Sarah Varcas: November 2018 Overview: Observing the Stories of Our Lives

 Astrology of November 2018, Energy Report, Venus retrograde, Venus in Libra, Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury retrograde


November 2018 Overview:

Observing the Stories of Our Lives

By Sarah Varcas

All dates are UT so may vary in your time zone

At an elemental level November 2018 is all about fire and water. A Grand Trine which began to form at the end of October features significantly throughout this month, accentuating the creative force of fire and the intuitive nature of water. Fire is anger and passion, desire and resistance, inspiration and the impetus to be made new through courageous engagement with life itself. Water is the world of emotions and sensitivity, intuition and spirit, tenderness, oneness and overwhelm. We may drown in our emotions or be refreshed by them; delight in the intimacy of shared feelings or be overcome by a lack of boundaries and the impingement of the world around us. Throughout this month we must strive to balance inspiration with intuition, anger with empathy, tenderness with courage and resistance with surrender. External struggles may trigger emotional meltdown but still we must stand strong in the world and say our piece, make our mark. We may have to fight when we’d prefer to retreat or withdraw to contemplate the world rather than struggle to change it.

Attention to the subtle nuance of each moment will be necessary. The perceptual impact of heightened emotion and the fires of inspiration or anger must be carefully discerned. But most importantly we will need to connect with the subtle knowing that lies beneath all of this, steady and stable, neither you nor me nor anyone else: just the flow of energy and essence underpinning each moment from cradle to grave. It is from this flow that we can draw energy in each moment, pure and untainted by an obsessive mind or broken heart, by shame or regrets, grief or despair. Free even of the joys and delights that hook us into a worldly narrative of good and bad, right and wrong. This energetic presence that lies beneath – the source of our being – remains forever true to the moment and free of all that binds us to the world.

From this place of quiet clarity we can know what’s called for in each moment. When to speak and when to remain silent. When to act, when to step back, when to insist and when to yield. This month invites us to engage with life from a deeper place where wisdom flows like a fresh mountain stream, born of intimacy with all things and embodiment of the wise heart which sees beyond the deceptions of the world to its radiant core.

Mercury entered Sagittarius on 31st October, adding fuel to our inner flame. It will remain there all this month, turning retrograde mid-November and returning briefly to Scorpio at the beginning of December. In Sagittarius, Mercury can be a bit too confident if we let it. A tad over-zealous in its expression, it may tempt us into arrogant pronouncements where open-minded enquiry would better suffice. Consequences are often out of radar range with this Mercury. We forget they exist and make decisions with little regard for them. Sometimes there’s a place for doing this and when Mercury’s in Sagittarius it’s often the case that we simply need to speak out and see what happens. But it’s important to bear in mind that this Mercury can be liberal in its interpretation of fact and fiction, as can we. It allows for all manner of ‘creative’ truths, subjective perspectives and exaggerations, just as it provides the unfettered freedom to speak one’s mind and say it like it is no holds barred.

At its best, Mercury in Sagittarius seeks grand truths that weave all things into an integrated whole. At its less than best it fosters division through its sheer fiery force of opinion which leaves no space for difference or debate. It can broadcast opinions as fact far and wide, and so might we when under its sway. The force of resistance to our pronouncements may catch us off guard if we don’t first listen carefully to what we, ourselves, are saying. Forming part of this month’s influential Grand Trine as it shifts from the water of Scorpio to the fire of Sagittarius, this Mercury reminds us that only through deep inner enquiry can we know the truth and only through the risk of honest and open expression can we share that truth with others in a meaningful way.

Throughout the next two months we’ll have plenty of opportunity to consider the stories we project upon the world to make sense of it: how we insert our personal narrative into the impersonal conditions we encounter in our lives. Using this time to observe how that narrative impacts our experience will be time well spent. Do we weave stories that allow for creative solutions or feelings of limitation and despair? Do we forever resist the conditions we dislike, refusing to discover the power of surrender to a greater force of change in the deeper recesses of our lives? Or do we have the courage to change what we can and the wisdom to let be what we can’t? Do we project a dark and disempowered future or one of possibility – both good and bad – which we, ourselves, can shape – even by the power of our attitude in each moment? Mercury’s current cycle will reveal much about the sense we make of the world and what that sense means to our on-going experience of every day.

Venus also retrograded into Libra on 31st October where she will remain until the beginning of December, turning direct on 16th November. Since turning retrograde on 5th October she’s revealed where we get lost in obsessive desire, allow past hurts to dictate the course of the present and seek unhelpful interpersonal drama to feel connected. As Mercury now highlights the dramas we create out of life’s twists and turns, Venus’s return to her own sign softens the edges of these realisations, allowing us to share with others insight seeded in recent weeks.  If relationships have revealed their problematic sides of late, it doesn’t necessarily mean an end is called for. The solution may be far more subtle. Better communication may be necessary, or a deeper understanding of the different ways in which we express love. We may benefit from an agreement to air grievances as they arise, not let them fester for a later date. Or perhaps committing to quality time together as a priority, not a luxury, will help us connect at a more intimate level once more.

Venus retrograde in Libra allows us to find love for self and others. She relights the flames of intimacy and the warmth of appreciation, recasting difficulties in the light of busy lives, stressed-out minds and troubled hearts in need of gentle care. It is always true that some relationships simply don’t survive Venus’s retrograde cycle and were never meant to. Their time has come and moving apart is the only way. But for many, gentle and more nuanced shifts of time and attention can release the healing balm of acceptance and forgiveness which forges a more loving and intimate path ahead.

Throughout November, Venus reaches out her wise and gentle hand to any and all who seek greater intimacy and a more heartfelt exchange with life itself. She wants us connected – with each other and ourselves – guided by the heart and relaxed in the warm embrace of love. Together with Mercury in Sagittarius she reminds us that love really does make the world go around, but it comes in many different forms. The more open we can be to giving and receiving it in all its guises, the safer and gentler the world will be. Which is exactly what the North Node’s shift into Cancer on 6th November is all about. So stay tuned for more on that soon!

Sarah Varcas

Lee Harris Energy: November 2018 Energy Update: MAGIC, FEMININE ENERGY RISING AND REVIEW TIMES

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Published on Nov 1, 2018


Last month I spoke about the presence of a collective identity shift; that many of us are going through a period of deep review around your life, your choices, your relationships, the things that you are doing in the world. This process will continue strongly in November, and you may experience daydreams and flashbacks to other times, other relationships, other places in your life. This is your life-review and ‘life-update’ in progress. Part of that involves a revisiting of past experiences and life events at high speed. The opportunity is to let you see them differently now, to let you see how far you have come, or to learn something from them with the new perspective you have in the now. As we go through these review periods we are having a clearout; it’s no different to clearing out the cupboards at home. We start to lift and rearrange the emotional, psychic and psychological debris inside ourselves when we have a clearout like this. You are not alone – we are changing our patterns individually AND collectively right now in part due to this extraordinarily potent and fast time of transformation.


November is going to be a month of very elevated energy.

This can go two ways. When elevated energy is playing out in the world, it can either lift us very quickly into much higher experiences than we’ve been recently having – where things in life start to flow and connect and you may feel happier or more alive than you have recently. But equally, these elevated energy periods of time can expose where things are stuck or too anchoring in our lives. So you may see even more problems in relationships, situations, or areas of your life that are stuck rising up to the surface. So for example, if money is a struggle for you or if there’s another area where you have a chronic pattern at play, you may get to the breaking point where you are tired of the story and it doesn’t feel true to you anymore. November can be a month where that stuckness rises to the surface quite aggressively, because this elevated energy is moving anything that is no longer serving us into a more visible, felt place. Ask yourself, what am I ready to be done with? What am I ready to change about this pattern? And write some notes, set an intention and take some new actions toward creating that new goal. This is how we move toward and into the elevation energy.

Where are you in the balance of giving and receiving? The dance between these two poles will be sharply in focus through November and how it shows up for you will be highly personal.

Is there a part of you that is compelled to give or perhaps has over-given in your life? So in ‘giving’ mode, you never leave room or space to receive from others because you are too busy giving? Perhaps you don’t really have much to give out right now and that part of you needs a rest. Or perhaps you feel it is time for you to learn to be more kind and giving in your life?

In terms of receiving it might be that this month you are on the receiving end of more love, more energy, more resources, more money than you are used to being in the experience of and this is really important.

Part of moving into an elevated energy or a new identity is that our outer circumstances change in tandem with what we are able to create and nurture in our core beliefs and patterns. When we can truly open to the present moment, we receive so much as there is so much right here for all of us. So this giving and receiving energy dance is going to be showing up and asking you to create perhaps new boundaries, perhaps give out more than usual (if that isn’t your normal) and perhaps be more open to receiving and allowing that in.

There is a big balancing effect around giving and receiving taking place in November that many of us will see play out in our lives in very specific ways.

Feminine Energy is rising on our planet, but we have devalued the feminine energy in our society for so long that it has become normal to not see, recognize or honor it. Masculine energy has been the energy that has been celebrated, more seen and nurtured. So as the fire of feminine energy is coming alive on the planet, it is affecting all of us – men, women and those who are gender fluid, as we all possess both masculine and feminine energy.

The rising feminine is currently coming out strongly through people’s voices so you may be finding more of a fire around speaking your truth, especially to people or in situations that previously you may have been hesitant with what you feel needs to be said. We all run on programs and our society puts us in these formations and boxes with each other that we often don’t break out of, so our soul truth is often squashed. One of the messages that came through in this month’s MP3 (Feminine Energy Rising) was that the masculine on the planet cannot progress and evolve if we don’t let the feminine energy in. It is now rising strongly in us all.

So think about this for yourself; Is there somebody, or some scenario that you have been silencing yourself around that actually you are ready to speak to now? You might be surprised at how capable you are of speaking your truth in a way that it is well received. But also, the other person (and all the changes they too have been going through in the last months and years) might now be more capable of hearing it than you think.

Magic is on a high right now. When grounded magic shows up in our life, we experience fast connections, opportunities, flow, joy and the feeling that we are living a life that is far bigger than what our eyes alone might have been previously able to see. You feel more connected to the idea that anything is possible when magic energies are around. There might be people coming into your life that you have really special experiences with this month, there might be some really synchronistic opportunities, invitations and happenings too; things that you can’t quite believe are happening in front of you, but they are. And that will facilitate some positive collaborations and creations among people which will benefit others in both the short and long-term.

This experience of magic is how the Universe is speaking louder to those of us who are wanting to listen (and those who have become capable of listening) so that universal energy can start to flow into our daily actions and creations. This leads to more heart connection within ourselves and with each other. It is deeper heart connection that will cause us to be more humane to one another and the planet, and that’s what we truly need at the moment.

Thank you everybody, I hope you have a fantastic November and take good care of yourselves.

Big Love




New Moon in Libra October 8 to 14 How Are You Giving and Receiving

New Moon in Libra October 8 to 14
How Are You Giving and Receiving

Published on Oct 4, 2018

Astrology Forecast Week of October 8th – October 14


Balsamic Lunar Phase all Monday till 11:47 pm ET closure, surrender to what is, prepare for what’s next.


We will spend more time thinking about what we need as opposed to acting.
New Moon in Libra 11:47 pm ET. set goals and intentions based on giving and receiving support, harmony in partnerships and relationship,
Mercury enters Scorpio Tuesday the 9th
Processing gathered information Moon Mercury Venus in Scorpio deep contemplation, communication.
News can be a trigger to your own hidden issues
Astrology and Numerology of 2019
Venus square Mars Wednesday the 10th
Monday thru Thursday deep intense 4 days of personal transformation.
Moon enters fun loving, knowledge sharing Sagittarius. Comic relief.
Sunday Moon in Capricorn.
Come on it’s not that bad……
Do your chores then chill out for the night.
The weekly overall message.

How are you giving and receiving.


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Dr. Taryn Crimi: Can giving actually create more abundance? | Angelic Guides

Can giving actually create more abundance?
by Dr. Taryn Crimi: | Angelic Guides

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of giving and recieving. You see, there are many who misunderstand the real power in giving. We do not ask that you give simply so that you may receive as this defeats the purpose; but rather we ask that you truly give from your heart and surely you will find it has not left you with any less but rather it has left you both with more. This is what we would like to further explain in our message to you today.

If you were told that you could give any amount of money, funds, help or assistance to anyone you wished to help without it ever impacting your own abundance, would you give freely? The undoubted answer is yes. So why is it then that so many have such a reluctance to truly give? We will share with you our perspective of what we witness most often when it comes to the spirit of giving.

There is a widespread fear that if you give to others you will not have enough for your own self.

What we witness most is that many wish to help or assist others if only they had “more” to share, but since they believe so strongly in the fear of lack they are paralyzed by the fear of not having enough. We will share with you the secret to giving; to give freely does not ever leave you with less, it leaves you both with more.

We feel your curious minds trying to really understand how this could be. Let us further explain. When you give to another because you wish to assist them with a pure heart you will also attract an equal or greater amount back to you. You see, the Universe will always replace all that you give one way or another. What you put out is what you get back, you reap what you sow. As we have stated in previous messages, money is simply the transfer of energy.

Everything in your world is made up of energy. The Universe in which you reside is infinitely abundant, it is not possible for the universe to “run out” of energy. But many fear that they will not have enough for themselves if they give what little they have away.

The key to giving is, the more that you give, the more that you will receive. It is very important that you allow the energy to flow to you as it is to allow the energy to flow through you. The act of giving and the act of receiving are equally important. You must be willing to do both. In order for energy to continue to come in, it must also be allowed to flow in and out. The moment that it becomes stuck, resistance is created and the flow is blocked. You cannot attract “more” if you are too afraid to let it go. Nor can you continue to give if you are not willing to receive, both are equally important.

Many of you understand this concept on a conscious level, though there are still many ingrained beliefs which say that this cannot be so. So how can you begin to shift these subconscious beliefs so that you may free yourself of them? We would recommend that you begin to test this new belief out so that you can see it in action within your own reality. Play with this concept, something that feels light and simple to offer and then watch as it is returned to you.

As we often say the best way for humans to replace a belief is to witness a demonstration of the new belief within their own reality. Humans prefer to rely on proof so intend to see proof of the power of giving. We would suggest that you start small. Though we do not perceive there to be any difference between manifesting a lot or a little, we realize that the human mind feels most comfortable starting with smaller amounts.

Find someone or something that you wish to give freely to. The key is that you give simply because you wish to assist another, all the while knowing that the universe is infinitely abundant and you will have all that you require when you are in need of it.

Let us give you a simple example. You choose an organization that you support because you believe in what they stand for and you donate $5. You give to this organization simply because you would like to assist them in continuing the wonderful work that they do. Now the human mind often is trained to look at this situation and see that you have just given $5 to another which leaves you with $5 less than what you previously had, yet this is not so.

By offering that organization money you allowed a space to open up energetically and you are now able to receive more energy. It may not be in the exact form of $5, it may be a gift of an equal or greater amount, it may be someone who wishes to buy you lunch, it may come in the form of someone performing a service for you free of charge, how it comes to you does not matter. All that matters is that you have allowed a space to open up energetically to allow for more energy to flow to you.

Let us give you an analogy to help better explain our perspective. We will use the analogy of your lungs. As you go about your day your lungs expand and contract as you fill them with air. If you do not allow the air to exit your lungs for fear that it will not be replaced, do you have anymore room for more air to be stored? No, certainly not, only if you allow the air to come and go freely do you have room for the air to once again fill your lungs.

You cannot stockpile all of the air that you will need each day in one large breathe. You must allow it to freely come and go and in doing so you know that the air that you require will indeed be there when you need it.

This is very similar to the way that energy flows through each of you. If you do not let it go, you do not leave anymore room for it to come to you. We feel many of you say yes but I do not feel as though I am full; and to this we reply you are as abundant as your thoughts and expectations allow you to be. It is your fear of lack that blocks the energy that you desire from coming to you.

But, by beginning to shed those fears of lack, you allow the energy to flow to you in the amount that you require. You will begin to see just how powerful the act of giving really is. Remember, in order to give you must be willing to receive, in order to receive you must be willing to give. So give freely, and know that you will always have all that you require when you are in need of it; allow it to manifest through the path of least resistance.

For most, it is not that you do not wish to help another, it is your fear that it will not be replaced when you yourself are in need that prevents you from freely giving to another in need. But we are here to assure you that it is only through giving freely that you can also receive freely. You must be willing to openly receive just as you must be willing to openly give. To block either one is to create resistance.

Energy is designed to flow. So we would recommend that you begin by giving what you can and watch as the universe draws to you that which you have given to others. As you see this powerful universal law in action you will begin to shed the fears that you hold which prevent you from being abundant in every form.

We will leave you with one last thought, as we have said before, you cannot fear lack and attract abundance at the same time. It is the direction of your focus of your undoubting faith, which summons to you all that you draw to your reality; you can choose to focus on abundance or you can choose to fear lack. Which do you wish to focus upon?

We hope that you have found our message to be helpful in someway and we encourage you to connect with us as we are happy to assist you in everyway that we can.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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– Dr. Taryn Crimi

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Article by:

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New Supermoon in Gemini: Prepare for Super-Conscious Downloads (June 13 2018) |

New Supermoon in Gemini: Prepare for Super-Conscious Downloads (June 13 2018)

What does the New Moon mean for you?

You are a piece of the collective consciousness.

Your mind, memories, thoughts and ideas are yours … and ours.

Tapping into the Collective Consciousness

What you feel and think, you are putting in, sharing and augmenting the field with. Others can access this information if they want to, and what others feel and think can be accessed by you if you want to, and for some people, even if they don’t – any empaths reading this will know this only too well!

There are different levels, different “sub-collectives of consciousness” filled with available information; if you’ve ever walked into a room full of people and felt a certain atmosphere, this is what you’re tapping into. Companies, schools, geographical areas, even families have a kind of sub-collective consciousness that can all be accessed: it’s not as spooky or woo-woo as it actually sounds when you start to break it down… and you’re probably doing it already.

You can choose to be absorbed by these sub-collective consciousnesses, letting the thoughts, beliefs and feelings they contain dominate yours, or you can resist, which is much harder.  Their invasive nature isn’t always a bad thing: imagine you’re in a slump and a friend drags you along to a party where everyone’s having a good time. It’s probably going to be pretty hard not to join in and become one of the collective cheerleaders!  But if you wake up happy and everyone around you is glum, it may be just as hard to keep that smile on your face, if the collective vibe is just not feeling it.

The collective consciousness and all its minor expressions are real and powerful interactive containers, in which we exist. Not good, not bad. Real.

New Supermoon in Gemini 13th June 2018

Energetic Extremes of Sharing and Receiving

On the 13th June at 12:43 PT / 20:43 UK time, the New Moon falls at 22º of Gemini.
As a mutable air sign, Gemini rules the mind, the ether, the connective channels through which we share information. Seen and unseen.

Gemini thinks quickly, disseminates information, spreads it, shares it and also chooses what not to reveal so freely.  Ruled by Mercury, the trickster of the planetary pantheon, Gemini decides which dots to leave un-joined.

This New Moon is a Supermoon, which means She swings extremely close to Earth on her orbit, though of course, being dark and conjoining the Sun, we won’t see this.  But we will feel it.

Supermoons are well known for creating extremely high (and low) tides … and the energetic and emotional extremes, though perhaps less well documented, are no less potent.  Which means that at the time of this Supermoon, your power to put in, augment and share into the collective consciousness and all it’s sub-levels, is also very high. And your mercurial capacity to share and spread information is also being heightened by this New Supermoon. So choose wisely what you share.

Talk with care.

Feel authentically (and not as a programmed response)

Connect with love.

Speak the truth.

As well as strengthening your ability to add and alter the state of the collective consciousness, this lunation will also amplify your ability to receive from it.

You may feel overly sensitive, empathically connected to other people and almost prophetic in your spontaneous knowledge of what comes next. These are states that, to be honest, we will all have to get used to as we move closer toward the New Earth paradigm, so you had better start practicing how to navigate such wide open channels now.

Mercury Sextile Uranus

Connection to a Higher Consciousness

There is something else happening here, another gift from this New Supermoon in particular. The channels of communication are being opened sky high.

Uranus, which has just entered Taurus and is beginning its long task of shattering our illusions of earthly delight, and is currently making a tight sextile to Gemini’s ruler, Mercury.  These two planets are intrinsically connected (above and beyond this aspect) as Uranus is the higher octave planet to Mercury, elevating its qualities from the personal to the collective, and from the immediate to the universal.

This current harmonious and very beneficent aspect serves to raise the access point of this lunation even higher, offering us a strong connection to a higher consciousness. The Gemini is us all is being activated and enlivened not only by the proximity and darkness of this Supermoon, but by it’s ruling planet’s sextile to it’s own higher octave planet!  It’s a pretty rare alignment of events and what this all means for us, for you, is that if you choose to open up to it, there is a LOT of high frequency, evolutionary information accessible to you at this juncture. Make space, make time and crucially, lead with intention, and some radical downloads of insight WILL come your way.

So how can you do this?

  • Meditate with an intention. To understand something you don’t or to gain clarity on something where it’s muddy.
  • Move your body.  The energy of Gemini is fast paced and needs to flow (the metal mercury is also known as quicksilver!) So you may find that it’s easier for you receive downloads of information whilst in motion.
  • Automatic Writing
  • Discuss ideas with someone you trust.  Elevate each other.

As inferred before, intention here is key. So when this New Moon phase begins, which is around three days before it is exact (the 10th June) set a clear intention to receive/connect/understand (whatever it is you wish for, from this New Supermoon) and make space for it to happen.

It will.

New Moon Blessings,


About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer at a truth-teller and weaver of words and stories. She specializes in reading, describing and helping others to navigate the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, November 23, 2017

Image may contain: ocean, water and nature

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, November 23, 2017

Crescent Moon Phase: challenge, growth, expansion

Moon in Capricorn – Moon is void of Course now. Will enter Aquarius at 3:14 PM EST

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kamala, The lotus goddess

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Sabian Symbol for the Solar Lunar Month: 27 Scorpio: “A Military Band Marches Noisily on Through the City Streets”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: 08 Aries: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind” (attune, align with new ways, hold on to your hat, stabilize)

Sabian Symbols for the Solar-Lunar Day:

Wednesday – Sorry I was in court and busy all day.

  • SUN: 1 Sagittarius – “Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories”
  • EARTH: 1 Gemini – “A Glass-bottomed boat reveals under-sea wonders and panoramas”

Thursday – American Thanksgiving Day

  • SUN: 2 Sagittarius – “The Ocean Covered with Whitecaps”
  • EARTH: 2 Gemini – “A Nervous Gentleman, Dressed in an Elaborate Santa Clause costume, is filling Christmas Stocking furtively.”

Interpretation By Andrew:

For the Sun – 2 Sagittarius – “The Ocean Covered with Whitecaps”

Depending on the dynamic of your family, gathering can either by filled with the joy of being together or bristle with the tension. This symbol highlights the tensions, as the image of the ocean whipped up into a potential fury. But remember that what lies beneath is calmer. If the drama becomes too much, seek the shelter of calmer waters beneath today.

For the Earth – 2 Gemini – “A Nervous Gentleman, Dressed in an Elaborate Santa Clause costume, is filling Christmas Stocking furtively”

Do you prefer to give or to receive? This is mostly considered in the idea of gifts, but can be allied to almost anything. I know as a child, I loved the receiving and opening. It is the childlike wonder and delight of opening something new that has always filled me. But as a parent, I have gained the appreciation of watching my own kids and family members open their gifs. This symbol is also wrapped (haha) in the element of surprise, as often gifts hold that element. So, whether giving or receiving, delight in the unexpected!

Jennifer Hoffman: October 2017 Energy Report

If you want to understand October’s energy movements I can explain them with 3 letters – A B C – which stands for alignment, balance, and congruence. We are not doing this alone as we’re getting supercharged assistance on every level to create this in our lives and in the world. It’s going to be a delicate dance to stay grounded while all of this is happening because the temptation to ‘toss it all away’ will be strong while the need to set strong intentions, maintain our energy boundaries, and keep that congruence and harmony moving smoothly will keep us very busy this month.

October, like September, has a strong numerology signature with many 1-1-1 days, starting with October 1. We’ll also have this energy signature on the 10th, the 11th, 19th, and 29th. 1 is the number of beginnings but it’s also the number of pure potential. Everything begins with the first thought, the first step, and the first intention. The number 1 has the same form as the letter “I” . I am is a theme for October but not the ‘only me first’ variety, this is energetic sovereignty, the assertion of ourselves as energetically whole, powerful, and self determining.

October is traditionally the sign of balance because it’s when the sun is in the sign of Libra, represented by the scales. But these are not your common everyday bathroom scales, these are the scales of justice which refers to equity, equality, fairness, and balance. And this is where we see October’s true meaning and potential. With balance we have an equal amount of energy flowing in and flowing out, we are giving and receiving in equal measure. Anything that is not in balance in our lives and in the world is going to get re-balanced. What is not equal will be equalized so the energy is flowing in congruent harmony in both directions.

If we are not balanced in our energy we are ungrounded and unstable, the energy does not flow harmoniously, we do not have true congruence (versus false congruence) and we have no harmony. While we may want alignment, balance, and congruence they come at the cost of releasing everything that does not fit that model.

Are we ready to release and be free of everything that isn’t energetically aligned and balanced so we can be energetically congruent with our new intention for our lives? It can be an easy choice when it involves the obvious things we are not that attached to. But what happens when that release requires letting go of expectations, deeply held beliefs, and what has empowered us on our path?

I am not just talking about people and things here, I am talking about our own beliefs and what we use to feel empowered, whether that is anger, addictions, fear, limitations, victim consciousness, doubt, confusion, or denial of our power. Those can help us feel balanced when we are afraid of change. The true test of our willingness to embrace our energetic sovereignty is our ability to release everything that is preventing us from embracing and using all of our divine power.

October’s ABC energy, for Alignment, Beliefs & Congruence starts with us, what do we do to create congruence in our lives but not the kind that makes us think we’re happy, the kind of congruence that allows us to put one foot in front of the  other, hoping that one day things will get better. This is genuine, true congruence, the type that allows us to insist on real happiness, joy, fulfillment, peace, and empowerment.

We are always aligned with something, which you’re learning in the 5D Alignment class, and it is our nature to create alignment any way we can, whether that is tolerating unhappy situations or bad behavior, or being super nice without receiving anything in return. This is what I call ‘false congruence’ and it works for us, for a while. Then we get to the day when we are so unhappy and feeling so unfulfilled that we ‘can’t take it any more’. We have been aligned with our fears and hopes for too long, now we want the real sense of joy, fulfillment, and empowerment.

We have a full moon on October 5 that has very few aspects, a change from the multiple aspects we have had with new and full moons of the past few months. One powerful aspect it does make has Mercury, planet of karma, aspecting October’s Venus Mars conjunction in Virgo. Wham! Partnership issues galore with soul contracts and our karmic partners highlighted in our most cherished relationships with others and with ourselves.

October’s new moon is on the 19th at 26 Libra and is directly opposite Uranus. The potential for partnership ruptures, re-starts or re-leases, as well as new connections, abound here. Remember this is not just about romantic relationships, family, and friends. Our most important relationship is the one we have within ourselves, this is our divine/human partnership coming into question too. How are we in partnership with our own power, potential, energy, and what does our spirit/ego partnership look like?

Jupiter moves into  Scorpio on October 10, repeating a journey it made in November 2005. What were you doing then? That was when I was preparing to move from Phoenix to Kansas City, in the center of the US, to hold the light there. I thought I would be there for a year or two, I was there for over 10 years. It was a tough time as I felt so out of place, so energetically mis-aligned with that area but that was the purpose of my time there. I have now moved away to a place I like much more and if this has been the case for you, you’re living in a place where you feel mis-aligned and out of place, you may move to a new place in this cycle. Or if you have been stuck in some area of your life since November 2005, this transit, which lasts a year, can bring some movement.

We now have Pluto direct which starts the transformation engine back up again. When I think of Pluto’s retrograde and direct cycles, I think of a backhoe that digs up a lot of debris and then breaks down so the driver has to stop, get out of the cab, and fix the engine. We now have the transformation engine up and running again so we
can continue to dredge up the debris that is being created with the 3D dis-integration.

The 3D/5D integration is still happening and expanding exponentially every day. Look at how quickly the world dissected the truth behind the Las Vegas shootings on October 1 in which 59 people were massacred and hundreds more injured. I have been working with a group to uncover the truth and in just 2 days we have brought many details to light, including suspicious stock trading by MGM executives and some institutional investors in August and September, very similar to what happened with airline stocks in the days before 9-11.

Alignment, Balance, and Congruence will happen in October and that doesn’t mean it is all going to be over by November, just that we’re on a new level that we will continue to expand into further dis-integration of the 3D paradigm, more integration of 5D energy, and the ascension train moves forward. Remember to practice self care too, this is very tough work on an energetic level which can affect the physical body with extreme fatigue. The anxiety levels are high too, as we are also expanding our energy containers to receive more and higher energy frequencies to meet the expanding presence on the earth and within humanity. Shine on everyone, the wild ascension ride may get a little wilder. Have a great month.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Natalie Glasson: Trust: Creating Fulfilment in Your Life by Archangel Michael


 Natalie Glasson Channeled Messages from Sacred School of OmNa

Trust: Creating Fulfilment in Your Life
by Archangel Michael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson
– 28th April 2017 – Original Source:
Sacred School of OmNa

Angelic Blessings extend through my being to you from the entire Angelic Kingdom. Angelic support is present and available to you at all times during your ascension process, whatever you require, whether assistance, guidance, healing or activating. Please simply call upon the angelic vibration and ask, we will instantly begin to work with you, preparing your being to receive all you wish.

The answer, support or assistance you require always begins with your focus upon receiving. Your abilities to receive and to share are one of your greatest tools. Self imposed Illusions and blocks often hinder your abilities to receive and share the Creator’s energy, these abilities are your most natural way of existing. When you align with your natural vibration and ability of receiving, all blocks are released, you allow yourself access to all that you require, need and desire as well as inner states of fulfilment. You place yourself in a space and energy within your reality where you are open to the Creator supporting you in miraculous ways in your reality. When you fully learn to awaken your ability to receive you realise life is effortless and all dreams can manifest in your reality.

Giving and Expressing the Creator

When you allow yourself to give and share the light, love and creativity of your being which can be expressed in numerous ways such as a smile, sharing your time with another, radiating love into the world and so forth. You begin to understand that, that which you share is returned to you and often magnified in surprising and exciting ways. This encourages you to realise that by focusing with thought upon the way in which you share your light, love and creativity, and then focusing upon that which you wish to receive, you realise that both are the same. You give out that which you wish the Universe of the Creator to return to you.
This could be explained in numerus ways, some examples:

If you wish to experience a loving romantic relationship in your life, bless all who are already in a loving romantic relationship, send love and energetic support to assist others in experiencing the same. Help close friends who also wish for the same, and emanate from your being the energy and feeling of already having the loving romantic relationship you desire.

If you wish to increase the volume of prosperity and abundance in your life, bless those who are already experiencing abundance, support others in experiencing the same by sending the energy of abundance to all of humanity radiating through your body. Help close friends in achieving abundance in their life and allow yourself to radiate the feeling of already experiencing what you wish in your reality.

Giving allows you to communicate to the Universe of the Creator what you wish to receive in your own reality. Giving negative and judgmental thoughts to others will mean you receive the same from those you meet in your reality. Sharing positivity, love and kindness means you will experience the same offered to you in wonderful awe inspiring ways. It is often that it is easier to give rather than receive or to receive rather than to give. Meaning that either giving or receiving is prioritised over the other which creates experiences of lack and imbalance. It is often where an experience of lack is present that the answer can be found in the same place. If you are not experiencing what you wish in your reality, allow yourself to contemplate your abilities of receiving and giving, often greater emphasis on one is required and balance between both.

Five Areas of Trust

In order to receive and give the light, love and creative nature of the Creator trust is required. There are five areas of trust that are required to maintain balance within your being, experiences and reality:

  • Trust in the Creator to support and assist you in magnificent and fulfilling ways.
  • Trust in yourself and your ability to receive the Creator fully.
  • Trust in yourself and your ability to express and share the Creator from your inner being.
  • Trust in your presence and purpose of your existence upon the Earth.
  • Trust in the divine guidance and intuition which flows through your being.

If you are unable trust in the Creator, opening and surrendering yourself to receive the Creator, then it is very unlikely that you will be able to receive divine guidance or intuition. You may not trust yourself in creating fulfilment in your reality and you may feel ungrounded or unaccepted in the world. Each of these five areas of trust are linked and connected, impacting your reality, the way you perceive your reality and the freedom you allow yourself to create from your truth.

Guidance to Create the Fulfilment You Desire in Your Life

1. First create intentions of that which you wish to experience within your being and reality. Write your intentions down documenting how it will feel, what you will see, sense and acknowledge to experience the fulfilment you desire in your reality. Let go of how your intentions will manifest and instead think of what it will be like when your intentions have manifested in your life.

2. Ask yourself:

Do I trust in the Creator to support and assist me in experiencing my intentions in my reality fully?

Do I trust in myself and my abilities of receive the Creator fully and receiving the energy of my intentions, embodying the energy fully?

Do I trust in myself and my abilities to express and share the Creator and the energy of my intentions from my inner being?

Do I trust in my presence and purpose of my existence upon the Earth? (Even if you do not understand your presence or purpose fully. This is question is more about feeling grounded, happy, safe and secure on the Earth and in the presence of others.)

Do I trust in the divine guidance and intuition which flows through my being? Do I allow myself to receive the guidance and do I trust enough to act upon it?

It is also appropriate to examine the stories that you have created to justify your lack of trust. These may seem real and true, however they are blocks, distractions and illusions hindering you from embracing the natural state of trust that exists within your being.

3. Through examining and contemplating your honest and truthful answers to the above questions concerning your trust, you will be able to recognise and welcome an awareness of where healing is required, where lack is present and where trust needs to be encouraged.

Lack of trust is an experience of separation from the Creator and a belief that you are alone in your reality and existence. Trust is an experience of oneness and being completely aligned with the Creator within your being and the Universe of the Creator.


4. Call upon my energies, Archangel Michael to anchor my sword of truth and trust into your being to align your entire being with the Creator promoting healing and transformation which magnifies and restores your trust on all levels.

‘Archangel Michael, I call upon you to be present with me now as I meditate. I invite you to place your Angelic Energetic Sword of Truth and Trust into my being, through my crown chakra at the top of my head as a pillar of light extending through each chakra in the central column of my being. Let your light transform my being, dissolving blocks and limitations in my ability to express and receive. Heal my natural oneness with the Creator encouraging my trust in all that I am and all that is the Creator. Support me in surrendering to the presence of the Creator, experiencing my trust pulsating throughout my entire being, setting me free from experiences of separation, lack and imbalance. I am Trust, I am. Thank you Archangel Michael.’

The affirmation, ‘I am trust I am,’ is a beautiful statement to repeat to yourself as a healing. It aligns you with the Creator because ‘I Am, ‘is another label for the Creator. You are stating that there is a harmony of trust between you and the Creator.

Call upon me, Archangel Michael to work with you bringing forth healing to develop and awaken your natural state of trust from within you.


In eternal trust,


Archangel Michael

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Doreen Virtue


Money & Spirituality | Love Blog – Emmanuel Dagher

Money & Spirituality | Love Blog – Emmanuel Dagher

Hi my friend,

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that there’s still a strong notion, especially in many spiritual circles, that money somehow is not spiritual. I can completely empathize with this notion, because it’s one that I used to carry with me.

When you think of, hear about, or see images that depict financial abundance, do you cringe, get triggered or offended in any way? If you don’t, then I am so grateful to know that you have done the inner work to expand yourself into greater states of understanding when it comes to your experience with money.

However, if you do get triggered or offended when something having to do with money enters your experience… maybe it’s time to take a closer look as to why this may be happening?

To heal the triggers we may have around money, it’s important to understand what money actually is, and to know its purpose.

Everything in the Universe has a unique energy signature, meaning that everything in the Universe is a living breathing entity. Some energy signatures may appear to be more alive than others, because they manifest themselves in louder ways. We clearly see this in human beings and the animal kingdom.

However, even though the plant or mineral kingdoms may not have as ‘loud’ of a personality, they are still fully alive and thriving.

So if everything is alive, then money itself is not a lifeless object. It’s actually a living, breathing energy here to coexist with other living, breathing beings.

Wow, this realization for me completely changed my life. I started to see that by projecting my own judgments on to this living, breathing energy…I was in fact moving myself away from the spiritual path I so desired to experience.

Imagine if you had a best friend, and you projected the beliefs you have around money on to them. Things like: You are not spiritual, you cause problems, you are bad and evil, you are not enough, you’re just a lifeless object, I feel guilty for being around you, people have to struggle, fight, cheat, steal and work very hard to have you in their lives, etc… Wow! Think about how traumatized your best friend would be if you projected all of this on to them for years and years! I know that if this was happening to me, my desire would be to run in the complete opposite direction of the friend who was abusing me in this way.

Well my friend, this is exactly what we having been doing to money, especially when we see it as being anything less than spiritual.

After going through a grieving phase as a result of realizing how awful I was treating money, I started forgiving myself and asking the energy of money to forgive me for not knowing any better at the time.

I then began asking money itself questions like, “How can support you, love you, nurture you, serve you, heal you, and bless you even more?” I had never thought of asking these types of questions before! Up to that point, it was always about me, me me, and focusing on my own insecurities when it came to my relationship with money.

Imagine asking your best friend questions like the ones I just mentioned? They would probably want to be around you all the time! Well, this is exactly what began to occur in my life with how I experienced money. I started attracted more of it, because I was treating it like I would a kindred friend.

Money itself is a living, breathing energy that is here to fulfill its purpose of being the embodiment of giving and receiving, just like we are here to fulfill our own purpose.

Like the principles of gravity, aerodynamics, attraction, and much more…there’s also a principle of circulation. Money is the physical representation of the exchange that takes place during the principle of circulation which is all about the natural flow of giving and receiving energy. That’s it!

So with this new understanding, we actually see that money has been spiritual all along!

All of those misconceptions we placed around money, had absolutely nothing to do with money and everything to do with our own behavior towards it.

The next time a thought come up in your consciousness that money is anything less than spiritual, use it as an opportunity to experience a huge breakthrough. The mind likes to stay in its comfort zone, and many of the misconceptions we have around money are just the minds way of protecting itself by remaining in its comfort zone. The triggers we feel when ‘money’ comes up, are an indicator that something within us is looking to expand.

It’s our birthright to be abundant and prosperous. It is part of the well-being we get to experience in this world. The Universe itself is a vast, unlimited and ever-expanding energy, so why would we think we are anything less than that?

I hope these words has given you a new perspective to consider that will ultimately support you in finally being at peace with your experience of money and financial abundance. Money needs our compassion, support, and love. This is what will heal it from the trauma it has endured for thousands of years, and what will heal our relationship with it once and for all.

May prosperity rain upon you always!




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