Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, May 07, 2021

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, May 07, 2021

7th May 2021. Mike Quinsey.

In Europe the Covid19 virus seems to be in decline and relaxation of the measures to end its effect, are beginning to take place. Freewill and karma are in play so that some souls will have a totally different experience to others. Even a soul’s life plan is involved so you cannot say for certain how things will work out. However, on a greater scale for humanity in general, all will be affected in one way or another as things cannot return to the way they were before the lockdowns.

Many changes are envisaged that in the long run will prove beneficial to everyone. It may not seem so at the moment but given time you will see the making of a new society that cares for each other and brings more equality into being. For too long a privileged group of people have used their position and wealth to try and create a system that makes all of you subservient to them. Their last attempt has failed and whilst it will take time to create a fairer society the intention is present and it will succeed.

There is a plan for humanity that will eventually right the wrongs of recent times, and the promise of a happy and satisfying life. It cannot happen overnight but the mould has been cast and you will see the signs of the changes mentioned. For too long you have been held back and not allowed to develop in a way that would have lifted up your quality of life. The dark Ones have purposefully placed obstacles in your way and created friction between nations sometimes resulting in wars. You can imagine the harm they cause and not least of all the cost of human life, the damage to your dwellings and facilities.

Matters are changing for the better but give it time as centuries of war and the destruction that comes with it, cannot be put right over night. Know that happier times are coming along with peace and answers to your problems. Eventually all will live in peace and friendship whilst accepting the difference in views and opinions that add to the great variety and spice of life. Long standing customs will not change overnight and should be welcomed as part of the character of those involved.  Much hinges upon how quickly you can accept each other’s differences, and come together as a community whilst welcoming them as an equal part of the Human Race.

For you who know the future will bring peace to all nations, lays the task of uniting those who are your neighbours regardless of their colour or creed. At heart every soul seeks peace and happiness, and it is destined to come within many of your lives. It is planned and is being helped by the desires of the people, who desperately want to see a permanent end to disputes and differences that in the past have led to confrontation and hostilities. The mood of the people will enable them to stand up to those who are warmongers and stop their activities. In the past they have played one side against the other and profited from backing the war machine. The people have “spoken” and will not tolerate those who believe that “might is right”. Permanent  peace will come for certain as the level of consciousness rises and rejects warlike actions or words.

In the midst of chaos we are of the Light that will lift people up and bring peace about for everyone. Those of the lower vibrations will have no place in such a future, and will have their own path to follow that will give them another opportunity to rise up through a greater understanding and appreciation of how a harmonious life should be. Those dear souls who oversee your lives have never ending patience and love for you and are always ready to assist when you call for their help. There are many unseen helpers who help you follow your life plan and arrange opportunities accordingly.

Many of you have reached a level of evolution that enables you to rise up with the increasing vibrations and continue to do so all of the way to Ascension. In doing so you are also helping those who follow you and can learn from your example. We salute and bless those of you who hold your heads up high, and with determination march ever onwards prepared to face whatever obstacles are placed in your way. You are the ones creating a path that others can follow and are to be thanked for your resolute intentions to drive ever forward. It should be comforting to know that you will not have to spend any future lives in the lower vibrations.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Dear friends, the Covid19 virus appears to be still rampant in many countries and I personally have not heard anything to suggest its actual part in the deaths taking place. It therefore seems to me that this message from Kryon is vital and could be instrumental in bringing the pandemic to a quicker end. Here is the main crux of the message and should you wish to read it fully use the Kyron heading as below. I have a more detailed extract that you may wish to read, and if you let me know by Email I will send you a copy of the single page.        

Kryon. 2020. Some virus truths for you to consider.

Extract from the above message:

“Covid19 is just a flu that you may describe as having never been seen. Most of you have a robust immune system, but those who don’t will have one that overreacts to the virus. You might say that what is killing humans today is their own immune system not the virus. The virus will take it to a certain level and then the immune system which has never seen this before overreacts and can cause death. If you can encapsulate (condense or compress) that immune system so it will not over react, this flu will never kill another human”.                  


*         *         *        *        *        *          *         *          *         *          

You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself, for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others.

Love, Nancy


David Wilcock: CORRECTED versions of recent live videos… Don’t Miss Them!CORRECTED versions of recent live videos… Don’t Miss Them!

Dear Friends,


Our live video from Wednesday was very well-received and got rave reviews! Thank you for showing up and giving us a global peace meditation with sixteen thousand live participants! This technology really works, and makes all the trouble of livestreaming worth the effort, in my opinion.

In case you didn’t notice, somehow the exact time we spent doing this video was 3:33:33! This was absolutely astonishing. And this was after an extensive discussion in the video on numerical synchronicities just like this.

I can assure you this was not in any way pre-planned. It involved some type of intuitive coordination between Elizabeth and me alike, far beyond anything we could have consciously planned or imagined, particularly after starting late. Elizabeth was the one who hit the STOP button at exactly one second before 3:33:33!

This is part of why I left in the part where I get upset about the dog barking at the beginning. If I cut that out, it would ruin the synchronicity! So enjoy the guilty pleasure of seeing me lose my stuff right at the beginning.

I also discussed animal totem synchronicities in the video, and shortly thereafter, you will hear a huge pack of coyotes outside the window. And this was right while we were discussing how the DeeEss is equally surrounded by the US military.

Also, in another section I reveal an audience member’s synchronicity post, where the timing of his synchronicity was stated to be at 40:50 in the video he was watching.

Again, unbeknownst to me until now, I show you his text only 20 seconds before 40:50 in the livestream. This was another impressive and consciously unintended synchronicity!

Why are all of these strange things happening? Why did my mother break her hip to further underline the significance of the readings I shared with you on January 17th, which started with me having exactly the same type of fall on ice?

Isn’t it interesting that the ultimate theme of my mother’s fall, as well as my own original fall in Canada, was that both of us were miraculously unharmed compared to what “should have” happened with such an accident?

I believe this is a direct statement of synchronicity that reinforces the idea that we will have a safe, soft landing through all of the terrifying events we are now seeing.

This also fits in perfectly with my dream of the former president, in which he took me over a cliff in a car, but we had a “perfect” landing… you know, like a perfect call.

[I also realized that the scorpion who jumped with me off of the bed and tried to sting me in that dream is an obvious metaphor of getting some sort of an injection. That makes FAR more sense and I wish I had seen it at the time. Thank you to the several people who pointed that out to us in the comments!]


There can be no doubt that we are going through a massive, global initiation in which upsetting events are taking place — and triggering profound changes within ourselves.

There are many mysteries and anomalies surrounding recent events that we discuss thoroughly in the latest video, particularly beginning shortly after the first hour. Once you truly get the encoded meaning of “11.3” and where it shows up, I expect you will be impressed. I know I was!

For whatever reason, every time we try to livestream, we have had incredible problems. As you know, in several cases the videos themselves keep pausing constantly, and when the finished version appears, as much as 45 minutes of the entire runtime has conveniently been deleted.

Instead, you get constant gaps where as many as 20-30 seconds of content at a time simply disappears, and it is stitched together at the before and after points in between. This did NOT happen in the acutal livestream, by the way.

I think there is another previous video that has no good version of it that has been re-uploaded, and I will do my part to get that one fixed as well, soon enough.

This strange problem looks an awful lot like “someone doesn’t want you to hear this stuff.” We keep persisting and moving forward nonetheless.

Also, bear in mind that we had tested the entire system beforehand and these problems were not happening. Only once we actually went live did it become an issue.

We had to drop our bandwidth to try to remedy this very suspicious problem and it predominantly worked, although our second-to-last show from January 17th still had horrible pauses throughout the entire thing, as you may have noticed.

In case you haven’t already seen this, I thoroughly repaired that video and turned it into a seamless, perfect result. I had to fix the synchronization between the video and the audio, so that my mouth movements are aligned with the voice and everything looks okay.

This has proven to take about four hours of intense labor each time, as I have to manually identify each place where the ‘drift’ has occurred… and there are typically at least five to seven of them in each show we do.

In case you haven’t already done so, you can now watch the CORRECTED, super-hi-res version of our January 17th show by clicking here:


In our most recent show, we thankfully didn’t have the problem of everything gapping out on us, but we did have a frustrating break in the audio synchronization once again.

Now you can watch the definitive, corrected version of our January 27th show, which I fixed and uploaded late last night, by clicking on the following link:


Although many of the imminent probable futures we described on January 17th did not actually happen, there are still many data points in that video that are highly relevant to everything happening now, and the discussion that we continued with on the 27th.

Therefore, it might be worth your time to re-watch both of them… in case you were not able to properly enjoy them in either case!

I am avoiding a bunch of words here, but please watch both of these, and you will see why this is so timely and relevant to EVERYTHING that is going on now. Don’t miss ’em!

We will have more coming soon enough, and that may include a video that is not live but pre-processed, just to limit all these types of problems.

We are also going to upgrade our internet here to try to alleviate the problems that are associated with insufficient bandwidth, which appears to be much of the issue — barring any outside interference, which seems likely as well.

This is part of why we have to drop these videos fast, with little forewarning! Some of you have asked for that, but the situation itself imposes its own unique constraints.

If we come out of nowhere, the paid attacks are greatly reduced, although now they are back in the usual fashion.

The difference between the “real” audience and the “paid” audience is incredibly noticeable if you bother to follow the Live Chat.

We identified dozens of individuals who were literally doing nothing but writing incredibly toxic attacks, non-stop, throughout the entire three and a half hours of content. Most had to be blocked. This is not something most people would be motivated to do on their own, with no outside support or logistics.

Anyway, this is a very exciting time in American and world history, and I will continue to do my best to research all the available data, summarize it and present it to you!

Thank you for your ongoing support. And for those who are asking, we are definitely doing another online conference in the Spring — not too long from now. This will again be a deep-dive into the Law of One and other topics that I would not feel comfortable sharing publicly.

I am still dreaming into what that content will actually be, so that even if you have seen all of the previous online events, this will be fresh and new and build off of everything you have already learned.

For now, sit back, relax, enjoy the videos and we will see you soon!



— David and Elizabeth


Divine Cosmos, Po Box 249, 4872 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills 91364, US

January 27, 2021 email:

Dear Friends,

Join us tonight for more on the Joan of Arc Hero’s Journey and the state of affairs!

→ Click here to join at 5pm PST / 8pm EST tonight!

Events obviously did not proceed as we had anticipated. Uh-oh. Does this mean All is Lost? Are we in a global Dark Night of the Soul?

What lessons can we learn from the Joan of Arc Timeline?

David argues that the Hero’s Journey of archetypes is a galactic template of consciousness evolution. This blueprint extends throughout history.

The ponderous and seemingly impossible situation we now find ourselves in is actually quite familiar. And… the apparent “end of the world” is only on page 85 of a 120-page screenplay!

Join David in this data-rich investigation of current events… and all the things you are no longer “allowed” to be interested in.

We will conclude with another Global Peace Meditation to help ensure that this global awakening proceeds as peacefully and effectively as possible.

Don’t miss it!

Click here to joinat 5pm Pacific / 8 Eastern

We look forward to seeing you soon!

— David and Elizabeth

Divine Cosmos, Po Box 249, 4872 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills 91364, US

AstrologerCoach: New Moon/SuperMoon in Virgo, Sept. 2020 — Assess the Quality of your Life!

Astrologer Coach: Sonja Francis

8h  · The New Moon is also the best time to set some powerful intentions for this month’s Moon cycle. Intentions are best done soon after the New Moon becomes exact — and definitely not during a Moon void of course phase. So this month, the best and most potent time to set intentions would be between 7:00am and 7:42am today (Sept. 17th); and then again, from 2:56pm today until 7:00am on Saturday, Sept. 19th (New York-time).

New Moon/SuperMoon in Virgo, Sept. 2020– Assess the Quality of your Life!

•Sep 11, 2020AstrologerCoach 17.4K subscribershttps://youtu.be/9pHXSmAoWzA

Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming astrological events:
* New Moon/SuperMoon in 25º of Virgo (exact on Sept. 17th, 2020 at 7am EDT) 4:37
* What is a SuperMoon? 0:24 * Lots of planets in Earth-signs 2:15 * Four planets stationing (exalted, louder): Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, & Pluto 4:03 * New Moon in Virgo trines Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn (currently exalted, and still Retrograde until Sept. 29th & Oct. 4th) 11:21 * New Moon squares the Moon Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius 18:10 * New Moon quincunxes Mars in Aries (currently exalted, and already Retrograde since Sept. 9th) 22:18 * Mercury (ruler of Virgo) currently in Libra makes a Square to Jupiter in Capricorn (currently exalted, no longer Retrograde since Sept. 12th) 26:03 * Mercury also makes a Quincunx to Neptune in Pisces 28:28 * Venus in Leo makes a Square to Uranus in Taurus 31:28
* To sum it all up for this Super New Moon 35:38
* Best and most potent time for setting Intentions 44:07

Do you have an Ascendant (or any personal planets) in 23-27 degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius? 40:32

**To read Sonja’s article on How to set New Moon Intentions, click here: https://goo.gl/TijxuK

*** To become a Member of Sonja’s online community, click here: https://goo.gl/JLFckh

**** To access/read Sonja’s **New Moon article** and its Coaching questions, click here: https://astrologercoach.com/tag/new-m…

Sonja’s next MONTHLY FORECASTING FORUM — which is a 90+ minute webinar — will be on Sunday, Oct. 4th at 8:30am PDT/11:30am EDT/4:30pm BST (London-time).

PLEASE NOTE that we’ll be talking about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde phase in Scorpio (Oct. 13th – Nov. 3rd), as well as the Mercury Station phases.

If you want to know how these three powerful Lunations are going to impact you personally, SIGN UP to join the webinar LIVE, or register to receive an mp4/video presentation within 24 hours of the live event.
Other than booking a reading with Sonja, this is the maximum level of support she offers — and it’s
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TO JOIN FOR FREE every month, become a Star Member on Sonja’s site: https://goo.gl/JLFckh !

To APPLY Sonja’s forecasts and videos to your own birth chart, watch her recent class on “How to Read Your Birth Chart”, click here: https://goo.gl/KMmUUz

To join her mailing list: email info@AstrologerCoach.com and write: “NEWSLETTER” in the subject line

Daily Astrological snippets & announcements for best time to set Intentions after each New Moon becomes exact: https://www.Facebook.com/AstrologerCo…

To book a READING with Sonja, click here: https://astrologercoach.com/readings/
— all readings are done via skype, FaceTime, or zoom… phone (only US & Canada).

Various links to intel/updates on various topics too many for separate posts…(a plethora of rabbit holes, use your own discernment),

Sharing a number of eyebrow-raising links to articles and discussion threads I would like to share.  There is just WAY too much information coming to light as of late, and much of it controversial/geopolitical/health related. I have too many tabs and bookmarks that I meant to post, but there never seems to be enough time or energy to share as so much more is arising.  I have been far too immersed in the social media spheres of noise/influence for my own good, exploring various social media posts and threads, going down many rabbit holes, where I have gleaned new understanding these links.

I want to start focusing more on love, harmony, beauty, abundance and co-creation of the positive timelines that nurture, support and sustain us, yet I think it is also important for people to access and fathom the darker things that are challenging us and holding us back, so we will know what we are up against when we invoke support from our highest allies.  some of the material is graphic in nature, not so much visually as by description. Use your own discernment if it feels like something you want to explore. We are in the Shift of the Ages, it’s not without growing pains, but it can -and WILL- get better when we remember to focus on our dreams, not our fears. (and out the bastards!) ~PB

What Was Fauci’s Role In Funding Tuskgegee-Like AIDS Experiments On Foster Children In Seven U.S. States?

UNBELIEVABLE: In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent

By Joe Hoft
Published August 3, 2020 at 9:54pm


Anthony Fauci should explain ‘$3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory’

– The Washington Times – Monday, April 27, 2020


Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein And Joe Biden: Private Islands, Secret Ports And Submarines



GRAPHIC WARNING: FBI Interviews Alleged Boy Rape Victim of Bill Clinton; Chilling Details of Sex Assaults & Satanic Rituals on Yacht (Video)


Journalist Jen Moore, who was involved in the fist interview with this victim, then tried to get help for the victim by contacting the FBI and DHS on behalf of the victim. Neither agency contacted her.  She was found dead in a hotel room in Washington D.C. a month after this interview. True Pundit then went into the FBI with the victim in order for this 2nd interview to take place, and get help and protection for the victim. (The article outlines the sequence of events, the interview is more graphic.)


Various topics: Q, rescuing children, DOWN IN WONDERLAND, the Pope, Neo-Colonialism, Vaccines, Health, Psychiatry/Big Pharma, (Rose was a nurse for 35 years)


Dr.SHIVA LIVE: We are at War. #FireFauci. End the Shutdown. April 4, 2020 + X22Report: This Event Was A Coordinated Last Ditch Effort By The [DS], Moves & Countermoves: Dr. Shiva April 4, 2020 + WOW! Dr. Fauci Cheered Hydroxychloroquine Success Treating MERS Coronavirus in 2013…But Today… + more

Dr.SHIVA LIVE: We are at War. #FireFauci. End the Shutdown.

Streamed live 23 hours ago
48.5K subscribers


In this next video, meet Dr. Shiva, who  holds 4 degrees from M.I.T., one degree is a Ph.D. in Biological Engineering, He is also running for the Senate in Massachusetts this year…
(Dr. Shiva gets into the background of Fauci / Gallo / “Causality” / Gates / Grant Funding – Elephant in the Room / Big Pharma / Actual Immune System Function / BioMedical Devices-Vaccines-Drugs / Diagnostics / WHO / CDC / Gates Foundation )

This Event Was A Coordinated Last Ditch Effort By The [DS], Moves & Countermoves:Dr. Shiva

Apr 4, 2020
196K subscribers




Today’s Guest: Dr. Shiva Websites: https://shiva4senate.com/ https://vashiva.com/
Dr. Shiva created email at age 14, He holds 4 degrees from M.I.T., one degree is a Ph.D. in Biological Engineering, He is running for the Senate this year…

Prepare Today And Save $70 On A 2-Week Food Kit My Patriot Supply http://preparewithx22.com

Most of artwork that are included with these videos have been created by X22 Report Spotlight and they are used as a representation of the subject matter. The representative artwork included with these videos shall not be construed as the actual events that are taking place. Intro Music: YouTube Free Music Hey Sailor by Letter Box Fair Use

Notice: This video contains some copyrighted material whose use has not been authorized by the copyright owners. We believe that this not-for-profit, educational, and/or criticism or commentary use on the Web constitutes a fair use of the copyrighted material (as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. If you wish to use this copyrighted material for purposes that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

Fair Use notwithstanding we will immediately comply with any copyright owner who wants their material removed or modified, wants us to link to their web site, or wants us to add their photo.

The X22 Report is “one man’s opinion”. Anything that is said on the report is either opinion, criticism, information or commentary, If making any type of investment or legal decision it would be wise to contact or consult a professional before making that decision. Use the information found in these videos as a starting point for conducting your own research and conduct your own due diligence before making any significant investing decisions. X22 Report assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Thank you.


WOW! Dr. Fauci Cheered Hydroxychloroquine Success Treating MERS Coronavirus in 2013… But Today He’s Skeptical… That’s Weird?


WOW! Dr. Fauci Cheered Hydroxychloroquine Success Treating MERS Coronavirus in 2013… But Today He’s Skeptical… That’s Weird?


Apr 4, 2020Opinion

Dr Fauci and The order of the jesuits

Mar 30, 2020



85 subscribers




My tags:

Dr.SHIVA LIVE, We are at War, #FireFauci, End the Shutdown, X22Report, Coordinated Last Ditch [DS] Effort, Moves & Countermoves, Dr. Shiva April 4, 2020, Dr. Fauci, The Order of Jesuits, Fauci Cheered Hydroxychloroquine Success, MERS Coronavirus 2013, Today Skeptical?,

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 27th January – 2nd February 2020 – Weekly Tarot Forecast

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Reading | 27th January – 2nd February 2020 – Weekly Tarot Forecast

Jan 25, 2020
149K subscribers


Weekly tarot horoscope forecast from the 27th January – 2nd February 2020, for all twelve horoscope signs, by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, weekly finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice.

This week will be all about opening the door to let the adventure in. Most certainly times have been rather challenging recently and this is now absolutely perfect week to leave things that no longer serve us behind. We will find ourselves working through every aspect, from our intentions, hopes and dreams to our emotional responses and our physical activities. It is very important to listen to our inner voice, in particular this week, by staying active, open minded, open to opportunities AND by TRYING TO BREAK OUR OWN ROUTINE.

Tarot Card Of The Week: THE WORLD: SUCCESS, ACCOMPLISHMENT, completion, TRAVEL, integration, UNITY, wholeness, perfection, RECOGNITION, triumph, ETERNAL LIFE.

Thank you all for watching my weekly tarot readings and for being here! Sending you all brightest blessings, lots of LOVE, healing & light! 🙏💜🌿

This tarot forecast is for all twelve horoscope signs: Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius & Cancer.

#WeeklyTarotReading #TarotForecast #PsychicReading

ARIES♈ 00:21
TAURUS♉ 13:27
GEMINI♊ 27:57
CANCER♋ 43:47
LEO. ♌ 57:32
VIRGO♍ 1:19:54
LIBRA♎ 1:43:11
SCORPIO♏ 1:57:45
CAPRICORN♑ 2:30:43
AQUARIUS♒ 2:47:54
PISCES♓ 3:15:44

Sasha Bonasin: Weekly Horoscope Tarot ⭐️ 30th December – 5th January 2020 – FINANCES | HEALTH & LOVE – Weekly Tarot

Weekly Horoscope Tarot ⭐️ 30th December – 5th January 2020 – FINANCES | HEALTH & LOVE – Weekly Tarot

Dec 29, 2019
146K subscribers

Weekly horoscope tarot readings from the 30th December – 5th January 2020, by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice……..


This is an important week because we are indeed crossing into a year 2020 which will in itself be rather powerful in many different ways. This important time of ‘crossing’ is a highly vibrant stage which will last throughout this week and will create a pathways of opportunities! We just need to remember to stay true to ourselves, only by being ourselves we can achieve our full potential through the sacred choice we are about to make. The choice we will make this week will come directly through the highest levels of our subconscious, so we may not even be aware of that to start with, but that doesn’t even matter. It will create a powerful starting point which will start the beginning of manifestation of something BIG. 💜

Sending you all brightest blessings, HEALING, love & light! 🙏

This horoscope tarot readings are for all twelve signs of Zodiac: Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, Virgo, Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio & Pisces.

ARIES♈ 00:28
TAURUS♉ 12:20
GEMINI♊ 24:40
CANCER♋ 34:33
LIBRA♎ 1:20:12
SCORPIO♏ 1:32:57
CAPRICORN♑ 1:59:37
AQUARIUS♒ 2:17:56
PISCES♓ 2:37:36.


Sasha Bonasin: Weekly Horoscope Tarot 🔮⭐️ 16th – 22nd December 2019 ✨ NEW PHASE | Health & LOVE – Horoscope Tarot

Weekly Horoscope Tarot 🔮⭐️ 16th – 22nd December 2019 ✨ NEW PHASE | Health & LOVE – Horoscope Tarot

Dec 15, 2019
144K subscribers

Weekly tarot horoscope readings from the 16th – 22nd December 2019, by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin. Weekly career, finances, health, love, relationships, spirituality, spiritual guidance and advice.

Most certainly the vibration will be very high throughout the week, which means that we will be both provided with an opportunity we were looking forward to and on another hand with an option how to amend, and readjust an important part of our life in order to achieve things quicker.

Important to be tolerant this week and rise above any negative situation with a positive reaction. Pay attention to details, hard work will indeed be satisfying and rewarding in many ways.


Weekly Tarot Card: Strength: Control over situation, power, success, balanced power, bravery, compassion, inner strength, focus, energy, courage, conviction, determination, action.

This weekly tarot readings are for all twelve signs of Zodiac: Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, Virgo, Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio & Pisces.


Aires 00:25
Taurus 12:06
Gemini 27:10
Cancer 41:40
Leo 54:13
Virgo 1:10:55
Libra 1:35:27
Scorpio 1:55:00
Sagittarius 2:10:54
Capricorn 2:26:06
Aquarius 2:41:55
Pisces 3:00:33j

Sasha Bonasin: 💥IMPORTANT! What YOU Need To KNOW Right NOW 🔮 4th – 13th December All Signs – Tarot Horoscope ⭐️ + Weekly Horoscope Tarot ⭐️ 9th – 15th December 2019 ✨

💥IMPORTANT! What YOU Need To KNOW Right NOW 🔮 4th – 13th December All Signs – Tarot Horoscope ⭐️

Dec 3, 2019

144K subscribers



What you need to hear right now! Intuitive messages by psychic, medium Sasha Bonasin. This special tarot, oracle messages are for all twelve signs of Zodiac for the period/stage in between 4th – 13th December 2019.

ARIES♈ 00:28
TAURUS♉ 2:22
GEMINI♊ 5:35
CANCER♋ 9:29
LEO♌ 14:22
VIRGO♍ 19:41
LIBRA♎ 25:57
SCORPIO♏ 31:35
PISCES♓ 53:43