Tarot by Janine: WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE MONTH OF JUNE! (Narrative Falling Apart! Shadow Elites vs. The People!)

WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE MONTH OF JUNE! (Narrative Falling Apart! Shadow Elites vs. The People!)

•May 31, 2021
Tarot by Janine
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Check out Tarot by Janine’s new video where she does a reading looking into the month of June and what can we expect to see! More of the main stream narrative falling apart? What will come to the surface? Will people start seeing the truth? Join in!

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Sasha Bonasin: WHAT TO PAY ATTENTION TO | In Between NOW and The End Of June 2020 | ALL SIGNS – Hooscope Tarot


WHAT TO PAY ATTENTION TO | In Between NOW and The End Of June 2020 | ALL SIGNS – Horoscope Tarot

Jun 10, 2020
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What to pay attention to in between 10th – 30th June 2020. Horoscope tarot forecast for all twelve signs, by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin.

This time will be absolutely brilliant when it comes to an important breakthrough indeed, an important breakthrough in general which will be connected to an amazing realisation, NEW IDEA, an important continuation of progress will most certainly take place. Certain clarity/ confirmation will itself start changing things almost immediately for us. This will be a good time to start new things, negotiate, to prove ourselves on another hand this will be an excellent time to take challenging situation on, or to negotiate.

This tarot messages are for all twelve signs of Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio, Libra, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius, Capricorn, Aries, Pisces & Cancer.

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Jennifer Hoffman: June 2019 Energy Report | Enlightening Life

Well we made it through May and it was a tough month. Did you find out anything about what holds you back in your life? Did you learn anything about your limitations, fears, and who your real friends are? Did you get a surprisingly negative response from someone when you did something you thought they would appreciate or like? If May was chaotic it is because dis-integration of our 3D reality creates chaos, which is required so we can see the different aspects of our reality and how they lack congruence, flow and harmony. Once we see the dis-harmony we can assess what is required to allow congruence to enter our lives. June’s theme is ‘human, meet divine’ and what we dis-integrated in May can be put together in new ways that express our divinity in our humanity to create congruence, harmony, flow, and allow us to become 360 as a fully integrated blend of divine human.

All of our old systems are under review now and we have the opportunity (if we choose it) to unite with our divinity which is a function of embodying our 360 degree wholeness, not holiness. This is an opportunity to get out of healing cycles and into the wholeness of our energy. We aren’t used to this though, our focus has been on healing and fixing what we think is broken. At some point we need to assess the repairs we have made and practice seeing ourselves as whole. Then we move into the next step, which is congruence.

June is traditionally the marriage month but consider what marriage means, not the wedding ceremony, but the unity which marriage represents. Move your thinking about marriage from two people who love each other and want to unite into a couple to your relationship with your divine self. Both aspects, human and divine, are required for wholeness and one is not greater than the other. Just as a car is useless without gasoline or a key, our humanity works best when it is intentionally and consciously combined with our divinity. This is the theme for June.

And we need to expand that theme of unity and marriage a little more because while we tend to think of unity and connection with others, we forget that our first relationship is with ourselves. It is our natural tendency to put our efforts towards uniting with others and creating harmony and flow with them but that effort has to begin with us. We cannot become a fulfilled 360 degree human when most of our effort, time and energy is spent trying to get along with others, to make them happy, and to get their validation and approval. Our unity effort must be focused on unifying our own energy field, bringing our scattered aspects back to our center, to heal our soul wounds and to integrate our own divine trinity of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

This is how we meet our divinity, when we are healed and whole. We cannot find someone else to help us do that and no relationship is going to bring us to wholeness. In fact, when we seek out relationships from our dis-unity, we end up with challenging, incomplete relationships that do not work because we must be healed and whole within ourselves first, then we can partner with others who meet us at our healed and whole level to create 360 degree congruent and harmonious relationships.

We have some pretty potent aspects that are going to help us do that too, including July’s total solar eclipse of July 2 and the lunar eclipse of July 17. They activate the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the nodes in Capricorn/Cancer. We are being pushed, individually and collectively, towards a rebalancing of the 3D paradigm of domination, control over, competition, and polarity into its 5D counterparts of community, connection, collaboration, and multi-dimensional duality. If you see every change in your life as moving you into the 5D aspects, you’ll understand why everything is under scrutiny now.

June’s new moon in Gemini of the 3rd opens the July eclipse window and its ruler, Mercury, is powerfully highlighting it from its position towards the end of Gemini. At this new moon we have 5 planets in their own signs, which makes their influence far more congruent with the energy of the sign they are in. Think of an orchestra playing with all of the instruments in tune. Congruence, the fit and flow of energy in harmony, has been an ongoing theme since I first introduced the concept of ‘becoming a 360 degree human’ in 2013. We are moving towards that objective with each step towards our 3D/5D integration.


June’s full moon of the 17th is in Sagittarius and highlights Jupiter. Now we have the two karma bookends, Gemini and Sagittarius, Mercury and Jupiter, highlighted. Isn’t releasing karma part of our individual and collective path since we began this lifetime, which is something I have been writing about since 2003. Look for some serious karmic revelations, release, and reconsiderations around this full moon as Mars conjuncts Mercury at 20 Cancer and they both square the ongoing Pluto/Saturn conjunction. Get ready to see some fireworks and it isn’t even the 4th of July yet.

We have the Solstice on June 21 which is also the day Mercury goes into shadow retrograde at 24 Cancer, adding more energy to the big Cancer/Capricorn action that will dominate the next 6 months. If it feels like your world is falling apart, think of it as your spirit asking you to release everything that is at a lower vibration than your true frequency as a divine being. What relationships hold you back? What fears limit your potential? What level of healing have you already achieved and it is time for you to acknowledge that you are finished?

Mars is in the sign of Cancer all month, a sign it is not very happy in but it’s going to oppose Saturn, Pluto, and the North Node most of the month, further amping up the energy. Think of Mars’ fire being put out by Cancer’s watery energy (Cancer rules the Moon), asking us to temper our desire for action with respect for and acknowledgement of our feelings. Sometimes our desire for action is also a desire for validation, vindication, or the things we believe others ‘owe’ us for the time, energy, and effort we put into our healing efforts on their behalf, whether we are actively trying to heal them or holding space and energy for their healing?


Are we treading water while we’re waiting for them to be ready or are we swimming strongly in the bright sea of our own potential?  This can be one of those tough situations where we realize we have been asking for permission to move forward instead of exercising our own free will and engaging with our potential.

We have strong activity with all of the outer planet retrogrades by August, then they start going direct in September to prepare for the January 2020 Capricorn action. Remember that everything from now until January is preparing us for that big event which is a rebalancing, restructuring, and repurposing of the 3D energy which has dominated earth and humanity for centuries. The last time we had this aspect was in the year 1516 and even then we didn’t have the nodes in Cancer/Capricorn participating in the action. It is an important milestone in our spiritual evolution.

And let’s not forget, with all of this chaos and dis-integration, that joy is our purpose so remember to take the time to create joy in your life, set that as your intention, be confident and clear about what you want in your life with your strong energy boundaries and remember to breathe as it helps you stay grounded and keeps your energy balanced and flowing. Have a wonderful month.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Tania Gabrielle: June: Spectacular Month of LOVE + HEALING


Happy JUNE! June is an exquisite gift of a month…

Numbers 3, 6 and 9 are being activated all month long. This is quite a rare occurrence!

  • We are in a 12 Universal Year in 2019 which reduces to 3.
  • June is the 6th month.
  • June in 2019 is an 18 Universal Month which reduces to 9.

This gorgeous 3-6-9 triad of Love and Creativity and Healing promises an especially heart-felt month of vibrational upliftment and abundance!

3 sets your imagination in motion.


6 encourages you to nurture every moment with love.

9 melts your heart with compassion as you dedicate your life to be of service for everyone’s highest good.

Prosperity and Peace are the gifts on the receiving end of a heart-centered approach of FEELING each moment to the core of your being.

So, the themes in June are Love, Creativity and Healing.

Passionate love, sweet, kind and caring love, deep empathy, romantic love – creative expression of all kinds, firing up your imagination – happiness that melts away fear.

Being creatively engaged in a loving way is your secret HEALING balm this month.

June’s 3-6-9 code awakens your inner Alchemist!

Take more time to rest in June in order to assimilate the shift in your vibrational energy.

More specifics on the timing and star code activations in June are revealed in the Premium Wealth Forecast. Some of what you’ll discover:

  • Which 10 DAYS in June activate a rare double numerology code –discover precisely WHEN this magnificent double code manifests so you can ride the wave of tremendous forward momentum in your life.
  • How the FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS – sign of fortune, wisdom, expansion and joy – will be profound in its impact due to its alignment pointing directly at Galactic Center!
  • Critical dates to NOT plan important events – secret information that will keep your life in balance when others are stressed out and frustrated.
  • How to activate positive outcomes with June’s healing Universal Month Number 18/9 – symbolizing a culmination, release, dissolving conflict and making room for exciting new directions!

Definitely tune in to the huge shifts in the star code happening in June.

June’s celestial alignments are preparing us for the most important eclipse cycles starting in July (a prelude to big stellium in January 2020).

Be sure to have a DAILY in-depth roadmap to support and guide you along the way!

Get instant access to June’s complete star code forecast here.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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Tania Gabrielle: Astro-Numerology Insights


Welcome to the magnificent month of June a powerful 17 Universal Month:

  • June is the month to ACTUALIZE.
  • Actualization means conscious action.

We are mostly conscious… however how many of us ACT on that consciousness in a dynamic sense, in a way that then manifests a brand new reality?


How many of us reach for uncharted territories?

That is our biggest challenge.

And yet there is a simple solution…

17 is about courageous engagement. Soul-inspired leadership. Following your HEART. Measuring your life with the currency of happiness.

That’s how you leave behind a legacy of love.

Accepting your Soul’s immortality opens pathways for you to take your intentions into conscious actualization.

But first you must surrender to LOVE – fully and unconditionally.

When you genuinely empathize with everyone, with everything… When you surrender to Spirit… you get access to the Universal Mind. You engage with the Quantum Mind of God.

Choose WHERE you want to be.

But you have to have the courage to GO there and plant those seeds.

  • June’s 17 Universal Month vibration gives you that courage.
  • 2018’s 11 Universal Year, takes you THROUGH the gateway.

If you don’t actualize your true deepest soul desire now, when will you?

The simple solution to any lack of conscious action is to…

Just DO it.

You need to take ON the responsibility

Saturn entered its own sign of Capricorn again after 29 years last December. Pluto, the power planet, is currently in Capricorn. Capricorn is about making your Divine mission Conscious.

Saturn in Capricorn reminds us why we are here.

  • Synthesis happens when doing and being are the SAME thing.

When, what you’re DOING in life is blissful – and how your FEELING about it, how you’re BEING about, is just as blissful.

Feel the stars shine through you.

Actualize what feels right, what is calling you.

Be sure to have a DAILY in-depth roadmap to support and guide you along the way!

The Premium Wealth Forecast reveals the ever-unfolding daily cycles in the stars and numbers month after month – and is accessible to you before each month begins.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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Arcturian Group Message for JUNE 3, 2018 by Marilyn Raffaele | Oneness of All


The Arcturian Group Message for JUNE 3, 2018 by Marilyn Raffaele | Oneness of All

Dear ones, with love and great respect we offer assistance to your evolutionary journey with the intention of bringing hope and enlightenment to all who seek it.

We see a great deal of change taking place on earth although you are unable to see it as we do. Energies of Light continue to intensify as more individuals awaken and begin to comprehend truths previously unavailable to them simply because they were not open or receptive. There is a great deal of assistance available to anyone requesting it, but you must ask.

Many previously closed to change or new ways of seeing and believing are now opening to the idea that there may be better ways of doing things as many accepted beliefs, concepts, laws, simply no longer work as they once did. This realization is the birth of awakening. At the same time, those already spiritually aware are expanding into increasingly higher levels of awareness.

Those already spiritually awake simply need validation of what they are experiencing at this time rather than increasing amounts of new information. The temptation is to seek answers through the mind when things are not fully understood because the three dimensional belief system teaches that study, learning, doing, on a mental level is necessary to understanding which is true in the beginning stages of awakening.

You have learned in this fashion through many lifetimes, and have arrived at a place where the human mind is no longer an effective tool for your inner journey. The human mind is limited to what is already known and cannot access the deeper realms of Divine Consciousness within.

This shift can be a huge and troubling leap for those who have devoted their lives to one particular spiritual path for many years or even through lifetimes. This is especially true for the teachers of those paths who have dedicated themselves, taught classes, written books, and put all their energy and trust into some one particular modality.

Real spiritual paths and modalities (those that have truth at their foundation) will not disappear but rather their core ideas will expand to new and higher levels. Often it is the un-awakened consciousness of followers who fear change that hold the evolutionary expansion of some spiritual modality back in energies that have become obsolete. Nothing real is or can ever be lost, only the illusions of it disappear.

Every organized religion, teaching, or spiritual modality originally come about as truth from a highly evolved teacher, but over generations original teachings are always lost when the teacher passes on and the teachings become organized as a religion. The truths revealed by the original teacher then quickly become ms-interpreted by followers not of the original teacher’s state of consciousness. Some then declare themselves to be the teachers and present the original teachings from a lower and often very three dimensional level. This is why truth should never be organized.

Placing faith, trust, or hope (personal power) in a path, guru, or modality is not meant to continue forever. These things are important tools for awakening, but only work up to a certain point because the nature of evolution determines that a person will eventually evolve beyond a need for them. There comes a time when the seeker is no longer in alignment with some of the very tools and modalities that served to get him to his new level of awareness–he has graduated.

Truths learned through an illumined path or teacher can only be fully accessed and become one’s state of consciousness when they flow from within where all Divine Ideas exist in the fullness of their pure form. Before that, they are simply intellectual knowledge.

Meditation helps to open the door. The silent inner listening of meditation indicates to one’s Higher Self that they are ready and receptive for more. Once accessed, Divine Ideas continue to unfold and reveal themselves as each new level of consciousness is attained where there is alignment with the new truth.

Enjoy life. The ascetic practices of the past that came about as the result of believing spirituality to be separate from ordinary living are no longer a part of the world’s belief system as they once were. Contrary to what many still believe, pain and suffering does not please God in any way and never could because the harmonious perfection of ONE is all there is. Pain and suffering do not exist in Divine Consciousness, if it did it would be universally permanent, held forever in place by Divine Law.

Living as an awakened individual is a matter of being in the world but not of it–living and enjoying life without attachment. Go to work, go to school, have relationships or not, do what you are guided to do but do it from your highest level of awareness in the realization that you are whole and complete with or without these things.

Spiritual living is the experiencing of ordinary activities from a place of love, one that is able to look through appearances of “good” or “bad” with no attachment to their outcome in the realization that everything is spiritual and what is being seen is a three dimensional mind interpretation of it.

You come to understand that your wholeness and completeness is is not dependent upon your education, money, body shape, or anything else three dimensional thinking defines as success. You are comfortable wherever you are and in all situations because you know who you are.

At this point you can go to church or not, because you know that God is only in church if you bring “Him” with you. You begin to have more patience and love for those around you knowing that they have a soul contract and lessons they are learning. You begin to accept the idiosyncrasies of family, friends, and strangers instead of giving them power over you for good or bad. You are able to watch news or not from a level of detachment rather than fear and worry because you now realize that in spite of appearances, all is well. Living becomes a being in the world but not of it.

Allowing the evolutionary progress of self and others is love. It is the realization that everything proceeds according to plan without the need for mental plotting and scheming because in reality, the earth is a spiritual universe peopled by Sons of God. Gaia, who is a living soul and not a piece of dirt, is ready for her next evolutionary step and human thinking cannot stop it because there is a much bigger picture happening than what third dimensional thinking can know or even imagine.

Spiritual consciousness allows others to live their personal journey without the interference that so often happens when well meaning “do-gooders” and many groups ms-interpret love. The belief that anyone who does not believe the same must be saved from their ignorance is a perfect example of how the belief in separation manifests in the world–“others” are separate from real truth and need those who have it, to save them.

Concepts of separation are basic to most organized religions who in turn send out missionaries in a false sense of duty to convert and save anyone who does not believe as they do. Efforts to save and convert others however well intended are always ego based (My way is the only “right” way) and more often than not bring pain and suffering to the recipients while destroying any spiritual practices already in place that are often more evolved than those of the missionary.

Every individual can only save themselves. No church, guru, saint, teacher, or practice can do it for you although these things can open the door for those ready and receptive. Everyone has Divine Source Consciousness already fully present within ready to speak and guide the moment they choose to listen.

Sincerely seeking help or guidance aligns an individual with the help and guidance needed. The common belief that it is love and duty to save every so called floundering person is often just interference, for in spite of appearances no one really needs saving and those that seem to need it are usually learning some difficult lesson they themselves chose for their evolution. Their choice could of simply been to live fully in and experience third dimensional energy.

Allowing is the gift of stepping back while at the same time having your hand ready to grasp the other’s should they reach out. It is NOT a reaching down and pulling someone up out of their personal and chosen gutter. There is a fine line here that can only be accessed through intuition because the world in general continues to promote the “saving” of everyone whether or not the person desires saving.

Intuition, your inner radar or gut feeling, is always the best guide as to whether or not someone appearing to be in need of rescue really needs and wants it or is just seeking someone to assist them to continue in their chosen lifestyle. Always remember that there is a bigger picture going on. This will allow you to make sense of the seeming discord another may be struggling with.

Again, we iterate that there is a fine line in these situations where often intuition is your only guide. Some may seem not to want help, but your intuition may be telling you that they really do want help. Others may seem to want help, but only do it because it was forced upon them and soon return to their chosen lifestyle. Not everyone is ready to be “saved” physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually and to presume otherwise is very human.

Free will allows everyone to choose the gutter of their choice and it is not the responsibility of you or angels or even their Guides to interfere with their choice. Always hold yourselves in the energy of compassion and not sympathy, for in sympathy you align with the the person’s lower resonating energy. Your own personal choice may be that it is time to remove yourself from the person or situation which can be difficult when it is a family member, partner, or child.

This is not to say that a parent does not take action, doing whatever they feel is necessary in the case of a child, but when that child becomes an adult who in spite of all the help still chooses self destructive behavior, the parent or guardian must step back into the love of allowing.

Your job as a spiritually evolved person is to recognize that in spite of all appearances every individual is in reality, a Divine Being. Surround the person with Light and then move on for the more you hold them in consciousness according to their human appearance, you add to the illusion. You are creators.

Know that it is often more loving to allow these dear ones to fall flat on their face or even leave this life than to continue enabling them in their illusion. In their next lifetime they will make different choices based on the learned experiences of this one. This is true for most addictions–drugs, alcohol , sex, rituals, or anything else an individual believes will give them the sense of wholeness, happiness, and peace they crave.

The divide between those awakening and those choosing not to awaken grows wider every day and
powerful frequencies of Light are forcing those spiritually ready to live their truth, which can and often does mean leaving behind some person, place, or thing–physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

Now is a time of many choices that only you can make.

We are the Arcturian Group 6/3/18

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Kari Samuels: June 2018 Astrology & Numerology Forecast

June 2018 Astrology & Numerology Forecast

Published on May 28, 2018


Jovial June is here!

Thank heavens for the joyful energy this month! It’s light, airy and buyont – a welcome relief to the intensity you’ve been experiencing this year.

It’s time to lighten up and live it up!

To make the best of this exuberant energy, in this forecast I share with you the many ways you can make this month truly magical.

And, if you want to make the most of every day, I’ve created a FREE guide to help you discover your Destiny Number that’s encoded in your name.

Get your Free Numerology Destiny guide here: http://www.karisamuels.com/desitny-nu…

Enjoy and share the love!




Lee Harris Energy Update June 2018



The themes of Power and Vulnerability will be hitting us strongly through June and into the month of July.


It brought with it a lot of change, a SHIFT IN OUR IDENTITIES and also new levels of CLARITY around any aspects that had been unclear or muddy in your life. Your mind may suddenly have become clear about these areas and allowed you to make changes in patterns of behaviour, relationships or careers. The changes may have been obvious – things that weren’t working and for many, the element of surprise would have accompanied this. What this now ALLOWS you to do is make room on the inside to adjust and calibrate, before taking your next actions or welcoming the next level of energy into your life.

There are two ways we create change on the planet; we try something out externally and it changes who we are internally as a response; or equally, we can sit with ourselves and go within for a while and meditate on who we are and what we want from life. Then after this period of INNER SHIFT, different and new things start to manifest in our outer lives.


Manifestation is MAGNETIC right now and partly that’s because things are so fast. So you can now process through energetic shifts (emotions/thoughts/experiences) that used to take you days and months, sometimes in an afternoon or an hour – and that can make for very intense living. But that allows you to re-arrange things in your inner-self, your outer-life and bring in new connections equally fast. This SHARPENS THE SENSES and BRINGS NEW CREATION with it.

Over the next few months there will be A WAVE OF CREATIVE CONNECTIONS – connections with new people – and in general, an experience of more and more people connecting with each other. This is because WE ARE BECOMING MORE ONE as a society, despite the division ‘story’ that we are being invited to see play out in news cycles. We will be connecting with more people than ever before as the years go one – RECONNECTING OURSELVES AS A TRIBE.


Power and vulnerability are getting closer as energies, and that is a good thing. In the old days, we were taught to celebrate versions of power that did not contain vulnerability; the kind of power that didn’t contain the ability to own a mistake, or take a step back and apologise, or forgive. That’s the kind of power-based ‘dog eat dog’ example that many of us grew up around. Power was often attributed to people who weren’t necessarily loving and supportive of others, but who had a big bank balance or some kind of status or power over others. These energies are what are dying off on the planet slowly but surely, and because they often aren’t going willingly, we are observing the throes of that OLD POWER GAME playing out energetically.

This energy DANCE BETWEEN POWER AND VULNERABILITY is happening in a very strong way in the wider collective, so this will likely be SHOWING UP FOR YOU PERSONALLY TOO. For example, you may be going through some power struggles with others in your life, inside yourself personally, or with organisations you are involved with and that’s just par for the course right now energetically. That’s part of the process of HEALING these energies of separation, conflict and power-struggle on the planet.

As the power struggles come up for you with others or towards yourself, you may feel disempowered, you might have suddenly lost your self-worth and you will notice these pulses playing in and out of you. What these pulses RELEASE in us is vulnerability.

Vulnerability and Power are so closely connected. Those who deny their vulnerability will really struggle in the years to come as the energy of these times invites and requires it.

In June you may be experiencing power and vulnerability in your life in a whole new way. Don’t be surprised if you go from feeling empowered, alive and open and then suddenly vulnerable, fragile, questioning safety – because that’s really the dice that are being rolled on the world stage right now.

You may find that rather than pushing yourself forward with power in June and July, you will find yourself questioning and deepening in yourself around what power REALLY IS to YOU, rather than a story we have been fed.


For me personally, POWER IS CONNECTION. I feel in my power (and feel we are in our power) when we are able to connect with what’s in front of us, who is in front of us and to be able to feel alive and like we are part of something much bigger than just ourselves.

The OLD PARADIGM around power was ‘What am I getting?’, ‘What is this going to do for ME?’ and ‘I am not safe if I am not taking power over others or from others.’


So, there is a vulnerability that can rise as part of our shadow that says, ‘Am I safe?’, ‘Am I going to be looked after?’ and that can just come up and we can sit with it and BE with it as a feeling state we observe.

But if you are able to communicate with vulnerability to yourself and to others, then there are going to be many, many healings and the arrival of an ALL NEW POWER as you go through this. A HEART-CENTRED power.

So, be mindful of that dance between power and vulnerability AND be aware that there is a fragility and heightened sensitivity at this time. Take good care of yourself and take care of others as you need to.

Big Love Everyone.

Lee x



What did you think? Let us know in the comments below…




Emmanual Dagher June Energy Report: Love Expands


Emmanual Dagher June Energy Report: Love Expands

May brought us so many changes. June is going to give us the opportunity to rest and catch our breath, before the energies pick up again during the eclipse and multi-retrograde season later on in the summer.

The first week of June will offer us the opportunity to think outside the box, and to focus on expanding our consciousness in ways that we might not have thought of before.

This is an excellent time to write down any ideas and inspirations you might receive. They will serve as golden gems that help you navigate through the next few highly energetic months, beginning in July.

Clear Communication

The first part of June will also ask us to get clear on how we communicate with others. This will be a great time to check in to see if we’re expressing ourselves fully, honestly, and freely.

Many empaths find it a challenge to fully express themselves in a way that feels authentic to their true self. The reason being, empaths are usually natural diplomats, who desire to create peace and harmony in their surroundings.

Empaths are also very honorable people who desire to speak what they feel is the truth. This truth is often very “matter of fact,” with little or no room for misinterpretation.

Although having this trait is a gift, those who are not empathic can also find it very hard to be on the receiving end of this truth-speaking.

So that when an empath does speak their truth, their words are often met with great resistance.

This leads empaths to believe that speaking their truth is something that hurts or takes something away from others.

As a result, they begin to censor and hold themselves back from speaking their truth.

Yet we are in a time now when censoring and holding ourselves back are becoming much more challenging than having to deal with any resistance we might encounter when speaking our truth.

The first part of June is going to offer us celestial alignments that help us address any parts of ourselves that we have been holding back and censoring, so that we can speak our truth openly and freely again.

We did not come to this planet to sit on the sidelines and let ourselves dim our own light.

We came here to expand the Universe through our Soul’s presence, gifts, truth, talents, and energy, whether it be in our relationships, career, or anything in between … and June will nudge us to express ourselves in ways that feel most authentic to who we are at our core.

Creative Flow

By the middle of June, the energies will be ripe for allowing our creativity to flow in a direction that feels expansive and productive.

This will be a great time to change up our routine—to try something new that inspires us creatively.

Things like going to a concert, an art gallery, a museum, the beach, the park, taking a trip, or doing anything that activates our curiosity in a new way, will help to awaken our own personal creative flow in awesome ways.

This will also be an excellent time to take a new class or workshop, or to read a new book on a topic that’s always intrigued us.

The overall theme for the middle of June is to align ourselves with the people, places, and experiences that inspire us, in ways that awaken our own creative spark.

Doing this will allow us to channel our creative energy in a direction that feels productive, as our intuition guides us to.

Channeling our creative energy in a direction that is productive requires us to make self-love and compassion a top priority in our lives.

As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that self-love is egoic and narcissistic. This was initially done through structures and organizations to make the collective mind believe it is separate from its true nature, which is Spirit/Source energy.

When the mind forgets that we are Spirit first, it gives its power away, and starts to conform.

This usually leaves us feeling insecure and stuck, living in fear and in lack. These are survival-based energies that cause the eventual breakdown of physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being.

For a long time now, we have been releasing layers of this type of old conditioning that we once believed, and that held us back from making self-love a top priority in our lives.

However, many people still don’t know how to make self-love a priority.

Self-love is just another term for “self-acknowledgment.”

When we love ourselves exactly as we are, without trying to fix or get rid of any part of ourselves, we are acknowledging God/Source/Spirit energy.

By loving ourselves fully, we are saying to Spirit, “You are perfect, and know exactly what you’re doing (which of course it does!).”

This is the greatest form of honor and respect we can show to God/Source/Spirit energy.

So how do we love ourselves? There are many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Aligning with the people, places, and experiences that inspire, expand, and uplift us
  • Having compassion for all parts of ourselves that we once wanted to fix or get rid of—including all the thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves, even the unkind ones
  • Releasing the need to move quickly to a destination—enjoying the simple things in life, such as stopping to smell the flowers, or enjoying a beautiful sunset
  • Pampering and treating ourselves often
  • Releasing the need to be a people-pleaser, and letting go of needing to be validated by others
  • Allowing ourselves to shine brightly
  • Doing less, and being more—rather than forcing/making things happen, creating times in our day that allow us to rest and be at ease, so that higher thoughts and wisdom can come through for us to take action on later
  • Creating a list of all things that inspire joy in our lives, and doing at least one or more of these things daily, with the intention that this is us choosing to love ourselves
  • Meditating
  • Eating foods that nourish and give us life, rather than those that make us feel heavy and tired
  • Expressing gratitude to Spirit often, for all the blessings we see and experience daily

Self-love is the most important ingredient for allowing our creative flow to move us in a direction that feels expansive and life-affirming to us.

The success we experience in our relationship, career, and overall well-being is a direct result of the amount of self-love we have for ourselves.

If you’re feeling stuck, the answer is self-love. If you’re feeling unappreciated, the answer is self-love. Self-love takes care of everything!

The Solstice Doorway and More

On June 21, we will move through the summer solstice doorway.

A solstice represents a time of great completion and new beginnings. Whatever we are ready to resolve and let go of, this is the time to do it, so that we are ready to enter the next phase of our journey feeling refreshed and renewed.

This solstice is also anchoring large amounts of light from the Sun into our planet, which will create another quantum leap forward in our personal consciousness, and in the collective.

It’s going to act as the seed that will spark quite an exciting and highly active time of healing and transformation for the next few months, beginning in July.

What are you ready to step into? What are you willing to leave behind, so that you can create more room for your desired reality? Now is time the time to ask these types of questions, and to make the necessary adjustments to move ourselves forward into greater love.

A solstice also has the ability to bring into fruition our deepest and most authentic desires for ourselves and for the world around us.

One reason for this, is that millions of people around the world are using this special opening to create a Cosmic Unified Love Field that you can instantly connect with through desired willingness, intent, prayer, or meditation.

If you’d like to connect with this Unified Love Field, just take a few moments today and tomorrow, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and simply affirm to yourself that you are choosing to love yourself, others, and the world around you.

Then visualize a beautiful blanket of emerald green light gently covering the entire planet.

This will activate greater peace, love, and joy within you. It will also bring you into a state of grace that opens you up to manifesting your desires into reality.

Towards the end of June, we’ll see our heart-minds shift into being more seriously focused on our passions.

However, it’s important to not get so wrapped up in one specific thing that we forget to water our whole garden, which includes those we are in relationships with, such as friends, family, or partner.

As long as we are taking care of ourselves, and spending time to have fun and let loose daily, any hiccups that may come up as a result of being too serious and focused on our passions will resolve quickly and with ease.

As always, it’s such a gift for me to have the opportunity to connect with you in this way.

If you enjoy these forecasts, please share them with anyone you love and care about.

With so much love,

Miraculously yours,


Jamye Price: June 2018 Ascension Energies – Earth Family

June 2018 Ascension Energies – Earth Family

The accompanying video to this article can be found here.

May Review

May had the energy of Peaceful Heart, and it was an interesting flow. I had a deep processing prior to the monthly energies teleclass. I had a flash of feeling like my heart area was a vacuum, a deep magnetic pull.

Then my head and crown chakra were so activated it was uncomfortable and I just had to rest and zone out for the day. Concentration or focus was not possible. During the teleclass, there was a transmission where the energy was similar. Heart healing, crown activation. Anchoring more of your divine nature.

I also noticed in May that grounding was not as easy. Our frequency is constantly amplifying (in this Year of Amplification according to Areon) so I would find myself ungrounded, but not in a big way. Have you noticed something similar recently?

The focus on grounding helps you to anchor or embody the higher frequencies and truly transform this world—just by living your life and letting your powerful Love flow into your world. It is the only way it really occurs.

June Energies

Tuning into the energies this month was interesting. Areon showed me that June had an overall energy of healing humanity’s fall into deception, but the energy focus wasn’t established yet—then they went silent on the subject. That’s a big topic, and one that just doesn’t heal overnight. It comes in phases of empowerment.

Finally they started showing me our perspective of family, which is another way of saying connection or DNA/Akashic information. They brought in a 3 month template that begins with our earth family in June, our universal family in July and our heart family in August. This trinity is part of transcending duality into triality, where we consciously integrate the “invisible” connection. Ascension.

Earth Family

June’s energy of Earth encompasses your immediate family, ancestral and cultural DNA, even your past-life DNA that may not have any connection to your current family history. It extends out to your family of like mind and heart—friends and co-creators that you are interacting with. It also extends out to those that seem so opposite from you, the family of humanity.

Of course it also includes animals, Earth and the elements that comprise life on earth; though we are going to focus on it predominantly from the human standpoint.

The June energies will call you to release past pain, trauma or resistance. You need not immerse in it, just observe your life and nurture any fear or resistance into new courage and new choice. Be patient with yourself and life.

June will call you to hold more of your divine Love and embody the future of humanity’s connection more and more, in all of its facets. How you manifest that will be influenced by your focus and desires.

“But I’ve already done that work.”

Cool. You’ll know you’re finished with it because you can be around your family or not and feel a detached compassion that embraces the perfection of your past. You’ll observe or experience any kind of human behavior or challenge and feel the peace that passes all understanding.

Not just a mental understanding—an emotional appreciation for the perfection of the challenges. You’ll feel deep love and compassion for each human angel that supported your growth so perfectly or continues to awaken humanity through suppression or deception.

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about this Year of Amplification, we are getting into the details of any discordant energy, the spiral is breaking down the weak bonds of fear, resistance, pain, resentment, disempowerment, etc.

It is offering an empowered strength of Love that is the foundation for changing the human experience. It is time for the compassionate ones to prepare to lead. But the old structures will continue breaking down. Allow your courage to participate in Love pave the way for new potentials.

Family Separation

Family creates a strong bond of connection. That can be a wonderful thing. But when fear leads—greed, deception and domination become the currency of “connection” which actually creates separation. The historical form of “royal” leadership and separation of classes could have positive benefits as humanity evolves through it, or it could have negative effects as humanity resists evolving past it.

Of course, the positive way for humanity to evolve through this means that leadership truly has a desire to support and empower those they lead. This applies to all aspects of life—even teachers, CEOs, government, parents, friends, mates, etc.

While there have been some leaders that have come along and supported that, most have not or could not based on the pervading structure of domination. The Avalon story represents that potential lost in our past.

But the inherent pull of life is toward love. That is what the spiraling energies are evolving us into. Empowered Sovereign beings that are ready to lead with Love. To truly change the human experience step by step. Old patterns are no longer being tolerated.

The changes never happen fast enough, and for those of us that are sensitive, the destructive aspects are difficult. But as you strengthen into more loving potentials in your own life, you are progressing the entire journey of humanity.

It’s not your job to fix them, you focus on your energy and you strengthen connection. The Law of Resonance (Law of Attraction) does the heavy lifting. This is becoming the change you want to see in the world. Changing your inner vibration and effecting the world around you.

June supports you stepping into a leadership role with your Light of Love. Lead by example of courageous Love.

The Royalty Within All

The energies of Earth Family had an interesting flow of amplification with the royal wedding. It brought a beautiful influx of potential. The polarity that has been becoming more obvious (less hidden) is merging through Love. It was beautiful to watch such a tradition-steeped affair be softly nurtured into strength by a young couple.

For example, I loved that Megan Markle chose to walk down the aisle alone, allowed some interweaving with Charles meeting her for part of the journey, then again choosing her sovereignty to connect with Prince Harry, rather than being “given” to him. There is so many beautiful potentials of connection weaving into the consciousness of humanity through the representation of the royal wedding.

They created a lovely bridge between the old and new, and helping to connect races through the Love that is natural to us when fear does not dominate. As Bishop Curry said, “When Love is the way, the Earth will become a sanctuary.” You, dear Lightworker, are creating that way.

Evolution is inevitable. Each generation is born into the biosphere of the previous generations desires, hopes and fears. They are born with the potentials to manifest desires, heal fears and continue the process of evolution. That potential is in you and being continually activated now by the energies around you and within you.

The Evolution of Connection

During the Light Language transmission this month, I was shown a beautiful inner earth connection that is activating our DNA to hold a higher aspect of our connection. The Law of Resonance determines connection, attraction, evolution. The Earth, our loving nurturer, creates a biosphere of information that informs our progress as the feedback loop of our electromagnetic energy concentrates into more clarity.

In June observe changes in your third eye, throat and heart energy flow. You, dear Lightworker, are amplifying your Love to handle the higher aspect of Love that humanity is ready for, though fear and ego will cause many to resist.

As you embody your heart’s desires for Love and connection, you magnetize the human experience into the next layer of the spiral flow. In June, your courage to love the family of humanity to new heights is supported by (and supporting) the Evolution of Connection.

Connection is the Ascension process in application. Connect with your authentic self, connect more deeply with Love, and connect outward through Love.

Enjoy the power of June!