Karen Downing: 4 Steps to Integrating Your Anger

4 Steps to Integrating Your Anger

In our most recent Again & Again podcast, one of things we discussed is anger, and how it can affect the Dark Night of the Soul. For me personally, anger has been one of the most challenging emotions to learn how to integrate. There are many books and resources out there for facing fears and understanding sadness, but the books on anger tend to focus on managing it, not healing it. I choose to look at ways in which I can integrate my anger, so that it can be used constructively, and not destructively.

Anger contains powerful information, it can help us learn more about our past life patterns, and our Soul Mission, but only if we approach anger with mindful awareness. That can be a challenge itself, because our social norms do not have a place for anger, and that is why we have so much anger exploding around us in road rage, political arguments, and workplace tensions. We as a humanity are not properly taught how to process our anger, and therefore we tend to stuff it down deep inside of us. Unfortunately, all that does is turn us into a dormant volcano, just waiting for the right phrase or word for the angry lava to spew out of us.

Step 1 in integrating anger is to accept that you, me, and everyone else holds onto anger. We all have it! There is no way around it. To deny the existence of your anger is the most dangerous thing you can do. Without accepting that you have the ability to be angry, you will never be able to recognize it in those pre-eruption moments, before it becomes a guiding force for your actions.

Step 2 is to learn what your specific pre-eruption moments look like. Do you have an increase in heartbeat? Does your neck vein throb? Do your cheeks get flush? Do you shake? Do you feel like wanting to run away from the situation in front of you? What are your signs of imminent eruption? By arming yourself with awareness, and understanding of what to look for, you can begin to spot your anger at earlier and earlier stages. Eventually, you will be able to spot your anger when it is at the stage of annoyance, like a mosquito buzzing around your ears when you are trying to fall asleep. It is at the annoyance stage, when anger is best suited for integration into your energy body system.

Step 3 is to talk with your anger. Discover what it and your Ego are trying to tell you. Perhaps, it feels disrespected, or is upset it cannot be in control of a situation. Ask your anger, “What prompted this feeling?” and dig deeper to find out what energy is the root cause of the anger. It is from past life experiences, or from early on in this lifetime? What were the details of the situations that connect to the anger? Dig as deep as you can, until the answers stop flowing. Write all this down and journal on it if you can, often this will lead to further insights along the way.

Step 4 is integration. Learning the details that created your anger is how you integrate it. For example, you have a past life where you were persecuted for your belief system. Let’s work with that example to show you how you can integrate your anger into your life now. This root cause of the anger will have you feeling reactive to situations where you are facing others who have beliefs at odds to your own. This has potential to show up in many life areas, not just politics and religion. Look to health, diet, career choices, how you raise your children, or any other important life factors connected with how you define yourself. In that self-identification you have reinforced your own belief system, and your anger wants you to defend it. Therefore, if someone says something that your Ego sees as being a judgement or dig at your belief system, that will be transferred to your Ego believing that the other person is in judgment of you. Integration comes from seeing that the past life judgment is directly connected to how you expect judgment to appear in your life now. You might say to yourself on a mental level that you are not in a state of expecting judgments, however the emotional expectation of judgment is certainly there, or you would never have felt angry in this type of situation. Starting with your root causes of anger and connecting them to your state of mind now is the integration process.

Imagine each detail of past and present lifetimes is a thread in a giant blanket. The blanket is so large it is nearly smothering you under the weight of it all. So, now you go along and start pulling out the threads you no longer need, shrinking the blanket to just the right size and right the right thickness for your life. The discarded threads of anger (or other emotions too), are now singled out, and you can examine them further and discover connections and overlaps you were unaware of before. Once you see how the past life threads have formed the fabric of the present, then you have started to integrate the anger. The more of these past life threads you identify, the more emotion you will also integrate. Plus, the blanket left behind is further focused and refined to fit your Soul Mission precisely, with no extra information to cloud your focus.

Take some time today and reflect upon your anger, go through the steps above slowly and completely. Do this exercise often to reveal more and more of those threads, pluck them out and understand why they were there in the first place. Each time you integrate more of your anger, you are removing the extra weight of emotions you no longer need, and left behind is the pure focus of how to put your past and present life experience into action as your Soul Mission.

Karen Downing: Integrating the Eclipse Energy

Integrating the Eclipse Energy

How are you feeling post-eclipse? The energies have been taxing, as they are upping our light quotient by more than ever before. As our physical body integrates the light body upgrade taking place, we can be fatigued, dizzy, and experience a deep emotional purging.

The light body expels all that is not in resonance with it. That energy can be from this life, past lives, lives lived prior to this planet, and even collective soul group energies. If it is anything other than hope, trust, acceptance, and love, then it’s gotta go.

During this purging process, some of you will have encountered a deep sadness, anger, or fear bubbling to the surface. These emotions can remain buried in the body under layer upon layer of past life experience. It takes a strong energetic event, such as an eclipse, to “close the door on the past,” and release from within us, all we no longer need.

Some people will experience more of a physical release process like changing jobs, living situations, relationships, or health practices. Whatever the eclipse is bringing up for you, know that what you are feeling is temporary, and is only a reflection of that which your Ego/Self has kept locked away from you. The more you find out about the hidden inventory of your own Ego, the better equipped you are to move forward in your life with confidence and joy. The Ego can be your friend or your worst nightmare. If you work with your Ego to extract all it is holding on to, the better off you will be.

Think of your Ego as a well-meaning friend. They may not always give the best advice, but often, if you look into the words and phrases they use, you can gain inspiration about how they are attempting to assist you. The Ego is much the same as that friend and will tend to give advice and guidance to you based on either a proactive avoidance of situations or a reactive explosion to them. Each of the past life patterns has proactive and reactive expressions to how it handles different situations, and those extreme expressions hold hints as to how your Ego is trying to help you.

The Ego holds on to vast reserves of past life energy, and in its quest to avoid repeating the trauma of the past, it will influence you through fear or anger, as a warning sign that you are venturing dangerously close to past life trauma. But, the thing is, to truly avoid repeating our past life traumas, we must touch the energy of them. We need to bring to the surface all that the Ego would prefer to remain hidden; all of the fear, traumas, and challenging energy. We have to get in it, to get out of it.

When your Ego has you locked in the energy of judgment, guilt, shame, or fear, use that emotion as an anchor to deep dive into all aspects of what you are truly feeling. If you do not get the energy out, it continues to inform the Universe, and you will attract the situations in alignment with your fears. This deep dive process is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal to learn how to transform your energy and emotional state at any time. When you deep dive, you reclaim your emotional state, that is where true personal power and sovereignty dwell: in knowing who you are.

The energy of the eclipse is bringing forth those energetic aspects that the Ego would wish to remain hidden, but they cannot. It is time to explore them and release them for good. We all have an Ego to wrestle with; it is sly and crafty, but definitely not logical. It is an emotional energy and can fool us into thinking we have it all figured out. To accept that we do not is one big part of learning how to navigate your Ego as best you can.

Now is the time to heal the past. Now is the time to invest time and energy in yourself. Now is the time to explore all the hidden details of who you truly are. There is no time like the present, and the more you actively participate in this healing and release, the better able you will be to gently pass through these eclipse energies. If you choose to ignore this process or subconsciously decide that you do not wish to help yourself, you are in for a much longer ride. The choice is yours. Are you willing to do what it takes to clear out the emotional residue, or will you just wait for another time when things are better, or you feel right? If you wait on that, the Ego will have you forever fooled.

Karen Downing: A Breakthrough is Near

A Breakthrough is Near

How do you know when you are approaching a significant breakthrough? There are 3 main signs that you can look for externally and internally. The difficult in pinpointing these signs often lies in how they are expressed: in balanced opposition.

The universe is a finely tuned balance of all things, at all times. And so, when a breakthrough is near, everything is amplified. This means that you can experience confusion along with clarity, heightened emotion along with detachment, calm along with urgency, and so forth.

A breakthrough is an enhancement, and as humanity is primed to burst into a new reality, the foreshadow of this upcoming breakthrough can feel both bumpy and calm at the same time. It has been said by many that the planet has been experiencing steady waves of energy in these last few years. It is important to remember that these waves, like the ocean, create an ebb and flow.

Ebb and flow are in balance, as one cannot occur without the other, therefore they are merely different perceptions of the same concept. Same goes with all concepts kept in balance. Ebb is flow, clarity is confusion, urgency is calm. When you can recognize each of these energies as two sides of the same coin, then you are ready to cash in for your breakthrough.

The equinox is the perfect time to do just that.

So, how do you spot these breakthrough energies? Look for the natural cycles moving between what many may feel to be polar opposites.

Many of you reading this message may find yourself moving between states of high clarity and focus into state of confusion, mistrust and not knowing. The first step to understanding what is happening is to realize that this is a natural cycle. The reason it is coming to your attention now is because, like all cycles, the ebb and flow here has sped up.

Understand that both clarity and confusion are states of connection. When you are connected and fully in tune with your spiritual body, you feel clarity; when you are disconnected, you feel confusion. During this time, humanity is climbing a staircase of Ascension, and each time you step up one stair, you are slightly out of body. Then, as you rest upon that stair, you are brought back into unison. And, on and on it goes. You normally don’t notice this process so much, because long pauses are taken at each stair. However, when a breakthrough approaches, a rapid climbing takes place, and you can move up several stairs a day, bouncing quickly between these two states of connection.

To find your way through this journey, try to remain hyper-aware of the now. This can be done by saying internally what you are engaged in at the moment, “I am walking, I am opening a cupboard, I am grabbing a cup, I am putting the cup on the counter, etc.” As this connection process continues to speed up, this hyper-awareness of the now will be your best navigation guide.

Second, look for enhanced expression of emotions in yourself and others. As a breakthrough is near and the energy increases, it acts like a magnet to draw out all emotional energy. During this time, there will be some people experiencing very strong emotions, as well as others who act as if nothing fazes them. Again, these are two sides of the same coin. Both are equally valuable paths to understanding yourself, why you feel what you feel, where your emotions come from, and if those emotions are still serving your highest needs today.

There is nothing wrong with emotions, they contain a massive inventory of valuable information. The challenge occurs when emotions overrun your life, and cause you to act on pure emotional impulse. Think of emotions as your own personal movie, they provide you with your life context, your perspective, and lead you to the next important segment of your story. Those are all helpful on your life path. However, like a movie, you are meant to experience your emotions through imagination, discussion, healthy release, and other such methods. But, you are not meant to live your emotions as if you are the movie itself.

When a breakthrough is near, it can become very difficult for some people to separate their emotions from their reality, thus causing rants, blame, victimhood, and other such patterns to be expressed much more intensely. If you are around someone who is experiencing heightened emotions in such a way, give them space to process, do not engage directly in their emotional movie, but instead encourage them to release their emotions safely, by writing, watching a movie, reading a book, taking a walk, visiting a therapist, or any other way that would be an appropriate release for them as an individual.

Third, you will feel the energetic momentum building. As humanity continues forward, you will feel a crescendo of energy. This energy can be felt of in one of two ways. One will be freeing and joyful, a like making it to the end of a long race. The other may feel overwhelming, urgent, or stressful. These are two different expressions of alignment. When you are aligned with your life path and God’s path for you (God’s will), you will feel free, joyful and in sync with life. Synchronicities will pop up again and again, circumstances will work themselves out, and there is an overall ease to any experience.

When you feel overwhelmed and stressful, you are trying to exert your control on your life. You are forgetting to trust in yourself and the path that you already set in motion. You are forgetting to trust in God/ Spirit/The Universe. When you are not in harmony with your life path, you still feel that momentum building, but push against it with fearful thoughts, such as: that it will not happen, not be want you want, not be when you want, not be enough, will happen for everyone else not you, etc.

When you are out of alignment, you can experience things not going well, being clumsy, miscommunication, frustration with you wanting things to be your way (even if you cannot recognize it). If you just got frustrated with that last statement, then you are not in alignment.

Another way to represent God’s will is the idea of unconditional acceptance. This is more than simply accepting everyone else for who they are, this is also accepting events, places, experiences, situations and everything else as it is. No need to drive aggressive in traffic, it is what it is. No need to be angry with the wait for your dinner, it is what it is. No need to track down that package, it will arrive at the right time. No need to interject to tell someone what to do, they are who they are. No need to force a conclusion to occur, it will take place in God’s time.

When you start from a place of acceptance, then you are automatically in alignment, and will intuitively know what to do or say. But, when your pride tells you that you are entitled to something now, or that you know better, then you will find yourself trying to push against the very momentum here to assist you.

All in all, a breakthrough is an expanding balloon of energy, enhancing every aspect of life, so that it can be felt in extreme. In the extremes of connection, emotion, and alignment, you will learn about yourself. That learning is the impetus for a personal breakthrough. When millions or billions of personal breakthroughs occur simultaneously, it is indeed the large-scale transition shift of the ages.

Unity Transcends All Destruction Karen Downing a message from Karen Downing

Unity Transcends All Destruction

In the world today, it can be easy to look at the forces of destruction, anger and hatred, however in every single moment you have a choice as to the energy you feed. Are you going to feed unity, cooperation and harmony, or are you going to feed the other forces mentioned above? This choice comes up every time there is a news story about humans taking the lives of other humans. This unfortunately is not new news. This is currently a part of the human experience, at least until humanity is able to transcend it. And, yes it can be transcended, not by the few, but by the many.

Transcending destruction happens both individually and collectively; it is accomplished by making the choice to feed the forces of unity, love, forgiveness and compassion. Are you going to continue to give into the energy of destruction by adding your two cents to the judgment or hatred or fear that the media continues to stir up? Or, are you going to find a way to discover a peace within yourself, to see beyond labels to move into a space where you can connect with the humanness of each and every fellow person on the planet?

The path to Unity (Universal) consciousness is all about viewing another individual as a Soul on a path, just like you are. What does that mean? It means that no matter how you agree or disagree with the choices and actions of another person, that you are able to reach deep down and to recognize they too are on their journey to Soul sovereignty, to view the role they are playing on the stage of life, and to understand that it is the part they have been programmed to play. Every individual is programmed; programmed by upbringing, belief systems, past life patterns and daily conditioning from various outside influences. You can choose in any moment to accept your programming as your truth, or to discover the truth of who you are as a Soul.

When you discover the truth of your Soul, you will find that you can much more easily connect with the journey of other individuals. All paths lead to the same destination, and so when you are seeing another person who is sharing beliefs of anger, hatred and fear, your own path to understanding requires that you look beyond their emotional expression, and gain understanding that they are another individual on their path to discover their Soul. Just because their path is different from you own, does not indicate that they will not arrive at the same destination as you will one day.

Much of humanity has been programmed to understand the world through judgment and separation; looking at the ways in which you are different from others around you. This is something that is learned very early on, as it is highly encouraged to embrace your individuality. Yes, individuality is a valuable learning experience, but the path to peace, unity, and true freedom is forged by obtaining a balance of individuality and collectiveness. Collectiveness is accepting your connection with all others, even those whom you have a challenging time seeing any similarity with.

Back in September of this year, a message on Unity was written, and one of the suggestions was to practice being in Unity at least one day per week; Unity Shift Thursdays. Each week, practice looking at the commonalities you have with everyone else you encounter. Are they motivated to keep a roof over their head? Probably so. Do they strive for Self-Confidence? Most likely. Move beyond looking at physical attributes, and into emotional qualities, there will be more commonalities emerge than even you expected.

The only way to change the energy of destruction is to eradicate the energy of hatred, fear and anger. And, the only way to eradicate such energy is through the processes of creation and re-creation. Creating new bonds and connections, re-creating unity within your home and community, sending love, healing and forgiveness outward to all others, and to yourself. Look within and boost up your own forces of creation, love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. What you are able to boost up within yourself, you also contribute to the greater whole. It has been said so many times before; “violence begets more violence,” and, “only love conquers all.” These are true statements. Destruction leads to more destruction, and only the forces of creation can neutralize it.

So what can you do to help neutralize the forces of destruction? Find time to look at the creative forces of love, forgiveness, and compassion within yourself. Find time to contemplate, sit quietly or meditate on discovering more of these qualities within you. If you find yourself feeling hatred, fear, anger or similar energies, write about them in your journal, talk about them with a trusted friend, teacher or confidant, but then let them go. Do not publish them or share them publicly, as that public display of fear will only lead to more fear. You do not have to qualify yourself or defend your viewpoint, by doing so you are in assumption that others are against you. This assumption is backed by a subconscious belief of separation.

You can be in truth without being in judgment. You can understand that there are differences in the world, without having those difference be the central focus of your thoughts. Learn to move beyond focusing on differences and bring others together for common goals and causes. Accept that there is more than enough resources to go around; you are not in competition with anyone else for your resources. Stop looking at anyone outside of you as taking away from you; whether that be in taxes, social programs, food or jobs. You are not a victim of other people’s choices, you are only a victim of your decision to feel like a victim.

You are not a victim of other people’s choices, you are only a victim of your decision to feel…

You can rise above any tough time, you can create a movement of positivity, you can incite wonderful change, and you can be a participant in bringing about equality, peace, joy and love. Do not give up, do not give in. You are capable of great things! Find groups to participate with, use your discernment to join positive meditations for planetary change: (These are just some of the wonderful meditations coming up soon. Even if you are not on Facebook, these links have more information on how to access the events)

Meditation for Planetary Freedom, Ascension and the Event on November 21st https://www.facebook.com/events/1523593674628244/

Global Consciousness Meditation on December 12th https://www.facebook.com/events/1688064394762128/

Activating 144,000 beings of light on every Thursday https://www.facebook.com/events/1411222225843048/

And, most of all, forgive yourself, forgive others and NEVER stop believing in your power to be a catalyst for positive change. We are crossing the finish line, you wouldn’t want to stop short of a great accomplishment, now is the time to dig in deep and KNOW without any doubt that you have arrived, because you are the creator of your arrival.


Karen Downing: Ascension Chakras – New and Old | Spirit Library

Ascension Chakras – New and Old

Some of these chakras are just emerging on the Earth plane, but have been chakra points in the spiritual body all along. It is only now that we have raised the vibration of the planet and ourselves to a place where these new chakras can emerge in our physical world. We are now going to see in the coming years that we start to move from one chakra system to another.

This chakra upgrade is being rolled out in 3 stages: Forerunners, Second Wave Awakeners and Humanity in Entirety. For new and emerging chakras, information on timelines will be given for all 3 groups. These three groups are classified by the timeframe at which one’s spiritual awakening process began. Forerunners are those who began their awakening process prior to 2012. Second Wave Awakeners started their journey between 2012-2016. The last group is designated for everyone else.  As each group reaches a new milestone, it makes it easier for the next group to anchor in the new energy. No matter what wave someone is in, the events will be experienced in the same order. Some steps can take place simultaneously. The steps with an asterisk, are what different individuals are currently experiencing. Forerunners will be near the end of the asterisks, Second wave will be somewhere in the middle, and everyone else will be near the top of the asterisks.

Chakra Upgrade Order

  • 7 traditional chakras exist
  • Foot and Hands chakras increase in size, becoming primary
  • Lower Heart and Lower Throat chakras are created for temporary use
  • Belly button chakra is created
  • Universal Love, Spiritual Communication and Ultimate Being chakras sit above the crown Chakra (have been in existence in a higher dimension)
  • Nasal chakra is created
  • *Universal Love chakra descending to heart center
  • *3rd Eye and Nasal chakras open up to full expansiveness of new duties
  • *Sacral and solar plexus merge into belly button chakra
  • *Universal Love chakra merges with Heart chakra (about 1 month)
  • *Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras ago away
  • *Heart chakra descends to Root chakra
  • *Spiritual Communication chakra descending to throat center
  • *Ultimate Being chakra descending to crown
  • Lower Heart chakra merges with Universal Love chakra
  • Spiritual Communication chakra merges with Throat chakra
  • Lower Throat chakra goes away
  • Ultimate Being chakra merges with Crown

Please check back on this page for regular updates in the chakra adjustment process as it is made available. Further information on each of the chakras is explained below.

The content of this page was originally written in November 2010. Additional updates are noted. Please read our 7/11/2015 update below.

**Please note, since the most recent update on this page, our timeline has dramatically sped up. This is because of all of the hard work that everyone has been doing to focus on healing, Love and unity consciousness! The timeline for completion of this process for everyone will now be done before the year 2025! That is 25 years faster than the original timelines.

Foot Chakra

The color for the Foot chakra is a brownish-red, like the color of brandy. The Foot chakra is for anchoring the soul to the Earth plane and also is associated with the strength to walk forward on one’s life path. The Foot chakra is located in the center of the sole of each foot. With the changing of the Earth’s vibration, the Foot chakra becomes necessary to connect us to the old reality, so that we can safely connect to it when we need to. The Foot chakra is also called the Earth chakra. This is active in all groups. Updated 5/29/15.

Root Chakra

The color for the Root chakra is a deep ruby red. The Root chakra is what holds the spiritual body into the physical body. When you find that you are clumsier than normal or feel a step behind, it is because this chakra is out of balance and you are not fully in your physical body, or are ungrounded. The Root chakra is also associated with sexual energy. The Root chakra is located where the legs meet the torso; when you sit down, it is directly between the rear end and the genitals. In the new energy the Root chakra will be merging with the Heart chakra, as this will be the new chakra center to connect with the new vibration of the Earth. You will also see how sexuality and love energy will be merging together in a new way. Forerunners, Root and Heart will merge in 2016/2017. Second Wavers, Root and Heart will merge in 2017/2018. Everyone will have this completed by 2020. Updated 7/11/15

Sacral Chakra

The color for the Sacral chakra is a deep orange. The Sacral chakra is the chakra of fertility, both for human life itself but also for Manifestation, creativity & success in arts, music and other endeavors. The Sacral chakra was what pulled an idea from the upper chakras into physical form. This duty will now be handled by the Hands chakra. The Sacral chakra is located about 2 inches below the belly button. This chakra will be going away altogether as the Belly Button chakra will take over for both the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. Many children who are being born today with digestive issues are born without either the Solar Plexus or Sacral chakras, which is a sign of the evolutionary process of our spiritual bodies. Pathways are open to connect the Sacral chakra to the Belly Button chakra. The energy is being shifted in the groups as listed. During this shifting process, you may experience digestive discomfort and pressure in the sacral area. The release in the Sacral chakra can also be accompanied by the release of deep fear, especially fear of lack. Forerunners, this chakra is gone, or will be by the end of 2015. Second Wave, this chakra will be gone by end of 2016. Everyone else will have outgrown this chakra by the end of 2019. Updated 7/11/15.

Belly Button Chakra

The color for the Belly Button chakra is tangerine. The Belly Button chakra is connected to group energy and collective needs. The purpose of the Belly Button chakra is to provide nourishment for the soul and body. This is now where all digestion and nutrition are governed as well as bringing energy/knowledge from the world of spirit into the physical realms so that it can be put into action. This includes creativity, joy, and all forms of artistic expression. This chakra is/will be taking over many of the former duties of the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. The Belly Button chakra is located at the belly button, and is active in everyone. Pathways are opened up, to bring the energy from the sacral and solar plexus chakras to merge with this new energy center at the belly button. Forerunners, this chakra is active now, or will be by the end of 2015. Second Wave, this chakra will be active by end of 2016. Everyone else will have this chakra online by the end of 2019. Updated 7/11/15

Hands Chakra

The color for the Hands chakra is gold. The Hands chakra is associated with giving and receiving things to/from the physical world such as wealth, knowledge, kindness, healing and so forth. When the Hands chakra is closed off, the person will have a tendency to dwell in victimhood or become withdrawn from the world and even miserly. This will be because of some perceived wrong from a past life or past experience. The Hands chakra is the physical extension of the manifestation process, and will work closely with the Lower Heart chakra. The Hands chakra is located in the center of the palm of each hand. As the Hands chakra takes on all of its new duties, you will feel pulsing, itching and even aches in the hands. This chakra is active in everyone. Updated 5/29/15.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The color for the Solar Plexus chakra is yellow. The Solar Plexus chakra is where we define ourselves and is associated with self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem. This is also where the majority of the fears from other lifetimes are stored in the physical body. The Solar Plexus chakra is located about 2 inches above the belly button. This chakra will be going away altogether as the Belly Button chakra will take over for both the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. Many children who are being born today with digestive issues are born without either the Solar Plexus or Sacral chakras, which is a sign of the evolutionary process of our spiritual bodies. Pathways are opened up, connecting the Solar Plexus chakra to the Belly Button chakra. The energy will now begin the process of being shifted. As this energy shifts, deep fears are being purged from the body, symptoms can be overwhelming anxiety, and fears that you can’t quite determine why they are creating such fear within you. It is like you mind knows not to be fearful of a certain situation, abut no matter what you do, you cannot help but feel fearful anyway.  The fears released from this chakra include fear of abandonment, betrayal, being physically hurt, or a fear of being dependent on others. Forerunners, this chakra is gone, or will be by the end of 2015. Second Wave, this chakra will be gone by end of 2016. Everyone else will have outgrown this chakra by the end of 2019. Updated 7/11/15.

Lower Heart Chakra

The color for the Lower Heart chakra is olive. The Lower Heart chakra is associated with having love for oneself. The Lower Heart chakra is located at the base of the sternum. This chakra is assisting in the Heart chakra shift. Once the Universal Love chakra reaches full capacity at the heart center, the Lower Heart chakra will be re-absorbed back into it. All 3 groups will have the same experiences with the Lower Heart chakra, as it is a temporary chakra to assist in the changing over of energies. Think of it like scaffolding for the new chakra system. This chakra is currently active in everyone, and will be absorbed back into the Universal Love energies in the following timelines: Forerunners, now through mid-2016. Second Wave, 2016/2017. Everyone else, 2018-2020. Updated 7/11/15.

Heart Chakra

The colors for the Heart chakra are emerald green and rosy pink. The Heart chakra is the area of our body where we give and receive love to/from others. The Heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, about 3 inches up from the base of the sternum. It is now in process of merging with our Root chakra, as the Universal Love chakra is replacing the Heart chakra. Once the Universal Love chakra is rooted in the Heart chakra’s location, the Heart chakra will begin to merge with the Root chakra.  Forerunners are experiencing the Universal Love chakra connecting with the Heart chakra right now (through end of 2015). Second Wave will experience the 2 chakras connect in early 2016, and everyone else will have the experience in late 2016.  After about 1 month of merging at the heart center, the Heart chakra will begin its descent down toward merging with the Root chakra. For the 1 month of overlap, you will experience an expansiveness in the chest are that you have never felt before. This can be accompanied by coughing, intense internal heat, low fever, heart fluttering, and other signs of energy release. Updated 7/11/15.

Lower Throat Chakra

The color for the Lower Throat chakra is turquoise. The Lower Throat chakra is associated with channeling and in bringing communication from spirit into the physical realms. The Lower Throat chakra also brings your own truth into action, so not only do you speak it, but you also live it. The Lower Throat chakra works in partnership with the Hands chakra and is located at the center of the collarbone. At some time in the future, after the Spiritual Communication chakra merges with the Throat chakra, the Lower Throat chakra will be re-absorbed into the throat area. Because this is the other temporary chakra (with Lower Heart) it is active in everyone and will be merging back into the new Spiritual Communication chakra in the following timelines. Forerunners 2017/2018, Second Wave 2019, and everyone else in 2020. Updated 7/11/15.

Throat Chakra

The color of the Throat chakra is a deep blue. The Throat chakra is associated with speaking one’s truth and physical communication with others. The Throat chakra is located at the Adam’s apple in the throat area. At some time in the future, the Throat chakra will be displaced by the Spiritual Communication chakra, after that takes place, the Lower Throat chakra will be re-absorbed into it. As the Spiritual Communication chakra begins to merge with the throat chakra, you can experience a double voice, more telepathic broadcasts out to others, and you also might find that as you release the Throat chakra energy, that you have words come out of your mouth that cannot be held back. The timelines for the merging of the Throat chakra with the Spiritual Communication chakra is as follows: Forerunners now through mid-2016, Second Wave 2017/2018, and everyone else in 2018/2019. Updated 7/11/15.

Nasal Chakra

The color of the Nasal chakra is navy blue. The Nasal chakra is associated with being receptive to the communication of others as well as Spirit, and with the senses of smell, taste and hearing. As this chakra opens, much of the energy gets cleared through nasal congestion and stuffy noses. This chakra was created so that the Third Eye could be entirely focus on vision (both physical and spiritual). The Nasal chakra is located at the tip of the nose, and is responsible for smell, taste and hearing. This applies to both physical and spiritual forms of these senses. When this chakra is open, you will smell more mystery smells (both pleasant and not so pleasant). These smells are mostly associated with guides and Higher Energies. You can also smell the decay process of the dismantling of the 3D world. (not pleasant smelling!) Hearing on both a physical and spiritual level become more fine tuned, and you may discover that you no longer have the taste for foods you once enjoyed. This is the chakra that receives the telepathic signals sent out by others, and works with the Third Eye chakra for this purpose. All 3 groups have this chakra active and functioning, some individuals in the final wave will be experiencing the congestion as this chakra opens up to its full capacity. All work on the Nasal chakra will be completed before the end of 2015. Updated 7/11/15.

Third Eye Chakra

The color of the Third Eye chakra is indigo. The Third Eye chakra is associated with physical and spiritual sight and also the dreaming state. It is where seeing the energy of the spiritual realms is possible. The Third Eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead, and is what allows for clairvoyance and spiritual sight. The Third Eye chakra works with the Nasal chakra to be a receptor for telepathic communication. No chakra is replacing the Third eye, but it will have a much more focused purpose. All work on the Third eye chakra has been completed in Forerunners and Second Wave Awakeners. Everyone else will experience much of their third eye upgrade from now until 2016.  Updated 7/11/15.

Crown Chakra

The colors of the Crown chakra are purple and white. The Crown chakra is where the connection to Spirit occurs and is where the spiritual energy enters the physical body. In the new energy, the Crown chakra will become much larger, almost like a column of light that will extend upward to meet the Ultimate Being chakra, before they eventually become one. The Crown chakra is located in the center of the top of the head. As the Crown begins to connect with the Ultimate Being chakra, you can feel like you are pulled out of body, feel ungrounded, and feel as if you are much taller than your physical body. Some Forerunners are already experiencing the early stages of the merging of the 2 chakras here, and this first wave will be completed in 2017. Second Wave will be from 2018-2020, and everyone else will be from 2021-2025. Before this last round can be completed, there will have to be the release of many hidden truths, otherwise this last group would not be ready for the change in reality that can come with this particular chakra merging.  (More in Ultimate Being chakra section) Updated 7/11/15.

Universal Love Chakra

The color of the Universal Love chakra is magenta. The Universal Love chakra is where interconnectivity to all living beings is fostered and is the place for unconditional love. It helps you to possess peace and tolerance for everything and everyone, including yourself. It can be considered the Heart chakra of the spiritual body, and that is why it is taking over for the traditional Heart chakra, as humanity continues to raise its vibratory state. This change in the Universal Love chakra is already taking place. The Universal Love chakra is now at or very near the heart center in most of us. Forerunners are experiencing the Universal Love chakra connecting with the Heart chakra right now (through end of 2015). Second Wave will experience the 2 chakras connect in early 2016, and everyone else will have the experience in late 2016.  After about 1 month of joining at the heart center, the Heart chakra will begin its descent down toward merging with the Root chakra. For the 1 month of overlap, you will experience an expansiveness in the chest are that you have never felt before. This can be accompanied by coughing, intense internal heat, low fever, heart fluttering, and other signs of energy release. For those individuals who are experiencing the Universal Love chakra descending, it will act as a magnet to draw old stagnant energy out of the other upper chakras it comes into contact with. Second Wave is feeling this chakra right around the throat, and can have difficulty swallowing, extra mucus in the throat, sore throats, and other symptoms that support the clearing away of the old energy in that area. For everyone else, the Universal Love chakra is near to the Nasal chakra, and congestion, sinus pressure, headaches and stuffy nose can accompany the clearing out of this area. Updated 7/11/15.

Spiritual Communication Chakra

The color for the Spiritual Communication chakra is a silvery-blue, and it starts out about 18 inches above the head. The Spiritual Communication chakra is where the Higher Self communicates with the spiritual realms and is where telepathy takes place. It can be considered the Throat chakra of the spiritual body. This is where beings in the world of Spirit transmit communications to one another. Eventually, this chakra will take over for the Throat and Lower Throat chakras in the body. The timelines for the merging of the Throat chakra with the Spiritual Communication chakra is as follows: Forerunners now through mid-2016, Second Wave 2017/2018, and everyone else in 2018/2019.  Updated 7/11/15.

Ultimate Being Chakra

The colors for the Ultimate Being chakra are gold and clear. The Ultimate Being chakra is where the connection with God/Ultimate Being occurs. It can be considered to be the Crown chakra of the spiritual body, and will be merging with the current Crown chakra. The Ultimate Being chakra starts out about 3 feet above the top of the head. This chakra can also be called the God chakra. As the Crown and the Ultimate Being chakras merge, you will notice that your ability to tap into esoteric knowledge increases, or that you just seem to “know” something to be true. Eventually there will be no need to practice discernment in the same way, because you will be able to see both truth and un-truths for exactly what they are. Another benefit of the connection of these chakras is the facilitation of remote viewing, and bi-location. When you are connected to your Ultimate Being chakra, you can connect with the grid of time, space and the multiple dimensions of all Universes, should you choose to do so. Some Forerunners are already experiencing heightened abilities in these areas now. Updated 7/11/15.

Karen Downing : What is Your Soul Mission? + Help from the Universe | Spirit Library

What is Your Soul Mission?

Inside every one of us is a drop of the Divine. Our soul mission is to learn about the Divinity within us and to grow it. The beauty of this process is that each soul carries a different Divine drop. For some that drop is about compassion, for others it is wisdom, or peace, or joy, and so on. Our Divine drop is often called our Soul Essence. And, it is the Soul Mission of each one of us to learn to utilize our own Divine drop to its Highest benefit, both individually and collectively.

You have heard this before, and it is important to reiterate here: We are all One. That means how you utilize your Divine drop affects the whole of humanity (as well is the whole of consciousness). As you discover the unique essence of your Divine drop, and grow it through your unique Soul Mission, you not only live your purpose, you become a positive light for others as well.

From an energetic perspective, your Soul Mission is to grow this Divine drop within you. That sounds simple, and it is. In order to grow your Divine drop, all it needs is love and nourishment. To provide love, you only need to learn how to unconditionally love and accept yourself. To provide nourishment, you have to uncover the specific Essence of your unique Divine drop, so you can give it the nourishment it needs. For example, if you Divine Drop is one of creativity, one part of your nourishment is to provide yourself with time for artistic pursuits.

While the words make it sound simple, sometimes the practice of it is not always so. This is because in the many incarnations leading up to the now, you have worked on growing your Divine drop. Sometimes you were successful and sometimes you were not (each one of us can say that.) You can learn more about your Soul Mission, and what you have learned in previous lifetimes, by understanding your Past Life Patterns. These past life experiences added more information to your Divine drop, as every experience is all about learning. But, the confusion lies in that some of the information and experiences from your past lifetimes can contradict each other.

So, in order to provide the proper nourishment for your Divine drop, you must strip away all of the beliefs, self-talk and behaviors that detract from its Divinity. Examples would be self-defeatist behavior, negative expectations, and so forth. Your Divinity is your birthright, it is a part of you that cannot be separated from you. It is within everyone. However, it is up to you, the process you choose to grow it. When you enhance your natural gifts and talents of your Soul Essence, you ARE living your Soul Mission.

Your Soul Mission is much more than your life purpose. Life purpose is changeable, and is based on many factors. Your Soul Mission can be boiled down to a few words. With the knowledge of Your Soul Mission, you are able to apply it to creating a life purpose that fits your life now, and at each moment of the future. Life purpose is often equated with job role, and it can most certainly be used in your career path, but life purpose is changeable to your life circumstances, and may not always be connected to your career.

Let’s say your Soul Mission is to be an Energy Clearinghouse. This means that your Soul Essence is of positive transformation, and your Soul Mission throughout all incarnations has been to assist humanity and the planet in clearing out stagnant energy. So, how does that translate into life purpose?

Well, as a child you might have been very sensitive, prone to cry or have angry outbursts. This is because you were transforming (clearing) the energy associated with your parents or schoolmates, or both. Then move ahead to your teenage/young adult years, and you get your first job. You will end up working in a space where you are contact with A LOT of people, maybe at Starbucks or Target. Your purpose at that time is to clear the energy of your customers and fellow co-workers. Perhaps you stay there and move up in the company, or move into another job role where you remain in contact with the general public in a different way.

At some point during your adult life, you may get burnt out with so much in-person contact with the general public, and want to begin working for yourself. This is the point when you will usually begin to seek out what your life purpose is. The thing is, you have been living it all along! It is just that now you are exploring what you want to do in this next phase of your life, and how you want to do it.

Let’s say, you have decided to become a Reiki practitioner. This is still aligned with your Soul Mission, and now you are working at helping people, and transforming their energy, on your terms. You have much success in this, and you add more certifications to your practice, all assisting with your innate gifts of transforming energy in others. Eventually, you teach others how to become healers themselves. You may choose to retire someday, and your Soul Mission will still be there. At that time in your life, your life purpose might be to volunteer your time, or use your energy to assist your neighbors, grandchildren or other family members.

This is how life purpose changes, but through it all you can see the thread of your Soul Mission, guiding all that you do. When you learn about your Divine drop, the core of your Soul Mission, you are much more able to provide it with the nourishment it needs. As you grow your Divine drop, it begins to speak louder and louder to you, prompting your Soul Compass to guide you on each leg of your Soul Mission.



Help from the Universe

If we are open to it, help is always all around us. But, most of the time we are too busy, or have tunnel vision to be able to see/hear/notice it. There is such beauty in synchronicities, coincidences and other promptings that show us we are on the right direction in our path.

Have you ever had it happen where a book fell off a shelf and hit you on the foot? Maybe you got a wrong number that lead you to wonder about an old high school friend? Perhaps, you turned down the wrong street to find a great new restaurant, one which you would have never seen otherwise. Miracles are all around us. Each time we are in tune with our own life, instead of trying to figure out tomorrow, we are able to experience even more of these Divine gifts.

To take a time out from the stress and busyness of life, try marking a day on your calendar to just be in the Now. That means NO planning for that day, other than to leave it open to see what comes in. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, because we all have a tendency to feel like we need do something. But, if you can just sit and relax and let your intuition guide you in each moment, you will find that you have created a wonderful state of peace.

Smile at your neighbors, play with your pets, enjoy the nature around you, appreciate your home and family, these all happen right now and you can do them any time. When you are appreciating in each of these small things, you can begin to notice how the other things you were stressed out about, or concerned over, seem to become more removed from your awareness.

This is simply because it is not our natural state to worry, but unfortunately we have just been taught through history to do so. Yet, if you think back to something that you worried and stressed about, how many times did a solution present itself? How many times were you directed to help or shown a resource? Even if it didn’t happen right away, you can see that through your life, a guiding hand has always been there to help.

I can remember one such experience where I didn’t know where our next meal was going to come from, yet we did not stress or give that situation any energy. Later that day, an unexpected check for $90 showed up in the mail as a refund from our insurance company.

The more that you are able to cultivate that peace and relaxation in your life, you will not only find that guidance flows to you consistently, but also that all of a sudden you are able to finish more tasks each day. By being in the Now, you become the master of time; you live from a space of oneness. In that place is where the miracles live, and where assistance from the Universe is always available.


Karen Downing: Own Your Energy, Own Your Power

Karen Downing: Own Your Energy, Own Your Power

People often ask, “What is the best way to move into a higher state of vibration?” The simplest answer is to take ownership of your personal power, how you use it, where you give energy to and how you facilitate your emotional state.

One of the most common ways in which power is given away is through fear. Whenever you fear something happening/not happening you are in fact giving energy and power to the very outcome you do not wish for. It is extremely challenging to be the master over your fear, as humanity has been taught for eons to listen to it.

Fear comes from the Ego telling you that it does not feel in control of a given situation. That situation could be health, money, relationships, government, etc. Look at the areas of your life where you feel fear and anxiety. Ask yourself, why do I feel fear when it comes to my family, but not for my health? Or, why do I feel fear when it comes to my money, but not my relationships? Your answer, while you may think it is mere logic, is rooted in your past life history, and what you as a soul have personally experienced before.

Learn how to safely dive deep into your fear, so that you can dig it out. Imagine like it is hidden pockets of dust inside of you. You are made of light energy, the light energy is a natural cleaner of the dust. But just like dusting the house, you have to pick up and look underneath items, clean behind the bookshelves, and under the bed, in order to get it all cleaned up.

Much is the same with fear. It can hide behind a certain emotion, or experience, and lurk within your inner child. Explore these places and spaces within you, or work with an expert who can safely assist you with that exploration. The more fear your transform, the less likely you are to give your power to it. The more of your power your own, the more your energy grows.

There are other ways in which you can give your energy away. Another common way is through anger. Anger and passion are often confused. Anger comes from an intention of destruction; rage, revenge and so forth. Passion comes from a strong feeling to positively change a situation. Anger is: “This person, or that situation, pisses me off.” Passion is: “I need to change the energy with this person or that situation.”

The words you blurt out in a time of reaction, will tell you if you are operating from a place of anger, or a place of passion. Often anger hides deep within the subconscious, and fools us into thinking it is passion. Learn to understand the words you say, or the words you think in your mind. They speak volumes as to whether you are intending passion or anger. Anger only leads to more anger. Passion leads to change. We have lived in a world built upon anger and fear, the only way to change that is to first change it within yourself.

So, how do you own your energy and own your power? Learn detachment. Detachment is about remaining peaceful NO MATTER WHAT is happening. When you are in peace about something, your intuition can speak clearly through you, and advise you when it is time to act. If you are not at a feeling of peace, it is much easier for the voices of anger or fear to influence you.

Detachment is not ignorance. Detachment is about giving over to intuition completely. There will be many things popping up in the headlines designed to upset you and incite fear, or anger, or sadness. However, if you remain in detachment, you will be able to view the events as a movie. This allows your intuition to remain pure, so that you are not spurred to act by another person’s seed of anger/fear energy. This is vitally important. Owning your energy and your power, means that you do not allow the words, deeds and actions of another to move your emotional state in any direction! This is not about being numb, it is about managing your own emotional state.

Whenever you feel yourself feeling anger, fear, sadness, doubt, shame or any other similar emotion, all you need to do is to ask for it to be transformed in the highest energy. Here is a simple process that you can use:

  1. State aloud or in your mind: “I ask that only the Highest Energies of the Light surround me, offering me protection, clearing, healing and guidance.”
  2. Take a few breaths at a relaxed pace. You want to feel your body and mind begin to slow down.
  3. Visualize yourself surrounded by a golden-pink light. This is the blending of the Divine Spirit and Gaia (Mother Earth). Continue to breathe at a relaxed pace.
  4. Now visualize that beautiful energy entering each cell of your body, see your cells opening up to allow the energy in.
  5. Now see your solar plexus (stomach region) open a release valve. This release valve only works in one direction, to funnel out of the body the emotions you are releasing.
  6. Now see this valve release the emotions like a fountain, in one big powerful stream of energy. You can say “Whoosh, they are gone.” Or “I release you now” or any simple phrase that comes to mind. This is a rapid energetic blast from the body, and the energy of your emotions is immediately transformed into Light and Love energy upon release.
  7. Now the release valve closes.
  8. The golden pink light continues to pour into each cell, filling in the space vacated by the emotion you just released.
  9. Say “Thank you,” and trust that transformation has been done.

Each time you do this, you are going in and uncovering those hidden places where the dust hides, and doing some deep cleaning. If you discover that you are having difficulty with a reoccurring emotion, or challenge, then it would be a good idea to work with someone who can help you with the release process. Often those pieces of emotion, are stuck to past life memories and emotional control patterns needing to be explored and removed in entirely.

You have the power to choose in any moment, what you are going to give your energy to. Are you going to give to fear, or are you going to give to peace?

Looking for some extra assistance in transforming your fears and owning your power? I have developed a 5 Day intensive program, where I personalize it for you, your strengths and for where you are in your development process.

Karen Downing: Free-For-All Time: A Guide to Discernment

Free-For-All Time: A Guide to Discernment

There is excitement building in many ways. So many people can feel that something big is happening, but what exactly is it?

You may hear many different terms to describe what the planet is currently going through; Ascension, the Event, The Emergence, The Shift, are just some of the terms that are being used. What it really comes down to is this: Humanity is waking up to its true and full empowerment in a way like never before.

What does this mean?

This means that after eons of living inside a structured energetic-grid overlay (AKA 3d), Gaia, or Mother Earth, is breaking free into the 5D (full moon 5-2). The old ways of energy manipulation, fear mongering and blankets of doubt are being lifted.

As has been spoken of before, this is a process. It is not an overnight switch, but a gradual change. This time of excitement means that we have reached the tipping point. With the majority of Gaia’s energy in the 5D, it will also speed up the individual and collective process of humanity’s FULL awakening. It is truly a time when All are Free to grow into their full expansiveness.

How Can You Best Navigate This Time?

This time is more important than ever to have your discernment at full awareness. What is discernment? It is the process of knowing/feeling truth. This truth is is two forms, your truth (or the truth of what you are experiencing) and Truth (as in Universe Truths and Knowledge being revealed/accepted).

There are two key pieces to discernment, one is knowledge and the other is intuition. There are many ways to gain knowledge, but the most important source of knowledge for discernment comes from self-education. Taking the time to know yourself, as well as taking the time to look at facts, statements, teachings, and so forth with due diligence. AKA fact-checking. The easiest way to discern facts for yourself is to stay away from opinion-laced news sources, and to research happenings and events for yourself.

Now, on to intuition. Intuition is your guidance system to inform you if the information you encounter feels right to you. Intuition is how your Higher Self/Soul Essence speaks to you. Intuition is very simple and direct; it does not need to tell you why, it simply states what is or is not. Learn how your individual intuitive antenna works. You can feel, or see, or hear, or sense, or smell, or a combination of all of these, plus more. Remember, each individual is opening up to the full expansiveness of the Higher Self. (This is happening in a way not experienced by anyone before. There is no longer a ceiling to the energy).

The reason why discernment is so important at this time, is because in this All are Free / Free for All time, there will be many new and different sources of esoteric information. And, just because each individual is now open to a higher level of expansiveness than ever before, does mean that each individual will accept that expansiveness. This means that some will still stay in the comfort zone of their own Ego, relaying messages that are last attempts to tap into the failing 3D grid.

How can you tell if a message is NOT of the Highest Energy? There are several things to look for.

Messages that create doubt within you about yourself (see previous post, “Beware of the Doubt-Seeders”)

Messages written to incite anger about a cause, situation, person or belief system

Anger is a destructive force, and only feeds the person or energy who is inciting you to feel that way. Anger is the way of the old system. If someone is telling you to be angry about something, this is from the Ego. The flip side of Anger is passion. Passion is about speaking up for what you are passionate about. Passion leads to transformation and creation of the new. Anger leads only to destruction. You cannot destroy destruction with destruction. You can only oppose destruction with the energy of creation.

Learn the difference between Anger and passion, and you will be better able to discern when someone is trying to get you on board with their outrage, or when someone is assisting you to use your own passion to create positive change. This is a subtle distinction, and yet very important to learn about. If you are being asked to express anger/stand up against/fight for something that you would have not done so on your own, then this is a good time to re-examine how you came to feel that way about such a topic.

For example, if you are passionate about animal welfare, you will be already acting on your own to give to charities, write articles, or inform others about this topic. If all of a sudden you answer a call to action about this topic, but you have never done anything with it before, this is your signal that someone (a person or energy) is manipulating you into feeding anger, by getting you all riled up about it. (This is how many political talk shows operate, but this behavior can certainly extend into spirituality and many other life areas.)

Messages Written To Spread Fear

As things progress forward, for a time there will still be messages that speak to fear. Again, this is because each individual is at a different place in their process of embracing the new energy. Those who are stuck in fear themselves, will be more likely to write messages that speak to fear. Some of these messages will be about natural disasters, war, greed and so forth. Where discernment is important is to determine if the message is providing facts about what has happened, or is instilling fear about what is yet to happen.

Remember, natural disasters and such have been a part of Gaia’s history since the beginning of time. Just as the human body experiences skin eruptions or muscle twitches, so must Gaia release the energy stored within her. One thing that you can rest assured in, is that because of so many Lightworkers signed up to help Gaia transform herself energetically, the severity of any future occurrences of such events is GREATLY reduced. Have no fear about Gaia’s release process, instead ask to volunteer to be an energy transformer to help her complete her shifting process.

If a message forewarns of a date, time or fearful outcome to something, this is fear-mongering. If a message speaks of disasters occurring because humanity has not done enough/is not holy enough/is not pure enough, etc., this is also fear-mongering.

Messages Written in a Better than/less than Scenario

No one person is less than another. Period. It does not matter what choices a person makes or does not make. It does not matter what belief system someone holds. It does not matter what someone did or did not do. It does not matter where someone lives, what race or gender they are, their sexual orientation, age, family situation, education, status, wealth, etc., etc. All of humanity is equal. If any messages tells you about the superiority or inferiority of any one person or group over any other person or group, for ANY reason, be very cautious about the message. Messages of unworthiness are not of the Highest Energy.

Giving Orders
Messages giving orders to you, as in your better do this, or this will/will not happen.

There is no Higher Energy who will tell you what to do or how you should do something. The only exception to this would be your own intuition providing you with a personal directive from time to time, (as in, “Go to the store now, don’t wait.”) You should proceed with caution if you ever encounter a channeled (or even non-channeled) message from a source outside of you, which tells you what you MUST, SHALL, WILL, SHOULD, do. This is a time for Freedom for All. You are here at this time to make your own choices in ALL parts of your life, in fact you are about to experience more freedom of the Soul than you ever thought was possible. As long as your choices do not harm another person, then you are free to make them.

You need to be watchful if you are interacting with another person who is providing directives, orders, guilt-trips, or even sharing strong opinions that urge you to act. While everyone is most certainly entitled to have their own opinion about everything, it is quite another thing entirely to force an opinion upon another person. Learn to recognize the difference between a suggestion (like a friend giving advice) and a directive (forcing you to take a specific action). Again, this is subtle, so utilize both the knowledge available to you, as well as your own intuition to advise you about how to proceed in these situations.

Over positivity:
Messages that use positivity to obscure the facts

There is nothing wrong with putting a positive spin on something. What you want to be cautious of is the systematic use of positivity to ignore, obscure or manipulate the facts. This is often a guise for misdirection (even if done subconsciously). One way this shows up is when discussing this Ascension/Shift time, is when someone says that all souls will ascend. And, certainly while most souls (by far) will successfully make it through this changing time. There will be some who do not. This is not said in judgment, it is said in fact. Just like not everyone who begins school graduates, much is the same in this situation.

If you encounter a message stating that everyone has arrived or that everyone will Ascend, this is misleading and not giving a truthful picture of what is taking place. Remember, there are certain souls who have gone against Universal Laws, and as such, there are consequences to this. There are souls who have chosen not to ascend at this time as well, but will instead live on other planes of existence.

If you are reading this message here today, or are interested in developing your spirituality and relationship with yourself in one little bit, then you will move through this changing time successfully.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term Ascend as it is used here, it simply means to move fully into the 5D energy. This can happen either in a physical body, or upon transition to the other side. Neither life nor death is assurance for Ascension. Ascension takes place on an energetic level, and can be completed either while living in a physical body or upon death for those who have reached the end of their life at this time. Ascension is opening up to the full expansiveness of your Being! It is turning your body system from a remote controlled vehicle into a self-propelled vehicle.

Why you need to be careful of these messages is because using over-positivity is a sign that the individual is prone to manipulate circumstances to make someone feel better for the gain of the writer/author/channel.

Me, Me, Me: messages all about the author/writer

Experience is the best teacher, and many times someone will use their personal experience to demonstrate a lesson. This is just fine. What you want to watch for is a pattern of humble bragging, or messages that put attention back to the writer. Look for phrases that indicate the author/speaker/teacher is using themselves as an example for how to be/live, or a consistent use of comments where they are seeking out congratulations or praise from others. As in “look what I did today” “I accomplished this” “I helped with that” “It makes me sad when some does this” etc. These types of messages indicate that the individual is allowing their Ego to lead the communication process.

Hidden Pride:
Messages where the author is unable to take ownership in the fact that they brought forth the message

This is the opposite side to the same coin as above. This person is so focused on giving their energy away to everyone else, and often they cannot even accept a compliment. Hidden pride shows up as blame, judgment, anger, and frustration with others. These messages tend to be about giving your entire power/self/identity away to someone or something else. They can sound like they are written in humility, but this is VERY dangerous. If you are asked to give away a piece of who you are in any way, run away from the message!!

There is a balance that needs to be obtained on the quest for self-empowerment. Everyone is special, and yet no one is special. Everyone is unique and beautiful, but yet no one is better than another. Study these statements and feel how both parts of the statements are necessary. When someone only focuses on one side of the statement, things can get out of balance very quickly.

Discernment summary

The old energy and old way of doing things is falling away completely. As it does, it is still just as important to become aware of how to practice your discernment. Remember, in this time of spiritual liberation, not everyone will feel at ease with the process. As personal Egos try to hold on to the old way of doing things, many of the above listed scenarios will show up in their written or spoken communications. There is bound to be misinformation continuing to be presented still for a time.

How does this Free-For-All time feel?

For the most part, this time feels open, expansive and very freeing. But, for some people it can also feel overwhelming, and a bit scary. This is because the old energetic structures that have been in place for so long are dismantling and will be gone shortly. On an individual level, for some there was a feeling of being accustomed to operating from this structured grid (even if that grid created an energetic ceiling on humanity’s full expansiveness), and so they will continue to try to use that grid until it is totally no more.

Now that this grid is dismantling, there is a strange feeling, much like being leaf that is blowing in the wind. You are free, but cannot predict the next moment. For some individuals, that feels wonderful because they have already learned how to steer their leaf. But, for others it feels very scary, like they are losing control on the reality they had gotten used to. These individuals simply have not yet learned how to use their new navigation tools, and there will certainly be an adjustment period.

Just relax and open up to your true expansiveness. There truly are no limits to what you can do, and to who you can be. If you feel any old limited beliefs creep in, transform them into your positive vision of your future. Visualize your energy growing in an expanded fashion. Feel the body open up and the chakras expand and complete their upgrade. Open to receive the new, trust that your personal Ascension process will unfold in the best manner for you.

Karen Downing: Beware of the Doubt-Seeders

Beware of the Doubt-Seeders

You are, and so is every single person on the planet, Divine. This Divinity is stored inside of every cell of your body, waiting to be utilized. Each person can choose to ignore their innate Divinity, or to nurture and grow it. By walking on your spiritual path, you are already making the choice to utilize your Divine Essence. One of the testing processes that you will have to encounter on this pathway is related to doubt. As you gain confidence in your abilities and start have breakthrough moments, there will be a time when you start to notice your hidden doubt causes you to question what is going on around you. This is completely natural, and a great way for you to understand your own discernment. Discernment is absolutely necessary to move beyond a certain point on your path. However, what is not necessary is doubt.

At this time of learning discernment, you will also be faced with people, whom I will term “Doubt-seeders.” This process of doubt-seeding is not malicious or even purposeful much of the time. But, it is an energetic dynamic you would want to be cautious around. If there is someone in your life, a friend, family member, teacher, colleague, etc., who is sharing messages/guidance that causes you to doubt yourself, then this is simply your sign to be mindful of what is being said and how it makes you feel.

Doubt is the way of the Ego, and along with pride, it is one of the Ego’s biggest tools to stop your spiritual development process. Remember, you are already Divine, you are not working toward this, it simply is. However, doubt-seeders will cause you to question yourself, and cause you to question what you know to be true for you. Doubt-seeders may or may not have direct contact with you, this doubt-seeding can also come down through a pipeline of communication (Gossip, through a third party relaying a conversation, etc.).

If you can look at the doubt-seeders from the perspective of your Divinity, you will see that they are playing a role, and that role is to assist you in removing all of the doubt from your system. For, when you no longer react to what has been said to you or about you, then you have completed this lesson of doubt. However, if you are finding that after such a discussion or conversation with someone, that you are left doubting yourself, or left doubting another person, AND you feel that doubt takes you to a place of confusion, anger, fear of moving forward or something similar, then this is your signal that you have just connected with a doubt-seeder. Once you know that, you can begin to shift back toward trusting in yourself and your own Divinity.

The spiritual landscape is changing, and has been for many years now. Sure, we still need to practice discernment and to monitor our energy fields, that will not change any time soon. However, if you are in a state of worry, fear, anger, mistrust, confusion or other such emotion after a conversation with another person, then you are in the midst of this lesson about doubt.

Examine the situation with love, ask your heart how it can best release this energy of doubt, and then thank the doubt-seeders in your life for helping you with this grand spiritual test. If allowed (by you) to grow in your etheric body, doubt becomes an anchor, anchoring you in the energy you so badly wish to transcend, and also anchoring in your auric field attachments from the doubt-seeders around you. For if you allow a doubt-seeder to influence your truth, it is no longer you who has the power to make decisions in your life, as you have subconsciously given your power away to them.

Only you can discern if this is happening (or has happened) to you; by Universal law, no one is permitted to tell you what to do (or not do), or who to work with (or not work with). In fact, if someone is telling you such things, they are not only playing this role of doubt-seeder, they are also accruing a heavy energetic debt for themselves.

You are here to learn about YOUR Divinity, YOUR heart energy, YOUR love that you share with yourself and others. No one else has the power to tell you how to think, who to connect with, or what to believe, and if any one does so, energetically thank them for their role as a doubt-seeder and send them unconditional love from your heart. It will change the energy of that situation, and assist you greatly in passing a very important lesson along your own spiritual path.