Key Time In Collective Human History by Katie Gallanti | Shift Frequency

Key Time In Collective Human History
by Katie Gallanti | Shift Frequency


Katie Gallanti – This is a key time in our collective humanity’s history… dark power versus true power, underhanded manipulative energy versus the clean heart. The true heart can be hurt and wounded, but the true heart is strong, has vision, endurance and when connected to Source can draw deep resourcefulness and grace.


As a human family this is our time to claim this Earth for the true human heart. All darkness be gone. We claim it first and foremost within. By believing and holding steady even in when all looks lost or hopeless.


Each one of us is an anchor of love and Source energy. And by love I do not mean this wishy washy sappy love of the hallmark cards, but the fierce stand up to be counted, protector love, of the Spiritual Warrior’s heart. The love of the mother that guards her young. The love of the father that protects. The love of Source that imbues all things.

Earthly life is not eternal. In a way a play we are immersed with in which we explore and test the Soul in all sorts of circumstances. Currently the play is a very intense story of collective awakening and empowerment under a very intense set of circumstances. In this we learn about resilience and about the deeper aspects of hope.

The elections are just a vehicle via which the human empowerment story is expressing right now. Its not so much about Trump versus Clinton, but about The People versus The Evil Empire. Things are being manipulated. The game is not clean. And The People at large are beginning to see the wizard behind the curtain pulling strings in droves. Right now the wizard still has the upper hand. But the wizard is not invincible, no matter how tall he looks and how clever the slight of hand.

As usual, there are rules to creation energy. Believing something is possible is key. The strongest block to such belief is the inner wounding we all carry that predisposes to helplessness. Much of that inner wounding has been created purposefully, by design, in a society that has inbuilt fracturing and division from the earliest of ages.

But we are not our society. We are not our wounds. We our not our fears. We are the Human Soul. We are the multidimensional beauty and the radiance of our inner light spanning eons of time. We are all the star systems we have visited. And all the infinite of our transcendent experience. And we are expansion in the light of Source, within which all finds peace, as well as strength.

Humanity is often referred to in terms of its flawd-ness : “I am just human”. But out humanity is the territory of paradox. So flawed and yet so vast. So vulnerable and yet capable of the deepest inner breath. So cruel and mean at times and yet also capable of infinite nobility.

Reclaim your pure human Soul… invite Source into the human story… recharge and breathe in strength and honor, as you intend the future of the new humanity into being.

Much love,

SF Source Katie Gallanti Nov. 2016

Planetary Purification: The Energy Is At A Cusp Right Now ~ Katie Gallanti

Planetary Purification: The Energy Is At A Cusp Right Now
~ Katie Gallanti

We are in the middle of a big rumble tumbly planetary transformation… if you remember a few months ago I said it would be a chaotic roller-coaster ride and indeed it is. All that is rotten in Denmark is being exposed, but remember that all that was rotten was rotten even before it was exposed. Things are not getting worst they are just “being seen”. And this is good. This is a good cleanse of the collective field and as long as we are willing to stay conscious and to look at the planetary dark with full awareness, standing in truth and love, all will be well.

In the middle of all this, as we battle with minds and hearts for human truth and freedom, try to stay kind with one another and stay in the heart – this can be challenging at times as there is a lot of polarization right now and its easy to get triggered into conflict. Also keep the bigger picture goals in mind and be open to new information. This is a time in which the proverbial salami slices need to fall from many eyes and what is underneath is not pretty but it is real. Dare yourself to stay with it.

On the energetic planetary level, we are still in the middle of The Great Purification. We are almost done but we are not done yet with this phase. Another 6 weeks at least of this process. This process has many levels. An outer level is about the cleansing of the structures of power. We knew this phase had to come and we are in the middle of that now. This is a necessary transition, even if testy and ugly in places. Do not run away from it, this is not the time for the lightworkers to take a nap, but the time in which to get very serious in one’s intent to ground light.

There are multidimensional etheric levels to this process also. Energies are clashing. Old guard and new guard, clashing. Light and dark, clashing. And what looks like light is often dark. And what looks like dark is often light. Major tests in discernment at this time. Stay very much in the heart of your inner knowing at this time.

The planetary energy is at a cusp right now. We are inches away from the highest energy this planet has ever experienced and the shift in the collective field is 95% complete. We can however still tumble all the way back to the beginning. We are almost done, but we are not done. This is a time to double down on whatever one is guided to do. There is also a need for more focus on just the energetic part of this process, because as we know consciousness creates before manifestation. Intention work is key. Many are confused as to what is right at this time, so it is best to work with open ended intent and to surrender it up to the Higher Power that is Source.

So here is a possible intention, for the metaphysically inclined:

“I, __________, here declare and intend, as a physical anchor of Source consciousness embodied on the Earth plane at this time, that I am placing my energy and that of my guides and councils, 100% behind whatever is for the highest good at this time, for the purpose of achieving the highest, most evolved and loving manifestation of our collective future on this timeline now. And I ask that all that is not true and all that is dark aligned to be dissolved or exposed now. I, of my free will, declare that I do not consent to a dark reality, no matter how beautifully packaged. And because I know I can be at times clouded in my discernment, I ask that only what is true and right for the purpose of the anchoring of the highest and best collective future come into being now, regardless of my incarnated mind’s beliefs. opinions and interpretation. And so it is, and so it is and so it is. It is done.”

“I also ask that all of the energy of chaos, anger, hate and conflict, and of any other energy that is not for the highest good at this time, be cleared and transmuted into high frequency light, both in myself and outside of myself. And I ask that this light be used as fertilizer for the the evolution of the collective field and the collective grids now. I also ask to be used as a grounding tool for the highest of the Source energy that I can handle at this time, in ways that my body can easily tolerate with grace and ease, for the purposes of both personal and planetary healing and frequency step up now.”

May the Earth field continue to shift upwards and may all that needs to be released continue to be released, and may all that needs to be exposed, dissolved and deleted, be exposed dissolved and deleted now. And may we easily walk into the highest version of our planetary and collective future now.

by: Katie Gallanti

Source: Planetary Purification: The Energy Is At A Cusp Right Now | Ascension Energies