Dorothy Morgan: New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021 Positive Movement Forward

New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021 Positive Movement Forward

•Premiered Apr 7, 2021
Dorothy Morgan Astrologer
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This New Moon in Aries inspires positive movement forward. Goal setting based on your actions and the information you are receiving.


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JAN 23 – 30, 2021

Crystal says:

“On Tuesday,Sun squares
Uranus…avoid outbursts and
getting pulled into strife…when
the world seems unstable, we can
apply our higher intelligence by
focusing on conscious prosperity.
Gather your books and prayers on
the subject…. Meditate on your
own unique way of developing,
expressing, and receiving
abundance. Then, imagine these
connections happening for receptive
others all over as we collectively
bring forth new paradigms of
sharing and receiving that are
supported by a higher power….

On Thursday, January 28, we get a
Full Moon in Leo. This lunation
balances Aquarius’ focus on reason
by bringing our energy to the
heart…it calls us to persist in
our personal growth even when the
path seems darkest…. our personal
intentions are empowered.”

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NOV 13-19, 2020
Crystal says:

“This entire weekend is bursting
with potential. On Friday, November
13, restless Mars stations to turn
direct. We’ll be feeling revved up,
with our hot more in gear than our
trot, until a week later, when the
planet of action moves out of the
slowest part of its storm. Bear in
mind that the three featured orbs,
Jupiter, Pluto and Mars, all relate
to wrestling. Mindfulness is
advised to help us avoid an
explosion from our inner Hulk,
which could distract us from an
underlaying opportunity, turning it
into a pointless brawl.

On Saturday and Sunday …
we can renew our commitment
to intentions for positive change.
Moon and Sun make a sextile to
Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn,
sign of building. These are
practical harmonies that support
positive, lasting results. Also at
this lunation, Venus squares Pluto.
With the planet of love and finance
currently ruling Uranus, planet of
surprises, the changes we commit to
can influence our finances,
self-esteem and relationships.”

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Anna Merkaba: Energy Update – Turbulence – Environment – Satellite

Energy Update – Turbulence – Environment – Satellite

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! I have just received an interesting message from the Pleiadians about what is happening now. Again please understand that we are simply in the midst of great changes, stay positive, stay in the NOW, and remember that you have been prepared well for this mission! I love you all! ❤

Glistening in the winds of change the plethora of unprecedented occurrences rises now in the unsettling environment of previous destinations, succinct to say that the anger and trepidation of that which is to come is overwhelming the circuits of your planet and hence the vibratory scales of internal vibrations are adjusting to allow even greater capacity in order to unite the aforementioned circuits with the new paradigms, shifts and platforms, the secondary degree of nurturing is abound and prosperity whistles are blown in order to unite mankind with its inner most deepest level of benevolence.

For the turbulence experienced by all residing on Gaia is of malevolent nature which is being swiftly eradicated from the earthly shores in order to make way for a new cognitive understanding of being. The informational portals are open for you now, and the upliftment of energies are surrendering those who have opposed said awakening to take hold. As much of your world is changing, the landscape of your reality is shifting rapidly for you now, as has been revealed to you in our previous messages.

And so, and thus, the benevolent co creation of the new matrix of Being is making waves in your earthly realities, and bringing focus within for those who have yet to comprehend the true nature of Being. Every moment of your reality a new cognition is born, and through said cognition a new member joins the ranks of the benevolent ones, the ranks of the awakened ones, leading the way for all of humanity.

And so and thus, in the days to come a major satellite event shall make itself known to your world, and through said satellite many more changes shall start to unfold rapidly in succession, as they are meant to be experienced by all on your planet.

The satellite of your planet has been reintroduced into your exosphere many months ago, and has been monitoring your planet’s natural patterns, volcanic activity, oceanic activity and pollution with which your planet has indeed been burdened.

And so, said pollution indeed is lessening due to the escalating adherence to the master plan behind said occurrence which in your known world is known as the coronavirus. For said virus is that which mimics that which your earthlings have indeed brought forth through their cognitive behavior tactics in order to magnify that which no longer works in your realities. Albeit the true nature of said virus, the energies which it has brought through have been mirrored back to those who brought it and utilized in order to shift the energies into the right gear.

And so, and thus, through said programming which has arrived on your shores in time, a major catastrophe has indeed been averted, as the pollution of your planet has increased the volcanic activity. And so, the clearance of the fear based programming is allowing your planet to restore balance within and without, to restore itself, re-balance and re-calibrate the natural flow of life, natural sequencing so that the survival of all beings and GAIA can proceed as has been invoked and asked for by those of you who call yourselves the children of the stars and whom we call the Ground Crew.

For indeed through your presence on the earthly shores, said benevolent interference was indeed possible, asked for and necessary in order to recalibrate the energetic pathways of your planet so that the ascension process can continue, advance and reach new heights.

For indeed, many on your planet have begun to awaken, awaken to the understanding of self, to the understanding of Being, and true reality of Being. And so and thus, the satellite of which we speak shall make itself known to you in the days to come and usher in a revolutionary understanding of your world. For through said satellite much needed change shall begin to unfold not only in your present reality but of all realities that are presently occupying your time and space continuum.

The feedback that has been received and the data that has been collected is showing the fluctuation and increase of awakened ones bringing a total of such souls to a desired number in order to continue the awakening process without further disturbance and through said participation, through said collective energy of positivity, the magnetosphere of your planet is becoming stronger, by the second. The energy field is strengthening which in turn is allowing many catastrophic events to bypass your world, (as I was channeling I was shown a few asteroids that were about to collide with earth but due to the recent events, pollution has lessened so much so, that GAIA was able to restore the protective energy field, coinciding with collective prayers which sent a lot of positive energy out into the collective consciousness these asteroids were buffered away from our planet), for indeed the seeming chaos of your of you world, has allowed much more light to enter into every fiber of your being, which resulted in the release and purification of energies that stuck on in the fibers of your energetic pathways which in turn allowed a tremendous shift influencing not only your immediate environment but environment of all that exists to shift into positive “gear” and propel humanity onto a new octave of Being, and albeit the seeming chaos and undesirable vibrations, the energy of your planet is escalating and the vibrations are rising higher and higher, all due to the alignment of each one with their higher selves, and the prayers which are seen as positive energy vibrations and which have indeed allowed your planet to move into higher gear and jump an octave.

And so, and thus, notwithstanding the turbulence and the hurdles that are yet to be overcome by all on your planet, recent events have allowed to avoid a true catastrophe that could have been.

And so, we congratulate you yet again, on a job well done, for it is through your intentions that you have been able to influence those around you into purification of being. And so and thus, as the situation continues to unfold and escalate in the geopolitical arena of your world, the energies of the heart shall begin to awaken further rand further in the ones stationed therein and multiply trifold as the struggle between two polarities continues to unfold on your shores. Rest assured that said turbulence shall pass , stay in the NOW moment, and allow only the positive vibrations to bathe you in the eternal vibrations of LOVE , Benevolence and truth, truth, benevolence and cocreation, cocreation, adherence to the true principles of Being and Benevolence. Stay true to that which you are, knowing that you are being supported by all that is.

That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you.  Goodbye for now.

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

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Pisces New Moon Portal

FEBRUARY 22–28, 2020


Would you call this a typical or even a
restful year so far? Do you need a shot
of spiritual renewal to refill the
tanks? Well, it’s here, with this coming
week’s  Pisces New Moon Portal. The New
Moon occurs on Sunday, opening a doorway
for us to retreat, review, reflect upon,
and retouch our shimmering visions,
plans, and dreams.

Crystal says, “It’s a
subtle portal, but not necessarily a
quiet one….” It offers the opportunity
to make connections with people and
light beings that  support our newly
renewed and rekindled New Moon

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– Susan Pomeroy

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 27th January – 2nd February 2020 – Weekly Tarot Forecast

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 27th January – 2nd February 2020 – Weekly Tarot Forecast

Jan 25, 2020
149K subscribers

Weekly tarot horoscope forecast from the 27th January – 2nd February 2020, for all twelve horoscope signs, by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, weekly finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice.

This week will be all about opening the door to let the adventure in. Most certainly times have been rather challenging recently and this is now absolutely perfect week to leave things that no longer serve us behind. We will find ourselves working through every aspect, from our intentions, hopes and dreams to our emotional responses and our physical activities. It is very important to listen to our inner voice, in particular this week, by staying active, open minded, open to opportunities AND by TRYING TO BREAK OUR OWN ROUTINE.

Tarot Card Of The Week: THE WORLD: SUCCESS, ACCOMPLISHMENT, completion, TRAVEL, integration, UNITY, wholeness, perfection, RECOGNITION, triumph, ETERNAL LIFE.

Thank you all for watching my weekly tarot readings and for being here! Sending you all brightest blessings, lots of LOVE, healing & light! 🙏💜🌿

This tarot forecast is for all twelve horoscope signs: Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius & Cancer.

#WeeklyTarotReading #TarotForecast #PsychicReading

ARIES♈ 00:21
TAURUS♉ 13:27
GEMINI♊ 27:57
CANCER♋ 43:47
LEO. ♌ 57:32
VIRGO♍ 1:19:54
LIBRA♎ 1:43:11
SCORPIO♏ 1:57:45
CAPRICORN♑ 2:30:43
AQUARIUS♒ 2:47:54
PISCES♓ 3:15:44

Arcturian Group Message for DECEMBER 15.2019 by Marilyn Raffaele | ONEness of All


Arcturian Group Message for DECEMBER 15.2019
by Marilyn Raffaele | ONEness of All

Dear readers, welcome to our message in this seasonal time in which much of the world is celebrating according to their beliefs and traditions. It is a time during which many who have chosen to live closed off from others inadvertently for the first time experience a sense of oneness.

Love and giving even at their most primitive and unaware levels are facets oneness. The spiritual evolutionary journey begins at a level of unawareness. Younger souls are unable to love at the same level as those who have learned and evolved though the experiences of many, many lifetimes. Their Divine nature is fully present within, but they are not yet prepared to understand and embrace it.

Young children love easily because they have not yet been conditioned by beliefs of separation and duality.

Love is only able to flow with the same resonance as the consciousness of the person from which it is flowing. Because Divine Consciousness is all that exists, all things are created and flow from this One Consciousness. However, when Divine Consciousness individualized becomes conditioned with false beliefs and concepts, its expressions will reflect that.

Examine honestly and often what you may still be holding as truth in consciousness for you are creators by virtue of being who and what you are for there is no unexpressed consciousness.

The highest expression of love for those living fully enmeshed in the third dimensional belief system may simply be giving old clothes or goods to another or a thrift shop, dropping a coin into the red bucket, or simply greeting a homeless person–simple actions, but actions that hold a potential for opening tightly closed doors to deeper awareness.

It is very important to honestly examine the intention behind every action, dear ones. “Am I doing this charitable action or loving act to be seen by others, to feel good about my value, or am I sharing from the realization that what I give physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually never comes from me personally where it can be depleted, but rather through me from that Infinite Source within that never runs dry?”

What matters is the intent behind every action. A treasured dime donated from a heart filled with love and oneness is much more powerful for the giver and the receiver than hundreds of dollars given with no thought or love other than to get a tax write off.

It is imperative to be open and honest with regard the intentions that underlie ordinary words and actions. You are quickly moving beyond a great deal of old programing at this time and a personal fine tuning is taking place. Many ordinary but low resonating habits considered to be nothing actually have the ability to hold a person in some facet of outgrown old energy.

During these celebratory times ask yourself what exactly is it that you are celebrating–the birth of a Christed individual 2000 years ago, the miracles of Hanukkah, or just because it is the season for parties and gifts ? You who read these messages are ready to take your awareness of the season to a deeper level through understanding that the Christmas story is your story–that the miracles and birth represent the birth of your own Christhood.

We have stated in previous Christmas messages but will reiterate that the Christmas story represents the birth of the Christ consciousness that takes place at some point for every person. All must eventually wake up. A conscious choice to evolve allows the reality of Oneness with Source to awaken and eventually express as one’s personal Christmas–the culmination of outer and inner experiences through hundreds of lifetimes that finally birth the fully realized state of consciousness.

One’s personal Christmas can only be born in the state of consciousness that is represented by the lowly stable. One that over lifetimes has been stripped free of beliefs in, yearning for, and seeking from three dimensional concepts of good. A consciousness aware that all that is needed is already present within and thus good or what is needed will express ITself without seeking. (Gifts of the Magi)

A fragile new born Christ consciousness must be protected and held close until it becomes strong enough to endure the slings and arrows of those who fear and hate the Christ consciousness.

(King Herod) but eventually, perhaps over lifetimes, the Christ consciousness is no longer fragile or in need of protection for it has matured into its innate wholeness where the nonsense of the three dimensional belief system can no longer effect or hold power over it.

The Christ Consciousness is ITs own protection by virtue of being fully realized as the one and only power.

Each now moment is the right time to begin journeying toward the stable. In particular, the energies of celebration and giving make it easier to love and experience oneness. Every loving gesture no matter how seemingly small to material sense adds Light and lifts the energy of the collective. The energies that flow from loving celebration between people overrides the energy of chaos and destruction for the energies of love are real, whereas chaos and destruction have no reality or law to maintain or sustain them.

Become Christmas by allowing acceptance and recognition to your Divinity, allowing it to flow out to a hurting world through every word and action regardless of how it may be accepted. Be who you are never fearing to love through whatever forms resonate with you for there is no lesser or greater love unless it is personalized.

Love is the energetic glue connecting all things within the ONE. This reality has been ignored and disregarded through ignorance forming the basis of all beliefs in separation. Many, through fear of being “different” continue to live concepts of separation long after attaining knowledge that only one “Something” exists.

This “Something” can be called God, Consciousness, Power, Reality, or even fiddlesticks for IT is un-namable and can never be understood with the limited human mind. Truth cannot be avoided forever because it is the reality just awaiting full realization–Christmas.

Let your Christmas, Hanukah, or other celebrations blossom into loving fruitage that does not cease at the end of December. Give, serve, and love in whatever ways seem appropriate as you view the world from a level of spiritual empowerment.

You are ready. You have done the work. Now accept who you are and live it through the celebration and joy that comes of of understanding the real meaning of Christmas.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/15/19

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your weekly guide to planetary influences October 7 to 13, 2019 by Pam Younghans


NorthPoint Astrology Journal

Your weekly guide to planetary influences

October 7 to 13, 2019

by Pam Younghans

Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. 
For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

MON: Sun square Saturn
TUE: Venus enters Scorpio, Mars opposite Chiron, Neptune square Ceres
WED: Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun quincunx Neptune
THU: Venus quincux Chiron
SAT: Mars quincunx Uranus, Venus semisquare Jupiter, Venus opposite Uranus
SUN: Sun sextile Jupiter, Full Moon 2:07 p.m. PDT, Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury sextile Saturn (Sun square Pluto at 12:37 a.m. on Monday, October 14)

AS CRACKS continue to appear and grow deeper in the foundations around us, we have ever clearer choices of how we want to respond. We can opt to live in fear and anger, caught up in the dramatic antics of the external world, or we can decide that we want to hold a different vibration.

As old systems crack and crumble, it is up to each of us, as individuals, to provide the energetic building blocks for new forms that will take their place. With our focused intention, exhibited in how we live day-to-day, our new world can be constructed upon a more heart-centered foundation.

Our choice is simple in these very complex times: What kind of thought forms and emotional energy do we want to add to mass consciousness?

THIS WEEK, in particular, we will be required to make that choice on a daily basis. The Sun is activating the effects of the powerful Saturn-Pluto alignment throughout the next eight days, with the focal point being the transformational Full Moon next Sunday.


The most pivotal days are likely to be:

  • Monday, October 7 (Sun square Saturn)
  • Thursday, October 10 (Sun conjunct the Saturn-Pluto midpoint)
  • Sunday, October 13 (Full Moon square Saturn/Pluto)
  • Monday, October 14 (Sun square Pluto)
This process of choosing a higher frequency is not an exercise in avoidance or mere wishful thinking. It is a clear and focused intention, and it has the capacity to shift our collective trajectory.

TRANSDUCER Peggy Black, author of the Morning Messages books, provides one example of how we can apply this intentionality. As her ‘team’ explains, Peggy does what she calls “news homework” every day:

“Every morning, she has her hot beverage, and reads the headlines. When she’s finished, she closes her eyes and goes to her heart and says, ‘I call upon Divine Beings to minister, to transform, to uplift, and to heal every situation that these headlines represent.’ So at the very beginning of her day, she invites other Divine Beings to participate–Divine Beings who are awaiting an invitation. These beings want to work on this planet, they want to help you with evolution, but they have to first be invited. So begin to invite Divine Beings, named or unnamed, to help in this way.”

 THERE ARE MANY WAYS to focus our intention. This type of “news homework” is just one option. But it is up to each of us as individuals to contribute to the collective the type of energy that we wish to see in the world.
Knowing what we want to contribute and “making it so” is one of the most powerful and positive ways we can use this Saturn-Pluto alignment. And, given how strong the energies are this week, having some sort of exercise or routine that focuses our attention productively, will be vital–both for helping each of us to personally ride the waves and for the advancement of humanity.

As Dorothy said after being transported to the Land of Oz, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.” Like Dorothy, we are learning, with the help of this Saturn-Pluto alignment, to rise above our fears and feelings of victimization, and to powerfully claim our capacity to make a difference in the world.

LEADING UP to next Sunday’s very dynamic Full Moon, we’ll be working with a few other notable aspects. Here’s a bulleted description of the highlights:

  • Mars: Exact on Tuesday, a Mars-Chiron opposition indicates that actions are driven more by fear and insecurity than by confidence. On a personal level, this is a healing opportunity. When we feel disrespected and unseen, we can turn inward, pouring love upon the aspect of our personality that does feel fearful, that may question its very right to exist and to have its wants and needs met. On Saturday, a Mars-Uranus quincunx complicates any intentions we may have set earlier in the week, through surprises that require a course adjustment.
  • Venus: Venus enters volatile Scorpio on Tuesday, then is involved in hard aspects for the rest of the week. Events on Saturday will likely be the most shocking or spectacular, courtesy of the Venus-Uranus opposition that perfects on that day. As Venus rules both relationships and financial matters, we may experience some upheaval in these areas. Secrets are revealed that drive change, and emotional reactivity is intensified.
  • Neptune: We may be feeling pretty foggy or confused on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ethereal Neptune is in hard aspect to Ceres, Venus, and the Sun on those days. We may feel disappointed in loved ones who do not live up to our expectations, and we may even feel deceived in some way. Our challenges are not to play the victim card as a way to get the attention we desire, and also not to slip into avoidance or escapism–manifestations of Neptune’s shadow. 

CRACKS in the foundation deepen around the time of next weekend’s Full Moon, which perfects at 2:07 p.m. PDT on Sunday, October 13. The reason this lunation is so powerful is because the Moon is at 20°13′ Aries, the Sun is at 20°13′ Libra, and Pluto is at 20°39′ Capricorn. This places the three planets in very tight aspect with each other, creating a powerful cardinal T-square, and augmenting the intensity of their interactions.

Also involved in the equation are disgruntled Eris, which is conjunct the Moon, and stern Saturn, just six degrees away from Pluto. These additional planets will increase the impact of the lunation.

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES when we will see very clearly where we are headed with respect to the full Saturn-Pluto alignment that occurs on January 12, 2020. Whatever transpires this week is an integral step in the process of disintegration that is underway.

Pluto and Saturn are both at the “apex” of the T-square (at the bottom of the stem of the T), so their influence is central to our experience at this Full Moon:

  • Saturn at the apex indicates great frustration if we push too hard for immediate resolution. In his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, astrologer Bil Tierney writes that apex Saturn “suggests a certain domineering, take-over quality,” and manifests as resentment against anyone who interferes with the achievement of our goals or ambitions.
  • Pluto at the apex represents compressed power that is looking for release. Tierney explains that with this T-square, we will be managing “a willful desire to fulfill ambitions through force, manipulation, or subversive actions.” He also writes that with apex Pluto, “Life forces us to undergo explosive endings of one phase of our personal development in order to make fresh starts in another phase.” 

No, we’re not in Kansas any more. Life is in full, dramatic color now.

PROVIDING a supportive influence for our successful navigation of these Full Moon energies, the Moon is conjunct the fixed star Revati. In researching his book The Magic of the Stars, Roderick Kidston found that this star’s influence is “dynamic, dramatic, ardent, and dedicated.” As we access this energy at the time of the Full Moon, we likewise feel more deeply passionate about whatever cause we have chosen (or has chosen us).

According to Kidston, with Revati’s influence activated:

“Our imagination is strong and our powers of communication and persuasion are equally vivid. If we take on a cause, we’ll embrace it wholeheartedly. This creative urge can be channeled into many conduits, bringing many kinds of rewards.”

It doesn’t sound much like a sit-back-and-relax kind of Full Moon! If we are drawn to any kind of activism–whether literally demonstrating in the streets or actively doing our energy work–we feel even more passionately about making a difference. Our challenge will be to channel this energy through our hearts in productive ways, instead of allowing anger and resentment (Eris) to drive our reactions, which would only multiply those lower frequencies in the field of consciousness that connects us all.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Since early 2019, Saturn has been challenging you to find greater clarity in some area of your life, and in your knowing of your true needs and desires. Certain obstacles may have appeared, causing frustration and requiring you to become more objective and decisive. This reality check may be asking you to trim away certain activities or relationships that do not support you or do not reflect your higher aspirations. As 2019 draws to a close, you will gain a stronger knowing of who you are and what will bring you the greatest personal fulfillment going forward. This clarity frees you to make new choices. (Solar Return Sun sextile Ceres, sextile Jupiter, square Saturn, quincunx Neptune, square Pluto)

In Gratitude and Light,


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WEEK OF JULY 26–31, 2019


Saturday, Venus steps into 
Leo, nudging us towards play, 
creativity, and lighter spirits.
She was preceded by the Sun,
which moved into noble, expressive
Leo last Monday. This Monday,
Sun makes a square with electric
Uranus. Stay calm and cool, don’t 
start a long journey, and as Crystal
suggests, keep the garden
(and yourself!) well watered. This
combo can be fertile, but also incendiary
and accident-prone. Wednesday, we
finish the month with Leo’s New Moon.
This lunation fuels our independence
and individuation. It offers an
empowering moment to set intentions
related to ourselves, creativity, 
romance, money, healing, and more.

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AstrologerCoach: New Moon in Pisces March 2019 — Our Eternal Nature

New Moon in Pisces March 2019 — Our Eternal Nature

Published on Feb 28, 2019

Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming astrological events:
* New Moon in almost 16º of Pisces (exact on March 6th, 2019 at 11:04am EST) 1:10
* Lower/denser vibration of Pisces 6:38
* This New Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces 10:55
* The New Moon also makes a sextile to Mars in Taurus and Saturn Capricorn 14:04
* Mercury in the last degree of Pisces, and stationing, is exalted — and starts it’s Retrograde phase on March 5th (one day before the New Moon becomes exact) 19:33
* Mercury in Pisces also aligns with Chiron in Aries 26:25
* Uranus moves into Taurus eight hours before the New Moon becomes exact 34:24
* To sum it all up for this New Moon 41:53
* Best and most potent time for setting Intentions 50:07

Do you have an Ascendant (or any personal planets) in 14-18 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius? 46:58

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