THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, September 7, 2017

"SUN reflecting off water through trees" taken in wall springs, florida by wise owl brenda

“SUN reflecting off water through trees” taken in wall springs, florida
by wise owl brenda

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, September 7, 2017

Full Moon Phase:  clarity, realizations

Moon in Aries

Sun: 16 Virgo – “children crowd around the orangutan cage at the zoo”

True Alignments:  wonderment, mystery, facing something, seeing connections, united, including others

Catalysts for Change:  feeling closed/boxed/caged in, eavesdropping, divide and conquer, singled out, derision

Earth:  16 Pisces – “in a quiet moment, a creative individual experiences the flow of inspiration”

True Alignments:  chains of events or ideas, Oneness, going with the flow, integration, spiritual revelation

Catalysts for Change:  self-doubt or self-criticism, shutting down, forcing things, immobilization, creative block (try going outdoors for a while to reframe and refresh), spiritual crisis

As the intensity of the solar dynamics increases today, we continue what we began yesterday with the energetic of “in a quiet moment, a creative individual experiences the flow of information.”  We go with the flow.

Going with the flow is the wisdom for today.  Things are happening very quickly, causing fear, confusion, and uncertainty to rise.  In response, the tendency is to clamp down and try to control things.  This is a “constriction,” and is not beneficial.

By consciously choosing to not push things but to follow along, we can save ourselves a lot of worry.  This is an “expansion,” and is beneficial.

It seems counterintuitive to engage our will to go with the flow, but the currents are strong and require strong minds.

We track the Moon phases here at Oracle Report, and we know that the Full Moon phase brings the fullest expressions of the New Moon that started the lunar month.  Whatever was going on then reaches a peak now.  Remember that we are in the Full Moon of a lunar month that began with a Total Solar Eclipse.  The Moon was pummeled by solar frequencies on August 21.  Now we see the response to that.

Keep in mind also that there are two Sabian symbols that are the themes for this month: “a mermaid emerges from the ocean ready for rebirth in human form” and “an unsealed letter.”  We see both happening, yes?  Things are rebirthing (renaissancing) and things are being revealed.  Hurricanes redirect (divert) our attention from these, but we remember the higher picture, and we hold to it.

As the archons, in the throes of their return to Source, attempt to muddle our minds with fear, we embrace the paradox of engaging the will to go with the flow – Divine flow.

I love the proverb “just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Let’s go with the flow today, and keep it on the light side.



Karen Downing: Integrating the Eclipse Energy

Integrating the Eclipse Energy

How are you feeling post-eclipse? The energies have been taxing, as they are upping our light quotient by more than ever before. As our physical body integrates the light body upgrade taking place, we can be fatigued, dizzy, and experience a deep emotional purging.

The light body expels all that is not in resonance with it. That energy can be from this life, past lives, lives lived prior to this planet, and even collective soul group energies. If it is anything other than hope, trust, acceptance, and love, then it’s gotta go.

During this purging process, some of you will have encountered a deep sadness, anger, or fear bubbling to the surface. These emotions can remain buried in the body under layer upon layer of past life experience. It takes a strong energetic event, such as an eclipse, to “close the door on the past,” and release from within us, all we no longer need.

Some people will experience more of a physical release process like changing jobs, living situations, relationships, or health practices. Whatever the eclipse is bringing up for you, know that what you are feeling is temporary, and is only a reflection of that which your Ego/Self has kept locked away from you. The more you find out about the hidden inventory of your own Ego, the better equipped you are to move forward in your life with confidence and joy. The Ego can be your friend or your worst nightmare. If you work with your Ego to extract all it is holding on to, the better off you will be.

Think of your Ego as a well-meaning friend. They may not always give the best advice, but often, if you look into the words and phrases they use, you can gain inspiration about how they are attempting to assist you. The Ego is much the same as that friend and will tend to give advice and guidance to you based on either a proactive avoidance of situations or a reactive explosion to them. Each of the past life patterns has proactive and reactive expressions to how it handles different situations, and those extreme expressions hold hints as to how your Ego is trying to help you.

The Ego holds on to vast reserves of past life energy, and in its quest to avoid repeating the trauma of the past, it will influence you through fear or anger, as a warning sign that you are venturing dangerously close to past life trauma. But, the thing is, to truly avoid repeating our past life traumas, we must touch the energy of them. We need to bring to the surface all that the Ego would prefer to remain hidden; all of the fear, traumas, and challenging energy. We have to get in it, to get out of it.

When your Ego has you locked in the energy of judgment, guilt, shame, or fear, use that emotion as an anchor to deep dive into all aspects of what you are truly feeling. If you do not get the energy out, it continues to inform the Universe, and you will attract the situations in alignment with your fears. This deep dive process is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal to learn how to transform your energy and emotional state at any time. When you deep dive, you reclaim your emotional state, that is where true personal power and sovereignty dwell: in knowing who you are.

The energy of the eclipse is bringing forth those energetic aspects that the Ego would wish to remain hidden, but they cannot. It is time to explore them and release them for good. We all have an Ego to wrestle with; it is sly and crafty, but definitely not logical. It is an emotional energy and can fool us into thinking we have it all figured out. To accept that we do not is one big part of learning how to navigate your Ego as best you can.

Now is the time to heal the past. Now is the time to invest time and energy in yourself. Now is the time to explore all the hidden details of who you truly are. There is no time like the present, and the more you actively participate in this healing and release, the better able you will be to gently pass through these eclipse energies. If you choose to ignore this process or subconsciously decide that you do not wish to help yourself, you are in for a much longer ride. The choice is yours. Are you willing to do what it takes to clear out the emotional residue, or will you just wait for another time when things are better, or you feel right? If you wait on that, the Ego will have you forever fooled.

July 2017 Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

Here we are in July now and if this year has seemed both extremely long and also very short it is because it has been, so far, a series of back and forth and up and down movements that have made it hard to stay focused on the present as we’re moving in every direction. We’re releasing the past as we set intentions for the present and future, while also integrating vast amounts of energy to fill the gaps created by the 3D dis-integration. Are you tired yet? Don’t give up because this month we begin to see progress that will carry us through to September. The next 3 months will be very active, so keep those intentions strong.

July opens with a definite shift in energy as we enter the second half of the year and activate the power of 8 for the month (July is the 7th month and 2017 is a ‘1’ year). Now we can start seeing some motion and movement but this is an ‘inside out’ action where the change and transformation are internally centered so that outward action is grounded in confidence and intention. The theme for July is ‘energetic significance and relevance’ and that is our guide for how to use this month’s energy.

We have to think of July as part of a 3 month period because July’s energy events lead up to the  August 21 eclipse and the September 23 big Virgo event which is described in Revelation 12 of the Bible. In  September we have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Virgo, a rather large and unusual concentration. What does it mean? Virgo is the sign of the servant but it’s also the place where our humanity meets our divinity, where we become of service in powerful ways instead of in service as Martyred Healers.  September is another big turning point on the 3D/5D integration timeline and I’ll talk more about that in September. Right now, we need to look at July’s energy and how it contributes to the energy mix in these next 3 months.

The July 8 full moon is another one of those that activates so much energy of transformation. Powerfully aligned with Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, and with numerous stressful aspects, it brings up a lot for us to think about and to decide what we will choose to do. Will we react with anger or respond with empowered consideration? That is the key theme in July which looks at the energetic significance of events and energies relative to our intention and how we want to experience our life.

Everything in our life has an energetic significance – it all relates to the energy of a lesson or issue that we are healing and completing and a soul and karmic cycle that we are involved in. When we look at the energetic significance of every situation we see how the dots are connected and the bigger picture becomes clear. Yes some things in life are upsetting but what else is happening around them? If we’re angry and upset we only see what is happening to create chaos and drama in our lives. But if we look at the bigger picture, the energetic significance becomes very clear and we let the full story play out, along with the blessings that can arise out of it.

On my last day in France last week, I missed my flight to London (I have done that only one other time in my life), where I was catching my US return flight the next day. As it was the last flight out, I was stuck. I decided to have dinner since I was hungry and the Sheraton was the closest restaurant. When the maitre’d heard about my situation and that I had planned to stay at the airport that night, he rallied his staff to find me a hotel room, comped my dinner, and gave me his personal cell number in case I needed any help in getting to the airport in the morning. I was upset over missing the flight (which was caused by a delay on the train) but I also got some wonderful support from people who were able to turn my upset into a confirmation of how wonderfully kind people can be and how I can be blessed in unexpected ways.

July’s new energy patterns provide the perfect foundation to begin looking at things from the point of ‘energetic significance’. If there is drama, what is it telling you and where have you experienced this before? What energies are trying to shift in your life so your energy container can expand to accept new frequencies? Is something trying to leave your life but you’re resisting that change? What blessings can you allow to enter your life now? Are you willing to receive them? Those are some of the questions you can use to look into the energetic significance of what is going on in your life now.

The July 23 new moon is at 0 Leo and here the Sun is at home, as it rules Leo. It’s joined by Mars in a tight conjunction so expect some joy action to be possible for you. This new moon feels happy and not as heavy as some of the ones we have had lately. New moons are portals to new beginnings and this one opens the portal to the August 21 eclipse at 29 Leo which is significant for everyone born from around 1955 to 1962 because it falls on your natal Pluto in late Leo. That period was also when Eisenhower made his famous speech about the ‘military industrial complex’, which has been the source of global domination, chaos, and suffering for over 50 years. This eclipse will have an impact on them, as it impacts their Pluto too. Maybe it will be an end to the global war machine as people insist on peace, I’ll hold that as an intention.

And we have a Mercury retrograde in August, which begins its shadow period on July 25. The actual retrograde is from August 13 to September 3 and is what puts Mercury in Virgo for the September Virgo focus. Mercury retro can create problems with communication and transport, so be prepared for that by giving yourself extra time to get to where you need to be and double check your communications to see that they were received.

We’re still in the 3D/5D integration that is our ascension process and we’re seeing density being displaced by light. I got confirmation of that when I stepped on the bathroom scale this morning and saw that I weighed 110 pounds, which I know is not correct. After 3 tries and a change of batteries the scale still said 110 pounds but a few hours later my normal weight of 117 pounds displayed. I had to laugh because for a few hours I was ‘less dense’ than I thought I was. This is the lightening of density as higher frequency energies are displacing the very heavy energies we have been living with and under for so long. 3D is the paradigm of domination and control; 5D is the paradigm of self awareness and creativity so if you’re feeling more creative, confident, and ready for new adventures, start setting intentions for the energy you want in your life.

This month we can slow down a little bit and take some time to assess what has happened since January 1.  Remember we began the year with the same degrees as the January 2016 Mercury retrograde and we had to deal with a lot of retro activity through April, so we really have not had an opportunity to work with a lot of new energy as we have been processing so much ‘old’ stuff. July is a big step onto a new path and it’s the path of potential, possibilities, and progress. Don’t wait for the right moment or situation, pick any path and try it out. You’ll know soon enough if it is right for you and if not, you can always change your mind. Open your energy field to new possibilities for your life and use this month’s energy to get some new beginnings started. Have a wonderful  month.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Jennifer Hoffman: Stuck In The Light

I hear the words “I feel stuck” from so many clients now as they are finished with one aspect of their healing cycle and want to move into something more fulfilling and joyful. But they cannot seem to take that next step and wonder why. There is a reason for that which involves how we receive light and energy, our ascension mission, and our ability to walk in both worlds, which is why I always stress that this is an integration and not a takeover. If earlier aspects of our ascension path felt like big leaps, in this part we are inching along so we can be 5D energy receivers and share that with the earth and with humanity.

Our focus on our physical body and emotions is partly due to the belief that this is all we are, a physical body that experiences the world through our emotions. But there is more to us than that, just as there is more to our DNA than the 2 strand double helix surrounded by ‘junk DNA’ that science tells us. We are divine beings living in a material world and we are also energy containers and energy receivers. And that is the part of us that is highly active now, which means that forward motion is slowed down so we can receive as much energy as possible and hold that energetic space for everyone.

We’d like to take a  huge leap to the end of the 4D bridge and embrace our 5D being, celebrate that we have accomplished the impossible and move on. But while that would be nice it isn’t part of the process. Each step that we take towards full 5D integration in our own lives requires that we receive that amount of 5D energy to make it possible. Whatever aspects of our 3D being that we transition into 5D integration requires that we are in both dimensions. For some that is easy, for others it is nearly impossible. So as we’re the energy containers and the light beacons, we are also the ones who can be an example to everyone as to how that integration process works. To do that effectively we cannot be so far away from them energetically that they cannot see us, we need to have a foot in both worlds, to be multi-dimensional ourselves. So we get stuck somewhere along the 4D bridge and inch along so we can show others how it’s done.

We see examples of this all around us in the proliferation of ‘how to’ shows that address topics from cooking to plumbing to rock climbing and everything in between. We know that we cannot force someone to change their minds about 3D and make that leap for them, but we can become their ‘how to’ source for their choice and to do that we have to be somewhere they can see and connect with us, which places us somewhere along the middle of the 4D bridge, halfway (or a little more) to our own ascension and inching along as we receive the 5D energy that empowers our journey and a little extra to share with others.

So if you’re feeling stuck, just inching along or like you’re treading water, use that time to bring in as much high vibe energy as possible and expand where you at now.  Bloom before you go is an article I wrote about my own frustration with this process that resonated with so many of my readers. And in the meantime know that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing right now, and are where you need to be. There is no reason why you cannot be joyful, fulfilled, and prosperous where you are right now so set that as your intention and then when you are ready to move along more quickly towards that 5D destination, you will have expanded the potential of your 5D life even more.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Jennifer Hoffman: Me Myself and I — Integrating 5D Acceptance into our Being

We look at ourselves very critically because we can’t get over the pain, shame, and guilt of the past to see how we can ever become the container for the joy, peace, love, and fulfillment that we long for. So we see ourselves as incomplete, un-whole and set out on endless paths of healing that try to make sense of a past we can’t resolve and create a present that we can’t envision. But if we see ourselves in our three aspects, me, myself, and I, and bring those together into congruence, we can create the life we long for and release ourselves from the healing paths that do not serve this purpose.

Our ‘me’ aspect is the human self that our soul is born into. This ‘me’ is far more complex than we imagine because it is the container for all of our lifetimes of experience, all of the energies we have connected with, and everything that we have ever been, good and bad, positive and negative, victim and abuser. We think we start each lifetime with a blank book but we don’t. We start every lifetime with a book that is full of information from our past lives that contains a blank page for this lifetime.

The blank page is what we will create in this lifetime but it isn’t of value to us if we do not recognize that the blank page is also part of the book of our many lifetimes. We try to find joy by re-writing the past through engaging in healing but that doesn’t work either because all of our healing work takes us back to the beginning of that book. What we need to focus on is the blank page, the new self that must emerge from the ashes of the past by using those ashes as fertilizer for the new being we want to create. That happens when we integrate the past into the self and work from our whole self, or myself.

Our ‘myself’ aspect is the starting point for our new being-ness. It is the self that we criticize, judge, hate, blame, shame, guilt, and despise for its pain, weakness, and fears. When we focus on our ‘myself’ aspect we see everything that we believe is the source of our pain, our mistakes, and our lack of progress or success. Yet in the ‘myself’ aspect is the seed for our third aspect, the ‘I’ because we achieve congruence through acceptance of who we have been, not by rejecting it.

This is where we get stuck in healing cycles and never allow ourselves to become whole, which is the necessary step to take us beyond healing and into congruence. We must become whole in every way, not denying or rejecting any part of ourselves because we find them distasteful or objectionable, but by using our weakness to become strong, by using our fear to create courage, and acknowledging that our humanity exists so our divinity can shine.

Once we can accept ourselves fully and completely we open the portal to allow our divinity to shine through. Divinity is about wholeness, not holiness. It does not arrive on our doorstep when we are good enough, it arrives when we acknowledge that nothing about us is imperfect or irredeemable, and that our fear state exists because we reject the blessings of our divinity when we don’t think we are good enough to be divine. This is the ‘I’ aspect, the part of us that holds the key to the joy, love, peace, and fulfillment that we desire. This is also our recognition of ourselves as a part of Source or God, and that nothing we ever do can separate us from this aspect.

The journey through our aspects, me, myself, and I, is our greatest life challenge. This is a lesson in acceptance, which is part of self love on a much more profound level. With acceptance we acknowledge our humanity and all of its foibles and invite our divinity to share our table even though we’re eating on paper plates, using paper towels as napkins, and using plastic cutlery. Our divinity doesn’t need the special china and silver, it just needs an invitation to sit next to us.

We arrive at our ‘I’ aspect when we are ready to accept ourselves, ‘warts and all’ and acknowledge our own perfection. Then, from that I aspect we find the congruence, harmony, flow, and connection that our soul longs for because now it has a home in our humanity that has a place for our divinity at the table of our being.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, January 6, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, January 6, 2017

First Quarter Moon Phase:
step out of comfort zone; take action

Moon in Aries/Taurus

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Seth, God of the North

Skill: practice patience; prepare for “mind merging” levels of transformation and bridging

True Alignments:  giving and taking in balance, overcoming or overriding (especially anything that induces a bit of panic), looking at the details, the inner expressed in the outer, objectivity, practice, messages from a higher power, not fooled, making adjustments, avoiding pitfalls (mentally, physically, emotionally)

Catalysts for Change:  taking but not giving, avoidance/procrastination (rise above), hypocrisy, mistrust, congestion of all types, adjustment difficulties, rushing, suppressing, going against the flow, discarding, creating barriers, fatigue and feelings of heaviness (this comes with a Sun-Pluto conjunction and will pass)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “an angel carrying a harp”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Wise owls, we are in an epic time!

The Sun-Pluto conjunction that is underway is producing, in combination with spiritual forces, an energetic that is bringing the mind together (as in the hemispheres of the brain synchronizing).  However, it may feel like a blow out.

Bridges are being built with just about anything you can think of – left and right, east and west, out of divide and conquer.  This is a great blessing, and it is part of the renovation, restoration, and renaissance of humanity…



Mantra for the Second Renaissance and the Return of Wisdom

All roads lead to Liberty.

Sophia ke Thelete acousome.  Wisdom and Will, let us attend.

Q & A with the Galactic Council of Light by Jenny Schiltz

Q & A with the Galactic Council of Lightby

Integration, Galactic Council of light, Ascended Masters, Ascension


I would like to share with everyone an experience where I found myself being drawn into meeting with the Galactic Council for Light (GCL). In this meeting, I asked a number of questions that I thought was relevant to what I am seeing in regards to clients and other observations, as well as what I have been experiencing myself. This is an extract of the conversation that I had with the GCL.


Jenny: These past few months have been exceptionally intense. One of my clients described to me that it is as if she is in the middle of the road, hit by a truck and as she stood up again, hit by another truck.  I feel and believe that many people can relate to this sentiment.

GCL: Yes, this intensity that you speak of has increased not only for the physical body, but also the dissonance held within one’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions is also being exaggerated.

Jenny: What is the purpose of this increase in intensity?

GCL: Simply put, integration. It is of utmost importance that each person integrate all of their being.  Each person must choose to willfully integrate with all of their lower density parts; in order for complete integration of the higher aspects of their soul to be integrated. Some refer to these pieces as their shadow, their wounded inner child and while this is accurate; there are also fractions that have been squashed or separated from the whole because one feels they should or must act a certain way or become a certain persona. These roles, are now crumbling as the parts wanting to come to the whole are getting louder. This is the reason many are seeing the ego rise up, even in those who have proclaimed to have overcome such separation.

It is important to understand that your life is a microcosm of the macrocosm. Source created all; the galaxies, the worlds, the star systems. Each soul created was Source fracturing into millions of pieces so that information could be gathered and returned. Source wanted to experience all that is and all that it is not. As each soul expresses its own version of learning the main goal is to return to the one with information and a new perspective. . This is no different than the goal each being on earth has undertaken. Each soul that chooses to come to earth, do so to experience all that it is and all that it is not. This experience may take many, many lifetimes or it may only take a few.  The main goal is the same: to learn, to grow, to experience, then to integrate.

When source integrates the pieces that have returned to it, it is not done in disdain for the experiences but with deep love and understanding. For you see, while the intent was to explore all that Source was not as well as what it is, what has been learned is SOURCE IS ALL. There is NO distinction between what was considered part of Source and what was considered impossible characteristics.  When Source integrates these lessons, experiences, feelings and emotions, it is done with great love and joy. As each integration brings more understanding and oneness. This is what is being asked of each of you as well. To integrate fully with each piece, each experience, each lesson with joy and love. This is the only way that true oneness can be reached.

As we move forward on this journey many are finding that they are able to hold great light, higher frequencies, yet there is still dysfunction hidden deep within. There is a tendency that the more light a person holds the more they would like to deny the parts that still reside in the lower dimensions. It is these pieces that are showing themselves very strongly now.

As you were shown, in the next few months we will begin the process of separating the frequencies. Each person will be required to maintain their frequency at a higher rate in each moment. In order to do this, the pieces that still reside in the lower dimensions must be integrated and welcomed home with love.

(To read about what I was shown click here: Update on the New Earth)

Jenny: What does this look like for people?

GCL: For many the topic at hand is self-worth and the undoing of eons of conditioning that preached sacrifice of self and unworthiness.  For others deep wounds will open to be healed, accepted, forgiven and then integrated. For some it will be a deep shaking of all beliefs so that one is forced to take a look at what they are creating, allowing in, and there by perpetuating in their life. To understand what people are going through one must only look to the collective. Here again is an example of a microcosm revealing itself in a macrocosm.

Jenny: It was explained to me that in a few months the separating of frequencies is to begin, but will be slow and last almost 2 years. Is this accurate?

GCL: Yes, the purpose of the separation is for the lower densities to completely collapse. If it was done in an instant, many would be unable to live in the higher frequencies. Everything is being done so that every soul has the opportunity to go forward. We are very hopeful that this will be the case for the majority of humanity.

Jenny: So right now, the most important thing is the self-work? The integration?

GCL: Yes, but one cannot forget that in all of this the return to joy is needed. Joy and love are your natural state. Returning to self, being fully integrated within your soul, will require you to return to this.

Jenny: Joy is a hard concept for many

GCL: Yes, many must get in touch with who they were as a child before layers of obligations and beliefs were heaped upon them. Yet, what must be understood is that being in a state of joy does not mean that all I perfect in the moment, but that all is happening for the highest perfection.

Jenny: Thank you!

GCL: It has been our pleasure.

I hope that this is as helpful for you as it has been to me. Thank you to all who share this work. It means the world.





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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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On Being Your Authentic Self, Part II: The Path of the Sun | The Druid’s Garden

On Being Your Authentic Self, Part II:
The Path of the Sun | The Druid’s Garden
November 27, 2016

In last week’s post, I explored the importance of finding ways of living and being your authentic self.  I suggested that there were at least three pathways to doing this work: the Path of the Moon, which is the quiet path of living one’s principles and showing the what while not necessarily discussing the spiritual path or why.  This is a good path for those who feel restricted in sharing their spiritual path fully in various contexts of their lives; there are ways of still living one’s path while being very implicit about your inner spiritual life.

The path of the sun!

The path of the sun!

Today, I’ll explore the second path, shining path of the sun.  The sun path refers to us being more being more out and open, more explicit, about the fact that you are a druid—radiating this truth in the world like the sun on a warm summer day. As I mentioned last week, both paths are useful to understand to do the work of integrating our outer life with our inner spiritual paths, but both are inherently different kinds of work.  Today, we stand in the summer sun!


Path of the Sun: Coming Out and Radiating Brightly

I think there is this idea that certain people are out, radiantly and brilliantly so, all the time and in every way.  And while it is true that some folks manage this, the degree to which druids are “out” and open about who they are seems to fall along a wide spectrum. Few of us are blessed with having life circumstances that allow us to be out fully and unabashedly, at least here in the USA. Truthfully, I know of very few druids or who are out and free in every aspect of their lives. Rather, I have found that being out is a matter of degrees. Maybe you are out to a select group of friends, or your family, but still “in” at your workplace. Or maybe you are out and publicly known in the broader druid community, but life in a conservative community means you keep your beliefs quiet around town. Or maybe you feel you cannot be out at all, you are new to the path or exploring on your own and aren’t ready to defend practices you are still beginning to understanding (if so, my post last week will be relevant to your position).  In acknowledging this spectrum, I acknowledge that each of us must find our own place along these paths.


I think that it is, however, important that at least some of us take up the “path of the sun” work.  Given that, I’m now going describe two reasons for doing so.


The Path of the Sun for the sake of the land.  At many points of human history, spiritual considerations of the land and its sacredness were are the forefront of public discussions.   Here in the USA today, and in many other parts of the world, this is no longer the case. And I think that being more open, and public, about the sacredness of the land can help us, on a larger scale, shift things. I spoke about this extensively in my “earth ambassadors” post from last year: how the land needs ambassadors, full of knowledge and rooted in a sacred relationship, to speak.


Being hidden about our spiritual practices means we are not able to engage in dialogue, discussion, and action on issues of the land from a directly sacred and spiritual perspective. I believe that druids and other earth-centered folks are in a good position to do this work and to support others who are already doing this work, but only if we are confident and able to find our voices, as humans and as druids. This directly leads me to my next point.


The Path of the Sun for the sake of our traditions. I remember being present for the dialogue between Philip Carr-Gom (Chosen Chief of OBOD) and John Michael Greer (then Grand Archdruid of AODA) on the differences between druidry in the USA and druidry in the UK (you can listen to this discussion on Druidcast (Episodes 68 and 69)). Philip shared stories of how UK druids are now consulted to bless forests and parks and to be a source of spiritual guidance when it came to human-land interactions. Meanwhile, in the USA, we have far, far to go. I think so many folks stay quiet about druidry here, at least, for fear of rejection, intolerance, or misunderstanding on the part of others. And this is a serious, real fear. I recently spoke to several women at a Samhain celebration here and town who shared stories of how a small magical shop had bricks thrown through the windows and quiet threats–it forced the shopkeepers to close. Certainly, being out and open as I now am, I do wonder and worry about these challenges myself.


Sunflowers embrace the sun!

Sunflowers embrace the sun!

However, for those who are seriously considering how far down the Path of the Sun they want to travel , I want to point to the many social justice movements of the 20th and 21st century for perspective. It was only through being willing to be “out” and fight for equality that we finally saw tremendous social progress on a number of issues (racism, gay rights, Native American rights, and so on).  Now, I’m not saying that any of these issues are “solved” but we have certainly seen major social movement over a period of time because of the willingness of people who belong to these groups, and their allies, to stand and be seen and heard. I believe education and advocacy on the part of druids and other earth-based spiritual paths, like other social movements, is a necessary part of the work we need to do in the world. I believe that if at least some of us are not willing to be out, we face a longer, harder road towards social acceptance, which harms us all.  Cultivating broader public understanding is a really critical issue on a number of levels; and the lack of understanding affects all of us in different ways.  I’ve spoken to many folks who have difficulty getting their holidays off (with employers seeing them as not legitimate), to folks not able to wear symbols of their faith while other religious groups can, to issues of child custody in court cases based on religion.


One key issue, in my mind, in addition to those I listed above has to do with the core spiritual practices and experiences that we have as druids. Many of the spiritual experiences that are validated, acceptable, and important in our druid community are considered to be mental health issues by the broader establishment. And yet, many spiritual traditions all over the world see and hear spirit communication; its just the present one I happen to live in that utterly rejects this and instead sees it as pathology or worse. Some good writing on this topic has come out recently from the shamanic community, but it is very far from the mainstream. There’s a reason I don’t talk about my work with plant spirits to most people (although people certainly know I’m a druid, but they don’t know the details about what I do).


The Path of the Sun for the sake of ourselves. Beyond the reasons that we might engage in the Path of the SUn for the sake of the land and our traditions, there’s also the inner reason: living an authentic life.  Its important for many of us to feel like we can be open and accepted for who we are, that we can be free to express our spiritual paths and not stay hidden. When I think about this issue, I’m reminded of the line from the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby song, where Eleanor Rigby “Waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door, Who is it for?”  Many of us don’t want to have a face that we wear that we keep in the jar by the door (or at the edge of our grove, the edge of the spiritual gathering, wherever that edge is).  I think this is particularly important to those of us in certain Western cultures where the current of individualism runs strong.  For certain people, being anything less than exactly who we are, title and all, resonates with an inauthenticity that we cannot abide.  For these kinds of people, the Path of the Sun represents the only possible path towards wholeness of body, mind, heart, and soul.


Walking the Path of the Sun

Now that we’ve established some reasons we might want to walk the Path of the Sun, how can we do so?  This next section offers some suggestions for the process of coming into the sun.  I’m drawing a lot from my own experience here, and the slow movement I had from being completely quiet, to moving into the Path of the Moon, and later, into the Sun in many aspects of my life.

Coming out is a process. Coming out is not a single process that you do one time and then is resolved; rather, it is a continual process that we are always cultivating. Timing is so critical with this coming out process; once conception of time in ancient Rome was “kairos” which loosely translates as the ‘right time and right place’ for a particular thing to occur.  And so, as we think about coming out more fully into the sun, we need to attend to the process and timing of doing so.

I’ll also add that a lot of the process of coming out as a druid comes down to issues of our own identity: who we are, who we want to be, and who we socially construct with others (the face in the jar by the door). This has a lot to do with how comfortable we sit in our skin, and how that comfort changes based on the contexts in which we find ourselves. Each moment, we make decisions about who we are going to be, how we share our path with others, to come into the sunlight and shine. Each time we have an opportunity, we choose to act upon it or not to act upon it.


Having Key Conversations. One of the ways I believe that the sun path is most effective is in key conversations with individuals who are open to such conversation. I like to show people that I’m not some [enter your stereotype here] fringe lunatic with a crazy spiritual path, but rather a typical person with a job, a home, and the same hopes and dreams and fears as everyone else.  This is why timing is so important; I rarely come out and say “I’m a druid” in big bold statements when I first meet people, but I also don’t keep it a secret.  I find that its easier to have conversations with people after they get to know you just as a person, rather than someone who has a weird spiritual path (which may color their whole perception of you).


Once those conversations are ready to take place, framing and definitions are critical. Most people completely and totally lack a frame of reference of who we are and what we do. If I tell people “druid” they think I might be a World of Warcraft character. The questions immediately begin, “Is that like a witch or something?” “Is that some kind of video game thing?” or “Are you a pagan?”  The person asking the questions is trying to fitting new experiences and concepts into their previous sets of knowledge and experience bases (it is how we learn as humans).  This means that, if you come out or someone finds out you are a druid, the very first thing they try to do is to fit who you are and your path into their existing knowledge base. However: it is extremely likely that they don’t have an existing knowledge base that is an accurate representation. Simply allowing them to fit what they understand of my path into their own knowledge base encourages and perpetuates ignorance.This is because we don’t have spiritual paths or practices that are well understood; recognizing that people’s existing knowledge base either is absent, or it is present but insufficient, is an important part of moving beyond stereotypical or absent knowledge bases.


The Path of Druidry

The Path of Druidry

And here’s the thing: if you don’t fill this void, then imagination, representations on television, or their own limited experiences are likely to do so.  So, if you see this happening, you can say, “hey, I know you are trying to fit this within your knowledge base, but the truth is most people don’t have any idea of what I do. But if you are interested, I’m happy to sit down with you over a cup of tea and talk to you about it so that you do understand it more. And I’m delighted to hear more about your path and what you do.” This kind of strategy can lead to productive conversations and mutual understanding.


Of course, key conversations often begin with those closest to us. I remember the difficulty of the first key conversations I had with my own mother, whom I am very close to. They occurred just after I felt empowered by placing the Awen stone in my office as my first act of “coming out” (see last week’s post). I sat her down deep in the woods and spoke to her about my spiritual path; I showed the parallels between her own Christian path (which involves praying in the woods each day and seeing signs from God in nature) and my own path (which involves meditating in the woods each day and seeing signs from the spirits in nature). She was very quiet, and afterwards, did not say anything for a long time. I didn’t push it, and finally, nearly two years later, I asked her if she had anything to say. She looked at me and said, “I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to say.” After that, the ice was broke and I was able to occasionally share things with her that had seemed impossible before. Still, even into my second decade as a druid, the conversations with my family are still challenging, and the process of coming out to my family, still presents a lot of difficulty because of the issues I raise above–people think they know all there is to know about me, without ever having a single conversation about me, and it is difficult to find how to fill that gap.

The Quick Statement.
A second part of the key conversations, I believe, is what I will call the “30 second elevator pitch.”  Imagine yourself in an elevator, and someone comes up to you and says, “Hey, I heard that you are a druid.  What exactly does that mean?” I have found it helpful to prepare–and practice–a 30 second or less response to this question. This will require massive oversimplification. But a simple, yet accurate description is better than a winding and complex description that is hard for someone to wrap their heads around. Mine goes something like this:

“Druidry is a path of nature-based spirituality that honors the seasons, works with the cycles of nature, and finds spiritual guidance rooted in the living earth. Modern druidry is inspired by the Ancient Druids who were astronomers, philosophers, teachers, and diviners. The modern druid movement is about four centuries old and includes practitioners from all over the world, including many here in the US.”

Feel free to use this statement or adapt it for your own purposes. As someone who is fairly in the path of the sun at this point, I find myself using something like this more often than you might think!


Community Work.  IF you have a group of people (grove, study group, seed group, etc), it is often helpful to do the Path of the Sun work together.  One of the things a group of us did while I was still living in Michigan was to pair up with the only other non-Christian group in the area (a Buddhist group) and do some joint community service work. We let ourselves be known and open, and showed those in the community that we were part of it, there to do good work for the benefit of all. That worked really well, and I’d encourage it for others!


Hemlocks in the Path of the Sun

Hemlocks in the Path of the Sun

Other ways to shine.
The Path of the Sun is often one of seeing opportunities and choosing to take them on, rather than deciding to retreat.  For example, some NPR folks found my blog post on Hemlock a few years ago and asked me to talk about the Hemlock tree mythology.  I was terrified of this and thought, “Oh no! People will know I’m a druid!  Nobody actually reads the stuff I write on this blog!” After some meditation and reflection, decided to go ahead and do it.  It ended up being a great deal of fun and I think I was able to share my knowledge of the trees with a much wider audience.  This is all to say that each of us can find our own opportunities to shine and do our own Path of the Sun work in the world.


Closing Thoughts. Whether you take the path of the moon or the path of the sun, or perhaps walk the dawn or dusk that sits between them, the ultimate goal of this two-part series is to explore how we can be more authentic and comfortable in our own skins. Because that’s part of what a spiritual path is meant to do–to illuminate the path before us, to show us the ways to go and the ways not to go, and to help us feel like more fully actualized, vibrant people.  May you walk your path, sun, moon, dawn, dusk, or otherwise, in peace and fulfillment.

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Lena Stevens – The main theme for October is BALANCE

Lena Stevens – The main theme for October is BALANCE
~ October 8, 2016


We have been through several months of ups and downs, emotional extremes, fits and starts, breakthroughs and changes, despairs and elations, successes and failures. We are a little road weary and slightly hyper vigilant about “keeping it all together”.  So the theme this month is BALANCE because that is what we all desperately need at this time and the influences of the times support it. It is a time to carve out space for assimilation and integration of what we have gone through in the past months of both conscious and subconscious changes and much personal growth. There is an edge to this month and personal boundaries will be tested as we strive for more balance in our lives. It will be important not to over react but rather to see balance in terms of boundaries more as a dance than a hard edge. It is a great month to observe and tackle any addictive behaviors, black and white belief systems, extreme mood swings, irrational fears and attachments to anything in the past.

We have an opportunity to start a new chapter this month launched by a beautiful new moon on September 30. This new chapter needs to have us looking forward not back. RELATIONSHIP is another theme for this month and works with BALANCE by inviting us to bring everything that is out of balance into right relationship.

What does BALANCE look like?

There is balance between doing and being. We all know what “doing” looks like and some of us have been “doing” way too much. The irrational fear is that if you loosen up the “doing” somehow everything will fall apart. We have a somewhat erroneous belief that the state of “being” is where nothing happens. It is a vacation, a stepping out of or a withdrawal from life. It certainly can be that however the positive expression of the state of “being” can be very active where a lot happens. We should never underestimate the power of assimilation and integration. Most of us carry so much undigested and unassimilated material that it is a wonder we can focus on anything.

So it will be important to pay attention to your “doing” and “being” states this month and to bring them into a better relationship with each other so you can be more balanced. “Being “states include meditation, prayer, being with nature as you walk or sit, silence, rest, sleep, being receptive, listening, and just simply consciously “being” with others, your food, your environment, your cup of coffee etc. Being is also Presence so practice being present and bring that presence into all of your “Doing”. It will make the doing more focused, efficient and balanced.

(There is a good exercise for the state of BEING on our monthly support Mp3.)

Another area of working with balance is to bring more moderation into your life. Look at any place you experience extremes from energy levels to emotional reactions to addictive behaviors to overworking, overthinking, worry and fear. Anything that threatens to consume you is out of balance. This is where boundaries come into play. You may need to say no to what threatens to consume you in order to achieve balance through moderation. Cut back on anything that feels like too much whether it is being initiated by you or by someone else. Some boundaries you will have to set for yourself and be disciplined about keeping them. Some boundaries will need to be set against what is coming at you from the outside and you will also need to be disciplined about keeping them, not in a rejecting or hard edge way, but in a loving, flexible but firm way.

Balance is also needed between work, study, play and rest. To be truly balanced you should have equal amounts of each one in your waking hours. Very few people achieve this but it is a good reminder about what to strive for eventually.

Another area of balance is the relationship you have with trust and intuition vs needing to know. The need to know can cause severe anxiety when the information simply is not available yet. In an emotionally centered year and especially during higher emotional times, the mind needs to take a back seat and allow the heart and emotional intelligence to take over. This is highly uncomfortable for those who are intellectually centered but necessary for achieving a state of balance. So practice trusting your intuition and gut feelings and be less mentally hypervigilant about what you cannot control. You will sleep better.


How the month shows up:



This is a huge month for manifesting new parts of yourself provided you take the time to integrate and assimilate them. It is also a potent month for truth telling. Anything that has been swept under the rug because you did not want to deal with it or you were afraid of how others would react, is likely to surface. Anything you have been in denial about with regards to health, personal addictions and negative behavior patterns, may end up staring you in the face, demanding change, especially around the full moon time mid- month. Don’t be angry. Approach issues that surface with compassion and an intention to support and heal as you would help a wounded child. After all, much of this can be traced back to old childhood wounds.

It is important that you do not allow these issues to derail you or cause a set-back to your manifesting new and wonderful parts of yourself. Remember it is just the back of the closet that still needs a good clean out. Get help if you need it.

In terms of bringing more balance into your life, pay attention to your energy expenditure, listen to your body, get comfortable carving out time just to “be”, get more exercise if you need it, be more social if that is lacking or set some boundaries around alone time if that is what you need. Follow inspirations to bring new expressions into your life and work on your boundaries. It is OK to say “no” and it is OK to say “yes” when your intuition tells you to.

For the physical health aspect, it is a good month to get your diet balanced, your exercise balanced and to take care of any health concerns you may have been in denial about. If there is an imbalance, your will know it.



Because balance has a lot to do with relationship, this is a big theme this month. Where do you want to put your energy? With whom do you want to spend your time with? Where are the energy leaks or loose boundaries or habitual behaviors that keep you in relationships that are not healthy?

Finding balance in relationship does not necessarily mean eliminating the relationship although sometimes that is what is needed. It may be simply enough to reset your boundaries in order to bring more balance. For example, if you are in the habit of spending way too much time listening to a friend’s constant complaining about their life, you may need to set a boundary against that behavior and decrease the amount of time you allow that friend to take.

If there is a deep imbalance in a relationship that has not been addressed, it is likely to surface as a truth mid-month. Around the full moon time could be a challenge for relationships or it could be a fabulous reset using the higher centered energy available at that time. However, if new boundaries are not honored, the claws may come out. Be careful not to react in a way you may regret later.

Balance also includes re-evaluating how much time you spend in relationship with yourself as opposed to time spent in relationship with others. For some of you it may mean putting yourself out there to connect more, and for others it may mean limiting the constant social activity in order to give yourself some alone time for much needed time to “be” and to integrate.



This is a good month to de-clutter. You may be feeling the urge to simplify, downsize, get rid of things you have not used for a while, go through old papers, toss and clean, and generally get yourself to a place where you are managing less in your physical environment. Balance also includes de-cluttering your inner landscape of worry and obsession especially about the things you can do nothing about, like the weather or other people’s actions. As you de-clutter, you may also be very inspired to improve your surroundings in some way and bring more beauty into your environment.

Imbalance in weather patterns globally comes to our attention again and there will be new findings and truth that surface about global warming and other environmental conditions. We may see more events caused by the imbalance of “too much” or “too little” especially around water. The environment in general feels more destabilized in terms of being able to predict anything. The earth is going through her own changes and manifesting new aspects, demanding attention, and making sure we do not get too comfortable in our old habits. Wind is likely to be a strong force this month.



The biggest issue this month is the uncovering of corruption. If you are involved in a business that is part of a larger corporation, be prepared for fall out if any of the practices are in question or if integrity has been compromised. At the same time, you yourself may question what you have been putting up with and where your personal boundaries need to be adjusted.  There are likely to be shake ups on many levels with regards to partnerships and projects. Whenever there is shake up, much creative energy is released and can be used very productively as long as the people involved do not get mired in anger, blame and finger pointing.

It is very important this month to always look forward and to be solution oriented instead of trying to digest past failures and injustices. Let them go and focus on the future. It is a great month to start something new but keep in mind the balance piece and start it right. If you are overextended, simplify something. If you are feeling a lack of activity, take a risk and jump into a new project that inspires you.



October 1-7: This is an expansive time launched by the new moon on September 30. You may be inspired to de-clutter, start something new, change your look, and finish taking care of any business that did not get handled in September. The good news is that you should have the energy for it as well as the enthusiasm. Make sure you do not add too much more to your already full plate.

During this time frame be disciplined about letting go of the past especially any experiences of restriction, lack, difficulty and challenge. It is a new time and it is important to embrace the possibilities and to trust that things can be very very different. The exercise in balance this week should include time to take big deep breaths and to enjoy being with what you have, instead of worrying about what you don’t yet have.


October 8-15: This is an active time that can have you running in circles and experiencing chaos if you are out of balance. Time management is a necessary study as well as boundary setting. This could be an extremely productive time when a lot comes together in a really good way as long as you approach your life with presence and balance. If you find yourself losing your train of thought, becoming irritated, fearful or overwhelmed, stop everything and take few breaths to reset through a state of being.

As we approach the full moon on the 15th be aware of crisis points in your life and see them as opportunities for breakthrough rather than breakdown. There may be people out there behaving badly, Don’t be one of them.


October 15: Full Moon is, October 15 at 10:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is a fiery and potent full moon designed to push through and push forward. It carries a punch that may be a welcome energy for some that perform well under pressure but it may be challenging for those that prefer a softer method. This moon also influences the uncovering of hard to look at truths that may surface during this time. The good news is that the power of this full moon time gives you the tools to embrace truth and allows you to accept, change and move forward.

Watch for explosive reactions and don’t get yourself embroiled in drama that is not yours. Stay away from conflict if you can and focus instead on something that you are wanting to express in a larger way in your life. This Full Moon can feed that expansion in a powerful way.


October 17-22: We are dealing with the aftermath of the full moon and the result of seeing the truth about what is imbalanced in your life. Whether it is relationship, health, attitudes, beliefs, addictions, or behaviors, this is the time to eliminate, change, commit, resolve and bring discipline into what needs to be different.  Pay special attention to the balance between doing and being and work with that container as you reinvent some of your daily practices.

There could be radical change that occurs in your life during this time either initiated by you because of new boundaries and resolutions or because of someone else’s new boundaries and resolutions.

There could also be radical change occurring on the planet due to environmental or weather events, social unrest and global incidents. The energy is still that of “crisis” so remember to use it proactively to push through some barrier instead of being trampled by it. Powerful time frames can either be super transformational or very difficult or both.


October 23-31: Activity settles down some and you may finally feel as if you have a better handle on the balance in your life. You should definitely carve out time for integration and assimilation especially if you have experienced a big change or launched some new big project. Your closets should be clean and the de-cluttering well on its way. This is a good week to pamper and nurture yourself. Those around you should have gotten used to your new boundaries and you should feel a certain thread of harmony and ease. Trust it and be grateful.

If this is not your experience perhaps there is more work to do. Perhaps out of fear or resistance you have not set good boundaries and have not embraced change or you are working too hard and not monitoring the excess on your plate. It is never too late to go back, take a deep breath and do what you know needs to be done. You will be happy you did.


October 30: New Moon is Sunday, October 30 at 11:39 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is a good moon to get clear on new intentions and to set your priorities so that you can maintain the new found balance in your life. If you have weathered a big change, now would be a good time to anchor whatever new situation the change has brought into your life.

Have a great month!


Thank you for reading. If this forecast came to you through a forward or share and if you wish to receive other updates via email please go to our website and sign up



Lena Stevens

Lena is an internationally known teacher and shamanic practitioner. She apprenticed for 10 years with a Huichol Shaman from Mexico and has studied cross cultural shamanic healing from numerous traditions including the Amazon basin, Native American, Northern European and Siberian. Lena has taught and worked with individuals, groups, businesses and communities for the past 25 years, helping to bring shamanic nature based wisdom back into people’s lives. One of her specialities is the woven song tradition of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, the singing of Icaros or healing songs. The individual healing work with these energy patterns through song and other shamanic techniques has had a powerful impact on her clients. Lena is the co-author of the “Secrets of Shamanism, How to Tap the Spirit Power Within” and a contributor to “The Power Path”. Along with husband and partner Jose, she is the co-founder and one of the primary instructors of Power Path Seminars and the School of Shamanism.