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I am a strong believer in allowing people to be themselves (as long as no one is harmed in the process) . I have often born the brunt of disapproval by my siblings or parents. They just don’t get me. Worse, because I share inspiring and spiritual posts, yet remain outspoken, my sister accuses me of being “Holier-than-Thou”, which is not me at all! I share things that help me to cope with life, so perhaps by sharing they can help someone else. This is my only “agenda”. Sigh…engaging with judgmental attitudes only brings more judgement my way.

Perhaps, as you suggest, we need to be our undaunted selves and live the example, turn the other cheek, instead of being drawn in to conflict. True power is not forceful, it just IS. ~PB

Touch of Fae

It amazes me how much power we have. How much power we have that we are unaware of…that I am even unaware of. Power we give away to our external world. Of course we are taught usually our whole lives that we have no power or the power we see exhibited by those around us is a controlling power. Power over others has been glorified throughout our recent history by “survival of the fittest”. Greed that stems from a place of lack. Lack stemming from fear. Fear of death perhaps or fear of loss. Fear meaning a lack of Love. Meaning separation. When we fear those and that which we could love…mostly ourselves we feel alienated. That we are somehow different from others. Others being you and me and him and her.

Growing up we are often misunderstood. We are told what to be how to act what to learn…

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Prophetic Dreams May Come: Activating High-Vibrational Timelines with the Pisces Solar Eclipse by D.L. Zeta | Celestial Visions

Prophetic Dreams May Come: Activating
High-Vibrational Timelines with the Pisces Solar Eclipse
by D.L. Zeta | Celestial Visions

The Pisces solar eclipse has the power to bring prophetic dreams, helping us activate timelines aligned with our highest visions.  During this period portals to higher consciousness are more accessible. Those most strongly affected by the eclipse will enter levels of heightened sensitivity and psychic awareness.

Most intensely affected by this eclipse are those with significant planets and points in Pisces. Lightworkers, intuitives and others highly attuned to universal energies may reach new levels of clarity and downloads.  Profound endings and beginnings can take place at this time.  This is a turning point that we may look back upon years later and perceive as a moment from which significant new directions flowed.

This is a period when intuitive visions arrive with the power to carry you to high-vibrational timelines aligned with the new time. The Feb. 26 solar eclipse’s emphasis on spiritual development complements the Feb. 10 lunar eclipse and its mystical influence. The energies of this pair of eclipses will be felt most intensely over the next couple of weeks but will wield a strong influence throughout the next six months.

Bridging Past and Future brings Healing and Expansion

It’s possible during this time to progress on your spiritual path and experience a greater sense of oneness with all-that-is. Neptune rules Pisces, bringing a visionary component to this eclipse making it easier to envision and access timelines where past, present and future come into sharp focus.  In other words, along these timelines one is able to see how the past has been guiding us toward our spiritual purpose all long and everything that has happened to us has happened in divine perfection. Past, present and future can be viewed as one simultaneous moment when we step beyond limiting beliefs and perceptions.

Standing on this bridge between past and future we are able to perceive our present moment as divinely empowered to carry out visions we receive during this time. As you unite all moments in all time within your consciousness, aspects of your past may come forward to be seen and healed in the light of your present-moment awareness.  Healing takes place to the extent that you’re able to view all moments in your life with love and understanding.  This healing of the past releases strings binding you to past timelines, allowing you to step more fully into timelines of the new earth centered in oneness and unity.

Manifesting Visions into Reality

There are aspects of this solar eclipse that hold the potential to bring ‘good fortune and happiness.’  The fixed star Skat in Aquarius is closely connected with this eclipse.  This is a star capable of bringing a wish in that it has the power to help you manifest your dreams into reality.  When your dreams and intentions align with your gifts and talents, your spiritual purpose, and your intentions for the highest good of all, good fortune and otherworldly assistance can help activate potentials that previously seemed only a faint glimmer.

Good Fortune is linked to Spiritual Development

If you experience an increase in love, wealth and happiness during this time, hold in awareness that your willingness to walk your spiritual path and your desire to serve and assist others will determine the long-term influence of this period.  Those who enter this phase from an ego perspective may find the good fortune fading by the next solar eclipse in August.

The longevity of this time of good fortune, psychic awareness and ability to heal and release the past is intrinsically linked to your level of spiritual development.  Not everyone experiences solar eclipse energies in the same way.  Some may experience obstacles and challenges more keenly during this time and feel stressed by unhealed emotions and unrealized dreams rising to the surface.   Some may experience overwhelm as emotional wounds come to the forefront, triggering memories that have been pushed aside.

Many will enter into this period with a sense of uncertainty as old structures unravel to make way for the new.  Stand with an open mind and heart as winds of change swirl around you. Know that whatever you experience during this time is guiding you toward a greater realization of yourself as a divine being that incarnated here to carry out a higher purpose.

Choosing Higher Potentials over Past Traumas

As many new possibilities come before you, take this time to release what no longer serves you and open to formulate new visions for the future.  Old ways of being, old beliefs and habits may come before you now, providing you the opportunity to choose higher potentials over past traumas and patterns you have outgrown.  Those who choose to step into new potentials and possibilities will receive a boost of energy from this solar eclipse that will help them sail through needed changes over the next six months.

This is a good eclipse for relationships and for meeting new people who will become influential in your life.  You may experience an influx of friends from other times entering your life – some of whom you may have soul contracts.

Some may feel drawn more strongly to occult information during this time. This may include astrology which offers a blueprint of your soul’s intentions for this lifetime as well as a map of challenges and opportunities we are likely to encounter over time. Uranus will be in the mix with this eclipse which may bring a sense of energy and enthusiasm.  It may also unleash sudden and unexpected events that allow you to heal unresolved emotions.  Uranus’ influence has the power to trigger a major shift in consciousness, paving the way for sudden timeline shifts.


Moderation, discipline, focus, awareness, respect, patience and humility are traits that will help you navigate this period.  Spend time meditating, journaling, working with dreams, eating light, and walking in nature.  Write out intentions.  Sit with all that comes before you and see all that happens in the light of love, appreciation and forgiveness.


©2010-2017 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved www.celestialvision.org These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.




RISE OF THE LIGHTWORKERS – This is a time where lightworkers (those who want to bring more light and love to the planet) will rise and stabilize their energy. Some of the points below are a part of that journey.

EXTREME EMOTION SET TO BECOME SUBTLE EMOTION – The extreme fear-based energies of recent months (division, loneliness, anxiety, depression, separation) are slowing down. We will now move into a period where SUBTLE rather than extreme EMOTION becomes the new level of experience for most.

RIDING THE ‘LOWER-STATE’ WAVES – Lightworkers are still going through a fast propulsion of energy clearings – dense, heavy emotional or physical states that arrive, but also LEAVE quickly and faster than before. This could look like difficult emotions, sudden tiredness, going from highly functional to suddenly becoming non-functional. These waves are part of the new ascension energies on the planet, which won’t go away, but their intensity (and specifically their presence in the heart energy field) will be less than recent months in the coming 4-6 weeks.

ARRIVAL OF HIGHER-MIND – A rise in HIGHER MIND ENERGIES at this time can mean on the shadow side, manipulation and calculated actions from some (as exemplified by some on the world-stage) or it can be felt inside yourself as an opportunity to let it go. On the higher side, the HIGHER-MIND energy can induce an elevation of identity, thought and divinely inspired action in your life. This rise is occurring for everybody. SO innovators, healers, creators and PIONEERS of new-energy and community-focused ways of being will benefit from this period of time greatly.

FORWARD MOMENTUM FOR PIONEERS – Late February and into March will see a new-energy wave of forward momentum, so making beneficial connections with others, and receiving DOWNLOADS of DIVINELY INSPIRED ACTIONS will come faster in these coming weeks, greatly supported by the HIGHER MIND energy.

LEARN TO BALANCE YOURSELF – If (and when) you are struggling, recognize that your lower states are not to be rejected or separated from in your mind. If it’s difficult for you, agree to learn to love yourself through this healing time for you and GET THE HELP YOU NEED.  Ask the Universe for help with any struggles, write an intention about this and TAKE ACTION TO SUPPORT THAT through trying new and known activities that help you feel higher and more balanced.

SELF-CARE AND SELF-AWARENESS are vital in these times of high-stimulation so IDENTIFY YOUR STRESSORS and take action to limit those. It may be certain people, news headlines, types of entertainment. Trust what you need and TRUST WHAT YOU DON’T!

HOT TIP THIS MONTH: MEDITATE TO RECEIVE DIVINE INSIGHT – This is a VERY powerful period of time to meditate through. Higher consciousness energy wants to spark ideas in you and wake up parts of you that have been asleep or waiting to arrive. SO learn to meditate not just for clarity and peace of mind, but to access this new higher-mind consciousness, even if that means just taking some minutes of silence a few times a day.

Big love Everyone







Encountering Fear

Encountering Fear | Forever Unlimited

I was texting a friend who is facing some challenges, and thinking about how important it is to  transcend fear. I’ve been working on it for years.  It is both a practical idea and a metaphor for life. 

When one is in a situation that is potentially dangerous, many factors come into play. Let’s use the example of when I used to hike out in the wilderness in California, and on rare occasions, encounter mountain lions.

The mountain line perceived me as an enemy because I was near the baby. I was just walking on a fire road that led up the mountain. I heard a noise and peered into the bushes below on the hillside. I saw a little mountain lion cub face looking up at me from about 30 feet down, in the trees.  Just then, I heard bushes up above the Fire Road suddenly crashing, and I could see the top of the vegetation moving as well, as something…a shadowy figure,  was rapidly moving towards me. 

I didn’t actually have time to be afraid, but I had to think fast. I also had to rely on my instincts….so my adrenaline kicked in, and time stood still…I was able to think calmly, rely on my prior knowledge…

My instincts told me “don’t run!” and the knowledge I had, from having seen warning signs posted, and having read about Mountain line encounters, is that I had to make myself big. I had to be brave, and I had to basically scare it away…while at the same time, side-stepping, to present less of a threat, and avert danger, by no longer being between the mother and the cub. 
So when I made myself big, I stomped my feet, yelled and waved my arms, clicking two rocks together above my head. I kept doing that as I sidestepped, then walked backwards, for 200, maybe 500 yards, till I reached a place where there was a hairpin turn that went through heavy Woods down to the lake where I had to cross a dam to get back to my Jeep. 

I had concern, but not fear. This allowed me to make a graceful exit, so I was not perceived of as “enemy”. And because I didn’t feel fear, she didn’t smell fear coming from me. 
This was a great lesson, how to save my own life. It wasn’t my first dangerous encounter, but pretty much was my last, because I stopped putting myself in those situations. 

Now I’m on the East Coast, wondering how to transcend my fear of bears! 🙂 

I haven’t hiked here on the East Coast since I was a teenager, backpacking along part of the Appalachian Trail on Maine with my boyfriend.  Perhaps it’s time to give it another go, with another beau.   ❤ 

THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, December 6, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Crescent Moon Phase:
persevere through challenges

Moon in Pisces

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):
 Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess of Peace

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):
Elias, God of the West

 transcend/take the high road/recognize true worth

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month:
“deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year:
“the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Greetings from the road!

Sun-Saturn Week continues, bringing new structures and formations and moves toward things that are better for us.  Sun-Saturn gets down to business, so here is the “energetic intel” for today:

1 – ALERT TO OR BEING ALERTED TO something significant . . .

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, November 16, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Full Moon Phase:
clarity, revelations, insight


Moon in Gemini – Cancer (8:00 pm ET/1:00 am UT)


Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kamala, Goddess of Transformation; Shodashi, Goddess Who Fulfills the Highest and Best, Goddess Who Aligns

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill:  recognize new possibilities, options, or alternatives

True Alignments:  having all that one needs for change and progress, feeling better, ability to quickly adjust, holding high regard and intention, taking initiative, words or music that uplifts, passionate about something, healing or opening the heart chakra, removal of obstacles, an aspect of destiny, preparations

Catalysts for Change:  afraid to make a move or change, deeply negative thoughts and denial, masks and masking, neurotic or compulsive about something, rigid, putting up or accepting something that is against your soul, closed off to alternatives or solutions, not taking initiative, rejection issues, “over the top” or out of control in self-destructive ways

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “the Moon shining across the lake”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

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DAILY OM ~ November 11, 2016 Recognizing Your Value A Matter of Significance

A Matter of Significance
DAILY OM ~ November 11, 2016
Recognizing Your Value
A Matter of Significance

by Madisyn Taylor

Change your thinking to knowing that your life matters and that you are important.

It can be easy sometimes to buy into the illusion of our own insignificance. We may see large corporations or institutions, celebrities or successful people in our community, and compare ourselves to them, thinking that their fame or material power affirm how little our own lives amount to. But nothing could be further from the truth. Every single one of us matters–tremendously. Our very existence affects countless people in countless ways. And because we are each essentially a microcosm of the larger universe, our internal experiences affect the whole of life more than we could ever imagine. The world simply could not exist as it does now if you, or any one of us, were not in it.

Perhaps you are aware that on some level you believe your life does not matter. If this thought resonates within you, maybe it is time to explore why you feel this way. You may have formed self-rejecting or belittling beliefs as a child to keep yourself safe or to help you make sense of confusing situations. You may have felt unseen or unheard and decided that there was something wrong with you, rather than with the attention span of the people around you. Spend some time looking into where these feelings of insignificance first took root, and see what changes you might be able to make in your life and in your heart.

This one belief in your own unimportance could be limiting you and impacting your life in enormous ways. When you shift your perceptions around your own ability to affect your life and impact the world, you may discover wonderful parts of yourself that you had long ago forgotten. There may even be exciting new parts that you never even knew existed. When you gain awareness of how much your life really does matter, new sources of energy can emerge and your sense of connection with the world is renewed.

Being Fully Present – Energy Update Posted on July 11, 2016 by Jenny Schiltz

Being Fully Present – Energy Update



I went camping in the deep woods for a few days and it was really an eye opening experience. We only brought what we could haul in as it was inaccessible by road. I was torn over this trip. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, it was that I had never experienced anything like this before. I was worried the toll it would take on my back and the amount of pain I would be in.  Yet, I knew I HAD to go. I had to get out of my comfort zone and completely unplug in nature without the distractions from the outside world. With the current events taking place in the world right now the timing couldn’t have been better, I needed to get away.

My husband was amazing and rigged a cart so that I wouldn’t have to carry a pack and he had been acquiring camping supplies to provide comforts. I was still very worried and my entire body was full of resistance. I was scared. Scared I couldn’t keep up, scared of what I would encounter in the deep woods and scared of what I would encounter within myself. This resistance popped up as muscle tightness, defeatist thoughts and just simply a bad attitude. I could see it and simply observed how it made me feel, it felt awful. I wasn’t in the flow, I wasn’t allowing, and I certainly wasn’t trusting.  I even tried to back out the night before but my husband kept telling me it would be fine, that I wouldn’t be a burden.  At the time I was feeling like two sides of me were competing. The human who can be quite stubborn and the spirit who was whispering – “GO, all will be fine.” Now looking back I realize that it was spirit the entire time, no division. The human part of me is also my spirit, just the part that still needs healing and the acknowledging of all that I was feeling, like the fear of being a burden.

The universe knew exactly what was necessary and the group of people that we went with were simply amazing. The encouragement, understanding and friendship I received was what I needed. I woke the first morning, sore from sleeping on the ground, feeling a little funky because I knew that I wouldn’t be showering that day and praying I didn’t have to poop in the woods. One of the people in the group sees me and asks if I am having a good time. My response was “I’m not sure yet”. He smiled and said “Happiness is a state of mind.” I wanted to be annoyed, but knew he was so right, so I then decided to throw myself into the experience and see all that would surface.

Once I stopped resisting, the amazingness of the experience hit me. It was so vast out there, so wild and so incredibly beautiful. At the site we picked there was a red-headed woodpecker’s nest and we were treated to watching a pair tend their young. I spent time looking at the creek, the trees, the wildflowers and just took in the harmony of it all. I tapped into the earth energy, felt it flowing up through me and was able to send it to all who were requesting assistance. My entire body vibrated as I visualized this incredible energy blanketing the earth.  I knew deep healing was taking place within me, but I was also aware of the healing taking place within the earth. As each of us connects with the earth in love and gratitude, we help heal her as well.  It is a symbiotic relationship. We cannot heal others or the earth without healing ourselves too.

The biggest issue I had while camping was this pervasive fear that we would run out of food. I mentioned it to my husband who said that we would be fine, we had plenty of dehydrated meals, yet the anxiety remained. I asked to be shown what this was from and was transported back to being a child, a hungry child. Out of fear that my sister and I would be overweight our food was rationed and often all we would have for lunch was a half of sandwich and a piece of fruit. It wasn’t enough to make me feel full and I remember always being hungry. I also remember getting home from school and stealing change from my dad’s jar, biking to the store and buying food to binge on.  In my adult life now my pantry and fridge are always stocked and I tend to way over pack my little’s one’s lunch bag.  The memories came crashing back and I realized that this had to be healed.  When I got home I messaged my sister about what had arisen and her response was “Just one more thing to tell your inner child – I won’t let you starve”.

She hit it on the head, my inner child was still sad, hurt, and fearful that a time would come when I wouldn’t ever feel full again. It also showed me why when I am very stressed or sad, I want to feel very full, over full. It was a comfort I created all those years ago. Now it can be healed.

As I was meditating in a field with the sun shining so brightly, I was shown that the way I was feeling about the entire camping trip in the beginning is how so many feel during this awakening process. It feels as if we are going into the unknown, a strange land, one we don’t feel equipped for. Yet, it is what we fear that often shows us our next move to make. In our comfort zone there is little growth, we have to shake things up, experience the new to show us things within that need healing. If we keep doing and reacting as we have always done, we don’t grow or uncover the deep wounds, wounds that keep us from our highest self.

I was also shown that now more than ever we need to be fully present within our body. So many of us have had trauma layered throughout our lives and as a protection we haven’t fully resided in the body. We were shown time and time again that being in the body was painful. So we decided to not fully connect. We have spent so much time reaching out, out into the realms, connecting with our true essence as if it is “out there”, when in truth it is all within. It is now time to consciously bring that soul forth, walking with us in each moment. The only way to do this is to break through the wall we created to keep ourselves safe, the wall that kept us from not being fully in the body. I work with many clients who the guides tell me are ungrounded, yet they do daily grounding exercises. The reason they are not grounded is because in order to ground completely you must be fully in your body. They also explained that it is in being fully embodied, fully present that we are then able to manifest our world with greater clarity and receive clearer guidance (this guidance looks different for each of us).  I was also told that we cannot heal ourselves physically unless we are fully in the body. We can do all the work and affirmations but the disconnect still remains.  Now more than ever it is important to be completely in tune with what is going on within instead of focusing so much on what is going on in the outer.

Take a moment, relax and close your eyes and when you are ready say aloud:

“I ground my soul, my I AM into my body now from my head to my toes. I give my soul complete permission to take over the journey.”

Feel yourself settle in and notice your reaction. When doing this with clients I have seen a wide range of reactions. Some cry, some laugh, some feel nothing. I had one client who felt the soul really come into her body and was instantly surrounded by fairies cheering and saying “It’s about time!”

I recommend doing this every morning and as you do you will feel more grounded and able to handle the stresses of the world. I also do this when I notice old programming or reactions arise. I take note of what happened and then make sure that I am fully present and that my soul is in charge.

SO much in our world today is designed to keep us in turmoil and feeling out of control. This makes us feel unsafe and elicits that protective “not fully in my body” response. We cannot control what is happening “out there” but we can control or reaction to it and what is taking place within.

I was very grateful for the information and insight given during the camping trip and when I returned home I looked up the Red Headed wood pecker and was not surprised to see that there is a correlation with the root chakra.  I had definitely been working on root chakra issues of safety, security and being wanted. Wood peckers message that really hit home was that a woodpecker was telling me to pay attention and to be present. It is also asking me to see opportunity in everything as woodpeckers see value everywhere even in the dead trees.

Message received. Thank you.

Sending you all love and calming energy.


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Copyright 2016, Jenny Schiltz

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including all the links above and the link to this original post. Thank you.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

Inside Me

Yes, seems like they’ve kicked it up a notch, F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) has gotten a grip of me, my life teetering on edge…but perhaps it is I who have allowed it to creep in…
I am in a state of high angst trying to juggle, but dropping the ball, and not sure which way to turn in this house of mirrors…
I know I just need to breathe, find my faith, trust and take action…
I feel like I am stumbling along in the dark…where is my forest? Where are the trees?
I need help, please, getting back to the Light!

Later, an insight…like Dorothy in the maelstrom…The Light, the Power, it was inside me all along…


THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, June 22, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Full Moon Phase:
clarity, insight

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius 4:09 pm ET/8:09 pm UT

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bagalamukhi, Goddess Who Dissolves Illusions

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

Skill:  simplify, resist the need to control or do things the hard way

True Alignments: justice, worthiness, imagination, elevated and elated, release, the unseen but evident, future action plans, seeing a bigger picture, the power to influence, unity, withstanding, inner self shining through or coming forward, explosions of ideas

Catalysts for Change:  pushing one’s views and opinions onto others, misunderstandings, tantrums and fits, insincerity, manipulation (especially propaganda), far outside of reality, unloading on others, impatience, bombarded, “out of body” (make efforts to stay focused while driving, etc.), lost or in limbo

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause” (the inner self rising to write the Narrative of Humanity; stirring to action)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (transcending worries; the unraveling of old control systems and programs)

Today, the magic carpet ride gives us an exceptionally vast view of the future.

The Sun comes to the degree of “a man on a magic carpet observes vast vistas below him,” giving us double “magic carpet ride” imagery.

A few things we have learned so far about the Magic Carpet Ride of Solar-Lunar Year 2016 is that it is rather weird, goes in very unexpected places, and does not stop.  We see that we cannot judge outcomes too soon because the ride is still on.  It does not end until March 2017, when the new solar-lunar year begins.

But today’s energies favor seeing much farther ahead and seeing a much wider swathe of the future and what we might expect.  Themes, circumstances, situations, feelings, ideas, etc. that are present or stand out or are pointed out to us today provide key “intelligence” or information or signs about the future and what will be happening “on the ground” or in our lives.

Other themes on the ride today include:

1- OTHERWORLDLINESS – Several planets are discharging energetic frequencies that can produce feelings of disconnection or feelings of being somewhat out of body.  Venus is discharging the Sabian symbol energetic code of “two fairies dancing on a moonlit night,” and the Black Moon is discharging “a youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.”  Lightness and reverence are found through SIMPLICITY.

We remain in the Solstice Full Moon phase energetic today and tomorrow.  Remember that this Full Moon phase occurred as a conjunction with the Galactic Center (our spiritual home in the galaxy, according to the ancient Gnostics), so all of the days of the phase flood us with guidance, information, insight, and care from On High.  It is certainly an “otherworldly” feeling to connect with the “all-wordly.”

This energetic makes for heights of creativity.  It can also bring the desire to escape reality (but why not create a new reality instead of expending energy on running from an old one?).

2- PLANNING AHEAD – The “double wide view” of today’s magic carpet ride will give indicators of the future, which means we can make plans accordingly.

3 – CARELESSNESS AND THINGS BREAKING OR ERUPTING – The Earth is located at “three stained glass windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war.”  Today Jupiter moves to the degree of “a volcanic eruption.”  And we have Mercury at “a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause,” re-activating the overall theme for this solar-lunar month.  So, careless actions and words can cause a great deal of harm and a great deal of drama, and thought should be given in advance.  Cathartic release and change is the goal of these energetics.

4- THE POWER OF WORDS AND INTENTIONS – Speeches and conversations are very powerful and influential today.  Mars has reached the degree where it will station direct on June 29, so it is completing its mission while retrograding to re-work how we use our energy and resources in all ways.  The Sabian symbol for the energetic that Mars will spin until June 29 is 24 degrees of Scorpio: “crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired man.”  This energetic is very similar to this solar-lunar month’s theme of “a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause.”  Inspiration and drama…makes for a lively magic carpet ride, yes?  What is worthy and just will prevail.

Overall, things are being “forced out” with Mighty Jupiter, Planet of Limitless Expansion, simmering the energetic of “a volcanic eruption.”  Things that have been suppressed are coming out like white-hot lava.

The magic carpet ride may start getting even a little weirder when the Moon moves in to Aquarius later on.  Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, Planet of Changes, so our acrobatic skills of adapting to changing conditions will be helpful.

The wisdom offered today is to not to make things too hard — to simplify.  Keep it to the simple, the basic, the joyful, the easy, the aligned.  We can do that.  We just have to remember that a higher power powers the ride, and give up the need to control it.

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