John Doe Truth In Context: Dark to LIGHT – Brand New QANON! –A Full Rundown July 9th 2019 + EPSTEIN EXPOSED — All QANON Posts About Jeffrey Epstein & Sex Trafficking + MOAR QAnon — MOAR Digs — Welcome To The Great Awakening

Dark to LIGHT – Brand New QANON!
–A Full Rundown July 9th 2019

Published on Jul 9, 2019

Second Upload! Same Video, Higher quality! Not sure what happened! Sheesh! I’ve had trouble with uploads lately!! Thank You For Your Patience!!! DOITQ!!!!

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John Doe‏ @Truth_inContext: When Does It Become Mathematically Impossible?!

I thought he stopped making videos! I follow him on twitter. ~PB

When Does It Become Mathematically Impossible?!
John Doe Truth In Context
Published on Sep 18, 2018

I just noticed I didn’t toggle off the nighttime mode for this video, my apologies if you have trouble reading along with this one! I was just so excited, it slipped my mind!

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John Doe Truth In Context (Q + News Analysis videos)

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QAnon Recap – Weekend In Review [June.28 – July.01]

This Video Does Not Include Q’s Latest Posts From 6/27 Occurring During The Trump Rally. I Will Be Doing Another Video To Cover Those as Well. I Have Been Enjoying Learning About This New Software To Upgrade The Content Uploaded. I Hope It Enhances The Experience For You As Well, Let Me Know Below… God Bless Patriots.



John Doe Truth In Context: Covering Q’s Latest Drop While Waiting On The OIG Report -Stay Tuned

Covering Q’s Latest Drop While Waiting On The OIG Report -Stay Tuned-

Published on Jun 14, 2018

Welcome Back In Patriots Thank You, Thank you, Thank You For All Of your Supportive comments From My Previous Video, Welcoming Me Back!

I Figured Lets Cover These Q Posts While We Wait On The IG To Drop, Then We Should be Covering QUITE A Bit More, Once We Have That Ammo Of Truth!

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Q posts:


John Doe Truth In Context: SIS is Good – 5 Captured – *ISIS*SKYEVENT* – May 11.2018

SIS is Good – 5 Captured – *ISIS*SKYEVENT*
– May 11.2018

Published on May 11, 2018
ThankQ Patriots!!

With the help of Q We may have come across an all too UNknown *ISIS* & It’s not what you might think… At All…


Dugan-Building 8 Article

Kasumi Wiki

Dugan Wiki

Darpa Wiki

Kaigham Aricle (Would NOT Archive… How Odd…)

Airlaunch Wiki

ISIS (Aerial Surveillance)


Getting a bit crazy on the Q front…I am reading but not getting into the fray. It’s not MY job to wake you up, it’s YOUR job to wake you up! I got my hands full waking myself up and getting clear! ~PB
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X ‏ @WakeUp0010110

Q posted in the AJ/Corsi thread just now, pay attention 👇


9h9 hours ago

Facebook, Building 8 I memed it.

John Doe Truth In Context: Re_Reading Q Crumbs – The “Done In [30]” Edition – May 3.2018


Re_Reading Q Crumbs – The “Done In [30]” Edition – May 3.2018

– “On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days, on other fields will bear the fruits of victory.” – ******************************************************************* _ _+_+_++_+++_+++++_++++++++_+++++++++++++_

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