David Wilcock: The Unveiling — Solar Cycles and Human Transformation

David Wilcock: The Unveiling — Solar Cycles and Human Transformation

Streamed live on Sep 19, 2021

David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)
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Join David in a fascinating discussion of the 11-year sunspot cycle, where the sun’s activity alternates between a boiling inferno and a placid pond.

A Russian scientist was sentenced to decades in a concentration camp after discovering how this solar activity has been precisely affecting mass human consciousness… for centuries.

Discover the four-part “theme” that occurs in each solar cycle, as discovered by subsequent researchers, and where we are now.

This is not to be missed.

The next few years are going to be very intense.

Once you see David present the science, it will become clear that we will probably continue to see a rise in the novelty and intensity of events on Earth.

However, the solar cycle science also reveals that these changes lead to very positive transformations. We may well be at the “Global Dark Night of the Soul” right now, before these energies propel us into a much more vigorous and prosperous future. Sign up here for replays and updates: http://thedisclosure.com

UPDATE: Sasha Bonasin: Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 3rd – 9th February 2020 + Special Weekly Tarot Forecast | 6th – 21st February 2020 | Messages From The Other Side

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 3rd – 9th February 2020 – Weekly Tarot Forecast

Feb 2, 2020

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Weekly tarot horoscope forecast from the 3rd – 9th February 2020, for all twelve horoscope signs, by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, weekly finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice.
This week we need to pay attention to our talents, capabilities and resources available to us which will be essential for us to succeed, it will be VERY IMPORTANT to tap into our full potential rather than holding back, in particular when there are things to transform. This will it will be all about unity, the beginning, the will and the mastering. New initiative will most certainly take place but this one will be very different indeed, because it will come from a whole different place/dimension/energy. It will guide us at the same time with a perfect balance of energy when it comes to our confidence, intellect and intuition.
Tarot Card Of The Week: ACE OF SWORDS: NEW IDEA, success, CLARITY, breakthrough, new project, NEW PLAN, concentration, VICTORY, communication, REALISING THE TRUTH, intensity, JUSTICE, decision, authority, INSPIRATION.
Thank you all for watching my weekly tarot readings and for being here! Sending you all brightest blessings, lots of LOVE, healing & light! 🙏💜🌿
This tarot forecast is for all twelve horoscope signs: Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius & Cancer.
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Tracy Hill

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Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE 🤗 1/25/20 (description box)

ENERGY UPDATE 🤗 1/25/20 (description box)

Jan 25, 2020
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Sorry if my voice is scratchy- I did alot of talking and recording all day prior to recording this. These messages are for whoever feels like listening. There seems to be some energy within the collective that feels like a “pause” and I personally feel that it is because there is a lot of reorganization that is about to take place in the physical based off of the shift in Consciousness that has been taken place up until this point (and will comtinue ofcourse.)

On Jan 12th I had an experience in meditation where I saw two star constellations and DNA spiral, as if I was seeing the communication of my DNA and energy that’s coming to the planet. There was a gravitational wave that hit the planet on January 14th- the source is unknown. I found an article that speaks about this, linked below: https://www.livescience.com/mysteriou…

I’m sharing incase anyone else noticed this. I see some energy (not all) & hear energy so I have noticed a change since Jan 12th. It’s been pretty constant.

Days after this experience I had a dream that Humanity had been changed by seeing humanity singing a gospel song “I know I’ve Been Changed” 😁😂 and I saw Plasma being poured out to the collective through the Water Bearer, Aquarius- which was symbolic of a Gardener that is impressing the (garden) subconscious of humanity. The garden is the creative mind of humanity, the gardener, Aquarius, is consciously creating. I was told that there will be no one Messiah, or no one “Christ” or only One New Era World Teacher for this New Age, but it will be all of humanity.

We are our own teacher & we help and guide one another as well as ourselves. All are Equal, not one is above within the consciousness of the age of Aquarius. A guide, teacher, Being, entity, Angel, Group Consciousness, Galactic Being or Group, Ancestor, etc.. physical or nonphysical- that is really interested in your Soul’s evolution to integrate Universal Consciousness/Christ Consciousness/Oneness, will not allow you to become dependent on them for guidance. messages, answers, manifestations constantly/regularly. They will not be interested in pushing your Spirit out of your vessel. Constant dependency on another Being- keeps that Soul separated from accessing the Truth within themselves. All is One Consciousness and you do not need another Being or individual aspect of the One to give you answers. The answers are within. It only makes one weaker by depending on another consciousness outside of themselves- even though all is One. A teacher/guide wanting your Evolution will want you to access information/guidance from within your Godself…only at times will they impress thoughts/ideas/emotions/inspiration upon the subjective sphere for you to access. Age of Aquarius is about the individual becoming God/Christ- all becoming One within themselves equally.

I feel there are many Souls here, who last incarnated to the Earth Plane ATLEAST 200 yrs ago to begin what will continue now. Some around 1700-1800s- to be here for this specific incarnation. For these Souls there seems to be a stronger push/desire to evolve. I have always been in amazement every time I go into a store like a little kid because I remember when they didn’t exist.

I have noticed my response to the recent energy as: some changes in sleep, very active dream state, deeper meditations, increased manifestations & synchronicities, itchy ears, feeling energy & thought currents more easily, stronger desire to stay in alignment and w
ork on my growth. Feeling a balanced detachment, everything just IS. I don’t really feel connected to certain beliefs/things that I once did, that seems to have grown. I have noticed that energy can evolve or grow more quickly from thought/focus as well. I have also been picking up on others subconscious/unconscious intentions very quickly- more quickly then before. I can only really share what I experience, feel or notice.

I know many are feeling alot of stress, anxiety, agitation, intensity..which I feel is the collective shifting into a new Era or new age, and also the release out outworn beliefs that have crystallized as physical conditions. There may be an increase in unconscious reactions/responses out of anger or due to suppressed emotions. Do your best moment to moment, try not to dwell too long in resentment, anger, sadness, jealousy, etc.. if you notice that it is a pattern or anothers/collective energy. Acknowledge it and where it is coming from but don’t dwell there too long. Healing comes when we assume we are healed. Not through dwelling on what hasn’t healed. It may not be easy at first or at times, but we wouldn’t experience more then we can handle. You were drafted by the Universal Mind/Spirit/God to awaken and rise above self imposed limitations.

Love You Guys!

I will be finishing up the rest of the 2020 Vimeo readings for the other elements. And Patreon Feb. Readings/messages will be posted on Patreon this week.


Jenny Schiltz: Now that we have experienced the 12:12 Gateway….

Jenny Schiltz info@jennyschiltz.comDec 14, 2019, 6:04 PM (1 day ago)
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Now that we have experienced the 12:12 Gateway….

We just experienced the opening of the 12:12 gateway and it feels as if things have sped up exponentially. 
We are seeing in a clearer way what must be let go of and at the same time, it feels that paths are opening, and things are aligning. Anything that we are doing out of obligation needs to change. This may mean a radical change in what we do or that our perceptions about whatever it is need to shift.


 We are being massively upgraded! Our bodies are undergoing an incredible transformation so that we may handle the higher light coming in. The visual they are showing me is of a car having the water pump changed. This upgraded form is much more sensitive however and cannot handle what we have always carried. It is why the massive purge of what no longer works physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually is so very important

They showed me where we carry obligation, looping thoughts, beliefs, fear, and worries on our form and it is like giant sandbags attached to our body. This is causing major body pain as the upgraded form cannot continue carrying that weight. I was told that the average person is carrying around 200 pounds of this extra weight, saddled to the form.  It’s time to shed all that holds us back and step lightly into the new!

Manifestation is absolutely heightened, and we are being asked to dream big! Dreaming big is not just for the outcome but to help bring the matching frequencies to you so the universe can align that reality in your field! 

The intensity we are feeling isn’t going to stop as we slide into the Solstice on December 21st and a new moon with a solar eclipse on December 26th. Then we head right into January 2020 which is feeling very potent!  Allow the Healing Meditation on December 19th to assist you with Anchoring in your Highest 2020 timeline! (info for joining below, you do not need to be live to participate)

Do your best to stay hydrated, grounded, and centered during these incredible shifts. It is all so exciting and grueling as we are pushed, squeezed, and pulled into the highest version of self!

Much love to you all and Happy Holidays!

12:12 Gateway & Chaos Timeline


Healing Meditation:
Anchor in Your Highest 2020 timeline


Anchor in YOUR highest timeline for 2020!
Join me for this healing meditation that will help you to let go of what you no longer want to carry into the future as well as help you to anchor in what you do want to create.

We will be working with healing frequencies and fields that will help us to move through the programming that keeps us limited and full of fears and anxieties. All of which keeps us from accessing and anchoring in our highest potential.

2020 promises to be a very big year for all of us. Allow this healing meditation to assist you!

You do not need to be present to participate as a link to the recording will be sent to all that register. You can use this meditation, again and again, to take things to an even deeper level within.

This healing webinar is approx 45 minutes. Space is limited, reserve your space now!

December 19th at 1:00 pm MST

Cost; $33

Click here to register:
https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_QRynCc4STZGQP7rP1YYs9Q _____________________________

About Jenny:  Jenny Schiltz is a Multidimensional Quantum Healer and Intuitive Guide. She is able to hear and see beings in other dimensions creating a bridge for the information & healing to flow.  She works in the Quantum field to energetically assist the body with clearings and activations. Her goal is to help you to unravel all that you are not, so that you may uncover who you are at your deepest truth. To inquire about sessions, classes, workshops, and sacred journeys go to www.jennyschiltz.com

Dorothy Morgan: August 5th – August 11th Jupiter – Uranus Change Directions

August 5th – August 11th Jupiter – Uranus Change Directions

#astrology #nhastrologer

Dorothy Morgan is an experienced Professional Astrologer – Personal Consultant – Astrology Mentor and teacher to many. She has been studying Astrology since 1988 and it has been her profession since 2003.

She is also a skilled intuitive and Angel Healing Practitioner.

She currently runs a Boston based Astrology meetup group and is the current President of The Seacoast Astrological Association in Southern New Hampshire. This group has been around since the 1990’s and they meet once a month, 8 months in the year.

Visit her website for more information & join her email newsletter list for a chance at a free 15 minute session; chosen once a month.  http://nhastrologer.com/

Consultations are easy to understand and practical, keeping the astrology jargon to a minimum, allowing you to gain a better understanding.

Support Dorothy become a Patron https://www.patreon.com/DorothyMorgan…

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Lots of Love,

On-line Astrology Classes and mentorship program. Learn one on one with Dorothy. https://nhastrologer.com/classes/astr…

Please come to my web site for your own personal and private sessions.

Arcturian Group Message for JULY 28, 2019 by Marilyn Raffaele | Oneness of All


Arcturian Group Message for JULY 28, 2019
by Marilyn Raffaele | Oneness of All

Dear readers, welcome during these times of so much change and chaos. The energy of earth has become increasingly intense for everyone dear ones, but never lose sight of the fact that you chose to be on earth during these times. Being already evolved souls, you chose to complete and clear anything yet unfinished for yourselves and then assist with earth’s ascension.

Frequencies of Light created by the awakening of increasingly more individuals is dissolving the chains of dense and millennia old energies of separation that have served to block ever present but unavailable higher frequencies of oneness and love.

You do the work without conscious thought every time you see through a negative appearance to its underlying reality, are patient with someone who is rude or troublesome, and especially every time you look into someone’s eyes and acknowledge the Christ that lies hidden behind them.

Light work is not limited to spiritual teachers or those doing channeling and healing energy work. Light work is the activity of every awakened person and is simply doing small and ordinary things from a consciousness of oneness. Light work consists of actions done from a realization of the Divine nature of all life (nature kingdoms included) in spite of how ignorant or uninterested in this they may be.

Unconditional love never means allowing yourself to become a “door mat” for some person, persons, or organization. Many still hold to old and false teachings that say that in order to be a truly loving person one must sacrifice one’s self. Staying in an abusive relationship under the illusion you are being loving, is a very three dimensional concept and an insult to one’s Divine Self.

A person has nothing to give and share if they ignore, sacrifice, and deny their own Divine individuality. No dear ones, this particular belief is not only false, but has created an evolutionary block for many.

Sacrificing who you are is not and never has been a requirement for being a loving person. Sometimes the karmic balance of a life must take place. This is planned pre-birth. There are other situations where a person freely chooses to sacrifice his life for another and this is love. What we are addressing as being foolish and unnecessary is the submission of one’s Self/self to the whims, desires, and rules of some other person or group. You are in charge of you, never forget that. This is empowerment.

As spiritually awake individuals you are required to know and practice your highest level of awareness while at the same time holding your hand ready to grasp another’s should they sincerely reach out for help. However, your job is not to reach down into another’s chosen gutter and pull them out while they are content to remain there because in doing this, you take away their job, their lesson, their growth.

There exists a fine line between unconditional love and enabling, between helping and interfering, and between discerning wants from needs. Always allow your intuition to guide you as to which is which in the understanding that every individual is in physical form for the purpose of learning and spiritually growing through experiences provided only on earth and every person has free will with which to make his choices.

The reality of some who appear to be living troubled lives, is that they chose pre-birth to activate and re-experience old habits and cellular memories from past lives in order to once and for all clear and move beyond them. This does not mean you cannot offer help where there is an obvious need, but it does mean you understand that there is often more at play than meets the eye.

The energy is becoming very intense and will continue to do so for a while yet. Many of you are experiencing exhaustion and clearing symptoms even re-experiencing the same physical symptoms as old issues reactivate and clear.

The ascension process is in its phase of “exposure” at this time. The Light has begun to shine brightly into dark corners where many still hide which makes it tempting to believe that things are getting worse, not better. Exposure is necessary for the awakening of those who continue to believe whatever they are told by anyone holding a position of authority. Rejoice as these hidden issues surface regardless of how disgusting, for this is what will bring change.

Some patiently await the return of the “good ol days” when everything was better. The past is dead and gone and cannot return because the energy that formed it no longer exists. This is how evolution works. Today is a new time. Many concepts and beliefs that worked well in the past are either dissolving or beginning to manifest in higher and better forms. Nostalgia for the past serves only to block a person from experiencing new and better forms of the very things he/she feels nostalgia for.

All is proceeding according to plan. Everything is on track. Try not to become discouraged by what you see taking place in the outer scene. Evolution is a process and the world is well into it. Everything will not change in a flash for the energies that created the third dimensional belief system have been alive and well for thousands of years and there remain many still creating it.

You must never forget that because you are Source Consciousness, you are creators. You are the ones creating a new earth and collective consciousness. Beings from many different evolved planets are watching and standing by ready to assist, but the people of earth are the ones who must do the heavy lifting.

In order to assist with this many very evolved souls with no karmic issues to resolve are choosing to incarnate. They think differently because they are not in alignment with the three dimensional belief system causing some around them to try and force their personal obsolete programming onto them in the belief that there is something wrong with them and if that doesn’t work, give them drugs.

These children of Light need to be protected, nurtured, listened to, and lovingly guided into maturity for they are the future spiritual, political, educational, and health leaders of the new earth in service to others rather than themselves which is what you have today.

Profound new ideas about everything are awaiting mankind’s readiness to receive them. Fantasy books and films have been tapping into much that is actually real for a long time. However, the collective consciousness must evolve to where these wonderful ideas and technologies would be utilized for unity rather than for weaponry and it is not at that level yet.

Those who understand this feel a sadness as they observe the density that remains in the consciousness of so many and particularly those who were chosen to lead. Keep yourselves in the energy of Light dear ones, for it is very easy to slip into depression and sadness when judging by appearances.

Meditate often throughout the day, just a second or two to rest at center and realize–“I and the Father are One”. Picture your energy field filled with Light and do not feed your consciousness with dense three dimensional issues. Imagine a bright diamond in the heart of every person you see as you go about your day. Be in the world, but not of it.

Small acts of kindness and love done from a consciousness of oneness have the ability to help someone spiritually ready to rise to a new level. The secret silent awareness of another’s Divinity can lift and open them to more if they are receptive. Teach truth only when you are intuitively guided as to the readiness of someone to receive it.

It is personal ego and not spirituality that forcefully spews their religious beliefs onto others who are not interested or spiritually prepared to hear it. Forcing spiritual knowledge onto others even if the information is true, is a self righteous act. Religions and individuals that believe they have all the right answers about God so it is imperative that everyone else believe the same, is reflective of the human ego based in duality and separation.

You are no longer ordinary three dimensional human beings, you are in the process of graduating and must cease thinking of yourselves as the person you were in the past. If this were not true, you would not be reading or even understanding these messages.

Your work has begun, your reason for incarnating at this time has arrived. Release any remaining false concepts you may still hold from your old belief system and begin to start each day with the intention to serve the highest and best good of all from your highest level of awareness.

This is your soul mission, this is the work, and this is why you are here on earth at this powerful time of change and evolution. However…this does not mean you cannot have fun and enjoy life as you do it.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/28/19

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Readers, due to family commitments the next Arcturian Group message won’t be until August 25th

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Critical operations preventing tonight’s Ground Crew Command Radio show….however….quick update…

Return To Your Truth: Critical operations preventing tonight’s Ground Crew Command Radio show….however….quick update…

The current rash of attacks got up close and personal for the Unknown Lightwarrior this week….

Unfortunately that means there will be no show this week.

Details have to remain classified for the moment.

Operations have gotten quite critical and very intense this past few days to a point where….

…we all need to remain on high alert, do our inner work DAILY ….

and be sure to request the higher timelines we really want.

…..more on that later…..

There’s a LOT going on behind the scenes right now….

Ironically, the intensities are actually a sign of good things coming our way.

It’s always the loudest and hardest before that surreal calm of victory arrives.

Although I apologize, I can’t provide details.

The only thing most of us need to do is stay grounded.

Stand Firm.

You have all the reason in the world to keep your chest out and your chin up….

despite whatever you might be going through….

and do whatever you need to do to clear any negativity in that methodical and disciplined way that a proud 144k member like yourself is easily capable of doing.

“Now is not the time to fold”.


The show will definitely go ahead next week as part of the preparation for the big
144k Mass Meditation on the Equinox.

You are loved…. and you are SO very needed.

… Yours in service …

The Unknown Lightwarrior

ps. Keep an eye on your email.

pps. Please write to support@returntoyourtruth.com and let me know what you have personally been experiencing with this current wave of energy. This will be addressed at the next 144K Meditation – the Equinox Meditation on March 20th.

And if you’re really struggling, you can always seize the moment RIGHT NOW, go up to the TEAMS and show them what you’re dealing with.

You don’t have to put up with this, and the Teams can handle ANYTHING….so long as there are no mind blocks on what you believe is possible … and you use the most robust clearing around.

The secret sauce here, is pushing past your current boundaries …. [of what you’ve never done before … of what you think you can’t do … in terms of energy work and 3D mindset/approach. ]

This is what forced me to grow into my power and how I discovered important breakthroughs like Soul Fragment Retrieval.

Gaia needs you strong.




Sexual Desire Essay on the Transformational Power of Sexual Desire | WantToKnow.info

Sexual Desire
Essay on the Transformational Power of Sexual Desire

Sexual Desire

by Fred Burks

What I’ve found is that in life in general, and particularly in sexuality, it’s all about honoring my natural desires while at the same time committing to stay conscious and fully consensual with everything I do.

Dear friends,

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this special day for honoring our beloveds, here’s a thought-provoking essay on sexual desire and how it can be used to transform relationships for the better.

The Transformational Power of Sexual Desire
Sexual desire can be a most awesome and powerful force. When the sex hormones run hot in our veins, we feel incredibly excited and thrilled to be alive. Life once again becomes a great adventure. Yet when these hormones rage, the rational mind has this very strange tendency to shut down. Our thinking is hijacked by primal instincts which can cause us to do things that we never in our rational mind would do.

This unfortunately has led to profound wounding on both personal and global levels. Sex abuse, which is much more common than many would like to admit, is a sad, but all-to-common manifestation of sexual desire gone berserk. Harnessing the intense sexual drive can be quite challenging, yet the rewards of doing so can be incredible depth and intimacy with our partners, and yes, better sex, too.

A gorgeous woman I met a few years back came from a childhood of intense sexual and emotional abuse. I’ll use the name Rachelle for her. Rachelle had a pattern of jumping into sex quickly, only to then soon regret and feel shame about it. The first time she and I really connected, Rachelle had recently decided for the first time to be celibate for several months to break her pattern and learn to really love herself.

Shortly after we met, both Rachelle and I acknowledged an intense sexual attraction between us, yet I told her I wanted to support and honor her in this beautiful intention to love herself by holding off on being sexual. She was clear she would not be able to hold back, so I told her I would take responsibility for holding our boundaries.

When I eventually did hold the boundary of not being sexual for several months – even when at times she badly wanted to go there – Rachelle was moved to tears. She told me she had never been treated with such love and respect. And when months later we finally did surrender to the amazing bliss of full-on sex, it was incredibly ecstatic for both of us. She even found out for the first time that she was multi-orgasmic! Though we were only together a couple years, Rachelle emailed after we parted to thank me for this “most amazing, deep, healing relationship.”

Sexual Desire is Natural and Beautiful
The drive towards sexual connection between two people who are strongly attracted to each other is a natural and beautiful part of our biology and of being human. The urge to merge is what keeps the human race going. It is where we all came from when our parents surrendered to it. Sexual desire is a divine gift which inspires us to seek out deep connection.

Yet the carnal power behind this intense drive all too often causes some to go unconscious and to do things they later regret, like when Rachelle jumped into bed too quickly with many men, only to later feel shame about it. And for some men, once sexual desire kicks in fully, trying to stop or control it can feel like not scratching an intense itch or trying to stop a sneeze about to happen. They feel powerless to control it.

For both sexes, this powerful drive can shut down the conscious, thinking mind and the sensitive, loving heart. It can and sadly has led to acts as intense as rape and even murder around the world. Herein lies the root of much psychological and emotional wounding on both individual and collective levels. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way.

By holding a strong intention to be ever more conscious and by studying practices like tantra and sacred sexuality, which give ideas on this, my life and relationships have changed in awesome ways.

I’m most fortunate to have learned to keep my heart open and stay conscious and considerate even when powerful sexual urges arise. I’m thrilled to have learned to dance with and channel this powerful energy in ways that are honoring and supportive not just to me and the person with whom I’m feeling attraction, but to all in my life.

The ability to stay conscious even in the midst of intense sexual connection has left me feeling more free and alive than ever. I trust myself now that I won’t do something I will later regret. I trust myself to honor both my partner and myself even when the hormones are raging in my veins.

After years now on this path, I have no doubt that by surfing the rich waves of desire while also keeping my mind and heart present, I can experience the full richness of the powerful sexual connection. This conscious practice has brought a deep peace, joy, and excitement about life that I doubt I could have experienced otherwise without spending years in an ashram or meditating in a cave.

My transformation of this primal drive has made a huge difference even in how I approach women. When I find myself attracted to a woman now, I enjoy letting her know that I feel attracted to her. If she seems open to it, I’ll even show fiery passion in my eyes as I express this.

Yet even as I show my attraction, I don’t at all push it on her. I simply express the attraction and wait for a response. I make clear that though I am attracted, I have no need to do anything about it. She then feels that I’m not pressuring her or trying to get in her pants. How cool that most women immediately relax and open when I’m so clear and honest with them.

Staying conscious doesn’t mean denying the powerful urges which arise during sexual contact. I love consciously surrendering to the incredibly rich sensations and primal desires when they arise. When we are both feeling that delicious animal intensity and desire, the sex can be absolutely awesome!!! Yet I only go there when the contact is fully consensual and welcomed by my partner.

When two people are both in full and clear consent, inviting these deep animal urges and passions to come out in all their primal beauty and power can not only be incredibly rich and ecstatic, it can even heal old wounds around sexuality, as happened in my rich connection with Rachelle.

Once a man is sexually aroused, the powerful drive towards ejaculation for many is overwhelming. Some men feel frustrated and even angry if they are not able to release the sexual tension they feel so strongly inside of them.

Yet having learned to welcome and play with this dynamic tension without the need to act on it, I can tell you that it can be incredibly rewarding and even ecstatic once you learn to let that tension just be when it is there. Ride that wave like you would a bucking bronco. As I’ve gotten ever more comfortable playing with this dynamic tension, I actually feel more excited and alive.

I so love being able to play with the exquisite sexual energies and even use them for higher purposes without a need to go anywhere with them. I often do this while fully clothed. Now that’s safe sex! And the women seem to love this, too. I have had several women break down in tears of gratitude in my arms when I was sexually attracted to them, yet did not try to get into their pants.

Taming the Bad Boy and Bad Girl
Almost every one of us has a part within that is the bad boy or bad girl, that takes pleasure in breaking the rules and doing what we’re not supposed to do. Most of us were to some extent in our childhood controlled in ways that felt very oppressive. I know I was. Even though I am very clear now my parents were doing their best, I hated the way they sent me to my room and wouldn’t let me go on wild adventures. As a result, breaking the rules and doing what we’re not supposed to do can at times feel quite exhilarating.

Yet for different people, this desire to be bad can show up in very different ways. Some go so far as to become criminals. For others this desire is easily controlled. The key question is how conscious can we remain when that bad boy or girl part of us comes out. If it’s a situation where all involved are in agreement and no one will get hurt physically or emotionally, it can be fun sometimes to let the bad boy out and break the rules or do what we’re not supposed to, like joining the “mile high club” by making love in an airplane bathroom. Yet if there is any risk of harm, I will not go there.

When this bad boy or girl shows up in sexual connecting and it is dealt with in a conscious way that is consensually agreed upon, it can bring a whole lot of fun, pleasure, and ecstasy. Role playing naughty scenes can be a lot of fun! Yet when it expresses in an unconscious way, it can and has led to intense sexual wounding and even deep regrets from those involved. Sadly, this still happens every day all over the world.

Yet thanks to people like you and me who are choosing to do what it takes, times are changing. Sexual abuse is increasingly being exposed all over. At the same time, diverse sexual preferences are becoming more accepted and even welcomed. As a species, we are gradually becoming more loving and tolerant of each other. And we are slowly but surely coming to more embrace conscious sexuality as a positive force in our world.

What I’ve found is that in life in general, and particularly in sexuality, it’s all about honoring my natural desires and urges while at the same time committing to stay conscious and fully consensual with everything I do.

Rather than dampening the excitement, I’ve been thrilled to find that the more conscious I am, the greater the possibility of rich passion and deeper connection. Can I hear a big YES! for staying as conscious and consensual as possible in our sexual connections? This is how we transform our world and bring more joy and passion into our lives.

With warmest wishes for a great Valentine’s Day,
Fred Burks

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Note: For more on transforming your sexuality, see this online lesson on sacred sexuality. For other articles on bringing sexuality out of the closet, see Fred’s website Let’s Talk Sex. And to visit a richly inspiring website showing how we are all interconnected through a beautiful web of love.

Take action:

  • Start by being as honest with yourself as you can about your attractions and sexual desires. Pay attention to when you start to go unconscious and make a choice not to go there. Don’t deny what you are feeling or thinking, yet also don’t act on it unless you are making a clear, conscious choice.
  • As you learn to accept and control your sexual desire, explore sharing about it with others. Let’s take sex out of the closet and talk about what works and what doesn’t.
  • Consider taking a course in tantra to learn more about controlling and channeling sexual desire in ways that honor all involved. The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) offers great workshops in a variety of locations which invite participants to explore intimacy and sexuality in conscious ways.
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Find Your Center – Stay in Your Heart During Intensity – by Selacia

Find Your Center

– Stay in Your Heart During Intensity –

by Selacia

We knew before 2019 started that life would intensity this year. Knowing things like this ahead is one thing – being able to sanely move through the ups-and-downs over weeks and months is another. For perspective, the intense moment we’re in right now is worthy of paying close attention to so that you can ride through it in the highest way. Continue reading to understand what might come up for you over the next few days as this energy plays out.


Tumultuous Planetary Moments


We live in tumultuous moments that necessitate regular energetic regrouping to stay centered and calm. Our outer world is in chaos. Planetary energies can feel like a roller coaster – especially with the current Mars/Uranus conjunction in Aries underway. These planetary energies are not only intense but emotionally-charged.

This particular cycle can be more potent – and challenging – than some others we’ve experienced. With understanding and foresight we can weather the emotional storm with little fallout or re-dos. If we become unconscious to these energies, it’s very possible our emotional responses could cause us to say or do something we might regret.


Door That Won’t Open


One way these energies can make us feel is like being on the other side of a door that won’t open and having something important to say to a person on the other side of the door. The problem is we can’t open the door to communicate. The more that we can’t open the door, the more urgent it can feel to open it and say what we have to say.


Here are a few things you can do to override the ego tendency of pushing and insisting something must happen in one of these moments. Applying these tips can help you a lot this week.


Coping with Intensity


We’re sitting in intense energies now – some catalyzed by planetary forces and some a natural part of humanity’s awakening. Accept what is, acknowledging that this is part of living now. Rather than fighting what you encounter, work with it as part of your spiritual path.


I suggest taking more deep breaths, more walks outside, more time-outs from focusing on issues. To create your own inner sanctum of inner peace is among your optimal resources for walking through the fire of these times.


Meditate more often than you usually do. Stop the world more often than you usually do, too – looking out the window if you’re inside or gazing into the sky if you’re outside.


Another tool is working with time in a quantum way. Yes, some things seem urgent, especially to the ego mind caught in linear time. When you are behind that door that won’t open and you are enraged about not being able to open it to communicate immediately, your ego can push you in unwise ways. Your wise self operating in quantum, however, trusts in divine orchestration. It instinctively knows that a closed door doesn’t stay closed – all things in this world are temporary.


When you feel really stuck, go to your heart and do some deep breathing. Your heart knows truth. At your core you can be at peace – regardless of Mars/Uranus and the world’s chaos. Go to this place often not just when things become choppy, but as your spiritual resource for being in this physical world. Trust that you are okay and that you will be guided to your next best steps.

Copyright by Selacia – a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * http://selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

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5-Council of 12-energized Crystal Pyramids, Merkabas, Crystal Bowls
6-Private 1-1 Sessions with Selacia from any location worldwide


More Out With The Old & In With The NEW by Denise Le Faye | HighHeartLife

More Out With The Old & In With The NEW

So much has changed energetically since the December 21, 2018 Solstice it’s dizzying, and it’s still happening. Then more changed via the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse supermoon. These changes will only be followed by nearly constant changes throughout 2019 so, eyes and HighHearts wide open transmuters.

The night of the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse supermoon—which feels like it happened six months ago instead of only days ago—I checked it repeatedly throughout the evening and felt other humans reacting to it. It was visually beautiful and I was grateful for the clear night sky so I could watch the entire process unfold from the privacy of my backyard. What surprised me about it however was once it reached its peak, the energies changed dramatically and instantly. Another LARGE chunk of old lower things were suddenly gone the moment this eclipse peaked and I felt an explosive removal of the old and instantaneous insertion of NEW energies and codes. Remember back in April 2017, how Saturn got hit by seven solar flares to energetically free it from old lower things? The January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse had a similar energetic transformation, freeing the Moon of all past lower energies, negativity and distortions and has embodied the NEW energies.

This January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse energy swap-out was blatant, intense and took a split-second. As I stood there watching and feeling this, I was simultaneously saddened in a nostalgic sort of way and ecstatic, surprised and not surprised at the speed of this, and empty and full too. Empty of the old and full of more NEW. Another strange sensation and knowing about the ongoing removal of old energies and distortions and what remained of them and their etheric structures.

There’s been a great acceleration of the removal of old lower energies and instantaneous insertion and embodiment of more NEW higher Light energies and codes etc. since mid-December 2018. This quickening will continue during 2019 so be prepared to feel, I repeat FEEL, not think but feel the old world and its energies and intentional and unintentional distortions suddenly disappearing energetically more and more and more. This process has been happening all along but it has greatly accelerated since 2017, because we and Earth are capable of much more far more quickly being removed and replaced and not be injured or destabilized by these big evolutionary shifts and  processes.

As great as all that always is every time it happens the fact remains that many of we Forerunners, Blue Rays, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Embodiers, Transmuters, Gridworkers etc. have to physically go through these cosmic energy changes in our physical bodies. Not every Forerunner, Blue Ray, Starseed, Lightworker, Embodier, Gridworker etc. does however. This has always been a big confusion in the Ascension Community since the beginning.

Over ten years ago I wrote about this at TRANSITIONS and said that not everyone, meaning every Forerunner, Lightworker, Blue Ray, Starseed etc., was a framer in the Ascension Process construction crew. Nor were they all plumbers or electricians, stone masons or painters, concrete foundation layers or roofers. They all were and still are Ascension Process “construction crew members”—aka Volunteers—but they all, we all do NOT have the same specialties. One of my specialties is Transmuter, another is Lightworker, another Lightwarrior, another Gridworker etc.

Where I’m going with this is to say that not every Volunteer has the same abilities and specialties, which is why there are a lot of “construction crew members” that have not and will not experience personally transmuting old negative energies and all the physical body pains that goes with doing that. This is why there’s always been these huge discrepancies between all of us Volunteers; not everyone has the same capabilities and because of that they, we don’t all have identical Mission Work or jobs to do while incarnate on Earth in these bodies. The roofer isn’t better than the plumber and the plumber isn’t better than the painters and so on. Each is incredibly valuable because each has different abilities, specialties and jobs to do for All. There are far too many in the Ascension Community that do not know or understand this and look down on other Volunteer “crew members” because they are still experiencing physical body pains in 2019 and they are not.

My point is that due to the December 21, 2018 Solstice Earth core change that took place then and continues to today, and due to the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse, those Volunteer “crew members” that specialize in being able to transmute old negative energies and Embody and anchor the NEW energies in their physical bodies have been doing this again increasingly since mid-December 2018. The January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse pushed this process to another level for those Volunteers that are Transmutors and Embodiers and anchor the NEW Light energies on, into and around Earth.

I’ve tried to get this article finished since the day after the Lunar eclipse, but earlier this month my physical body started to, once again, do this very painful thing it’s done off and on since the start of 2017. I’ll have one physical body part suddenly become very painful and not work or be able to be used normally such as an elbow joint, a shoulder joint, hip(s) joints, bones in one or both feet etc. and the next day another area will start hurting and the next day another area and so on for a couple of weeks. It eventually gets so bad and painful that I can barely walk or stand and put my weight on my feet, and this has been the case again for most of January 2019. I’m going into detail about this because I know that many of you reading this (not all but many) have been experiencing the same amplified cascade of body parts and areas suddenly and for no clear reason go super painful day after day all month.

The reasons for this amplified physical body pains that many of us have dealt with in January 2019, is due to the December 2018 Earth core energy change, and then the January 2019 Lunar eclipse that removed abundant old negative distortions placed in the Moon long ago by Team Dark. What happens to the Sun happens to and in our physical bodies. What happens to the Earth happens to and in our physical bodies. What happens to the Moon happens to and in our physical bodies and so on. Every time old negative energies and distortions are removed from any cosmic body, the same happens to our physical bodies because those old distortions were in our physical and energetic bodies too. So as we get excited over more old lower energies, distortions and their structures getting removed, many of us (but not all of us) also have had the same process take place in our physical bodies and it freakin’ hurts! I’m sure we experience this in our own unique ways too but pain is pain and transmuting dense negativity is transmuting dense negativity so do NOT feel bad for feeling bad. Why? Because you are the only ones who can do this type of Volunteer Transmuting and anchoring Work for All. Let the other Volunteers play on the beach or go to meetings and do their things, the things we can’t do but know that they’re able to do things like that because you and I are specialists at transmuting the old and Embodying more NEW. Plumbers, carpenters, roofers, framers, electricians and more are all needed to make the whole thing happen and get built.


January 25, 2019

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