Sasha Bonasin: Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 5th – 11th October 2020 – Weekly Tarot Forecast

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 5th – 11th October 2020
– Weekly Tarot Forecast

•Oct 4, 2020
Sasha Bonasin
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Weekly tarot horoscope forecast from the 5th – 11th October 2020, for all twelve horoscope signs, by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, weekly finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice.

This week is all about channeling our inner knowledge which will ultimately lead us towards an important judgement which will be based on both our creativity and the beginning of a rather meaningful experience. Something will happen this week which will most certainly make us think and give us an idea. This is absolutely perfect week for our alignment and to navigate distractions. Time to focus and observe our limitations and time to see what can give us potential growth too…


Tarot Card Of The Week: TEMPERANCE: BALANCE, Purpose, Direction, PATIENCE, Reward, Moderation, PEACE, Calm, Tranquility, Harmony, Serenity, Soulmates, Harmonious Relationship, PERSPECTIVE, Focus, Inner Calm, Control, Capable, Self-Confidence, Encouragement, Optimism, Positive Approach, Idea, Stepping Stone, REWARD, Accomplishment, Path, Confirmation, Positive Sign, The Beginning.

Thank you all for watching my weekly tarot readings and for being here! Sending you all brightest blessings, lots of LOVE, healing & light! 🙏💜🌿

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This tarot forecast is for all twelve horoscope signs: Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius & Cancer.


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ARIES ♈ 00:16
TAURUS ♉ 12:53
GEMINI ♊ 23:21
CANCER ♋ 35:00
LEO ♌ 45:58
LIBRA ♎ 1:19:13
SCORPIO ♏1:37:51
CAPRICORN ♑ 2:15:23
AQUARIUS ♒ 2:38:18
PISCES ♓ 3:05:30

Welcome to the Trecena of Lamat!

Welcome to the Trecena of Lamat!

It’s a rare occurrence that the Gregorian calendar numbers line up with a Trecena… and such a rare time has arrived. Tomorrow (for some of you already today) May 1 is also the 1st day of the Lamat trecena.

We are still sheltering at home, but Spring is already out in full force, with all of her exuberant blossoms and new shoots. Mama Earth continues her ancient cycles, our presence notwithstanding. And yet it’s precisely our presence that holds a vast web of consciousness all across the planet. Our dreams, our thoughts, our fears, our intentions… make all that we see, feel, and experience real, for ourselves and for each other. So let us continue to hold our consciousness open, compassionate, and nurturing of the natural world that has held us for so very long. Because if we deny Mama Earth the care and connection she needs from us, she will in turn deny it to us.

A lush and fertile sign, Lamat, or Q’anil in K’iche’ Maya, brims with the energy of positive growth and abundance. Lamat carries the codes for all of life, nourishes perpetual regeneration, and represents the seed, corn, pride, harvest, and food. A harmonious and cyclical day, it also symbolizes love, understanding, and realization, and embodies ancestral knowledge, universal memory and genetic wisdom.

Lamat is the nagual of all kinds of animal and plant seeds, and the daysign of fertility and harvests, of prosperity and abundance. It signifies corn and its four colors known to the Maya: yellow, white, red and black—which are also the four colors of the twenty daysigns in the Tzolk’in, represented by the four cardinal directions of the globe. In fact, the four colors and directions are represented by the four points within the glyph itself.

On Lamat days, the Maya plant ideas and new projects along with gardens and crops, for this is the day that all things are made fertile and blossom. Anything planted or conceived on a Lamat day, whether it is an idea, project, relationship or an actual seed, holds a positive future and is likely to bear fruit or turn out favorably, all in due time. This is also a propitious day to recover something presumed to be lost.

Resources to guide you through this trecena:

The MCP Mayan Tzolkin mobile app: (in English or Spanish, iOS or Android)

On Instagram:

The Serpent and the Jaguar:
Mayan Calendar Astrology:

(For the full text of each day, consult the book or the app)

May 1: 1 Lamat/Q’anil
Whatever it is you wish to enhance and drive to abundance in your life, whether it’s emotional, spiritual, physical or material, and whoever it’s for, whether it’s you or a loved one, engage Lamat and Hun, and do it today!

May 2: 2 Muluc/Toj
There is always a light side to the dark, a yin polarity to the yang, a right for every wrong. Our challenge in life is to balance the charges, especially those we carry into this lifetime with our personal karma, and do so without ego, judgment, or desire for vengeance.

May 3: 3 Oc/Tz’i
Today, better to steer clear of legal matters, starting anything new or making major changes in your life. Instead, focus on identifying and releasing any bad habits and negative thinking, and making energetic space for abundance and prosperity.

May 4: 4 Chuen/B’atz’
Respect and honor your body and mind—the food you eat, the thoughts you think, the forms of exercise you choose, the rest you grant yourself, the people you welcome into your inner life, are all critical balancing elements you need to live in complete harmony.

May 5: 5 Eb/E’
We walk many paths throughout our lives, not just one. These are the paths that make up the greater road our souls travel as we fulfill our purpose in this lifetime. Celebrate the abundance of paths in your life, whether past, present or future.

May 6: 6 Ben/Aj
Ground your spirit within your internal home, the essence of your soul. From here, from this single elemental source, all aspects of your life can be healed, made whole, and fresh and vibrant again.

May 7: 7 Ix/I’x
The law of the jungle is ruthless. Some must die so that others may live. Yet there is also breathtaking beauty, harmony and balance. Number Seven, Uuc, helps you see things from all sides, and Ix guides you to attain your goals according to your own innate intention and talents.

As in the jungle, so in life.

May 8: 8 Men/Tz’ikin
A great day to give thanks for the well-being, wealth and abundance in your life, and to ask for more without any guilt or timidity. But do learn how to balance your needs and desires with what the Earth and your communities can provide.

May 9: 9 Cib/Ajmaq
When you seek pardon or a release from guilt arising from any wrongdoing on your part, remember you need to forgive yourself first.

May 10: 10 Caban/No’j
Today Caban encourages us to enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones. The less ego and emotion we color our thoughts with, the more love we infuse into our perception, the deeper comprehension and clarity we will attain.

May 11: 11 Etznab/Tijax
Don’t console yourself with fantasies, self-deception or wishful thinking, no matter how tempting it is. Painful as it may be, the truth is the only thing that can ever set you free—and move forward in life.

May 12: 12 Cauac/Kawoq
Today, you can choose the quality of the Rainstorm you want or need: a hard, driving cyclone to wash away lingering negative thoughts, habits, or patterns; a soft, nurturing rain to grow new seeds you have planted; or perhaps a sensual, tropical storm to stir up your creative juices.

May 13: 13 Ahau/Ajpu
Do not judge or disparage those who can’t seem to keep up with you or your progress—nor should you feel guilty for striving to rise ever higher to conquer your own most extreme challenges.

Reflect with your heart, mind and body on what you have learned so that you may apply it on a higher level in the next cycle.

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Sasha Bonasin: Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 16th – 22nd March 2020 – Weekly Tarot Forecast

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 16th – 22nd March 2020
– Weekly Tarot Forecast

Mar 14, 2020
160K subscribers

Weekly tarot horoscope forecast from the 16th – 22nd March 2020, for all twelve horoscope signs, by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, weekly finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice.

This week we will be facing a rather challenging situation which is about to make us a little bit indecisive indeed, but this is exactly what we will need in order to shed a light on a certain path which we otherwise wouldn’t notice. This is an excellent time for new projects, negotiations, expressing ourselves through our own creativity, time to test the water, time to be daring, and time for adventures.

This week something interesting will be revealed to us, on one hand we will have an important CONFORMATION, on another hand a new realisation, IDEA, will be evident.

This week will be all about our own personal expansion where we will be taking things on a whole new level by reflecting on our personal situation.

On another hand this week will be perfect for meditation, connection with the nature, grounding or anything spiritual. 🌹

Tarot Card Of The Week: The Star: BRIGHT PROSPECT, hope, faith, purpose, renewal, SPIRITUALITY, INSPIRATION, positivity, renewed power, STRENGTH, solution, harmony, encouragement, balance, option, happiness, trusting the self and the universe, AWAKENING, blessings, NEW DIRECTION, advance. ✨

Thank you all for watching my weekly tarot readings and for being here! Sending you all brightest blessings, lots of LOVE, healing & light! 🙏💜🌿

This tarot forecast is for all twelve horoscope signs: Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius & Cancer.

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Sasha Bonasin: Start Preparing Yourself | New Moon in Aquarius | 24th January 2020 – New Portal

There is no “Weekly Horoscope Tarot” reading this week, but Sasha gave us a heads up 2 weeks ago about the magical window of opportunity as we move into the Age of Aquarius this week.~PB

Jan 4, 2020
149K subscribers

This reading is for all twelve horoscope signs.

On the 24th January 2020 we will have a New Moon in the Horoscope sign of Aquarius. Aquarius which is ruled by the planet Uranus is bringing us an extraordinary energy and at the same time an inspiration, ideas, new life and a brand new energy.

This is an excellent time to explore, for rejuvenation, new start, career, initiations and adventures. This is a rare new portal which will extend this Aquarius New Moon energy right until the very end of January 2020.

New Moon In Aquarius = Sacred stage | 24th Jan – 31st Jan 2020… ♥️

This is for all twelve signs of Horoscope: Pisces, Virgo, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

All signs ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓


Dorothy Morgan: Week of December 9-15 + Full Moon Gemini December 11/12 Personal awareness thought, plans, ideas, interactions with others

Full Moon Gemini December 11/12 Personal awareness thought, plans, ideas, interactions with others

Dec 5, 2019

12.7K subscribers

The Full Moon in Gemini December 11 – 12 this Full Moon  represents illumination and awareness around a thought, plans, ideas, interactions with others. Personal choices and personal wants and needs.

#nhastrologer #fullmoongemini #astrologersofinstagram

Dorothy Morgan is an experienced Professional Astrologer – Personal Consultant – Astrology Mentor and teacher to many. She has been studying Astrology since 1988 and it has been her profession since 2003.  She is also a skilled intuitive and Angel Healing Practitioner.  She currently runs a Boston based Astrology meetup group and is the current President of The Seacoast Astrological Association in Southern New Hampshire. This group has been around since the 1990’s and they meet once a month, 8 months in the year.

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Tania Gabrielle: [August 26 – September 1] Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast! + New SuperMoon in Virgo, August 30, 2019: Grand Trine of Happiness

[August 26 – September 1] Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast!

Published on Aug 24, 2019

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A highly sought after spiritual intuitive and personal growth leader, Tania Gabrielle inspires legions of praise from her clients and followers. Tania introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western World, unlocking the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being with a primary focus on teaching spiritual principles that manifest practical, real-life results.


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Kelly M Beard: Aug 11 – 17, 2019 ~ Forecast + Special Events | Karmic Tools

Karmic Tools: Aug 11 – 17, 2019 ~ Forecast + Special Events

YouTube Version (21-min/Sunset Video)
or Podcast Version (21-min/mp3 Audio)
of Kelly’s Weekly Forecast

8/11 ~ Uranus Rx 6* TAURUS (until 1.10.2020):
This is the first full retro in Taurus for Uranus so we should settle into an annual rhythm for the next 6-7 years. The personal planets will interact with Uranus in Taurus in a similar way every year that we can conscious co-create with and every year’s annual retrograde is a special time to assimilate the changes you’ve been going through. Uranus is a collective planet and so affects many people and takes 7-years to accomplish its mission in each sign. It will awaken the Taurus department of life (House) and stimulate any of your planets in Taurus/Scorpio or Leo/Aquarius (by default). Also, I’d say here & now is a good time to reflect on the ‘liberating ordeal’ you just went through over the last 7-years as it stimulated & awakened your Aries department. Now that it is truly into Taurus, you can start to reap the benefits and integrate the recent, radical shifts that you’re Identity & Purpose (Aries) have been through and the focus, and thus the lessons & blessings, will now shift to the values & priorities (Taurus) that support that newly awakened Emergent Self and how that works on the ground, in your body, on the Earth, in real time.

*I highly recommend Steven Forrest’s Uranus in Taurus article HERE.

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Read on for a little more about the Venus Cycle …

Change Is Imminent
Next week, I am hosting a Venus Circle OPEN House, something I always do at the beginning and the MidPoint in her Cycle. Whether you are “into astrology” or not, this is an energetic cycle that we are all navigating. Scorpio’s depths are not always easy to navigate alone, although that is the way it usually is when we’re doing Soul work. Like education & exercise, Soul work is something no one else can do for you. You must do it for your Self, your SoulSelf, who is wanting to lead a little more often going forward. And in order to do that, you’re being prompted from within, to make changes over the course of her cycle.

Rhythm & Repetitive Themes
This is a regular re-evaluation of values & priorities that happens in the Scorpio depths every 8-years and over time, you can start to figure out any repetitive themes in your own life. Last time she did this was in 2010, so that is your frame of reference for now. If that is too big, stick to the last 18-months of evolution and just review that to see where your relationships and/or your finances are in need of some more intense attention or concentrated energy in order to: purify, heal, restore & protect!

Life, Death & Resurrection
Do you feel like your values & priorities have shifted in the last year or two? Do you feel like a ‘new person’ or that you have a new identity, purpose or direction in life that you just became aware of or just gained access to? The last cycle was the upgrade to who you are and what you want on fundamentally basic levels. Because of that *rebirth*, you now have access to new power that must be directed consciously to be useful & effective.

Imbalanced Distribution of Power
In order to maintain a clean connection to your own power you have to do a periodic clearing. What have you postponed the longest? Some people have been focused on relationships, to the neglect of money and others have focused on money to the neglect of relationships. Do you see how hard it is to balance worldly ambition with family & intimate relationships? Things can, and often do, get really out of balance if we don’t check-in on a regular basis.

Here again, is the link to my Venus Article HERE (9-pg/pdf) and if you don’t have time to read all the details, then I suggest you review the bullets on page #3 (About Retro) and page#7 (Scorpio Light/Shadow) and page #8 (Libra Light/Shadow). They will give you the gist in list form.

Once you’ve reviewed the details of what the Venus Retrograde is awakening for one and all, I am hoping you will want to go deeper – with and for yourSelf (with the Reading or Custom Guide or Personal Activations). I also want to encourage you to be part of my ever-expanding Venus Monthly Circle of ongoing, group support ~ as we navigate the same terrain individually, but never alone.

Various Support Tools
All that said, it’s really good to know what Areas of Life (Libra/Scorpio Houses) she lingered in, in your own world, so that you can co-create with her consciously. I also want to mention here that you do not have to join the Venus Circle ($25/mo – Includes Monthly Activations), or get the Custom Guide ($150 – Includes Reading + 18-mo of Personal Activations), or Subscribe to your Monthly Activations ($10/mo) to benefit from the Venus Reading ($150 – Custom Guide is Optional).

Value of the Venus Reading
As a stand-alone reading, you can check-in to see what is being upgraded for you personally and together, we can map out a strategy for navigating the rest of the cycle. Whether you play with us in the Circle or not, the cycle is a natural (and ongoing) rhythm of releasing that which no longer serves (for 9-months) and then consciously claiming a higher level of expression going forward (for 9-months). As you tap into this rhythm, your relationships & finances naturally improve because you are more conscious of your own magnetics, true personal worth and individual values & priorities in the moment.

No One Is Exempt
I hope you’ll consider getting a reading or sharing this invitation with others you think would resonate. Anyone with Taurus/Scorpio or Leo/Aquarius will be most directly affected as she will linger on your planets and create opportunities with every contact. The rest of us will benefit in those Areas of Life ruled by those Signs and so it is still good to check-in, either way. It’s an excellent reading for anyone dealing with serious decisions to make in the relationship or finance departments. Many of us are at a crossroads in these very departments, it’s good to know that there is energy, resources & support for us! Reach out if you need to!

Register HERE

You’re invited to join me in Shanta’s monthly Compassionate Wisdom Circle. If you Register & Contribute $26, you receive her New Moon Guidance (which always delicious & supportive) and the Full Moon call where I contribute the Sky Pattern Support, Shanta offers prayers and channels the messages of the Archangels and we all get to offer our prayers for all Life and Mother Earth.

Do you feel called to join with other like-minded Souls dedicated to the Evolution of Consciousness on Earth? Have you been wanting a place to share your vision for a world of Peace and Harmony? A place where your prayers and good intentions can be expanded by group energy? Shanta says, “Me too!” Shanta has always wanted to bring together a group of dedicated, like-hearted people who desire to share their prayers, empowered intentions and offer Divine Light to the world and all humanity. Shanta’s circle of Light also provides us a community where we can share our awakening process.

Click Here to Join Us WED/Aug 14th (corrected time) @2pm (pacific) / 5pm (eastern)

8/14 ~ Venus (beauty & creativity) ~conjunct~ Sun (individuality & Light):
This activates your innate creativity and gets your wheels turning about what you want to express or bring to life in the world, what you want to invest in and be a part of. When Sun contacts Venus, the creativity is centered around you, the individual, however, here as Venus contacts the Sun, it is all about your creations! Use this Solar infusion to brighten and illuminate your self, your surroundings and/or your creative projects. This expands & brightens your magnetic field and opportunities that are just right for you are usually the result. There is a burst of new energy wanting to be expressed through you, and it’s based on your new values & priorities. It is also the beginning of a new creative cycle. Remember that love too is a creative force, so if your relationships are more center-stage than your creative projects, then this too lends new potency to what you create with others. This is a potent seed time and good to allow support & guidance from men and/or the Sacred Masculine within and around you.

8/15 ~ AQUARIUS Full Moon: One reason I wanted to be sure to discuss is because we are on the other side of recent Leo/Aquarius Eclipses and often, once they’ve passed and the dust settles, you start to really see what has changed and/or permanently ended. It’s good to know the Houses in your chart being affected as those will represent the Areas of Life being affected (reach out if you need help figuring out what that is for you). So this Full Moon asks: What have you become “too” attached to? And/or what have you become “too” detached from (and need to reconnect)? We have spent recent months navigating the Mutable energy of thought & ideas (Gemini), along with the Cardinal energy of action & choices (Cancer), whose theme continues but now the energy has become decidedly Fixed and it is time to anchor something … in your Heart (Leo). What ideas have you gotten going that need some tending to make stronger & more viable?

This lunation may illuminate or activate revelations of when, where and with whom (mostly Self) you have not been completely (if at all) authentic. Start with the *motivations* ~ if/when they are pure, clean & neutral, then being authentic becomes less challenging. But when you are not authentic, things become more challenging. Now more than ever, we must be congruent with our Inner & Outer Natures in order to thrive, prosper & evolve. If we are “serving two masters” (or incongruent on one or many levels) ~ having the private side of your nature be too drastically different from that which you present to the world ~ then you’re going to have challenges, blockages and delays until you get into more alignment. Leo energy teaches us all how to BE it (your Authentic Self), not just “appear” to be it; it asks that you know who you are (then next month, Virgo will perfect it ;-)). What has changed on a *fundamental* level (Cancer/Capricorn ~ personal/professional) for you, that has now made you aware of how vital it is to honor your essential nature (Leo/Sun), so you are able to contribute to the whole (Aquarius/Uranus) in a more useful and delicious way? Use this Full Moon to release any inauthenticity or rigid attachment of any kind. It’s also good to tap into your body’s wisdom when things are decidedly “mental” around you. This is the lunation to align your Head & Heart with how it “feels” as what’s really important.

8/16 ~ Mercury (lower mind & ideas) ~square~ Uranus (Higher Mind & awakening):
This energy challenges you to expand your mind or consciousness in a way, pushing you to think differently and respond to information in new ways. Uranus brings sudden ah-ha moments, personal awareness and radical new ideas, which is great for you adventurous souls who thrive on change and new ideas. However, if you are personally attached to your routine and things ‘going as planned’, then this energy can cause aggravation and tax your nervous system because things will seem sudden (even though it is more likely that they have already been brewing under the surface for some time now). You will have to adjust and be more open & mentally flexible than usual. You may not be able to control the excessive mental activity or information-overload coming in, but hopefully you can direct it a bit. It’s good to activate or clean your personal filters by taking some time in nature to process things at your own pace and generally clear your head. This can be a very inspiring & creative time, so try to tune into that, while keeping in mind that anything you begin or get into, may require a review later so you can check over the details of your revelations (or creations). You’re just cracking the surface, this is all about the revelation or awakening, you will eventually have to figure out the logistics or effective actions necessary to bring your ideas into form.

* * Copyright © 2000-2019 * Kelly M Beard *
All Rights Reserved * Permission granted to copy/redistribute
Kelly’s Forecasts & Updates on the condition that
it’s distributed freely, content remains intact
and includes contact/link back to post.

Lee Harris Energy: AUGUST ENERGY UPDATE Entering a New Phase – Silence before Speed, Slow Burning Presence and Fast Visions, Dreams and Ideas.

Lee Harris Energy:


Entering a New Phase – Silence before Speed,
Slow Burning Presence and Fast Visions, Dreams and Ideas.

If you are feeling like you have been through the wringer the last month or so, you are right on track. August will in some ways be a lot calmer and smoother in terms of the waters of life. But that’s in preparation for September when the speed will kick off again, so this is a month where we enter a new phase for the rest of the year. So, many of you will feel like you’re coming to the end of a period of reviewing and clearing in August, and ready to move into a period from September onwards where more birth and foundational energy will be available. August itself will have a very different energy signature to the last 2 or 3 months; a period which brought with it many surprises, twists and turns, and unexpected events.

The main themes to focus on for August for this NEW PHASE WE ARE ENTERING are:


What I was shown for August is that we’re about to enter a very new phase which makes sense of the last month or two – the intensity, the push-pull, the high emotions, the moving from one state to another quite fast. There has been a lot of vibrational upshift happening, in an awkward, uncomfortable or sometimes messy way. But this has been in relation to (and preparation for) the new phase we enter now in August. So, for those of you who are looking for a reprieve from the intensity, and surfing the extremes of the past few months, it’s going to take some time for that ‘clearing’ phase to calm down somewhat. So, self-care and your self-care needs are going to continue to be of high importance.


Couple of different things for this month to watch out for this month, and some of you may be experiencing this already. You will be getting many visions, many ideas, many dreams. More than you can possibly act on. And I know for some of us there is a temptation when we get all of those dreams and epiphanies to ponder, “Oh, this is a great idea.” and “Oh yeah, I should act on that…”

Just a reminder of something I’ve said over the last few years, which is given that we are in such high ascension energies, regarding your visions and ideas, they aren’t all meant to be brought into 3D reality.  The reason we have so many dreams, visions and epiphanies is part of our review process as a soul. And many of these things come not because we need to act on them or put them into concrete reality but because we dimensionally have an experience of them. So unless everything in your life and everything in grounded reality is saying, “Yes! This creation is working, this idea is flowing”, try to remember that the movie screen in our mind is important but not all of it needs to be made concrete.


So, for example, you may suddenly wake up tomorrow and go, “Oh my god, I need to learn how to be the world’s greatest painter!” And you head towards that and as you do, it just doesn’t feel right or true. This is because many times we’ll have ideas of what should be playing out in form that are really simply energetics at work. So, what might actually be happening for you (regarding the idea of being a painter) is you are opening your way of seeing and the way that you see the world and that new level of energetic seeing is going to play out in aspects of your life, aspects of your career.

In the olden days, it might have meant, yes, you need to go and be the world’s greatest painter. But try to remember that what we’re crossing over into now is a much more non-linear way of thinking and being. That does not mean we’re all going to achieve non-linear living and thinking all the time – far from it. But it does mean that more of these energies are hitting the planet and hitting our own consciousness. So, as this happens we can get into this very awkward, weird push-pull between the old mind which goes, “Oh, well, surely I must act on this.” And the new mind which goes, “No, this is something you might have acted on five years ago but now I’m just showing you it’s an energy experience. A new awareness. And what we’re doing is cycling you through all of these different choices that you have and waiting to see which one feels right and which one lands.”

So is it a new awareness you are opening or a new nudge to actually create that you are having? Important to discern the difference right now as it can be tricky to know which.

I bring this up because, in August especially, these dreams, visions, epiphanies and ideas are going to continue to be strong as part of you reviewing your life, this world, and reviewing what’s next. We’re in a planetary wide review of life and consciousness itself, and it’s an experience that’s going on for everybody. And so, sure, there will be some things you will want to act upon. But be aware that the more you access your higher consciousness, the dreams, visions, epiphanies are simply part of the clearing and upgrading process. And if you picked on every single dream or vision or epiphany and started putting it into action, you would actually disconnect from some of the high frequencies available for the next steps in your life. Five years ago, might have been great, today, not so much. And you’ll find that life will show you that. You’ll start to move towards something, and it won’t work very well. Or it will seem like it’s working and then it will get capsized. Can you wait out the impulse to ‘do’, until the next level is shown to you?


Try to remember that everything here is experienced-based. And that’s hard for us all, because we haven’t been societally trained with that value system. We’re having to re-learn that it is our experiences down here on the planet are really the gold of everything. It’s not the externalized outcome or the externalized achievement or externalized relationship. They’re just the constructs through which we get to experience, and for some people, what I’m saying would seem completely out-there or other-worldly. But more and more people on the planet are waking up to this as a truth. Waking up to it is one thing, letting it move into our body, our psyche, our emotions and our habits is a whole other level of awakening.

That level of awakening is going to get a little easier to implement in the next year or two. As I say this, I feel like I’m speaking to those of you who are kind of wringing your hands about, “Oh my god, these patterns. Why can’t I move them? Why can’t I shift them?” Try and remember that we often don’t see the thing that we are becoming. We will tend to focus on the thing we’re not becoming. It’s like, “Oh god, why am I still hard on myself?” Okay you might still be hard on yourself. You might still have some practice around that to develop and you may go through your whole life with an aspect of you that wants to be hard on yourself. But you will develop a strategy to love yourself whenever that side of you appears.

So, try not to worry too much about what you think you aren’t getting right, or achieving.

If you catch yourself in that state, the remedy and more importantly, the wider perspective is to ask yourself, “What am I achieving? What actually is going my way? Oh, actually, you know what? I really didn’t want to take that test that I have to take for this course that I know I want to do, but I REALLY didn’t want to do it. I took it this month. It wasn’t easy for me, but I pushed myself through it. I did it. Okay!”

It’s really important for us all to become more and more aware of our inner selves and the negative or the shadow side of ourselves, especially right now when those things are being raised to the surface. We don’t have any choice. It’s right here in our face – our shadow sides, our biggest fears. That’s what happens the more we awaken.

So, sure, there are epiphanies. There are deeper senses of connection, there’s bigger heart energy that’s available. But as you move into that space, so too will the work come up. And the work is really how much can we love ourselves through all the twists and turns that show up in our own self which is highly catalyzed at times like this, where there is far more public conversation about people not liking what they’re seeing in the world at an all new level. Which is completely understandable, because what is going on in the outer world, is going on for us in the inner world too.


I mentioned earlier taking things slow in August in order to experience a new level of presence. So, some of you will already be tapped into this, but more and more people are going to start to get to experience this beauty of presence. So even if you’re having a rough day, most of you should also be able to, within that rough day, go, “Wow! I just felt really peaceful and really at ease for 10 minutes. That’s a bit of a miracle. I didn’t used to feel this way.”

So, these are the NEW HIGHS. This is what it feels like to be stabilizing a new level of high for yourself. And that high might feel like peace, it might feel like hyper-awareness, it might be that you see the connection in everything, it might be that you feel love in your heart towards people you previously may have been offended towards or felt some fear around. The high shows up differently for all of us as consciousness moves through our body. Consciousness starts to open different parts of us at different times. So for somebody, it’s a heart opening where consciousness first appears; for another person, it’s a third eye opening and they get more intuitive and they start to go, “Wow, I’m noticing things and I’m seeing synchronicities and I’m starting to realize there is a bit of a cosmic pattern at work in my life.”

The thing I’m finding fascinating about this time is having been a channeler, an energy reporter, someone who’s worked in the transformation field for 15 years – been a student of it for 25 or more – I’m noticing how many people are beginning to have what they previously would have called, you know, “bat-shit crazy” awakening experiences. It’s like, “Wow, that just happened to me.” In the old days, it would have been something to push away, something to judge, something to make fun of. And these days, people are beginning to recognize there are synchronicities at work, intuitive experiences at work and an undeniable force that is moving through our planet and us individually.

So, I’ve said this before but try and remember that you might not have seen your Uncle Frank for the last four years and you might have an idea of how fixed in his ways Uncle Frank is. But one of the things that is going to continually surprise you in the months and years to come is how much more open most people are capable of being now. And how so many people are being broken open. If you think of how many people are in crisis in your life right now, allow yourself to then realise that this crisis energy is going around for everybody. There are more people in emotional, physical or circumstantial need right now on the planet than ever before. You’ll notice this and you’ll notice that these struggles are often the catalyst to awaken people into their hearts, their consciousness. It’s a shame it has to happen that way. It’s far nicer when it happens without a pressured circumstance, but that pressure is a part of how consciousness is opening and spreading across the planet.

So, try and be open to those people who are opening. And remember that for all of us it can be quite challenging, as we dance between old parts of ourself and new parts of ourself. So remember that today is new – and everything that we’re about to move through is quite new. But most of us in this dance of the extremes that I was talking about, especially in the month of July, we’re going between old patterns, old ideas, old beliefs and then straight into new ideas, new beliefs, new experiences. What’s missing for many of us is the middle ground. This is how the extremes work – so there’s the stretch between old ways (what we’re letting go of) and the new ways (what we’re moving into and becoming). And often it feels like there’s a very thin line connecting them. The way to develop the middle ground and make that distance feel less stretched and more solid really is self-care.


Over the years I’ve tried many different things for self-care, and different things have worked for me at different times. So I’m always encouraging people when they ask me the question, “What’s a good self-care practice?”’ that it’s a highly personal thing and it’s so important to investigate and learn what works for you. It’s very easy when you’re in that place that we’ve all been in where you’re beating yourself up, having a rough day or being hard on yourself. You’re thinking there’s something wrong with you or your life and forgetting that everybody’s having those moments, those hours, those days, those weeks at some point in their life.

So, remember that self-care for us is an ever-evolving process. It might be yoga for you last month and this month it might be dancing and running along the beach. It might be something seemingly very, very mundane. It’s easy to make self-care grandiose. But actually, self-care is found in the small, simple things.

  • Is your introvert side getting enough quiet moments by yourself while you’re busy with all your friends on holiday? Are you going off by yourself just for 10 minutes a few times a day so that you can reset and come back to yourself?
  • Is the part of you that needs to express doing simple things like keeping a journal, keeping a gratitude list, writing out a few messages to yourself every morning for two minutes, channeling for yourself?
  • Does a certain good quality food or drink make you happy and feel nourished?

There are so many different, and simple ways to practise self care and the need for self-care is really high at the moment for two reasons:

  • Number one: For you to ingrain and integrate everything that is moving through you in your higher consciousness.
  • Number two: The world is in a SELF-CARE CRISIS.

If you look at what’s going on on the planet itself, and then if you look at how that’s impacting us as a people, and how much VULNERABILITY is showing up in us as a human society, care is needed everywhere you look. And so it is for you too. That’s the importance of self-care practices. Self-care is not a luxury and it’s not you running away and hiding. It’s you making sure that regularly, throughout your day, you are tending to yourself and nurturing yourself for just a few minutes regularly – or maybe longer. Maybe you need days to recover. Because the world is in need of care right now and we can’t give it out unless we also look after ourselves on this level.

The message that I got is, even for those of you who’ve practiced self-care for a long time, you will either be stepping into the next level of teaching and talking about this to others and don’t dismiss it. Because we do need to be taught the simple things if it isn’t our mastery. But equally you might find yourself going to the next level.

Because the next level of everything is available to us right now. So, for you the next level of self-care might have some more extreme actions or intentions behind it. And if it’s not self-care, you’ll find you want to go to the next level of your life, your artistry, your creation, your service.

Be PATIENT with yourself as that next level desire surges up. Don’t worry if it then goes away an hour or two later. That’s part of the process at the moment. There’s an up and a down force in motion and know that you aren’t doing anything wrong. You are right in the heart of the energetics of the planet. And part of all of this for us is we haven’t lived through a period like this before on earth, so our minds don’t necessarily fully understand it. We can’t fully track it. It’s new to us. So, the little freak outs that we can all have about, “What the hell’s going on down here?”, are quite to be expected. What will help is if you can just keep breathing into what do I need next? What do I need right now in this now moment? Where can I place my focus right now that is going to bring me to a calmer, more open and more supported state?


We are entering this NEW PHASE and one of the things that I will just bring up as the last point today is don’t be too surprised if you are experiencing dissonance with people. This is because people are having dissonant experiences of themselves. And what I mean by that is you might think, “Wow, Jeff was a bit odd last week.” Everybody’s feeling a bit odd. People are a little bit out of their normal personalities that you might be used to seeing them in or feeling them in. And so are you, probably.

And so, it’s really important to have an understanding of that and/or a patience and a compassion for that. I have a friend a few days ago who’s like, “Oh, I don’t know if I’m in the mood to go out. I don’t know if I should go out.” And I said, “Well, check your body. What does your body say?”

I have this thing called the Body Test. I use it a lot. You just literally ask your body, this is me going out, how does that feel? Feel it for 10-15 seconds and then, this is me staying home. How does that feel? 10-15 seconds and you’ll feel a difference. My friend said, “Well, my body actually feels better if I go out, but I’m surprised. I don’t feel great.” And I said, “Don’t worry. Probably where you’re going there are other people who don’t feel great who need to be together and need to be in community.”

COMMUNITY is really important, especially as so much of our information and connection is coming through devices now. It’s great, can be good, but it also has to be monitored and limited. Because the problem is if we don’t get that real connection with each other, we don’t get the strength and the energy that we need. So, you might surprise yourself with where you’re willing to go. And try and remember that if you’re feeling dissonant, where you’re about to go there’ll be someone else who feels the same way – but through coming together, you’ll both get to land and ground.

Have a wonderful August everyone.

Big love,






[Tania Gabrielle: July 22 – 28] Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast

[July 22 – 28] Weekly Astrology Numerology Forecast

Published on Jul 20, 2019

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A Message to Lightworkers – July 19, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – July 19, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are happy to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we wish to answer a question sent in by a reader, who wrote:

5G has been called by scientists an existential threat to humanity and the planet.

All our migratory birds are massively depleted due to EMF frequencies, as are our our small song birds. There are so few birds left, apart from the big ones, i.e. crows and magpies. We won’t even mention the bees.

All our trees are already dying. Native plants and grasses really struggling this year. As an empath connected to Mother Earth, I find this so distressing.

I know it’s multifactorial—chemtrails, pesticides, etc. However, 5G appears to be the final straw for humanity and the Earth’s well-being.

I also find the apathy of those who know and who look the other way really hard to cope with.

I have no one who understands the big global agenda behind it, the effects of this increased radiation frequency, and how it will impact every aspect of our lives.

The idea of 20,000 satellites in space bathing the whole Earth in these frequencies and slowing killing the planet and humanity, I just find so upsetting, I can’t tell you.

I attended a local consciousness group online last night, and everyone was so apathetic in terms of addressing 5G—“it’s not possible, it’s too hard, let’s just protect ourselves, etc,” that I had to make an excuse and leave the call.

There was no support for taking on the 5G agenda other than by raising individual consciousness, which has its valued place, but for me, physical action is also required.

We only have a short while left before the planet is bathed in 5G frequencies and the full complement of satellites are due to be turned on towards the end of the year.

I have no idea how this fits in with my own mission, as if this unfolds, no one will be healthy or focused enough to take on the corruption perpetuated by the few on the masses or have the time, energy or ability to engage with my offering.

Anything you can share to help me and no doubt so many others struggling with this, would be very gratefully received.

THE COLLECTIVE: There is great beauty, and the power of Love, in your concern and compassion for Earth and all Her beings, dear one.

Yet we assure you, events and occurrences on your planet are not so out of control as you believe.

For one, you are not in this alone. As you call out to higher dimensional beings and energies for assistance, you are always answered.

You are always heard, and all you need do, in addition to stating your request and requirement for assistance for the planet, is to say, particularly to your Spirit team:

“What do I need to do, to fulfill my path on this issue? What help can I offer? Show me, and give me the strength and the resources to fulfill it.”

Photo by Michelle Kidd

There is no panic in that request.

There is no depression or fear, or sense of hopelessness or futility, because none is needed, for one.

And because those lower vibrational emotions tend to reap what they announce, for another.

We encourage you to do all you can to dive deeply into higher vibrational emotions of Joy and fulfillment, even if you feel those have absolutely nothing to do with the well-being of the planet.

We assure you, they have everything to do with it.

Awareness has been raised of 5G in many places around the Earth, yet not purely for reasons of increasing concerned action.

As we noted in last week’s Message, much is being spoken of now in the media that in past would have been kept under wraps.

These disclosures are being made for the purpose of alarming and upsetting people, and reaping low vibrational human emotion, including hopelessness and a feeling of passivity.

We greatly value and honor your love and concern for the Earth.

Yet we would never encourage you to spend your days and your life energies feeling upset and distressed, either about the 5G situation or the seeming apathy of others.

We agree that merely to “keep ourselves safe” while others suffer and the planet wilts is not a very high ethical grounding.

And Nature’s beings have already suffered from exposure to toxicity, absolutely.

Yet we cannot agree that all is lost—that all trees are dying, or that outer action is always what saves the day.

Those who speak of developing and raising their own consciousness point to more than they are aware of.

As you Ascend to higher levels of consciousness and overall frequency, you blend far more easily with your higher self, and with those beings who do not live under the presence of the powers-that-were.

You are then able to work with them far more efficiently to restore Earth’s wellness, wholeness, and beauty—far more than you now currently imagine.

Understand as well, that in addition to etheric beings who are working day and night to assist in Earth’s Ascension and overall wellness, there are many millions of extraterrestrial beings doing the same.

In your sleep state, you and many millions of Earth beings work with these beings to detoxify, cleanse, purify, and restore Earth, Her beings, and all Her elements.

We would not call this a lost cause, nor grant that 5G or any other modern contaminant has the power to irretrievably harm your planet.

The decision has already been made collectively, by humanity, that Earth will not be destroyed, or compromised to an uninhabitable degree.

Those same media outlets and information sources assuring you that 5G will be the eventual death of life on Earth are not disclosing the full picture.

You must go much further, dive much deeper for the Truth, which will be hid from you until you deliberately look for it and call it forth.

Let us explain as well, that the Earth and the vast majority of Her peoples would have been destroyed long ago if not for the interventions of those we have mentioned, including you and your soul family, with whom you work etherically, and many other soul groups powerfully bent on achieving full well-being for your planet.

To say that others don’t care enough, and that physical action is what is needed, is again to not look far enough into the issues we speak of.

Photo by Jennifer Scalia

There is no substitute for sitting down with your Spirit team each day and asking what you can do today to assist in Earth’s well-being, and in your own well-being and fulfillment.

Your own well-being and the Earth’s are inextricably bound up in one another.

Do not consider them separate issues!

When you suffer, Earth suffers—the planet, who is a living Being, feels your sadness, your despair, your refusal to believe that help has already arrived, or to accept that you are part of that team of healers doing all you can to assist in purification and healing.

You and your planet are so much more than what meets the eye, dear one!

If you cannot accept that—if you continue to feel that you are a one-person army facing down an insurmountable threat, and to hold in your energies images of loss and destruction—then you will experience such.

That is the co-Creative Universe you live in. What you believe and feel to be true, becomes true, at least in your experience.

If however, you are determined to steep yourself in positive feeling and experience regarding your planet’s well-being, you contribute powerfully to that very reality occurring on all levels of Earth life.

Which timeline—which interpretation of “reality” will you choose?

Your planet is not so unaware of your energies and expectations as you imagine. She responds first to vibration, not outer action, unless it is inspired by high vibration.

And miraculously, the more you praise Earth’s well-being to the skies (which are currently full of ships containing loving, compassionate beings doing all they can to assist, without usurping humanity’s free will—then the more well-being you birth for Earth and everyone.

And then, amazingly, like a great heavy door swinging open, miracles occur.

You find yourself meeting others who fully love and honor and revere this Earth as you do, and who join with you to spend time imaging only wellness and healing for Her.

You find ideas and solutions for how to increase group and individual empowerment amongst humans, plants, and animals.

You find ways to share those solutions and breakthrough moments, so as to assist in Earth’s sovereignty and freedom from any destructive influence.

And you assist your own soul path, because you did not come here to suffer or despair.

You came to break out of hopelessness and anger and passivity, not give way to them. That is the true challenge you face.

Photo by Lynne Newman

And so we encourage you to engage in forms of energy clearing and energy healing for yourself whenever possible, to release what is really an old argument you have been having with the powers-that-were—one born in other lifetimes and continued in this one.

Yet we can assure you, argument is not the point of this particular moment on Earth.

Freedom and Joy are, and a powerfully positive vision of wholeness.

So pick these up—your tools for engagement in the planet’s well-being—and know you have brought these forward from a higher dimension for the very purpose of freeing yourself to know the power of your own soul.

And that Now is the best possible time to live that out.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channneler, and host of “The Empowered Lightworker.” She currently channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.