in this years ago.”



Benjamin Fulford: MI6 says cabal rule could collapse within three months

Benjamin Fulford: MI6 says cabal rule could collapse within three months

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society, September 17, 2018

There is a very real chance that Khazarian cabal rule will collapse over the next three months, and alternative power structures need to be made ready in time for that, according to British MI6 intelligence sources. The trigger is expected to be arrests of senior cabalists in the U.S. starting in October, the sources say.

Pentagon sources, for their part, said, “The Cabal has been deaf and blind for over two weeks, so big things should happen after Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation.”

“Kavanaugh is poised to be confirmed after Yom Kippur on September 20 and on the same day, U.S. President Donald Trump may send texts to all cellphones to reach even more people than Twitter.” Furthermore, the sources say FEMA will also test the emergency broadcast system on all televisions, so this, when combined with wireless text alerts, “will allow Trump to spread real news in real time and drop truth bombs.”

The exact nature of what will be told to the American people through the emergency broadcast system is not yet clear. However, last week representatives of the Swiss banking gnomes in Zurich, the Russian FSB, MI6, the Japanese royal family, and an Asian secret society all contacted the White Dragon Society (WDS) last week. The fact that these sources, many of whom had ceased contact since the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami terrorist attack, suddenly popped out of the woodwork is a clear indication something huge is about to happen.

CIA sources connected to the secret bases in Antarctica say the sudden surge of activity in the intelligence community was related the sudden closure last week of seven solar observatories. In particular, the sources say:

“The Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico has been ‘observing’ the sun since the Roswell incident. They belong to a special off-the-grid group known as “The Watchers.” There are several of these special observatories strategically placed around the planet.

“They have files full of photos and video recordings of the Wingmaker ships coming through the sun, as well as the big ships coming through as part of the Galactic Federation’s Observe and Assist Humanity Mandate.

“The Cabal Deep State is backed up against the wall. They are grasping for feathers now. They went in and grabbed everything out of fear and panic. Gag orders have been issued.

“We don’t know the final play yet. This may turn against them and be used as the main act of the Disclosure Event.”

The source sent the following three photographs of the observations that led to the closure of the observatories.


The MI6 source said the observatories were shut down because they wanted to carry out a more orderly disclosure process in order not to cause panic or misunderstanding “among the surface population.”

In any case, this may be related to a huge surge in UFO sightings around the planet recently. Below are links to two examples reported in traditional media outlets:

There has also been an unprecedented increase in tropical storm activity coming up that may be related to the unusual solar activity. Last week the entire region of the tropics was covered in belt of storms, seven of which were big enough to be named.

It is very interesting that, for the first time, the Swiss bankers in Zurich have decided to send an emissary to meet the WDS. Vincenzo Mazzara and Leo Zagami of the P2 Freemason Lodge previously told this writer that they took orders from aliens based in Switzerland headed by an entity known as “the Black Sun.” The Swiss representative acknowledged that their leadership had been taking orders from “the Black Sun” and that it communicated with them through “gamma rays.”

At this point, readers who are accustomed to this report sticking to real-world issues are probably shaking their heads and wondering if somebody got to us. The answer is that the forensic trail followed from primary sources like David Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, the British royal family, Asian secret societies, etc. all pointed to some sort of control grid on this planet that is headquartered in Switzerland.

It may well be that all of this woo-woo space stuff is just smoke and mirrors designed to hide a small cabal of old men (several sources say they are the “Elders of Zion”) from the prying eyes of the slave population they have been ruling over for so long.

So, returning to strictly here-and-now earth issues, we can report that representatives from banking families in Zurich, MI6 (i.e., the British Royal Family), the Pentagon, the CIA, the Asian secret societies, and the Russian FSB all told the WDS that they support staging a massive, multi-trillion-dollar campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

To make this possible, though, the cabal has to be completely removed from power. So let us get back to the latest developments on that front.

In the U.S., “The takedown of CBS chief Les Moonves may have spooked the Zionists, as his great-uncle was Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion,” Pentagon sources note. Ben-Gurion has been fingered by newly declassified documents as the person who ordered the assassination of John Kennedy, so maybe now CBS will report this to the remaining audience who still believe in the corporate media.

Furthermore, the sources continue, “The Trump executive order to sanction foreign election interference is targeting Israel more than Russia or the UK, because Israel interferes in U.S. elections.” The Pentagon is upset with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for openly backing Mitt Romney in 2012 and Hillary Clinton in 2016. The interference, they say, takes place via financier cut-outs like Haim Saban for the Democrats, and Sheldon Adelson for the GOP. Furthermore, the sources say, “Hollywood/Wall Street/Silicon Valley 5th-column fundraising” has also been supporting “shills in Congress like Senators Tom Cotton, Chuck Schumer, and John McCain.”

In addition, “The Trump trade war with China has the benefit of weakening Wall Street, since any bank or banker like Jamie Dimon who lobbies for China may be prosecuted for being an unregistered foreign agent, or worse,” the sources warn.

The MI6 people, for their part, think their worst enemy is the European Union and the black nobility that own it. They say German Chancellor Angela Merkel should be made to pay compensation to countries like Poland and Hungary for what “her bloodline” (Hitler et al.) did to them.

It is very interesting in this context, then, to hear that the Russian FSB has been negotiating recently with the Knights of Malta who are, in many ways, the military arm of the P2 Freemason nexus that controls the EU. We are assuming they are looking for protection against the impending Anglo-Saxon quest for justice.

The other people the FSB has recently been doing work for are the Saudi royals. The FSB source would not say exactly what they did recently for the Saudis, other than to note that it was “intense” and involved over 100 agents. Since the Russian Orthodox Church has previously declared a holy war against radical Islam, the following article discussing plans to execute senior Wahab clerics may be related.

The other probably-related event has been that Russian Orthodox Church is having a schism with the Orthodox Church in Muslim-occupied Constantinople over its support of the Nazi-occupied regime in the Ukraine.

Remember, the Russians have been rivals to the Ottoman Turks and the Germans for centuries. Also, the Nazis were responsible for creating the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam as a way of undermining Anglo/French rule of the Middle East, according to MI6 and CIA sources.

Something is also happening in Japan that could lead to regime change. It turns out that Japan’s government was pumping carbon dioxide into the ground near the epicenter of the recent devastating earthquake in Hokkaido.

In other words, a slave government operating within the unscientific, Khazarian-mafia “carbon dioxide causes global warming” paradigm triggered an earthquake by injecting 150,000 tons of carbon into the ground. This is all over the Japanese Internet, but of course the corporate media remains silent.

Nonetheless, stupid moves like this are contributing to the emerging consensus among right-wing power brokers that the Bank of Japan needs to be nationalized. This would remove a major source of funding for the Khazarian mafia. This would also mean an automatic end to their slave regime in Japan.

As the Khazarian mafia loses power around the world, it is urgent that the various rebel factions fighting for planetary liberation start making concrete plans for a smooth transition. The WDS believes such a transition will require the announcement of a jubilee, followed by a massive campaign to fix up the planet. Also, while the WDS supports a South African-style truth and reconciliation committee, it looks like many of the Khazarian mafia crimes have been so horrific that war crimes tribunals are inevitable. Let us see what October brings.