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Top Reasons why Connecting with the Nature Spirits is an Essential part of your Spiritual Journey:

1. Nature Heals

It soothes our nervous system, helps to clear our minds, and opens our hearts. We can experience even greater healing when we consciously connect with the nature spirits. Learn how to balance your elements and heal.

2. The Realms hold your MAGIC

The unseen realms hold the YOU that was connected with them as a child & in past lives. Much of our Magic is held in these aspects. RECLAIM THEM!

3. Connect to the Earth and the Divine Feminine

When we are disconnected from the earth, her ways, and her powers we are actually disconnected within ourselves to something that is equally as powerful.  Heal the disconnect within yourself.

4. Reignite your Playfulness!

Your connection with the unseen realms starts with your imagination and play. When we imagine, we leave non-ordinary reality and create a door, Spirit meets us at that door.⁠ This is a skill that will help with all of your Spirit connections. Learn to Play Again!

5. Supports the New Children Coming in

The Children Coming in hold the keys to opening the realms. Yet, they need people they can turn to that are also connected to them and understand.

The Earth and Nature Spirits are calling Us to step up, connect and support these new ones!

Join me for an 8-week course where we will explore the realms together and connect with the Nature Spirits.


Two class dates – March 16th and March 19th! Don’t miss out

There is a whole other world waiting for you to connect to it. This world is not apart from you, rather it is YOU. ⁠

We all have aspects in the realms that are waiting to connect.  ⁠

Will you walk through that door?⁠

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Jenny Schiltz: Energy Update: Clearing the Cache

I had a session yesterday and the client and I were discussing the current energies and their intensity.

Many have been experiencing major exhaustion that can even be mixed with sleeplessness, wired and tired. Some have had major vertigo and woozy, dizzy heads. There can be a struggle for words, concepts and blank spots in the thoughts. The experience lately has been very physical. We were working with Quan Yin and asked her to give us some insight into what is taking place.

She explained that we are in the midst of a template rewrite. This will continue for a couple of days more.

Using computer technology that thankfully made sense she likened a template rewrite to clearing out your web browser cache and cookies.

She said it was an incredible opportunity for all of us to make radical changes.

Think of our “stuff” as websites or articles we visit:

“Things to be scared of today”
“10 ways to have no boundaries”
“How to replay those memories to feel even worse about yourself”

I jest, but you get the point. (Sometimes we have to laugh at the insanity of the human condition.)

We tend to visit these sites daily creating a looping of fears, worries, and doubts. It is a large undertaking to choose differently and not follow that well-worn path

This template rewrite comes in as a massive DISRUPTOR. It literally disrupts our normal way of being. The thought patterns that have created our foundation. This disturbance can make us feel quite unstable and dizzy. For example, we may follow path A, B, C, D on a regular basis. This template rewrite comes in and all of a sudden we go A… But have to search for B, C, D.

That’s where the golden opportunity comes in. We don’t have to search for those familiar ways of being. We can choose to leave it all behind. We can also choose what we want to keep.

Quan Yin recommends getting really clear on what we want and not to focus on what we don’t want to be created.

This is not as easy as it sounds as so many of our creative abilities have been and are being directed, manipulated and harnassed. It is our job to create responsibility. To really understand that energy focused on what we don’t want takes away from what we do want.

It’s time to chose our focus and take advantage of this incredible template reset we are experiencing. Be firm on what you want in your life, visualize it with your full energy and move towards that while choosing not to walk that well-worn path that leaves you sad, drained, full of doubt, feeling worthless or angry.

Sending you all lots of love, Jenny

P.S. I was recently contacted by one of the Nature Spirits that is on my team and was asked to assist. There feels to be a push with this. If you are wanting to connect with the nature spirits and earth on a much deeper level, they too are wanting to connect with you. They asked that I give this course one more time, it is the only time it will be available this year.  The nature spirits are asking us to be awake, aware and in full partnership with them. They are incredible healers of the mind, body, and soul. They offer you the keys to your once held Magic that so many of us pushed away as a child.

The course information is online but we will meet as a group 5 times during the class to discuss the information and the exercises. This is a jam-packed fun course that will help take you to the nature realms.

Class starts on March 16th or March 19th, two separate times to accommodate the many time zones. Register for the class now.  Click here for more info:

The earth is calling those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

Jenny Schiltz: Why do some experience physical symptoms and some do not?

Happy New Year! I was recently asked a question as to why some experience body pain during this process and why some do not. When I began answering, I realized that the information could benefit many so I am sharing the correspondence.

“Thank you for your guidance, video conferences, and audios. I find them very helpful. I am curious however about the great focus on the current high levels of physical suffering and health issues. I do not suffer from any significant physical/health issues. I am generally very healthy, fit and pain-free apart from some stiffness after running and in the cold. I have however been dealing with big changes in my life which of course has brought in a lot of emotional upheavals. I am just curious about your view of those, like I, who don’t have all the physical issues you talk about which are part of the readjustment process. How would you explain this fortunate state? I have always believed I am healthy and like to declare that ‘I do not intend to use my body for illness, pain or discomfort’ which was advised many years ago by the Pleiadians and has served me very well. I am interested in your thoughts on a lack of physical symptoms caused by the cosmic activity happening now when it appears there are many, including yourself, who are affected. I hope my question makes sense and you can share your thoughts. Thank you again and blessings to you and your family as we move into the Double Roaring Twenties!”


The cause of the physical discomfort can be from so many things and is not an indicator of how well or not well a person is doing in this process. Some are not physically affected beyond the occasional tiredness and some are hurting tremendously.

However, here is what I have observed:

Being grounded and present in the body can play a major part as to why one does or does not feel the symptoms. Some are so disassociated, living hovering above the form, that they feel nothing in the body. Some are half in the body/half out and they tend to feel a lot of pain as they are in the form enough to feel it but not enough to heal it on the physical level. Some are so grounded in the body and present that they are able to keep the body flowing like a well-oiled machine and have minimal pain.

There are many other reasons why one may experience physical discomfort with this process. It can be ancestral trauma as some have agreed to heal the family line, it can be trauma from past lives or the current life stored in the fascia, meridians, and chakras that need to be released. This process can be particularly difficult for those that have heavy metals in the form (especially with the gene variant MTHFR as they don’t detox easily). Here is a past blog post on the heavy metals and the effects on the light codes

Often it is the healing of all of the above that allows the form to flow and the energy to not dam up, causing pain points. Pain can also serve us to show where a blockage is and then the work begins to process whatever it is holding. The cosmic downloads work on a molecular DNA level and assist with clearing out density and programming. If there is resistance to letting things go because of programing, fears, or beliefs, there is more than likely going to be an energy blockage that hurts. I see where people will develop bronchitis or pneumonia as they are working on themselves as grief is stored in the lungs. The moving out of the old can be a physically demanding experience. Sleep assists radically with this transformation, this is why some can barely keep their eyes open.

Others have such intense body pain because they have taken on “the weight of the world”. They are often untrained empaths that unknowingly take on another’s pain and claim it as their own instead of using it as a tool to reference things and then let it leave the form. I recommend that people ask their body pain “Is this mine?” and feel or hear the answer.

I have also seen where people are hurting as they open to healing and psychic abilities. These people often must train the body to hold tremendous amounts of light. It can be quite a workout session that leaves the person sore and tired as they build stamina. I find that reassurance to the body that large amounts of light won’t cause it to die helps tremendously. We are ascending with the body this time but in the past large amounts of light were disastrous on the form.

Through all of this, beliefs play a HUGE part. As you have experienced with the saying “I do not intend to use my body for illness, pain or discomfort”, thoughts matter. The belief that this process is hard and painful can keep many looping and focus on the next incoming energy event and what it will create for them (generally causing anxiety). Some can inadvertently create an identity from the symptoms or intensify them by the sheer focus on them. I have found that those that have a greater sense of self, purpose, and place in the world tend not to be knocked over as easily by the energies. While one that is plagued with doubt, self-esteem issues, or even self-hatred struggle. It is precisely these limiting beliefs that must be cleared out and it is what is targeted by the cosmic energies.

How one responds to the energies can also depend on the personal life path. You may have chosen in this life not to experience the physicality of the downloads but rather experience things in a different way. I have also seen where the physical stuff comes in phases. One group may have been knocked down a decade ago but now is fine while others are going through their phase of deep changes.

I do believe that for the most part, the downloads do not cause significant illness or pain but rather the resistance in the form creates it. Many will receive a download, become tired, thirsty, maybe even dizzy but it is short-lived.

When a client expresses that they are not experiencing any physical symptoms I check to make sure they are properly grounded in the form and that they have not put up blocks to receiving the downloads. If they are in their body and there appears to not be a blockage to receiving, I say FANTASTIC! I do find that generally those people have a physical exercise routine, listen to their bodies, spend time in nature, detox and process their emotions well. I hope this sheds some light on your question.


Your support helps me to do the work that I do. Thank you so much for a gratitude donation today.

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Jenny Schiltz: Now that we have experienced the 12:12 Gateway….

Jenny Schiltz info@jennyschiltz.comDec 14, 2019, 6:04 PM (1 day ago)
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Now that we have experienced the 12:12 Gateway….

We just experienced the opening of the 12:12 gateway and it feels as if things have sped up exponentially. 
We are seeing in a clearer way what must be let go of and at the same time, it feels that paths are opening, and things are aligning. Anything that we are doing out of obligation needs to change. This may mean a radical change in what we do or that our perceptions about whatever it is need to shift.


 We are being massively upgraded! Our bodies are undergoing an incredible transformation so that we may handle the higher light coming in. The visual they are showing me is of a car having the water pump changed. This upgraded form is much more sensitive however and cannot handle what we have always carried. It is why the massive purge of what no longer works physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually is so very important

They showed me where we carry obligation, looping thoughts, beliefs, fear, and worries on our form and it is like giant sandbags attached to our body. This is causing major body pain as the upgraded form cannot continue carrying that weight. I was told that the average person is carrying around 200 pounds of this extra weight, saddled to the form.  It’s time to shed all that holds us back and step lightly into the new!

Manifestation is absolutely heightened, and we are being asked to dream big! Dreaming big is not just for the outcome but to help bring the matching frequencies to you so the universe can align that reality in your field! 

The intensity we are feeling isn’t going to stop as we slide into the Solstice on December 21st and a new moon with a solar eclipse on December 26th. Then we head right into January 2020 which is feeling very potent!  Allow the Healing Meditation on December 19th to assist you with Anchoring in your Highest 2020 timeline! (info for joining below, you do not need to be live to participate)

Do your best to stay hydrated, grounded, and centered during these incredible shifts. It is all so exciting and grueling as we are pushed, squeezed, and pulled into the highest version of self!

Much love to you all and Happy Holidays!

12:12 Gateway & Chaos Timeline


Healing Meditation:
Anchor in Your Highest 2020 timeline


Anchor in YOUR highest timeline for 2020!
Join me for this healing meditation that will help you to let go of what you no longer want to carry into the future as well as help you to anchor in what you do want to create.

We will be working with healing frequencies and fields that will help us to move through the programming that keeps us limited and full of fears and anxieties. All of which keeps us from accessing and anchoring in our highest potential.

2020 promises to be a very big year for all of us. Allow this healing meditation to assist you!

You do not need to be present to participate as a link to the recording will be sent to all that register. You can use this meditation, again and again, to take things to an even deeper level within.

This healing webinar is approx 45 minutes. Space is limited, reserve your space now!

December 19th at 1:00 pm MST

Cost; $33

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About Jenny:  Jenny Schiltz is a Multidimensional Quantum Healer and Intuitive Guide. She is able to hear and see beings in other dimensions creating a bridge for the information & healing to flow.  She works in the Quantum field to energetically assist the body with clearings and activations. Her goal is to help you to unravel all that you are not, so that you may uncover who you are at your deepest truth. To inquire about sessions, classes, workshops, and sacred journeys go to

Jenny Schiltz: 12:12 Gateway & Chaos Timeline

I have been asked to share an important message as we experience this very powerful month of December and particularly the 12:12 gateway. I received the message while working with a client who has a powerful ability to hold space. She is able to do it with incredible neutrality which is the necessary ingredient.

At the beginning of the session, I was shown her pegasus guide going up to the sun and then exploding into many pieces that landed on a flat world map. They replayed this vision multiple times until I was able to take in the details. Pieces landed in London, Dubai, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Tokyo and more. Merlin then explained that each piece landed in the major financial centers of the world. My client was then asked to assist the collective by holding space for all the financial districts .

She was asked to create a container around the world’s finances as he explained that space is needed for the highest good to be done. He explained that great change is coming to the finances of this world, but that it does not have to be chaos. As I questioned more, Merlin went on to explain that there is a false timeline running that many are contributing to, he called it the Timeline of Chaos. I was shown how many of us are participating in this timeline with our belief systems, mainly the belief that Change is hard and that for anything to change it must collapse first.

When you look at our world, there is much that needs changing. From the economic, medical, government, and education systems, a big change is needed. We know that things as they are crushes the spirit and deprives us of vital energy. Yet, a complete collapse of these systems would cause utter chaos in our world that would plunge us back into survival mode and cause more harm than good. The same can be said for the push for spaceships to land NOW. On the one hand that could be great, on the other we would find our world quickly self-destructing as the masses are not ready.

No matter our personal wishes or how we perceive the right thing to be, we need to focus on the Highest Good for all, even if this slows things down or does not look like we think it should. This is why neutrality and holding space for this great change upon us is essential.  Merlin explained that there is a destructive program running that calls for the collapse of what is without the creation of something new. It also calls for full collapse without ease and grace, in other words, the consequences be damned.

He explained that our creator abilities are often harnessed and pushed to create chaos (and other things) and we each need to see where we participate in this. This is even more crucial as we recently experienced another layer of the veil removed which makes our manifestation abilities even more powerful. I sat with this information for days and asked to see where I am contributing to the timeline of chaos and was shown how there is a part of me that is still waiting for the other shoe to drop or for things to go wrong in my life. When I got to the core of it, there was this piece from childhood that did not feel worthy or believed I deserved ease in my own life. With this understanding, I now have to be responsible for what I am creating in the collective stream and change it.

As we are already in the 12:12 energies, please take a moment and see where you could be contributing to this Chaos timeline that is running counter to the Highest Divine Timeline. For those that are able to hold space and neutrality that the highest timeline be anchored with ease and grace, please do so.  It really is an all hands on deck moment. Things are moving and shifting in our world quickly. We can choose what is created. I am choosing to concentrate on the Highest Divine timeline and remove where I have contributed to the Chaos timeline in my personal life and collectively. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing this important message. When we all come together to create with dedicated intention, miracles happen.

I am sending you all so much love as we are squeezed, pushed and pulled through these strong energetic times!

Jenny Schiltz

Declaring Energetic Sovereignty by Jenny Schiltz

Where we are now in this process requires our complete dedication. Dedication in continuing to uncover ourselves by letting go of beliefs, fears, and limitations. It requires our focused intent in creating the new, holding the light steadfast while the old crumbles within and without. We are being asked to stand in the utmost integrity and truth of our being. We are learning to walk in our mastery.

It also requires devotion to our energetic and physical bodies. This is not an easy process to anchor in the higher energies that are available and incoming. It was shown to me that so many of us use our personal energy to help others instead of allowing our frequency and field to do the work. Often times this can create energetic cords that can cause us to constantly leak energy. We can no longer allow anyone to have access to our vital life force. We need every ounce of it to make it through this transition.

*** This does not mean that we stop doing things like Reiki as you are not using your personal energy, rather you are the conduit of Divine energy. ***

It was also shown to me that sometimes people find that something has attached to their energy field simply because they didn’t say no. This is particularly frustrating as often we are unable to see or feel when something has entered our field. If we had, we would have said no. I expressed this frustration and my team recommended that I create a declaration of energetic sovereignty and share it with all who resonate. This too is about mastering our energy field and being radically responsible for it. Feel free to put it into your own words or use it as is. I recommend saying this 3 times out loud.

“I declare my energetic field to be sovereign and complete. This includes all layers of my aura, subtle bodies, and quantum fields.

I declare that all of my energy that I have given away, left behind or that has been taken from me be returned now. I let go of any energy I may be holding from another as well and it now returns to its rightful owner.

I declare that no one, not any being may enter, attach or take from my energy without my conscious knowledge or permission. This includes family, friends, loved one and anyone simply wishing my light for their own. I revoke all previous permissions I have given knowingly and unknowingly.

I declare that I will no longer give my personal energy to another, rather I will allow my Source filled and Highest Divine field to assist.

This I declare through all timelines, realities, parallel worlds, past lives, and all aspects of self in any realm or dimension.

My energy field is sovereign, whole and complete.”

(Say the above 3 times, then the following)

“So it is.

It is done.”

I hope that this message finds you well. We are in for an exciting ride. We have the 11:11 and 12:12 gateways coming and the Solstice! Powerful energy portals that help to shift our reality within and without. Please join me for the 11:11 Cosmic Gateway Special Group Healing CIrcle, information on registering is below. Sending you all love! Jenny Schiltz

11:11 Cosmic Gateway

Join me for this Special Group Healing Circle. I will take you through a guided meditation to help you integrate on a Universal and Cosmic level. This is beneficial for the embodiment process.
In this healing session, we will work with frequencies, fields, and healing energy that will help to support your Soul Embodiment Process. We will be working with your healing team so that you get exactly what you need for your journey.

Each time that you listen to the recording of the healing session you will be able to access deeper and deeper layers of self. You do not need to be present to participate in this healing session, a link to the recordings within 24 hours of the live session. When we meet in groups the effect is always magnified. Healing Circle Sessions are 30 to 45 minutes

To Register go to:

Jenny Schiltz: Navigating the New Energy

Can you feel the difference in the air? It feels like spring, even though we had a blizzard on Tuesday, it still feels like spring. It is the time of rebirth, new growth, and hope.

I was in session the other day and the guides told my client to go for a walk on the beach and to feel the sand between her toes and to know that it is sand she has never felt before, as she has never been in this place before. They said that we should look at everything with new eyes, see it for the first time with wonderment, with the eyes of a child.

They are asking us to clear out the lens from which we view our world. Update our perception to match the new energies. The only way to do this is to see what belief systems we are carrying that lock us into the old.

I asked to be shown what this new place we are in looks like and was shown a 5 lane highway, running at high speeds. I had to laugh because that is how it feels as if it is not slowing down and this all will become our new normal. Think to when you first started driving and the first few times you had to go on a major Interstate. It was overwhelming, stressful, and exciting all at the same time. Eventually, though you become used to it and it just became another road to get where you are going. We will adjust to this space/pace as well too.

As we know, adjustment takes time. In some moments it feels so grounded and solid other times it is like walking on marshmallows. Many are reporting dizziness from all that is taking place. The advice from spirit was to get low, get your butt on the ground and breathe into the new space. Seeing a cranial-sacral person was recommended to me by my team and it absolutely assisted. The energy had completely whacked out my cranial bones and the cerebral fluid flow.


Staying on the Edge. 

When we look “out there”, it feels as if things have polarized even more. The allure of the drama, the story, the outrage is strong. There is a hypnotizing quality to it that can suck you right in. Spirit is asking us not to engage in what is collapsing but rather stay in our heart centers. Our best bet is to send love to it all, especially ourselves. When one truly understands energy they don’t hurl insults or hate at someone or something they don’t like. Instead, they send LOVE as that it is the only force that has the ability to change things for the better.

Quite a few have told me that they are seeing mirror numbers for instance 12:21 or 10:01 and upon looking them up as angel numbers it doesn’t hit home. I too have experienced seeing these numbers. When I consulted guidance they said to see it as two sides to a coin. Our job is to stay on the line in the middle. If you are seeing mirror numbers, look at where you are not being neutral, look at where you are “buying” into one narrative over another. One is good, one is bad. One is right, one is wrong, yet they are mirrors of one another. It was advised to stay on the edge of the coin and not get caught up in the narrative.


Manifestation is very quick now

In this new space, Manifestation is incredibly fast. It is trial by fire to understand just how powerful we are as creators of our own reality. Know that if you manifested something that you do not want, then it is your opportunity to see what led to the creation. The rule of thumb here is to be present, aware and to really observant to all that is. Being grounded and centered helps us to manifest from the space of our soul.

One of the ways to ingrain yourself in this new space is to get out into nature. Connect with the perfection of it, the beauty, the patterns. Allow it to ease your nervous system, cleanse you and merge you with the higher timeline.

Look for the signs, the synchronicities, the confirmations from your guidance team to help you navigate & manifest in this reality.


Thinning of the Veils

The only veils that exist now are the ones that we hold within ourselves. As we clear the belief systems we will once again realize how connected we are to everything. This is not an overnight process but it is one that we will look back a decade from now and be shocked by how much as changed.

One side effect of this is the increase in spirit activity. I had one client tell me that something was in her home that didn’t feel good and she shouted 3 times “If you are not with God go away” and the being stayed. That is because God is EVERYTHING. The good, bad, beautiful and ugly. I recommend saying that “If you are not from the highest aspect of Source (God) you do not have permission to be in this space.”

Often though it is our filters that make spirit contact scary. A family member kept seeing a girl near him that looked like she was from the scary movie The Grudge. It really freaked him out which is understandable. I was in his home and I saw a female guide near him and she turned to me and said: “Now ask to see me through his eyes.” I did and she was really creepy!  I then worked with him to change the filter that was created by scary movies and helped him to see his guide how she actually was.

Archangel Michael told me important words that I live by
“What you see can be manipulated, what you feel cannot.”

Practice feeling from an open heart space and trusting what you feel. If it feels off, it is.


We can no longer walk in two worlds

Whatever masks we have worn are all now coming down. We can no longer compartmentalize who we are. For many being split between who they are within spiritual circles and who they are to the rest of the world was necessary in order to survive and come into their own. However, that time has come to an end. The pain of not being completely authentic will become too great. In all things, the heart must be followed.

For some, this means that radical changes must be made with relationships, career, and even living locations. For many though it simply means that you bring all of you and shine it no matter where you are. There is no dimmer switch,  it is time to be authentically, beautifully YOU.

I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate all of you. It isn’t an easy role to show up for yourself, to love without question, and anchor in this new energy. Be easy on yourself and each other. ❤

It is not too late to join the Soul Illumination Mentoring Program as we have only had our Introductory session. If you think you are ready don’t hesitate to email me at  For more info on the program click HERE.

Jenny Schiltz


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Jenny Schiltz: Collapsing the Death Timeline

We are in Uncharted Territory by: Jenny Schiltz

We are in Uncharted Territory

We are in Uncharted Territory

What a huge whirlwind of energy we have been in! We are experiencing massive upgrades to our physical form and purging deep conditioning and even collapsing timelines. The gateway we experienced on the 31st of January has left many feeling out of sorts and exhausted. Some, however, are energized by these energies. Whatever you experience is perfect for you.

Physically, I noticed lots of cranial expansion and upgrades in the brain. I experienced “headaches” in different regions of the brain that lasted 5 or 10 minutes and then it would move to another area.

Many people experienced back of the head/upper neck pain as the cerebellum was rewired for a higher vibrational experience. After the upgrades, my estuation tubes are clogged and I am heading to a cranial/sacral treatment to ensure that all of the bones are properly aligned.  When the cranial bones are misaligned it can make unbearable the common symptoms of ascension such as sinus pressure, ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea and the mental fog.

Digestion is still an issue for many and it is a good opportunity to ask the body what it wants.  This open line of communication is essential as we make the transition to multidimensional light beings.  We must reconnect with the body and really listen to it. Our culture has not supported this as many of us have had to “push through” illnesses, injuries, and traumas. The body will do what is asked of it until it simply no longer can and each of the times it was unheard will need to be addressed.

When my middle child was 14 she injured herself playing lacrosse. We were told by two separate orthopedics that she had pulled a muscle. Hearing this she then told her body that it needed to stop hurting and it did… she went on to run miles over the next few months and even started sliding in softball. Five months after the initial injury she had to go to the ER for a suspected appendicitis.
While that was negative the doctor came in and asked when she had broken her pelvis in two places as we had not reported that on her history. We were shocked. As there was new bone growth it was obvious that it was not a brand new injury and it was in the process of healing. All this time she had been playing top-level lacrosse with a broken pelvis.

At the time I marveled at how amazing the mind is and how strong she was to be able to command her body. Now my understanding is completely different. At age 20 she is now working with a talented healer that is helping her reconnect with her body and address the many traumas it experienced in her desire to dominate multiple sports. When they tapped into the pelvic injury it was as if the body was holding onto a silent scream that it was finally able to release. My daughter is working on regaining the trust of her body as it fears the next injury is coming.

Often times when I see someone completely wiped away by this very physical process, there is often a body that feels unheard. A body that held onto traumas, maybe a sports injury but also abuse, neglect, fear, or even just the energy of “ I can’t be sick.” We live in a culture that views rest as weakness and recovery as not profitable. This is programming that must be recognized and healed. We need to come to a place where we can allow ourselves to rest without needing illness or injury as an excuse.

Anxiety is prevalent for many right now. There is a feeling that something is different or that something is coming. It is vague unease that many feel and then assign definition too. The human mind wants order and if you feel anxiety there must be a reason and it searches to assign that reason whether it be onto another or onto oneself. Many are asking if they are doing enough, on the right path, or what direction they “should” be going.

I decided to journey on this as I too have had this odd anxiety that I haven’t felt in years (Flower essences have helped). I knew that part of it was simply the energies transforming things and the body not understanding and sending stress signals, but I also knew there was something more.

As I settled into the journey, I found myself walking on the beach. The water was calm, gently coming into the shore and the sun shone so brightly. It was simply beautiful and peaceful. I was taking in the views, the smells, and the sounds as my grandfather, who is one of my guides, fell into step beside me.

I shared with him about the anxiety that I and others have been feeling as we go through this embodiment process and embrace fully who we are. He listened and said that he understood. He told me to turn around and take a look. I did and all I saw were two sets of footprints. He then told me to turn back around and take a look. All I could see was pristine beach ahead, but nothing else. Puzzled, I looked at him to explain and he said

“This is where your fear is. What lies in front of you has no path. Humanity has been conditioned to walk a path and where they find themselves now is in uncharted territory. This makes many uncomfortable as it is requiring each person to become fully responsible for their creations.”

Humanity has been conditioned to walk a path and where they find themselves now is in uncharted territory. This makes many uncomfortable as it is requiring each person to become fully responsible for their creations. Click To Tweet

I looked ahead at the vast empty beach and understood clearly why so many are feeling this unknown vague anxiety. There are no signposts ahead telling us which way to go. As belief systems on the planet continue to crumble we are being asked to step up, to lead ourselves. It is understanding that as all the conditioning collapses within us, as our true self-emerges, it is us that determine the direction we should go. The training wheels are off. We are responsible for our personal creation, our thoughts, and actions. It is us and us alone.

So as I stared at the unchartered territory in front of me I asked my grandfather “How do I know which way to go, which is the best direction?”

He smiled and told me to simply follow what makes me happy. “Follow what brings you joy and excitement.”  He looked at me knowing me all too well and told me that I need to replace the word scared or anxious with the word excited. “You will find that this simple change will bring ease to your fear of the freedom that is now yours.”

I then asked him what would happen if I choose a direction, begin to walk it and then decide that I don’t have the passion and excitement for it. He replied “Then you simply change your mind without the attachment of failure that was part of your old programming. How can there be a failure in any experience when the goal is to simply experience all that there is?”

As I came out of the journey I sat with his words knowing that for some of us the momentous task in front of us is to determine what makes us happy, what brings us joy? Who are we once the belief systems and conditioning has crumbled away? Each person must answer this question for themselves, search what it means for them without apology and without the fear of making a mistake. It is time for us to be the most authentic version of ourselves that we can be, no matter what that looks like or who it triggers.

In working with my highest self after this session she says to me, it is so much simpler than you think. “What if instead of calling light to yourself you call JOY to yourself instead.”


I hope that my journey was as helpful to you as it was to me. I am sending you all so much love and JOY as we transverse this unchartered territory. I appreciate all those that share the messages I put out, it means the world.

Jenny Schiltz

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