Aug 22, 2021

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Aug 25, 2021
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Check out Tarot by Janine’s new video where she does a reading looking into the current situation in the United States with rumors and reports of Psyop direct transmissions and the FDA approval! What’s really going on? What will we see next and who will we see emerge from the shadows? Join in!

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Tania Gabrielle: 5 Ways to Conquer the World [Time-Sensitive]


Mars is on a mission this week.

After the passionate Aries Full Moon on Monday, it’s time for the RULER of Aries to inspire you to conquer your fears and take on the world!

Mars is forming a gorgeous trine to the Sun on Thursday, September 27.

If you wanted an energy boost, you’re in luck…

Mars trine Sun changes the energetic temperature to “super high”!

  • You’re fired up to forge ahead with a project.
  • You’re driven to manifest success.
  • You’re inspired to activate your original ideas.
  • You are daring and courageous.


    There’s something you’re super passionate about too – and now is the time to GO make it happen.

    You have the bravado (and the protection from the universe) to go take a big risk.

    TIP #1:

    Mars (energy, confidence) trine Sun (your inner light) is an especially good time to START a new project.

    As the ruler of the first sign of Aries, Mars has a lot of initiative.

    So it’s a great time to tackle a big project, since you have that extra confidence and enthusiasm.

    TIP #2:

    Just be sure you STICK to your project. Have a friend or partner help you see through your goal to its completion.

    Mars trine the Sun is quite romantic and sexual.

    You feel especially magnetic.

    Follow your passions and desires – that extra boost of confidence adds a spice of CHARISMA to your life!

    TIP #3:

    Engage in physical exercise and be creative with your energy so you can CHANNEL the strong, warrior Mars force – otherwise it can get stuck and turn aggressive (even in a trine).

    It’s best to keep busy, so you can DIRECT the passionate force positively.

    TIP #4:

    Know how you are going to REWARD yourself after reaching your goal – Mars gets a surge of excitement from chasing a reward – it’s a great motivator!

    With an exact trine at in Air signs (Mars in Aquarius, Sun in Libra) your urge for independence is strengthened:

    TIP #5:

    Break the mould and try something totally out of the ordinary. You are supported by the security and stability of number , so this is a fantastic opportunity to go out on a limb and be inventive, eccentric and unconventional.

    You WILL make progress.

    Sun trine Mars enlightens and invigorates everything you set in motion.

    Mars is quick, and Mars is PRIMAL energy.

    This means you’re able to quickly grasp what your true motivations are (and other people’s too).

    Just listen to your gut instincts.

    Respond to the primal urge to take ACTION now.

    Love and Blessings,

    Tania Gabrielle

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Full Moon Aries Be Prepared Astrology September 24 – 30 Dorothy Morgan Astrologer

Full Moon Aries Be Prepared Astrology September 24 – 30 Dorothy Morgan Astrologer

Published on Sep 19, 2018

Full Moon Aries Be Prepared – Weekly Astrology Forecast Week of September 24th to September 30th The Moon in Pisces all day. Paying attention to our hopes and dreams. Full Moon in Aries September 24th Taking action and getting things moving. So pay attention to what you learned last week during emergencies and become more prepared for the future. Moon in Taurus. This is a happy Moon. What is it you value and love? We have two very different influences Thursday. Take your choice. Sun trine Mars, Action through thinking. Brain storming ideas. Friday mid-day to afternoon is a good take charge day.

Here’s a little stream of consciousness about Jupiter in Scorpio. Tuesday & Wednesday starts at 4:24 Thursday starts at 8:02 Friday starts at 12:48 Saturday and Sunday 17:12

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Shedding the Cocoon – March 2018 ENERGY FORECAST by Emmanuel Dagher Your Monthly Spiritual Roadmap

Hi my friend,

It’s an honor for me to connect with you in this way. As always, we have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

March will be a time of Divine Alchemy at its finest, as we are called to “shed our cocoon.”

By the end of the month, we will feel like a completely different person from who we were at the start of it!

With all of the internal and external changes that took place in January and February, many of us chose to hibernate and hide from the world for a bit.

Pulling back in this way can often feel like a setback to the mind. Yet there’s a great healing that occurs when we are able to pause and go within for a while.

Shedding The Cocoon

During the month of March, a new vigor will be reignited within each of us that will help give us the energy and willingness to shed the cocoon we’ve been dwelling in.

Creative expressions, ideas, and projects we had previously shelved will make their way to the forefront of our consciousness.

Connections that we’ve had with people, places, and experiences that are important to us will be reignited and strengthened.

An important aspect of shedding the cocoon is that it also invites us to reflect on the behaviors, patterns, belief systems, and stories the mind has created for itself and grown accustomed to.

When we reflect, we help ourselves get clear on whether or not we really want to carry a certain energy forward.

At the beginning of March, we will be guided to reflect on the things we are ready to let go of, so we can make room for what we want to experience more of.

When letting go of old behaviors, patterns, and stories that no longer feel good to our Spirit, the mind often becomes more sensitive, because it thinks that it is losing something it needs.

If you are someone who notices their mind is feeling more sensitive than usual (producing thoughts that are fearful, pessimistic, or judgmental), instead of being hard on yourself, be extra loving and gentle with yourself.

This helps the mind move into a greater sense of peace and understanding that it’s actually not losing anything by letting go of the old patterns it has identified with, but gaining much more of what it desires.

The human part of the mind simply desires to receive comfort, safety, love, and attention—that’s all!

When the mind receives these four things, it will always be on board to expand, grow, and flow with your Spirit.

By mid to late March, we will find ourselves feeling more grounded, present, and ready to come out of the cocoon completely.


Once we have freed ourselves from the cocoon, a great sense of curiosity and a desire to explore will emerge.

There’s a prominent belief in the collective consciousness that being curious can bring negative repercussions.

This belief is actually the mind’s way of trying to be in control the best way it knows how, by keeping itself inside the imaginary structures and walls it has created for itself.

At our core, we are Spiritual beings. Spirit is naturally curious, because it naturally expands and evolves.

As a Spiritual being, we know that we are not confined to anything or anyone, ever.

To the mind, this type of free and open awareness can be overwhelming, especially for those who have focused on developing more of their left brain, which is the organized, rational, structured-thought part of the brain.

However, we have and will continue to be nudged to equally develop our right brain, which represents the creative, nurturing, spiritual, and loving aspects of ourselves.

The right side of the brain is the part of the body that our Spirit communicates with first, because it can process and understand the information in the easiest and most digestible way.

As we continue to develop this part of ourselves, we become clearer vessels for guidance from our Spirit, and are fully able to embrace the part of ourselves that is naturally curious.

Towards mid to late March, you may find yourself feeling guided to explore more.

Exploring can come in many different forms. You may feel guided to explore more internal aspects of yourself, such as your thoughts, your gifts, talents, desires, etc. …

You may also feel guided to explore more of your outer world, by physically getting out there and experiencing more of your immediate environment.

You can do this by traveling, or by getting involved in different communities that resonate with you.

Sometimes just being out in Nature more and listening to the sounds of a stream or the wind in the trees, or tuning into the presence of the rocks or the trees—feeling their spirit and vibration—can offer you an energy that helps restore you to the feeling of being your true self.

Creative expression, or giving to others, such as in volunteer work, can also help to bring us back to who we really are—back to our own higher vibration.

March will be an excellent time to be curious and explore all things that resonate with us, as this will enrich our lives in ways that will help us experience a quantum leap in our growth and personal expansion.

A Technicolor Perspective

As we move through all that March is bringing our way, we will find that towards the end of the month, something quite extraordinary will be happening.Perspectives, ideas, experiences, people, places—things we once saw in a particular way—will be changing.

It’s not just that these things are changing themselves. Our perspective is also changing, by evolving and growing past our previous capacity for understanding.

We will find that we no longer operate in the old paradigm of duality, rooted in the belief that there’s only right or wrong.

This will allow us to see and experience life more in a multidimensional way.

The best way to describe it, is that rather than operating from a black-or-white mindset, everything becomes technicolored.

Life looks and feels very different and much more satisfying in technicolor!

When we choose to see in technicolor, we see, receive, and feel things we’ve experienced before.

Sounds, tastes, fragrances, shapes, colors, and textures suddenly radiate more beauty and hold more life.

We are able to honor and respect other people’s perspectives and ideas, even if they are different from our own.

It becomes easier to embody energies of compassion and love for all, including for ourselves, because we are open and connected.

Our mind may be wondering right now how we’ll get to this technicolor way of seeing and experiencing life.

The thing is, the mind doesn’t need to know “how” this is going to happen.

All that is asked of us, is to be loving and gentle with ourselves as we navigate through the month of March and beyond.

Everything else will take care of itself.

Being loving and gentle with ourselves allows us to naturally ride the waves of evolution that are impacting us all naturally at a core level.

We don’t have to “do” anything else.

As we reach the last few days of March, we will notice ourselves coming back into a state of play, ease, and joy. These will feel like they’ve kept their distance for a while.

However, when these energies show up, we will be able to embrace them from our new technicolor world.

And what an awesome experience that will be!

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


Ascension Notes: Bodyspeak – 29-Dec-2017 | Soulstice Rising

Ascension Notes: Bodyspeak
by Kara Schallock

– 29-Dec-2017 | Soulstice Rising 

As we gracefully move to the end of this Earth year, which isn’t recognized by the higher dimensions, as there is no time beyond Earth, we continue to receive frequencies that upgrade our very own Light Codes, cells and DNA. This awakens us even more to any old illusions we still carry within. It awakens our Knowing; the Truth in our Hearts, which affects how we perceive things in our lives. At this point, the only you is your Highest Self. How does it feel to radiate such Light and how does it feel to be one of the many creating a new world? It has not been an easy snap-of-the-fingers traverse for sure. As we leave the old world behind, we begin fresh again, as Ascension is infinite and it spirals. We are part of a grand celebration as we join other Light Beings in a dance of Joy.

Being New means you are not dualistic; you are One with and as the Light. Anyone still hanging out in the old, dualistic world; that of judgment; will have a rude awakening, because being New you simply cannot dwell in duality. The old power over others is gone, as is doing anything for purely selfish reasons. In the New, the separate ego transforms to the ascending ego; that which serves to express your Divinity while on Earth.

To help you be more authentic and autonomous, you might ask yourself if you are following anyone; deeming them more knowing and powerful than yourself. Are you giving your Power over to someone or something else? Do you feel obligated to anyone? Do you speak your truth honestly or do you hide who you are? Are you still pleasing others in order to be loved, respected and accepted? Are you attached to someone else’s approval of you? If you answered “yes” to any of these, step now into your own Integrity by being fully who you are.

As duality within you dissolves, it may feel very uncomfortable because, simply put, you just haven’t experienced Wholeness before. And yet, it truly is the only way to be Love. Die to the old; be born in the New. As you serve, be sure to include yourself. Be compassionate, kind, patient, nurturing and honest with yourself and all others. Ask yourself if you sabotage you by having limiting thoughts and beliefs. Are you present in each Moment; fully in your body; grounded and centered?

When you speak aloud the word “wayshower,” what does your body do? Does it open up or vibrate or do you not feel it at all? Your body tells you who and where you are, whether you are in your Heart or your head. When you are in your head, your body does not respond. When you are in your Heart, your body tells you by responding. When you have a decision to make, go in the direction your body leads you. If you are new to this, begin now to pay attention to what your body is communicating to you. This is why it is so important to be fully in your body; to be centered and grounded. You see, as a master you must be in your Heart and your body. Analyzing or thinking about something will not do a thing except to bring about doubt, confusion and a circular tautology; round and round you go; where you stop no-one knows. Jump off the merry-go-round.

Fear separates; Love joins. The way to overcome fear is to walk through it; you will see that the fear is an illusion, while Love is real. Some time ago I had a meditation. I was in a land that was familiar. I walked down a few old stone steps and entered an underground tunnel. It was completely dark. All there was was an old metal banister on my right, which helped to guide me forward. I kept walking and then began to see a dim light ahead. I kept walking toward the light and then there were a few steps up, which I took and I came out of the tunnel and looked around. I ended up in a beautiful new place. While unfamiliar, it was brighter and more beautiful than the old place from which I came.

Are you a leader? Leaders are not static, sitting on a pedestal. They continue to evolve, grow and learn. They do not stop at a particular point and say, “I’ve arrived; now I’ll stay put.” They have let go of all victim energy, knowing instead that life happens for them; not to them. They do not engage in drama, chaos or gossip. They are grounded and don’t make a big deal out of anything. They share their process in the Moment and by sharing, those with eyes to see and ears to hear take full Responsibility for what resonates for themselves. You see, a leader isn’t attached to another’s action or inaction. They simply are. Never do they put themselves out there as a leader; never do they claim to be something or someone. They don’t see themselves as leaders or anything really. They simply are and they know that in the next Moment, things will shift yet again. Are you a leader?

In the last many years, we have been transforming. Transformation; what does that word mean to you? Transformation is not merely a change. It is going from one thing to being a completely different thing. It is not just changing one’s appearance and remaining the same within. It is a complete letting go of what has been and having the Willingness to be completely new in every way without even knowing what that might be. Transformation takes complete Faith and Trust in yourself as Divine. Source doesn’t question; Source allows and surrenders to what is; Source creates. You are Source.

We begin anew and yet there are still aspects of ourselves that are waiting to shift. Completion is not yet upon us, and yet we can see the Light at the end of the tunnel. There is an inner push to surrender to Divine Will without the compulsion to hold onto any sort of false life of the old. This is a time we can stop romanticizing other lifetimes or cultures, but stay real in the Moment. For those who are ready, there is another big descension of our Lightbodies that is available now. This can result in many physical adjustments including more acute hearing and seeing; in other words, more sound and seeing things that are not accessible in the old. There is more following one’s guidance, even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment. There may be no or little tolerance of large groups.  Body temperature fluctuates and you may notice that you vibrate at times. There is a lot of movement around the Heart Chakra, as there is constant rebalancing and adjusting. There may be a need to balance, ground and center often. There may be a sudden onset of sleepiness and/or nausea and so much more. Pay attention to your physical body; ask it how you can help.

As the old matrix continues to devolve, we may find ourselves humorously observing the actions of others while they take themselves so seriously. We just don’t seem to fit in, so we may be viewed as non-conformists; even more than before. Yes, we are rebels, holding true to our own vision and purpose. Challenge yourself to discover beliefs and attitudes that get in your way and then take a step forward. Make sure all chakras are aligned and clear; not just the upper, more spiritual ones. The  lower chakras help us to be grounded and in our body. Floating is fun and nice and yet it takes all of our bodies to operate as one unit to be fully functional.

Follow your guidance and not the old rules of the matrix. This means to always listen to and follow your guidance and your own energy. Be discerning; don’t just do something without feeling it first. Keep things simple. When in doubt, do nothing; don’t be forced to make a decision. Wait till it feel right, if it does. Rest and Be. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world; hold true to you. As far as new technologies go, be in Discernment; don’t just run out and buy because everyone else is. Keep things simple.

Be in the eye of the storm. Stay peaceful amidst strife; calm amidst calamity; loving amidst angst and anger. Be Love.

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

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Tania Gabrielle: FULL Moon in Taurus: Venus & Jupiter bring bountiful gifts!

A highly fortunate Full Moon in Taurus early on November 4 frees up the energy around you for you to focus on attracting romance, feel sensual and beautiful, and manifest financial flow.

The Universal Day number of Nov 4 merges beautifully with Taurus, as both carry secure, grounding, home-focused energy, and both are connected to Earth. Taurus and the number 4 help you to manifest your ideas into FORM.

Taurus is very devoted and calming. As the first Earth sign, Taurus inspires you to be responsible for your abundance & personal resources – and having your values truly speak for themselves.

During this Full Moon, ask yourself:

Are you living in alignment with what you truly value?

At this time you are setting Boundaries – taking everything step by step.

There will be several highly positive astrology transits at the time of this Full Moon:

  • Sun is conjunct (joined with) Jupiter – planet of joy, expansion, honor, abundance
  • Sun is in an exact trine with Neptune (Moon is sextile Neptune) – creating a loving, beautiful, spiritual triangle
  • In another triangle, the Sun in Scorpio is sextile Pluto, ruler of Scorpio with Jupiter next to the Sun expanding Scorpio – creating strong cleansing energy!
  • Venus, ruling planet of this Taurus Full Moon, is exactly opposite Uranus, and lies at the SAME degree as the recent Libra New Moon – making VENUS’ positive influence incredibly strong.

This is a spectacular Full Moon!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, September 14, 2017

Emmanuel Dagher: Calming Renewal, A time of Inspiration and Empowerment – September 2017 Energy Forecast

sept forecast banner
Energy Forecast by Emmanuel Dagher

My friend,

It’s a blessing for me to connect with you this way every month. Your presence is helping to raise the consciousness of the planet, and for that and so much more, I am grateful.

We have much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it.

What an eventful summer it has been! So many internal and external shifts have taken place in our lives and in the world over the past three months.

For many empaths, these shifts felt like being in the high spin cycle of a washing machine, especially with everything coming at us in such a scattered way.

Focused and Inspired

Over the next few weeks, the scattered energies will alchemize themselves into a more focused energy.

This focused energy will help to stimulate inner feelings of empowerment, passion, and inspiration, which will help get things moving again in our lives in a way that feels productive and progressive.

These focused energies will awaken something within us that have long been dormant

The image that keeps coming up is that of a golden lioness/lion that has been fully awakened from a deep sleep.

The physical feeling that keeps coming up is passion in every cell and fiber of the body.

A big part of this new, focused energy has to do with the effects of the two eclipses that we moved through recently, in addition to Saturn going direct at the end of August, after being in retrograde since April 6.

Add Mercury going direct on September 5 to this celestial cocktail mix, and we find that a new inner flame is being lit.

That inner flame will help us move past any stagnancy rooted in victim consciousness, supporting our return to our powerful, majestic selves. From there, we can move forward with greater joy, intention, and ease.

Something to note: During a Saturn retrograde, we are given the opportunity to renegotiate and review any past activities or commitments that have been a source of frustration for us.

We get the opportunity to tie up loose ends, and finish uncompleted tasks in our immediate environment.

The Saturn retrograde is also about quickly learning lessons from old karmic patterns that have not fully resolved yet. This has probably felt bumpy at times, because we can feel stuck and unmoving about an issue, while our emotions are all over the place.

Saturn retrograde is a pause for responsibility. It creates a type of disruption in the process of engaging our awareness and energy in something. This often creates a sense of incompleteness.

But that is all about to change now.

Long-range goals and projects can progress smoothly again. Delays can clear up, and moving forward will feel much easier.

Things that felt like a standstill will start expanding again. If there’s an idea, project, or opportunity that you have been sitting on for a while, now is the time to go for it! Just make sure it’s something that feels joyous, expansive, and in alignment with your most positive self.

If it does, then that is your confirmation to go ahead and move forward with it. The electricity in the air now is in full support of the manifestation of your greatest visions!

Over the next few days and weeks, you may notice feelings of being more inspired, free, active, blessed, motivated, excited, joyful, open, energized, and loving.

This is all a confirmation that things are moving forward for you, and that you’ve worked through much of the karmic lessons that can come with Saturn retrograde.

This focused intention will be with us for the rest of the year. It will allow us to be more productive, both in our personal lives and in the larger sense, on the world stage.

Stable and Grounded

The energies of September will also support us in feeling more stable and grounded.

When we are grounded and stable, we operate at our most powerful, which is always found in the present moment.

Becoming present allows us to transcend the illusions of time. It’s from this space of no-time (a place of nonattachment) that our greatest, most desired intentions can manifest.

Here are some simple things we can do to feel more stable and grounded:


  • Walk or stand on the Earth (soil, grass, or sand) with bare feet
  • Express gratitude daily
  • Spend more time in Nature
  • Have compassion and love for the thoughts our mind has, without needing to judge them
  • Get connected fully to our five senses, taking quiet moments to notice the sounds, shapes, colors, tastes, textures, and scents all around us
  • Look into the eyes of everyone we meet, remembering that they are a reflection of the Universe

To the mind, and to those who identify more with being free spirits, the idea of being grounded may seem limiting. This usually stems from the idea that the word “grounded” implies being fixed or inflexible.

However, the opposite is true.

When we choose to be stable and grounded, we instantly bring ourselves into the flow of the present moment. Again, it’s in the present moment where we operate from our most powerful state.

It’s in the present that most of our freedom is experienced, because we are no longer bound to the past or the future.

Being grounded in the present moment allows us to fully enjoy our lives, while being open to all the new blessings life has available to us.

Support and Community


This is an excellent time to get clear on what we desire to bring into our lives.

Here are some helpful questions we can ask ourselves to get more clarity on what we want to create more of:


  • “What excites me?”
  • “What are some things I loved doing as a child that I can integrate into my present reality?”
  • “What feels expansive and good to me?”

These questions can help us get clear on what we really want to experience more of.

Once we have that clarity, it becomes easier to take action and to ask for support.

Most of us have shied away from asking for support from others, either because we were not clear on where we truly needed their support, or because we had been conditioned to believe that getting what we want takes something from someone else, as if we are creating a burden for them.

Life is about being part of the human experience. One of the main components of the human experience is being part of a community.

We are here to share our blessings with one another. If you are surrounded by people who do not want to support or help you, it’s usually a reflection of how you have been treating yourself or others.

Are you generous with your support towards yourself and others? Do you offer support without expecting anything return? Does it feel easy and fun for you to share your blessings with the world?

When you can fully answer “yes” to these questions, you will notice abundantly available support in your life.

When we share and express what we desire with the Universe and those around us by asking for support, we open ourselves up to receiving opportunities we may not have otherwise had a chance to experience before.

The Universe wants to give us everything we’ve ever desired for ourselves. It’s just a matter of how open we are to receiving it.

If you are ever feeling unsupported, find an opportunity to support someone else, even if it’s someone you don’t know very well.

This act of kindness will shift the energies for you, and open your mind, eyes, and heart to knowing that life is much more than separating ourselves and hiding from others.

It’s about living, loving, and sharing our gifts and our presence openly.

The next few months will nudge us to open ourselves up to receiving and giving support.

It’s time to release the pride or old patterns that we’ve allowed to hold us back from living our most desired reality.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


Again, a profound thank you for your sacred love offering that allows this page to remain 100% free for everyone to read!
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Jamye Price: Stillness


Stillness and Movement

As you are beginning to choose more of what you are creating, quite often you begin noticing how much is out of your control. You observe all that you (and humanity) are experiencing and recognize the lack of control. It creates confusion of what is actually controllable to you.

We want to give you some areas of focus with this basic drive of seeking control, so that you can begin to shape your inner world and feel more of the progress of creativity and empowerment growing within.

We speak of this often because it is important. It is what this time is about—beginning to discover more of yourself. This shifts the human experience into a connective experience that connects you as a species, connects you with the Earth and all of her inhabitants, and connects you with the subtle realms—even beyond the Earth.

Creating and Control

As you observe your emotional flow, one of your drives of control becomes very prevalent—your drive to feel good, to feel positive, and to feel fulfilled. This drive is very natural. It is inbuilt into who you are because you are a loving being, a loving species, in a loving world and a loving universe. Love is the binding force of Life. It is the creative force. Wanting to feel good is very natural to you.

When you are feeling badly, your lack of feeling good creates a feeling of lack of control. It is the opposite of the satisfaction that you are wanting to create in your life. This drive to feel good is a positive aspect of you, but right now you are learning to adjust into feeling strong, no matter what the experience.

Life, this loving universe within which you reside, is also wanting you to feel good. It is wanting your movement, your creativity. Your creativity expands you and expands Life.

When you are not feeling good, your drive to feel good is a movement aspect of Life, it creates movement. Life expands and continues. Do you see the engine of movement? It is benevolent, even though it doesn’t always feel good. This creates a strength within you to feel good or feel better because of your internal control, not because of the world around you.

Life wants you to create. That is Life continuing. You are Life continuing.

Stillness is Movement

We begin with the dichotomy of stillness to create movement. As you begin to become more comfortable in stillness, you will begin to feel more strength no matter what is going on around you. This creates change.

Stillness is a connection point. It is where two energies of movement meet and create a connection. Stillness is where two opposites meet and become one, the midpoint of a spectrum where two waves merge into one. Whether a harmonious merging or not, the connection happens. For a “moment” in time, two opposites create a stillness, a neutral point, then reaction happens.

Inner Stillness

Stillness is not just meditation, but that is an obvious and wonderful aspect of it. It is very important to be able to focus your beingness and discover your inner connection, your inner stillness.

Can you find that stillness while you are in movement? Can you find that stillness while you are in interaction with others? Can you find that strength to remain loving no matter what experience you are having within you or within your life, or even within your world? That which you observe on your television, you are experiencing within your bio-mechanism. All of it is important.

You do not have to meditate for hours and hours. Meditate in a timeframe that feels appropriate to you, but practice finding stillness in mediation first, then in action or movement, and then in interaction.

You may begin with meditating while you’re sitting with your eyes closed, focusing on your breathing, on a light within you, or on a mantra, for example. And then, you may want to focus with your eyes open while still sitting quietly focusing on your breath, light or mantra. Then, you would begin meditating as you are walking quietly and gently in nature.

You are recognizing the focus and the stillness within you even while you are in movement. You are creating a connection with Life around you while maintaining a deep connection within the self.

Observe and interact with your inner self with great focus and compassion. Allow the experiences that you are having within to surface into your awareness. This is a powerful practice that will begin shaping your internal world and surfacing much Love in the form of strength within you.

A Connected Being

This creates a reference of deep connection within, even while you are aware and silently interacting with Life. It creates a strength of inner connection and a deep connection with the present moment. It strengthens your inner realm, creating an inner “control” that is powerful beyond what is occurring outside of the self. It begins to change your interaction with the world around you.

You will begin to strengthen the most valuable relationship that you have in singular, physical form—the relationship with yourself. This foundation will bring you much transformation. It will begin to move you in ways that cannot be accomplished as easily when you are just interacting from the outside in. That is important also, but it is this inner experience that will shape your strength.

From this inner strength, all that is going on around you is meeting such great Love within you as you observe life, that it is transformed as it comes into your awareness.

This is the powerful step that changes how people interact with each other. As you find that still point within and love and nurture the beautiful and the “ugly” parts of you, you will be transforming into a strength that will recognize that any “ugliness” was beauty under a rock.

You will begin to discover the powerful flow of love emanating from you, rather than just being fulfilled around you. And yet, as you do that, you will begin to find everything around you fulfilling. That is when you have changed the definition of control.

You have discovered the ultimate control is your connection with your infinite nature of Love.

It is boundless. It is infinite. As this inner well-spring of Love flows into your world, it changes, it cleanses and it replenishes all that you’re experiencing. You can access a grand stillness within, even as you are interacting with others.