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The INTERNAL Separation of Worlds

The “Shift” or “Event” as some call it and expect it to happen, has been happening continually inch by painful and difficult inch for the past thirty physical linear years on Earth. Intensely so in the physical dimension since 1998–1999. I’ve referred to this constant “Shift” “Event” process energetic Stair-steps that the First Everything-ers, Foreunners, Pathpavers, Embodiers, Wayshowers have been traversing for the past 20–30 or more years in this life. However, many people believe and expect some instant special-effects type of external singular “Event” and/or “Shift” to happen all at once that will shift them and their physical bodies into a much higher state and reality. If it happened that way, no one alive on Earth would physically survive it because the frequency range difference between what has been and what we’re evolving into is too extreme for anyone in a physical body to survive in-tact in a single “Shift” or “Event”. Mass humanity is nowhere near evolved enough to be able to make a single evolutionary leap “Shift” or “Event” and ascend to a higher level of being. No, this “Shift”/”Event” has been unfolding quite differently for decades already.

2018 Triple Crowns Process

First Everything-ers and Forerunners, do you remember Embodying increasing amounts of Crystalline Christ frequency during 2017 and 2018? Do you remember Embodying the Triple Crowns process in 2018? If you weren’t conscious of that particular phase it doesn’t matter, only that you went through it and were further Rewired by it. The Triple Crowns process was, as has always been the case with the Ascension Process, very compressed the last three months (Trinity, Triality instead of lower frequency Duality) of 2018. Three stages of Embodying the first, second and third “Crowns” that year so you’d be able to move up a few more Stair-steps and Embody more NEW in the near future in a NEW way with very NEW results. That future is 2019, and as usual, a different multiple stage process continues this year. Such has been the entire Ascension Process; steadily laboring our ways up higher frequency stair-steps transmuting all that needed to be, releasing more lower old, while each higher step caused and continues to cause us to embody and Embody increasingly higher frequency Light energies, more NEW codes (templates) and NEW DNA and then run them through our bodies in these NEW ways.

What I suspected last year but wasn’t absolutely positive about the 2018 Triple Crowns process was that each of those “Crowns” had to do with three important brain glands; the Pineal Crown gland, the Pituitary Brow gland, and the Hypothalamus gland which works with the other two forming a higher NEW energetic Trinity system in our brains. Those three brain glands were a big part of the Triple Crowns and evolutionary Rewiring they went through last year all to prepare them, us to Embody and run the 2019 (and beyond) higher NEW codes and energies in NEW ways at NEW levels. Stair-steps, always stair-steps as we constantly build upon, expand, evolve and survive the entire Ascension Process physically and in all other ways as well.

Many times over the years I’ve shared how this and related energy processes feel in my body and head. Typically whenever NEW energy Waves and/or solar transmissions—CME’s, solar storms, flares, winds—are present I feel them enter through the etheric area above the top of my physical head. From that level they descend into my physical head and swirl and ping around in there for a while causing different transformational head pains, pressures and those very distinct energy headaches while they evolve certain endocrine brain glands (and chakras) being energetically worked on at the time. While this further head, brain and brain glands Rewiring is happening, those energies typically flow down from my head into my entire HighHeart area and Thymus gland. [The physical Thymus gland is located in the center of your upper chest well above the physical heart.] The farthest below my HighHeart I feel these energies is around my diaphragm, which causes it to instantly bloat again. It’s been an ongoing Process in the First Everythingers, Forerunners, Embodiers having these Trinity group of brain glands Rewired, not just one and done but multiple times over the past twenty years and counting. Stair-steps, multiple layers, continuously higher frequencies, expanding abilities, higher awareness and so on. Never a one and done thing but an ongoing expansion and uplifting Ascension Process to higher and more complex completely NEW levels with NEW codes and DNA and matching NEW awareness and abilities.

All of April and most of May 2019 have been unusually energetically intense, physically and emotionally painful and psychologically trying for me at times, and then the complete opposite at other times. This is certainly not the first time these extremes have been experienced during my personal Ascension and Embodiment Processes, but it is the first time for me at this level. The same is true for many of you reading this. You, me, we have never been were we are now and we’ve never experienced these NEW higher level energies functioning within us in these very NEW ways. It’s wonderful, shocking, disturbing, intense and can be traumatic for a bit as you make these profound evolutionary transitions into a higher way of being and functioning due to the NEW codes and DNA and other NEW energy Waves we’ve been embodying and Embodying recently.

It was in December 2018 when the rain started (here in California) after so many long horrible ascension years of extreme heat and drought. And it’s cold and raining here today, May 26, 2019 as I write this. Because I’ve always loved the rain this was a special treat for me anyway, but once the rain started last December, I knew it was going to continue and was happening because the water was going to help embed and hold these latest NEW Trinity codes which are the NEW energy templates for ascending humanity, Earth, reality and beyond.

We’ve had a constant increase over the past few years of greater Crystalline (Christ frequency) energies present and being Embodied by the First Everythingers and our internal grid systems, and into Earth and Earth’s grid system. Once the needed levels of this were reached we automatically moved up another energy Stair-step and began the next level of this ongoing process. In this case it was the 2018 Triple Crowns transformations; the triple brain glands being greatly evolved up to a Trinity frequency and state that’s Crystalline going into Diamond. After that it’s been the super compressed, intense and at times downright extreme April and May 2019 stair-step phase of our three NEW Trinity frequency brain glands connecting and operating with our HighHearts and Thymus gland.

How many of you noticed during April and May 2019 that most every time your head hurt from embodying these NEW Trinity codes (many have been Seeing them everywhere since the rains, and flooding, began last December as pastel colored triangles and/or darker gemstone colored triangles and also other energy 6D template patterns too), your HighHeart area began pounding hard and nearly rattling your teeth!? I exaggerate only slightly about this because this May round has been like no other in this regard. (1) Severe head energy headaches and head pressures that move around your head and skull and (2) that energy then moves down into your entire HighHeart area which causes your heart to pound very hard for longer than you think it can survive. The head business hurts and the HighHeart expansions make you feel exhausted, weak and very close to God… in a good way.

It’s not an easy or painless task getting the NEW Trinity Crystalline Diamond codes into our physical heads, our brain glands, then our HighHearts where they’re now activated to run and are now running our bodies, consciousness, lives and reality and Embody them all so they’re anchored and available for mass humanity to evolve into when they are able to do so. Every time the First Everythingers (I know it’s a ridiculous term and I’ll replace it the moment I think of something better, promise) Embody more NEW Trinity, integrated, unified, evolved beyond old lower frequency Duality codes and energies, our ongoing Embodiment actions assist in another timeline Shift into higher Divine organic reality with NEW matching codes—6D geometric, morphogenic energy templates for humans and all else that are evolving, ascending now.


Another very important aspect of these latest 2019 changes was when the Embodiers reached the Shift Event changeover from the old lower everything is focused EXTERNALLY to a much higher and organic level of everything is now focused INTERNALLY which causes individuals to become increasingly more energetically sovereign, self-empowered, self-aware and so on. The old lower 3D patriarchal ways of humanity being constantly focused on all things external and therefore perpetually disempowered themselves meant everyone was parasitic in what’s been a totally parasitic world. That however is another hugely important evolutionary Shift Event that’s happened recently which will force humanity back into a Divine organic state of being, living, reality and consciousness. Humanity will individually rediscover that they themselves are Self-as-Source and that all they need and want to know about etc. can be accessed right inside of themselves. This was another really big and potent Shift Event to finally happen on Earth this year.

I know and you know that all this is far more complex, beautiful and cosmically jaw-dropping than what I’ve very simply described here. This is the best I can do at the moment because, as always, I’m still living and embodying and Embodying all this and more myself just as most of you reading this are. The main reason I’ve wanted to get something written about April and May 2019 is because of what we’ve lived and Embodied we have made a really important and significant Shift Event. We have Embodied more NEW Trinity codes and energies etc. in our Trinity brain glands that are directly connected to our HighHearts making them and the rest of our bodies capable of Embodying and running, housing, containing, maintaining and circulating the NEW Crystalline Diamond Trinity (three not the old lower two of Duality) HighHeart organic systems that are must-haves for life on NEW ascended Earth. We just did one massive Shift Event, again, but this one dwarfs all previous ones because we’ve finally crossed an invisible Ascension line because we’re carrying all NEW now and we’re doing it in NEW ways and at NEW levels we’ve never be able to reach until now.

Also wanted to mention about awful April 2019 as I call it because the entire month the physical pains I’d had off and on for over a year before this were amplified so severely I could hardly walk most of April. The bone and joint structures in our physical bodies have been going through massive Shifts and Events for a few years now because each time we Embody more NEW codes and DNA etc., so too does Earth and the grids in and around Earth. It’s not just our inner structures undergoing tremendous evolutionary transformations but Earth and her grid systems and structures too. That’s your Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction energies hard at Work for you and All. If you’re sensitive to Earth and/or ‘Earth Changes’ and the constant Ascension Process stair-step upgrading of Earth’s grid structures, then you are more likely to feel those energies and changes taking place within your physical bones and skeletal structure. How many of you have had it feel like the bones and joints in your feet and ankles, the bones in your whole body from the waist down for that matter, were literally broken or breaking lately? NEW codes, NEW DNA, NEW grids. This will settle down and hurt less as we and Earth and everything else adjusts to having Embodied this latest round of NEW Trinity codes and other big energy Waves and solar transmissions.

The Separation of Worlds Is Happening Inside You & Your Physical Body

At some point during these bigger than usual April and May 2019 evolutionary Shift Events, I became conscious that the Separation of Worlds is taking place inside of me and my body and inside all Embodiers. It was one of those furrowed brow moments where you cringe slightly over the truth of the unpleasant matter but simultaneously realize it’s why you’ve felt so terrible and struggled so with certain things, situations, people and on and on. Macro micro business again. I and the Creator are one and I and the evolutionary shitstorm of extreme constant Shifting changes are one too. How is this any different from Embodying the NEW? It isn’t really. It’s just another perspective of what’s been unfolding all along. Deep breath, stop feeling unworthy or like you’ve done “something wrong” and keep doing what you’ve been doing this entire time because it’s working really well.

Yes it’s been brutal lately but, and this is super important and we all need to remember this when the next layer arrives, and it most certainly will, we have Embodied and are now running, circulating and radiating enough of the NEW Crystalline Diamond Trinity triangular shaped codes, templates and energies in our physical bodies, HighHearts and heads that we’ve Shifted up another few energy stair-steps and reached a higher organic ascension timeline in May 2019. Does this mean we’re “there” and we’re “done” with all this now? Not hardly but it does mean that once we recuperate from what we’ve just gone through in April and May 2019, things are going to increasingly become better, easier, safer, more pleasant, more creative and so on. Despite all the severe physical, emotional and sometimes psychological pains we go through embodying and Embodying first, I’ve been very aware of big positive improvements happening simultaneously. It’s not all pain and misery, nor is it all constant bliss and perfection. It’s a transitional little bit of both which is normal for what’s happening. The pain and misery will now dissipate much more quickly for us because of these latest Shifts and Embodiment Processes. Hang in there First Everythingers, Embodiers and Forerunners because we’re steering this thing from our ever expanding, ever more radiant HighHearts. The rest will follow and unfold just as it has been. Thank you All for your Great and ongoing Works. More discussions about this in Comments.


May 26, 2019

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Life in the New by Kara Schallock | SOULSTICE RISING ~ Ascension Notes – 1/25/2015

Life in the New by Kara Schallock | SOULSTICE RISING
~ Ascension Notes – 1/25/2015

I know you know that we are in a whole new phase. Many are wondering if it is true, since they are experiencing much of the same purging energy and wonder what happened to the “promise” of being in the New World. Some are experiencing this New Life; they are the ones who have completed what they needed to let go of and have integrated the new high vibrational life of Flow and Ease. Most, however, are still needing to rearrange their lives according to how they’re guided and are either resisting doing that or are still in that process. And there are those who have done the work, but haven’t yet shifted to living in the New; not quite knowing how. Since my path is to address the highest potential of those who want to continue in their Ascension, I share this Note. Do remember, that New Life does not magically appear; we are the ones who bring it to fruition.

For those who are fully aware that they no longer relate to 3D dualistic life, you are now choosing to live fully from your Soul’s perspective; that of being and knowing your full Divinity. This includes knowing that you are abundant and create everything in your life. You live based on your own Intuition and Knowing. You know that whatever you think and feel create the next moments and you know that by being authentically true to who you are, your Light touches all others. It is easier to stay in the Moment and you see through all illusions, while judging none of it. You know that everyone and everything is right where they need to be, even when you see their struggle. You view everything with the eyes of Soul; of the Divine; in detachment and Love. You know that there is no stopping point, for Ascension is infinite, and you are fine with that. You no longer suffer, for suffering is resistance to change. You know that your sole/soul purpose is to create and what you create is entirely up to you.

You know that everything is an inside job. Your Joy is within you; it isn’t dependent on outside circumstances. There is no blaming of childhood or past lives or of others, but an Acceptance of all as gifts to bring more Awareness to you. Gone is any victim energy. You are fully awake and rather than being asleep to anything, you are in full choice of all you do, feel and think. When there is a challenge, you flow with it; not against it; for you know it helps you rise in vibration, for there is a gift of Awareness in every perceived challenge. In fact, you see challenge as opportunity. You have no needs; only the desire to Be More. You know how powerful you are and do not give your Power away to anyone else. You stand in your Authenticity.

The most loving you are is with yourself. You know all is in Divine Order and Divine Time. Do not judge yourself if you find you are still attached to some of the old, for this would not be so loving of your own process. You are moving, one step at a time, and are perfectly aligned with Soul. What you do for you, you do for all of life. Remember, we are One. Your very essence, thoughts and feelings affect everyone and everything.

Physically, your body is still integrating the New, so you will still be purifying your body and experiencing downloads and how they affect you (disrupted sleep, headaches, buzzing in different part of your body and however your body is transforming and integrating). You accept it all in stride. You can talk to different parts of your physicality and ask what it wants. You can also ask that your transformation be gentler. You can do so much for your body, including diet, being in Nature, essential oils, flower essences…just follow your guidance. Your body will definitely communicate with you.

Many of you see very clearly what your path and purpose is and this will shift as your consciousness shifts. Nothing is set in stone, as it was in 3D. We are in Flow; and yet sometimes we ebb, when it seems nothing is happening. Those ebb times are when we just rest and integrate more Light. What we are really getting used to in the New is that everything is flowing with Grace and Joy and we have learned to let go of anything that stops our Flow. There is Ease in the New. No more struggle, fear or doubt. There is complete Faith in us. There is no more wishing, hoping or needing. There is no saving or rescuing; there is simply being Love and Light; that is more than enough.

This is a time to build and create anew. Enough of “Oh, won’t it be wonderful when…” The time is Now. Walk your talk, live purposefully in each Moment and stay present. How do you build? Ask yourself how you want to feel and then choose how to create that. Do you want Freedom? Then make those choices in which you feel free. Do you want Respect? Then do those things that are self-respectful for you and others. Do you want Abundance? Then be grateful for all in your life and shift your perception from lack to Abundance. Act like you are abundant, for in Truth you are. You can stop saying things like “I can’t afford this” or “I wish I had more money;” etc. Remember that words and thoughts are powerful and they also help you see an underlying belief. Being attached to outcome, however, blocks the Flow. Being in the Moment without attachment to outcome or how it’s “supposed to be” is the only place to Be in the New. You can help yourself do this by asking in any Moment, “Where am I?” And if you are not in the Moment, place your hand on your Heart and take a deep breath. Stay present.

You are Love. Love is more than a feeling; it is the essence of you. Love is your birthright; your Divinity. Love is your consciousness; Love is Source. As you rise in Love, you rise in Divinity and the Truth of you. Love is not attached, nor is emotional in nature. Love is Acceptance and is never in duality, separation or judgment. Breathe into your Heart and feel that which you are. Feel the Peace.

We have just completed another rise in vibration; we have risen to another level (a human word that truly doesn’t exist in higher dimensions). And through this rising, we expand in more Knowing and Awareness, which always brings new insights that we didn’t have before. With each new Awareness, we grow in Strength and we see even more clearly the path to take. Stand in your Power and bravely take the first step.

We have moved through so much, haven’t we? And we continue with more resolve and commitment. We have chosen to clear the pathway for others to follow. We do this even while we don’t know what lies ahead. We do this knowing that others will join us, if they choose to. Yet, we do this without the expectation that others will choose to take that first step. We do this because we are Love.

~ ~ ~

Wishing you Love on your Ascension Path,


Why Discussion of the Events of 9/11/2001 and the Deep State Help Develop the Antiwar Movement | Richard Krushnic 9/18/14

Why Discussion of the Events of 9/11/2001 and the Deep State
Help Develop the Antiwar Movement | Richard Krushnic 9/18/14, with an
Introduction by Christopher Gruener MA, LMHC
(Secretary for the Greater Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth & Justice)

“Most folks don’t want to know the truth because it threatens their world view, their paradigm for understanding and making life bearable. They can accept that the government does things like this to other people and governments in other lands, but not that it does them here at home. Even considering the possible truth of such things creates cognitive dissonance that is very emotionally disturbing and frightening. All kinds of primitive and sophisticated psychological shenanigans are employed by the person considering such truths to deny their possibility and avoid seeing even the obvious.”


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Hello Friends,


As many of you know, the 9/11 Truth Movement has been striving for many years to develop a collaborative interface with the broader Anti-War / Peace and Justice Movement.  Please take time to read Richard Krushnic’s article below and then add your voice to the ongoing conversation on this topic.


Richard is a leading activist in the 9/11 Truth Movement, with a long time commitment to effective peace and justice activism.  He has worked tirelessly for well over a decade to integrate these two arenas for maximum collaboration and impact.


Peace, Persistence and Solidarity,



Christopher Gruener MA, LMHC

(Secretary for the Greater Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth & Justice)



From: Richard Krushnic []
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2014 3:56 PM
To: Chris Gruener
Subject: 9/11 Truth, the Deep State and the Antiwar Movement



There has been a discussion chain on the UNAC (United National Antiwar Coalition) discussion group regarding recent possible false flag operations, such as the evidence that the downing of the airliner in Ukraine was a false flag, which Ralph Lopez carried into 9/11 Truth territory.  Ralph posted some of the controlled demolition evidence.  He received the usual negative responses from some of the leading lights in the discussion group.  He has been holding his own without meaningful support.  Only two persons sent extremely brief comments.  Most think 9/11 should not be allowed as part of the discussion.  Today I responded to the chain by posting the following.  I hope the moderator/moderators post my piece to the discussion.



Why Discussion of the Events of 9/11/2001 and the Deep State
Help Develop the Antiwar Movement
| Richard Krushnic 9/18/14


Discussion of the events of 9/11/2011 are relevant to discussions of ongoing and prospective US wars, because all of US foreign policy and wars in the Middle East, Asia and Africa have been and continue to be heavily influenced by the events of 9/11.  If 9/11 was an inside job false-flag operation (an act a nation does itself and blames on another nation or group); this informs us of the extraordinary power the perpetrators have over us, and how manipulable the nation is by those planning and implementing wars.  It also means that false flag operations could be employed repeatedly and at any time in order to manipulate the public politicians into beginning new wars or extending existing ones.


I was involved in efforts to introduce 9/11 evidence into New England antiwar movement discussions a few years ago, and found that there was no interest  because most thought 9/11 Truth people were primarily right-wing Libertarians or Laruchites, which was neither the case then nor now.  At any rate, the message didn’t matter because of who it was assumed that the messenger was.  I think the same attitude is still at work today in antiwar circles.  I am a member of the socialist segment of the 9/11 truth movement, and would like to enter the current discussion.


It is certainly deeply meaningful that 2,500 licensed architects and engineers have signed the Architecdts and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Petition stating that the government explanation of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory that flies in the face of the basic laws of physics and chemistry and is completely preposterous, and therefore an investigation independent of the government must be done.  The best single presentation of the views of this massive body of expertise is AE9/11 Truth’s DND Experts Speak Out, which has 42 experts in their fields of Firemen, Building Fire Safety, Physics, Chemistry, Architecture, Construction Engineering and Building Demolition.


They point to Building 7 (47 stories) falling at free-fall speed; pools of molten metal underground under the twin towers for weeks at temperatures double that of the hottest airplane fuel or office fires; thermite and nanothermite residues in the cement powder distributed around lower Manhattan (incendiary and incendiary/explosive burning at 1.6 times the melting point of structural steel); near free-fall speed of the twin towers (all resistance removed below the demolition wave—only possible with controlled demolition); turning nearly a million pounds of concrete into fine powder (only possible with controlled demolition charges on a high percentage of floors); high-velocity ejection of multi-ton steel members; steel members like swiss cheese with sulfur (only possible with thermite or nanothermite); over 200 first responders experiencing and hearing numerous explosions, and many more pieces of evidence.  In the cases of many of these pieces of evidence, any one of them is sufficient to prove that the government’s version is a lie.


But we are not just talking about 9/11 here.  We are talking about the modern era of the US deep state from at least as far back as World War II to the present.  To understand the modus operandi of the deep state, its strength and its membership, we have to understand the main outline of its activities.  So permit this brief reflection:  Pearl Harbor was a partial false flag operation, because an 18-month plan dreamed up by a naval officer found its way to Roosevelt and was implemented.  The objective was to goad Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor in order to overcome opposition to entering the war—the real urgency was to enter the war against Germany.  Overwhelming evidence that this plan was carried out is presented in Day of Deceit, also written by a naval officer, Robert Stinnett.  The key players in the establishment of the CIA were aware of this, and as they organized and executed the coups in Iran in 1953, in Guatemala in 1954, the failed coup in Indonesia in 1958, and a brilliantly executed coup via electoral manipulation in the Philippines the same year, the outlines and strength of the secret deep state developed and solidified.

When JFK changed from a cold warrior to a peacemaker while in office, he quickly made enemies among the most powerful.  The mafia kicked out of Cuba wanted back in and blamed Kennedy for the failure of the CIA’s Bay of Pigs Invasion.  Kennedy refused to bomb Cuba against the wishes of the military and nearly everyone else in his cabinet, and set out to end the cold war and make peace with Russia and Cuba.  He refused to undertake another effort to unseat Sukarno in Indonesia, earning him the enmity of  Rockefeller oil interests and Texas mining interests (Freeport Sulfer, Brown & Root).  He moved to cut the domestic oil depletion allowance, making Clint Murcheson and H.L. Hunt bitter enemies, and put price controls on steel.  When he issued the secret order to pull out of Vietnam after the 1964 elections, that was the last straw.  On behalf of these multinational corporate, military and intelligence interests, and with the support of Lyndon Johnson, he was murdered by the CIA and the Secret Service.  Jim Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable:  Why He Died and Why it Matters is probably the best single book on the subject.  There is overwhelming evidence of this from many many excellent sources.


The same forces executed his brother, RFK, and Martin Luther King.  While researching the Kennedys’ executions is tedious, researching MLK’s is easy—just read Act of State: the Execution of Martin Luther King, by Wiliam Pepper, attorney for the King family for a generation.  The book recounts all of the evidence, and presents the wrongful death suit 1999 trial in which 74 witnesses present overwhelming evidence.  So overwhelming that it took the jury of 6 whites and 6 blacks 59 minutes to return with a verdict finding agencies of the US government guilty of King’s murder.


The secret FBI sector that is part of the deep state was in charge of the coverups of the state executions of the Kennedys and King.  The deep state component of the FBI has trained small groups in all major police departments to cooperate with them in this work.  The police departments of Dallas and Los Angeles played key roles in the coverups of the Kennedys’ executions; and the Police Dept. of Memphis not only played a key role in the King execution coverup, but also played a key role in his execution, including the actual shooting by the police department’s lead marksman.   The deep state role of the FBI is most present today in the creation of phony or entrapment cases against around  600 Muslims, in order to maintain the public fear regarding Muslim terrorists.  Read Rounded Up:  Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment After 9/11, by Shamshad Ahmad, PhD, or review the Tarek Mehanna case in Boston, where Tarek is serving 17 years for translating and posting some articles by Al Queda.   There are questions regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings.  For example:  why did the FBI execute the unarmed friend of The Tsarnaevs in Florida.  What about the family’s claims that the FBI continued contact with the elder brother after the initial 2012 interviews?  What about the presence of Craft International personnel and van at the finish line?  Craft contracts to train police departments regarding terrorist acts and may be part of the integration of the deep state’s secret coordination between the FBI and police departments.  There are many other questions regarding the Marathon Bombing.


If we cannot effectively question government versions in public and get media coverage for this, we are doomed to be forever manipulated by false-flag operations.  The current case in point is the downing of the passenger airliner in the Ukraine.  Surveying the information available in the mass media and the internet, there is clearly more evidence pointing to a downing of the airliner by Ukrainian forces than by the rebels in Eastern Ukraine.  Numerous witnesses have testified to the two jet fighters trailing the airliner immediately before it went down.


Some of the persons involved in 9/11 were already in high government positions by the time of the Kennedy killings or shortly thereafter, such as Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and others.  Everybody in the highest positions knows about all of this, and they know that the same forces are at large today, exercising power through the deep state—a network of multinational corporate interests, and key military, political, academic and intelligence players.  Obama’s team, when he came in, had discussions about what the president could do and not do to avoid assassination by the deep state.  Along with the assassinations of the Kennedys and King, and subsequently, the show went on in Vietnam, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, etc.


Part of this has been US government regulation of and participation in the global illegal narcotics trade and frequent use of mafias to perform killings so they cannot be traced to the US government agency in charge: a deal with the mafia for the US heroin market in return for help in WWII in Italy; the Burma Golden Triangle following the Chinese Revolution; Southeast Asian trade in the Vietnam War (Opium and Politics in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy); shifting the heroin market to Pakistan and Afghanistan during the effort to unseat the Russians from Afghanistan.  And, of course, the simultaneous creation of Al Qaeda.  The US mafia was hired by the CIA to assassinate Castro, mafia gangs were used to do most of the half million killings in Indonesia immediately after the 1965 coup, etc.  The CIA created the gangs that introduced crack cocaine to the US as a means to fund the Contras in Nicaragua (Dark Alliance by Gary Stephan Webb), etc.


Then there is, of course, the INSTITUTIONALIZED  membership of the key owners and operators of the mass media in the deep state network.  The shining star example for 9/11 is the 2003 Popular Mechanics magazine and book that presented 11 arguments that 9/11 was a false flag operation.  This was the single most effective propaganda against 9/11 Truth ever.  The 11 arguments were all straw men.  The main body of 9/11 truth did not put forth any of these 11 arguments, but Popular Mechanics attributed them all to a unified 9/11 Truth movement.  Of course, none of the arguments that were put forth by the main body of the movement were mentioned.  Sophisticated disinformation technique is solidly institutionalized into the mass media’s deep state participation.


Now briefly back to 9/11: Zbigniew Brzezinski, in his 1997 Grand Chessboard laid out essentially the same plan as Project for a New American Century (PNAC) in 2000 (controlled by the neocons of the Bush Administration): a plan to extend US multinational corporate dominance in the Middle East and Asia for another 40 years.  Both documents clearly state that the plan couldn’t succeed without a new Pearl Harbor.  The plan required enough control over Afghanistan and Iraq, which straddle Iran, to exert enough influence on Iran (sitting on both the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea) to be able to play a prominent role in continuing energy development and pipelines.  The plan also requires continual weakening of Middle Eastern societies through warfare.  You can’t get Americans to go fight and die for half a century in Asia without a new Pearl Harbor.


The National Institutes for Standards and Technology (NIST) says on the first page of its 10,000 page report on the twin towers that it investigated nothing after the collapse initiated,  i.e. after the collapse began at the point of airplane entry.   That way, they don’t have to address nearly all of the points raised by the 2,500 architects and engineers who signed the AE9/11Truth petition (check out its website).  NIST didn’t investigate the possibility that preset explosives might have been involved.  Turns out that leaders of the NIST investigation were members of the team that developed nanothermite in the US Dept. of Eneregy’s weapons labs.  We haven’t been able to detect any source for nanothermite in 2001 other than Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and the Naval Weapons Lab at Indian Point.  Nanothermite is so good that it can be disguised as almost anything, has three times the explosive force per unit of weight as runner up explosives, and is replacing former explosives in the US smart weapons arsenal.   See the Greater Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth and Justice’s Nanothermite Packet.


NIST commissioned a study by Underwriters Labs to prove its hypothesis:  Planes’ impact and fires from the planes’ fuel and office furnishings dislodged insulation and heated floor trusses enough that they sagged 44 inches, shortening them enough to pull in exoskeleton members enough that they buckled, initiating the collapse.  Underwriters Labs created several 60-foot floor trusses to specification, loaded them with twin tower floor loads and cooked them for an hour at the NIST-prescribed temperature.  Nothing.  So they doubled the temperature and doubled the time.  The trusses sagged 4 inches, not 44 inches.  The test disproved NIST’s hypothesis.  You can see the test in an appendix to the NIST Report.  However, the test is not mentioned anywhere in the body of the report.


Why does the truth about 9/11 and the history and nature of the deep state matter to the antiwar movement?  Because if we do not understand the deep state’s capabilities and propensities for false flag operations on all scales, from a single beheading to 9/11, we leave them the opportunity to use false flag operations at will to start any war any time.  If we don’t understand that every single provocation we hear about (beheadings, suicide bombings, thwarted plans by US Muslims in Albany, the airliner downing in Ukraine), might be a false flag operation; then we throw away one of our potentially greatest tools for peace:  education of masses of people about the modus operandi of the deep state.   I have no idea if the recent beheadings were false flag operations, but they might have been, and just see how a few simply executed beheadings can be enough to start a new level of conflict.  If a meaningful segment of the public is wise to the methods and omnipresence of the deep state, it would be much easier to get government versions scrutinized in the mass media, and much harder to start or extend wars.


The leading response to any attempt to present evidence regarding 9/11 as a false-flag operation is:  In an operation that complex, they wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret—somebody would talk.  Many people talked about their involvement or what they knew about the JFK and MLK executions, but not for many years after the events.  Many people talked about their involvement or what they knew about the plan to goad the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor, but not for many years after the events.  Perhaps many will eventually talk about 9/11.  The same is true about nearly all of the CIA coups and assassinations of heads of state.  What is much more interesting and important, however, is that even though there is incontrovertible evidence regarding the assassinations of the Kennedys and MLK and about Pearl Harbor, still, most people prefer to ignore the evidence and buy the government’s version.  Most folks don’t want to know the truth because it threatens their world view, their paradigm for understanding and making life bearable.   They can accept that the government does things like this to other people and governments in other lands, but not that it does them here at home.   Even considering the possible truth of such things creates cognitive dissonance that is very emotionally disturbing and frightening.  All kinds of primitive and sophisticated psychological shenanigans are employed by the person considering such truths to deny their possibility and avoid seeing even the obvious.


Noam Chomsky, Michael Albert, and others, who have immeasurably benefited the antiwar movement with brilliant and endless work, have failed us on this one score.  They say that these assassinations and false-flag operations are done by small numbers of individuals or rogue elements, and that they therefore don’t matter that much; because what matters are the acts of the totalitarian institutions of the multinational corporation, and the military.  But the deep state is the network by which these corporations, the military and others discuss their long-range interests, develop their plans, and indicate how nice it would be if a group within the military or intelligence community would just kill this person or execute this false flag operation.   The deep state is fully INSTITUTIONALIZED.  The King execution involved coordination among the CIA, the FBI, the New Orleans and Memphis Mafias, the Memphis Police Department, the MIssissipi National Guard, and the US Air Force.  The Kennedys’ executions were coordinated among the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, the Dallas Police, the upper political establilshment in Texas, and Lyndon Johnson, with the backing of the interest groups mentioned above.  Some assassinations are done by small groups or rogue elements, but the vast majority are not, they are a major INSTITUIONAL mechanism by which many of the most pivotal events in modern history are carried out precisely at the behest of the institution of the deep state.  The coordination list for 9/11 is longer.


So please understand that people trying to educate about the events of 9/11 are not trying to divert the antiwar movement from its task of stopping or ending wars.  We are trying to broaden and deepen the analysis and understanding of the antiwar movement so that it understands its enemies better and can develop tactics and strategies to counter what may be the single most effective weapon our enemies currently possess—the false flag operation.  If you want to take a peak at one of the most recent works on the subject, go to the Coollidge Corner Branch Library at 31 Pleasant Street, Brooklline, MA Sunday September 1st for the 1:30 showing of Anatomy of a Great Deception, a docu-thriller following a family man turned filmmaker as he unknowingly begins his own 9/11 investigation.  His belief system is shattered, he is tuned-out by his  family, his finances are collapsing, and he is compelled to try to turn it all around by making this film.

“The Angels answer to a private session question” (on happiness) | Angelic Guides -Taryn Crimi

“The Angels answer to a private session question”
| Angelic Guides -Taryn Crimi

Hi Everyone,

Every once in a while I post an answer that the Angels gave to a private session question.  Of course I have removed the name from the question and answer to provide the questioner with privacy.  I am sharing the Angels answer because I found it to be a great reminder and as always the Angels had a wonderful way of explaining a complex topic in a very direct and clear manner.  So those of you who are drawn to this message,  I hope you find their words to be helpful.

Much Love,


Q. My question for today is: I understand that energy creates one’s circumstances and I really believe that I send out positive vibes most of the time but it still feels like I’m in a battle to stay one step ahead of going backwards.  So my question is:   How much longer for me, in this lifetime, until I can be happy and at peace?

A. “Dear XXXX, we would be happy to share with you our perspective. We will tell you why you are feeling as though you must chase happiness and it is very simple; you are making happiness depend upon circumstances rather than allowing it to shine through you. You see, when you base happiness, joy, peace of mind or inner peace off of the conditions and circumstances that you believe will provide you with those feelings you will always feel as though it is just out of reach. It is the proverbial carrot on a stick which dangles in front of the donkey in order to make him walk.

When you believe that your happiness is contingent upon a certain experience, you will never be able to truly find the inner peace you are seeking. The reason being is that no outside circumstance or experience can bring you joy or happiness, joy comes only from within. So how then do you find joy you ask? To this we reply, very simply, decide to be in a state of happiness. You see, humans regularly try to manifest their desired outcome backwards in our opinion. What do we mean by this? Humans decide upon certain experiences that they believe will allow them to be happy which they wish to manifest so that they can then become happy. It becomes a “I’ll be happy when, I’ll only be happy if, I will feel at peace when” This will always put your peace and joy off into the “future”. You will always be chasing it rather than experiencing it in the now moment.

Regardless of how it appears, happiness is a choice, it is a vibrational state of being that does not depend upon any outside circumstances. There are all too many who continue to amass a large collection of “things” in hope that they will fill the void they feel within, yet with every purchase they are met with the same empty feeling. The reason is because nothing outside of you can make you feel whole, make you feel at peace. Certainly we are not saying that you cannot have material possessions, you are living within a material world. If it is your desire to collect things, then by all means do so, the universe is infinitely abundant. However, you cannot expect any material thing, amount of money or experience to provide you with joy that you don’t already feel within. There are those who find joy in every moment of their lives though from the outside perspective they own nothing, yet there are others who seemingly own everything and yet they wallow in despair.

You see dear, you cannot make your happiness dependent upon a circumstance, an amount of money, a possession, or an experience as none of them will be able to bring to you true inner peace. The key is to choose to be in a state of gratefulness, a state of happiness and a state of peace in this now moment. In doing so, you will attract more to be grateful about, more to be happy about and more to make you feel at peace. Why? Because that’s the vibration you are pulsing out. The universe will only reflect back to you what you pulse out. If you are expecting to be happy later, or believe in the “when’s and if only’s” then that is what you will receive. It is essentially a state of chasing happiness.

You asked us how much longer will it be until you can be happy.  To this we reply, the choice is all yours.  It will be as soon or as long as you decide.  As we often say, what you focus on expands. So choose wisely dear.

We hope that we have answered your question sufficiently and that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides”

If you wish to ask the Angels your own questions you may schedule a private session with them here @

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Walk Out of Prison – You Can Do It!

We need to free ourselves from self-imposed burdens.

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Summary of Brenda’s August 2, 2014 channeled, free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at The Universes are sending new energies and messages to assist you in moving more quickly out of your core fear and into your next stage of manifestation. 

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Self-Love – The New Earth Cornerstone”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Those of you who exited your cocoon have rested, as well as sorted out feelings about your new being. Perhaps it was a relatively easy process of not feeling connected to much of anything. Or more direct in terms of exploring old feelings in new ways.

You are now moving into your next stage of learning – manifestation.

Even though you may revert…

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