Jenny Schiltz: Navigating the New Energy

Can you feel the difference in the air? It feels like spring, even though we had a blizzard on Tuesday, it still feels like spring. It is the time of rebirth, new growth, and hope.

I was in session the other day and the guides told my client to go for a walk on the beach and to feel the sand between her toes and to know that it is sand she has never felt before, as she has never been in this place before. They said that we should look at everything with new eyes, see it for the first time with wonderment, with the eyes of a child.

They are asking us to clear out the lens from which we view our world. Update our perception to match the new energies. The only way to do this is to see what belief systems we are carrying that lock us into the old.

I asked to be shown what this new place we are in looks like and was shown a 5 lane highway, running at high speeds. I had to laugh because that is how it feels as if it is not slowing down and this all will become our new normal. Think to when you first started driving and the first few times you had to go on a major Interstate. It was overwhelming, stressful, and exciting all at the same time. Eventually, though you become used to it and it just became another road to get where you are going. We will adjust to this space/pace as well too.

As we know, adjustment takes time. In some moments it feels so grounded and solid other times it is like walking on marshmallows. Many are reporting dizziness from all that is taking place. The advice from spirit was to get low, get your butt on the ground and breathe into the new space. Seeing a cranial-sacral person was recommended to me by my team and it absolutely assisted. The energy had completely whacked out my cranial bones and the cerebral fluid flow.


Staying on the Edge. 

When we look “out there”, it feels as if things have polarized even more. The allure of the drama, the story, the outrage is strong. There is a hypnotizing quality to it that can suck you right in. Spirit is asking us not to engage in what is collapsing but rather stay in our heart centers. Our best bet is to send love to it all, especially ourselves. When one truly understands energy they don’t hurl insults or hate at someone or something they don’t like. Instead, they send LOVE as that it is the only force that has the ability to change things for the better.

Quite a few have told me that they are seeing mirror numbers for instance 12:21 or 10:01 and upon looking them up as angel numbers it doesn’t hit home. I too have experienced seeing these numbers. When I consulted guidance they said to see it as two sides to a coin. Our job is to stay on the line in the middle. If you are seeing mirror numbers, look at where you are not being neutral, look at where you are “buying” into one narrative over another. One is good, one is bad. One is right, one is wrong, yet they are mirrors of one another. It was advised to stay on the edge of the coin and not get caught up in the narrative.


Manifestation is very quick now

In this new space, Manifestation is incredibly fast. It is trial by fire to understand just how powerful we are as creators of our own reality. Know that if you manifested something that you do not want, then it is your opportunity to see what led to the creation. The rule of thumb here is to be present, aware and to really observant to all that is. Being grounded and centered helps us to manifest from the space of our soul.

One of the ways to ingrain yourself in this new space is to get out into nature. Connect with the perfection of it, the beauty, the patterns. Allow it to ease your nervous system, cleanse you and merge you with the higher timeline.

Look for the signs, the synchronicities, the confirmations from your guidance team to help you navigate & manifest in this reality.


Thinning of the Veils

The only veils that exist now are the ones that we hold within ourselves. As we clear the belief systems we will once again realize how connected we are to everything. This is not an overnight process but it is one that we will look back a decade from now and be shocked by how much as changed.

One side effect of this is the increase in spirit activity. I had one client tell me that something was in her home that didn’t feel good and she shouted 3 times “If you are not with God go away” and the being stayed. That is because God is EVERYTHING. The good, bad, beautiful and ugly. I recommend saying that “If you are not from the highest aspect of Source (God) you do not have permission to be in this space.”

Often though it is our filters that make spirit contact scary. A family member kept seeing a girl near him that looked like she was from the scary movie The Grudge. It really freaked him out which is understandable. I was in his home and I saw a female guide near him and she turned to me and said: “Now ask to see me through his eyes.” I did and she was really creepy!  I then worked with him to change the filter that was created by scary movies and helped him to see his guide how she actually was.

Archangel Michael told me important words that I live by
“What you see can be manipulated, what you feel cannot.”

Practice feeling from an open heart space and trusting what you feel. If it feels off, it is.


We can no longer walk in two worlds

Whatever masks we have worn are all now coming down. We can no longer compartmentalize who we are. For many being split between who they are within spiritual circles and who they are to the rest of the world was necessary in order to survive and come into their own. However, that time has come to an end. The pain of not being completely authentic will become too great. In all things, the heart must be followed.

For some, this means that radical changes must be made with relationships, career, and even living locations. For many though it simply means that you bring all of you and shine it no matter where you are. There is no dimmer switch,  it is time to be authentically, beautifully YOU.

I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate all of you. It isn’t an easy role to show up for yourself, to love without question, and anchor in this new energy. Be easy on yourself and each other. ❤

It is not too late to join the Soul Illumination Mentoring Program as we have only had our Introductory session. If you think you are ready don’t hesitate to email me at  For more info on the program click HERE.

Jenny Schiltz


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Jenny Schiltz: Collapsing the Death Timeline

We are in Uncharted Territory by: Jenny Schiltz

We are in Uncharted Territory

We are in Uncharted Territory

What a huge whirlwind of energy we have been in! We are experiencing massive upgrades to our physical form and purging deep conditioning and even collapsing timelines. The gateway we experienced on the 31st of January has left many feeling out of sorts and exhausted. Some, however, are energized by these energies. Whatever you experience is perfect for you.

Physically, I noticed lots of cranial expansion and upgrades in the brain. I experienced “headaches” in different regions of the brain that lasted 5 or 10 minutes and then it would move to another area.

Many people experienced back of the head/upper neck pain as the cerebellum was rewired for a higher vibrational experience. After the upgrades, my estuation tubes are clogged and I am heading to a cranial/sacral treatment to ensure that all of the bones are properly aligned.  When the cranial bones are misaligned it can make unbearable the common symptoms of ascension such as sinus pressure, ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea and the mental fog.

Digestion is still an issue for many and it is a good opportunity to ask the body what it wants.  This open line of communication is essential as we make the transition to multidimensional light beings.  We must reconnect with the body and really listen to it. Our culture has not supported this as many of us have had to “push through” illnesses, injuries, and traumas. The body will do what is asked of it until it simply no longer can and each of the times it was unheard will need to be addressed.

When my middle child was 14 she injured herself playing lacrosse. We were told by two separate orthopedics that she had pulled a muscle. Hearing this she then told her body that it needed to stop hurting and it did… she went on to run miles over the next few months and even started sliding in softball. Five months after the initial injury she had to go to the ER for a suspected appendicitis.
While that was negative the doctor came in and asked when she had broken her pelvis in two places as we had not reported that on her history. We were shocked. As there was new bone growth it was obvious that it was not a brand new injury and it was in the process of healing. All this time she had been playing top-level lacrosse with a broken pelvis.

At the time I marveled at how amazing the mind is and how strong she was to be able to command her body. Now my understanding is completely different. At age 20 she is now working with a talented healer that is helping her reconnect with her body and address the many traumas it experienced in her desire to dominate multiple sports. When they tapped into the pelvic injury it was as if the body was holding onto a silent scream that it was finally able to release. My daughter is working on regaining the trust of her body as it fears the next injury is coming.

Often times when I see someone completely wiped away by this very physical process, there is often a body that feels unheard. A body that held onto traumas, maybe a sports injury but also abuse, neglect, fear, or even just the energy of “ I can’t be sick.” We live in a culture that views rest as weakness and recovery as not profitable. This is programming that must be recognized and healed. We need to come to a place where we can allow ourselves to rest without needing illness or injury as an excuse.

Anxiety is prevalent for many right now. There is a feeling that something is different or that something is coming. It is vague unease that many feel and then assign definition too. The human mind wants order and if you feel anxiety there must be a reason and it searches to assign that reason whether it be onto another or onto oneself. Many are asking if they are doing enough, on the right path, or what direction they “should” be going.

I decided to journey on this as I too have had this odd anxiety that I haven’t felt in years (Flower essences have helped). I knew that part of it was simply the energies transforming things and the body not understanding and sending stress signals, but I also knew there was something more.

As I settled into the journey, I found myself walking on the beach. The water was calm, gently coming into the shore and the sun shone so brightly. It was simply beautiful and peaceful. I was taking in the views, the smells, and the sounds as my grandfather, who is one of my guides, fell into step beside me.

I shared with him about the anxiety that I and others have been feeling as we go through this embodiment process and embrace fully who we are. He listened and said that he understood. He told me to turn around and take a look. I did and all I saw were two sets of footprints. He then told me to turn back around and take a look. All I could see was pristine beach ahead, but nothing else. Puzzled, I looked at him to explain and he said

“This is where your fear is. What lies in front of you has no path. Humanity has been conditioned to walk a path and where they find themselves now is in uncharted territory. This makes many uncomfortable as it is requiring each person to become fully responsible for their creations.”

Humanity has been conditioned to walk a path and where they find themselves now is in uncharted territory. This makes many uncomfortable as it is requiring each person to become fully responsible for their creations. Click To Tweet

I looked ahead at the vast empty beach and understood clearly why so many are feeling this unknown vague anxiety. There are no signposts ahead telling us which way to go. As belief systems on the planet continue to crumble we are being asked to step up, to lead ourselves. It is understanding that as all the conditioning collapses within us, as our true self-emerges, it is us that determine the direction we should go. The training wheels are off. We are responsible for our personal creation, our thoughts, and actions. It is us and us alone.

So as I stared at the unchartered territory in front of me I asked my grandfather “How do I know which way to go, which is the best direction?”

He smiled and told me to simply follow what makes me happy. “Follow what brings you joy and excitement.”  He looked at me knowing me all too well and told me that I need to replace the word scared or anxious with the word excited. “You will find that this simple change will bring ease to your fear of the freedom that is now yours.”

I then asked him what would happen if I choose a direction, begin to walk it and then decide that I don’t have the passion and excitement for it. He replied “Then you simply change your mind without the attachment of failure that was part of your old programming. How can there be a failure in any experience when the goal is to simply experience all that there is?”

As I came out of the journey I sat with his words knowing that for some of us the momentous task in front of us is to determine what makes us happy, what brings us joy? Who are we once the belief systems and conditioning has crumbled away? Each person must answer this question for themselves, search what it means for them without apology and without the fear of making a mistake. It is time for us to be the most authentic version of ourselves that we can be, no matter what that looks like or who it triggers.

In working with my highest self after this session she says to me, it is so much simpler than you think. “What if instead of calling light to yourself you call JOY to yourself instead.”


I hope that my journey was as helpful to you as it was to me. I am sending you all so much love and JOY as we transverse this unchartered territory. I appreciate all those that share the messages I put out, it means the world.

Jenny Schiltz

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Jenny Schiltz: Seeing your way through Patterns and Belief Systems

Jenny Schiltz: Understanding needed for the Higher Ascension Timeline


Understanding needed for the Higher Ascension Timeline

article by: at: 9th Dec 2017

A brief video on what my team has told me is essential for all of us to master as we move into the Higher Ascension Timeline.

Understanding needed for the Higher Ascension Timeline

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Jenny Schiltz: 12:12 Gateway – Time of Remembering

12:12 Gateway – Time of Remembering

12:12 Gateway – Time of Remembering

This is a very important time, one that has been described by my team as the Time of Remembering.
It began the 3rd week of November and will go into the 3rd week of January. This time will encompass the energetic gateways such as the 12:12, 1:1 and 1:11. While these gateways are important, I am told that the entire time has significance.

What the Time of Remembering means will differ for each person. For some it will be the embodiment of their higher aspect, for others, it will mean a redefining or who they are, and for some, this time will be a trigger for awakening even deeper. Regardless of where you are in this process, it is intense. There will be lessons, triggers and intense downloads. This is a marathon and not a sprint, as my team reminds me.

I sat down with my team to achieve greater clarity as these energies make it struggle to pull concepts together. So I decided it is time to ask questions (hopefully they do not seem random or out of order) and simply listen:

What does the Time of Remembering mean?

It means that all are being shown who they are and also who they are not. One will see what they need to, experience what they need to in order to step fully into their power and embody all that they are. Another will be shown very clearly where they have given away their power to institutions, beliefs, and other people. Most of you will experience a melding of both. As you embody all that you are in each moment, all that you are not must also come to light. Understand that in each moment you are being given a choice.

What type of choice?

You are being given a choice to push past all the doubt and disbelief and honor who you know that you are at your core. In order to do this, all the layers of the matrix must fall away. This can be liberating for some, but many experience deep discomfort as all that they know is being challenged.

Are all in the Soul embodiment phase?

Yes, at one stage or another. Even the beginning of one’s awakening, that initial trigger, can be seen as the beginning of the embodiment phase.

Are the first wavers, wayshowers and pioneers at the final stage of embodiment?

Yes, but understand that Soul embodiment takes place moment by moment. We prefer to use the term Anchoring in the Soul Source or what has been known as the I AM for those in these groupings. It is a particularly intense and physically demanding time for all undergoing this process and many are finding the need to withdraw completely from the collective energies.

Does this coincide with the timeline convergence taking place?

Yes and the positioning of the earth in the Galactic field. It is the time that many have been waiting for, yet not many understood what it would mean to live during this time.

Is this why anxiety feel heightened in many?

Yes, at this time much is collapsing within and without. Density is continuing to leave the human form, collapsing what once was, and allowing for the growth of greater activations. At the same time much is collapsing in your outer reality as more awaken.

It is resistance to this collapsing that creates much anxiety in the body. One must be aware that not all one is feeling is meant to be owned.

One of the main symptoms that are being reported and personally felt is anxiety. It seems to come in waves and a few of those waves really caught me off guard. I am finding myself asking a few times a day “Is this mine?” referring to the anxiety and most often the answer has been no. I then catalogue the emotion and release it. There has been an interesting feeling of “an elephant sitting on my chest” feeling to the point that I felt as if I could not take a deep breath. Under this feeling of anxiety – as this one was mine, was anger. I allowed myself to feel it and cry until there was nothing more to release and then the pressure on my chest left. Perspective helps, so keep in mind that none of these emotions or symptoms are here to harm you, but to assist you in moving more into all that we are.

You had mentioned before that we are at a choice point. Can you elaborate?

Your focus and participation is more important than ever. One cannot create the new when they still cling to the old. Yet, one can only create the new by observing what did not work in the old. There is a difference between observing and attaching to the energy. Everything that is given attention not only grows but is carried along into new timelines until it is fully released. One must choose what is worthy of their attention by simply asking themselves “Is this what I would like to carry with me as I evolve into higher timelines?”

Many believe that they must fight against what was in order to change; that they must rage. Yet, nothing can be further from the truth. When one understands fully the power of creation, they will see that by no longer being the voice or the alarm sounder, those frequencies will no longer be carried within.

I do get that, as I find that the less I focus on what is wrong with the world, the more my reality flows.

That is correct. However, this is a belief system that can be harmful as well. As you are becoming more of your authentic self, you will be shown what is no longer in alignment. At times this demonstration involves events that can be considered painful. Yet, even if there is pain and discomfort, one is in the flow if they use the opportunity to grow and move in another direction or heal where there is disharmony. Being in the spiritual flow does not mean that life is perfect at all times, this belief only brings expectations that cannot be met. It is this expectation that creates the most doubt within and hinders the growth process.

When we look at what is taking place in society regarding the uncovering of deep sexual abuse in our civilization, it seems huge.  How can one not bring this into a newer timeline?

With this and the many revelations to come, one can simply observe what is being revealed without attaching to it. It is first important to assess how these revelations make you feel. What emotions do you feel? How have you played a part in how out of balance your world has become? Where did you give away your power as a Sovereign being? Once this has been assessed, it is essential to then release the emotions with forgiveness of all, most importantly self. This will ensure that it is not taken into your higher timeline.

Many people equate forgiveness with not bringing to justice.

When one forgives themselves or another it creates space for healing to take place, for unconditional love to come in. This does not mean that one should not be held responsible. Think about how you have given your power away to another, did you not experience repercussions? This is no different than the repercussions one will experience when they are the ones to take power from another.

However, one will find that when justice without forgiveness is sought that it becomes a perpetuating cycle of guilt, blame, and anger. One that they are unable to detach from.

You mentioned that this is a choice point in regards to how we view the changes coming. Can you explain?

As each of you activates your crystalline form, it will help to activate others and this will bring forth the shadow even more. Your earth is also undergoing a similar process and in turn, this is helping to expose the shadow collectively. It can be thought of as a great purging.

While this may be uncomfortable, it is important to realize that it is not the world becoming darker, as all that is coming forth was already there, it was just hidden.

You told me to be observant of the ones wanting destruction and chaos. I felt it was an important thing to understand.

Yes, for there are those that want the destruction of all systems regardless of the impact. There is impatience with this belief and it is often one layered with the need to be proven right. There is great importance and care taken in the awakening process as the timing is essential to ensure it is as smooth as possible. The undoing of the veil, of the control programming in an instant would cause unrepairable damage to many.

It is essential that in all that is done to assist this process is done with the intention that the Highest Good of All is Done.

There are a number of people, animals and even plants that are leaving the earth at this time. There has been much written about those who cannot raise their light being forced to leave the earth. Is this accurate?

There is no right or wrong, good or bad; no higher or lower vibration. There is only choice and the desire for an experience. One must look at their need to create a hierarchy of self-validation.

What can people do to go through this Time of Remembering with Ease and Grace?

First one should look at their definition of ease and grace. As this too can be used as a gauge on which to find yourself lacking.  We would much rather you focus on your growth and the deep changes that are taking place within you. What is taking place has not been done before, therefore there is no barometer by which to judge one’s self or another.

It is important to set time aside time to allow for the integration of your soul to take place. It is for this reason that many have felt the call to simplify their lives. Listening to the body is of the utmost importance.

There are many activations and downloads occurring that will bring about greater understandings and even rememberings of all that you are. We suggest not dismissing these insights as they are helpful in reclaiming your power and clearing all that hinders this process.

As always, water, minerals, and spending time in nature will help to soothe the nervous system. We recommend group work with like souls as this helps the expansion and activation of all that you are. Obtaining assistance from your guidance team and the many modalities available is helpful as well.

Most important is self-love and the concentrated effort to release the fear and expectations that can become intertwined with this process.  All is proceeding as planned.

A client of mine was concerned that with her busy life caring for others that her lack of dedication to this process would mean that she “missed the boat”. Her team told her she would not “miss the boat” and that all that is taking place is “God’s Grace.”

Yes, every effort is being made to assist all souls through the upcoming changes so that the reach the goals their soul intended. One does not have to be aware of this assistance to receive it. Each of you falls under God’s Grace.

Thank you for your assistance today!

It has been our honor.

I hope that this question and answer session has been helpful. It really is an amazing time but really intensive too. We have to be easy on ourselves and love ourselves and others through this transition.

I will be holding a 12:12 – Time of Remembering Group call on December 8th at 6:00 pm MST. It is a Live 90-minute session where you will receive codes and activations that spark remembering in your form of your soul.

These activations are not just for the 12:12 Gateway, but rather for this entire time period. This will
be the last group call until February as I will be taking time off at the end of the year to process and embody these energies.

All who register will receive a recording. You do not need to attend live to receive the recording or the healing. Cost is $14.99. Click on this link to register:

Once payment has been made, be sure to complete your registration. If you are unable to return to the registration page, email me at

Sending you all so much love. Take care of you.

Jenny Schiltz

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Jenny Schiltz: Unraveling the Matrix Programming

Unraveling the Matrix Programming

Unraveling the Matrix Programming

As the energy on the planet continues to intensify, clear and uncover the layers of “reality” some are finding themselves stepping into new and expanded roles. This energy is also uncovering so much of the destructive programming and behaviours that have been the norm for far too long.

I recently returned from an amazing and enlightening trip to San Diego. I booked this trip during the summer because I had this nudging that I had to be there at a certain time. I didn’t really understand why, but I knew it was important. The universe conspired to find me cheap flights, a place to stay that was perfect and a rental car whose bill totalled $111.00. Yet I still had no clue why I was going.

The three of us, my husband, youngest daughter and myself decided to make an adventure of the trip and see as much as we could see. On our first evening, we decided to go sit on a place called “Sunset Cliffs”. It was an area where you could sit on the rock and see the beach below. It was nighttime and the view of the stars was absolutely amazing.

As I was staring at the stars and settling into myself, this bolt of purple light split the sky and remained.  It was so bright that I was momentarily blinded. I asked my husband if he saw it and he said no, so I knew it was only meant for me. I then heard clearly. Open a portal.  It was my higher-self speaking from my heart center. I felt myself anchor deeply into the earth and at the same time grow huge. I saw myself large enough to touch the purple light in the sky and open it like a portal in the starry sky. All this black mist began to leave the area as if it was being drawn like a magnet.  When I felt that it was done, I closed the portal and returned to self. Still not understanding what took place, but not asking questions either.

I knew that I have done this work before but it has always been at night in my sleep or in lucid dreams. I had not yet consciously done this type of massive clearing while completely awake surrounded by others. I was asked by my team to share this as it will trigger the remembering for some and allow it to come to the forefront of consciousness. It helps us to understand who we are, our role and contribution to the whole.

The next evening at sunset in a different beach location, I was instructed to do the same thing. Again black mist rose from the entire area and went effortlessly to Source. I asked what was leaving and was told that it is a layer of the veil that keeps people asleep, trapped into moving from one moment to the next without any true awareness. It was shown to me that the simple removal of these energies creates enough space for people to look critically at their life and begin the awakening process.

The following day we went to La Jolla Beach and it was just gorgeous, yet there was this pervasive anxiety that translated into this feeling of “not good enough, not pretty enough, not enough money.”  This reached a really uncomfortable pitch when I got dressed in a wetsuit (holy hell).  So as my husband played in the surf with my daughter I sat on the beach and went within. First thing I did upon settling was to ask “is this mine?” and was told no. So I thanked the feelings and felt them leave. My higher self then explained that it was those feelings that would have a layer released that day. So that people could see how they were trapped in those “less than” but also “must be better than another” cycles.  So again, I opened a giant portal over the area and watched as layers of sleep left.

Before heading back to Colorado, the last portal I opened was right near the airport in San Diego. What left there was darker than the other places and had more of a goo feel. It was also the one that was most difficult and I called in my team to assist. I was told it was the most difficult because of the sheer amount of technology in that area. The technology and the large amount of concrete helped to secure the veil of forgetfulness and keep people looping in similar thought and behavioural patterns. These are the areas that need the most assistance.

Connecting the dots

When I returned home I had a client who is a healer, struggling financially. Her guides showed me that she is also to be going places and doing such work. I asked her if she had felt the pull to go to travel to different locations. She told me yes, but that she didn’t have the funds. Her guides told me that she undercharges and undervalues her time, energy and worth. They then went to explain that many are caught in the programming loop of self-sacrifice or that one must not charge for spiritual services. This control programming has left many exhausted, financially strapped, and in disharmony within as their soul is urging them to step up and do different work, but the paradigm they are caught in does not allow it.

They explained that many are getting the urge to travel, to go to different places, towns and sites. Travel does not have to be huge, it could be 30 minutes away to somewhere you have never been. That there is a reason for this as each of us carries a unique vibrational frequency and when we go to new places we help to anchor that particular frequency into the earth. They showed me an orchestra, each person has their own part to play, their own note. Another person could go to San Diego and assist that area in a completely different but no less valuable way.

What a paradox it seems we can be caught in. We want to be of service so we give and give, heal and heal without an adequate energy exchange and this does not allow us to be in service to the whole as was intended.

So the universe brings me another client who recently attended a practitioner’s workshop that works with morphic fields and understanding the holographic nature of reality. During the workshop, the instructor showed the participants how to track in the form where the programming regarding money and spiritual work lies. Although this client felt she resolved her issues in this area, she was able to see where it was in the form.  It is this unconscious programming that helps keep us trapped in a limited reality instead of one with infinite abundance for all. It is programming that keeps us from understanding that all is simply energy including money.

As usual, the universe shows me an issue in many different ways so that the understanding is complete. I then worked with another client who is a real estate agent and she also does reiki on the side. In her view, she felt that she was only doing her spiritual work when doing Reiki, however, her guides wanted her to understand that once someone comes from a higher vibrating place that ALL they do is spiritual work. They explained that helping someone find a place to live that allows them to feel at home is healing and very valuable.

We need to look at our definitions and realize that when we are open-hearted and higher vibrating we are being of service, what that looks like does not matter. All that matters is we listen to our heart and soul urgings.

Stepping Forward

While I was in San Diego another incredible lesson was learned.

One one of the days we ran around the city going to the Safari park, the zoo and Balboa Park. After the Safari park I was tired and instead of honouring that feeling, speaking my mind and resting, I decided I would try to keep up with my high energy husband and daughter.

By the end of the afternoon, I was a hot mess. I was so tired I could barely speak, my nervous system was in overdrive from all the people, and my back was so sore and inflamed my famous drop foot walk returned. What also returned was that feeling I had worked very hard to overcome – that I was a burden that I couldn’t keep up, that I was holding my family back. Really yucky thoughts that stemmed from when I was so injured I needed help dressing.

I was shocked that what I thought I healed returned with such a vengeance. Because I was so tired and energetically done, I felt all those emotions so deeply.  I couldn’t even process it, I just became lost in the feelings and felt myself sinking.

After a good cry and a nap to restore my energy field I went into meditation to get straight within myself. I found myself standing in what looked like a bus terminal and I found myself staring at a version of me sitting on a bench. This version is the one that felt all those deep, painful emotions of being a burden and a loser.  I immediately went to her and talked to her, telling her it was ok that we can heal this. This was how I had healed so many pieces of myself.

She looked at me and smiled and told me no. She explained that I had tried to heal this time and time again and it was time to let it go, to let her go. I immediately went into telling her how I could not abandon her, that I could integrate her into all that I (we) are. She told me to turn around and what I saw was a beautiful golden opening.  She told me that I was to go through that opening, move on and leave her.  I protested and she came to hug me, told me to be strong and literally pushed me through the opening.

I went through the portal feeling the energy rush through my system. I came out the other side where my highest-self was standing. She told me that while healing our aspects is important, not everything can be healed and integrated. Some things need to be left behind. I told her that I thought that part of the journey was to be completely whole within. She said it is, but it is being whole with our soul and all that keeps us from that must go. I sat with this knowledge and realized how many of us have been chasing our tails. We have been trying desperately to heal our damaged aspects, when there may be pieces that simply need to be released so that we may move forward.

When we have honestly understood the emotions these pieces have held and have worked to integrate them without success it is time to leave it behind. It is not spiritual bypassing to leave behind what no longer works once it is understood.

For those that this resonates with, take a moment and think about the things you need to leave behind. Honor them, love them and then let them go.

Sending you all so much love as we step into who we are. Take care of you!

Jenny Schiltz

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Jenny Schiltz: The 11:11 Gateway and the Crystalline Form

The 11:11 Gateway and the Crystalline Form

The 11:11 Gateway and the Crystalline Form

by: at: 6th Nov 2017
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The energy that we are experiencing lately is very intense and unlike any that we have seen before. It has to do with where we are in the galaxy. We are receiving codes from different locations particularly the Grand Central Sun. We are already beginning to feel the energies of the 11:11 gateway. This one will be a particularly powerful as there is a giant push for all to awaken and release fully the ties that bind.  It will continue to be intense as we are in the final energies of the year.

For many, the Ascension symptoms have ramped up. This is due to the energies coming in and changing our DNA. As we go from a carbon-based form to a crystalline one all density must go in order for us to move forward on this process. This is not only our physical density but the density that locks us into a prescribed reality such as our belief systems, self-sacrificing and victimhood patterning. It is all the areas where we have not forgiven or loved ourselves or another completely. It is the areas where we have judged another or ourselves. We must decide that we want to be HERE on earth during this amazing time. We must decide with every fabric of our being that we want to LIVE.

In order to navigate these energies, we do not need to be perfect. We do however have to actively work on releasing all that no longer serves. Some of you may feel as if you have backtracked recently. While painful it plays an important role. When we feel ourselves dip into the lower frequencies it is a stark contrast to when we feel clear and full of love. Allow this contrast to propel you even further on your quest to embody your highest self. We can no longer sit on the fence, we must choose where we want to be and work to maintain that frequency.

How the body is handling the energies

The body is definitely responding to the new codes coming in.  The cranium is changing which can result in earaches, temple, and sinus cavity pressure. The teeth ache and shift as they release old programming. The spine is upgrading and helping us to disconnect from one reality and anchor securely into another. As the body becomes more crystalline it can experience intense itching and temperature fluctuations. The body can lose essential minerals during these high energy phases. Ask your body if it needs magnesium, calcium, cell salts, Vitamin D, C, or B or water. Feel the response and act on it.

Anxiety can be an overwhelming side effect as can the nervous system going into overdrive. Now is the time to pull out all the ways you have learned to self-heal on this journey. Grounding, spending time in nature, baths, exercise, crystals, flower essences, essential oils, and herbs such as ‘Theanine Serene with Relora’ can do wonders.  Getting bodywork is very helpful, such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage, Cranial Sacral, and other modalities can help to move stuck energy through. If you feel that none of these ways are assisting you, don’t hesitate to see a doctor or a homeopath of your choosing. My guides told me very clearly that to think I don’t need assistance from other healers even from western medicine is a function of ego and a belief system. All things have their place on our individualized journey, we must choose through our open heart center which is the best for us.

Bring in your team during any sessions that you have to help amplify your healing. Ask for assistance from your Ascension team. Tell them what is taking place within your form and give permission to be helped in all ways. Understand that giving full consent to be helped, may mean that you are shown more clearly an area in your life that is not in resonance with who you are becoming.

Other end of the Spectrum

On the other end of the spectrum, some are feeling at ease in the higher energies. The energy bursts can give a much-needed boost. Write down the creative ideas that flow freely in these energies. Look at what ideas bring excitement. These are the clues to things you can focus on. Information is flowing in easily as well. Now more than ever it is imperative to listen and act on your own personal intuition and guidance. Manifestation is becoming faster, more noticeable. Some are receiving new assignments or/and a deeper understanding of current roles. The work, the contribution to the whole is becoming more deliberate, more concious.

All of this is a function of a greater embodiment of the soul and the body become more crystalline.

Understanding Your Crystalline Form

I was in session with a client recently and she was asking about crystals and how she could best work with them to enhance her experience. Her guide said that most profound thing:

“You are the largest and best crystal you own.”

I could feel the importance of the statement and then over the next few days, I worked with my team to understand the statement.

We have heard for years how we are moving from a carbon-based form to a crystalline one. It is a slow process, so slow that we don’t even really believe it is happening. However, more and more people are beginning to see light emitting when they look at their skin under high magnification. Many are having dreams to help confirm the process. In one such dream, my thigh split open to reveal this blue and white crystalline structure as if I was staring into a crystal cave. It is all really exciting, but what does it mean?

Crystals are keepers and transmitters of frequency, codes (information) and energy. In Atlantis & Lemuria, crystals were used to help hold the records of the civilization but they also held the higher frequencies. Many simply feel at home in a place that has crystals in it simply because they raise the vibration of a location making a higher vibrating person feel more at ease in their own skin.  Crystals can also help raise your vibration and unlock codes within your form, helping to take you to the next level.

So what does this mean as you become crystalline?

You become the receiver, keeper, and transmitter of frequencies, codes, and energy. The more crystalline you become the more you become in charge of your own reality. A being that becomes crystalline can help to activate others and strengthen their awakening process. It really is a game changer.

They explained “The more crystalline one is the more they are able to decode the activations and downloads coming forth. This assists with the creation of reality which includes your creation of health. As one is able to bring in greater templates that hold the creator programming it will ease the health of the human body. When this takes place, one will see rapid changes in their form.”


I asked them how best to facilitate the process and was told that it is very important to talk with the body. Tell your body what is taking place and also to state that it is your wish to become as crystalline as possible.  The way that we charge crystals is exactly how we should charge ourselves – water, sunlight, moonlight, and even burying ourselves in nature.

When I receive more information, I will share it. It really is an amazing time as much is changing within and without. I hope this finds you well and witnessing the unfolding of events.  Thank you so much to all who share this work. Sending you all much love. ❤

I will be holding a group call on November 9th at 6:00 pm MST, where participants will receive assistance with integrating the accelerated light codes and DNA activations taking place during this amazing time. Join me if you can. The call will be recorded and sent to all who register. You do not need to be present in order to receive the recording.

To register: go to Put in your time zone then scroll down past the listings of Sessions and Soul Retrieval to the bottom and select Group Call, then on the calendar select the date and continue with the registration process.

Take care of you. ❤



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Jenny Schiltz: Energy Update – Letting It All Go

Energy Update – Letting It All Go

Energy Update – Letting It All Go

by: at: 22nd Oct 2017

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The change in the air is palatable. We know that things are moving much quicker now and there is a weight of responsibility with this knowledge. We are being asked to let go of it all. All that we thought we were, all that we identify with and all the limitations we have put on ourselves.

Some are feeling deep depression and anxiety. This can be due to feeling the pull of the higher timeline while pieces within are still operating from a lower perspective. This is causing all that we have not completely healed within to be pulled up at a deeper level. It is the time we clear up all that we were not ready to face before. It can feel like torture until you realize that it can be the final goodbye to that pain if you are willing.

Others are finding the need for quiet and stillness. There is much shifting within and the deep changes require patience. It is a fascinating time as some are finding that their guides are backing off to allow for the integration of the higher self. Others are finding their higher-self embedding deeply and this is allowing access to greater contact within the universe. It is as if a quarantine has been lifted and access to All has gotten much stronger.

This is the time of disclosure. While it isn’t “out there” yet, it is happening within. It is time we own all of our stuff, all of our dysfunction, and most importantly our stories.

Spiritual teachings tell us that we must not identify with our stories that they are simply illusions. Yet, I am reminded of Sananda saying “To look at your life and call it an illusion is to negate the incredible work you have done.” What I am coming to understand is that we need to honor our stories, but let the emotions that tie them to us go. Our stories, our history, what has happened to us, are what has shaped us into who we are now. Often it is through difficult life experiences that we grow the most. We have been forged, purified and strengthened in the fire.

It is understanding that you can honor your stories without having them limit your perception of all that you are. When we are unable to let go of the emotions that we attach to events in life, these can then become part of our identity and secure us firmly into a reality we don’t want to be in. Releasing these emotions can be much like the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Except, it is crucial to add forgiveness and the releasing of judgments we have of self and others. We cannot wish away the truth behind our experiences with positivity and love and light. We must feel it, own it and then and only then can we release it.

Looking at the #metoo movement (where women are admitting to being sexually harassed or abused) we can see where people are moving into the stages of release. We can see where some are admitting things for the first time publicly, for others it gives an outlet to release anger and sadness. There is also a grouping that is saying #metoo and in those simple words, they realize that the events no longer hold power over them.

Each person needs to be allowed their process and it doesn’t matter how messy it may seem. If you haven’t been able to release it yet, now is the time to honor those emotions and how they have changed you (for the good and bad), release all judgments and set yourself free. There is an external energetic push to heal all of this now. Allow the energies to help you leave behind the pain of your stories and turn them into your story of triumph and overcoming.

All change happens from WITHIN.

What I have come to understand is this not only means within ourselves but within institutions, belief systems, and concepts. I came to this understanding while discussing the education system with my highest self in regards to my 9-year-old daughter. I have offered to homeschool her or to find a school that is better suited for sensitive children. Her answer to me has been the same since she was five “Mom that is where I need to be.” There are moments when I know she is speaking from a higher wisdom and I simply have to trust even if I don’t understand it. I turned to my team for understanding and they explained that all change happens from within.

This does not apply to just within the person but within institutions like schools, government, healthcare and even concepts such as how women are treated in this society. This is one reason that so many are feeling the pressure to “get back out there”. It is time to shine the light in all areas of life on earth and allow change to happen. It is time to see where each of us has played a part in what has been created and help fix it by simply shining the light and our truth.

We are also being asked to let go of the ways that we have identified ourselves on this spiritual journey. I remember merging with Archangel Raphael and my guides telling me, “Don’t identify with this, for you are so much more.” As we awaken and find our 3D identity stripped, we can cling onto new identities. These also must go as we step into the new. It is not that it is a problem to claim yourself as a lightworker or however you define yourself as long as you understand that is an extremely limited definition of all that you are in your totality. We are being asked to let go of the box we were put in or that we created for ourselves and to instead experience ALL THAT WE ARE.

While it is a challenging time energetically, physically, and collectively, we are being asked to let go of all resistance we still have and simply let go.

This was illustrated for me during a lucid dream:

I was on a whale watching boat and the seas were extremely rough. I was standing on the back of the boat with another person when a huge wave came and knocked us off. We hit the water just as a whirlpool was created and we were being sucked down. I looked over and the other person was fighting with all his strength to not be sucked under. I began to fight as well when my higher-self says “Stop fighting, you have a life jacket on.” So I stopped, took in a big breathe and allowed myself to be pulled deep below the sea.


The suction began to ease, the sea began to calm. I opened my eyes to see whales swimming nearby as I began to rise towards the surface. I looked over to see that the person who had fallen off the boat with me, had lost all his air and had died in the struggle. I reached the surface took a giant breath of glorious air and saw the sun shining brightly.
I heard my higher-self say “All of you have life jackets, stop resisting and allow it to help you.”


Upon returning from this vision, I asked my higher self what she meant by we all have life jackets and she said that the soul’s natural disposition is to always rise to the light, it is our life jacket.

Feel your life jacket and know that even though you may feel like you are being sucked under, that you will rise again. Your soul knows no other way.

Sending you all lots of love and calm seas. Thank you to all who share this work. It means more than you know. ❤

Jenny ❤

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Jenny Schiltz: Time of Surrender and Great Growth