Sasha Bonasin: ALL SIGNS – IMPORTANT MESSAGES From Spirit Guides | Guardian Angels – Timestamped Horoscope Tarot +ALL SIGNS – FORTUNE COOKIE & TAROT CARD READINGS For December 2021 – Timestamped Psychic Forecast

ALL SIGNS – IMPORTANT MESSAGES From Spirit Guides | Guardian Angels – Timestamped Horoscope Tarot

Nov 25, 2021
Sasha Bonasin
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Important tarot messages from SPIRIT GUIDES & GUARDIAN ANGELS by psychic medium Sasha Bonasin. TIMESTAMPED Tarot Forecast. What your guardian angels and spirit guides want you to know. You will see this when you are meant to see this, you will hear this when you are mean to hear this. These messages are very important. 💜

0:00 Intro 🕯
0:48 Aries ♈️
1:53 Taurus ♉️
2:53 Gemini ♊️
4:35 Cancer ♋️
6:22 Leo ♌️
7:49 Virgo ♍️
12:37 Libra ♎️
15:01 Scorpio ♏️
18:50 Sagittarius ♐️
22:24 Capricorn ♑️
26:23 Aquarius ♒️
30:33 Pisces ♓️

This Guardian Angel & Spirit Guide Tarot Messages are for all Horoscope Signs: Virgo, Aquarius, Libra, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Aries, Capricorn & Gemini. Wanna find out more?

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Nov 26, 2021
Sasha Bonasin
201K subscribers

Fortune Cookie & Tarot Card Reading for the month of December 2021. TIMESTAMPED psychic readings for ALL ZODIAC SIGNS by Sasha Bonasin.

0:00 INTRO 🌠🥠🔮
1:20 Aries ♈️
4:45 Taurus ♉️
Gemini ♊️
11:53 Cancer ♋️
15:59 Leo ♌️
Virgo ♍️
26:16 Libra ♎️
Scorpio ♏️
Sagittarius ♐️
Capricorn ♑️
52:04 Aquarius ♒️
58:37 Pisces ♓️


Mike Quinsey Message, February 02, 2018

Mike Quinsey Message, February 02, 2018  

The momentum is building up that will hasten the first changes, heralding the beginning of the introduction of new measures that will signal the New Age is really under way. There is an underlying sense of urgency so that the new can begin to replace the old that has now served its purpose, and is no longer suitable for peoples current needs. The old ways of confrontation will be replaced by the urge to move on and settle old issues in an amicable manner, without the use of force or threats of retaliation. Changes must come very soon and people will look up to the bigger powers to set a good example of peaceful co-operation.

Major decisions will be necessary to change the role of the armed forces, that will be looked upon as the peacekeepers of the future. Universal agreements will have to be made to run down the arms race and war activities must cease, and eventually will be unnecessary as all countries agree on a peaceful coexistence. It will take time to achieve but such changes, are coming, regardless of present feelings about the need to be prepared for warlike actions. The idea of war is in any event no longer an option, and those who harbour such thoughts will find that their attempts will be rejected and blocked.

Humanity has moved on from the days of old and realises that there is more to life than the continual wars that have filled your history books. The many lessons that needed to be learnt have long gone since you passed the marker, and it is time to reject anything that goes against the idea of peaceful cooperation. The warmongers will be gradually removed from their positons of authority and power, and new appointments will be made of people that are more suited to handle the welcome changes that will bring world peace. Be assured that the plans for changes will go ahead, and pave the way for a peaceful and settled society that can enjoy their new found freedom and happiness.

The sooner people realise that they have a wonderful opportunity to plan their own path to Ascension, the sooner they will benefit from the opportunities that are now waiting to be taken. The baggage that you carried with you from the last cycle is no longer a hindrance, and the path ahead is straight and uncomplicated. Set your sights upon your objective and head straight for Ascension. Let no one or anything else delay your progress, and be assured that as time passes the tasks you face will become easier. You simply cannot be affected by anyone else unless you allow it, so be determined to go all of the way with complete confidence. This New Age allows for others to help you on your way, and you will find that your Guides will come close to you should help be required. There is a parting of the ways with those of the dark Forces and it means that your progress will become easier with little or no difficulty, and those who would delay your progress will be unable to prevent your success.

Humanity has been patiently waiting for what should be the first of many beneficial changes. At present it covers revaluation of the currencies commencing with the Zim, and all appears to be ready and waiting for the signal to commence. The set-up has required some extensive arrangements that have been no mean task, as will the eventual changes that will be brought all together. Timing is of the essence as no mistakes can be allowed to occur, and each transaction must be fluid and above board. It will all be seen as well worth waiting for, and as the first of many changes that will bring the New Age into your reality.

So much is lined up ready to propel you into a new era that you have been hearing about for quite a long time. Some still do not grasp the fact that war and all that is associated with such actions, is going to be gradually phased out as it has no place in the higher vibrations. Also the people have spoken and made the necessary changes that entitle them to live without the threat of war. As the vibrations continue to lift up so the negative actions will begin to cease. The all-powerful Light will however still continue to bring about changes where the vibrations have been at their lowest. Before long a point will be reached when the lower energies can no longer exist at the new level, and absolute peace will descend upon Earth.

Many people are still uncertain of where they stand and cling to that which is familiar. However, what is coming is so far removed from what you experience now, and in every respect will be a great advancement to what you are familiar with. Life will be made so much easier than it is now, inasmuch that you will not spend so much time providing for your daily needs, as you will have devices that create exactly what you need and that includes food items that you use on a daily basis. There is almost no limit to what you can “create” and that includes clothing and other essentials.

You will quickly become independent and consequently have so much more time for yourself and the pursuit of your interests. Travel will also be possible to anywhere in the world in next to no time by methods that are yet to be introduced. Much is being worked upon that will greatly uplift your quality of life, but perhaps you will put a longer life top of your list, as with the higher vibrations comes less in the way of aging until eventually it does not happen at all. Obviously not all of these changes will come overnight but you have so much to look forward to, as you are destined to become Galactic Beings.

Many of you are going all of the way to Ascension, and if it is your ambition project it as your strong belief and you will be helping to make it become your reality. The fact that the vibrations are continuing to lift up means you will also be doing the same, providing you maintain your focus upon your goal and do not allow anything negative to pull your vibrations down. It may sound like a hard challenge, but providing you keep to your task you will find yourself becoming stronger and more purposeful with comparative ease. Never lose sight of the fact that at all times you have your Guides in attendance who will do their best to keep you on track. They are always near to you so invite them to accompany you on your path to Ascension.

If you doubt your own ability to stay the course to Ascension, bear in mind that you have earnt this opportunity to ascend, and although some souls can do it in comparative isolation, the upliftment in vibrations that has taken place since 2012 is an opportunity for any soul to rise up. However you must apply yourself to the task, and with help and firm intent there is no reason why you should not reach your goal. However, you cannot take others with you who have not sufficiently raised their vibrations. Stay positive and if you can also help others on the way, so be it.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group Message for 7/23/17 by Marilyn Raffaele


ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group Message for 7/23/17
by Marilyn Raffaele ~ JULY 23,2017

Greetings, again we come to give support and love as we witness the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles of so many at this time. Energies flowing to earth have become increasingly intense, causing issues normally not problematic to seem much larger and important. You are becoming more sensitive to energy and thus experiencing more of it in ways that would previously have gone unnoticed.

As consciousness becomes Lighter, more refined, and open to the higher frequencies, individual psychic abilities are gradually opening as well, allowing easier accessibility to Light beings, Guides , and even loved ones on the other side. It is simply that new and higher levels of consciousness resonate more closely with the frequencies of the higher dimensions.

Many believe that those with psychic abilities that allow them to tune into the other side are different or special. No dear ones, everyone has these abilities because all are spiritual beings, but some are more aware of it than others.

Some have chosen to shut down their psychic abilities out of fear, having been burned at the stake for using them in some other lifetime. Others do not believe they are real, thus perfectly manifesting their absence. Some choose to block them in order to fully concentrate on certain life lessons chosen for completion in this lifetime while others are simply not evolved enough to responsibly handle these gifts and their Higher Self has temporarily blocked them.

Many do not realize that Consciousness, which is all that exists, (ONE) is energy. The denser and more un-awakened the state of individual consciousness, the deeper, slower, and heavier are the its frequencies (absence of Light). In reality, everyone is pure consciousness but because of the density of third dimensional energy, souls must manifest as physical on earth.

Everyone can easily sense dense energy, but most do not understand what they are feeling. Physical locations where war, struggle, pain, and suffering have taken place will often continue to hold the energy of these events until cleared. Clearing is being done the world over those with pure intent and the ability to clear and bring in Light energy.

Clearings also take place through natural events like fire. Many Civil and Indian war sites have been cleared through fire. Do not forget that Gaia is a living soul who is also evolving. She is not a simply a piece of dirt to be used for mankind’s benefit.

As individuals spiritually evolve, their energy field becomes lighter and lighter because the essence of Divine Consciousness is pure Light. Individual energy fields are easily seen and felt by those sensitive to energy or with the ability to see auras. This is why you may be drawn to or repelled by certain individuals even if you do not actually see their energy field.

Everyone senses the resonance of others because there is only one which brings about either alignment or non-alignment with the whatever energy is present be it a person or place. This is why you may feel the need to avoid certain places, events, or people–you simply feel out of sync with the predominant energy. Honor that. On the other hand, it is also energy alignment that draws together people, places, and events be they positive or negative.

Evolution is the slow and often painful journey through lifetimes of experiences necessary for a soul to finally awaken from the illusions of sense into that enlightened state of awareness that has always been fully present but which has been hidden behind false concepts and beliefs.

Every new truth attained (not just intellectually known) expands one’s energy field causing it to grow brighter and lighter and allowing him to more easily access spiritually evolved ideas, beliefs, and people of the same resonance. This is the Law of Attraction.

You may question why there are those who have psychic abilities who do not appear to be spiritually evolved. Their psychic readings and predictions often reflect the third dimensional belief system and are filled with doom and gloom. Many of these people developed and carry in cellular memory psychic abilities attained in previous lifetimes often through techniques for the manipulation of energy and the accessing of other dimensions.

Teachings about energy manipulation were a large part of the mystery schools and were intended to aid the student toward enlightenment. However, there were a few not yet ready or evolved enough to use the techniques honorably. Some broke away and began to use what they had learned for selfish gain which was the origin of what is termed the black arts. Unenlightened energy is seen and felt as dense, dark, and heavy.

There are still those today who seek to use the manipulation of energy for personal gain. Pure energy is neither good nor bad, but just is. However, it can be and is used for both in accord with the state of consciousness and intention of the user. Healing modalities are based in the ability of a healer to flow Higher Light energy and bring into balance discordant energy.

Healings will remain as long as the patient stays in alignment with the new frequencies. It often happens that individuals simply return to their old ways (those that brought about discord in the first place), allowing the situation to return. For these, at some point energy healing will cease to help for they must learn to do their own work.

Energy manipulated for selfish purposes, appears dense and heavy because of the absence of Light. When used for healing, it appears as crystalline colors or gold Light. This is why there are so many tales told about sorcery, energy manipulation, and negative witchcraft as well as white wizards and powerful healers. These stories tap into collective cellular memory and are not simply imaginary.

It is important to know that not everyone who is psychic but holds no interest in spirituality was a negative manipulator of energy. Many seriously studied and learned in the mystery schools and used the information as intended. The teachings of the ancient mystery schools (there are still some on earth today) were presented mostly from levels of duality and separation because that was the predominant consciousness of those times.

Today many who are psychically gifted, especially those in all the healing arts and self improvement modalities, worked in the Sacred Healing Temples of long ago and still carry these abilities in the energy of cellular memory.

As you spiritually evolve, your ability to access heretofore unavailable frequencies increases because your personal resonance is now able align with them. You may start to see people and animals who have passed on. Many of you are doing this now. This usually happens in the sleep/wake state when you are not yet fully awake.

There is no reason to fear these experiences. Know that those who come to you may be confused and do not know where they are, or even that they have died. They are attracted to your light. You can explain to them that they need to go to the light where help and guidance awaits

Many of these dear ones who linger have been thoroughly ingrained with beliefs of hell and damnation and as a result are terrified to move out of earth energy. Request that Guides or relatives come to assist them into the Light. If after some time they refuse to leave you can simply tell them to go.

Never be afraid of these experiences. Too many stories based in the ignorance of duality and separation have been passed down through lifetimes and are still a part of many religious teachings. This false programming has caused many to be afraid, believing that anything “psychic” is evil and therefore must be feared and rejected. In reality the “other side” is everyone’s true home and thus much more real than earth experiences.

It is unwise to open yourselves to the other side without thought through games, drugs, or ceremony. There are un-evolved beings who would love to communicate with you if you allow it. Do not ever fear connecting with your Guides and teachers but state an intention to be open only to Beings of Light before you practice channeling or connecting. This intention needs to be done only once.

If or when you go into fear with regard to experiences of the psychic kind, immediately bring to mind who you really are–not a human being subject to any and all beliefs of duality and separation but rather an expression of God in manifestation. This acknowledges that there is nothing absolutely nothing real that could ever separate or make you less than the Divine expression that you are. As you center and align with this higher awareness, you automatically shift into a higher consciousness, one that fear and lower resonating energies cannot enter.

All fear is arises from the belief that something or someone has seeming power over you. Fear cannot exist in a state of consciousness that knows no power but God–the God of your own Selfhood. Negative appearances can only exist where there is an energy of belief in them to form them.

This is not to say you will never again have a fearful thought, experience, or witness fearful three dimensional situations, but as you grow more and more into a consciousness of truth, they become further and further apart, no longer having energy to feed them.

Most of you have already begun to notice more synchronicity in your lives. Things are beginning to fall into place without effort, and solutions seem to appear when needed. This is because you are beginning to identify as Self instead of self and understanding that the real Self is complete and whole now, not at some future time. An attained consciousness of wholeness and completeness expresses outwardly in seemingly ordinary ways.

You are creators but have not known it and so have looked to a God in the sky or human solutions to fix what you yourselves have created. Use every experience to examine your belief system, and never doubt that peace, harmony, unconditional love is your birthright.

The whole journey is about ceasing to seek these things in the outer world and instead remembering that they are already fully present within and then allowing them flow out as your every experience.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/23/17

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A Message to Lightworkers – June 9, 2017 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, March 03, 2017



Be aware that it is the joint consciousness of the people that is bringing about changes, that will lift you up out of the chaos and uncertainty that has existed for a long, long time. They have awakened to the power that they possess and no longer bow to the dictates of those they now recognise as the dark Ones. For far too long Humanity has accepted the rule of those who have only followed their own agenda, that is Service to Self. Now that people are awakening to their power to plan their own future, they are invoking changes that will result in their success. There are many souls of Light on Earth that are waiting for their opportunity to come to the forefront and lead the way. Together with the prompting and help from those in the higher realms they will ensure that events unfold that will show the way forward. The timing depends very much upon other changes that are in the process of taking place, the main one being the announcement of the new Republic which is already in place. It will be the commencement of many desirable changes that will eventually lead to the announcement of NESARA. This will signal the move to a new way of governance and a peaceful existence.

So whatever way you look at the happenings on Earth at the present time, know that the cleansing is necessary if you are to gain your freedom. There will be casualties along the way but many will be those that need such an experience to continue their evolution. Be assured that such occurrences are a necessary part of some soul’s lives, and know that nothing of importance happens by chance and that all is carefully planned. Some will find it unbelievable, but you should bear in mind that all souls enter life on Earth with a life plan that they have agreed beforehand. Even so some doubt that it could be so, but understand that when you plan your life it is from a place where you fully appreciate the necessity for such experiences. It is about spiritual evolution, and your desire to complete your earthly experiences as soon as possible. As you have been informed already, you are never left alone to have your necessary experiences as every soul has Guides. They are helpful and ensure you fulfil your life plan, but do not otherwise interfere with your freewill.

Realise that important decisions such as choosing your partner are obviously part of your life plan. Should you start another relationship that is not meant to be permanent, then it will only go so far and eventually you will meet the soul that you were meant to stay with. It may sound unlikely but be assured that you can be led into the right situation by your Guides, and you will not know you have been influenced to that extent. It also applies to life threatening situations, inasmuch that you will escape death if your life plan is to carry on with your life. So be assured that your Guides who know your life plan will ensure that you keep to it. There are some exceptions but these are rare and would not arise in the normal way.

It is never too late to turn to the Light and as soon a soul makes that decision, their Guides are alerted. They are in fact with you regardless of your acceptance of them, and will always help where possible. After all, you still have a life plan and it is so important that you live in accordance with it. You clearly would not wish to miss an opportunity to evolve as if you did it would only have to come around again. Knowing that a life plan is in place it is advisable to accept all that comes your way, because it clearly has a purpose and there is a lesson to be learnt. If you have been disabled it is no doubt difficult to believe that you agreed to it, but nothing that has so much bearing on the quality of your life is by accident.

You have an expression “but for the grace of God go I” which means that you have recognised in another soul your own shortcomings. It is where you have received forgiveness, and not necessarily served a punishment that is set by your own system of justice. It is an example of God’s Love equally for all souls alike, and something you should also aspire to if you are to raise your vibrations. It is difficult to practice Universal Love at a level where such an understanding is lacking, and where Man’s laws punish misdeeds. It is not to say that wrongs must not be made good, but that forgiveness is far more beneficial to all. Souls respond to love and kindness, and punishment even if considered necessary can do more harm than good. It is a difficult subject to agree on as clearly you must be able to protect people from those who have total disregard for another’s well being. However, when you can start to see what you are aspiring to, it helps you know exactly what your goal is.

Around the world so many changes are taking place, and those that have exceeded their powers are being removed. The people are quickly awakening to the truth and how they have been manipulated and abused by those who have chosen to rule over others. Clearly not all are guilty and those who have served the people are recognised for their honesty, and duty to them shall be placed where there love of the people can be freely expressed. Your new Republic will become such an example as you will eventually come to see. Your destiny is to become free from oppression and threats of war so that all can live in utter peace and happiness. The days of poverty and lack will disappear, and all will have exactly what they need to live a comfortable and safe life. It will take time for all changes to take place, but it is important that you know what the future holds for you all.

A very long time ago there was a period similar to the one you are entering, so for many there may be a subconscious remembering and familiarity with what is manifesting. As you are beginning to understand, everything moves in cycles and the Ages come and go with regularity, but it is largely up to you how the future turns out. At present you have gone beyond the point of no return, and this cycle will take you to the promised land. It is what you have earnt through your determination to rise up and not surrender to the dark Ones. To some it may sound improbable but bear in mind that it only requires a small percentage of those souls of Light to carry the cycle forward. It has been a remarkable achievement in view of the degree to which the dark Ones had achieved control over you.

Naturally there are always the Higher Ones overseeing your progress, and when God decrees that it is time for the Light to increase then action is taken accordingly. However, it still depends on you as individuals who are incarnate on Earth to rise to the occasion. That you have done so splendidly, and now all souls of Light have the opportunity to rise up out of the lower vibrations. Clearly there is still much work to be done to bring the New Age into being, but a start has been made, and there will be no going back now. So keep your heads up and know that much still happens out of your sight, but events are nevertheless coming more into the public view.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

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Understanding Your Impact on this World by Jenny Schiltz

Understanding Your Impact on this World
by Jenny Schiltz


The guides have asked that I share this experience as it will help each of us truly understand our impact on our world.

I was feeling the need to take a road trip, I had no destination in mind only that I wanted to get away. Within a few hours my husband calls and says, “Let’s get away this weekend”. I laughed at the synchronicity of it all. I asked where he wanted to go and he suggested that we explore the Million dollar byway in Colorado ski country before the roads became too hard to transverse without a four-wheel drive.  I was totally game. That evening we were discussing it and he said that he found a place called the Victorian Inn, we called but they were full. I hopped on priceline and much to my surprise there was listed The Victorian Inn. We booked it and planned our journey.

It turned out that the inn we called was in Oray and the one we booked online was in Telluride. It didn’t matter to us, it was all along the byway. However, I came to understand that being there was no accident. As we were exploring this gorgeous little town of Telluride we saw where there is a hiking trail up to a waterfall. I felt this really strong pull and we decided to make the 3 mile round trip hike to the waterfall.

The three miles seemed doable but it was the incline that was getting me. My lower back and neck were really bothering me and I was starting to get nerve pain down my arms. I felt a little defeated. My journey to health has been a long one and it still continues. Just when I was getting ready to turn around so that I didn’t do damage to my body by inflaming the nerves more and ruining the rest of my trip, I saw waking next to me one of my guides, Eagle Eye. He is the one I merge with to extract things that don’t belong on people such as negative thought forms.  He told me that it was important that I make it to the waterfall, that it was no coincidence that I was at that place, at that time.

I then found myself surrounded by 15 or so Native Americans, they seemed to be in celebration as they walked near me. There were children and dogs running about and it really lifted my spirits. One young brave around 13 started talking to me and told me that he was learning to be a warrior. I asked if his tribe fought much and he said “No, but we fight elk” with his eyes twinkling full of joy and adventure.

In no time we rounded the last bend that led to the waterfall. It was stunning and took my breath away. It took my breath away. Right on time, my husband says to my little one “Let’s leave mom to rest and go do some exploring”. My husband proves to me time and time again that you do not have to spiritual or really understand esoteric things to be of service. You only need to be in tune with yourself to get messages from spirit and allow it to guide you.  That for some mountain biking is as soul healing as mediation.

I settled on a rock overlooking the falls and allowed the stress in my muscles from the hike up leave me. Just then Eagle eye was beside me and he asked if I was ready. I then followed him through an opening deep into the earth. It was there that I saw black goo, thick as tar that needed to be removed. I understood now why I was here, to help Gaia heal. I merged with Eagle Eye and we began removing the goo and sending it to the light above for transmutation. We had removed most of it, but there was this one section that just wouldn’t budge. Eagle Eye then says “You are forgiven for all that you have been blamed for.” Just then this last area came off, turned into bats and began to head to the light of day where they transformed into a whole flock of starlings.

I unmerged from my guide and said to him “What does she need to be forgiven for? It is us that dig into her, take her fluids, and poison her.” He said to me that she has been blamed and cursed for so many things. People blame her when it is too hot, too cold, too much rain, or not enough rain. She is cursed for the storms, the floods, the volcanoes even though much of what happens is her healing, her releasing. He told me that she is no different than us. If someone yells at us, calls us names, or does not see our value, we too take it in and it becomes something that needs to be removed.

The experience for me was heart breaking and eye opening. I too have complained and cursed the earth, not feeling gratitude and benefit for what I am experiencing in this moment. I too have taken earth for granted.  Since that experience, I have been more aware of my thoughts, not only directed at the earth but the ones at myself and others. My guides have been constantly reminding me “Your thoughts are things… what are you creating? What are you sending to other people?”

I have come to realize just how unconscious I can be with my words. For example:  I was already tired and frustrated and was struggling to open a package when I yelled “ARRR I hate life!” Just then I felt the familiar reminder and said “Cancel! Clear!” and then asked myself what I really needed at that moment to bring me back into balance. I needed rest, I had pushed myself too far that day.   I am now consciously watching my thoughts and words, becoming aware of what I am creating in each moment. I am also able to see how my negative thoughts can snowball and really affect all things around me.  That it is up to me to shift my thoughts, word and focus.  To become fully aware of our thoughts and words and their ramifications is a very important part of the process of being a master on earth.

In conversation with my highest aspect last night she said that I needed to share this information in a blog, not just on my facebook page. She explained that the time is now for people to become fully aware of what they are creating with their thoughts and words.  She explained that the last channeling with Lady Nada was not having the impact needed. For some the thought that we can create our own reality, our own personal hologram is too abstract. Many still do not understand that our reality is the living, breathing manifestation of our thoughts. Everything is created by our thoughts because while we may not be able to see them, thoughts are things with form, vibration and substance.

Think on a time when you were witness to a verbal argument, the glaring eyes, and the aggressive or hurt stance of the participants. How did you feel? Did you find a part of your body aching? Maybe your shoulders got tight or your heart started palpitating and you felt under attack even though you were not involved? That is because you were under attack. The energy of their words was flying around and it may have found a home attached to you.

Have you ever been in a bad mood and walked into a grocery store and you can’t find what you need, the people are pissy and you wound up forgetting the one thing you went there for in the first place? Understanding energy and manifestation is understanding that if you had gone into the same exact store at the same exact time but with a better frame of mind, things would have gone smoothly and most the people you encountered would be neutral or pleasant.

I can’t stress enough that it is time to walk in our power and that means being responsible for our creations. I am not saying that we cannot have bad mood or experience negative emotions, it is about owning them and being responsible. That when we react in anger or have negative thoughts that we then ask that all negativity released is then transmuted into healing energy and sent to people and places that need it most.  It’s picking up your trash after a picnic and not leaving it for others to clean up.  It’s about understanding your impact on all around you. It’s about being fully responsible for your creations.

We are in a very important time and we have the ability to shift all around us. We have the ability to create though our thoughts, words and actions. Our job is to make sure that these are in alignment with what we want to create instead of what we don’t want.

I hope that all of you are doing will through this massive shift in consciousness. Be gentle with yourselves for this time is testing us in all ways. Thank you to all who share this work. It means the world.



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Jenny Schiltz: Information to help us through the upcoming time period.

Information to help us through the upcoming time period.
by Jenny Schiltz

Yesterday I sat with the Equinox energies and felt this overwhelming need to journey. The purpose of my journey was to obtain information on what was needed to get us through the upcoming time period. I found some great drumming music, gave myself a full hour and let myself go.

I found myself walking to my familiar spot and I saw the woman I am familiar with that told me to simply call her grandmother, sitting around a huge fire. I sat on a rock around the fire and just then a warrior appeared and began dancing. He was dressed in full gear including leg wrappings. His performance was incredible and hypnotizing. He comes up to me and smears black on my face and tells me that I need to be a warrior. I protested and said “I don’t want to fight! I don’t like to fight!” he smiled and said that a true warrior does not need to resort to violence.

He told me that a true warrior is also a leader. That they listen to all sides and often choose not to respond, but simply observe. Warriors also trust their team. He looked at me and said “Do you trust your team?” The team he was referring to are my guides, the ones here in form on earth and the ones in the etheric. He was asking can I trust that I will always be provided for, cared for?  Can I trust my team regardless of what appears to be chaos all around me? He told me that this trust is vital to maintain my energy and vibration.

He also told me that warriors also have to have thick skin. That there will be those that want a reaction for the reaction sake and those that will judge when no reaction is given. That to be a warrior means being strong in your own conviction, your own strength and path.  Can I be my own warrior? Can I consistently do what it takes to honor who I am and my path?

He then had me stand and placed a hand on my solar plexus and said you have to be the eagle. Just then an eagle flew from my 3rd chakra, high into the air. I saw the eagle soaring, landing on a tree which held a nest so high above. He told me that eagles spend most of their time high above, only swooping down when it is necessary. They raise their young high in the sky because it is safer, in this realm they are protected. I then saw an eagle flying down to pick up food and it was hit by a car. He then explained that when an eagle go towards the ground, it is at its most vulnerable. That the safety is staying above. That I needed to be the eagle.

I then saw another guide walking up and he asked me if I was ready to be shown more. I said yes and followed him out of my familiar area into a clearing in a meadow. Before me was a ship. I looked at him and he asked if I was ready. I said yes and entered the ship and seated at a table was a beautiful blue being. She looked at me with so much love. She said “To move through the upcoming energies, all that people need to do is love.” She explained that while this sounds simple it is not always. I saw a news feed and saw article after article of riots, looting, shootings, and humans harming one another. That we need to look upon each person and simply say “I love you” no buts. Not “I love you, but I don’t like what you did”, just simply “I love you”.   No, not always easy to stay objective, non-judgmental, but it can be done. We can be the eagle and stay above.

She went on to explain that there are souls that have chosen to help with the mass awakening. That often as the catalyst they will participate in events that shock the human, impacting them in such a way that it alters perception, makes people question. She explained that it is both the perpetrator and the victim who are in service and both deserve to be told “I love you”. With emotions so high in my country with police brutality, racism and inequality it is easy to see why I would need to have thick skin. To say I love you to the officer that shot and I love you to the person gunned down is not going to be popular. To some this will look like I don’t care. Yet, I can see how these situations are making it so that emotions and fears that led to this state of affairs cannot longer be denied and for that they both deserve an ‘I love you’.  That each person needs to do their best to see the bigger picture and send love and gratitude. She also explained that a person’s heart cannot be changed by showing them where they are lacking. Instead, showing love without judgement, invites the person through a door way to self.

She asked that I share this message as it was not just for me.

I hope this message finds you well and flying high in the trees. Sending all of us lots of love! Thank you to all who share this work! It is so greatly appreciated.


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ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group message ~ by Marilyn Raffele September 14, 2014

“Greetings dear ones. Once again we come to offer encouragement and information to assist you on your journey toward enlightenment–the realization that you are so much more than you have been led to believe. You are Divine Beings created in and of the spiritual substance of Source (Consciousness) and as such, are capable of manifesting the wholeness and completeness of this Divine Consciousness. The third dimensional consciousness does not allow one to remember who they are since it functions from the level of duality and separation. Man has thus manifested for himself lifetimes of struggle and pain with a seeking outwardly in the belief that he was separate from his good.

Oneness is the profound secret of life, a secret that many as of yet are totally unaware of, but that many are now awakening to. Where better to hide the Sacred key than within, for only a spiritual adept would think to seek it in the last place the third dimensional consciousness would believe it to be. Even many of those who still grasp tightly to old and finished concepts are gradually coming to understand through personal strife, discouragement, or even great accomplishment, that the outer trappings of “success” do not bring that inner sense of completeness they seek.

Some who have actually achieved “success” in the third dimensional sense discover that there remains still an inner longing for “something” and in ignorance seek it through the use of drugs, alcohol, sex, and attention getting actions. However, there are now on earth successful and famous people evolved enough to see through the hypnotism and illusions of questing for happiness in the outer and who purposely incarnated to serve as examples and teachers for those who admire and seek emulate the famous.

To seek within at first seems to be a daunting task–foreign and difficult simply because the world has not been taught to seek within. Mankind has instead been taught and so has lived out from the belief that the brain and intellect is where all answers lie. Lifetime after lifetime through ignorance, seekers of truth, knowledge, solutions, and even just guidance have looked for the answers and information in the outer scene–to “experts”, religious leaders, governments etc.

Mind is an avenue of awareness; translating and manifesting from your attained state of consciousness The mind can only access what is already known personally or is floating around in the world’s consensus consciousness and therefore in order for an idea to be new, it must flow from deeper levels. True artists are aware of this and often attune to their deeper levels within, not realizing this to be a spiritual activity.

The use of drugs or alcohol is prevalent in the lives of many creative people because they believe these things are necessary in order to access this deeper creativity. The fact is that they could easily access those already present deeper and more creative levels through meditation and inner spiritual growth, while avoiding substances that only serve open one to negative energetic situations.

How exactly does one get answers from within? The whole idea discourages many sincere seekers because at first it seems impractical and impossible. It is not like a radio that you can just plug in (although with time it can become somewhat similar). The process begins with trust and meditation. The discipline of quieting of oneself enough to hear the still small voice–moving beyond the busy, plotting, planning human mind must be practiced. Preparation could be reading a spiritual book, pondering a truth, or a quiet walk observing nature–being ALONE with activities that quiet the mind–no cell phones or partners on your nature walks. Become an observer, but not resisting thoughts that may float through.

Most of you already hear the still small voice as intuition but have not realized what it was. Intuition is how it works for many in the beginning but as you begin to go deeper in spiritual enlightenment, sacred knowledge and information will be received, questions answered, and you will begin to be taught from within.

There are individuals who call themselves psychics and do indeed have the ability to pick up energies and hear information. However, if their consciousness is still fully enmeshed in the third dimensional belief system, this psychic ability will not make them spiritual teachers nor will it make their predictions come true. Predictions are based on the energy of the moment, which is constantly changing. Psychic information coming through a third dimensional state of consciousness will reflect that–information can rise no higher than the channel, author, or teacher’s state of consciousness. We tell you this so that you start to use discernment when seeking someone for a reading, spiritual class, or when embarking on a particular path offering enlightenment.

Many spiritually pure teachers of the past taught their students to avoid psychics and anything metaphysical because at a time when most of the world was living fully in the energies of duality and separation, there were those who found that being “psychic” was an easy way to trick the vulnerable and earn a good living while doing it. There remain a few who work on that level, but most now are coming from a deeper place. Your own state of consciousness will guide you to someone of like or higher consciousness when you state your intention to find a teacher or Light worker of a high resonance–you will guided from within. Learn to trust your intuition.

Intuition will guide you regarding the state of consciousness of a teacher, healer, author, or psychic. You will begin to trust when you resonate or not with some book, ads for classes, or someone’s energy. Those days of blindly following someone just because they said you should, are finished for most of you. Most of you are now beginning to realize that you no longer need the outer tools because you get what you need from within. The energy of a consciousness less than your own cannot lift you higher, and may in fact lower you to theirs. This is the taking back of your power.

Understand this does not mean you must give up the occasional energy session, classes you may be guided to, or readings from spiritually evolved Light workers when you need them. Let the still small voice guide you–there are many spiritually evolved individuals on earth at this time to adding their Light to the worlds transition through their work of assisting others in these ways. Practice discernment.

Learning to go within before making any major decisions means that you can finally stop running from one human solution to another with no awareness as to how they may be resonating with your energy. Ask your Guides help you. Ask questions and write down those things you sense but don’t expect a loud voice telling you what to do and saying; “I can’t do it” when you don’t hear one because Guides are with you to assist you with YOUR decisions, not to tell you what to do.

The inner voice does not speak in words, it is information, translated into words by your mind. The information may manifest through some ordinary experience that provides the answer you seek. Information flows from inner seeking and receptivity and manifests in forms you can easily relate to.

Divine Consciousness is Self-sustained and Self-maintained and is your very CORE. The realization (not intellectual knowledge) of this is the key that opens the door, allowing Divine ideas to manifest in, through, and as you. Remember, mind translates spiritual realities (completeness, wholeness, abundance) through your attained state of consciousness which differs for every individual. Comparing your experiences to another can limit you because spiritual fruitage is never limited to a certain form.

Do not despair if you make a mistake–if you think you heard your inner guidance, acted upon it and then discovered it to be a “mistake”, know that there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. You are learning to discern the still small voice from the ego voice and will find that there is a quiet and gentle sense of “knowing” with the inner voice that is not present with solutions based solely on intellectual knowledge.

Trust your intuition always. Keep your energy field filled with Light, stay centered in truth , state your intention to always be guided by the still, small, voice and you will be.

This is how you live from the within to the without, and not the reverse…
Knowing…That which you seek, you are.

We are the Arcturian Group” 9/14/14

©2014 | Cedar, MI 49621
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The Death Experience & After-Life Realm a message from Archangel Metatron channeled by Tyberonn

Greeting Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we welcome each of you to a vector of unconditional love. We speak on a fascinating topic at this moment.

Dear Human, life never ends ! There is no death in the manner you may think. Consciousness is eternal.

Many of you fear your death, more than you may wish to admit. Whether or not you spend much time contemplating life after death, all of you at some point in your life will question what will happen when you die, and what will be waiting for you on the ‘other side’. Even those who have determined that nothing exists after physical life have ironically given it much thought.

So we wish to speak on the death experience. And Masters, as you read the words of this channeled message you are offered the reception of subtle intuitive catalysts; intuitive activating codes that are part of the frequency of these sharing, frequencies that are meant to assist you in expanding your own intuitive abilities.

Your current patriarchal religions tell you that at death there is either heaven or hell. We would tell you otherwise. Dear Ones, there is no fatalistic end, with a final judgment resulting in eternal reward or eternal punishment. In fact there is ‘no end’. Life is ever expanding.

Death is not a fearful experience to dread. What you term as ‘Death’ is a rebirth into your greater reality and in many ways is quite an exquisite beautiful awakening. In truth, birth into the physical realm is far more traumatic than the return to the ‘angelic realm’. Indeed the passing from physical may be appropriately described as ‘coming home’. Certain extraordinary expansions of reality are innate to being in a far wider horizon, one that offers much greater sensitivity and understandings.

At the moment of your passing, your spiritual essence exits the physical body and enters your etheric form. In some circumstances you will actually float above your physical body and view the room below you.All of you have experienced death on many more occasions that you may realize.

Your consciousness leaves the physical organism in various ways, according to the myriad conditions of transition, whether it is by illness, senility or a sudden death such as an automobile accident. In cases such as senility, severe coma and Alzheimer disease, consciousness may pass entirely into the afterlife realm even though the physical biology remains alive. Physical death can also occur in a graduated process. For those that pass over at the end of an illness, the passing process will often occur in an intermittent lapsing, a fragmented, staged transfer of consciousness, in which transits out of and back into the physical body may ensue for a period of a few days before the final exit. In these graduated processes of passing the person is in a heightened state and will often see angels, guides and loved ones who have already passed over.

This process is often chosen in order to remove fear of dying. In a manner of speaking this allows for a series of reconnaissance sorties, of brief ‘near death’ exploratory forays to allow the transitioning person to release trepidation and realize there is nothing to dread. Those who have had ‘near death’ experiences generally find that these provide not only a great sense of peace, but an environ of such light and blissful well being that there is a reluctance to return to the physical realm.

Once that threshold is crossed, an automatic transition occurs, and one rises into a higher state. And the higher states have many levels that correspond to dimensional fields. After death dimensions are essence frequencial barriers that are perhaps better understood as differing vibrational intensities of psychological states.

Most of you will immediately realize the transition of your passing. You will be quite delighted to realize you are still conscious, even though dead in physical terms. Many of you will be overjoyed to comprehend that you are still ‘you’. Your inner narrator and of observer of experience will be the same one you had in the recently completed physical sojourn. You will retain the full cognizance of your lifetime and these memories will be focal and immediately accessible for a period of time. You will be able to communicate with others that were important in the completed lifetime.

You will of course realize you are no longer in your physical body. You will find yourself in another form, an image that will appear physical to you to, but you will quickly learn that you cannot operate within the physical system with it in the same way you did while living. The differences between it and the physical body will become obvious, as you are not seen by the living, and are able to pass through physical matter. You may have to re- learn certain laws of behavior, for you may not immediately realize the creative potency and locomotive attributes of your thoughts or emotions in the new environ. You may be astounded to find yourself in five different environments simultaneously with no idea, at first, of the reason behind the situation.

In the beginning, you may see no sequential continuity to movement and feel flung from one place to another with no rhyme or reason; quite literally shifting from one experience to another. You may not initially realize that your thoughts are propelling you as fast as you think them. So immediately following death, there are stages of re-learning navigation and adjusting to a new set of ‘mental’ physics.

There will be a phase in which you closely review the fabric of the recently completed physical experience. However after this review you will find another natural expansion occurs, a gradual soul meld ensues in which you become integrated with your other lifetimes, and with other aspects of not only your earthly sojourns, but of other realities.

When this expansion transpires, the soul identity will naturally become greater and your etheric form will shift. You may choose an appearance that correlates to a different lifetime, or a soul ‘body’ framework that encompasses all of your experiences.


Now, there are rare circumstances in which one may die in a sudden unexpected circumstance such as an accident in which death occurs so abruptly that there is a very brief period of confusion. However this is infrequent and usually only occurs if the person is overly attached to the physical life and cannot let go.

Generally this is in lesser developed souls who feel they did not complete their goals or souls who become so attached to their particular lifetime for various reasons that they cannot accept the transition.In very rare cases, one may after death so firmly refuse to accept that death has occurred that they desperately focus emotional energy toward re-entering the physical form. In other similar scenarios one who has been obsessed with a particular goal or ongoing uncompleted project for example, may try to complete it, for a time before they accept that there earthly sojourn has ended. So even in such cases, the obvious eventually becomes quite clear. Guided mediation provides for intervention, when necessary, to redirect the confused actions. And Masters, be aware that there are indeed guides to help each of you fully understand your situation in passing. Most of you will enter in clarity. And when one enters without disorientation you are very often greeted by family and friends who have passed over before you. There is a sense of comfort and a euphoric recognition of this realm that exudes a sense of well being. You will be able to rest, if rest is desired or required. The resting phase is one of great expansion in which an ambiance of ecstasy occurs. Often there is a feeling of floating in a field of bright white light lined with extraordinary vivid colors. In this phase you will be in a blissful state and adapt more easily into the understanding of the separation that has occurred. But you will still be able to focus thought to the earth plane. You will discover that thought takes you quickly to whomever and wherever you focus.

You may visit with friends and relatives, revisit the past, greet childhood friends and travel seamlessly through space and time. You may revisit your childhood; view yourself as a young child surrounded by family at Christmas, or walk down the halls of your high school as it existed sixty years earlier. You will realize that there is no ‘lag-time’ between the manifestations of any idea or thought and its initial conception as there is in physical life. You will delightfully explore these ‘dream-like’ phenomena, but in real validity, clear lucidity. There are ways to become familiar with the realities and dimensions of the afterlife while you are living on the earth-plane. This will be briefly discussed in this sharing.

Now, it is important for you to understand that no one dies without choosing to do so. The higher self ever makes the decision. Therefore no one ‘dies before their time’, yet there can be the sense of an ‘unfinished life’, so to speak, when the chosen ‘life lessons’ selected by you were for one reason or another, not completed.

Continual Growth

Dear Ones, the descriptions of after-death experience are indeed varied….varied somewhat according to each individuals system of belief and light quotient. These may seem very complicated, particularly if you have been used to a dogmatic belief in eternal paradise, hell or heaven, or an eternal rest. In truth, those with a strong belief in religious teachings will often initially create an immediate imagery of saints and white light that corresponds with their spiritual programming. Interestingly this allows for a smoother transition in comparison to one who does not for example, believe in an afterlife.

But to be clear, death is not an eternal resting place. There is not a heaven with streets of gold, or a demonic torment of a lake of fire, and there is no infinite void….although you may briefly experience hallucinations of these if you strongly believe in them. Even so these will be short lived visions, and as we have stated, there are guides and guardians, an ‘Orientation Team’ in a manner of speaking, to assist those that need helpful instruction and direction in adapting to the afterlife. The ‘Orientation’ entourage is advanced souls that are both living and dead. Those members that are still in physical life perform this service in “out-of-body” phase while the physical body sleeps. They are adept with the trans-dimensional projection processes of consciousness.

The ‘assisting guides’ that are still living in earthly sojourns are particularly helpful because they have a more immediate understanding of the feelings and emotions of the current time and of the current earth realities that the departed soul just exited. Such persons may or may not have a memory of the irnightly activities. These guides understand the many sensations involved, and they aid in the orientation of those who are initially confused in the immediate phases of passing over. Generally speaking, an ‘old soul’ (in your terms) , one that has experienced many levels of consciousness training and a higher number of earthen lifetimes will not be confused or disoriented in the transition from physical to non-physical.

Preparatory Exercises

There are activities that you can undertake while living in physical that will prepare you for the realms of the afterlife. Accordingly, those of you who have made concerted efforts in the physical plane to learn out of body projections through deep meditation, fasting, vision questing, lucid dreaming, yogic breathing and shamanic journeying will be more familiar with the afterlife environ.

Such experiences with consciousness expansion into multidimensional realms are therefore quite beneficial in preparations for the physical death transition. All of you in physical life can consciously learn to navigate multi-dimensionality in these disciplines, and learn the nuances of the after-death realms. This is very helpful in preparation for passing over. You will know what to expect as you will better understand the conditions of timelessness and thought navigation. With a bit effort each of you willing to take the time to self program can learn to have lucid dreams. By self programming we mean simply that. Create the intent to remember your dreams. Focally meditate toward it before you sleep, giving yourself the wilful and persistent suggestion. You will be amazed at the result.Those of you who have mastered the Mer-Ka-Na Crystalline light body will have experienced these realms, and in after death will follow the same process to the degree of your light quotient. This is taught in the Metatronic Keys.

In truth the realms that are achieved in Mer-Ka-Na are the realms of the afterlife. You enter these often in nightly in dream states but rarely are able to remember them after waking.Now, separation from the physical as we have said, does vary to some degree with the individual, but there are certain commonalities that all of you will encounter. There is an enhanced ability and freedom to more fully understand your own reality, to develop your abilities further, and to feel more deeply, and indeed clearly comprehend the nature of your own multidimensional existence as a part of All That Is.

Reviewing What Happens At Death

We will now review in greater detail certain important talking points, some of which were touched upon earlier in this channel, but are worthy of re-mentioning and quite important for you to comprehend.

Masters, at the point of your transition from physical you will exit the corporeal body, and as we have stated earlier, you will immediately find yourself in another ‘body’. You will discover yourself to be is the same ‘etheric form’ in which you travel in dreams and in out-of-body projections. It will feel quite comfortable and indeed familiar to you, because in truth each of you leaves the physical body each night during sleep. This body may seem physical, but you will quickly realize your new ‘after death’ body offers many more attributes in its new environ.

Most of you will choose initially to appear as you did in physical life, but in a more robust format. Most select to appear as they did in their peak physical years. You will travel instantly, timelessly by thought. For example if you think of a loved one in Virginia, you will immediately be in their presence. You will be able to communicate with them telepathically. However, they will not be, in most cases, capable of seeing you or of physically ‘hearing you’. They will receive the communication subconsciously and may or may not recognize the source of the thought transmission.

You will not be seen by those still in the physical body however. After death, when you project your consciousness by thought into the physical realm you will be in etheric form, ghostly, in your terms. But we will add as an item of interest, that many members of the Animal Kingdom, including any pets you may have had, will be able to see you quite clearly. You may in fact be given a very enthusiastic welcome by your dogs and cats as you enter the home in which your family and pets still reside on the earthplane.

This is, generally speaking, the phase in which you re-discover the amazing attributes of your new form and abilities of ‘thought movement’. You will delightfully find that you can do anything in mental process. You will be able to fly in the same way you fly in dream-state. You will be able to easily pass through ‘solid’ objects, be this walls, buildings or mountains. You will move directly by your will, taking you from one location to another, to one person or another through thought. In this early phase you may even choose to explore the planet, both on the surface and through its interior! The Devic projections of the plant and mineral kingdom will be visible to you in the astral planes of the planet.

There is of course a dream like quality to this process in the beginning. In most cases after death, people choose to remain rather closely connected to the earth-plane for a few weeks after passing, before moving higher. In this ‘timing’ a completion of sorts occurs in which you choose to communicate with many of those who played important roles in your life time. Keep in mind that time as you think of it, does not exist in the nonphysical realm, so you will not be aware of linear passing of time after death.

While most of the close association and direct contact to the earth-plane immediately after death takes place in what would be measured on the earth as 4-6 weeks, you will be in ‘now’ time and totally oblivious to sequential chronology. In other words it will seem to you as very brief in a natural flow of thought and space in a timeless scenario. In this way, it is possible for certain individuals to remain in this state for months even years, depending on their need for communication and completion, however this is not the norm.

It will not be a surprise to you to know that most of you will etherically attend your own wakes and funerals.

Many who have ‘Near Death’ experiences, and then return to physical life speak of their entire lives flashing before their eyes. This is something of a misunderstood translation between subconscious dream state and ego frontal brain interpretation. More accurately described, your physical life can indeed be observed on the other side of the veil from birth to old age, but this takes place in a carefully studied review, not in a rapid flash. This is a chosen review normally attended with the help of guides, on a higher plane than the one initially entered after death.

All of you will have this experience, but you will be able to choose the key parts in which to not only study, but to relive based on your discretion. In many cases the soul will select areas in which erroneous actions were taken. You will then be guided into reviewing alternative responses to understand what could have taken place and how it would have brought about an improved outcome. A deep learning occurs herein. This is what your religious texts refer to as ‘the judgment’. However, in this state there are not the emotions of guilt and torment, for on this level, you are above the personality as you think of it. You review these from a higher state of self, which is detached in a manner of speaking, almost as a 3rd person observing. This occurs in what may be considered as a training center. But to be clear it is a psychological dimension or state, not a ‘place’; in the way you think of space in the physical dimension.

Once you complete this phase you will have the choice of whether or not you choose to return, to reincarnate. There are many alternative choices available to you, if you choose not to reincarnate into the earth-cycle. There are myriad other universes and galaxies that offer incredible experiences of learning. Most are quite different than what you have experienced in the earth’s solar system. Very few of these are physical realities. Those of you in highly advanced states may connect to other realms including those of Arcturus, the Pleiades and the binary system of Sirius. The Cosmos is literally teeming with life, though the three just mentioned are in truth quite familiar to you, and have been closely involved since Mu and Atlantis with the Earth system and cycle. Many of you coexist within these in a higher stage of light format, in photonic life form.

You will then decide if you have completed duality or not, and those that have not will begin preparing for their return. Most souls have spacing between lives according to the reincarnational cycles of those whom they have past relationships. Generally speaking, a period of 20-40 years occurs here before the choice to reenter is fixed. But we must again clarify that time or timelessness on the other side is difficult for you to comprehend in physical senses that are attuned to sequential linear time.

Your ‘timing’ of return is based to no small degree on the return choices of those you wish to interact with on the earth plane. In this process a plurality state of communication occurs in which agreements and intricate planning takes place. Herein there is recognition of other souls and soul groups in duality for whom relationships are chosen to be completed, or balanced, as well as the choosing of family and the choice of lessons for growth. You will select the astrological patterning that will best allow you to grow. Those souls who have chosen to return to duality will absolutely spend ‘training-time’ in the nonphysical frequencies of the ‘other planets’ within your solar system. The soul journey on the earthplane is the ‘testing’ ground or University of duality, but it is only a part of the soul completion. Each of you will spend time on all of the spheres in your chosen solar system curriculum. This usually occurs in the afterlife in preparation for the next stage, the next level of reincarnation. However it may also partially occur while in physical life during sleep. Each of you absolutely exit the body into what may be termed the afterlife state each night when you enter deeper stages of sleep, although very few of you retain lucid memory of this in waking state.

Choosing the Soul Pattern

Dear Human, do not consider the afterlife studies on the stars and planets as folklore nor as untruth. What is learned by the soul in each realm, each sojourn must be effectively constructed and expressed optimally through action on the earthen lifetimes. Soul growth must be demonstrated in thought and deed through successful manifestation of will into physical reality. The correct and most appropriate pattern must then be carefully selected from the innumerable arrangements of stars and planets, which represent soul patterns. The signs of the Zodiac are twelve fundamental patterns from which the soul chooses when coming into the earth plane for a new incarnation. They are patterns representing optimal temperament, personality, and mental attunement. The gender, race and physical body is also chosen as these are an objectification of the soul pattern, a reflection of the progressive “individuality of the soul” in the next planned earthen experience.

What we share herein has been known by many more advanced societies including those of Mu, the Atlantean Law of One, Egypt and Greece. After the emerging dominance and control of your fear-based patriarchal religions, the teachings went ‘underground’ so to speak, and were taught only within secretive enclaves. In your known history it was taught by Plato and Pythagoras. In more recent times by Edgar Cayce, who was indeed the reincarnation of Pythagoras, an aspect of the essence of the Egyptian Ra-Ta. As we have told you on many occasions, the Earth-plane is the University of Duality. The Earth realm is however, only a part of the course. There are other realms of the afterlife associated with your solar system that feed directly into the ‘duality/free will experience of the physical realm. The duality Earth is uniquely and succinctly free will, and choices made by each individual entity are completely dominant in the manifestation and creator-ship purposes of this cause and effect realm. Only on Earth does three-dimensional life exist in your solar system.

In the afterlife realms, some measure of guidance is available to each entity as progression in made. Such guidance is by teachers, some of whom you may think of as Ascended Masters and Angelics. This is chosen in free will with each of your higher aspects, the oversoul itself.

Those of you, who think the afterlife is without challenges, must think again. There is always effort required, but there are motivational forces innate within the nature of consciousness that allow for this advancement. You will in fact sense a powerful natural desire, a deep yearning for these learnings. The soul has a deep seated wish to grow, and all souls are so driven, so inclined. It is an innate and natural part of the return to ‘All That Is”, to full creatorship….in this sense this movement is a programming that may be termed as the souls DNA.

We also wish to add that learning to fully & robustly experience the vibration of happiness, balance and well being is an important aspect of completing the earth cycle. This is contained and taught within the vibration aspects of Venus. So please do not consider that the Earth-Cycle is ‘all work and no play’, so to speak. Expressing joy and feeling deep vibrations of love is vitally important. In fact approximately one out of four incarnations is chosen to focus on love, and such sojourns are often specifically designed to be spent among soul family with dedication to one another. Such lifetimes are deliberately interspersed with more difficult lifetimes in which more difficult challenges are scripted. Arcturus in correlation to Venus is chosen by many in artistic lifetime expressions, including music, art and creative writing.

The Earth-Cycle Course

It is important to be clear that the reincarnational process involves twelve major learning centers. All of you will spend time in these before completing the ‘Earth-Cycle’. We title this cycle as the ‘Earth Cycle’ because earth is, as said, the testing phase, in which the intensive aspects are put to the measure. So in this sense, Earth is the most important part of the curriculum, and the one that must be mastered.

These are listed herein, in a very brief overview:

Planetary Aspectual Intensives in Earth-Cycle Development

1. Mercury – Mind – Mental Development – Communication

2. Venus – Love – Emotion – Artistic Expression – Nurturing

3. Earth – Responsible Creation – The Testing Ground

4. Mars – Emotional Temperament – Force

5. Jupiter – Strength -Leadership – Wisdom – Confidence6. Saturn – Spiritual Purification – Crucible

7. Uranus – Psychic -Intuitive Chakric/ Glandular Development

8. Neptune – Mystical Studies of the Nature of Reality

9. Pluto – Mastering Adversity

10. Moon – Balancing, Removal of Doubt – Feminine Balance

11. Sun – Vitality, Spirit – Masculine Balance

12. Arcturus – Entry/Exit – Life Force Creative Expression

It should be noted that the moons of Saturn and Jupiter (as well as the Earth moon as shown above) are also a portion of the study for the frequencies of their planetary aspects.There are seven levels in Mercury, four in Venus and five in Jupiter. In truth, each of the planets & stars incorporate many levels that can be considered as degrees… and these can vary somewhat according to the needs & requirements of each soul’s progression. Saturn is very complex, and contains the greatest variation. The course available on Saturn involves removal of incorrect patterns, a purification of incorrect belief and tendencies, including those that have repeated as severe obstacles and formed a pattern of grossly heinous misaction in the ‘purposed illusion’ of the earthplane ‘testing’ experience. In some extreme cases a soul will be fully ‘rebooted’ in the crucible of Saturn. In this way, souls who may have committed great atrocities in the earth phase can find new beginnings. In this process the rings of Saturn serve to modulate the varying intensities required to form the new template within the earth cycle. In this way, no soul is ever lost, even the most egregious can find their way home in the immaculate grace of ‘God’.

The after-death environments in which you will ‘train’ are nonphysical frequencial formats of the celestial bodies referenced within your solar system and as stated Arcturus is an integral part of this even though it is exceptional in the sense that Arcturus is outside the physical realm of your specific solar system.

Mastery Guilds & Time Travelers

There are many ‘guilds’ of guides associated in the assistance of developing worlds, including your own. There are fully Ascended Souls that have completed the Earth-Cycle that choose to manifest bodies for specific purposes that include inserting scientific information, inventions, philosophies, government, literature, art and music at certain key intervals within linear time and space. These are highly developed, highly specialized Masters, beyond geniuses in your terms and include souls like Pythagoras, Tesla, Einstein, Socrates, Plato, Isaac Newton and many others. They may enter in physical lives, with ‘normal’ birth with all of the ‘filters’ of biological existence that require these souls to experience all the ‘screens’ and challenges innate to physicality…, or in very rare scenarios may directly manifest into physicality without birthing. In some cases they enter by agreement in the format you think of as ‘walk ins’. But it should be noted that true walks in are very rare. Many humans who consider themselves ‘walk-ins’ have experienced a vast expansion, an internal quickening into a much higher state of Self, but no ‘external’ exchange with another entity actually occurred.

Those that specialize in influencing the flow of events may be termed as ‘Envoys from the Future’ and are Masters of Space Time manipulation. These specialized masters enter to help navigate the course of ‘probable’ reality into manifest reality at key junctures of civilization.

Time on your planet occurs in hologramic programs. There are beings that are ‘Masters’ in your terms that have developed the specialized ability to enter in an out of space time, somewhat in the same manner as some of your sci-fi movies and television programs have depicted in ‘Quantum Leap’. This has been discussed in earlier channels.

The Nature of Time & Space – Antimatter Stealth Energy

You must understand that in the Cosmos, physicality is the exception, and not the rule. Your own academics are aware to some degree that ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’, (as you term them) make up over 95% of the Cosmos. Matter occurs in spectrums, as does light, so it may be difficult for you to grasp this concept. But these centers, while planetary, do not take up space in the way you think of space as being a place with a specific location. So in as you develop space-craft to physically explore some of these planets, they will appear quite lifeless to you. This is the result of your own misinterpretations of the spectral nature of reality.

These environments exist unperceived by you amid the physical world that you know. Your physical perceptive mechanisms are simply not capable of tuning in to their frequential ranges. Vastly more realities co-exist with your own. And at death, you enter into the ‘other side of the veil, the nonphysical side of the torus, and are automatically tuned into different fields, and react to other laws of physics pertinent to these other realities, realities that are unperceived with the very limited scope of physical sensory. However, from the other side, you can to some extent perceive back into physical reality, but not be physical. And as we have said, entries back into physical realms are at a different frequency, and you will be ghostly, in your terms. You would be quite invisible, unable to be seen, and unable to manipulate physical matter. There are energy fields and energetic barriers that do indeed separate you. There is a science to all of this, it is not magic ! It is dimensional physics, which is a science matter understood by advanced societies of your past, but not yet understood in your present. 

Completing the Earth-Cycle

Now, we wish to clarify, that reincarnation into the complete phases of the Earth-Cycle is necessary to complete the earth cycle. But there is the choice to exit into other realms of Mastery outside the Earth-Cycle. All entries and exits of this cycle occur through Arcturus.

If you have completed the earth cycle and mastered duality, you may choose to remain within the system as a teacher or guide. Or you may choose to move into a greater intensity and learn creatorship on a much much larger scale.

When the earth cycle is finished, the information, experience, and abilities you have so diligently garnered are available to you for other applications. Accordingly the options are far more diverse than those available to ‘undergraduate’ souls who must still reincarnate in earth cycle.

One-Ness With All That Is

There is the ultimate potential and goal to become ‘absorbed’ into, to join with the supreme consciousness of that you term God. In this sense you merge into plurality consciousness within ‘All That Is’. But even so, an aspect of your individuality, your memories, your lifetimes and various sojourns will be retained within a portion of you. Nothing disappears. Those personality aspects will still exist, in what may be thought of as living dynamic ongoing memory, in a different compartment, somewhat in the same way your computer stores data. In Avatar level, you are a composite of all levels of self you see. Once you obtain this ultimate level, there are opportunities, means in which to operate in Cosmic scale Creatorship. The amount of knowledge and training necessary makes such an Elohim-Avatar communicator-career extremely demanding, but it is one of the ‘ultimate graduate courses’ available to you. The process of learning such information necessarily adds to the development and abilities of the soul. A delicate manipulation of energy is required, and a constant travel through dimensions. Once such a choice is made, training immediately begins, always under the leadership of a guild of Master Beings that from your perspective may be considered as Elohim or Archangels.

But again Cosmic Creatorship is a vastly complex subject, and advanced far above and beyond the level of earth-cycle where you are now. There are opportunities to become guides and teachers within your earth system. These include some advanced souls on the cusp of graduation, in their final reincarnations, and your system does of course contain other entities that have graduated earth cycle and have been chosen to help those still within it. You will be afforded the opportunity to teach if you have the inclination and the light quotient requisite. But as we have stated multidimensional teaching is far more than teaching as you know it now, and it demands extremely rigorous training, that in your terms of time, takes eons upon eons. The pathway leads such a teacher into many realms of reality far more complex than those previously mastered in the earth cycle. In your contemporary religious terms, this would be explained as companioning with Creator God.

The Master Creator roles in One-ness with God can be quite specialized. Some as those of us in what may be termed the Metatronic realm form what can be simplistically explained as ‘Laws of Physics, working to both formulate new dimensions of actuality, and maintaining expansions within existing ones, using geometrics, sacred geometry, forming the base matrix of new worlds and imparting knowledge in as many forms as possible – and I do not mean physical forms. What you would call time is manipulated as an artist would use color. What you would call space is gathered together in extraordinary ways.


Dear Ones, our subject matter may seem rather extraordinary and complex…even somber, but that is not our intent, nor should it be your reaction or conclusion after hearing our words. What lies before you is beautiful beyond your imagination, extraordinary in its magnificence. Words are inadequate to describe the utterly astonishing exquisite realms.

So we tell you to savor the time, seize the moments s of your life. Enjoy the beautiful aspects of your earth, for indeed the earth plane is truly extraordinary in its sublime beauty, and when you pass over you will have an immediate sense of exactly how astonishingly beautiful life is. You will be grateful for every precious breath you have taken. Even thought life will have challenges… at your time of transition you will be bathed in a deep sense of appreciation. We of the Angelic realm are here to assist you, we are family members reaching out, offering you a hand. But we are not here to solve your problems for you. To do so would undermine your own growth on your path of Mastery. We ask you to take a moment and sense, really sense the magnificent light and energy of your being. And to recognize that life and death are part of the same process. The two are the facets of the same reality. You will live many many lives, and never be again, the exact personality, the exact expression that you are now, and yet it becomes part of the Integral Self that will never end, and you will always be a part of it. So remember to love yourself, and bask in joy, for it is available to you now…for you are a magnificent being, a divine aspect of All That Is. After passing, you can look backward toward reincarnational lives, but they are only a part of the grand and grander YOU!

Life on Earth is a credential, a chosen course, it is not a punishment, not a fall from grace. It is a University chosen by courageous souls who agree to enter wearing filters. It is an involution leading to a truly glorious evolution. When you leave the physical system after completing the earth-cycle and finish the cycle of physical reincarnation, you will have learned the lesson. And when this occurs and you are in a manner of speaking no longer a member of the ‘human’ race, for you have graduated the University of Duality. Yet that specialized aspect of your conscious self remains within it just as other portions of your identity dwell simultaneously within other training systems. In more advanced systems, thoughts and emotions are automatically and immediately translated into action, into whatever approximation of matter there exists. Therefore, the lessons, the experience are ever a part of you.

Masters please know your spirit merged into flesh by choice to Master the incredible realm of duality, to learn Creatorship. And it is an extraordianry credential to experience such a world of incredible richness, to help create a reality of colors, music and of form. Your spirit was born into biology to enrich a marvelous area of sensual awareness, to feel energy made into physical form. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body, mind and soul. These as a trinity interweave into one-ness. So we urge you to seize the day, find joy, discover well being, and know that every choice you make determines the life you live.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths.

And so it is…And it is so

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