A Stormy Tale, Microbursting with Local Flavor

Well, where were we before this N’oreaster interrupted our power for over 24 hours, and I was working so much? ~PB

On Thursday I had a client I couldn’t fit into the schedule, so we agreed to meet on Friday afternoon, despite the storm. She was on her way home from work. I didn’t mind going out in the storm, I had on layers, light down and a raincoat, along with rain pants I bought for biking, and a sturdy umbrella. I recall musing how boring the storm was, nothing to take photos of, since the big news was the flooding on the coast. But by the time I walked home a few hours later, all hell had broken loose in my neighborhood, 6 miles inland from downtown Boston. This is part of my 2-block commute to work:  St. John Street between Centre and Rockview, Jamaica Plain (Boston). #AnotherDayInNewEngland  #DontLikeTheWeatherWaitAMinute

Image may contain: car and outdoor
Image may contain: car and outdoor
Power pole toppled over, breaking a tree across the street,
pulling down telephone wires.
Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor
The cop told us (me and a gal going in the same direction) we could
walk through the center to get home, as the wires were not live.
Then we got yelled at by a utility guy that said the wires were live!

Meanwhile, down the street…
Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree and outdoor
Image may contain: outdoor
Image may contain: car, house and outdoor
Trees and wires down… I had to step over a small hanging live wire
in the front yard here to get home, as the street and sidewalk were
full of live wires on the ground. Well, I could have gone the long way
around the block…but what’s the fun in that?

Image may contain: outdoor
I swear, by some miracle, this car was barely scratched!

Image may contain: house, tree, plant, sky and outdoor
Me cutting through the yard…jumping live wires. 😀

Image may contain: outdoor
Its a hot mess of tree limbs and wires. Some people were caught
between the 2 areas of destruction and couldn’t get their cars out.
The power didn’t even go out from the tree falling, they just cut it
after I got home due to the danger of live wires. My phone died shortly
after the  power went out. I went to bed early and strangely, was able
able to sleep a lot. Probably easier to do with no wi-fi bombardment.
It was so quiet, except for the lashing rain and howling winds!
What a difference a day makes! 24 little hours…
Image may contain: one or more people, sky, tree and outdoor
Poor tree. On my way to see a client at my massage studio 2 blocks away,
I had marveled at the perfect shape of this tree, now injured. 😦

Image may contain: house and outdoor
They brought the Big Dogs out..about 8 or 10  utility trucks!

Image may contain: tree and outdoor
I prefer to hug trees, but hey, he’s a guy!

Image may contain: outdoor
They did a good job of getting debris out of the street,
but there were still lots of low hanging wires!

Image may contain: one or more people, house, tree and outdoor
Across the street. Free firewood!
Image may contain: one or more people, car, house and outdoor
Nothing but Utility trucks, Comcast/Xfinity vans and marked or
unmarked Po-po, who  generally ignored pedestrians.
Image may contain: one or more people, tree and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, bedroom and indoor
Home Sweet Home. Sunlight AND power! Yay! I celebrated
with a steak and wine….
Image may contain: food
Who knew that by watching 9-yr-olds cook Filet Mignon on #MasterChefJr, I would pick up enough tips to perfect my Rib-eye Steak (my favorite cut…this is only half of it) beyond expectations? Garlicky sauteed mushrooms and my favorite veggie: 4-minute steamed broccoli #workhardeatwell #protein #thankyouandblessyoubeastie #lifeforceenergy #grateful

Casey Arborway one more time (we hope) | Boston Cyclists Union

Casey Arborway one more time (we hope)
| Boston Cyclists Union


An annotated image of the western end of the Casey Arborway project.

WE at the Boston Cyclists Union apologize for having to post this important action alert, but if you live in Boston, we need to ask for your immediate action to support a decision many Jamaica Plain residents supported by a factor of 3 to 1 back in 2012, because it is again being dragged into Boston’s City Council chambers–this time with a citywide focus. Bridging Forest Hills has convinced City Councillor Charles Yancey to order a public hearing on the project to explore the health impacts of dust as the bridge is removed AND in Yancey’s words, to question the decision to build at-grade.


Please take a moment before tomorrow’s city council session to remind your Boston City Councillor, your at-large councillors, and particularly Councillor Charles Yancey, that you support a bike and pedestrian friendly Forest Hills.

(See below for their phone numbers and emails).


There have been 36 public meetings on the Casey Project, including 10 widely advertised community meetings, including one in Mattapan. But despite this being the second largest MassDOT public process in recent memory (the Big Dig had a few more meetings), a small but determined group of highway-like infrastructure supporters in Jamaica Plain have never accepted the majority-approved decision.


A few talking points around the at-grade option (check meeting minutes or this interview with neighborhood activist Clay Harper for more info.) The Casey Arborway project will mean:


  • A more inviting place to walk.
  • A more inviting place to bike.
  • A more scenic and enjoyable place to drive.
  • Along with the DCR’s new Arborway project and a future effort to get a cycletrack on Morton Street almost all the way to Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan, this project will create an off-road route all the way from Franklin Park to the Landmark Center in the Fenway neighborhood.
  • A new farmer’s market and other events are made possible in a new park the size of Copley Plaza at the end of the SW Corridor and next the Forest Hills MBTA station.
  • Commuters will no longer have to cross the Arborway to get to the Forest Hills Orange Line station (a second headhouse is being added).
  • An expanded busway for the 39 bus.
  • Walking and biking paths connect the Arnold Arboretum and Franklin Park.
  • An under-the-bridge environment will not attract drunken loitering and crime.
  • Car commuters passing through will have an opportunity to stop and support local businesses.
  • More pedestrians and cyclists in the area will increase revenues for local businesses.
  • A visible gateway to the Arnold Arboretum that includes 69 different species of trees and shrubs (most of which would never thrive without access to sunlight).
  • Congestion and overall trip times for motor vehicles will actually be reduced from current conditions for the majority of drivers (although speeding over the area on a bridge to get to traffic tie ups on Murray Circle and at the Morton St. and Blue Hill Avenue intersection will not longer be a possibility).

The only defendable drawback to the bridge is that the 7 percent of users who turn left off of the Arborway will have to go a couple minutes out of their way, they will have to make a U-turn and turn right instead. For the benefits of this project, the Bike Union and the coalition of organizations supporting the Casey At-Grade decision think this small sacrifice on the part of the few is worth the host of benefits for the rest of the community.

Please email or call your city councillors now!

Please email or call your city councillors now!

D1-Salvatore LaMattina Salvatore.LaMattina@boston.gov 617-635-3200

President and D2-Bill Linehan Bill.Linehan@boston.gov 617-635-3203

D3-Frank Baker Frank.Baker@boston.gov 617-635-3455

D4-Charles C. Yancey Charles.Yancey@boston.gov 617-635-3131

D5-Timothy McCarthy Timothy.McCarthy@boston.gov 617-635-4210

D6-Matt O’Malley matthew.omalley@boston.gov 617-635-4220

D7-Tito Jackson TJackson@boston.gov 617-635-3510

D8-Josh Zakim Josh.Zakim@boston.gov 617-635-4225

D9-Mark Ciommo Mark.Ciommo@boston.gov 617-635-3113

At Large-Stephen Murphy Stephen.Murphy@boston.gov 617-635-4376

At Large-Ayanna Presley Ayanna.Pressley@boston.gov 617-635-4217

At Large-Michael Flaherty Michael.F.Flaherty@boston.gov 617-635-4205

At Large-Michelle Wu Michelle.Wu@boston.gov 617-635-3115

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