Tania Gabrielle: [December 7 – 13] Weekly Astro-Numerology Forecast

[December 7 – 13] Weekly Astro-Numerology Forecast

•Dec 5, 2020
Tania Gabrielle
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A highly sought after spiritual intuitive and Astro-Numerologist, Tania Gabrielle introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World, unlocking the codes in the stars, names, dates and numbers to facilitate wealth (well-being) and joy with a primary focus on sharing spiritual principles that manifest practical, real-life results.


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John Smallman: The momentary choice you made to experience separation is about to be reversed.

The momentary choice you made to experience separation is about to be reversed.

by John Smallman

2010-01-27-saul-audio-blog-for-monday-january-27th.mp3  Saul Audio Blog for Monday January 27th

Humanity is riding the wave towards its moment of awakening and this is very close now.  Let go of your doubts and anxieties because all is well.  Your awakening, as you have been told so often, is inevitable!  It seems to you that you have been waiting a very long time for this magnificent event, but in truth it has been but a moment, an instant.  Separation from Source never occurred, it could not occur because there is nowhere to separate to, there is only Source the infinite field of Love in which all that is created has its eternal existence in peace and joy.

However, for a moment, for a tiny instant, you imagined separation, and because you are imbued with the infinite power of Source, what you imagined seemed to come into existence, and it seems that you are trapped, ensnared, and immobilized within a vast Universe of physicality, of form.  It is completely unreal, even though to you it seems very solid, because in form you are always in contact with other objects in form – from the ground beneath your feet to everything with which you interact during your daily lives.

Life appears to be very physical as your bodies interact with other physical bodies and objects.  BUT, if you pay close attention to your feelings, to your sensations of consciousness or awareness, it becomes quite clear that you are not your bodies.  There is within you a knowing that you can depart from where your body is physically – for instance while sitting, walking, working, driving a car – in any moment your mind can be somewhere far removed from the space in which your body is present.  You are not your body but you move it and manipulate it, or parts of it, by intending to do so.

Who is it then, that sets that intent?  It’s the sense of awareness in your field of consciousness through which you know that you exist – your ability to imagine – and it is that which makes the decision to act on what you imagined.

In truth you are far freer than you think you are, but you choose to be limited by your bodies.  Over recent decades many people have been able to make their bodies faster and stronger, both physically and mentally, through various kinds of training, and the results of this can be seen in the new records being set in athletic and academic contests all over the world.  Nevertheless, bodies are limiting because you intended them to be, but you yourselves are not limited except in so far as you believe yourselves to be.  And because humanity generally believes itself to be limited, restrained, restricted, that is what people generally experience.

To awaken is to let go of and discard limitations, and in so doing to set yourselves completely free from all limits or restraints.  Your true state is one of absolute and complete freedom, and deeply buried memories of this are what drive you to push boundaries, to seek more from life than seems possible to humans in form.  Many reach a level of freedom that is far advanced from what their parents experienced, and they are then often happy to settle for that higher level of freedom.  Others believe that they can never achieve the level of freedom their parents experienced, and settle unhappily at that lower level.  A few believe that they should not be limited at all, and spend their lives pushing the boundaries of human abilities and freedoms to ever higher levels.  Your individual beliefs set your limitations for you, and those beliefs are strongly influenced by the collective beliefs of the culture and society in which you are living.

Now is the time to release those invalid and limiting beliefs, beliefs that anchor you in the past, in past memories of limitation – “I can’t possibly do that, what would people think?” “I could never learn how to do that now, I’m too set in my ways.” “The way I’m living my life is working for me, so why risk changing it?” – that appear to offer safety and security.  Limiting beliefs are like veils or screens that prevent you from seeing the enormous possibilities that life offers you because, out of fear, you refuse to question them by opening those veils and screens and looking beyond them.

Fixed and unquestioned beliefs are self-imposed limits that further add to the basic limitations that are a major aspect of being in form as humans.  These are most easily seen in others – who support religious persuasions, economic views, philosophies, or political convictions different from your own – whereas they are often extremely difficult to see in oneself.  That egoic and fearful need to be right, with which so many are infected, has led humanity into vicious conflicts overthe eons, conflicts that cause endless pain and suffering for vast numbers of people, and which never lead to resolution of the issues that appear to have led to the conflicts in the first place.

Experience is gained when mistakes or errors are made and the reason for them is investigated and understood, and there are numerous situations occurring daily in which this happens.  One of the lessons that is learned over and over again is that humans do make mistakes and errors.  Learning what caused them, and then taking steps to prevent their re-occurrence, leads to wisdom.  Unfortunately, mainly out of fear, defective or dishonest judgments are often offered in attempts to fault others for errors that occur, in order to shift blame from those responsible to those others, so that they themselves can avoid being shamed and punished.

In recent decades much progress has been made in understanding the reasons for human error, and new laws and guidelines have been introduced to reduce and, where possible, prevent errors from occurring.  However, when mistakes are made, those responsible – often people who are at the senior management levels of the organization involved – are almost invariably filled with fear and horror, and will engage in almost any kind of subterfuge to avoid being held responsible.

The way forward is to change the way mistakes are dealt with, so that those responsible can file truthful reports about what has occurred in the knowledge that they will be lovingly assisted in dealing with the sense of horror and guilt that arises within them as a result of their mistake, and thus helping enormously in the prevention of further occurrences of a similar nature.

Obviously, if criminal negligence or criminal intent is found to be the cause of the event, those responsible must be called to account, then, after a full investigation has been carried out, they must be given the loving support necessary to enable them to change the misguided beliefs that led them to behave as they did.

Remember, you are all – and there are absolutely no exceptions – beloved children of God, perfect, just as you were created.  The momentary choice you made to experience separation is about to be reversed so that you awaken.  Until then it is essential that you daily set the intent to be only loving in your thoughts, words, and actions.  When you do that your intention affects all of humanity, and all of humanity is then mightily assisted in moving away from fear, judgment, and blame, and into a loving mindset from which to interact lovingly and respectfully with each other just as God does.  This is an essential step on your path to awakening, and it is the way in which Mother/Father/God, Source, Love, always interact and engage with all of creation.  It is how you will experience life when you awaken, and thus eternal joy will embrace and envelop you.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Aluna Ash- 9D: ENERGY UPDATE (description box)11/25

ENERGY UPDATE (description box)11/25
•Nov 25, 2019

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#NewMoon #NeptuneDirect #SolarActivity

This is the last time we will have 10 GAP days (Galactic Activation Portal Days) in a row, or a large portal of GAP days, until July 2020. This 10 day portal starts on Ahau, the 9th day of Eb, which is connected to the Sun, and on the 2nd Lord of the Night, which is connected to Neptune. The portal closes on Dec 14, also on 2nd Lord of the Night.

**The reason I speak about GAP days is because they are connected to rhythms, cycles and patterns where vortexes are open and more Cosmic light comes in..  more light that comes in from the central sun in connection to our physical sun &  Solar activity. The frequency of the planet increases during GAP days,  and synchronicity speed up. Everything is synchronized perfectly in Divine Order. When we know these days/times & the natural timing frequencies, we are more synchronized with the Planet, the Planetary Lightbody, the elements, the collective, the galaxy, and the Cosmos.

10 GAP days: December 5th- December 14th
Bringing in back to back Solar activity throughout December.

Not the last “portal” because we have new moon & full moon portals all the time & other GAP days throughout the year that are usually  separate (52 GAP days in 13 moons of 28 days each) When I talk of portals, I am not speaking of numbers/dates or the 12 month calender dates, I am speaking of GAP days along with the Maya calender… in order to describe the timing, I have to use dates related to the 12 month calender system…other wise no one would know what Im talking about (I use different systems together in my own way)

We do start Caban 8- which is linked to the planet Uranus, Feb 20 2020- the 2222 (I talked about this in older/past videos) it is the beginning of a new energy & earth synchronization with Uranus. Caban means Earth and earthquake…or earthquakes of knowledge/wisdom. The force within the Earth in connection to Humanity & the Human body, the creative intelligence and the resonance within Earth. Caban 8 is like a new year with Maya calender, just happens to fall on 22 22, builder numbers. The same day, 2/20/2020, Pluto moves to 24 degrees Capricorn… while Saturn is at the last few degrees of Capricorn (Saturn will be entering Aquarius in mid-late March 2020)

Our signs & synchronicities are the physical manifestation of the subconscious impressions from our conscious mind & Higher Self/Higher Mind…its an interaction with ourselves, Divine intelligence, Elemental Kingdom, Planetary Body, enviorment, group consciousness, etc…

Every experience is a reflection or result of our consciousness individually & collectively. Opposing forces will always be a part of the Earthly experience, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to experience one from another. We have the choice to decide where we place our attention, how we respond and what we choose to create/manifest.

I was shown, that long before we have any physical Eclipse whether it be solar or lunar, the spiritual body & subtle body of the entity is eclipsed first. This happens weeks prior to a physical eclipse. So I was shown the Sun’s spiritual body/subtle body being eclipsed.. almost like its happening in higher dimensions first before it manifests here in the physical, in this density & in linear time. This happening right before the 10 day portal opening December 5th. We we’ll see a lot of changes with the magnetic field of the sun because of this subtle body eclipse.. possibly creating back-to-back solar storms.  Over time more of the collective will be aware of these shifts in energy, astral currents, cosmic waves, solar activity, etc.. because they will physically or clairaudiently be able to hear the distinct difference between planetary energies, cosmic energy, solar activity. So more will know/hear/feel these shifts long before they manifest in the physical. I have been using hypnotherapy & reprogramming as a tool for somewhat blocking clairaudience and it has been working. When clairaudience is fully opened 24/7, (not just hearing pitches/tones every so often, but always hearing energy,) it can be very overwhelming… and there are ways to adjust it.

It is important to trust how you feel. Not how something looks or appears to be. If you know something just does not feel aligned for your highest good or good of others, listen to that knowing & pull your energy back. Emapths are like the Sun, a bright light & heart that shines and is felt by all unconsciously. When your light/energy field shines bright people will be drawn to you..  physically, mentally, emotionally, subconsciously drawn to your Light. Remaining judgement free & detached allows you to be aware while not being affected energetically. Once balanced, Empaths are the most powerful, yet feel no need to exert their power.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate)


Kelly M. Beard: Weekly Forecast: March 31 – April 6, 2019

Kelly M. Beard
Kelly M. Beard:  Weekly Forecast: March 31 – April 6, 2019

4/2 ~ Mercury (communication/expression) ~conjunct~ Neptune (imagination/spirituality): (3 of 3: 2/19 ~ 3/24 ~ 4/2)

This is a mixed blessing, but definitely an initiation either way. It can be miraculous for creativity, art or exploration. I like this one for a personal ‘conversation with God’, your Higher Self, your SoulSelf. As with any initiation, a completion must come first, and in this case with Mercury, it’s time to expand your thinking in some way – go deeper. Invite your Ancestors, Angels & Animal Guides to answer your questions and guide you at this time. Communing with them is much more supported than communing with the humans around you. So if you need to think about the mundane or confront someone about something which requires complete honesty from both parties, things could get a little hazy & confused thanks to Neptune here. There is always a veil to contend with when dealing with Neptune, but you have to know which side of it you are on so you are in alignment with the Nature around you (3D vs 5D). This energy tends to color reality, misleading you to think you are being perfectly clear in your communication or what you’re trying to express, while others are completely lost. It’s better to say nothing, rather than be completely misunderstood.

4/5 ~ ARIES New Moon:
This is an annual Initiation of the New You, the New Year and a brand New Beginning that is available for those who choose the New, leave the Old/Past behind, and bravely stepping into the unknown. The Libra Full Moon (3/20) may have revealed where more *Internal Balance* is required for you to truly anchor this emerging Identity. It may have also revealed where more *External Balance* is required for you to maintain relationships or agreements with others (or not). Most likely, some of both will manifest. This is an annual opportunity to release imbalances within ourselves and our relationships or environment, anything that is preventing the Aries/New Beginning from unfolding naturally. The Capricorn Last Qtr Moon (3/28) illuminated what you, personally, are responsible for at this time and happened the same day as Mercury Direct, allowing for some additional insights. You are on completely new ground now and the Aries New Moon launches us all to the next level. Consider how much has been cleared and released just in the last year alone. This first *Seed Point* is vital to the next 6-12 months of growth and expansion. It is truly time to close out and release anything no longer essential to your reality or evolution. The message is: Don’t Rush and Neither Postpone. This is the week to dedicate your Self to taking responsibility for whatever you have chosen to create, then consciously prepare to go for it in the very near future! Any residual imbalances can be released with the second Libra Full Moon (4/19). This month’s lunation sets us up for some very new territory, stay alert and present, especially when navigating with others.

Tania Gabrielle: Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast February 11 – 17: Imagination + Independence

Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast February 11 – 17: Imagination + Independence

Published on Feb 9, 2019


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A highly sought after spiritual intuitive and personal growth leader, Tania Gabrielle inspires legions of praise from her clients and followers. Tania introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World, unlocking the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being with a primary focus on teaching spiritual principles that manifest practical, real-life results.

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Sasha Bonasin: THE MOST POWERFUL NEW MOON THIS YEAR – 7th November 2018 – New Moon in SCORPIO


Published on Oct 24, 2018


On the 7th November 2018 we are going to have THE MOST POWERFUL NEW MOON THIS YEAR, New Moon in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio will have an incredible impact on us. This Scorpio New Moon is about to bring a new and rather strong wave of energies which will be significant and will stay strong until the end of the year. This Scorpio New Moon is also bringing us a powerful, deep, very passionate and intense energy.

This Moon will help us to embrace the deepest, darkest, and scariest aspects of others, ourselves and the world around us.


This is a perfect time to manifest, reconnect, and connect with people and social events. This wonderful energy will assist us on a deeper level especially when it comes to our imagination, creativity, intuition, dreams, Omens and spiritual connections.

This Scorpio New Moon reading is for all twelve signs of Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces.


Tania Gabrielle: Astro-Numerology Insights


Thursday, June 21 welcomes the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, as the Sun enters Cancer.

The Moon rules the night… while the Sun governs daylight.

At the time of the Summer Solstice, Sun-light is at its peak.

This marks the halfway point in our natural yearly cycle as we check-in to our progress from six months ago.

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Your inner power, all the ways in which you SHINE are represented by the Sun.

Light illuminates our path, so we can SEE, accept and make adjustments along the way.

  • This moment in the middle of the year is always a wonderful time to take a look at your life as the Sun shines a spotlight on you.
  • Visualize your dreams for the season ahead as you initiate strong intentions for the next 6 months.

Every horoscope sign the Sun moves through holds new treasures.

In Cancer we are immersing our hearts into the realms of the Moon (planetary ruler of Cancer) – love, feelings, home, family, our past, heritage and parents. Cancer nourishes and nests.

Cancer is a beautiful, fluid WATER sign – vulnerable and sweet.

Heart-to-heart connections are deepened now…

Blessing the Solstice this year are two wonderful transits – both EXACT on June 21:

  • Mercury trine Neptune enriches your imagination and inspires you to the core as you get a deep understanding of ideas and profound spiritual insights.
  • Venus opposite Mars brings passion, love and magnetism – being super creative brings your energy into balance!

So, a wonderful intention for this solstice could be:

“I feel the petals of my heart unfold… I trust that all is always for my highest good… I love and am open to being loved…”

Be present with that feeling.

21 is the number of Truth. Both the winter and summer solstice occur on the 21st. We are in the 21st century.

When you tune into truth, you feel blissful… at peace.

The truth is, that which brings you happiness is what creates ultimate balance, bliss and harmony.

Mending all internal and external conflicts FREES YOU UP to express your love fully as you are freed up to feel totally aligned with Source.

Be in this serene place.

Listen to the most exquisite music to nurture the petals of your heart…

Love and Light,

Tania Gabrielle

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, October 5, 2017 – Full Moon and Black Moon Approaches Galactic Center

photograph taken ON Vancouver island by wise owl tara

OWL taken on Vancouver Island by wise owl Tara

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, October 5, 2017

– Full Moon and Black Moon Approaches Galactic Center

Full Moon Phase (2:40 pm ET/6:40 pm UT): clarity, revelations, insight

Moon in Aries

Sun:  13 Libra – “children blowing soap bubbles”

True Alignments:
  keeping it simple, using the imagination, skimming lightly over emotional difficulties, taking advantage of fleeting opportunities, wonderment, inner child and time with children

Catalysts for Change:
  immature, escapism, trivializing, shrouding the truth, not taking something seriously, oblivious to something that is going on, invasion of personal space and time

Earth:  13 Aries – “a bomb which failed to explode is now safely concealed”

True Alignments:
  slow release of pressure, smoothing things over, care with words, slowing down

Catalysts for Change:
  explosive outbursts, generalized anger, collateral damage, temper tantrums, suppressing emotions and its impact on the physical body, thinking one is fooling others

A lot is happening in the sky today.  The Full Moon enters.  Venus and Mars make conjunction. Jupiter moves to 29 Libra.  And the big one: the Black Moon approaches conjunction with the Galactic Center.

Let’s break it down:

This Full Moon could be called the Mother of Full Moons because its importance is immense.
  This is the Full Moon phase of the New Moon phase that began on September 21, to include the September 23/Revelations 12 time.  In my opinion, based on the data since then, the “Christ consciousness” aka the Divine Masculine aka the aeon Thelete began to arise within each of us then.  Something within us was “born.”

Now, at the Full Moon phase, we have the Black Moon aka the Divine Feminine aka the aeon Sophia making contact with the Galactic Center aka the pleroma (home of the aeons to the Gnostics) aka our spiritual home in the galaxy aka Source. 
Something within us will begin to grow and evolve.  The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Galactic Center is 27 Sagittarius (26 Sagittarius 22) – “a sculptor’s vision is taking form.”

The Black Moon makes exact conjunction with the Galactic Center for only three and a half hours once every nine years.
  Thus, it is a big deal.  The forces of light overrun forces in shadow.  This is why we have seen such strong moves by the cabal during this Gibbous Moon phase (the Moon phase that is the “eve” of Full Moon phases).

The archons are fighting back against the rise (smack down) of Thelete, Sophia, and the aeons of the Galactic Center to solve/remedy the archontic problem on Earth.  The solution to the equation (unfolding between 2015 and 2020) is fully underway.  The archons and their Illuminati minions have no choice but to go all out.  They think their survival depends on it.  They do not understand that they are hastening their return to Source.  They are blind.

The Black Moon approaches the Galactic Center until Saturday, when it will make exact conjunction between 10:30 am ET/2:30 pm UT and 2:00 pm ET/6:00 pm UT. 
This is a cause for celebration!  It may look like the exact opposite because the archons will likely attempt to countermand it.  The energetic is driving them out in the open.  On the individual level, the non-local field may bubble up around us to cause challenges.  The archons’ attempt to create chaos continues to be highlighted throughout the days of the Full Moon phase.  We understand what is really happening.

Venus and Mars will make conjunction today at 12:41 pm ET/4:41 pm UT at 20 Virgo – “a caravan of cars headed for promised lands.” 
Yes!  Let’s get in line.  New beginnings in relationships occur when Venus and Mars make conjunction.  New directions, do-over’s, and leaving the past behind for the promise of a better future is at hand.  How perfect right now.

At 5:14 pm ET/9:14 pm UT, Jupiter moves from 28 Libra – “a man in deep gloom; unnoticed, angels come to his help” (a tough energetic) to 29 Libra – “mankind’s vast enduring effort to reach for knowledge transferable from generation to generation.” 
Advantage: fellowship of humanity.  Again, how perfect right now.

I suggest we begin thinking about what we want to be doing with our time on Saturday when the Black Moon makes conjunction with the Galactic Center.  The ideals of truth and love are inherently part of this.  What would you do with a contact with Heaven?  Whatever it is, it will make a mark, so let’s use our knowledge to choose wisely.  My part with this begins today, and I will be offline tomorrow and Saturday, so this report stands for the weekend.  I will post again on Monday unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Happy Great Alignment, wise owls!  Let’s make it a spectacular one!  Much love to all, worldwide.

Ailia Mira/AA Michael: Using Imagination to Expand Your Flow


Using Imagination to Expand Your Flow

Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Hello, Dear Friends,

It’s good to be with you. We are excited and happy to be with you now, and we are looking forward to what you are doing today, what you are feeling today, what you are experiencing today, and to what you will choose to create as your state of being, who you will decide to be.

Today, we’re going to do a little-guided visualization, and we’re going to encourage you to use your will deliberately to entrain yourself into states of being that benefit you and feel good to you.

We always want to encourage you to use your will to lay down new pathways. New pathways and new ways of being, and the creation of those through your focus, is the most fun way for you to be here. You feel like the most you when you feel you’re expanding. You’re always expanding experience, yet you don’t always have the realization of your expansion. Being present in ways that allow you to experience the expansion you’re creating, more directly, is the gap we’re aiming to close in this Soar Fest.

Yesterday, we walked you through an example of how laying down thought patterns can help you to create new behaviors, can help you to bypass patterns or habits of behavior that are well-established gracefully and easily with not too much of an investment in terms of new thoughts.

Today, we want to expand upon laying down new thought patterns decisively by inviting you to use the powerful combination of will plus imagination.

When you use your imagination on purpose, you are doing what you are most naturally doing in your most expansive state of being. You are unconditionally flowing energy and creating. When you allow yourself permission to think about things, to imagine new ways of being or new experiences, and when you allow that kind of thing to be your focus, you feel better, and you feel more of who you truly are.

You can start this very easily, very softly, and it can open up, building into such a beautiful experience of momentum, and it can all happen without too much time investment, either. All of the things we are suggesting you do with your focus happen easily, happen through not much shifting, just a little shifting. Let’s do some of that together today, deliberately focus and use imagination and will. Let’s start here.

Take a look around wherever you find yourself right now and just choose one thing about that environment, your physical environment, that could be enhanced.

Just choose one thing. Allow yourself to imagine that one thing is changing, that one thing. No matter how big or small it is, whatever occurred to you first is the one thing. Allow yourself to feel how you will enjoy that upgrade, and if you like, close your eyes.

Allow yourself to feel and reach even further into what might be a first class version of your environment. Wherever that invitation takes you, let it take you. Be free and open with no cares. Just allow your imagination to flow into what might be a first class version of the ideal environment all around you and feel that.

Feel how wonderful it is to be present in whatever calls to you as an expression of the first class version of your environment. Feel how nice that feels.

Feel how easy and graceful that is. Feel the joy and the beauty of you being in your environment in a way in which you’re surrounded by what you feel would be an even better, or an even first class way that that space might manifest.

How might that space be perfect for you and inspire you? Feel that, and feel how wonderful you can feel as you allow yourself to imagine that. Notice that. Notice the way you feel. Let yourself feel it. Feel the sensations of it, and put yourself into the imagining of it.

Notice the way you move your body in that space. Notice if anyone else is there with you in that space. Notice the temperature and how your skin feels, and notice the view. Notice the way you’re moving. Put yourself into the vision, and feel the way you will feel in this beautiful space. Just let it be soft and effortless and dreamy and wonderful, and then let it go. That’s it. That’s it.

That is effortless creativity using your will plus imagination.

You’ve done more than just call forth an upgraded environment for yourself in the manifest experience. You’ve just laid down some new pathways in your consciousness and entrained your energy into a new way of being.

If you felt pretty great while you did that, then things will happen that feel like that more often. More of that will start to fill in in the manifest, and if you return to that kind of feeling state, you’ll manifest more of that, and ideas about what will also feel that way to you will also come to you.

You don’t even really need to think about that vision again, but feeling that way whenever it occurs to you can feel wonderful for you, and this is how easy it can be. This is how easy it can be.

If you found yourself getting hung up on “the how,” while imagining, or you felt somehow limited or like you couldn’t do it, or as if you don’t have permission to have the setting you’d like, then use your will and imagination on something that is easier for you to play with. This is why we say that. What’s important here to realize is that, first of all, you’ve already abundantly, repeatedly created and defined what you want, emanated your preferences. You do it day in day out.

Secondly, the primary purpose of using your will to imagine is not just to create. It’s to get into a different state and feel differently. It’s to use what you think about to get into alignment. The intention here is to use how you’re focused to reshape your energy, so you feel better, so you’re happier, directly, and the things you focus on are just a means to flow your energy.

We keep returning to this idea, but it’s so important for you to realize that when you focus on trying to make stuff happen, you get in your way. If you focused on feeling the way you want to feel, you would feel the way you want to feel right now, and the stuff that also feels like that would come, too.

When you alter your energy state, the world adjusts to your new state of being. When you use your imagination intentionally, on purpose, with will, or if you want to call it engaging light, whatever words you like, when you use your focus to alter your energy state, you allow yourself to move into new territory in life, new experiences.

When you use imagination to do it, you have an unconditional ability to create the way you want to feel, to create new experiences, yes, but to create how you want to feel regardless of what’s going on or how life is. This is how you bypass patterns and habits. This is how you allow yourself to know you in new ways and to experience new ways of living.

You can lay down new thought patterns this way, and what happens is not just that you create, which you’re doing, but you get more familiar with being in these states of being. You get more familiar with thinking about things you like and feeling good, which means you are getting better at allowing what you feel like you want because you’re feeling good when you think about it.

If you’re not feeling good when you do this kind of thing, then whatever you’re focused on isn’t the thing to focus on. If you’re not feeling good, don’t push. Just let go and do something easier. Focus on something that feels better. Do something that feels a little bit lighter, because what’s always the main event in life is “How do you feel? How do you feel?” and “Are you feeling as good as you want to and as you can right now?”

We say this to you, repeating many ideas, knowing that many of you still spend a lot of time trying to create what you want. We want you to understand in a way that’s going to liberate you, that what you want, you’ve already asked for. It’s already done.

We said the other day; it’s en route to you. For most of you, with most things you want, you’ve asked for them many, many, many, many, many times. What isn’t happening? It’s not the creating part of that equation. It’s the receiving part.

You have created it. It’s trying to come to you. It can’t come to you because you’re not receptive to it. You’ve got to get receptive to it, and we’re inviting you to play with using your imagination to get into feeling states that are more resonant with the life you want to be living by going right for the feelings.

Something as simple as imagining a perfect environment in which you feel more like you, you feel more like the pure you, the one who is joyful and abundant and free and living a glorious first class life, the you who is not resisting life by trying to figure it all out and do it by yourself through action because you’re already living it, that state of being is so beneficial to you. It’s so beneficial to you. It’s you acclimating to being the real you by imagining in ways that feel good to you. You can do this. You could also do this by remembering something wonderful, ideally, something more like how you want life to be all the time.

Any time you’re doing this kind of thing, choosing intentionally to get into the feeling states you like, you are entraining yourself vibrationally to be present in that state more often. You’re creating a momentum of that kind of energy so that you can allow more of that kind of experience to come forth and be realized by you as direct manifestation. The aim here is the feeling state, because the aim here, is more alignment.

The aim is the feeling state. You’re using your will to be who you want to be, not who you have been. You’re using your will, your choice of focus, your imagination to get into states of being that line up with the life you want to be living, and you do it by feeling your way into it because that’s what it’s all about. Do this. Get in. Feel it. Use imagination to enjoy it. Let go.

Little moments like this are very helpful for you, and they’re very wonderful because they acclimate you to the life you want to be living and the way you want to feel.

You could have many moments like this each day. You could pause a few times every day and do this kind of thing for just a few moments. If you did this more often and stopped while it was still feeling really good, you would be easily acclimating to different states of being. All of that would be tuning you to who you want to be, the version of your life you want to be living. Isn’t it easy? This is easy. This is fun, and it feels good. We say this is mastery, so try it and enjoy it.

As you’re doing it, remember, the point is to feel the way you want to feel, so don’t spend your time taking score of how things are showing up. Let the point be “I feel better more often, and I’m learning how to use my imagination to feel more the way I want to feel, and I’m using my imagination to discover how it feels to be me in ways that are really, really fun and really, really elevating. I do it whenever it occurs to me, and I get in and out, and it’s fun.”

Let it be light. Let feeling be your aim. Let that be your goal, and let Life, let Creation deliver what comes to you from that without demanding or evaluating how fast or how well it’s producing. Focus on feeling better. Focus on alignment.

If you would make that your aim in life and use your will for that purpose, life would get so good so fast you wouldn’t believe it. But you can’t pretend to do this for this feeling and be doing it hoping five minutes later, something marvelous is going to manifest. It won’t work. You have to learn to be honest with yourself and feel the difference.

As you do this, you can discover your unconditional capacity to be in alignment and feel good and be happy. You can find out what that’s like, and you can get better and better at generating states of being like that for yourself in which you feel wide open and free.

You can do this out of love for you and with the knowledge that there’s only now.

There’s only now, and if now, you imagine on purpose in a way that feels awesome to you, the only thing that can come from now is more awesome, so focus on the feelings.

Use your will to strengthen your joy muscle, your capacity to be who you truly are.

We are complete.

NorthPoint Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for June 12 to 18, 2017 by Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Journal

by Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects This Week 

TUE: Mercury semisquare Uranus, Mercury trine Jupiter, Pluto quincunx Ceres, Mercury square Neptune
THU: Sun opposite Saturn, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury quincunx Pluto
FRI: Neptune goes retrograde, Mercury conjunct Ceres
SAT: Last Quarter Moon 4:32am (11:32am GMT)
SUN: Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury opposite Saturn 

THE COMING WEEK sees us being strongly influenced by both Neptune and Saturn — a complicated scenario, given that these two planets have such different lesson plans. Neptune’s intention is to help us transcend the dramas and difficulties of the physical plane through developing stronger trust, faith, and compassion, and by spending time in meditation, surrendering to the flow of our lives, and letting go of the ego’s need to always be in control.On the other hand, Saturn provides a reality check, with the goal of helping us see more clearly what is and isn’t possible in practical terms. The Ringed Planet wants us to work hard, to establish concrete agendas, and to learn discipline and patience. Saturn is the “Dr. Phil” of the solar system, always asking, “And how’s that working for you?”

This is like trying to meditate while the news is on in the background, or like trying to write an essay when you can barely keep your eyes open. It also reminds me of when I was in college and taking courses in both Spanish and German at the same time — with the classes back-to-back, I found myself answering in Spanish while I was in German class, and vice versa.

THE MENTAL CONFUSION may be strongest on Tuesday, as Mercury makes challenging aspects to both Uranus and Neptune. With Mercury also in aspect to over-the-top Jupiter, we’ll need to watch a tendency to say, “Whatever — I’m just going to do this crazy thing, even if it makes no sense.”

Caution is vital, because on Thursday, Saturn opposes the Sun in Gemini, so we’ll quickly see the consequences of any missteps, ill-advised decisions, or miscommunications. A second wave of realism hits on Sunday when Saturn opposes Mercury, and another layer of “inconvenient truth” reaches our consciousness.

CONTRAST those “real-world” concerns with the fact that ethereal Neptune’s influence is very strong now. The watery planet is virtually at a standstill this week, and will reverse direction on Friday to begin its five-month retrograde phase.

At its best, Neptune can help increase our intuition, sensitivity to others, and receptivity to the subtle realms. We more easily access higher guidance, travel the inner planes, and trust in the support we receive from nonphysical when Neptune is strong.

But Neptune is also associated with disillusionment, carelessness, escapist tendencies, and being easily fooled due to wearing too-thick rose-colored glasses. Perhaps, though, we can be grateful that Saturn is also strong this week, since a more objective approach may be of benefit.

A PLANET is actually closest to the Earth when it appears to be moving backward, so with Neptune retrograde until November 22, we can consider the planet’s influence to be enhanced over the next few months. This effect is pretty subtle, which means it may not knock us over with new spiritual awareness. But it does mean that we can benefit by spending more time in contemplation and creative activities during this period, so that the seeds of spiritual awakening have every opportunity to grow.

Astrologer Bil Tierney writes these words about the opportunities of Neptune’s retrograde phase:

“Hopefully, retrograde Neptune enables us to feel more unified and whole from within once we have wrapped up loose ends internally. We are encouraged to dissolve distorted impressions accumulated from our past that have become too crystalized. In doing so, we are able to renew ourselves spiritually.

“On a constructive level, while Neptune is retrograde, we may take the time to explore the fertile world of our untapped imagination, allowing inspiration to lead us to greater awareness about our latent abilities. It can be an excellent time to further strengthen one’s powers of visualization and imagery, and therefore can be very beneficial for those who want to advance their creative talents in whatever field they show promise. Self-discipline is still needed where Neptune is concerned if we hope to receive the emotional enrichment this planet can grant us during its retrograde phase.”

JUST A LITTLE MORE THAN TWO WEEKS until my teleclass! I’m calling it “Choosing a Star” based on the profound time of personal and planetary decision-making we are entering.

Think of this class as a 90-minute “NorthPoint Journal” that you can use to plan for and navigate the energies that will be working with us over the next six months. I’ll start off with an overview of planetary influences for the remainder of 2017 and then spend a good portion of the time walking through the energies week-by-week.

The class will air live on Wednesday, June 28, and will be recorded for replay for those who cannot attend at that exact time. Here’s the first part of the class description:

Choosing a Star
Astrological guidance for
July through December 2017
Live Broadcast on Wednesday, June 18
4pm PDT | 5pm MDT | 6pm CDT | 7pm EDT | 11pm GMT

Most of us are aware of the upcoming “American Eclipse” in late August, a Total Eclipse of the Sun that will be visible in a 70-mile-wide path across the United States, from Oregon on the Pacific Ocean to the Carolinas on the Atlantic. This powerful eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo the Lion, activating inner courage and inspiration, and initiating creative action.

But many may not know that this pivotal eclipse is activating the influence of two fixed stars: Regulus, whose name comes from the Latin for “little king,” and Muhlifain, which means “the bright star of the oath” in old Arabic. This dual activation challenges us to make a personal vow as to our intentions going forward. We can commit to expressing the truly regal qualities of Leo the Lion– generosity of spirit, joy, openheartedness, and childlike appreciation. As we hold these energies, we are a part of creating the New Wave that will carry us into a deeper spiritual connection toward the end of the calendar year. On the other hand, if we waver in our daily commitment, it will be easy to be drawn into the drama, power struggles, and childishness characteristic of the lower end of the Leo spectrum.

In this teleclass, we’ll talk about the karmic implications of this Total Eclipse and the many other astrological events in the last half of 2017, and explore how they may impact us on personal and social levels. We’ll also walk week-by-week through each month to see the opportunities and challenges we will be working with collectively and individually.

Before the class, you will receive a pdf of calendars showing planetary aspects for the next six months, so you can print them ahead of time and take notes during class. After the class airs, everyone who registered will receive a link to the replay and access to the slideshow.

If you’d like to learn more or register, here’s the link:


I hope you can join us!

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Important decisions are on the agenda for you this year, ones that require you to take a good look at your long-term goals and overall expectations for your life. The choices that you make have the potential to open your life to new possibilities, if you are flexible and willing to take an educated risk. Your thinking process will be strongly influenced by your emotions, and family issues will come into play as you determine your best course of action.

In peace,

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