Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, January 25, 2019


Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message,

January 25, 2019

Following the interest shown in the “Event” extract in a recent message, I am now including a longer extract that is very informative and well detailed. It certainly reads better in the present day, bearing in mind that the original message as per the extract below went out on the 22nd November 2013.

“THE EVENT” a Lord Sananda message extract through ElizabethTrutwin.

About 2000 years ago Sananda Kumara was incarnate on Earth as Jesus with the Master Plan in place to Ascend Earth. The Plan failed then as Caesar of Rome created Maritime Law making slavery the Law of the Land. A new Plan had to be made because the dark cabal had taken the Grand experiment beyond intentions. About 500 years ago the Rothchild’s in England hid the fact that Sir Francis Bacon was St. Germain incarnate on Earth. They had dark dealings with money and crimes which denied Sir Francis Bacon the throne. He would have been next in line as King of England and from that position able to make changes to heal the Planet and end Duality. In recent years the dark Cabal continued to wage worldwide war for their benefit, and have attempted multiple times to create World War III and have failed. Mass starvation, nuclear threats, land grabs, insider trading, mass psychological attacks like 9/11 and Banks too big to fail have led to a moment when the Galactic’s could intervene, because the one caveat in the Prime Directive has been violated beyond what is allowed.

What is new is that the Archangels led by Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, initiated a Super Portal on 11.11.13. This is a special dispensation that will allow for the requirements to be met to bring on the “Event.’ Earth is a Trinary Star System with Sirius A, Sirius B and Sol our Sun. Jupiter will be the next Sun in our Solar System. Earth is in the Photon Belt and moving into the Pleiades through the Central Sun Alcyone. A Super Portal has opened near Jupiter and it is a portal which operates like a wormhole and opens into the Light Matter Universe of On. This Multidimensional Portal allows in Super Charged Magnetic Light from On to enter into this Solar System and to Earth. Earth has raised an entire Octave since the Equinox in September 2013, and the new energy will make it possible for Earth to enter Zero Point.

What is new about this Portal is a decision was made by the Council of Gods that Earth required this special dispensation as the best way to bring in changes. It carries with it a heavy reality. All has been done to allow as many Souls as possible to go on to New Earth. Since Earth is a Planet with Free Will, some have refused to make the necessary changes to remain on Earth beyond Earth’s Ascension into the Higher Realms. More Souls will be leaving than was anticipated. This is what Ashtar spoke of in a channel. The Super Portal is pouring in Higher Vibrational energies that act to buoy Earth into the Higher Dimensions. In these Higher Dimensions all living on Earth are able to access their Etheric Bodies and travel in their Merkaba Bodies and truly live multidimensional lives. In this High Energy the Light Cities will be accessible. Those not moving on to the New Earth will experience it as a vibration they cannot sustain within their 3D body. These darker denser energies will remain on 3D Earth and continue there. Their physical body will be projected on to 3D Earth and as far as they know no change has taken place. They will continue to deny the Higher Teachings and in their perception nothing will change. Those timelines will continue for now in duality.

Meanwhile 5D Earth will be raised by the Cosmic Builders as a Space Ship rises away from its take off point and flies out of its atmosphere into deep space. Each of the Planets are firmly anchored in place by their energy Grids in orbit and relation to the Planets around them. This Super Portal will have the effect of Earth moving Higher in the Dimensions in the same way we move a bead up a string. It will drop the old Timelines and become Lighter and will exist Higher in the Cosmic Grid, it will bubble up.

Much has been said by us about right timing. Divine Timing for the Event is one of the requirements. Ashtar always says No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. The truth is that there are windows of opportunity which come up only a couple of times a year in which the “Event’ can take place. This Super Portal speeds the changes in energy to make it possible for the “Event’ to take place. The likelihood that it will happen soon have been greatly raised since 11.11.13 with the Super Portal. If you are reading this and you repeatedly chosen to not take action and return to love, we will have to draw the line. If you have not been successful in raising your vibration to the minimum needed to sustain love you are invited to remain in duality awhile longer and rejoin Higher Dimensional Earth when you have prepared accordingly. There are no short cuts. Still there are No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. Nothing can stop Earth from Ascending.

All of the minimum needed requirements for survival will be freely given to all on Earth. All is prepared and ready to go and has been for some time. Homes for the Homeless, clean water, abundant food, replicators and healing technologies, free energy and more. This will be accomplished by millions of Galactic’s, and by their ships and the technologies they have brought here. This has been planned a very long time.


I feel that as more information comes out it will need circulating to reach as many people as possible. In accordance with the Prime Directive because Earth is a planet of freewill, each soul will have to make a choice as to whether they are ready to incorporate the new energies to ascend, and enter the Golden Age. It would seem that there is ample time to make up your minds, but if you have chosen to ascend the sooner you concentrate on your evolution the better it will be.

This message comes with the guidance of my Higher Self. Let your Light shine out and touch the hearts of those around you. Your presence has a much greater effect than you could possibly imagine.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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Jennifer Hoffman: The 5 Dimensions of Will

This is an  Archangel Uriel channeled message, enjoy!

Your free will represents the power you have to express your creative energy and integrated divinity in the third dimension and you can use this ability in any way you believe is right, necessary, and appropriate. It means you have unlimited power of energy expression and no power in the universe will judge, alter, or influence your energy choices in any way. Your free will is your source of miracles, mastery, and manifestation and it is the unlimited power and access to your infinite potential. If you use it in ways that do not allow the expression of your greatest potential and possibilities, you will not be able to access the free will’s multi-dimensional energies that include 5 or more dimensions of being.

Each dimensional aspect of will has a function on your ascension path and all must be used together, in congruent harmony, in order to activate the manifesting ability that is your divine blueprint, as well as how you fulfill your purpose of creating the healing to congruent harmony reality foundation for your ascension path’s energetic resonance in your life, for the earth, and for the collective of humanity.

In the first dimension your will exists as the energy of light and dark, which you identify as good or evil. This is a very limited dimension with little potential for growth and expansion. The choices you make in this aspect, to be in the light or the dark, to be good or evil, allow you to move to the 2nd dimension, which is structure or form. In this dimension your will creates a reality whose form depends on which vibration and frequency of 1st dimensional energy you are in. The 2nd dimension is the mind/body connection, where you receive, integrate, and align with energy without awareness (which happens in the 5th dimension).

The third dimension is the energy of emotions, which is where you create an emotional mirror of energies that you have chosen in the first dimension and the form you have created from the second dimension. The third dimension is the emotional body connection, the place where you receive and express energy after you have filtered them through the emotional body. Here is where you judge light, dark, structure and form and how your emotional body responds to what you have created.

The portal to the 4th dimension is intuition, which is the bridge between spiritual and material realities. In order to move to the 4th dimension you need to learn the energies of acceptance, forgiveness, discernment, and detachment, which are lessons learned from your experience of the 3rd dimension. The 4th dimension can be related to the spirit aspect of the Divine Trinity, where your mind, body, and emotions are balanced and expanded by spirit and your connection to a higher source and frequency.

The 4th dimension key energies are awareness and intention and the lesson is energy mastery and sovereignty. This moves you out of the unconscious energies of emotion and into greater energetic balance and control over your energies, your frequency, and vibration. The purpose is the integration of your humanity, spirit, and divinity. This impacts your creation abilities as you move out of unconscious reaction and fear into the controlled response and unfolding creation of miracle mastery, intentional creation, and the energetic congruence of self and Self awareness.

In the 5th dimension you have joy, vision, and knowing, which requires the awakening of and connection to your inner intuitive guidance, faith and trust, and full connection to Source and your power as co-creator. When you arrive at the 5th dimension your will is directly connected to your highest potential, your higher self and Source, and this is where you create heaven on earth.

By understanding the many dimensions of your will you can know how you use energy to create and the levels of dimension you are creating from. Fear is the lowest level of energetic vibration and the least rewarding and beneficial energy but the choice to be in the energies of joy and the light of divine truth is one of humanity’s lessons.

Releasing judgment, self blame, to embrace self acceptance and forgiveness are the bridge to the highest dimensions of being. Use your will to create the reality you most want for yourself and the world will benefit from the use of your will to serve your soul mission and life purpose, to expand the energies of love and joy, and to experience life as the highest expression of your light.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Meg Benedicte: 11:11 STARGATE ACTIVATION

As we approach the final days of 2017, the solar system travels the gateway to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is the annual event when the Sun conjuncts the massive black hole of the Galactic Center, which lies at 26-27° Sagittarius. When we connect to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core it brings us closer to the emergence of our divine existence.

It takes 2,000 years to pass through the band of gamma photons streaming out of the Galactic Equator. The solar system is now fully infused in the ‘purification’ that naturally occurs from the surge of brilliant gamma photon light. This is evident in increasing solar flares, earthquakes and volcanos, coastal flooding, wildfires, melting ice caps, intensifying storms and shifting magnetic poles, thinning of the ionosphere and the acceleration of time towards zero point.

During this period of rapid change, we will enter an eternal space of NO TIME ….marking the emergence of 2000 years called the Golden Age of Unity Consciousness. Earth is moving into an eternal NOW with the collapse of 4th dimensional spacetime as we ascend higher in frequencies to the 5D earth plane. The Photon Belt not only impacts the solar system, but also the DNA ‘transceivers’ in your intra-cellular human ‘radio’.

The Ascension process involves balancing opposites, as you transform your energy field from polarity to singularity…you are shifting from living in separation to creating a Unified Field! The Wayshowers have traveled to Gaia to initiate the crystallization of the human genetics and ascend into the League of Light.

It only happens once a year, when the 11:11 Gateway opens to higher, ascended realms. On this special day, we will experience a rare moment of intense clarity and connection with of our own Divinity. 11:11 is a sacred Ascension code that activates the neural network in the brain and godseed codes in the DNA to access higher dimensions of Spirit.

Envision the number 1 – it looks like a column or antenna, and acts as a direct conduit between the spiritual and physical world. 1 represents initiation, invention and new beginnings that flow to us in the form of ideas and inspiration. Number 11 represents two pillars, a gateway, which opens a direct portal between intention and manifestation. In ancient mythology the sacred geometry of 11:11 represents the masculine and feminine circuitry linked in eternal connection!

The number sequence of 11:11 also signifies the gateway between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension. 11:11 opens the stairway to heaven, your direct lifeline to Source Creator. We will be broadcasting the 11:11 Stargate Activations on Saturday, November 11th. Step into zero point at the Great Central Sun and accelerate your personal ascension!

Join other Lightworkers around the world in creating the New Earth paradigm, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=119786.

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Lovingly, Meg

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L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Activating The Higher Dimensions of Light within Your Cells”

L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Activating The Higher Dimensions of Light within Your Cells”

activating higher consciousness.png

“This ACTIVATION, creates a PORTAL of LIGHT ~ whereby Harmony, Light, and Love frequencies of the HIGHER dimensions shift the frequency in your DNA, the Liquid in your cells. To that of the conscious Higher DIMENSIONS of UNION with your Original Light. Receive, breathe, open and relax. A new Dimension of consciousness experience. A New World. A New Timeline. ALL Now. As ALL was created in the NOW. Eternal Love and UNION flowing into the Hearts of ALL as the VIBRATORY frequency of The New Divine Humanity. Your Ascension. Your Mastery. ALL NOW.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian

Thoughts, words, feelings, choices, unfold through your subconscious program.

The subconscious LEVEL of alignment with your conscious desires, represent the levels of harmony or disharmony held in your Blueprint as your cellular memory.

Those that are sensitive may also pick up and take on the memories of Mass consciousness, as they are everywhere transmitting their frequency as a Dimension of thought.

The levels of Consciousness correspond to the Dimensions of Light.

It is possible to exist in a Dimension dominated by a Mass Level of thought and function through a Higher Dimension, consciously.

The levels of harmony with the inner subconscious mind and conscious mind, represent the levels of Union, within the dimensions of frequency.

Dimensions are Worlds unto themselves.

Dimensions transmit and vibrate at a frequency level that when ATTUNED to that level, YOU function through it.

An entrainment to the HIGHER Dimensions and worlds, may seem somewhat like time travel. Yet it is all here now. Coexisting through the varying degrees and levels of FREQUENCY.

The Fluid in your cells is the medium in which your entrainment through the crystalline vibratory matrix of LIGHT ~ ALIGNS you with the frequency level and dimension you function though.

The Subconscious and conscious levels of harmony, represent the degree of completion through initiation of a consciousness dimension. You adjust, attune, complete, then on to the next Dimension.

Mastery of the LEVELS ~ the DIMENSIONS represent the level of inner harmony.

HARMONY at the HIGHEST Levels take place through the frequency of the HEART, through which the frequency held in the fluid of the CELLS ~ then vibrates to.

Harmony, levels, DIMENSIONS ~ subconscious and conscious MERGING are the initiations of LIGHT ~ experienced as varying thought processes, that represent the different frequency LEVELS of Light.

Activating NOW the GOLDEN Initiation of Light within your Cells as the LIQUID GOLDEN LIGHT ~ FREQUENCY ~ now flows as LIGHT from the higher dimensions, into the lower dimensions, into your heart NOW.

This adjust and aligns your Blueprint of consciousness to that of the HIGHER dimensions.

The FLUID in your CELLS shifts in frequency NOW to these Higher Frequencies of Light.

This ACTIVATION, creates a PORTAL of LIGHT ~ whereby Harmony, Light, and Love frequencies of the HIGHER dimensions shift the frequency in your DNA, the Liquid in your cells. To that of the conscious Higher DIMENSIONS of UNION with your Original Light.

Receive, breathe, open and relax.

A new Dimension of consciousness experience. A New World. A New Timeline. ALL Now. As ALL was created in the NOW.

Eternal Love and UNION flowing into the Hearts of ALL as the VIBRATORY frequency of The New Divine Humanity.

Your Ascension. Your Mastery. ALL NOW.

Every hour ATTUNE ~ 11 ~ 33 minutes after every hour. Intend to receive. I love you!


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Solar Expansion, the Divine Mother Energy and Multi-Dimensional Experience Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn | Starchild Global

1 Sunshine
Image by Tamera Tavernier

Beloved Family of Light, as you prepare for the powerful incoming energies of the Equinox and Eclipse in March of 2015, you are currently feeling the effects of dynamic activity and expansion in the Sun and the Solar System. The Sun/Solaris is experiencing an “upgrade” in its Light Body Field, to bring it into harmonic resonance with the new Galactic/Cosmic Light Codes transmitted from the Great Central Sun at the center of the Galaxy. This process if being guided by the Solar Council of Solaris and the Galactic Council of the Golden Rose Galaxy (Milky Way).

As these necessary Solar adjustments are made in the Light Body of Solaris, it will, of course, also be felt as similar “upgrades” at the Solar level of your own Light Body.  This will initiate a recalibration of the frequencies in your Light Body and your Physical Body.

This is a powerful process that you will feel in the Pineal Gland and into the Nervous System, as well as in the Solar Plexus area.  For a short while you may experience tension, anxiety, depression, dizziness, interrupted sleep patterns and intense dreams.  You may also experience releasing old patterns of fear associated with holding and embodying more light as you reveal more of your Inner Divinity to the outside world. This will ease as the recalibration process if completed in preparation for the big shifts on the planet in March.

This process will then allow your Light Body and Physical Body to hold and transmit more of the Diamond Light that is being received from the Galactic Center into the Galaxy and via Solaris to the Earth.  It will allow you to become of the Diamond Light Crystalline Beings who are emerging on the Earth in the New Reality.

The Twin Flame and the Embodimentof the Divine Feminine or Great Mother

cosmic mother

The Activation of the Diamond Codes on the Earth has reached the stage where the Twin Flame or Sacred Heart Union is being fully achieved.  This is an internal union where the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine come together in Sacred Union to create the New Reality.

At this particular time, it is the Great Mother whose energy is being felt most strongly.  As Ma’at, the Keeper of Cosmic Balance, she is awakening in many people.  This is an intense energy that expresses itself often as Void, as emptiness or nothingness, prior to Manifestation.  For many, having to embody the Void is a frightening experience, especially in a society that values activity and production.

To embody the Divine Feminine is to embody also this nothingness and to be at peace with it as a part of the cycles of existence. Do not fear that you are “blocked” or “stuck”, or that you are a failure.  It is simply the time when you are Being the Void in order to facilitate the birth of something new into the Light.

Being able to hold this Void in balance with Creation and Manifestation is the work of the Great Cosmic Mother.  To hold that energy within yourself is to embody the Great Cosmic Mother.

As the Embodiment of the Divine Feminine, you are facilitating the Balance of all life on the Earth.  You become the Quan Yin also, the conduit for Love and Compassion, and the bridge for the energy that loves and nurtures all living beings.

Beloved Family of Light, as you embody this Divine Feminine energy, you help to sustain, love and rebirth the Earth.  This is the ultimate secret of the Grail Codes Mystery, the renewal of life and love in a New Age through the Alchemical process of inner Sacred Union.  It is a deep inner union of all aspects of Self, transmuting the old energies into the New Diamond Crystalline Light.

As you embody the Great Mother, you become the Grail, or the Chalice for the Diamond Light.  It flows from you and into the creation of a New Earth and a New Reality.  At the right time, the Divine Masculine will step forth to manifest this New Reality into Material Form.

The Multi-Dimensional Reality Process and “Time Phase Dissonance”


At the same time that you are working with these shifts in Light Energy, you are also becoming familiar with your abilities as Multi-dimensional Masters of Light.  This is requiring you to be highly skilled in shifting dimensions, as you also shift Timelines and Time Phases.  This gives rise to an effect that we will call “Time Phase Dissonance”.

This “dissonance” occurs when your Light Body has to rapidly switch between different timelines and time rhythms.

Your Earth is now situated in the 5th Dimension of Light.  Most of Earth’s inhabitants have chosen, for now, to remain in the illusion of the 3rd Dimension, which includes duality, conflict, and participation in emotional “dramas” of abuse and victimization.  In the 5th Dimension of Light, the perception of Unity and interconnection becomes more important, as does creating a peaceful and sustainable society.  At the 6th Dimension of Light, Magic and Imagination are the primary modes of perception, with Mystery and Miracles taking center stage, and at the 7th Dimension of Light you enter into Mastery of the Light Shift Dimensional Soul Technology.

Right now, Beloved Ones, you are learning how to master this practice.  On any given day, you might shift from 3D to 4D (Time Spirals) to 5D and 6D several times.  At each shift, your Body and Light Body changes Light Frequency and Rhythm.

3D is a very slow frequency, but it manifests as high activity and stress on the physical level. 5 D is slower and 6D even slower in terms of perception, as you approach a state of “no time” and NOW that is the essence of Higher Forms of Consciousness.

The shift between high activity and absolute stillness can create a sense of dissonance and anxiety.  Many people feel anxious, blocked, looking for a reason why “nothing is happening” , when in fact they are experiencing the deep peace of the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

Many of you have chosen, on the Soul Level, to continue to have adventures in 3D, while also living and creating in the higher dimensions.  This is the essence of Multi-dimensionality.  It will take a little time for your Body and Mind to become accustomed to these Time Phase switches between levels of Perception and Frequency.

We wish you much Joy in your Journey on Earth!

Listen to the Internet Radio Broadcast with Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael that covers what it means to be Multi-Dimensional. Broadcast January 2015.


Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Charlotte View Internet Radio on BlogTalkRadio

The Diamond Codes

If you would like to learn more about the incoming Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes and how they relate to Conscious Evolution and the Light Body, you can explore the new book by Celia Fenn called “The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality”.

DC book cover small

The book is available as an E-Book for Kindle or Mobile Devices, or as a Print Edition.

Something HUGE Happened On January 3rd, 2015by Alexandra | In5D

Something HUGE Happened On January 3rd, 2015

Something HUGE Happened On January 3rd, 2015 by Alexandra | In5D

January 6, 2015 Extraterrestrials, Spiritual Awakening

Something HUGE just happened to our planet on Friday.  It began with a cryptic text message received from a friend of mine which then lead to a phone call with James G followed by several incoming phone calls and emails that all lead to confirming what I “saw” Friday around 11:15 am PST (probably 11:11)! This is BIG folks and I want everyone to understand the magnitude of what is going down right now.

I saw many massive “Pillars of Light” descending onto Planet Earth at this time (Friday morning) and as they landed, a big “thump” was felt etherically. I heard it was “Guardians/Ancient Light Beings” who had arrived and caused a bursting of Light from Mother Earth’s Crystal Core, looking a bit like cogs of Light pressing outwards. The impact of their arrival was the catalyst for this explosion of light from within.  I then asked about funding for major projects – was it true that this was coming shortly and I was told yes.  When I asked if the rumors of the dark interfering as before had any accuracy, I was told “they had no means to do so anymore.” I was shown that the presence of These Guardians would “nullify the technological abilities” of the dark’s efforts. I kept hearing “game over” and a reminder of God’s Decree which “enough is enough.”

I saw many massive “Pillars of Light” descending onto Planet Earth at this time (Friday morning) and as they landed, a big “thump” was felt etherically. I heard it was “Guardians/Ancient Light Beings” who had arrived and caused a bursting of Light from Mother Earth’s Crystal Core, looking a bit like cogs of Light pressing outwards. The impact of their arrival was the catalyst for this explosion of light from within. I then asked about funding for major projects – was it true that this was coming shortly and I was told yes. When I asked if the rumors of the dark interfering as before had any accuracy, I was told “they had no means to do so anymore.” I was shown that the presence of These Guardians would “nullify the technological abilities” of the dark’s efforts. I kept hearing “game over” and a reminder of God’s Decree which “enough is enough.”

Now, I just want you all to know that various calls and emails ended up providing bits and pieces of additional support to this vision today. Apparently news is traveling everywhere that the agenda has been sped up. I just don’t know a date. But check out what one of my dear friends Jeff shared with me as to what he saw with these “Pillars of Light!”  Whoaaaaa!

“There are three portals currently in the process of activating with a fourth one about to open it’s crescendo.

When the fourth one octavizes the effects will begin. Perhaps 6 to 7 days. – January 8–9.

Then there is a last one that will have the ability to activate numerous vibrational octave points for higher dimensional realization. It is opening soon. When this one opens it will cement the process.

These five portals would not be able to open if the context for activation was not begun with all of the concretions Alexandra created by opening those two portals in Africa.  The two portals there had the effect of allowing time-space to open within the Heart space of Oneness. This activated the intention of Beingness within the higher octaves of Grace.

The portals will have a dramatic impact on the dynamics occurring in this heliosphere.

The portals are receivers of light and Beingness for transposing the occupation of Heart space.

They will create change.

They have harmonics that can realize the changes necessary.

They are one octave higher than we are used to.

They will create dynamics to incur upon heart space.

They exist with no separation between us and their fullness.

They will harmonized that which is resistant to change.

They are about changing the octaves here.

They are vibrationally inert.

They subsume the supra causal.

Know that they harmonize with you and your being for realization of the absolute harmonic heart.

They are about optimize awareness for all beings to receive their potential heart space.

They have dynamics of Will involved.

They cannot create this without your willingness to receive what is done.

They love your being with all their might.

They want to access the heart space here so they can love you throughout.

Harmonize this.

Since the portals (and the beings that will be harmonized within them) will be changing the octave’s here, vibrational interference will not be allowed. The harmonic based technology that is being used to subsume us will elevate it’s tonal quotient and then not be able to expand its tonal impairments/impediments.”

The point is go into the Silence and feel THIS.  These pristine energies just kicked things up ANOTHER notch, not just assisting us but causing it to be  virtually impossible for energy alignment to occur for The Dark.  They are running out of time folks! God has decreed it so.

Just wanted to share this….

Love to you


In5D Addendum:

I’m curious if anyone else saw these pillars of light reported to us by Alexandra?

If that isn’t enough, check out this newly released video.

The video creator titled his video,”UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California. Anyone Else See It?” but to me it looks more like a meteor.  The most fascinating part of this video is when an orb is ejected from this object.

In the more info section of this video, the uploader stated:

“I was driving home after work when this UFO or whatever you call it caught my eye. I pulled over in front of somebody’s house to film it. I would have got a better shot but I didn’t want to jump these peoples fence. Anyway I don’t know what the hell to make of it. Couldn’t have been a plane cause there was no noise. And I never heard a crash after either. The Orb thing flew straight up into the sky and disappeared. Sorry I didn’t film that. I didn’t know what to focus my attention on.”

Whether it’s a meteor or a UFO, it’s apparent that we are not alone.

SaLuSa 27 June 2014 ~ via Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa  27 June 2014 ~ via Mike Quinsey

“The changes continue to proceed as planned, and will bring about the anticipated changes that will bring you freedom from the activities of the dark Ones. Their power and control carries less weight and those who work for the Light are gaining more confidence as each day passes. So much good work is taking place and as it continues to spread, the dark Ones find that they are having less and less influence. It is you the people that carry the responsibility for spreading the Light, but we can assist where you have already made decisions to begin the process of change. Do not worry if at first progress appears to be slow as momentous changes cannot be achieved overnight, and are more likely to be successful when care and attention are given. We oversee your work and at all times will do our best to guide you and ensure your success. More and more souls are awakening to their real selves and seeking more power to achieve their vision of permanent peace upon Earth. It will come and is already affecting decisions being made to prevent any future wars from taking place.

The role of the Lightworker is to be inspired and bring more people to the realisation that the future is taking shape, and the voices that have influence are no longer prepared to go along with those who advocate war to solve problems. At long last it is being realised that war is futile and that there are no winners in the sense that all who are involved suffer loss of one kind or another. When you look back you will realise that using war to achieve your aims is often short lived, and at last there is an understanding that peaceful negotiation is the only way to solve differences. As you will find out in due course, wars are often contrived to set one against another and neither benefit as a result. As time has passed more and more people have tired of being used to settle differences, and now see that there are other ways which are far more acceptable. You are currently seeing the result of religious prejudice fuel the differences between some nations, and we wish we could get the message to them that you are all One. There is only One God of Absolute Love for all souls regardless of their colour or beliefs. However, there will come a time when it will be accepted that you are One Race, with the same destiny and eternally loved by the One God of All.

The elusive peace that you seek will first come to individuals who have accepted the Oneness of all Souls, and through them others will also follow. All knowledge is carried within, and those of you who feel particularly intuitive are able to measure the value and truthfulness of any message. There will however still be those who totally rely on others to walk the path with them. For them it is part of their necessary experience and as they become more understanding of the truth of their real selves, they will gain the confidence to travel their own path. Often the changes are the result of many lives whereby they have tested their own beliefs and have moved on where they have been found wanting. As you stand at this time you are represent the totality of your experience, and cannot help but be strongly influenced by it. There are however times when you will incarnate with a stronger attachment to certain beliefs that will give you a specific experience that you need. You are in fact much greater than you presently know, and whilst on Earth you play out each role you have undertaken which can greatly vary from one incarnation to another.

You may have wondered what our beliefs are based upon, and whether we have what you know as organised religion. The simple answer is that we are sufficiently understanding of the truth and the One God, that we live by example and realise that every other soul is either our brother or sister. Therefore our love is extended to all souls, and even those of the darkness are seen as being exactly the same as all others. It must be so as you have all come from the Source of All That Is, and undertaken your experiences so as to bring the truth to others. Where you are now in the lower levels of vibration you cannot become fully ascended and remain in them, so of necessity you only incarnate with a vibration that allows you to experience as chosen. We will also point out that this is why you must respect what other souls have chosen to experience, as it is all of value and will help others to evolve. Some souls have elected to serve on Earth to help others, whilst the majority are travelling their paths as they work their way back to the higher dimensions. There is not as you say a “quick fix” and the only positive way to evolve is through personal experience, although you can also learn from others who have gone before you.

Mother Earth is also taking part in the changes, and these are of a grand scale to prepare for those that will change the very surface of the Earth. Of necessity there will be unavoidable upheaval in some places, but you rest assured that every caution will be taken to avoid loss of life. Some are inevitable but there are also souls that have expressed a desire to leave the Earth. It may sound strange or unlikely that souls would choose to leave in such a way, but release from the physical body is instantaneous. Any trauma associated with such an experience is soon overcome and forgotten. Death as such is painless but is often thought differently and this is usually due to an accompanying illness. Understanding the truth of such an experience as death prevents what is otherwise looked upon by many as a traumatic time in your life. Be assured that as soon as you pass over your loved ones will be there to greet you and make you welcome. Perhaps the most welcome surprise is that you are “whole” again and through the power of thought can also become a young person again, full of health and without any of the problems you may have had whilst on Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have today touched upon life in the higher dimensions, which is far removed from what you have experienced upon Earth. Can you imagine an existence where within certain limitations you can “think” things into existence, therefore money is not needed. That is perhaps the most significant change although as mentioned above, the prospect of permanent good health must be music to the ears of those who have had a life of ill health. You have so much to look forward to so do your best while still on Earth. I leave you with my love and blessings.”

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.   






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An Embedded Arcturian Message ~ by Suzanne Lie


An Embedded Arcturian Message

 by Suzanne Lie

Posted on June 15, 2014



I will leave the story of dear Almon for now to return to our landing on ascending Earth. I am sorry to leave Almon in this precarious situation, but to my awareness within this NOW I do not know what did/will happen to him. I am unclear as to how realities float and intermingle throughout differing timelines. Since Mytre and I are still on the edge of time, there is no sequence to the manner in which we share our story.


Each episode of our storyline is floating through various timelines. Since the timeline for the ascension process on our Pleiadian home is quite different from the timeline of Earth’s ascension process, all structure and function of time is gone from our awareness. Fortunately, Mytre and I did recover an embedded message from our final journey with our dear Arcturian friend. We share it with you now:




“Being a Master of your thoughts and emotions is the most important thing that you can do while on your mission to Earth. Remember that Earth is in the midst of transition into a Golden Age. Hence, the energetic field surrounding that planet is alive with creative power.


“This Golden Age will usher Earth into being a fifth dimensional being where every thought and emotion will instantly become manifest. In fact, the primary version of Earth is actually in the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension. On the other hand, some of the versions of Earth are still in the third dimension while some are still in the Lower Astral Plane.


“Because Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, is returning to Her multidimensional SELF, and because Her human residents still resonate to so many different frequencies, Earth has many parallel realities. From our Arcturian perspective, we see Earth in what you would call slow motion. From this viewpoint we can see all the differing frequency expressions within the NOW. In other words, we see the physical version and all the versions of fourth dimensional Earth connected by shadow images.
“We can also see New Earth on the threshold of the fifth dimension, resonating just beyond time. Therefore, New Earth has no beginning or ending except to the perspective of the earthlings who are slowly beginning to become conscious of Earth’s higher presence. In fact, many of our ascending ones visit New Earth in their night-bodies and even have periods during their daily life in which their consciousness is sufficiently high so that they are awake within that resonance.


“Their higher resonance of SELF is aware of their parallel reality on physical Earth. However, their physical self is likely not aware of their parallel experience on New Earth. This contradiction occurs because a higher frequency being can perceive lower frequency realities, but it is difficult for beings to perceive higher frequency worlds unless they have expanded their consciousness into that resonance of reality. Even then, since the higher frequencies do not have the density and sharp angles of the lower worlds, it will appear to them as if they are just imagining fifth-dimensional reality.


“Your visit to Earth will begin with the ascending ones who still hold physical forms on physical Earth, but whose consciousness has the capacity to expand into the fifth dimensional New Earth. Because there is still darkness and fear on Gaia’s body, our ascending ones lose their higher focus when their state of consciousness pulls them into the lower frequency versions of Earth. Just as the humans are multidimensional, so is the planet. Therefore, there is a constant movement of human consciousness up and down the ‘ladder’ of Gaia’s multidimensional resonance.


“When the humans, especially the ascending ones, are doing what they love they are able to experience the ascended Gaia as an internal feeling of ‘Heaven on Earth.’ However, when they have to do what they do not want to do, their consciousness falls down into a lower resonance. Then, their reality is matched by the resonance of their consciousness, and they find themselves in a lower frequency version of Earth.


“Doubt lowers our ascending ones’ consciousness more than anything. Doubt is a form of fear-based thinking that traps them in a lower frequency of Earth. Therefore, your mission is to visit the ascending ones while they are in a higher consciousness. The purpose of your meeting is to validate that they are, indeed, experiencing a higher frequency of Earth.


“You will begin by visiting them in their dream-body, so that they can have some time to accustom to the fact that they had an amazing ‘dream.’ Then, as you build a deeper relationship with them, you can start entering their field of resonance while they are awake and in a higher state of consciousness.  “Since they have become accustomed to seeing you in their dream-state they can view you as an afterglow of their dream. Fortunately, there are other ascending humans who are aware of the fact that the Galactics are assisting them with their ascension process. Therefore, they will not be afraid if they see you, but may doubt themselves. They will usually experience this doubt, not as a low-grade fear, but with the thought that ‘It’s too good to be true.’ Either way, their consciousness will drop and their perception of you will be lost.


“However, if you send them your unconditional love, they may be able to return to a higher state of consciousness, and hence, a higher state of perception. Because the memory of their multidimensional consciousness is still new to them, they have not yet remembered how to release ALL conception of fear. Remember that our dear grounded ones have been living in a reality on the verge of disaster for this and many other lives.


“Their fear has kept them alert to the many dangers that have confronted them every day. This kind of vigilance is very exhausting, and it lowers their states of consciousness. Therefore, be patient with the physical ones to whom you are assigned. You will be communing with them in their fifth dimensional state of consciousness.


“However, if they are not able to access that level of consciousness while wearing their earth vessels, they will not remember that they are communicating with you in their finer bodies. You will be talking with a resonance of their multidimensional SELF with whom they are not consciously aware.
“This situation may be quite disconcerting to you at first. You will be talking to a person who is simultaneously jubilant to be with you, while their lower resonance it not even aware that you are there. Therefore, we ask that you stay with the one person until they have a breakthrough in which they are aware of your presence within their third dimensional consciousness.


“When they first have this awareness, it will appear to them that you suddenly arrived. Hence, they may be frightened. Remember that they have been trained through many lifetimes that anything novel must be met with fear. They have been living in a very dangerous world where myriad situations could kill them. We are aware that the term ‘kill’ is no longer within your vocabulary. However, it is an extremely common term in their world.


“We tell you these uncomfortable stories so that you can remember to have great compassion for your light family in human form. Many of our family members have been incarnating on third dimensional Earth since the fall of Atlantis and even before. Although most of them have had personal experiences of ascension in which they were able to visit the higher worlds, they were dedicated to return again to the third-dimensional version of Gaia to continue their service.


“In fact, without the contribution of those who chose to return again and again to Gaia’s planetary form in order to contribute their multidimensional consciousness, Earth may well have been destroyed. After the invention of the Atom Bomb, we could assist from our frequency, especially when their bombs even destroyed fourth dimensional worlds.


“However, we have only been given permission to assist this free-will planet in order to prevent disaster. Happily, now so many Earth inhabitants have asked for our assistance that we are not breaking the Law of Free Will by our increasing visitations. We would love to openly land our craft in the many big cities, but we know that the level of collective fear is still too high.


“Therefore, we are sending down teams to work directly with the humans who have asked for our assistance. Then, once fully aware of their immense power within, these family members in human form can work from within their society to diminish the level of collective fear. If there is one thing that would assist the human condition more than anything, it is the end of fear.


“Because fear is humanity’s greatest enemy, your initial task will be to educate those with whom you can communicate to assist them to release their fear. Just the conscious knowledge that they are not alone, that they are not crazy and that they are actually members of a loving galactic family will greatly diminish their fear. Hence, your first visitation will be with the fully awakened ones who are aware that they are more than just humans.


“In order words, you will first be meeting with our galactic family members who have taken an assignment to wear a human form during this time of their great transition. As we said, you will initially communicate with them via their dreams and when they are deep in meditation. In fact, some of those with whom you will be meeting have had this type of relationship with us for decades. The confirmation of actually perceiving their galactic family while in their mundane consciousness will release all doubt and change their lives forever.


“On the other hand there are those who think they want to consciously experience your presence, but would actually become quite terrified. Therefore, you must look deeply into the aura of those whom you feel inclined to connect with. We have given you a list of names and locations of those who have been “channeling” our messages, as they would be the logical first choice for connection.


“However, even with these galactics in human disguise,you must start with their dream and/or meditation consciousness so that they have some earth-time to integrate your presence into their lives. We have chosen our Pleiadian members of the Galactic Federation because they appear to be quite human. Even so, please stay in the higher frequencies of reality, so that your contact will first get to know you via his/her dreams and meditations.


“Furthermore, before you appear to your contact person, accustom yourself to the low frequencies of Earth. All of you have taken incarnation on Earth, which is partially why you have been chosen. However, it is very easy to forget how difficult it can be to maintain a connection to your true SELF while wearing a low-frequency earth vessel. Hence, you will not materialize until you have developed an intimate connection with your human contact. We recommend this caution, as you may need their assistance to navigate their world, as much as they need your help to experience your world.


“In other words, what is occurring is that we are beginning the Earth ascension process by intermingling beings from the higher dimensional worlds with the humans of ascending Earth. In this manner, a deep camaraderie can be built between individuals of both worlds. This individual relationship can then expand into larger and larger group experiences. In this manner, Gaia’s body will return to Her fifth dimensional emanation group-by-group and area-by-area.


“Our dearest Mytre and Mytria, we realize that you will only become aware of this message we implanted in your consciousness when you are about to begin your Mission to Earth. We, your Arcturian friends, send you unconditional love. Please remember that we are always with you.”



Energies of Change

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“HONOR” ~ CHANNELED ASCENSION MESSAGE FROM THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION 10th April 2014 Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood Transcribed by Paul Marwood


10th April 2014
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we’d like to share a message about Honor: what this word means and what it means, most importantly, energetically in your world right now. When we say “in your world” we mean not just your world, the planet you’re on, but your individual world in the moment. Honor is a word that has a lot of power and glory to it because you see the places that the word Honor is used and it’s a word of exaltation. It’s a word of expansive energies. There’s an admiration. There’s a respect that’s bestowed in the use of the word Honor wherever you see it.

So our question today then becomes: How do you Honor your Self? How do you extend that level of love and respect for yourself and Honor yourself, which puts the energy of who you are and what you’re doing for yourself on a whole other level than the “should”s and this “should not”. The Shoulds and the Should Nots have a lot of judgment about what’s “right and wrong” and “good and bad” and whether you are successful or not successful around it. When you bring the energy of Honor to yourself you’re extending this high level of respect for yourself on your Soul’s journey. So where are the areas of your life that you can Honor who you are as a human, who you are towards yourself, who you are towards the people you come in contact with, the way you live your life? How can you Honor yourself? Where are the places that are Honorable in your life? Can you lift those up and acknowledge those and feel into the incredible energy of who you are as a Soul on your path. As you step to the place of Honoring yourself you are stepping beyond the black and the white, the “should” and “should not”, the judgment. You’re lifting yourself up with Light through the word of Honoring yourself.

We encourage each and every one of you to Honor who you are, your accomplishments, and what you’re bringing to the table in your life. This could be about any interaction you have with other people, and especially the interactions with yourself. Can you Honor yourself for exactly the choices you’ve made and where you are? Can you Honor what you’ve learned from those experiences? Can you Honor the life you’ve chosen through all of its experiences as being guided by your Soul and moving you into a more and more positive direction, even if, at the moment, some of the human circumstances might not feel that easy.

Beyond that, how do you Honor the other people around you? Again, this goes beyond respect, this goes beyond judgment, this goes beyond “better” or “worse”. Can you Honor people in your life and the accomplishments they’ve done, the way they interact with other people, just the same way you can Honor yourself? Feel into the place of you Honoring yourself. Feel the energy of expansion that comes with this. That energy that you feel expanding is you connecting more into your Soul Level Truth. It’s expanding you into the greater energetic reality of who you are as you begin to Honor yourself and extend that energy of Honor to other people.

We invite you to play with this idea and feel the energy of Honor that contains a vibratory reality that is very refined, very soft, and very subtle. It transcends the realms of third dimensional judgment. As you begin to Honor yourself and those around you more and more you loosen the grip of the need to be as conscious of the black-and-white reality at the third dimension. Working with the energy of Honor allows you to begin embracing and bringing more of those higher dimensional frequencies into your life that so many of you are looking to embody. Enjoy Honoring yourself! Enjoy Honoring others around you! Enjoy Honoring the beauty you see in nature! See how that can expand and change your experience of your daily life.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
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